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    Bardock. ♥️

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  • Hey quick question what episode does the moon get blown up in DBZ or DBZ Kai because I’ve asked Reddit and they’re taking too long

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  • listen if you heard it you know what i mean

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  • Warchild Ch.1 pt.2

    Bardock took a deep breath before he entered his house. On the flight home he had contacted Gine by his scouter and knew she would soon give birth. He had offered to send for the Welfare, but his mate had rejected this idea entirely on the ground that Raditz took care of her and she could send him for a midwife when her time had come. That stubborn woman! Bardock let out a scornful snort and prepared himself for whatever waited inside. It had been seven months since he had last seen his family.

    He grabbed the handle and slid the door open. “I´m back!” he threw the bag with his belongings into a corner and moved up to the fireplace, where his mate tried hard to get up and welcome him. He could see that she had let herself go for a while. She looked unkempt and exhausted. It was obvious that the last days of the pregnancy had been hard. “Save the trouble, woman! You look miserable. Why didn´t you get any help? Would you risk our children´s lives because of your false pride?” his tail unwound from his waist and swang gently behind him - the only sign of joy he allowed himself to show.

    Gine smiled bravely. “Oh thank you, dear, I missed you, too!” she had finally managed to get up. She made a few steps towards him and patted his cheeks before she embraced him. Their tails wrapped around each other, a gesture which was only appropriate for a committed relationship like theirs. Bardock was visibly uncomfortable but tolerated the gentle approach. After a few seconds he relaxed and wrapped his arms around her.

    “Welcome back, Bardock.” she whispered happily. “How are you?”

    “Hungry.” he snarled, letting her go. He took off his dirty, smelly armor and threw it in the same corner as the bag. Then he stood there, wearing only his boots and tight pants. Gine´s eyes inspected his buff upper body. There was a new scar that wound from the collarbone to the shoulder blade. It looked like he had been severely injured, and probably he had had no access to a healing pod. These medical machines, which resembled the nursing capsules, could heal almost any damage, the cell building healing liquid could even regrow smaller body parts like a finger or an auricle. But the pods where only available in the infirmaries on the Freeza planets or on some elite spaceships. The common people could only hope to make it to one or the other in time. It was not his death in battle that she feared most. At least she would draw a small pension in this case. But if he was damaged so badly that he couln´t recover and fight again, that would be a horror scenario. Not only would they lose their main income, but she would have to provide for a depressed and frustrated veteran who wouldn´t know what to do with his built-up energy. This really caused her anxiety. Bardock was a passionate warrior, one who had worked his way up and lived for battle. He only came home to get some rest after combat, and normally he left after a few days. She enjoyed his company while it lasted, but she also felt relieved whenever he went back to work. When he had to sit at home for too long, he was restless, bored out and insufferable. Most Saiyans were introverts who loved to be alone and couldn´t stand being around people for very long.

    “Yeah, there´s a pot of soup on the table.” she answered his request. “Raditz made it according to my instructions.”

    Bardock´s face darkened. “Raditz cooks.” he hissed. “Raditz cleans the house, Raditz takes care of you. What is he, a housewife?!”

    “I thought he would benefit from taking responsibility.” Gine tried to defend herself. “What´s wrong about teaching him to fulfil his duty? This will be a huge part of his life one day! By the way, he does an excellent job. He´s a great help. The women from the Welfare do nothing but patronize me and scold me for being so weak. I don´t see how this would help me or the babies.”

    “Well, if they did, then maybe you wouldn´t be hanging around the fireplace and teach your son to be a better woman than you. You are a grown up Saiyan woman, Gine, you should be able to handle both the house and the pregnancy.”

    Bardock hadn´t risen his voice, but the words hurt Gine more than her tortured back. She lowered her head and let out and annoyed mumble. “So make sure the next child will be a girl.” she said softly.

    He ignored her last sentence. “Where´s the boy, by the way?”

    “I think he´s in the forest. When he´s done with his work he loves to roam the woods, observe the wild animals and daydream a bit.” Gine ducked instinctively, knowing her mate wouldn´t appreciate her answer. Well, she was right.

    “So besides the housekeeping he´s out there hugging trees? You can´t be serious! What the heck have you been doing  in the last four years? How can you allow him to become such a wimp? He should undergo combat training by now, most kids his age have completed their first missions already. He should prepare for life out there instead of hiding behind his mother´s skirt! You know exactly that he is doomed to be a warrior, so what are you waiting for?”

    “Oh Bardock, he´s anything but a warrior! He´s too sensitive! He detests violence and death scares him greatly. Some weeks ago, he found a little dead creature in the forest and couln´t stop crying for days. It will break him if he´s forced to hurt anybody! There must be another way for him. He can be useful beyond the battlefield. He´s smart, he´s skillful, he´s strong, and… yes, he loves to care for others. He could do anything if it only didn´t involve killing people!” Gine tried to grab her mate´s hands, but he turned away and evaded her touch. He pulled his tail back around his waist.

