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    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #barney x ted
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    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #hmmm the rat feels #cauthor#mat cauthon#rand al'thor #the wheel of time #wheel of time series #wheel of time show #mat x rand #mat and rand #I have found another ship I can go down with #fan edit#wot #the eye of the world #barney harris#josha stradowski
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    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Barney and Grigory roleswap AU

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  • therealabbyham
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    T.V. Shows I Refuse to Watch the Last Episode of

    Community: By the end of the show [SPOILERS] We are missing both Shirley and Troy (and Pierce, but who cares). I like a majority of the episodes without them despite this, but when you get to the last episode it doesn't help my sadness to be missing two of my favorite characters.

    The Good Place: This episode just makes me sad and existential. I'm just going to pretend the gang stays together forever.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events: I refuse to believe the show ends.

    How I Met Your Mother: Just... The show's so good and the ending is so bad. The alternate ending is good, but it's not the one on Hulu. I'm enraged.

    Chuck: What was that ending? This show is too long and too short at the same time.

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  • tord78967
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    More baxter and barney

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  • whitewaterpaper
    06.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    SoDÅ / WoT: “Blood Calls Blood” [S01E05].

    Serie: Sagan om Drakens Återkomst. Originaltitel: The Wheel of Time. Skapare: Rafe Judkins. Författare: Robert Jordan (boken). Författare: Rafe Judkins (avsnittet). Regissör: Salli Richardson-Whitfield (avsnittet). Publicerad: 2021. Medium: TV/Streaming.

    Ses tillsammans med @kulturdasset.

    ¡Oi! Spoilers, stavfel och alternativa fakta kan förekomma rakt föröver!

    Bland vänner och vänner bland fiender.

    Ett avsnitt som kanske inte får storyn att rusa framåt, men väl ger en inblick i Aes Sedaiernas ritualer och deras band till sina väktare. Jag vill minnas att det kan slå hårt mot en väktare när han förlorar sin Aes Sedai, minns dock inte från böckerna att andra Aes Sedaier (främst gröna) skulle erbjuda dessa nya ”hem” för att kompensera förlusten. Samtidigt vet vi ju att Moiraine tar vissa mått och steg för att Lan inte skall hoppa från en klippa om hon dör före honom.

    Och precis som jag förutspådde kommer gänget samlas ihop i Tar Valon, och jag misstänker att man kommer få hela/rensa Mat innan man gör så mycket annat nu. Det verkar onekligen som något farligt fått grepp om honom. Inte helt säker på vart Thom tog vägen dock.

    Liandrin känns det som om hon fåt en större roll här jämfört med boken, men det är intressant att se karaktären dels försöka påverka Nynaeve och dels försöka underminera Moiraine. Det sistnämnda är givetvis politik i linje med andra makter n enbart det vita tornet.

    Här lyfter man också att Moiraine inte ses med blida ögon på av Amyrlintronen, (den styrande individen i Tar Valon/Vita Tornet). Jag ser fram emot mötet med Siuan Sanche, och jag vill minnas att hennes ”ilska” jämtemot Moiraine är ett spel för gallerierna då de båda inte vill att resten av Aes Sedaierna skall minnas hur goda vänner de var under novis/antagna-åren.

    Avsnittet stora introduktion var väl annars Loial (som Rand mötte i Andor i boken har jag för mig). Jag är inte helt övertygad om designen, framför allt hade jag föreställt mig honom som betydligt större fysiskt.

    Ett avsnitt med mycket intressant, speciellt inblicken i Vita Tornet och dess politik. Jag har heller inte känslan av att det börjar dra ihop sig för något stort, så lite börjar jag fundera kring var man kommer avsluta den här säsongen – att vi inte skulle ta oss igenom hela boken på 8 avsnitt var uppenbart, men nu börjar jag fundera om man biter av boken på tre till och med?

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  • whumpypepsigal
    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    The Wheel of Time s01e05: “You’ve Done Well. To Bring Him Here. To Take Care Of Him.”

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  • whumpypepsigal
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The Wheel of Time s01e05: “I Think He Can Channel. […] He’s Losing Himself.”

    #whumpedit#whump#wotedit #the wheel of time #mat cauthon#barney harris#thewheeloftimeedit#wheeloftimeedit#my gifs#sick#cursed#exhaustion#weak#worry#pale#wot spoilers #another episode and ​mat’s whump continues 🤌😍 #mat deserves to be protected 😩 #trying new gif format so hope it looks decent *fingers crossed*
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    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Poster designed by Barney Bubbles, used to promote the American release of Armed Forces, Elvis Costello’s third LP (Columbia Records, 1979). From Reversing Into the Future: New Wave Graphics 1977–1990, page 271. Courtesy Pavilion.

