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    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Christmas Bake Off”

    Ayyyy I can call BINGO! on @storiesofsvu​ Holiday Bingo! 

    I was inspired by this photo I just saw today, mayhaps from the new SVU episode?? 

    Anyway, it gave me this super cute idea and I hope you like it. 

    Oh the square is “XMAS BAKING”


    You were nervously standing at the back of the stage in a line of all the other ‘wife contestants’. You didn’t realize when you married a member of the NYC judiciary system, that there would be ‘commitments like this. The “duties” of a ‘cop wife’. Which was absurd to you, seeing as you weren’t even married to a cop, you were married to the ADA. But he explained that it would look to his boss and his boss’s bosses if you were a “team player”. 

    So here you were, roped into some idiotic Christmas Baking Competition at some stupid Cop Christmas Ball, standing at the back of the stage of the City Hall ballroom, waiting to be judged like cattle. 

    Truth be told it was an auction, but you knew whoever’s cookies and cakes and what not went for the highest amount of money would earn bragging rights for her and her partner. 

    Unfortunately for your husband Rafael Barba, those bragging rights would never be yours. You stared helplessly at your plate of burnt Christmas Tree shaped cookies amongst all the other perfect looking cakes and pastries. There was no way anyone was bidding on your sad “island of misfit toys” cookie platter.

    “And now, for entry number 50543, this lovely--” The judge picked up your platter and made a face. “Forest Fire Of Christmas Trees,” He smirked, causing the whole room to chuckle.

    Bunch of assholes, the lot of them. 

    You saw Rafael notice the embarrassed and practically sobbing mess of a face as you cowered in the shadow of the stage lights, hoping to remain unseen. They hadn’t been told beforehand which desserts were their wives’ creations, but he knew instantly these poor trees were your handiwork. 

    “Should we even bid on these?” The woman host laughed. “They don’t look too edible…”

    “$100!” Rafael held up a paddle. You instantly locked eyes with him and knew what he was doing; God he really was the perfect husband, wasn’t he?

    “Uh...Mr. Barba are you sure you want to--?” The male host made a face at the cookies.

    “$200!” Rafael ignored his snide comment and outbid himself, raising his paddle higher above his head.

    “Mr. Barba, there’s no reason for you to--” 

    “$1000!” He waved the paddle around like a mad man, causing everyone around him to chatter curiously. It quickly became very clear what was happening, and the hosts were having none of it.

    “Alright alright, we get it Barba,” The male host settled the room down. “Will the arsonist of the forest fire please come claim your victim-- I mean, winner?” 

    You proudly sauntered up to the front of the stage where your husband met you and handed him the plate of cookies with a huge smile. 

    “$1000 it is, to the white knight firefighter over here,” The male host continued to joke at your expense. 

    “Hey Connor, I wouldn’t give him too much grief. That man is looking to be husband of the year right now, am I right ladies?” The woman host looked at you and gave you a wink while the ladies in the room erupted in cheers.

    You really did have the best husband in the room. And that was all the bragging rights you needed.

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    SVU 2309 promo

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    “Words Fail” *Chapter 8*

    WOW if you had to read this shit show that was made on my phone earlier, I am so sorry. I’ve fixed it all now, so enjoy!

    [No gif because it is all exposition from ‘daddy’s’ point of view, and no spoilers!]

    Chapter 7

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    Five Months Ago

    “Daddy,” You repeated as the man took you in his arms. 

    “My angel,” He kissed your forehead before releasing you. 

    “How are you here?” You looked at Cassie, who looked to your Uncle, who had followed the two of them up the stairs.

    “Good behavior,” He smirked while glancing at his brother. 

    “Why do I not believe that?” You asked skeptically.

    “Well, alright let’s just say I got a day pass baby girl,” He winked. 

    “They let rapists have day passes?” You snarked.

    “I am NOT a rapist, you know that,” He narrowed his eyes.

    “Oh, no right dad,” You shook your head with a sarcastic laugh. “You just had other people doing it,” 

    “I have a fucking EMPIRE, Y/N,” He started to crack his knuckles. “An empire you were supposed to take over,” 

    “Oh yeah? You wanna tell him how well that went, Uncle Joey?” You glared at him, knowing exactly what he had done to your family’s ‘empire’. What he had been forcing you to do ever since your dad had gone away.

    “Joey and I have had words, baby girl,” 

    “Have you?” You crossed your arms. “Words? WORDS? You murder people for looking at you wrong daddy. Your fucking flesh and blood has been pimping your baby girl out for MONTHS,” You did your best not to start crying as you started yelling at him, glaring at your Uncle every other word.

    “I know, I know,” He took you in his arms once more and pulled you into your chest while you cried. “Shhhh,” 

    While he held you, you felt him pull something from his jacket. He immediately pointed a gun at Uncle Joey and blasted him at point blank range; in this neighborhood it wasn’t exactly an out of place sound. 

    “What the FUCK daddy?” you screamed.

    “I brought him specifically to show you how sorry I am, angel. How much I love you, and how much I need you to take the reins,” He cupped your cheek.

    “Excuse me?” You jerked away from him, still trying to recover from what just happened.

    “Well, your uncle was running the show. Obviously he can’t now,” He gestured to his brother’s corpse on the floor quickly bleeding onto your apartment floor. “I’ll have someone come by and clean this, by the way,” 

    “Right,” You laughed. “THAT’S what I’m worried about right now,” You put your hands on your hips.

    “Why don’t you back up and tell me what the fuck is ACTUALLY going on right now, dad,” 

    “Well, see here darling,” He gestured for you to sit on the couch with him as well as Cassie. 

    “Your daddy has a score to settle,” He put a hand on your knee.

    “Does he?” You looked at Cassie who had the strangest look on her face. Had she already heard of this ‘plan’?

    “Yes, and like I said an empire to run,” He stated.

    “So, take back your empire,” you crossed your arms.

    “I can’t do that baby girl,” He shook his head. “Not right now anyway,” 

    “Why not?” You glanced between him and Cassie.

    “Well obviously, because I just broke out of prison Y/N. I need to lay low,” 

    “Lay low?” You scoffed. “LAY LOW?” 

    “Yes, and I can’t be anywhere near any of the places those fucking mooks at SVU know I have...businesses, at,” 

    Your heart dropped into your stomach at the words SVU. 

    “I-...I…” You had no idea how to respond to that comment, so you stayed silent. 

    “But it’s still a business,” He seemed to be oblivious of your panicked nature. “And it needs to stay active, therefore you need to run it for a while,” 

    “Wait wait wait,” You were trying to wrap your head around this. “You think that all of your…’employees’, your ‘clients’. They’re going to listen to Johnny D’s DAUGHTER?” 

    Johnny Drake, your father, gave you a confused look. 

    “Yes, they listened to ‘Johhny D’s BROTHER’,” he said in a mocking tone. “Why wouldn’t they listen to you?” 

    'I could do it--" Cassie offered as she tried to join the conversation.

    "Not now, Cassie," He dismissed her, causing a pained expression to cross her face, like a kicked puppy.

    “...So did you just break out to kill Uncle Joey for what he did to me, daddy?” You looked at Cassie who looked even more upset.

    She had known about this. For how long though? How long had she been hiding this from you? KNOWING the situation you were in?

    “Well, yes and no,” He shrugged.

    “Meaning?” You made a face.

    “Meaning I’ve been plotting my revenge for a long time, angel. I was going to finish planning all of this just quietly in my cell. But when I heard what Joey had been putting you through... plans got moved up,”

    “Revenge?” You couldn’t speak, you couldn’t move. Revenge on who? Any name that was about to come out of his mouth was going to make you lose your shit, you knew it. 

    “Yes, baby girl,” He gave you a sad look. “For your baby brother,”

    “My baby BROTHER?” Your mind was running a million miles a second. You had never heard of a ‘baby brother’, was that code for something? 

    “Yes, you know growing up I kept you from all of the--- family business,” he used air quotes.

    “Right,” You rolled your eyes. “Dad of the year,” 

    “I kept you in a safe house!” He barked. “You and Cassie, you know that. I made sure you were nowhere near any of that shit,” 

    “Moving along,” You ignored his excuses.

    “Anyway, well-- you know honey, being an entrepreneur is difficult. You have to...test the merchandise, before you put it out on the floor, you know?”

    “God…” You tried not to gag. 

    “Well, you should be grateful I do so. It’s how I got and your sister here, isn’t it baby girl?” He gestured between you and your best friend, roommate, and big sister, Cassie.

    “Yeah, so grateful to have a rapist as my daddy dearest,” You scoffed.

    “I’M A GODDAMN BUSINESSMAN, Y/N!!!!” He screamed, making your walls shake. You hated it when he yelled, it usually meant the slaps were coming next. 

    “I’m sorry daddy, I’m sorry,” You immediately reverted back to a little girl, terrified of getting hit again. 

    “It’s alright, angel,” He flipped back to ‘loving father’ like a light switch. It was disturbing. 

    “Anyway,” He continued. “So, you know when you test the merchandise some of them are going to produce more work,” 

    “More work....” You tried to decipher his “language”. “You got one of the girls you trafficked pregnant,” 

    “I tested the merchandise Y/N,” He snapped once more. “You’re going to have to learn the business language sooner or later, you better start taking notes,”

    “God,” You wanted to throw up in your mouth just at the thought of taking over the “Family business”. 

    WAIT. Back up. The wheels in your mind quickly began putting things together, making your face drain of all color. You looked at Cassie who instantly knew what you were thinking, and that you were on to something. 

    “Where is she?” You asked warily. 

    “Well, I had to dispose of faulty merchandise, baby,” He said all too calmly.

    “Faulty merchandise?” You tried to decode his words. “...Meaning, what? She stood up to you? Didn’t you want to take her baby and make him a part of the ‘family business’?”

    “HE’S MY FUCKING SON TOO Y/N!!!!!” He screamed with rage making Cassie cower in fear. But your mind was on a tangent too far to worry about yourself right now.

    “Right,” You shook your head with tears rolling down your cheeks. “At least he had a mom that fought for him,”

    Your mother, on the other hand, well she was a different story. She was a full on “Johnny Worshipper” until the day she died.

    “Your mothers were cracked out whores who mistreated you, and I fixed that. How can you be angry at me for that?!” He looked at you with actual hurt in his eyes. 


     Both yours and Cassie’s mom knew Johnny when he was just a drug dealer, their personal drug dealer. He treated them decently as long as they paid him and did what he said, and that included sex whenever he wanted. 

    So, one unlucky day, well two unlucky days, both yours and Cassie’s mom got pregnant around the same time.

    Obviously, Cass was a year earlier, but it was the same story. After having the two of you, they were mostly strung out from daddy’s ‘merchandise’, and by that point daddy had moved up to pimping, and he 'employed' your mom's.


    Being the busy “entrepreneur” your father was, he wasn’t too aware of what was happening with you and your mothers. But once he found out, well-- he went a little crazy.

    See Johnny Drake had some kind of moral code-- he cared deeply for his offspring. Probably because they were products of him, a “god”, but for whatever reason, he loved you and Cassie deeply.

    Once he found out how your mothers had been treating you, he “disposed” of them and put you and Cassie in a “safe house”.


    “So, you killed our moms for not giving a shit about us, and you killed our brother’s mom for caring too much about him?” You asked with a look. “Oh wait, no you killed all of them because they didn’t do what you wanted, right?”

    “How the fuck are you going to stand there and talk to me with such insolence Y/N, after everything I’ve done for you?!” he stepped towards you angrily. 

    “Everything you’ve done?” You scoffed. “And tell me dad, what ‘wonderful life’ did you give us? What heroic thing have you ‘done’ for us?”

    “I kept you safe!” He barked. “I kept you in the safest house I had, away from the business!” 

    “Right,” You rolled your eyes.

    “Look Y/N I don’t know why the hell you are spitting this venom at me right now, when I haven’t done anything wrong except break out of fucking prison to come and save your ass!”

    “Save my--?” 

    “I just murdered my fucking BROTHER, Y/N! FOR YOU!” He screamed while gesturing to the body.

    “....Yeah, okay,” You nodded while looking at your uncle’s body on the floor. You did have to give him that, it was sweet in his own way.

    “Now, can I just get through this story Y/N, please? I have places to be,” He straightened his jacket. 

    “Fine,” You crossed your arms while looking at the floor. You had a dark feeling about the rest of this story, and you weren’t sure you were ready to hear it.

    “Great,” He sat down on the couch while he gained composure to finish his story. 

    “So, I got rid of her, but she didn’t have your brother. And I had no idea where he was,” He paused, the anger inside him bubbling as he spoke.

     “He wasn’t with his mother, he was with...her,” He growled the last word as his eyes began to flash with rage.

    No. No. No. Don’t say it. 

    He was obviously waiting for you to ask ‘who’, but you couldn't.

    “The stupid SVU unit had your brother, and then their bitch of a captain stole him!” 

    Fuck. FUCK. You knew he was talking about Noah-- Noah was your brother. So, in the cruelest of ironies, you and Olivia were actually family already. Well, technically. Sort of.

    “A-And you, you want to--” You stuttered fearfully.

    “I want him back, obviously,” He finished. “And I want to kill the woman that stole him: Olivia Benson,” 


    Present Day

    You weren’t sure what to do now, you weren’t sure about any of this. You were flying by the seat of your pants at this whole ‘confessional’ thing.

    All you knew was that you couldn’t go through with what your father had planned. You couldn't. You WOULDN’T.

    You wouldn’t hurt anyone in this room. Even if it ended badly for you. If only they knew that. If only they knew you were trading your life for theirs.

    How were you going to explain all of this in the little time you had before they all came up here? You said the first thing that came to your mind that might explain all of it:

    “I’m Johnny Drake’s daughter,” You simply stated.

