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  • prancingharry
    09.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    in s3e6: The Escape, doug jones's line delivery as baron afanas is fucking *chef's kiss* superb!!! can't stop thinking about him surviving as a crispy critter in the dirt and calling out to them, saying, "uh, hjëlp! hjëlp! i cried :)" 😭😭 ugh the baron is such a wonderful and hilarious supporting character and i'm so glad he didn't pass away!

    #just thinking about Him [critter] #u can't say he isn't a survivor! #baron afanas#wwdits #also i've watched this episode 3 times in the past eeehhh 30 hours...... ssshhhhh
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  • poptart-cat-78
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    They really gave me enough seratonin to deal with the fact I’m going to work on my birthday

    #they’re my comfort characters your honor #personal #comfort character 💛🦢 #emma swan#swan princess #comfort character 🖤🐺 #baron friederich von glower #wolf Baron #comfort character 🧡🐱🚫 #mae borowski #comfort character 💜💜🐱 #cheshire cat
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  • fuddlewuddle
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My omega Zemo x omega Bucky fic is now finished (got there eventually)


    Here’s the summary:

    Bucky has just discovered he's pregnant, which is probably gonna be hard to explain seeing as only one person in the tower knows he's an Omega.

    It's gonna get even more confusing when the father--Zemo, because of course it's Zemo-- comes back from his trip to Europe, and Bucky discovers the Sokovian is also pregnant.

    Enjoy! 💜

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  • misslacuna07
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Three Families

    The three grand familes... Family Vacant, Family Nala (later known as Family Nyala) and Family Húdōr. These three families were the major bloodlines of the "gods", containing many other inside them.

    They didn't all start at the same time as it took time to learn the different type of 'code' they used in different dimensions.

    The first was Vacant as they first created the end islands as an experiment, later on creating the gateways and the portal to overworld.

    When they went into the Overworld a small family dedicated themselfs to understand it thus the family name Húdōr being born. They acompolished the most with a mixture of the possibilities of the Overworld and their serious dedication.

    It didn't took them much time to discover the Nether, putting the House Nala (Nyala) on the table. The family stayed alive in the harsh conditions for a while while 'coding' the dimension before humans started to appear in the Overworld and the "gods" decided to go back to their homeland, to the End.

    Some members stayed, mixing into the humans and creating the mixed bloodlines which gave birth to speedrunners. The 'curse' of them getting weaker by generation the more the blood mixes.

    #i wrote this at near midnight so it may be a bit funky #like the grammer and spelling #next part of my lore #i might work on actually creating the sub-familes #and next you see me making a freaking bloodline map of the speedrunners #i actually have some ideas of who is in which one already #btw if i say im finished with something don't bealive me #*looks at the red baron au* #like i said i was done with it at feburary #after i was done with the first oneshot #but now it has 6 oneshots + two from its spinoff #and i might still work on it lol #i went out of topic didn't i lol
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  • bensolosbluesaber
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I posted 707 times in 2021

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    Listen, I know Mulder's theories sound crazy, but the way Scully gaslights him every single time is so funny

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    Minor What If? Spoiler I guess.

    Can you guys believe that Marvel confirmed sacred timeline Stucky this week???

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    "I really love the MCU, like I'm a huge fan. I just hate Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals and also Wandavision, TFATWS, Loki, and What If...? But I'm huge MCU fan guys, don't worry."

    Bro, if you don't like any of the last 7 projects a studios has put out, I think maybe you were a fan.

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    Consider this my formal apology that I was not born early enough to be alive to read every Marvel comic book the day it released. Also, I'm sorry my parents didn't let an 8 year old watch Iron Man in theaters at midnight. Furthermore, I sincerely regret that I have looked up easter eggs instead of simply reading every Marvel comic ever written.

    Finally, my deepest and most sincere apologies to the white men who I have offended by enjoying WandaVision, Black Widow, or Captain Marvel... it is very sad that your dick is small. My condolences.

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    Returning a Favor (Zemo x Reader fic)

    TFATWS Ep. 4 Spoilers!!

    Summary: When your old friend, Sam Wilson, needs your help in Riga you drop everything and go. You knew they broke Baron Helmut Zemo out of jail, but you didn't expect to bond with the villain. (AKA: I thought getting hit in the face by the Shield would at least leave a bruise. Here's how that would go down with a fourth person.)

    CW: Blood, wounds, some creepy behavior (not from Zemo), a few Y/N inserts

    No smut yet, just cute cuddles and taking care of each other. Maybe smut in the future though! Let me know if you want a Part 2 or added to a tag list for potential future fics! I think the reader can be any gender; I tried to write it that way and be inclusive, but please tell me if I messed up!

    If you know me in real life, no you don't:) I write most of my fics on @aurora521 and write on AO3 and fanfiction.net under the same name. Please don't come for me about finding Zemo attractive.

    Hope you enjoy!


    Returning a Favor

    Meet me in Riga. -S

    That was the text you received from Sam Wilson, your old military friend, yesterday. And now here you are, outside the Riga airport walking toward Sam in traditional undercover superhero attire- a baseball hat and sunglasses.