    “No, woman.” he said in a firm voice. “He is a Saiyan. He has been classified as a middle class fighter. If he was a weakling with a power level under 100, we could think of an alternative. But he is too valuable for the Empire. A Saiyan who doesn´t want to fight is mere trash for Freeza and is unlikely to survive for very long. I need strong sons who are able to defend themselves and you in case something happened to me. He will die if he doesn´t learn how to kill. You wouldn´t like that, would you?”

    Gine gulped. “Of course not.”

    “So it´s settled. It´s time I make a man out of him. I will put him to the test tomorrow. And now enough of that, I´m starving!” he turned towards the stockpot and sniffed curiously. “Let´s see if he´s at least a decent cook.”

    Gine sat next to him and watched him inhale the stew within seconds. He couldn´t lower himself and praise his son´s cooking abilities, but his face looked quite satisfied. Now that he was no longer hungry, he would be much more accessible than before. It´s a dangerous place between a Saiyan and his meal, as the saying goes. Bardock rose from his chair and slowly went up to his mate with the trace of a smile on his face. He stopped behind her, let his hands slide along her neck down to her swollen breasts where he let them rest. His tail wrapped around her hips and hers reacted in the same way. Gine heaved a sigh when she realized how much she had craved his touch. Oh, she wanted him so bad, but her sore back and the giant belly would make it difficult, if not impossible. Bardock obviously noticed, too. “I would love to hump you here and now.” he whispered in her ear in a rough voice. “But I feel my sons would fight back if I tried. I guess I came home at the wrong time.”

    She chuckled nervously, hoping he wouldn´t notice her relief. “Well, my dear, I do have some other useful skills to satisfy your needs. Do you want me to show you?” her hand groped for the bulge in his pants and started to stroke it carefully. He grunted agreeing and clinged even closer to her, breathing heavily. “Show me!”

    At he very moment when Gine started to pull his pants down, the door slid open and Raditz stood before them in all his childish innocence. “What are you doing? Are you going to mate again, like the Karraks on the farm? But the babies aren´t even out yet, how is there room for a new one?”

    His mother jumped up and blushed.

    Bardock pulled up his pants and yelled at his first born: “Damnit you brat! Didn´t your mother teach you to knock first?”

    Raditz ducked his head and stuck his tail between his legs, rolling the end firmly around his chubby thigh. “Sorry, father…” he mumbled.

    “Hmph.” his father snarled. “Don´t ever do this again, got it? And to make sure you don´t forget it, you´ll go outside again and wait till I call you back in. But don´t move too far away, we need to talk later.”

    The four-year-old didn´t need to be told twice. He hurried out of the house and closed the door thoroughly.

    “That snotty brat!” Bardock grumbled more amused than annoyed. “Like the Karraks, where does that even come from?” he snickered. “Well, where had we got to?”

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    11.22 Good couple day! ❤️

    Bardock and Gine are the best and the most beautiful couple. 🥰❤️❤️

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    BadaGine piece for the @DBPinupZine 💖

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    I’m so in love with this plush. I need it now. 😍💙💙

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    Bardock lockscreens // feel free to use!!

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    ♡︎♡︎♡︎ バダギネ ♡︎♡︎♡︎

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  • Bleeding heart (ch.5)

    (Chapter five is here! I hope you guys enjoy!)

    Ever since you and Bardock had that encounter, Bardock had rapidly slowed down with the insults and snide remarks. He had actually begun to ask you for things other than food. What surprised you the most was that he actually made an effort to talk to you and essentially get to know you. It wasnt as if he completely turned around, though. He was still rather rude at times, but now it was much easier to overlook his asshole-ish demeanor.

    What was starting to irk you was the fact that he was still just as aggressive as ever with Raditz. If he wasnt blatantly ignoring Raditz’s existence, then he was snarling and growling and yelling at him. You wanted to intervene, but an angry Bardock was on the top of your ‘who not to fuck with’ list.

    In the meantime, you did your best to comfort Raditz when he came to you with tears welling in his eyes after dealing with his fathers rage. You had asked about it a few times before, but all Raditz would say is that its 'just a Saiyan thing’.

    All you could do now was try and figure out how to make them get along. Until then, you had been looking at more private schools for Raditz. You knew he wouldn’t do too well in a public school. You could already see the fights and suspension before it even happened. For now, you were looking at a martial arts type schooling. Gohan had mentioned someone by the name of Roshi when you asked him about it, but he said that Roshi was rather selective about who he taught. You supposed it was worth a try, and maybe, if you were lucky, Gohan could take Raditz and Kakarot to see Roshi.