    “Oh my god,” Olivia was now the one who was ready to cry. “W-What? What are you saying?”

    “Did you plan this?” Fin took all of the moments to join the conversation. He started to charge you, but to your absolute shock Rafael held him back while he continued to yell. “Did you fucking plan this from the beginning?!”

    “No!!” You screamed. “Y-You have to believe me, Finn. Guys,” You looked around the room. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen,”


    Five Months Ago 

    “D-Dad,” You did your best to keep a calm tone, even though you were screaming internally. “D-D you really think that’s the best idea? Killing a captain of the NYPD?” 

    “Of course I’m sure, how else am I supposed to get your brother back Y/N?” He asked you.

    “I-I just think there might be better ways to go about it,” You tried thinking of literally anything else but killing her. 

    “Sweetie, listen,” He put a hand on your shoulder. “I understand you’re...uncomfortable, with the whole...messy side of the business,” 

    That was putting it lightly. 

    “I’m not asking you to do it baby girl, don’t worry,” He assured you. 

    Yeah, THAT’S what you were worried about. 

    “Daddy, please just-- just, let’s think about this, okay?” Words just started spilling out like word vomit. 

    “You went up against this-- Olivia, before, right? Obviously, that didn’t end well. So-- So why do you want to have another showdown with her? Why don’t we just, I don’t know, snatch him from a park or something?” 

    “Because I want her DEAD!!” He yelled. “I want to see her body bleeding, I want to see the life go out of her eyes for what she did to me,” 

    “You CAN’T kill her dad!!!!” You yelled without thinking. The image of Olivia's body running cold while bleeding out because of your stupid actions was more than you could handle right now.

    “WHY not?!” He screamed back.

    Suddenly, your phone went off. It had been sitting on the coffee table right in front of you. You went to snatch it up from your father’s eyes, but he moved swifter than you did. To your absolute horror, he read the screen several times while his eyes grew wide and angry.

    “Y/N,” He said flatly. It wasn’t angry, it was stern. It was soft, not loud. 

    “Y-Yes, daddy?” You could barely speak from fear.

    “Is there a reason Olivia Benson is asking you if you ‘left your sweater’ at her place?” He showed you your phone.


    Present Day

    “...You’re Johnny’s daughter?” Olivia asked, as if she was praying she had heard you wrong.

    “Yes,” You gave her the most pitiful look.

    “So, this whole time,” Sonny now gained enough blood back into his body to speak. “This whole time, while you were--” He couldn’t say it. He couldn’t say the words; you had gotten so close to all of them in such a short time. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that it had all been a lie.

    Your eyes darted around to every single person in the room, looking for any sort of understanding. Compassion. Something. But there was nothing. So, you just continued to spill out exposition.

    “I wasn’t!” You stepped towards him. “I wasn’t trying to-- I didn’t mean to--”

    He stepped back and put his hands up, so you backed off.  

    “I-I didn’t mean to...get involved, in all of your lives,” You looked around the room. “But, when my dad came to see me, I had no choice,” 

    “You had no choice?” Amanda scoffed. “So, you did it because daddy asked you to?”

    “I DID IT TO SAVE YOU!!!” You screamed.


    5 Months Ago

    “Y-You’re friends with her?” “WITH YOUR BROTHER’S KIDNAPPER?!!!!” He threw the phone across the room.

    “She adopted him!!!!” You exclaimed, kicking yourself as soon as you said it. 

    You couldn’t back out now, you had no choice but to explain the whole story to him. You hated yourself for it, but your self-preservation instincts were stronger than your conscience. Obviously, you left out most of the details. Especially the fact that you were falling in love with the man who helped put him away. 

    “So, while I’ve been sitting in a fucking cell, plotting my god damn revenge and avenging your brother, you’ve been cozying up to the fucking people who did it?!”

    “I didn’t mean to, daddy,” You were terrified of what he might do next, you’d never seen him this angry. “It just...happened,” 

    “Wait, wait wait wait,” Your father glanced at your front door as the wheels in his head started to turn. “Is that who you were with just now? Olivia fucking Benson?”

    “NO,” You immediately spat out. He was getting too close to the real truth; you were starting to hyperventilate silently.

    “It was Rafael, wasn’t it?” Cassie asked you out of nowhere. You looked at her with absolute horror and betrayal. What the fuck was she doing?

    “Tell him about Rafael, Y/N,” she kept driving the bus over you.

    “Rafael?” His eyes darted back and forth as his mind tried to place the name. “Rafael Barba?” 


    “M-Maybe…?” You stammered.

    “The very fucking man who put me away, who sat there and called me the vilest of names? The man who destroyed my fucking life?! WHAT ABOUT HIM?!”

    “She’s in love with him,” Cassie smirked. What the fuck was happening right now? Wasn't she supposed to be protecting you?

    “NO, I’m not,” You practically growled while staring daggers at her.

    “Oh, you better not be--” Your dad sneered.

    “He’s in love with me, okay daddy?” You defended yourself. “I-I keep telling him to back off, and he just keeps showing up,”

    “Does he?” He now glared at the door as if Rafael was going to stroll right through it. Suddenly, all the rage faded from his face, into an evil grin. “This is great,” 

    “I-It is?” you blinked, completely stunned on what was happening.

    “Yes, baby girl. Yes!” He clapped his hands together. “You already have an in with her. Maybe we can do this your way,”

    “My way?” You gulped.

    “Yes, subtle,” He smiled. “That’s what you want, right?” 

    “Yes..." You said warily.

    “You just keep doing what you’re doing, sweetie,” He slipped his arm around you. 

    “You keep on getting closer to that red headed she-devil, get her to trust you. If she gets close enough, maybe she’ll even leave you alone with your brother,” 

    “But, dad--” 

    “And if that moron of a lawyer falls into your arms, I’ll be there to catch him-- with a knife to the gut,” 

    Your blood ran cold. Oh God. Oh GOD. 

    “You’ve got four months, baby girl,” he interrupted your worries for Rafael.

    “Four months?” You asked shakily.

    “Yes, that will give me enough time to shift all the...business, somewhere safe. Somewhere none of them will be able to find us. Once we pull the pin on the bomb, they’ll be scrambling around to find us and your brother, but we’ll be long gone!!” He rubbed his hands together like an evil genius. 

    “Four months….” You whispered. 

    You could figure out how to get out of this in four months...probably. You couldn’t think straight right now, all you knew was that you were buying them all time. 

    “Now, I’ll be out of sight while you pull this off Y/N,” He stood up and walked towards the door. “But you won’t be out of mine. Remember that” 

    “Right, daddy,” You nodded nervously as he kissed the top of your head. Cassie ran over for her own kiss of approval, but all she got was a pat on the shoulder.

    “Take care of her, Cass,” He told her sternly. 

    “Yes, daddy,” She did her best to put on a smile, but you could see she was seething. 

    “Good girl,” Pleased with her, he gave her the gold star of approval she was practically drooling over before turning and walking out the door.


    “What the fuck was that?!” You instantly spun around to face your sister.

    “What?” Cassie asked innocently.

    “You threw me under the fucking bus, that’s what!” You tried not to beat the shit out of her right in your living room.

    “I was just trying to--” 

    “You were trying to be daddy’s favorite, that’s what,” You spat.

    “Oh please,” She rolled her eyes as she started to walk back to her room. You quickly followed her, not ready to let this go yet.

    “I don’t know why the fuck you want that psychopath’s approval Cass, but you’re playing a dangerous fucking game,” You warned her.

    “Right,” She turned back to face you. “Well, not all of us can just manipulate our way into a family,” 

    "Is that-- is that what all of this is?" Your head was spinning. How could you have not seen this coming?

    "Everyone loves you, Y/N!" She snapped. "Everyone INSTANTLY just falls down at your feet, like you're a fucking Princess,"

    "Oh my god..." You muttered with a sad laugh. "So, so why have you even been helping me to cover my ass with Olivia and Rafael?"

    "Because I don't want to go to jail, hello!!!" She smacked the side of your head.

    "But now that daddy's got his eye on his precious baby girl, you're on your own. Good luck with that," And with that, she stopped off and slammed the door of her room in your face.

    Four months. Operation Save SVU started now.

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    Je me contre fou que Barba retourne comme avocat de la défense et qu’il défend un méchant. Juste le voir à nouveau dans ma Tv me fait plaisir. Je suis pas objective pour 2 sous quand ça concerne ce perso et je vie bien avec ça 😂. Si je peux avoir une scène Barba Benson avec de la tension je suis au comble et en plus si Barba peut être Sassy, cocky and Arrogant avec Stabler je vais donner un 10/10 à cet épisode.

    Une opinion peut populaire mais bon c’est écrit en français peu de personnes vont lire donc I guess it’s safe

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    ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Tamara Taylor on Angela vs. Barba in Court in ‘SVU’ Crossover .

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    Chapter Two of I Could Ruin You

    A Rafael Barba x Rita Calhoun/Sonny Carisi x Reader Law School AU

    Hey look, another collaboration with @pascalispretty ! You all should again be thanking your lucky stars that she did the moodboard and not me lol. Cross posted on ao3!

    Chapter One: We Should Cross the Line Chapter Two: Libertines and Reprobates

    Warnings: well, porn. p in v sex, oral (f. receiving), vaginal fingering, nipple play, mentions of anal (f. receiving), just a teeny tiny touch of daddy kink, making out, making out in a closet, innuendo, discussions of safe sex practices, sass, Rita is a Boss Ass Bitch and everyone knows it, blink and you miss it reference to Cruel Intentions (and whoever catches it will get a hearty slap on the back lol), Sonny is stupidly adorable and probably the best man the universe has ever spat out, Rita is A Tease, and finally no stuffed rabbits were harmed in the writing of this fanfic. Rating: E (finally back on our porn bullshit lol) Word Count: 15515 (Okay listen. We honestly could not figure out a way to break this up. So you know. Apologies lol.) Summary: Coerced by Rafael, Rita attends a party thrown by one of the partners she hates the most at her law firm. Her night takes an unexpected turn when she meets an attractive younger couple.

    You’re pleasantly surprised when Sonny grabs your wrist and tugs you into a closet, closing the door behind you. The two of you had been forced to listen to your father go on about your first year at Fordham to one of the other partners at his firm for what seemed like hours and it had pissed you off that he hadn’t even mentioned Sonny--this could be just the distraction you need before being forced to endure more displays like that.

    The closet is almost completely dark and the shelves next to you are filled with board games and jigsaw puzzles and spare blankets. Knowing that you’re not likely to have long before your mother notices that you’re missing, you press yourself against Sonny and pull him in for a kiss. He makes a soft noise against your mouth, as though you’ve surprised him, but he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you back.

    You can taste the sugar on him from the chocolate torte that had been served for dessert but he pulls away from you when you attempt to nip his lower lip.

    “What do you think of Rafael and Rita?” he asks in a whisper and you frown in confusion. You had assumed he had pulled you in here--in a display of unexpected boldness given the party going on on the other side of the door--to make out, to feel reassured after the painfully awkward interaction with your father.

    “As people? I think they’re lovely,” you manage, trying to lean in to kiss him again. Time is running out and you almost whine in frustration when he rests a hand on your shoulder, stopping you. You will never hear the end of it if your mother catches you in here with Sonny and the mere thought of the conniptions that would ensue makes you shudder.

    “Just stop for a second,” Sonny starts, and you huff quietly. “They were definitely flirting with us, right? I’m not just reading into it?” Oh. He sounds so earnest that you can’t help but smile and give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

    “They were definitely flirting,” you agree. “Rita was resting her leg against mine under the table during dinner, and I don’t think it was an accident. She didn’t pull away or anything,” you report excitedly. It had been hard not to jump at the unexpected press of Rita’s leg against yours and the fact that she had kept it there had sent a little zip of excitement running down your spine. Pausing, you bite your lip and wish that Sonny had chosen a better lit venue for this conversation.

    “You didn’t mind that I flirted back, did you?” Though the two of you had talked often and at length about this sort of situation you still want to make sure that he’s okay. He wraps a long arm around your waist, his free hand feeling for your face in the dark so he can cup your jaw in his palm.

    “God, no. I was trying to flirt back too.” Sonny strokes your cheek softly with his thumb. “Emphasis on trying,” he jokes and you hear the rueful smile in his voice. “They really did seem into us both, didn’t they?” You nod enthusiastically and lean further into Sonny’s touch. They had been ogling the two of you from across the room before you even sat down to dinner; Sonny had quietly whispered to you that they were staring and neither of you had been able to resist the temptation to go over and talk to them.

    “They really did. I snuck into the dining room before dinner and moved their place cards so we could sit with them, get to know them a little better,” you admit, suddenly glad of the darkness as you feel your cheeks grow hot. To your relief Sonny laughs.

    “I wondered where you’d gotten to. Stroke of genius, doll.” He kisses your temple and pulls you a little tighter against him. “If you like them--sweetheart, I know we’ve talked about exploring together...” he trails off and presses another kiss to your forehead.

    “Oh God, I was thinking the same thing,” you tell him, a little breathless with excitement. You haven’t been able to stop thinking about the press of Rita’s leg against yours, the way Rafael had rested his large hand on your wrist so he could top your wine up instead of letting you do it yourself, the glances you could have sworn Rita had snuck at your boobs.

    “And you’re sure you want to?” Sonny asks, touching your cheek softly. “You like them both? You know that I’m not asking this because I’m not satisfied or anything other than completely happy with you?” He’s so sweet you could cry.

    “I have eyes, of course I like them,” you start teasingly, but you know he’s trying to ask you serious questions so you cover his hand with yours and look up to where you’re almost sure his eyes are. “And I know. I feel the same way about you. About this.” Excitement and nerves pull at your stomach and instead of carrying on trying to explain you twine your fingers with his. “You like them too?”