    “Thanks for coming,” he greeted. “We have a little problem.”

    “Is his name Baron Helmut Zemo by chance?” You asked, following him to a jet black sports car.

    You were very aware of just what type of trouble Sam was getting himself into since you, a SWORD agent, still had access to all kinds of classified information.

    “See for yourself,” Sam muttered, gesturing to the back door of the car and climbing in the driver's seat himself.

    You hesitated for a moment, then opened the door and slid into the back. And yes, Zemo was there, lounging back with legs spread. He’s wearing a long coat with fur lining, a deep purple shirt, black pants, and shiny leather shoes. He nods to you and smirks ever so slightly. Bucky Barnes, who you had only heard about but recognized immediately, turns from his spot in the front seat and smiles at you.

    “I’ve heard a lot about you, Y/N,” he says.

    “And I you,” you respond.

    Sam pulls out of the parking lot with a screech of tires. The ride is mostly silent, Sam and Bucky bickering occasionally. That made you smile, knowing that as much as Bucky annoyed Sam, this was the type of relationship he craved. Zemo watched you the entire drive, sizing you up.

    The home they’re staying at is obviously the Baron's. He’s comfortable there, leaning against the counters, rifling through cabinets, lounging on the couch.

    “So what am I doing here?” You finally asked.

    The three men interact easily, and either Sam or Bucky is always watching Zemo. There’s no real need for a fourth person to get involved, at least not in your mind.

    “Someone needs to babysit the Baron,” Sam explained with an annoyed sigh.

    Zemo shrugged with a smirk so innocent it’s sinister. He’s still wearing that ridiculous coat.

    “The two Avengers can’t handle him?”

    “I believe your friends find it challenging to be around me,” Zemo answered for Sam.

    “You shot a man in the head yesterday!” Sam snapped. “You antagonize Bucky at every turn. Forgive us for needing a break from whatever is happening in your fucked up head.”

    Zemo tilts his head as if agreeing with everything Sam had just said.

    “Anyway,” Bucky interrupted. “We have a lead on Karli. You can sleep off some jet lag while we’re gone, but starting tonight it’s your turn to keep track of him.”

    You settled into a small bedroom. The moment your head hit the pillow, you fell asleep. At home it’s nearly ten at night; here it’s midday.

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  • shutupvestler
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Let`s all admit that Zemo is enough sentimental to keep voice message of his dead wife on his phone, rehearing it from time to time. And duo to this circumstance, I have a tendency consider headcanon in which was said that he probably keeps toy that was left from his dead son as fucking canon 

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  • sagegarnish
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ngl it's such a weird feeling being someone whose fave MCU show is TFATWS, and seeing all the arguing and fighting over which of the series is "better"

    I'm glad the drama mostly skips us, tbh 😅

    EDIT:  one of my moots has just told me they saw TFATWS ppl bashing on Loki and i have updated my meme

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  • biwonderland98
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Strongly relating to Baron Afanas sleeping his whole journey to the States, waking up for about 3 minutes to give orders, then immediately saying "I must slumber", proceeding to sleep for 5 more episodes as I too...am sleepy

    #what we do in the shadows #wwdits#baron afanas#the baron
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  • incorrectshantaequotes
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ammo Baron: You're outmatched - just surrender!

    Bolo: I don't know the meaning of the word!

    Bolo: ...I mean, I do know it, I'm not dumb, just...not in this context.

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  • gryffinshit
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    If you want an happy One Piece film, don't watch this one.

    #baron omatsuri and the secret island #one piece #one piece movie #monkey d. luffy #one piece strawhats #mugiwara
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  • fortune-fool02
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #house of ashes #salim othman#baron zeppeli#william zeppeli #baron william zeppeli
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  • stardustmoonlightteaandbooks
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #lee geumhyuk#st van#vav baron#vav #if hes not lee geumhyuk i dont want him
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  • backfliptopancake
    08.12.2021 - 15 hours ago
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  • backfliptopancake
    08.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    an enviable record for certain. 

    #aew #all elite wrestling #aew dark#baron black
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  • kittinkanin
    08.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Allrighty, that was a long stream! We met Yen, went to Vizima, and further to Velen, where I did a typical me and avoided the main quest in favour of some random exploring for a while. We did follow the main quest eventually and ended up meeting The Bloody Baron.

    #the witcher 3: wild hunt #the witcher: wild hunt #the witcher 3 #geralt of rivia #yennefer of vengerberg #vizima#velen #the bloody baron #ciri #cirilla fiona elen riannon #twitch#twitch stream #the witcher 3 twitch stream #Kittinthehatlady on Twitch
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  • luckyunluckymage
    08.12.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #answers from the void #void roamer (lone) #incharacter) #strange message (plot arcs) #the baron of burgle
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  • luckyunluckymage
    08.12.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #answers from the void #void roamer (lone) #unknown roamer (challenger) #incharacter) #strange message (plot arcs) #the baron of burgle
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  • sokoviantea
    08.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Feel You in My Skin

    They were in a weird position. Or at least Sam wasn’t used to it, because Zemo rarely positioned himself in a way that he had his back to Sam, and it was understandable… Some nights Sam found himself being pulled closer as his arm was thrown over a waist and then Zemo was pressing his back against Sam´s chest. They were sitting like that now, Zemo held Sam’s hands around his middle, fidgeting with the skin around the knuckles.

