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  • recently watched HBO’s Barry. It’s one that’s been on my list for a while and it did not disappoint. It hits on a lot of Jekyll and Hyde notes with the duality of it’s main character Barry, who is part hit man part actor in both seasons.  

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    hey anyone else been artblocked due to depression since like, april lol 🥴🥴

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  • I was at the laundromat today and it got me thinking there should be a scene where Barry does a hit in a laundromat. All those white washer and dryers are perfect for blood splatter. And then for comedic timing he continues doing his laundry like normal as this persons body is just laying there somewhere in the background.

    #i should be a writer for Barry lmao #i do have some great ideas #iv even put together what the scene would be in my head #barry hbo#bill hader #just imagine me sweating my ass off #putting quarters in the slot #and thinking about this violent endeavor #your best ideas come out of nowhere its true
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  • A/N: So I guess I’m kinda back from hiatus? The break was good for me, but it felt great writing again. I missed it.

    Pairing: Barry Berkman x Reader

    Summary: You and your husband, Barry, get unexpected news at the doctor’s office.


    Originally posted by fierytragcdy

    “This can’t be happening right now,” you quietly mutter to yourself.

    You had just left the doctor’s office, walking as fast as you could to your car.  You didn’t even wait for your husband, Barry. You bolted without a word as he was getting the parking validated. 

    A million thoughts race through your head and your hands are sweaty. You try to slow down your breathing so you don’t have a full on panic attack.

    Today was supposed to be a good day. You’re ten weeks pregnant and just had your first ultrasound. Barry insisted on taking you to all your doctor’s appointments, you thought it was cute how excited he was. It was too early to know if you were having a boy or girl, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to see your baby, you had read in the books that it’s the size of a strawberry now. Everything was going fine until the doctor gave you the news - you’re having twins.

    You were stunned speechless after that and remained quiet for the rest of the appointment, just trying your best not to freak out in front of Barry and your doctor. You wanted to be excited but your anxiety took over. 

    “Hey, y/n! Wait up!” you hear Barry calling out to you.

    You stop walking and look back to see Barry quickly walking towards you.

    “Are you okay?” Barry asks, “You left so fast, I got worried-”

    “We can’t have twins!” you interrupt your husband, unable to hide your stress any longer.

    Barry’s jaw drops slightly and he raises his eyebrows. You’re clearly panicking. He puts both hands on your shoulders, something he often does to help you relax when you get overly anxious. 

    “I work at a coffee shop and you work at Lululemon. All of our expenses just doubled. I don’t know how we’re going to… Not to mention our place isn’t even big enough for four people! We barely have enough space for us…. Barry, what are we going to do? I just…” 

    You try to find the words but you’re out of breath. You rest your head in your hands, fighting back tears. You’ve always made a promise to yourself that your children would have a better life than you had growing up. Now you’re terrified that you won’t be able to provide that. 

    Barry wraps his arms around you and pulls you close. 

    “Hey, it’s going to be okay,” your husband says gently.

    He kisses you on the forehead, unsure what else to say. Barry’s also been internally freaking out since the doctor said you were having twins. He’s worried about all the same things you are, but he’s trying to remain calm for you. He knows that you two don’t have that type of money. No matter how many hours he works at Lululemon, it’s not like the money he was making before….

    Your husband got out of that life for you and he’s never regretted it. You were his fresh start. Fuches still occasionally reaches out to Barry about different jobs, but Barry has never responded. In fact, Barry got a text from Fuches as you were heading to your doctor’s appointment. He didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to worry.

    “I can pick up more hours at the coffee shop,” you think out loud, pulling away from Barry.

    “What?” Barry asks quietly, snapping out of his thoughts.

    “Yeah! Yeah, I’ll pick up as many hours as I can before the babies are born,” you nod. 

    “No,” Barry shakes his head, giving you a concerned look, “C’mon, y/n, you heard what the doctor said. Twins pregnancy is more high risk. You should be taking it easy. You’re on your feet for hours at the coffee shop.”

    “That’s not an option right now! We need the money. Maybe you can ask for more hours at work too. I just… I don’t know what else we can do,” you sigh.

    Barry’s mind flashes to you working at the coffee shop, looking exhausted. You suddenly drop the tray you’re carrying and grab your pregnant stomach. You fall to the floor in pain, crying out that something was wrong. You’re shouting for Barry to help you but he’s not there. 

    Barry’s eyes widen in fear. He’s not going to let that happen.