    “Hey, Raditz? Can I talk to you for a second?” You called Raditz into the living room, where you were relaxing a bit before starting the tiring task that was making dinner.

    “Hmm?” Raditz made his way into the living room with a mouthful of 'food’.

    “W-what are you eating?” You asked with a stern voice, slowly getting ready to get up and pry out whatever was in his mouth. You wanted to ask him how he felt about martial arts training, but now you had to make sure he wasnt trying to eat plastic again.

    Raditz froze at your words. He knew what was coming. It wasnt his fault you left out such edible looking 'decorations’. Raditz began to chew faster and braced for impact as you pounced on him and attempted to pry his mouth open. After he chewed it down an acceptable amount, he swallowed the plastic in his mouth and bit your fingers as you attempted to pry open his mouth.

    “OW! WHY WOULD YOU BITE ME!?” You yelped out and held your injured fingers to your chest. You knew he didnt bite you as hard as he could have, but it still hurt like hell.

    “Maybe you shouldn’t have put your fingers near my mouth! That’s on you!” He swished his tail behind him before making his way back to the kitchen.

    You were about to get up to get a first aid kit and bandage up your poor, injured fingers, but Bardock chose this moment to march through the front door with Kakarot in tow. Raditz came walking back from the kitchen with the first aid you kept stashed away in one of the cabinets, only to see his dad stop dead in his tracks as he noticed your slightly bleeding fingers.

    Bardock didnt even need to ask what happened before he turned to Raditz in fury. You wouldn’t have expected him to blow up about something so small, but you couldnt deny that Bardock had gotten slightly more protective since you both sat down and actually talked.

    “What the hell did you do!?” Bardock hissed at Raditz.

    Raditz stiffened and his tail curled between his legs as he prepared to take on his fathers rage once again. You had never seen Raditz shy away from anything like this and you weren’t going to stand for Bardock’s behavior anymore. It might have been fine wherever they were from, but it wasnt okay here.

    “Bardock, it’s fine! Raditz didnt do anything!” You steeled yourself and moved in front of Raditz, blocking him from his father.

    “Like hell he didnt! I could smell your blood from outside!” Bardock bared his teeth and swatted the air with his tail in irritation.

    “Its a tiny cut! It’s nothing that won’t heal in a few days! Raditz didnt do a damn thing wrong and I’m not going to stand here and watch Raditz cower from you while you yell at him about something that wasnt his fault!” At this point you were shaking slightly. Bardock was intimidating, to say the least and it took everything you had to stand there without cowering back too.

    Bardock looked like he wanted to yell more, but he dropped the tension in his shoulders and just growled before stomping out the door. He flew off away from the house and Kakarot seemed to have dashed off to the guest room after seeing his father raise his voice. For a four year old, that kid was inhumanly fast.

    You turned around to face Raditz only to see him looking at his feet. His tail was curled around his leg and from the way he was shaking and sniffling, he looked like he was about to cry. You didn’t really have to lean down much to pull him into a comforting hug. The pain from your fingers was long forgotten as you tried your best to sooth Raditz.

    He didnt return the hug, but he did let the waterworks go as he relaxed his body more into yours. His little sniffles slowly turned into full sobs. You eventually lead him to the couch so he wouldn’t just be standing there the whole time. After about an hour, he finally pulled back and wiped his face. He took a second to compose himself before he looked at you.

    “Can we make dinner?” He asked in a small voice, his red, puffy eyes meeting yours. His tail unfurled from his leg and hung limp and heavy behind him, aside from the occasional flick. His hair looked pretty matted and wild from being in close contact for so long as well.

    You wanted to ask if he was okay, but decided against it. For now, it seemed like it would be best to just help him take his mind off of his dad.

    “Sure. Do you want to get Kakarot and see if he wants to help.. or at least if he wants to eat a few snacks in the meantime?” You took the first aid kit from Raditz and waited for his answer.

    He nodded and went to go fetch Kakarot and probably some meat from the cooler. The little swish of his tail was a good sign, pulling a light smile from you. At least he was feeling better in your presence. Your smile faded when your mind settled back on Bardock. You really hoped Bardock hadn’t decided to leave permanently, but you assumed he would have taken at least Kakarot if he was. You chewed on your lip in worry as you hoped he would be back by morning.

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    I made a GIF. 🥰❤️❤️❤️

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  • Shimmer_DBZ Master List 

    Hey All! 

    Here is my masterlist for all my active DBZ fics. All work NSFW with adult themes and situations, so adults only! 

    Title: Free Falling

    Chapters 1 - 39 (Found on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25596904/chapters/62124988

    Chapter 40

    Title: Empire to Ruins 

    Chapter 1 

    An Unknown Journey

    Chapter 1

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