    There had been an explosion at the warehouse they were in, Bucky and Zemo were close enough to get affected by the blast, and besides some scraps, Zemo had a ringing on his ears and lessened hearing. The loss had been sufficient to make him tense and panicked enough to show through his usually cool facade, allowing Sam to swoop in and take proper care of him.

    And proper care meant cuddling and his voice as a steady trickle that seemed to calm Zemo more every second. To make this work, Sam had pulled him close enough that Zemo could feel the vibrations of his voice through his touch, and the free hand Sam managed to steal back ran through his hair in an effort to keep him grounded as they waited for the ringing to recede. It could take even days, but Bucky said that they were not close enough for any permanent damage.

    At first, Sam had many things to say, recounting what had happened at the warehouse, how Bucky had made pancakes from scratch a week ago and Sam couldn’t believe that the guy who called ‘fancy’ a dinner that had more than two salads made pancakes from scratch. He talked about how he needed to get an electric razor to shave and cut his hair a little because it was getting too long, he complained about the weather and recounted some stories from back home that weren’t that important, so it didn’t matter if his words went unheard. But after a while, he was running out of topics.

    Since Zemo couldn't hear or really identify sounds yet he started to make up stories, or maybe sing some songs. He did take some breaks, pressing a kiss to Zemo's temple and reaching for his bottle of water. While he rested his voice he used his hands to remind Zemo that he wasn't alone and that he was safe. They took a food break with Bucky and he gave them both a kiss before he ran off to keep watch on the perimeter again.

    “He should be here with us, I picked a good safe house,” Zemo says, a little too loud and Sam laughs, tapping an affirmative beat on their intertwined hands “you could call him, make him stay”

    Sam reaches for his phone, and he feels Zemo get excited at the prospect of Bucky joining them on the couch, but when Sam skips to the notes he huffs, body deflating against Sam’s chest, yet he still keeps his eyes focused on the screen of Sam’s phone.

    ‘He knows its a good house, but he needs something to do… he feels bad about not protecting you better, he will come when he’s ready’

    “I- well… I have to tell him that I don’t blame him for this, it would have been impossible to spare me from this unless you had kept me by your side instead of me walking off with James, it was a bad choice on my side”

    ‘Yes, but bucky thinks that he should have managed to keep you away, and subsequently with me… now, i believe we win nothing talking about this, so … come back to cuddling’

    Zemo huffs again, but complies with Sam’s request, leaning further back and even tucking his head under Sam’s chin and very slowly closing his eyes, as if to warn Sam to be extra careful. He squeezes a slightly bruised hand, trying to be reassuring as he resumes his talking, half recounting some books he can vaguely remember from when he was a kid. Then, at loss for anything else to say he begins to give a terrible and highly modified version of Frankenstein.

    “So the monster growled, shoulders rising with his breath, he gave one last look to the doctor and walked away, into the village. He found a nice apartment, with big windows and-”

    “Sam, I'm pretty sure the story doesn’t go that way… if I remember correctly there is an iceberg involved and fire" Bucky says from the door "you got it all wrong, Sammy, and here I thought you went to a good school" he grins as he comes closer.

    "What's he laughing at?" Zemo asks, a little too loud and looking back at Sam, making a grab for the phone that's still laying on top of them "write it down, James" he holds it up to Bucky, who laughs again, grabbing the phone only to hand it back to Sam, pressing a brief kiss to his forehead before he leans down to Zemo and kisses his lips more firmly, smiling.

    He reaches for the phone after its unlocked, smiling at the previous exchange still on the notes. Bucky looks up to Zemo again and starts typing.

    'Sam was giving a terrible recount of what Frankenstein is about, it would surely hurt your sensibilities, it wasn't accurate at all'

    Zemo reads the screen when it's presented to him, a frown settling on his face "Well, Sam only has so many things to talk about before he runs out of things to say, so I'd take a bad recount over silence" he mumbles in a tone that betrays just a bit of how much he doesn't like an inaccurate retelling, but Sam just laughs and presses a kiss to Zemo's neck.

    'Sam loves you, he didn't say it but I can see it in his eyes… I love you too, Zeems'

    Without his hearing to control this part of his behavior Zemo gasps softly, as if he can't believe Bucky's words, then, after some seconds, he relaxes against Sam's chest with a sigh.

    "I love you both too…" he mumbles, hiding a little into Sam's neck "now, I would appreciate it if you, both of you, were to cuddle me… please"

    Bucky grins, a wide charming smile and nods, peeling off his jacket and kicking off his boots as he climbs onto the couch, lying face down on top of Zemo, pressing a kiss to his neck "with pleasure"


    I have a ko-fi in case you wanna support my writing ☺

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