    “Yeah, I do,” Sonny murmurs. You would put money on him being flushed pink right now.

    “They’re just--they’re so smart and so gorgeous! Can you even imagine being with someone for that long?” you muse; they must be going on for twenty years together if they first met in college.

    “It’s gotta be great.” You can hear the smile in Sonny’s voice as he leans down to kiss you, a soft tender kiss that so neatly summarizes all of his hopes for the future.

    “Hopeless romantic,” you murmur when he lets you go, knowing that if anyone saw you right now they’d say you looked nauseatingly in love. “But we do this together, right?”

    “Course, sweetheart. Just like we talked about; they don’t like one of us, they don’t get either of us. And you’ll tell me if you wanna stop?” Sonny pulls you closer, pressing himself as tightly as he can against you. You try your best to relax against him, resting your head against his chest so you can hear the steady beat of his heart.

    “Promise. And you’ll tell me if you don’t want to go ahead any more?” you check, smiling to yourself when you feel Sonny rest his chin against the top of your head.

    “You know I will. We’ve always got each other’s backs.” You exhale shakily when he answers.

    “Wow. Okay, so we’re doing this? This is big. How do we do this?” Your stomach twists with nerves again and you stand up straight so you can focus on the situation instead of how warm Sonny is and how big and nice his hands feel against your waist.

    “We could just see what happens? It doesn’t have to be tonight; Rita gave me Rafael’s number earlier, we can always call them later. So I guess we could just go back out there, flirt with them some more, and see where we end up?” Sonny offers and you find yourself nodding even though he probably can’t see you in the darkness of the closet.

    “Sounds like an excellent plan, darling.” You find one of his hands and squeeze it reassuringly. “Though don’t think I’m going to let you forget how unfair it is that you got his number first when I was the one doing all the heavy lifting with the flirting.” Sonny laughs and leans down to kiss you again, his hands sliding down past your waist to palm briefly at your ass.

    “I’ll make it up to you later,” he promises and your teasing pout relaxes into a smile. You stretch up to kiss him again and he sighs regretfully against your lips.

    “If we’re in here any longer we are going to get caught and your mother will have me thrown out of the house,” he informs you, pulling away after only a few seconds.

    “She won’t actually throw you out of the house.” He scoffs.

    “Are you really willing to bet on that?” You laugh and shrug at him before giving him one last quick kiss and reaching around him to open the door.

    You feel a little ridiculous as you stick your head slowly out of the closet to look for anyone who might be passing through the hall. When you’ve ascertained that the coast is clear you tug on his hand and pull him out with you, closing the closet door softly behind you both and leading him towards the library. He follows along obediently, looking around over the heads of the guests for any sign of the two lawyers you’re seeking.

    “Well aren’t you a bold pair of lovebirds,” you hear from behind you. You turn quickly to see Rita standing there smirking at you looking gorgeous and elegant and all too knowing. You can feel yourself flush a little as she steps closer. “Isn’t it a bit cliché to go canoodling in a closet? Especially when you have a bedroom right upstairs?”

    You can almost feel Sonny blush next to you and you squeeze his hand again.

    “And if I told you that no canoodling happened in that closet?” you ask coquettishly, taking a step closer yourself. She smirks and looks the two of you up and down.

    “I’d recommend that your first stop after such an ‘innocent’ assignation should be to the bathroom to make sure everything's in its proper place. Speaking from experience, more people are likely to believe you when your lipstick isn’t smudged and so obviously on someone else’s mouth.” You bring your hand up to your lips and look over at Sonny. Sure enough there’s a streak of color right at the corner of his mouth and you quickly tap at the spot on your own face and grimace a little. He coughs and wipes his fingers over the smear as you turn back to look at Rita.

    “Yours doesn’t look too bad, don’t worry. And your secret’s safe with me.” She finally steps into your space and reaches up to fix your hair for you. Her perfume smells amazing and her fingers are delicate and light in your hair. She smiles down at you. “If I had this pretty boy hanging off my arm I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same.” She steps back and you feel like you can finally take a deep breath again--her attention is intoxicating and you feel a little lightheaded already.

    “It’s a wonder he can keep his hands as much to himself as he does with you looking like that in this dress,” she compliments, one long elegant finger tracing one of the straps of your dress before she steps away completely. You feel your lips part like you’re experiencing everything with a few seconds of lag and by the time you’ve summoned enough brainpower to formulate even the most basic response she’s already changed the subject.

    “I bet you know of a quiet corner where we could talk,” Rita hints, staring at you directly and making it difficult to concentrate. Sonny nudges your hip and you smile at her, shrugging in a way you desperately hope looks as casual as you intend it to.

    “That’d be a pretty safe bet.” She smirks and gestures for you to lead the way. You tilt your head back in the direction that you and Sonny had come from and set off for the hall leading to the kitchen. Rita follows the two of you at a respectful distance, your little group looking for all the world like three people just moving to a different part of the party. The tension and excitement in your belly ratchets up a notch at the idea that everyone in the room is seeing this play out and none of them know what’s going on. A shiver runs down your spine and you lick suddenly dry lips.

    Reaching the door to the kitchen you stop and turn around again, thankful that you were correct; the noise from the caterers cleaning up just beyond you and the relative distance from any room people are gathering in will cover the details of the conversation you hope you’re about to have.

    “What do you think of the party?” Rita asks innocently. Sonny laughs and leans against the wall, not making any attempt to hide the fact that he’s staring at her. You’re trying to be somewhat polite and keep your eyes on her face, at least while she’s speaking to you, but you feel like your success has been only marginal at best.

    “Oh, just peachy,” you reply, suppressing the urge to giggle nervously. Her lips quirk up.

    “Being surrounded by a bunch of stuffy old lawyers not exactly as thrilling a prospect as you had thought it might be?”

    “I’m finding a few things about this evening plenty thrilling,” Sonny pipes up next to you, watching Rita closely. She looks over at him, appraising, the satisfied smile on her lips one of the most attractive things you’ve seen all night.

    “Are you really, Mr. Carisi? Care to elaborate, or should I just assume that you enjoy participating in mediocre conversation and getting a glimpse of what your future is going to be like in a few years?”

    This is it. She’s giving you the perfect opportunity to say something, there is no way she didn’t leave that door wide open on purpose…

    “Well, I got to meet this one couple, absolutely lovely people. Smart, fun, gorgeous. And, now I can’t be sure about this, I think they might have been flirting with my girlfriend and I,” Sonny replies, somehow managing to keep a straight face. Those big blue eyes of his really go a long way to selling the innocent look. He’s going to kill in the courtroom someday, you think proudly.

    “Oh, how shocking!” Rita teases. “Flirting with you while she was standing right there?”

    “To be completely honest, Rita, I think they were flirting with her as well.” Rita continues to smile at him, bringing her phone up to tap thoughtfully against her bottom lip. She flicks her gaze to you for a moment, drawing you further into the conversation and her orbit.

    “Absolutely scandalous. They sound like a pair of libertines and reprobates. What are you going to do about it?” You can’t help the smile that stretches across your face. Sonny shrugs nonchalantly and leans in a little closer.

    “I tried to flirt back. My girlfriend did as well. Not sure how well we communicated our intentions, but I hope that this couple got the message that we wouldn’t mind if they continued. Or maybe went a little further.” You can see Rita watching him carefully behind her mask of carefree joviality and hope again, your stomach sinking briefly and your palms beginning to sweat, that you and Sonny aren’t getting completely the wrong signal. You hold your breath as you wait for what seems like an interminably long time before Rita asks,

    “And if this fabulously smart and gorgeous couple,” she looks at you, eyes a little mischievous and you want to collapse onto the floor with relief. “Were to ask you how far you would like them to go? What would you have to say to them? For curiosity’s sake, of course.”

    Sonny grins at her.

    “Oh, of course. Just purely for the sake of curiosity,” he agrees solemnly.

    “We wouldn’t be adverse to taking this flirtation somewhere else,” you tell her coyly. “And taking it as far as they’d be willing to go.”

    “Well, I can’t see any reason why this couple wouldn’t be amenable to either of those suggestions.” The relief you feel is indescribable and you exchange a glance with Sonny.

    “Why don’t you show me around?” Rita suggests suddenly, resting her free hand on your arm. “We can talk about some of the things that you might want to get up to with this couple?”

    You shrug and touch her hand lightly.

    “Upstairs or downstairs?”

    “Oh, I’ll let the two of you pick. I’m easy.” Rita watches you steadily for a moment before turning her attention to her phone and sending a quick text, allowing you to make up your mind without staring you down--with as little pressure as possible. Can this woman be any more perfect? Seriously?

    You take a deep breath and twine your fingers through Rita’s, letting your joined hands slip off your arm and hang between you. You look at Sonny once more, just one more glance to make sure that he’s still on the same page, and then you start walking to the stairs leading to the upper floors of your parents’ house.

    The three of you have your feet on the first couple of steps when Sonny stops and whispers,

    “Wait, don’t you want to wait for your husband?” Rita turns to him with a mildly confused smile--still gorgeous, how does she do that--and tilts her head just slightly to the left.


    Sonny blushes and shrugs his shoulders, hands going into his pockets as he clears his throat.

    “Your husband. Rafael? Sorry, your partner? I shouldn’t have assumed that’s what you call each other.”

    Rita blinks for a second before tossing her head back and laughing. Her neck is long and beautiful and her laugh is just this shy of a little husky and you feel like you’ve swallowed liquid mercury as you watch the pure delight spread over her face. You aren’t really sure why she’s so amused but if this is the result you hope it keeps happening. You pray she doesn’t notice how warm your palm is getting in hers, but every time her hair moves you catch another whiff of that perfume--what is that scent, that is so familiar--and you feel nervous and giddy and aroused to a ridiculous degree all at once.

    Sonny smiles hesitantly and Rita touches his arm with her phone, smiling back at him.

    “Rafael Barba is not and never has been my husband, pretty boy.” He frowns and you feel one start to pull at your lips as well.

    “He’s not? But, but the two of you…?” He waves his hand vaguely at her and she shrugs, still clearly tickled by the idea.

    “We’ve known each other since before I could buy myself cigarettes. And yes, we do frequently have sex. And have always done so,” she explains matter of factly. “But no, we’ve never married or ever felt the desire to do so. Nor are we, what do you kids call it nowadays? Going steady?” She’s teasing you, you can tell by the wicked glint in her eyes, but you’re still trying to wrap your head around this.

    “So you’re like what, best friends with benefits?” you manage, all too aware of the confused look on your face. Rita laughs again and squeezes your fingers.

    “Something like that. And no, sweet boy, we don’t have to wait for Rafael. Though he will be very sorry that he picked networking over this….house tour,” she finishes suggestively, the coy smile on her face making your insides twist again. With a gentle tug on your hand she encourages you to start moving up the stairs again.

    You find yourself at a loss when you make it up to the landing. Heading straight for your bedroom seems incredibly direct, but you highly doubt that she’s at all interested in any of the other rooms. A little nervous, you look back to Sonny and reach out to him for reassurance. He immediately steps forward, close enough to rest his palm comfortingly between your shoulder blades, and ducks his head forwards to whisper in your ear.

    “You okay?” he asks softly, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear. You nod, reaching back to hold his hand with your free one and lead the two of them over to your childhood bedroom. Stopping just outside the door, you look at Rita and tilt your head towards it.

    “This is Sonny’s favorite place in the whole house.” You lick your lips, annoyed at yourself for being unable to come up with a better line.

    “It might well turn out to be yours too, Rita,” Sonny adds, reaching past you to open the door. Your room isn’t overtly childish--your parents had let you redecorate often enough as you grew older that now as an adult it still fit relatively well with your personality--but you’re mortified to notice that the maid has set Flopsy, the beloved and bedraggled stuffed rabbit you’ve had since infancy, in the middle of your pillows.

    Feeling flushed, you let go of their hands and dart over to the bed to shove the stuffed animal into the drawer of your bedside table.

    “I think it’s too late for poor Flopsy, sweetheart. The things she’s seen; she’s probably already traumatized,” Sonny teases from behind you as he locks the door. Rita laughs that beautiful rich laugh again and your cheeks burn in embarrassment. Annoyed at how easily flustered you’ve gotten, you kick your shoes off and sit down on your bed, unsure what to do next.

    Sonny slips out of his suit jacket as you settle yourself, hanging it over the back of your desk chair and shoving his hands awkwardly in his pockets. Of the three of you Rita is the only one who still looks sure of herself. She takes a seat on the armchair by the window, crossing her long legs and looking between the two of you.

    “What could possibly have happened in here to traumatize that poor rabbit?” Rita asks, her eyebrows raised suggestively.

    “Well, unfortunately, poor Flopsy’s natural habitat is the only place in the house we can really do anything--” Sonny starts, continuing in the same jocular vein.

    “It’s not the only place,” you interject, and you can feel yourself blushing furiously as Rita turns her full attention on you. “We have sex in the shower sometimes too.” You’re mumbling and embarrassed but somehow it doesn’t seem to be putting Rita off. Sonny’s smile is comforting as he comes over and sits down next to you on the bed.

    “True. Apart from the shower,” he amends. “This room is really the only place where we can get any privacy.” Sonny rests his hand on your knee, his palm warm against your skin as his fingertips rest just under the hem of your dress. It’s a vivid reminder of all of the other times the two of you have snuck upstairs for a quickie, clothes pushed up or out of the way as you fall on the bed and serves to settle at least some of your nerves.

    “Well, now that the dear rabbit is out of earshot, I seem to recall a suggestion that we talk about what you might like to get up to with this mysterious, flirtatious couple.” Rita leans forward a little in the armchair, watching the two of you intently, and you feel pinned in place by her gaze alone.