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  • nickyroth
    06.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    The Chase

    #half life 2 #half life opposing force #half life blue shift #adrian shephard#barney calhoun
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    Source: Hypebeast

    #thom browne #brooks brothers black fleece #moncler gamme bleu #bespoke#fashion#men's fashion#menswear#runway#street style#street fashion#brooks brothers#moncler #saks fifth avenue #neiman marcus #barneys new york
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  • writersblock2021
    05.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Barney Ross - Waiting for You

    Summary: Barney comes home and there is another man in his girlfriend’s house.

    Barney Ross couldn't wait to get home and see his girl, Mindy. She was young enough to be his daughter and he was beyond hesitant to get into a relationship with her. But her kind, sweet spirit and delicate ways that brought a sense of home to him was irresistible. In the 7 months they had been together, the entire crew had accepted her and grew very protective of her. He had told her that it would only be a couple weeks that he would be gone on this recon mission with his crew The Expendables, but one thing kept leading to yet another thing and it's now been a month since he's been home or been able to see or talk to his girl. When they're gone on missions, they don't keep their phones on them so no one can track them. So the second that Barney landed the plane, he hoped off, changed clothes, hopped on his motorcycle and headed for Mindy's house.

    He parked in front of the little 1200 square foot, white paining house with the small front yard and chain link fence in the front and skipped the step up to the porch then knocked on the door. She answered it and immediately seemed off.

    "Hey sweetheart," Barney said as he took a slightly closer step towards her to give her a kiss. She leaned backward and returned a curt "hi" back. He furrowed his eyebrows as she abruptly asked him, "What do you want Barney?"

    "Barney huh?" he asked as his eyebrows shot up. She hadn't called him by his given name since they got together 7 months ago.

    "Babe who's at the door?" a man's voice from inside asked and Barney's blood ran cold as his heart sunk to his stomach. Mindy looked up at him almost coldly but there was something else behind her eyes that he couldn't figure out.

    "Just a friend, Dylan!" she answered the mystery man in her house. Just a friend huh? Barney thought as he frowned and nodded his head at the same time, understanding that he wasn't welcome anymore and he turned and walked away saying, "You should have waited for me." Barney hopped back on his bike before he turned to see the figure of a guy, smaller than him, approaching her from behind as she shut the door. Barney start up his motorcycle and drove off with his now broken heart.

    It had been a long time since a girl had broken his heart, he hadn't let anyone get close enough to him to break his heart. Or bring up any feelings of any kind for that matter. It was always better that way, he could see that now. He thought this as he told Lee Christmas, another member of The Expendables, about what had happened today. It was night now, around 1am and they were downing another bottle of beer.

    "We're really meant to be alone aren't we?" Lee lamented, thinking back on his own relationship when he too was cheated on. Same situation, came home after a mission and there was another guy in his girl's house. Barney nodded in agreement and sorrow. They really were meant to be alone. This mercenary life wasn't the kind that made good for long lasting relationships. Situationships maybe but not relationships. Their relationships always ended one way or another.

    "What's that?" Lee said breaking Barney out of his pity state to listen for whatever it was that Lee had heard. It was the sound of footsteps, bare ones, running through the hanger and heavy breathing. Barney and Lee put their beers down and looked back around. Just as they had turned, their eyes landed on the source of the sound. It was Mindy. She was barefoot, wearing sleep shorts and a tank top and she was sweating, like she had been running for miles. She called Barney's name and that single word was pleading, fear filled, terrified and relieved all at the same time. He hastened his pace towards her and opened his arms, letting her fall into him. His grip on her slowly tightened as he felt her shaking horribly, she was crying and gripping onto his shirt and the back of his neck like her life depended on it. He now understood that that underlying look in her eyes he had seen at her house was fear.

    "Baby what is it? What happened?" Barney asked her, breathing heavily while fear crept into his own body as he felt her still shaking. He pet her hair, trying to calm her and when that didn't seem to work he tightened his grip on her further until he thought they would fuse together. She tried to pull away from him slightly to get her words together, keeping his black and white plaid button down shirt balled up in her fists, but she couldn't get words to form. Barney observed her wrists and saw bruising on them, indicating that she had been tied up to something and had pulled on it. There were finger prints on her upper arms and a handprint around her throat which made him set his face hard, understanding that "Dylan" had done this to her. Mindy felt like she was choking, her throat closing up and her brain firing too much to be able to get her words together to tell Barney what happened. There was too much to tell him and she remember that she didn't have to say anything, the internet would tell him. She slid her hand down his chest and into his front pocket to grab his phone. She managed to open Google but couldn't get her hands to work to write her own name down which made her shake even more in frustration and her knees finally buckled as more tears came to her eyes. Barney caught her before she hurt her knees in the fall and brought her down gently.