    “No! No, no, no,” your husband repeats nervously, and then “I, uh, have money….from before.”

    “Oh,” your voice drops.

    You know about Barry’s past and you’re proud of him for getting out. The two of you didn’t talk about it much. Barry just wanted to move on and so did you. When Barry was still fighting to get out, you told him that you didn’t want him to spend any of that money on you. You considered it blood money. You hadn’t given the money a second thought since he left that life for good. Now you couldn’t afford to be so picky.

    “We can put a down payment on a house,” Barry tells you.

    You take a deep breath and nod, “Okay.”

    You take your husband’s hand, intertwining your fingers with his. Barry lightly squeezes your hand back. He knows how you felt about that money, but it was easier to tell you that than the truth. He had some money left over, but not enough. He needed to get more money fast…

    “Don’t worry, baby. We can do this. Everything will work out,” Barry softly reassures you.

    Despite the initial shock you are happy about this. You and Barry both wanted two kids, you just thought they would be a little more spread out. Twins would be a challenge but you believed your husband - you can do this. Everything will be okay. It will work out.

    “We’re having twins,” you give a small smile. 

    “We’re having twins,” Barry smiles back.

    “They won’t be alone like we were growing up. They can take on the world together,” you say.

    Barry pulls you close and kisses your forehead again, “Let’s go home.”

    You and Barry walk hand in hand to the car. He opens the car door for you and closes it when you get in. As Barry circles around the car to the driver’s seat, he pulls out his phone. He quickly reads the last text he received from Fuches:

    I have a job for you. Are you interested?

    Barry types out a response: What’s the job?

    He pauses for a moment. He leaves his finger hovering over the send button. Then he looks up and sees you sitting in the car, admiring the picture of the sonogram. Barry nods to himself, he knows what he has to do. He takes a deep breath and presses send.

    He’ll do anything for his family.

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  • A couple of months ago I had the urge to create a Barry sideblog and it’s back again. I just can’t help myself. Follow @itsbarryberkman . I wanted to post a semi serious rant about the show (in a good way I promise), but it would seem off putting here even though it’s Bill Hader content which vibes here big time (I can’t hide my massive homosexual crush on this hunk of a man). This blog was supposed to be The Goldfinch centric but it’s a mix of that and Reddie/IT. I’m into a few specific shows that just make sense for my personality but I can’t fit them all into one blog so there you go. A little bit of Barry, as a treat.

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  • Bill Hader as Barry Berkman in HBO’s Barry.

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  • Gotham: This is Oswald. He was a mere henchman, but now he’s a mob boss. He’s a fashion disaster and a sweetheart that wants to be friends with everyone but other people are constantly breaking his heart. Btw he’s an absolute Gay Icon with big Bottom Energy™

    Me: omg thank u i love him and i would take a bullet for him

    Barry: This is Hank. He was a mere henchman, but now he’s a mob boss. He’s a fashion disaster and a sweetheart that wants to be friends with everyone but other people are constantly breaking his heart. Btw he’s an absolute Gay Icon with big Bottom Energy™

    Me: omg i- wait-

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  • “I don’t think she’s of this world”

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  • Just binged both seasons of Barry. My biggest take away is that Bill Hader is actually kinda hot.

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  • I am bored.

    Ask me anything…

    Also, anyone feel like just making up gossip about Hader because why not? He’s probably a mole person now.

    • So accepting random questions.
    • And made up Hollywood gossip about Bill Hader.

    Example: Spotted on Saturday in New York’s garment district, Bill Hader is considering developing a clothing line inspired by Willy in The To Do List. This fashion backward collection will consist of baggy cargo shorts full of joints, ponchos with dicks under them, and vintage Phish koozies.


    Originally posted by nonbinarytoziers

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  • After the gifset of Barry yesterday I realized that the video which is part of it had a few mistakes; so I fixed it and here we go😍

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    Finished season one of barry! And I can’t wait for season two when I get it! :)

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  • Do you know any good Barry/It chapter 2 crossover completed? I’ve read a few Barry aka Richie stories and I find the concept so interesting… 

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  • You wanna know what I’m good at?
    I’m good at killing people.

    I know there’s more to me than that.
    Maybe, I don’t know, maybe there’s not.
    Maybe this is all I’m good at.

    Check out the whole video here: https://youtu.be/8V_Zhyjsw3s

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  • #i'm tempted to rewatch tbh #for the five trillionth time #barry#barry hbo#anonymous#asksksksk[beatboxing]
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