    “We’re both bi,” you blurt out before you have much of a chance to think too deeply about it. You pause, waiting for Sonny to chime in if he wants to, but he seems content to let you press on. “We’re both bi, but neither of us has much experience with--with that. It’s something that we both want to do, and so we’ve talked about it a lot, but... Well we--it was important to us to do it together.” You find Sonny’s hand on your thigh and lace your fingers with his.

    “We’ve been talking about it, and I guess waiting to see if we found anyone that we both liked that seemed--that was more experienced than we are. And you and Rafael both fit the bill perfectly,” Sonny adds, and you nod along enthusiastically. Rita says nothing for a long moment, her eyes flicking between you both as she chooses her words.

    “I see. Well, I’m flattered that you think I’m experienced,” she says with a wink, holding up a hand before you can trip over yourself trying to apologize. “It’s a fairly accurate assumption. What do the two of you usually like? What sort of boundaries would be set?” she asks, steepling her fingers under her chin.

    “Do you like both of us?” you ask quickly. “Both of us equally, I mean. That’s a nonnegotiable point for us.” Sonny ducks his head to kiss your shoulder as Rita smiles softly at you.

    “The two of you are so adorable. Yes, I like you both equally. Couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried,” she says indulgently and you can feel Sonny smiling against your shoulder.

    “We use the traffic light system for safewords,” Sonny tells her, lips brushing against your skin as he speaks. Rita’s smile curves wider, and her brown eyes glint wickedly.

    “Now, why would you sweet young things need safewords?” She sounds utterly delighted and you feel your cheeks burn again.

    “A few reasons,” you try, but Rita shakes her head.

    “Not good enough, dear. What could you two possibly get up to that requires safewords?” You squirm on the bed, not sure if it’s from the embarrassment or the arousal at the way she’s teasing you.

    “She likes it rough sometimes,” Sonny admits after a moment. “Like, being tied up or pinned down. Or blindfolded. Or--or spanked.” The last one is almost a whisper, but Rita looks like she’s just been told she’s being given ten million dollars.

    “We use it for anal too. If--if I need him to slow down.” Your whole body feels hot but you need Rita to keep looking at you like that. Like the two of you are the best gift she’s ever been given and can’t wait to rip the wrapping paper off of.

    “You let him put it in your ass? You look so deceptively sweet for such a naughty little thing,” Rita coos, almost on the edge of her seat as she looks hungrily at you both. Sonny wraps an arm around your waist and when you glance over you can see the barest hint of an erection just starting to press against the fly of his pants.

    “He was the first boy I ever let do… that,” you elaborate and seeing Rita’s piqued interest you smirk. “Sonny is just full of inspired ideas. We didn’t stop at anal; he told me about an ambition to reenact that scene from Atonement in the library and I think that may have been my favorite adventure in housesitting that weekend.” Rita huffs a short laugh, and Sonny’s hands tighten reflexively against you at the memory. You don’t blame him. With the place to yourselves for the whole weekend you’d spent an utterly debauched two days exhausting yourselves.

    “We need safewords for roleplay too,” Sonny interjects. Rita looks delighted at this information and you’re about to elaborate, warming to a subject she is so obviously pleased by, when she laughs and holds up a hand, leaning back in her seat.

    “Stop, stop,” she insists, her hand resting at the base of that long elegant throat. “No more, it’s too much! God, I could just eat you both up, you’re precious.” She sighs happily and looks at the two of you, shaking her head. “God, Rafa isn’t going to speak to me for a week when I tell him he missed this.”

    Sonny looks pleased next to you and you can’t really blame him. It’s exhilarating being the center of this woman’s attention, being told how much this attractive older lawyer who could have anyone she wanted to--hell, who could go downstairs and demand a man like Rafael Barba take her home and fuck her--wanted you two. No one else right now, just the two of you. To have been sought out, pursued by her?

    You’re getting a little lightheaded and giddy just thinking about it yourself.

    Rita stands and you watch her walk across the room towards you, her legs looking about a mile long and utterly captivating. You have to tear your eyes away as she sits down on your bed next to you and folds her hands in her lap, her face serious.

    “I’m definitely in this for the both of you. And the list of things you like to get up to was educational as well as titillating. But before we go on there are a few things you need to understand. Just so we’re all on the same page.”

    You and Sonny both nod quietly.

    “First, we need to establish some very firm boundaries. I have a feeling that your definition of rough is still quite a bit gentler than mine.” You take a breath and open your mouth to protest but she quells you with a look. You feel a jolt of pleasure run through your body and you feel your heart start to race. Well then.

    “I want you both to come to a consensus about some things. Hard limits. A list of things that you definitely want to try. A list of things you aren’t sure about that I can answer any questions about. And I don’t want you adding things to the ‘definitely try’ list because you think you can handle it or you think I want to do it. If you lie to me about this, this is off.”

    You look over to find Sonny looking at you and you nod. He looks back at Rita and says slowly,

    “We mostly have that done. At least the list of things we want to try.” She smiles at him, face transforming from one of severity back into her teasing mode of earlier.

    “I figured that that list wouldn’t be too difficult for you two greedy little monsters.” You grin back and Sonny trails his fingers down your back. “Secondly, do you want this to stay completely between the three of us? I don’t have to tell Rafa anything that you don’t want me to. I don’t have to tell him anything at all, if that’s what you would prefer.”

    “No, you can talk to him!” Sonny blurts out before shrinking back. “I mean,” he hesitates. “If that’s okay with you?” He looks down at you, cheeks a little red and you roll your eyes at him.

    “We did agree how gorgeous they both were, didn’t we?” You turn back to face Rita.

    “We insist that you do,” you tell her with a bold smile. She smirks and brushes your hair behind your ear.

    “I’m sure you do.” She chucks you under your chin and you shiver at the frankly hungry look in her eyes. “I know we’re somewhat, ah, limited as to what from your To-Do list we can check off right here, but I can’t see any reason why we should be forced to forestall everything.”

    “Oh yeah?” you ask breathily, enthralled and waiting impatiently for her next suggestion. Sonny runs his hand down your bare arm and links your fingers together, giving your hand an excited squeeze.

    “As long as you both can promise to be quiet.” You nod eagerly and feel Sonny shift on the bed next to you. Rita stands and backs a few paces away and you viciously shove down the urge to whine and reach for her hand. God, could you be more desperate, you berate yourself, twisting your free hand into your bedspread. She sees, of course, and smirks down at you, stepping out of her shoes and instantly losing four inches. She still manages to look striking without the extra height and you’re briefly distracted by the vision of her stalking across a courtroom at Rafael like she’s currently doing to you.

    You blink and she’s standing above you, tall, beautiful, commanding, and all of her attention is fixed on you. The room feels about fifteen degrees warmer than it had a minute ago and your mouth feels dry. You lick your lips and watch as her eyes follow the movement before she bends down, takes your chin between her thumb and her long index finger and finally, finally, closes the distance to kiss you.

    Her lips are soft and firm, her breath is warm against your face, and her hair falls around you like a curtain, sealing this moment off from the rest of the world so it’s just the two of you and this one perfect first kiss. She’s gentle as she moves your head just slightly to the right to better slot her lips against yours and the angle she finds is exquisite. You gasp into the kiss and she presses forward, sliding her tongue against your lips and barely into your mouth before retreating again and pulling away from you completely.

    The whimper you hear could only have come from you but you have a hard time summoning any kind of shame over it. She’s staring down at you and all you want her to do is kiss you again. And again and again until all that’s left is for her to push against your bed and--

    You blush and break eye contact, looking anywhere but at her as you try to once again summon the bravery you had had a second ago. She makes a questioning noise and tugs your face back up to look at her.

    “What was that? Having second thoughts?” she asks gently. Sonny presses your hand as you close your eyes and you shake your head and clear your throat. “Not to your tastes after all?”

    Your eyes fly open to catch hers again, wide and serious and hopefully conveying just how serious you are.

    “No! Definitely not! That was definitely to my tastes! Incredibly so! No, I--” You break off and huff impatiently, a wriggling embarrassing feeling in your stomach.

    “Tell me,” Rita orders, clearly not intending to let this go.

    “That’s as far as I’ve ever gone before,” you mutter, fingers of your free hand twisting the comforter under you before smoothing it out, an action you find yourself repeating over and over and Rita continues to watch you, tilting her head just a little.

    “I know you’ve done more than kiss before,” she points out. And she is really going to make you say it. You swallow thickly and groan a little, quietly, humiliated.

    “I’ve only ever kissed another woman before!” you exclaim finally. “I haven’t ever done anything else. At all. Ever.” Sonny squeezes your fingers reassuringly, trying to soothe your nerves without interrupting. Rita glances briefly at Sonny before turning a soft, encouraging smile on you.

    “That’s okay, darling,” she murmurs, stroking your cheek gently with her thumb. “We can go slowly. I promise I’ll take good care of you.” There’s a hint of lasciviousness in her last words and it makes you shudder. For the first time you notice how high your dress has ridden up your thighs and wonder if Rita can see your underwear.

    You lace your fingers with Sonny’s before bringing your free hand up to the nape of Rita’s neck, tugging her back down for another kiss. The scent of her perfume overwhelms you as her hair falls forward around you both again--absurdly, you think about stopping to ask what it is because you still can’t place it--before you’re entirely distracted by her tongue dipping into your mouth. This time she doesn’t pull away and her fingers slide into your hair as she steps a little closer.

    Her knees bump up against yours as she closes the distance between you and you find yourself opening your legs unthinkingly, allowing her to move between them as you kiss. Emboldened, you meet the tip of her tongue with yours, thrown back unexpectedly to the memory of practicing kissing in high school with your best friend Kathryn.

    Sonny shifts a little closer to you on the bed, his free hand finding your thigh as he watches. You make a soft noise against Rita’s mouth when she catches your lower lip between her teeth, nipping gently before pulling away.

    “How do you feel about marks? Or biting?” Rita asks, trailing her fingertips from your jaw down to your neck. Your eyes fall closed at the sensation of her nails dragging lightly over your sensitive skin and it sends more liquid heat racing to your core.

    “I love them,” you tell her, your eyes still closed. “Both what it takes to get them and having them afterwards.” Rita’s fingertips trail a little further on her next downward stroke, but she barely makes it past your collarbones before pulling away.

    “Can I kiss you too?” You open your eyes to see her cupping Sonny’s cheek, leaning over you to reach him. Sonny looks a little surprised but nods eagerly, tipping his head up so she has a better angle. You watch them kiss a little breathlessly and slide your hand that isn’t holding Sonny’s onto his crotch, palming his hardening cock through his suit pants.

    He groans in response and you swear you feel his cock twitch under your palm. The positive response makes you bolder, and you squeeze your legs a little around Rita’s. Even without her heels Rita’s legs look incredible. They’re long and smooth and toned, and you want to kiss your way up and down them. Preferably while she uses those elegant fingers of hers to play with your hair.

    Sonny looks a little dazed when Rita pulls away from him and you sympathize entirely. She looks down at you both, smiling fondly.

    “Can I help you out of that dress, darling?” She runs her fingers over one of the straps and you shiver. You’re halfway out of it already, the skirt having ridden up to your hips since you’d first sat down on the bed. Your face feels warm as you nod and take the hand she’s offering to help you stand.

    “Sonny, would you be a dear and find me a hanger? I wouldn’t want this to end up on the floor.” Rita runs her hand down your side, the trail left by her fingers showing clearly in the nap of the velvet. Sonny slides off the bed to comply, pausing to press a kiss to your shoulder before opening your closet.

    “This dress is so lovely. Such a flattering neckline; I couldn’t stop looking at your breasts at dinner.” She tells you matter-of-factly as she rests her hands on your waist and encourages you to turn around. “Do we need to get you out of that suit as well, Sonny? Or are you just observing tonight?” Sonny goes pink as he leans against the door of your overstuffed closet to close it.

    “That’s entirely up to you, sweetheart,” Sonny tells you earnestly. “This is your night.” Your heart swells and if Rita weren’t at that moment undoing the tiny hook and eye clasp at the back of your dress you would have flung yourself into his arms.

    “I want you too. Still want you to fuck me. Would you please...?” you manage, distracted by Rita finally starting to unzip your dress. It feels faintly ridiculous that you’re flustered and blushing over asking your boyfriend of almost a year to fuck you. But the circumstances have never been like this; apart from the gorgeous woman behind you who’s starting to push the straps of your dress down your arms, your parents have a party in full swing downstairs. You almost expect him to say no for that reason.

    “Oh god, yes,” he says instead as he starts pulling at his tie. Your dress hits the floor with a surprisingly heavy thud, but you barely hear it. As soon as it falls around your feet Rita runs her fingertips gently down your spine and you can’t hide the shiver it elicits from you.

    “I like the matching lingerie,” Rita murmurs behind you, her fingers tracing the waistband of your lacy black underwear as she moves to stand in front of you. You’re unable to look her in the eye, standing there in front of this beautiful woman in nothing but your underwear. The only thing she’s missing is her shoes and frankly that puts you at even more of a disadvantage because now she is closer to you in height and it’s harder to avoid her gaze. She is devastating, enchanting, older, and so much more experienced and the longer you stand there silent the more self conscious you become. What the fuck am I doing, you think frantically, about to fold your arms in front of you.

    Rita’s long fingers run up your sides and you’re too late to stop her from brushing them, feather light, over that one spot on your ribs.

    You jerk to the side and giggle like a crazed lunatic and you strongly consider defenestration as a practical means of escape from what is now officially the most embarrassing moment of your life. Sonny snorts behind you and you whip your head around to glare at him.

    “Shut up, Sonny!” He’s halfway out of his shirt as he starts to laugh at you. “At least I’m ticklish in a normal spot, Mr. ‘I shriek like a twelve year old girl if you touch my left calf’!”