    "What? What are you trying to type?" he asked her as he started choking up from the lump in his throat from seeing her state. She covered her mouth with her hand, desperately trying to compose herself, then she started patting her chest, trying to tell Barney that she was trying to type her own name. He understood and took the phone from her, keeping one arm wrapped around her back and close to him, and typed out her name in the search engine. He showed her that he did it and then she shook as she typed out a man's name next to hers. "Dylan Keegan" was what she typed out and she pressed "search". He took the phone back from her and looked at what came up. He pressed the first article asking her if he clicked the right on and she nodded. The article told the story of how her boyfriend Dylan had beaten her nearly to death, how she died and was revived twice by paramedics, how she was in a coma for two months and had to learn how to walk again. At the end of the article, it said that he had been sentenced to three years in prison, then he saw the date at the end of the article. It was from two years ago. Dylan had gotten out. Escape? Let out? He didn't know. What he did know was that he needed to get her to stop shaking, he needed to quell her fears and make her feel safe.

    He passed his phone to Lee who he knew was standing behind him for Lee to read the article before he held her as close as he could to him again. He rocked her side to side, pet her hair and kissed her as much as he could, trying everything to calm her down. Observing her legs now, there was bruising there too and around her ankles there were markings that indicated that she had been bound by her ankles as well and his blood boiled as he tried his damnedest to control his own breathing. Mindy suddenly stood and ran outside the hanger with Barney chasing her then she suddenly fell to her knees and vomited on the runway. He got next to her, kneeling beside her and pulling her hair away from her face so she wouldn't get anything in it. He rubbed her back as she finished coughing up what was left in her stomach and wiped her mouth. Her shaking subsided a little but her crying still wouldn't stop.

    "You gotta tell me what happened, did he escape?" Barney asked her as he pulled her close again. "Deep breaths baby, deep breaths," he encouraged as he coached her breathing. She hiccuped as she followed his breathing, as much as it burned her lungs to take deep breaths. Finally she composed herself just enough to tell him a little of what happened. She spoke quickly, trying to get it all out before she cried again.

    "Dylan was let out of prison a year early on good behavior and no one told me." Barney swallowed as he listened. "He showed up the day you guys left," she continued, "and he insisted that he and were still together. He kept me in the house this whole last month and he wouldn't let me leave." He touched his forehead to hers and asked, "Why didn't you tell me when I was there?" She sniffed before replying, "He has a gun and I was scared of what he'd do." He pulled her the rest of the way in to kiss her lips gently. She relished in the feeling of his arms around her, the utter safety that she felt as he held her close.

    "How did you get out of there?" he asked.

    "He passed out after drinking," she explained, "I was just trying so hard to get through him being there until you came home. I was waiting for you to come home because I knew that once you were back I could escape and be safe again." He lifted her up in his arms and carried her back into the hanger and to the back room where there was a bed that he would often stay in when going to an empty house wasn't appealing to him. He laid her down on the bed and laid next to her while she calmed some more, eventually falling asleep simply from exhaustion.

    Barney got up and tucked a blanket over her before leaving to talk to Lee. When he walked out, he found the rest of the crew were there, tired but looking like they were ready for a war.

    "How long was I in there?" Barney asked.

    "About an hour," Lee answered. Barney rubbed his eyes with the thumb and index finger of his right hand.

    "She said she was trying to get through him being in her house until I came home," Barney lamented quietly, "She has bruises on her wrists and ankles and handprints all over her."

    “That guy tied our girl up and raped her didn’t he?” Hale said with nearly clenched teeth. Barney nodded still rubbing his eyes.

    "Are we going after him?" Gunner asked causing Barney to understand that Lee filled in the team on the situation.

    "Yeah," Barney answered as he lowered his hand and set his face hard, clenching his jaw, "We're gonna take care of him before she wakes up."

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    Anyways I want to see Barney Barton in the Hawkeye tv show because of this and this alone

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    #la versione di Barney #Richler
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    “Man Gordon, you stirred up the hive!”

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    Hayatını bir binaymış gibi tasarlayamazsın. Hayat böyle işlemiyor. Sen yaşayacaksın, o kendisini tasarlayacak.

    - How I Met Your Mother

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    laura’s 10k celebration (top 30 ships as voted by my followers) ✵ 24 ➳ barney stinson & robin scherbatsky

    ↳ "I don’t need them to make me believe in true love anymore. I’ve got you for that now."
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