    Rita uses one elegant finger to turn your head back towards her and suddenly your embarrassment from before about being nearly naked in front of a woman who has promised to fuck you has vanished. It’s now replaced by a completely different kind of embarrassment, but at least you’re no longer wondering why on earth such a stunning woman would ever want to see you naked.

    She smirks down at you and taps the tip of your nose gently.

    “Anywhere else I should be careful of?” she asks, not hiding how amusing she finds all of this. You huff and stare at the ceiling, clenching your fists at your sides.

    “No,” you mutter, furious, and you can still hear Sonny chuckling behind you.

    “Don’t be embarrassed,” she tells you, running her fingers down your neck and over your shoulders and collarbone. “I could just eat you up.” You look down at her and watch a wicked gleam appear in her eyes. “In fact…”

    Rita walks forward, backing you into your bed and finally forcing you to sit again with a soft ‘fwump’.

    “Would you like that, kitten?” She bends over you and kisses first one cheek and then the other. Your breath hitches as you catch on to what she’s hinting at and she takes advantage of your open mouth to capture your lips in a kiss, sliding her tongue against yours. She pulls away before you can reciprocate and asks softly,

    “Would you like me to eat you out?”

    You gasp. You knew what she was going to ask but the question still knocks the breath out of your lungs and every thought out of your brain. She looks pleased with herself, pleased with the reaction she’s gotten from you, and tucks your hair behind your ear.

    “I’m afraid I require a verbal response before I continue, sweet girl.” You feel the mattress dip as Sonny, now just in his boxers, sits beside you on the bed.

    “I--yes, please,” you whisper, and she kisses you chastely before taking a step back.

    “Lie down for me then, darling. Sonny, could you get her bra off for me please?” she asks, picking your dress up from where it had crumpled on the floor and hanging it up for you. Sonny’s long fingers make short work of the clasp of your bra but he rests his chin on your shoulder before he can slide it off.

    “You okay?” he whispers, and you feel another sharp swell of love for him; for checking in, for knowing that no matter how much you want this you’re bound to feel nervous.

    “Yeah,” you murmur, barely letting the word out of your mouth as you lean in to kiss him. It’s a messy desperate kiss and you slide further onto the bed to get closer to him. You’re so caught up in kissing him that you don’t realize he’s slid your bra off until he slides one of his hands down to cup your now bare breast.

    Sonny gently encourages you to lie back against the bed, reclining next to you so he can press a kiss to your forehead. Slipping off her own navy dress, Rita drapes it with Sonny’s suit over the back of the chair. Before you get a chance to admire her in her own blue lingerie, Rita kneels on the bed between your legs, looking down at you admiringly.

    “Such a pretty girl,” she coos softly, encouraging you to open your legs a little wider so she can settle between them. She doesn’t take her eyes off of yours as she runs her hands up and down your legs and you’re just thinking that you’re so glad you shaved this morning when she finally places a kiss on your calf. Her lips are somehow, ridiculously and improbably, softer than they were a minute ago and you watch as her mouth curves into a smile when she continues to place tiny lingering kisses all the way up your leg, not stopping until she reaches about two inches above your knee.

    Your breath is coming in soft pants and you twitch when her hair brushes your leg as she moves to the same spot on your other one.

    “Still doing alright, darling?” she asks mischievously. You nod quickly, and Sonny combs his fingers through your hair as she begins the arduous process of kissing her way back down your leg. She sits back on her heels and asks you,

    “Would you like me to use my fingers or just my mouth, sweet girl?” You swallow thickly and shrug, shoulders bumping against Sonny.

    “Oh, uh, whatever. Both are fine, I guess, yeah, f--fingers are okay,” you stammer, and she smiles at you before kneeling up and mouthing at your stomach, her hands coming up to bat Sonny’s away from your breasts. You moan as she circles your nipples with her thumbs before pinching them sharply, nipping at your stomach all the while. She drags her nails lightly down your body to the waistband of your underwear and pauses, waiting until she kisses her way down to meet them. She glances up at you and makes sure you’re watching before she hooks her fingers in them and slowly pulls your underwear down.

    “Lift up, darling,” she orders, and then takes her time backing away from you as she slides them down and off your legs. Tossing them aside, she kneels up and gathers her hair over one shoulder before turning back to you and staring.

    She is looking at you like you’re the first real meal she’s seen in weeks and it’s heady and intoxicating and the warm electrical spark of arousal pooling inside of you starts to spread further through your body the longer she looks. She clicks her tongue and sighs.

    “What a pretty sight. My goodness, what a lucky boy you are Sonny, to have this every day.” Sonny leans over you and kisses your temple again.

    “I really am.”

    “Anything in particular she likes, or should I just try everything?” Rita asks him, moving closer again, her warm hands encircling your ankles and her thumbs rubbing over the bones gently. Sonny shifts and hums next to you, splaying his hand over your neck and petting you.

    “Oh, try everything, I think.”

    Being discussed like you’re a pet they have a particular fondness for really should not be as arousing as it is. You are a better feminist than this, you tell yourself. And yet the longer they fail to address you directly the wetter you feel your cunt getting and the stronger your desire to squeeze and rub your legs together gets until you can’t help but try to fight the hold Rita has on your ankles to do just that. She keeps her grip firm and your legs splayed just far enough apart that you aren’t able to get any relief at all however. You whine a little desperately and she smirks at you.

    “Such an impatient, pretty girl. I’d say don’t get your panties in a twist but well…” You feel yourself blush and she laughs, bending down to kiss the insides of both your knees again.

    “Sweet girl, you are too precious for words.” And without any warning at all she pulls your legs further apart, fully exposing your cunt to her very eager gaze.

    You’re turned on and embarrassed again all at the same time and you swear you can feel your pulse beating in your cunt as you whimper, feeling hot and squirmy and desperate. You struggle briefly to pull your legs together again but she doesn’t let you, instead continues to just kneel there between your legs and stare at you.

    Sonny has gone completely still beside you as you squirm around on your bed and your last really coherent thought before she shifts forward and you feel her hot breath on your soaking cunt is that you are definitely going to have to wash this bedspread.

    Rita licks a long stripe firmly and slowly up your cunt and pauses with her tongue flat on your clit. You’re too shocked to do anything but stare back into her eyes but when she presses against that sensitive bundle of nerves you wail and your eyes roll back into your head.

    Sonny claps a hand over your mouth and shushes you immediately as Rita, uncaring that someone downstairs almost definitely heard that and could come walking up the stairs to investigate at any second, sucks your clit into her mouth and slides her hands up your legs to settle at your thighs, holding your legs open so she can fit comfortably between them.

    Sonny is absolutely no slouch when it comes to oral, but there’s something so exhilarating about Rita looking up at you from between your legs as she sucks your clit. Not only is another woman going down on you for the first time, but that woman works with your father, making everything feel more deliciously taboo.

    One of your hands flies out to rest on Sonny’s thigh where it presses against your own, trying to find something to anchor yourself to as Rita lets you feel the barest drag of her teeth. You want to wail again but Sonny’s hand is still over your mouth and so you nip his palm, tasting the salt of his skin as Rita lets go.

    Any respite from the assault on your senses is brief and Rita wastes no time in dipping her tongue into your cunt, making obscene noises as she tries to press her tongue as deeply inside you as she can. It sends more of that familiar warmth racing through your veins to pool in your core and you moan against Sonny’s palm, hoping it’ll do enough to muffle the sound. It’s not the first time you and Sonny have had to resort to it, his hand over your mouth and his face against your neck, as you try and stay quiet. It sends a familiar thrill spiking down to your core and you dart your tongue out to lick him.

    “Shh, sweetheart. There’s still a party going on downstairs; gotta be quiet while Rita eats your pussy,” Sonny mumbles, his nose digging against your temple as he presses a kiss on your cheek. His words have the exact opposite effect that he’d intended; they only make what you’re doing feel more debauched. Your nails dig into the soft flesh of his thigh and you whine while Rita starts trying to fuck you with her tongue.

    “He’s right, kitten,” Rita tells you as she drags her mouth away from you for a brief moment. “We can’t go on if you can’t stay quiet. And it’d be such a pity if I had to leave this pretty little cunt wanting.” She ducks back down, flattening her tongue again and messily licking her way up through your folds. Your hips buck up against her and you bite your lip trying to hold in another moan.

    It’s too much. You want to be loud, and you curse yourself for agreeing to this here and now and not having the patience to wait until you were somewhere you could make as much noise as you want. Her dexterous tongue traces firm lines across your clit and she hums contentedly low in her throat as your hips and legs tighten, pulling taut as you try and hold yourself in the best position for her.

    Impatiently, you bring a hand up to tug at Sonny’s wrist, trying to get him to take his hand off your mouth. He lets you, all too aware that you might want to choke out a safeword or tell your partners that something isn’t comfortable. Instead, you look up at him with desperate pleading eyes.

    “Can I suck on your fingers, daddy? Please?” At any other time, you’d hate how pathetic and needy you sounded. But right now you need it; you need the help staying quiet, the distraction of sucking on Sonny’s long fingers that you love so much. Rita groans against your cunt as soon as the word ‘daddy’ leaves your mouth and you sink your teeth into your lower lip again.

    “You call him daddy? God, you’re too precious,” Rita praises, shifting between your legs so she can bring her fingers up to your cunt. “Want me to use my fingers, sweetheart?” she coos, not waiting for you to respond before letting her tongue flutter teasingly against your swollen clit again. Every muscle in your body feels like it’s being pulled tight towards your core and you nod even though she can’t see you.

    “God, yes ma’am, please--” you whisper, realizing a half-second too late what you’ve called her. Your face burns with embarrassment and you practically choke yourself on Sonny’s fingers, taking them into your mouth so you can’t say any more humiliatingly pathetic things.

    She dips her fingers lightly against you at first, coating them in your own wetness before abruptly pushing two of them inside you. The stretch surprises you and you almost bite down on Sonny’s fingers in shock. Her tongue draws messy circles around your clit as she starts to slowly thrust her fingers in and out of you, those dark eyes of hers never leaving your face as she watches for your reaction.

    You nearly arch yourself off the bed when her fingertips brush up against that spot inside of you, and you choke back a wail when she presses against it more firmly. Closing your eyes so tightly it hurts, you clutch at Sonny’s thigh as your orgasm washes over you, taking you by surprise as Rita drags her fingertips back against it.

    The sudden release makes you feel like you’re falling apart, every nerve ending flayed open as the heat that has been building in your core tears through your entire body. Rita keeps going as you come, merciless as her tongue and fingers keep working you until you want to sob.

    “Good girl,” Rita murmurs, pressing a kiss against one of your hip bones as she slows the pace of her fingers.

    “You’re so fucking pretty,” Sonny sighs, and you look up at him with his fingers still in your mouth and he groans at the sight, before kissing your head.

    “Does our good girl want another, do you think?” Rita asks, dragging her fingers almost all the way out before pushing them back inside to the knuckle. You make a soft noise around Sonny’s fingers and he looks back down at you, entranced.

    “I think so. She’s been such a good girl, she deserves it.” Having them both call you a good girl makes you squirm, delighted, inadvertently pushing yourself down on Rita’s fingers and inhaling sharply through your nose in lieu of being able to gasp at the feeling. Rita gives you another one of her wicked smiles and lowers her head, kissing her way down from your hip to your cunt again.

    Sonny twists a little beside you, lying more on his side so he can press his cock against your thigh. You push your leg back against him and enjoy the moment of satisfaction you get from the knowledge that he is nearly as affected by what’s going on as you are. Rita is amazing and you have trouble believing that she’s really here now, between your legs with her mouth on your cunt. Hell, if you knew that your father’s parties ended like this you would have started attending them sooner.

    Rita pats at the side of your thigh sharply, drawing your attention away from Sonny and back to her again. Her mouth is hovering over your cunt, her eyes on yours, and you can feel her warm breath blowing over you, sending shivers down your spine as it hits your soaked skin.

    “Have you been a good girl?” she asks, smirking at you and keeping the fingers inside you frustratingly still. You nod quickly, eyes wide, desperate for her to believe you and for her to keep going. She scissors her fingers and you gasp, squeezing Sonny’s leg again and whimpering. “Do you want another?” She taps the tips of her fingers against your walls and you choke on Sonny’s fingers, your eyes slipping shut as they start to water. You give her another nod.

    Rita dips her mouth down the last inch or so and it is so much more intense this time around. You’re so wet and so sensitive, all you want to do is wrap your fingers in her hair and scream as she grips your hip with the hand not dipped inside your cunt and laps at you teasingly. She uses just the tip of her tongue to lick up every bit of slick around you, dodging with seeming preternatural accuracy your every attempt to wiggle around so that it hits your clit.

    You sob around the fingers in your mouth and feel her smile against you. Sonny hitches his hips, rubbing his cock against your leg absently as he soothes and hushes you, and Rita starts to drag hers in and out of you at the slowest pace you think is actually humanly possible. You can feel every ridge on her knuckles and it’s devastating when combined with the almost absent way she continues to lick at your cunt. Occasionally a knuckle will brush against your clit in a way that is impossible to predict, sending shocks of pleasure running out from your core to every extremity and making your thighs quiver around her shoulders and your fingers twitch against Sonny’s leg.

    Sonny’s is murmuring something to you but before you’re able to figure out what, Rita abruptly pulls her fingers out of you completely and replaces them with her tongue, making the most obscene slurping noise as she licks inside your cunt. You feel your face flush even harder and your legs squeeze around her when she nods her head, finally bumping her nose against your clit.

    Hearing her eat you out is embarrassing and turning you on to a ridiculous degree, you can't help the tiny whines that are coming out of you with every sharp exhale. Her hands, one of them still wet with you, come up to hold you down by your hips when you start to thrash around, trying to simultaneously get away from and drive yourself harder into the feeling of her tongue inside you. And your wriggling only gets worse when she moves up to suck your clit between her lips, poking and licking at it with her tongue and occasionally nipping at it gently.

    “Oh look at you,” Sonny praises softly. “Doing such a good job, god you just love this don’t you, sweetheart?” He kisses your cheek and drags his large warm palm down your chest till it engulfs your breast and begins rubbing your nipple in a slow circle. “Is Rita taking good care of you? Do you love the feel of her mouth on you?”

    You reach up to grab onto his wrist and hold on, opening your eyes to meet his big blue ones and nodding desperately, sucking harder on his fingers. You look down, and seeing Rita’s head bobbing between your legs as she licks a few long stripes up your cunt again is too much. You start to feel an almost burning warmth travel from your clit all the way to your fingertips and before you know it the muscles of your legs are tightening and you feel more slick gush out of you. Rita eagerly continues to lick and suck at your cunt and you shift around trying not to scream as she hits your clit with every pass of her tongue. You’re breathing hard through your nose and you are sure that later you will regret how unattractive that probably sounds but god, right this second with this particular woman between your thighs and your gorgeous perfect boyfriend warm and hard next to you and enjoying how much you’re enjoying this you just don’t care.

    You shake your head desperately as she continues to lick at you and feathers her fingers against your entrance. Finally, you pull Sonny’s fingers out of your mouth and gasp,

    “Rita, fuck, oh my God, please, please, please,” you keen sharply and bite your lip. “Rita enough, shit, enough, god stop!” Rita keeps going for a few seconds more and the pleasure you’re feeling starts to balance on the knife’s edge of pain. Just when you’re about to safeword out she pulls back and sits up on her heels looking incredibly pleased with herself. You’re panting and shaking and feeling a little wrung out as you stare at this goddess above you. Her mouth and her chin are wet and shining with you and your first thought is to ask if you can lick it off of her.

    “Getting tired, pet?” she asks smugly, running her fingers up and down the insides of your thighs, careful not to stray too close to your cunt. Her hands are warm but you still shiver with every pass and you shake your head. You shrug and ask shyly,

    “Could we take a break? Just a short one?” You feel Sonny, hot and hard next to you. “Poor Sonny’s been so neglected, after all.” A tiny, fierce stab of pride makes you try to use your boyfriend as an excuse, not wanting to appear as anything but indestructible and ready for anything she can possibly want out of you to Rita, but in reality you need the breather. Everything about the woman is intense and extraordinary and you think you’re going to break into millions of tiny pieces if you don’t have the chance to collect yourself.

    You watch her eyes and quickly realize that you haven’t fooled her for a second. You appreciate that she’s kind enough not to point out that you aren’t being entirely honest and instead just stretches out on the bed next to you and softly kisses your shoulder.

    “He really has, hasn’t he? Why don’t you take a few minutes to show how much you appreciate him. He’s been such a good sweet boy, after all, sharing you with me like this. Letting you try this out for yourself.”

    “He’s perfect,” you murmur, leaning in to kiss Sonny. His hips move almost involuntarily, rutting against your hip as he kisses you. Rita keeps trailing her fingertips along your thighs, pressing a few more kisses to your shoulder as you slip the hand that you’ve been clutching Sonny’s thigh with up to palm his cock. He’s still wearing his boxers, but you can already feel a damp patch against your palm where his precome has leaked into the soft cotton. He groans into your mouth, his hand covering yours as though he’s afraid you’ll let go.

    You gasp when you feel Rita’s mouth close over one of your nipples, breaking off the kiss with Sonny to look down at her. Sonny grinds against your palm as he watches Rita suck, and you arch your back to present yourself to the velvet heat of her mouth.

    “She likes it when you bite,” Sonny says, his beautiful blue eyes wide as he looks down at the two of you. “Not hard, just enough so she can feel your teeth.”

    “Thank you for the tip, sweet boy.” Rita pulls briefly off of your nipple to run her fingernails gently down Sonny’s chest, making him shiver. You want to wail when she takes his advice, dragging her teeth against the delicate flesh. As much as you want it, you’re so overstimulated; you’re half-panicked that in your daze you’re going to end up making too much noise.

    “Rita?” you try, having to bite your lip with an aborted cry when she nibbles carefully at you. “Rita, wait--” She lets go with an obscene pop, looking at you with a wicked grin on her face. Your cheeks feel hot and you resist the urge to bury your head against Sonny’s chest to hide the embarrassment that must be plain as day.

    “I know--I know I probably won’t be very good, but would it be okay if I touched you?” you finally manage, face burning and almost squirming as you try and get out the question.

    “Now, darling, how can you possibly know you won’t be very good when you’ve never done it before?” Rita chucks you gently under the chin, looking at you like she wants to devour you. You do squirm then, the hot wave of embarrassment somehow only making you more aroused.

    Rita shifts onto her back and lets her fingers trail down your arm as she lies beside you.

    “What do you want to do, sweetheart?” You tug your fingers out of Sonny’s grip and straddle Rita’s hips before you can overthink it. She looks pleased, and her hands immediately find your hips as you duck down to kiss her neck. You can’t imagine that she’d be happy if you left lovebites in such a visible place so you content yourself with soft kisses and slow drags of the tip of your tongue along the column of her neck.

    She makes a contented noise low in her throat and it emboldens you. You trail a line of kisses down her soft skin until you reach the swell of her breasts, pausing briefly.

    “Can I?” you ask, still sounding a little uncertain despite your best efforts. Sonny shifts a little closer to the two of you so he can rest his hand on your calf. Rita sits up a little, just enough for her to reach back and unclasp her bra while she replies,

    “I’ve been thinking about having that pretty mouth on me since you sucked chocolate sauce off your thumb at dinner. Of course you can.” She slides the blue silky bra off and discards it somewhere to the side, her breasts looking downright mouthwatering now that you can see them properly. Rita strokes a hand over your hair, encouraging your head down. You let her guide you and as soon as you’re close enough you drag the tip of your tongue in a circle around her nipple. She’s warm under you, the hand stroking your hair soothing as you bring one of your hands up to cup her other breast.

    The softest moan escapes Rita, so quiet that you could have convinced yourself you’d imagined it had she not arched her back up into your touch at the same time. Wanting to give her more, you wrap your lips around her nipple, fluttering your tongue over the stiffening peak and sucking with an obscene noise. Sonny’s hand tightens on your leg and the wordless encouragement from both of them spurs you on. Your thumb finds Rita’s other nipple, swiping over it as it pebbles under the pad of your thumb.

    “Oh, good girl. You can go harder--pinch, or use your teeth,” Rita sighs, though it sounds more like an order. You hurry to obey, carefully pinching her nipple and rolling it between your forefinger and thumb. It has an instantaneous effect on Rita; she rolls her hips under you, moving her hands briefly to your waist to pull you down tighter against her. If it were Sonny under you you’d be able to grind down on his cock, and you whine around Rita at the lack of contact.

    You want to elicit another reaction like that from her, you want her to keep calling you a good girl, and so you switch your mouth to her other nipple, your fingers coming up to keep playing with the one slick with your spit. She resumes stroking your hair, moaning softly again when you let her feel the barest hint of your teeth.

    “That’s it, kitten. Is she always this good for you, Sonny?” Rita coos, gasping quietly as you drag your teeth carefully against the sensitive flesh.

    “Most of the time. She can be an absolute brat when she wants to be though,” Sonny tells her, trailing his hand up your leg to your thigh before giving your ass a quick, gentle smack.

    “The spoiled little princess can be a brat for her daddy? Color me shocked,” Rita teases, gasping when you bite down a little harder on her nipple.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, was that bratty of me?” you ask, smiling down at her. She guides your head impatiently back down to her breasts.

    “Very. Am I going to have to ask Sonny to give you a spanking when I get you back to my place? Or should I just do it myself?”

    “I’m a spoiled brat, remember? I want both,” you huff before taking her nipple back in your mouth and sucking hard. Imagining the two of them taking turns to spank you has you trying to find a way to grind down against Rita, your cunt clenching around nothing as you fail to find anything to rut against. Rita laughs and grabs your ass with both hands, squeezing tightly before smacking both cheeks a little harder than Sonny had, groaning as you continue to suck.

    “You’re a spoiled brat--fuck that’s good, good girl use those teeth just like that--I don’t know that you should get either if you want them so much.” You whine around her nipple at the threat and rock yourself hard against her, missing how useful Sonny’s cock would be right now but loving the feel of how soft and comfortable she is between your legs. You spare a thought for all the missed opportunities behind you when you could have been doing this for years but decide that you’d rather your first time be with a woman like her. Doing this just like this.

    Since she’s already mostly naked underneath you, and since this is supposed to be a night of exploration anyways... You give a final nibble to her and lift your head up to find her already watching you, a slight smirk playing over her lips. You blush.


    “Yes, precious?” You clear your throat and drag your fingers along her chest, stroking under and over her breasts and tracing her collarbones like they’re the most fascinating things you’ve ever seen in your life.

    “Rita, could I--Do you think that I could maybe try eating you out? Please?”

    Her smirk widens and Rita strokes up your sides with her long graceful fingers.

    “If you’d like, I certainly have no objections, sweet girl.” You smile brightly at her and lean down to kiss her again, tracing her lips with your tongue this time and sighing happily when she opens her mouth to meet you. You hold her head between your hands and tangle your fingers in her hair, enjoying just kissing her for a few more seconds before parting from her and sitting back up.

    “So, should I just…?” you ask, shrugging at her uncertainly and making a vague gesture to the bed behind you. Rita raises an eyebrow.

    “Why don’t I sit on the edge of your bed and you can kneel between my legs. I think that might be easier for you if you’re already used to giving Sonny head like that,” she suggests, making it sound like anything but. She sits up with you still straddling her lap and runs a nail down your spine, smiling smugly at the shiver that follows her finger. She leans in close and kisses you once more before smacking your thigh and indicating that you should climb off.

    You shuffle off the bed and stand stark naked in front of the two of them as Rita repositions herself. Sonny’s eyes keep flicking between the two of you and you twist your fingers nervously in front of you before realizing what you’re doing and quickly pulling your hands behind your back. At least she won’t see your fidgeting that way.

    Once Rita is sitting on the side of your bed, her hands behind her and propping her up, she nods down at her lap.

    “Ready whenever you are.” You look at Sonny a little desperately as you kneel at her feet and slide forward, grabbing her knees and pushing her legs apart enough so you have room to settle between them. Her silk underwear is noticeably darker at the crotch and that sends a proud jolt right to your brain. No matter how terrible you turn out to be at this, at least she’s enjoyed some aspect of the night’s proceedings so far.

    Sonny sits up and slides off the bed, coming up close behind you and kissing the side of your neck.

    “Oh she’s wet already, isn’t she?” he whispers in your ear, wrapping his arms around your waist and holding you lightly. Rita must have heard him, he wasn’t being that quiet, but she gives no indication of embarrassment at what he pointed out or the fact that two people are staring at her just waiting to finish stripping her bare. God, if that had been you you would have died of mortification already. Instead she continues to look down at you like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

    “Take her underwear off,” Sonny instructs. “Slowly.” Swallowing you nod and reach up to touch her waistband, slipping your fingers underneath and tugging slightly. She lifts her hips up without prompting and, thanking every god you can think of, you manage to strip her without too much awkwardness or fumbling. You turn back to her and spread her legs wider, getting your first glimpse of her.

    She’s waxed bare and glistening, completely unselfconscious and you’re breathless, leaning against Sonny not really sure what you want to do first now that you’re actually presented with the opportunity. You lick your lips and sigh, sitting up and leaning a little closer to press a soft kiss to the inside of her thigh, looking up at her to see if you’re doing this right. She smiles down at you and pets your hair. Smiling against her skin you take a breath and lick a long strip up her cunt.

    The only thing you can really think to do is close your eyes and moan. Loudly.

    She tastes amazing. Feels amazing. Smells amazing. Rita is just amazing, and the way she buries her fingers in your hair only encourages you to take another breath and lick again. You hear a sharp intake of breath from above you just as you feel a short pull on your hair and you open your eyes to see that Rita has thrown her head back and bitten her bottom lip. Her neck is long and graceful and gorgeous like that, just like the rest of her, and you scramble trying to think of something else to do that will elicit that and maybe an even better response out of the older woman.

    You set about cleaning off all the slick that is already at her cunt while you think of what to do next, wracking your brain and suddenly realizing with something close to panic that you have forgotten everything that you know feels good and that you like. You flatten your tongue as you lick her smooth skin and desperately reach behind you with one hand to pat at Sonny’s side. He takes your hand and asks, breath teasingly soft against your ear,

    “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” You don’t want to stop, you don’t want to lift your mouth away from her, but you want to impress her so fiercely that with one last long lick you do so and ask quietly,

    “Do I just… keep doing that?” You wish you didn’t sound so ridiculous, you wish that you had gone into this with a game plan so that, inexperience or not, you at least looked competent in front of her, but you did and you hadn’t and now you’re obscenely grateful that Sonny is there behind you to cover for this hopefully temporary glitch in your memory.

    “Yeah,” he whispers, shuffling closer. “And maybe try sucking on her clit. You got this, baby, once you get into a groove you’re gonna love it I swear. Fuck, eating a woman out is amazing, trust me.” He kisses the side of your head quickly and you let go of his hand, bringing both of yours back to her thighs again and pressing a kiss to Rita’s clit. You look up to watch her reactions as you lick gently over the small bud and then suck it between your lips.

    “Fuck,” she gasps, fingers tighenting dramatically in your hair and her eyes popping open to meet yours. “Fuck, precious girl, just like that.” You smile around her clit and suck a few more times before lightening up the pressure and just flicking your tongue over it a few times. Feeling a little bolder the longer Rita clearly is enjoying what you’re doing you gently scrape your teeth against her clit.

    She groans deeply and you watch proudly as her eyes flicker shut. Sonny squeezes his arms around you.

    “She somehow looks even more fucking gorgeous like this, doesn’t she?” You nod and pull off her clit, licking again around her cunt. “That’s one of my favorite things about eating you out,” he confesses. “How hot you look when I’m on my knees between your legs.”

    You and Rita both shiver at his words and you dip your tongue briefly inside of her, chasing every new taste as it explodes across your tastebuds. You moan lewdly against her, pushing your tongue in further as Sonny holds you close.

    “And you were worried you weren’t going to be good at this. You’re doing so well sweetheart, look how much Rita’s enjoying this,” he murmurs, and you nearly swoon when you look up. Rita has her head thrown back again, the elegant line of her neck on display as she bites her lip, trying not to moan too loudly at the feeling of your tongue inside her. “You can pull her hair, Rita, she loves that.”

    Rita’s fingers sink into your hair and you reward her testing tug with an obscene sound against her cunt. It makes her pull tighter, her nails dragging lightly against your scalp. Behind you, Sonny plasters his chest against your back, his cock pressing insistently against your ass. He must be painfully hard but he makes no move to take care of himself or divert your attention onto him; he is truly satisfied just sharing this experience with you.

    It only makes you love him more, makes you want him more, and you grind back against him as you start tracing messy circles around Rita’s clit.

    “Fuck, should I use my fingers?” you suddenly ask between laps of your tongue. Sonny takes one of your hands in his and sucks briefly on your index finger, wetting it with his spit.

    “Start with that,” he tells you before wrapping his arms tightly around you again. Rita gasps as you find her entrance and gently dip your finger in up to the first knuckle.

    “Oh, good girl,” she murmurs as you rock your finger deeper into her, her hips canting upwards when your fingertip continues inching further. “Crook your finger, kitten, that’s it. Fuck, right there--” She groans, her fingers tightening in your hair. You wrap your lips around her clit again, sucking in time with the press of your fingertip against that spongy bundle of nerves inside her.

    “I’ll tell you a secret, precious.” Rita hisses as you let her feel the barest touch of your teeth against her clit again. “If you were to play with that spot in just the right way I’d squirt all over your pretty face.” You feel like the floor has dropped out from under you and Sonny makes a choked noise behind you. “No pressure though, sweet girl, not on your first try.”

    You want to whine in protest and ask what it would take; she can’t tantalize you by telling you that she can squirt, something you had been fairly sure only happened in porn until right this moment, and then tell you not to worry about it. You know she’s right, know that you’ll consider yourself lucky if you even make her come at all on your first try, but still. Your cunt clenches around nothing again and you let go of her clit abruptly.

    “Can we move?” you ask, looking up at Rita pleadingly. “Want Sonny to fuck me while I eat you out.” Leaning back against Sonny, you keep fucking Rita with your finger as you kiss Sonny, letting him taste her on your tongue. “Please, daddy? Need you.” Sonny doesn’t answer straight away, moaning against your lips as he dips his tongue into your mouth, chasing the tang of Rita’s slick.

    “Fuck-- kneel up on the bed for me, baby,” Sonny manages eventually, his chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath. Rita shudders when you pull your finger carefully out of her, before shifting back up the bed to make room for you and Sonny. You both stand and Sonny twirls you around, grabbing your arms and tugging you against him for another long deep kiss.

    You clutch his forearms tightly so you don’t fall over as he pushes you against the bed, licking into your mouth.

    “My what an eager boy you are,” Rita observes, clearly amused. Sonny finally lets you go and gives you a gentle little shove onto the bed, watching as you crawl closer to Rita grinning at him before bending over and presenting yourself.

    “Don’t distract me, Sonny,” you ask him, biting your tongue between your teeth coyly. “I still have to make Rita come.” You watch as Sonny strips his tight boxer briefs off, the wet spot on the front of them large and very noticeable now, and tosses them carelessly aside.

    Sonny rolls his eyes playfully at you before knocking your legs further apart and running two fingers down your cunt from front to back, gathering your slick and spreading it down his angrily red cock. You shudder and turn back to Rita, smiling at her and kissing both thighs before putting your mouth back to work at her clit.

    You’ve just gotten back to a good rhythm of thrusting your tongue inside her and using your nose to bump against her clit when Sonny grabs your hip with one hand and pushes inside you with only his anticipatory groan as a warning.

    You whimper against Rita’s cunt and her fingers tug sharply at your hair.

    “Fuck, pretty girl, make that noise again, that felt so good.” Sonny is seated fully and deeply inside of you and is hovering over your back, panting and trying to give you time to adjust. He gives a gentle flick of his hips and you both moan when your cunt clenches around his cock. Rita sighs happily and scratches at your scalp.

    “Good girl, just like that.”

    Sonny slides most of his cock out of you and pauses, giving you just enough time to bring up your finger and suck on it briefly before finding Rita’s cunt again. Sonny shoves his cock back in with enough force to push your finger back inside of Rita and both of you moan a little louder than is probably smart at the unexpected force of the intrusion. She’s warm and snug around your finger and you give a gentle push, hoping to get another sound like that out of her.

    The pace Sonny sets is distracting, but hard enough that once real concentration becomes a serious problem you can latch onto Rita’s clit with your lips, crook your finger inside of her, and let the force of Sonny’s thrusts do a lot of the work for you.

    She’s getting wetter and wetter against your face and you shiver when you feel how wet your chin is getting. Sonny’s groans and deep, pleased rumbles above you are familiar and comforting and a perfect contrast to the new and exciting and nerve wracking experience that is eating a woman out for the first time. And not just any woman. Rita fucking Calhoun. You sigh against her cunt.

    Fuck, she might have ruined other women for you entirely. And right now that thought really does not bother you in the slightest.

    You’re panting against her and about a minute away from coming when you notice her breath is starting to get erratic and her hips are shifting under you. You glance up and the sweat that’s beading on her neck and her collarbone shines in the light from the lamp across the room and the streetlights outside the window. She looks ethereal and perfect and it takes you an embarrassingly long few seconds to realize that she’s so restless because she’s about to come as well. You grin and return to the task at hand with renewed vigor, nipping and sucking on her clit like your life depends on it, moaning at the taste of her as it spills into your mouth. You bring your middle finger up to her entrance and pause, before deciding to go for it and push that inside of her as well.

    You almost miss the surprised noise she makes because Sonny’s cock hits that same spot in you that you've been working on so diligently in Rita and you see stars as you keen against the lawyer in your mouth. She’s tight around your fingers, you know you’re tight around Sonny’s cock, fuck, this was the best idea you’ve had in forever.

    Rita’s fingers tug harder at your hair, holding your head in place with her clit in your mouth. Her nails drag against your scalp as she gasps, her hips juddering underneath you. Sonny slows his pace a little once he notices the tight grip Rita has on your hair, evidently not wanting to hurt your neck.

    “Fuck, just like that kitten, stay there--” She cuts herself off with a soft moan, her cunt tightening around your fingers as she teeters on the edge of an orgasm. You feel her body tense under you and look up to see her head thrown back, and before you can process how gorgeous she looks, her thighs are quivering around your head and more of her slick floods your tongue as she comes. She makes soft, breathless little sounds as she grinds her hips against your face and fingers, holding your head still. As though you’d ever pull away from her like this.

    Behind you, Sonny starts to move faster again, with hard thrusts that drag the head of his cock against that spot inside of you every time. You feel Rita shake underneath you as Sonny’s pace forces your fingers to keep moving. She gasps sharply, her nails scratching satisfyingly at your scalp, as you moan loudly against her cunt. It’s too much, being pinned between them like this with Rita’s hands pulling at your hair and Sonny’s clutching tightly at your hips, and you never want it to end.

    A pathetic whine escapes you when Rita lets go of your hair and shuffles back a little further on the bed until her cunt is just out of your reach. You want to move forwards and keep going but Sonny’s tight grip on your hips keeps you still.

    “Let me breathe, sweet girl,” Rita teases, lounging back against your pillows as she watches you and Sonny intently. “You did so well.” The praise practically makes you want to purr. Eager for more, you put the two fingers that are still covered in Rita’s slick in your mouth and moan around them.

    “Such a perfectly filthy pair, aren’t you?” You can’t reply; you’re too distracted by Sonny’s cock and Rita’s taste to think of anything clever and too breathless to speak.

    “You turned out to be quite the little prodigy at this didn’t you, precious?” she asks, jostling her leg and bouncing your head that’s still resting on it.

    “And Sonny, such a pretty, dirty boy you are, getting off on your girlfriend eating another woman out. Was it directing her how to do it or the sight of her tongue in my cunt that really excited you?” Sonny groans above you and the thrust of his hips start getting sloppier.

    “Such a sweet boy, have you ever had any toys up that cute ass of yours? Because I would love to take a pretty boy like you for a ride.” You can hear the smirk in her voice as you close your eyes and moan, digging your nose into her thigh as Sonny grunts and pulls you tighter against him. “If your lovely girl wouldn’t mind that is. Though,” she pauses thoughtfully. “I suppose Rafa would be very angry with me if I didn’t leave that ass for him to despoil.”

    You whimper at the thought and Sonny moans, his fingers digging a little harder into your hips and most likely leaving bruises for you to admire tomorrow. Your third orgasm of the night takes you by surprise and leaves you with your face buried against Rita’s thigh as you try not to make too much noise. Rita makes soft, soothing noises and pets your hair as you sob from the overstimulation.

    “I should take the two of you back to my place. I have all sorts of toys that we can spend the evening using to get more acquainted with one another. I wouldn’t want you thinking that I normally leave such pretty girls unsatisfied with just three orgasms, darling.” Sonny makes a choked noise, barely audible over the obscene slap of skin against skin, his hips stuttering as he finally comes inside you.

    “Fuck, sweetheart,” Sonny murmurs from behind you, stroking your back as he grinds against you to ride out his orgasm for as long as possible. “So fucking good, such a good girl.” His long arms wrap around you, lifting you up a little so you can lie beside Rita as Sonny pulls out of you. He collapses on the bed next to you, his nose digging into your temple as he kisses your cheek.

    “You’re so perfect. Was it everything you wanted?” he whispers, his lips brushing the shell of your ear as he nuzzles against your hair.

    “God, yes,” you sigh, leaning back into his touch as Rita props herself up on her elbow beside you. “It's your turn next.” You use what little energy you have left to roll over so you can kiss him, a lazy, messy kiss that makes you sigh contentedly. Rita runs her fingertips gently along your side, stopping when she gets to your hip.

    “Have I worn the two of you out? Or should I call us a cab?” You could fall asleep just like this--take advantage of the rare opportunity to share a bed with Sonny without having to worry about his roommate or your parents waking you up. But you know that you’ll regret it if you don’t go with Rita to continue the night.

    “Cab, please. We can go out the back way, nobody will see us.” You’re all too aware of how messy the three of you must look, a far cry from the perfectly coiffed and made up trio that had first come upstairs. When Rita slips out of bed to find her phone you tangle your fingers with Sonny’s.

    “Love you, sweet girl,” he murmurs against your forehead, pressing a soft kiss there.

    “I love you too. And I’m getting Rafael Barba for you if it’s the last thing I do.”

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    Sabia que cetáceos com duas aberturas no espiráculo têm barbas em vez de dentes?

    Sabia que cetáceos com duas aberturas no espiráculo têm barbas em vez de dentes?

    https://www.instagram.com/reel/CFRwl3snWZz/ Mais informação na Wikipédia. ¡AF!

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    LAW & ORDER: Ilene Chaiken and Danielle Moné Truitt Preview Wheatley’s Return in the SVU-ORGANIZED CRIME Crossover by Marisa Roffman .

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    C: "Barba knows what he's doing?"

    O: "Yeah, he does"
    F: "We need to stop this"

    B: "She knows what she's doing"

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    Mio padre che se ne esce con: prendimi una piastra per la barba

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    Barba: *lifts Noah*


    Olivia: Oh, my God.

    Rafael: EXACTLY!

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    “Words Fail” *Chapter 7*

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 8

    Alright I’m gonna go ahead and say it right now, for future reference: This is a separate world from canon SVU. I mean obviously, right. But it’s an alternate universe, so-- people who are gone in the “real” world of SVU, CAN BE alive in this one. Okay? Okay. 

    Now try and figure that out, lovelies. I promise you won’t see it coming.

    Also, I’m sorry it’s so short, I was going to add a part to the end but it got long and convoluted, I swear a new chapter will be up tomorrow.

    Tag List






















    Five Months Ago

    It had been a couple of days since the “diner incident”, and you hadn’t texted or called Rafael since then. You felt too guilty; you had even ditched the food before you got home that morning so you wouldn’t have to explain where you were to Cassie. You had just gone home and gone straight to bed, which is exactly where you should have been the whole time. 

    But now, here you were sitting in Olivia Benson’s apartment playing with her two- year-old son Noah and trying not to think about Rafael. But she was making it extremely difficult. 

    “So, Viv,” Olivia sat down on the couch next to you and handed you a glass of wine. She had already gotten one for herself, and Noah was on the floor playing with blocks while Spongebob played in the background. 

    “...Yes, Olivia?” You raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

    “Rafa told me what happened the other day,” She said plainly. 

    “...About…?”  You weren’t about to give anything away. 

    “The kiss,” She wiggled her eyebrows.

    “Oh my god,” You muttered as you gulped down the wine. “Olivia, look it wasn’t--”

    “And he told me all about the hot and cold you’re pulling on him” She finished over you.

    “Oh my god, what?!” You laughed. “What are you two, girlfriends at a sleepover?” 

    “Look, he’s my best friend. And we look out for each other--” She started to explain.

    “Yeah, I can see that,” You rolled your eyes with a swig of your wine.

    “Well it’s why he was so defensive at first, and why I’m questioning you now!” She defended their actions. 

    “You two are a trip, I’ll give you that Liv,” You shook your head, trying to stay calm.

    “Excuse me?” She raised an eyebrow.

    “Why does he constantly have you fighting his battles?” You raised your own skeptical eyebrow.

    “Well, you’re the one dodging him after kissing him!” She exclaimed.

    “He kissed ME!” You exclaimed. Not adding that you probably had initiated it with your words. “And it was a mistake,” 

    “A mistake?” Olivia furrowed her eyebrows, “Why was it a--” 

    “Look, we were just-- neither of us had slept, and it was just-- it was a bad idea, and I’m sorry I let him kiss me, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place and it won’t happen again,” You stood up and started to pace as you talked, it happened when you got nervous. Which was a lot. 

    “Why not?” She pressed.

    “Why do you care?!” You threw up your hands in frustration.

    “I just said, because he is my best friend, Vivian. I want to see him happy,” She stood up once more and sat back down on the couch.

    “And?” You gestured with your wine glass.

    “And you make him happy!” She exclaimed once more before sipping from her own wine glass.

    “Oh for christ’s sake--” You needed an out. You needed an excuse, and you needed one now. Then it hit you. 

    “Look, Olivia,” You stopped pacing and sat back down, ready to spin your explanation. “I’m not sure how long I’m even going to stay here, and I don’t need to start leading him on and then just take off on him,”

    Granted you had no idea how you were going to ‘disappear’ after all of this, but one problem at a time. 

    “Why not?” Olivia asked.

    “Why don’t I want to lead him on?” You asked in a sarcastic tone. 

    “Why do you have to leave?” She clarified. 

    “What?” You blinked, unable to think for a moment. Why would you leave, especially considering you actually DID live in the City.

    “Why do you have to leave New York at all?” She reiterated.

    “Uh--” Think, woman think. What’s a normal explanation?  “Because I have a life there?” 

    Good, obvious explanation right? Totally. 

    “Well didn’t you say that your only family was your father and Tucker? And now that your father’s gone, do you really have any ties to Albany?”

    Dammit. Fuck. Why hadn’t you and Cassie made a new fucking white board before this meeting? She’d have answers for all of this. You were just the stammering idiot. 

    “All my stuff is there,” You blurted out. 

    Oh good, now what if she offers to rent a U-Haul and have Rafael drive across the state to get your imaginary stuff from your imaginary house?

    “And it’s not like I have family here,” You quickly added.

    “...But you could,” She gave you a soft smile and took your hand. Oh god. Oh no. No no no. 

    “Oh Olivia--” You started to dissuade her, but she put her hand up to stop you from speaking. 

    “Look, I-- I didn’t have any family either. For most of my life, actually,” She chuckled sadly. “But, when I joined SVU-- they became my family,” 

    Did you have a tattoo on your forehead that read: “Unload your trauma here,”? You didn’t need another sob story; you really didn’t know if you could handle it. 

    “Liv, I’m sorry you--” You started to speak once again, but she stood up from the couch and walked over to Noah before sitting next to him on the floor. He instantly crawled over to her and snuggled her. 

    “If I’ve learned anything about being in SVU, and living here as long as I have, is that sometimes the most important family you have is the one you make yourself,” She put Noah in her lap and kissed the top of his forehead before looking back up at you.

    “Tucker and I-- we were going to be a family,” She said very softly with tears in her eyes.

    “Oh you were engaged?” You tried not to sound too emotional. This was getting worse by the second. 

    “No, I mean yes but--” She paused, trying to hide tears in her voice. “We weren’t together when he died, but it wasn’t because we didn’t love each other,” 

    “What do you mean--?” You started trying to get her to unpack her own stuff, maybe she’d get too upset and you could get out of there. It was cruel, but you were desperate. 

    “It doesn’t matter,” She waved her hands dismissively. You thought better at trying to press her anymore; she really did look distraught just talking about him. 

    “What matters is that we--,” She pointed between the three of you. “We could be a family, if you let us,” 

    “The three of us, or your whole family ‘squad’?” You raised an eyebrow. Didn’t she just say her whole unit was her family? That sounded like quite the commitment. 

    “Well, I mean we are a packaged deal,” She smiled. 

    Wait, family. That could be a good cover.

    “So, adding to that thought,” You gave her an earnest look. “Wouldn’t that mean Rafael would be a part of that ‘family’?” 

    “Well, sure but that doesn’t mean--” Olivia started, but you had to get your full thought out before she had any other solutions.

    “Olivia, like I told Rafael the other day,” You shook your head. “If we-- started something, and it went badly-- that would only hurt our relationship,” You gestured between the two of you. 

    “And if you really want me to be a part of your family, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if that just meant Rafael was more like my dad or--” You stopped short, hearing the words come out of your mouth instantly made you want to vomit. Olivia made a face that mimicked your thoughts.

    “Yeah, I heard it too,” You made a gag voice. “Okay, like--- an Uncle-- Cousin--?”

    You were making it worse by the second.

    “Look you know what I mean!!!” You hit her playfully as she laughed. 

    “Yeah, I know,” Her laughter subsided to a sad smile. “I suppose it would be better,”

    After a moment, she stopped laughing and looked at you very seriously, but hopeful.  

    “Does that mean you’re going to stay?” She finally asked as she put a hand on your knee.

    You looked at the floor for a long time, trying to find the courage to say something. “Yeah, I think I will,”

    Well, It wasn’t like you really had a choice.


    “Her Uncle?!” Rafael tried not to throw up in his mouth. “Tell me those weren’t the exact words she used,”

    “Well no, initially she said dad--” Olivia tried not to laugh at Rafael’s face becoming more horrified at the word ‘dad’.

    “JESUS, Olivia,” He put his hands over his face.

    “Look, you get what she meant Rafael, don’t be dramatic,” Olivia teased him.

    “I know,” He shook his head as he gave her a small smile.

    “And...you know she might be right,” She added reluctantly. 

    “I know she’s right Olivia, that’s why I’m so upset!” He groaned as he walked away from her.

    “...I’m sorry,” She followed him and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

    And yet, here he was at your door at 9 o'clock at night. He knocked on the door forcefully and waited for you to answer. 

    “Yeah, me too,” He said softly.


    That was this morning, the discussion was fresh in his head. He knew Olivia was right, he knew he should think of you as...well he couldn’t even say it. 

    Luckily, Cassie had gone out on some suspicious errand, so you were home alone watching a movie. You got up and swung open the door, revealing the one person you were trying not to think about right now standing in front of you.

    “Oh my god, can you not take a hint?!” You cried angrily.

    “Excuse me?” He looked at you confused. 

    “Oh don’t give me that, you and Olivia are worse than teenage girls,” You rolled your eyes. “She probably told you exactly what I said as soon as I walked out the door!” 

    “Not immediately…” He said playfully.

    “Right,” You rolled your eyes once more. “So I know she told you what I said, about the other day being a mistake,” 

    “Yeah…” He muttered.

    “And about you and I being…’family’,” You went on. 

    “I don’t exactly kiss my family like that,” He gave you a huge smirk. If you weren’t so mad or worried about your cover, you’d be melting from it right now.

    “Fuck off, you know I meant from now on,” You kept your composure and your fight face on.

    “But I know you don’t mean it,” He kept smirking as he walked into your apartment. 

    “What the hell are you talking about?!” You looked at him in disbelief at the sheer disregard of boundaries he was using. 

    “You know you can’t stay away from me,” He kept his smirk as he circled your living room. 

    “Um, let’s look at the facts,” You crossed your arms. “You got MY number from Olivia. YOU texted me to meet you at the park,”

    “Which you did,” He smiled. 

    “...And then YOU texted me because I butt dialed you on ACCIDENT,” You ignored him.

    “Sure it was,” He smirked once more.

    “And then YOU invited me to breakfast,” You kept right on talking over his snarky comments, determined not to give into his arrogant swagger.

    “Which you showed up for,” He licked his lips, still claiming innocence. 

    “And YOU kissed ME,” You finally said emphatically, trying not to stare at his lips while you said.

    “Because you wanted me to,” He smirked even harder when he noticed your stare.

    “Oh my god,” You muttered while you felt your cheeks running hot. Your words were saying no, but your body was betraying you. 

    “Look Vivian,” He stepped closer to you. “I get that you-- why, you think that we shouldn’t be together. And I think that maybe you really do believe that,”

    “But?” You quirked an eyebrow.

    “But you can’t say that as soon as we’re near each other, all your excuses and logic go straight out the window,” He smiled as he stepped closer.

    “EXACTLY!” You threw your hands up. “That’s what scares me!”

    “You don’t think I’m scared?” Rafael asked with a laugh. “I told you that I don’t...like people. I don’t let people in, EVER. It took me six months to warm up to Olivia, and she is my favorite person in the world! But with you, it just...happened. Without me doing anything. THAT is scary. I’m absolutely fucking terrified of you, of us,” 

    “...But?” You waited for an explanation 

    “But I’d rather be scared with you, than be scared of you,” He put a hand on your waist, pulling you ever so slightly towards him. “...If that makes any sense,” 

    “Yeah,” You nodded, letting him pull you further. 

    You knew you shouldn’t, you knew you needed him to just leave and let this go. But he was right about the vicinity of your bodies affecting any logical thought your brain had. 

    “So, be scared with me?” He pulled you even closer, glancing at your lips with a mischievous smile. 

    “Yeah,” You murmured dreamily, not really thinking of anything else but how those lips tasted. 

    Rafael quickly caught on to this and closed the gap between your mouths with a passionate kiss. This kiss seemed even more intense than outside the diner, maybe because it was a second kiss. Or because it wasn’t freezing, and you weren’t sleep deprived. Or maybe it was because you were finally letting yourself feel something other than dread and fear. 

    Before you could enjoy yourself too much, the soul crashing reality came crashing down on you once more. You could hear Cassie coming up the stairs, and fast. 

    “You have to go,” You started to push him out the door. 

    “What, why?” Rafael was absolutely bewildered. Here you were with the hot and cold again, after just promising to stop. 

    “Because Cas--Kit, is coming,” You prayed to God he didn’t hear that slip up. He didn’t seem to, he was just concerned about you forcing him out. 

    “So?” He stood in the hall unmoved. 

    “So, she CAN’T see you here,” 

    “Why not?” He laughed. “Is she like your mom or something?”

    “No, but--” You could hear her footsteps getting closer, and to make it worse, you could hear someone with her. 

    “Oh god,” You were really starting to panic now. Whoever she had with her would not be happy to see the ADA of New York in your hallway, you knew that much. 

    “You have to go, RIGHT NOW,” You grabbed his hand and started running towards the opposite set of stairs. 

    “Why are you being like this?” He became really concerned at the tone in your voice and the look of terror on your face. “Is--Does-- Are you in danger, Viv?” 

    “No,” You assured him. “No, I can’t--” You could hear the talking and laughing reach your door. You heard it open and the two of them walk inside.

    “I can’t explain it right now, okay? Just...trust me, please?” You gave him the most pitiful look, you had no focus on the con right now. You just wanted him to make it out of here alive.

    “I trust you,” He finally conceded, making your guilt practically eat you alive in that hallway. He wiped a strand of hair behind your ear and kissed you softly once more before heading down the stairs. You waited a moment before walking back towards your apartment. You took a deep calming breath and opened your front door. 

    “Baby girl!” Cassie beamed at you as she walked to envelope you in a hug. “Where the fuck were you?” She hissed in your ear. 

    “I--” You paused. “Took the trash out,” You whispered back. 

    “Ah, well that was nice of you, sweets,” She smiled once more. 

    “That WAS nice of you, Angel,” An all too familiar adult male voice came from behind you, having just stepped out of the bathroom. No, it couldn’t be…

    You slowly turned around and mustered the biggest fake smile you could, as you walked over to the man slowly. 

    “Hi, daddy,” 


    Present Day

    Rafael made it to the top of your stairs before collapsing into sobs. While he was crying, he thought back to the first time he had come here. That day, you had tried so hard to get him to leave so quickly. He remembered the specific look and fear in your voice, and how concerned he was. But the next time he saw you, you were perfectly fine. So he must have just pushed the thought away...until now. 

    He got up and walked back towards your apartment, where you still had the door open. Your jaw slightly dropped at the sight of him walking back towards you. You fought the urge to jump into his arms for coming back, you weren’t going to push your luck right now. 

    “...You did try to warn me,” He said softly. 

    “I did,” You bit your lip as you started to cry again. “And...there was a good reason, I swear to God Rafael. That’s why I’m doing this,” 

    He just nodded again and walked into the apartment where the rest of the squad was still standing in the living room dumbfounded. 

    “So,” He turned back to you and folded his arms.

     “You want to talk? Talk,”

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    Last Call for Xmas Bingo Reqs!

    Any squares unmarked are available. Red Xs are on the docket to be posted, Green checks mean written and posted.

    Send requests to my Ask Box, or on IG/AO3/Twitter. 🎄☃️🎅🏻 Happy Holidays! 🕎🕯️🕍☪️

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    Storiesofsvuholidaybingo Masterlist


    Traditions, Old & New (Elizabeth Keane)


    A Christmas Miracle (Barba)

    A Boyfriend For Christmas (Barba)

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    Christmas at Rockefeller Center (Nevada Ramirez)

    Mr Grinch (Barba)


    Turkey Dinners (Carisi)


    From the minute (Calhoun x Cox x Barth)

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    I’ve created my own alignment chart for my favorite male characters

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