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    Your gallery if you were dating Barry Keoghan

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    #i..... can't do jealousy im sorry 😩 #check my guidelines if u don't believe me #no srsly check my guidelines #barry keoghan #barry keoghan x reader #barry keoghan x actress!reader #timothee chalamet x reader #ask ava #not that big on timmy chalamet but this is funny tho haha
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    Summary: Ever since leaving the Eternals you’ve been able to live the life you’d always wanted. Even though it get’s a bit lonely at times, it’s better than fighting an endless war.
    Part 2 of Puppy Dog
    Content Warning: Angst, slight makeup, lil bit of kissing :)
    Work Count: 4.6 K


    Unpopular opinion: you looked forward to getting calls from work.

    As an environmental specialist you traveled the world to do field work in the most remote parts of the planet. You've dived to the sea floor, hiked to the top of Mt. Everest, been to Antarctica (twice), and those were just some things off the top of your head.

    You lived in Washington State, specifically Forks. When you told people that they'd always ask 'isn't that where they filmed Twilight?' and the answer was always 'yeah it is’. The world outside your little cabin in the woods was wet and dreary; just how you liked it. Maybe it was a trait of yours to be drawn to temperamental and mysterious places.

    You sat at your window drinking tea while you watched the rain pour. Bundled up in the thick sweats and fluffy socks you made yourself cozy and listened to the sound rain drops hitting the roof of your house.

    As you sat there on your couch you let your mind wander. Thoughts of the people you've met, hearts you've touched, and so on began play through your brain. You've lived countless lives and met countless people but you were constantly met with the reminder that they could never stay for long.

    And you were lonely.

    Maybe loneliness suited you. After all it's not like you could just tell the world of your existence; not with the multitude of super humans coming out of the woodworks. You'd probably end up causing another pointless battle which lead to pointless deaths.

    *ring ring*

    Being pulled from your thoughts you reached onto the coffee table in front of you and grabbed your phone. You were met with a picture of your friend, Kaleb. The two of you worked together on various projects and you had a feeling another one was coming.

    "To what do I owe the pleasure?" You said.

    "You'd never guess who I just ran into." His voice carried with excitement.

    "I'm guessing it wasn't Tim—" You chided, "he's been trying to get a hold of you for this new project, maybe you should return his calls."

    "I'll start returning his calls once he pays me back!" He retorted. "Anyways no. It wasn't that ass clown, it was Jenny Wood. And she had some interesting things to say about Shelby. You remember her right?"

    "Isn't she working somewhere in the Amazon or something?" You questioned.

    "Yeah at least she did before she was relocated." He added with lace of mystery. 

    "Relocated? What for?" Your interest was now peaked.

    "So get this. Two months ago Shelby got a letter from some old-ass rich guy in Peru. Says his property's water source is being effected by some issues linked to a factory upstream; he asks Shelby if she could record data on some issues in their water—"

    "Why not ask a water treatment specialist?" You asked.

    "Exactly what I said! But apparently even though this water thing wasn't even in her field she still flew down to Peru. And guess what? No one's heard from her since."

    You dreaded the thought that something had happened to a previous colleague of yours. You and the girl were never close but she was good at heart, and that's all that mattered.

    "Where do you come into this?" You replied.

    "No just me. Us." He continued. "Shelbys company looked at the letter and found out that the property she was sent to is one of the most untouched parts of Peru's rainforest. It's like a haven of new discoveries waiting to be made!"

    "Ah I see, you want to do some exploring." You said while rolling your eyes.

    "Jenny works at the same place Shelby does and says that their company would be paying top dollar for us to take a couple notes on what we see there." He relayed.

    "That's if we even go." You retorted.

    "I know you like mystery, Y/N. We're going."


    Four Days Later

    The air was humid and thick as you broke through the tree line of the Peruvian rainforest. The lush foliage stretched on further than you could see and you were careful to watch out for anything dangerous in your surroundings. Map in hand, you dragged your boots through the muddy terrain of the forest floor.

    A large backpack was strapped to your shoulders that had been filled to the brim with supplies for your week long trip. To your side, Kaleb huffed to keep pace with you. His steps were large and clunky as he attempted to match your strides; the twenty-nine year old was relatively fit for a human, but he was no match for your Eternal enhancements.

    After discussing the details of the job to Kaleb, the two of you had decided to accept the job from Jenny’s company. The first part of your "mission" was to talk to the head of the estate that sent the letter to Shelby. You were told to ask a few questions, do a quick check-in for Shelby, then break off to do independent research on the jungle.

    You've been to countless rainforests during your extensive lifetime. Thousands of years on the planet meant that you knew what ecosystems like this one sounded like. The chirping of nesting birds, the grunting of the primates, and the buzzing of the pestering bugs were all familiar noises in the tropics.

    This forest was different. Quiet.

    As you drew closer and closer to the estate, you found that the only noises you could hear anymore were coming from you and Kaleb. Before you could mention the lack of creatures around, your partner called out to you, "I think I see houses out there in the distance!".

    Peering ahead and saw the faint silhouette of buildings. "I'm surprised I haven't seen a road or anything." You quipped.

    Blisters bore into your feet as the two of you approached the houses. Glancing around, you attempted to find a road or even vehicles that could indicate where exactly these owners traveled from, but were met with none.

    Instead you noticed other signs of life; a wheelbarrow here, a rake there, some areas for sitting and so on.

    As you approached the cabins you began to hear the murmur of people talking. Sweat was dripping down your face as images of cool water and a place to rest were within your reach.

    Once making it to where to trees ended and the buildings began, you heard the noise of Kalebs feet stop behind you.

    "Holy shit," he whispered. "It's a fuckin' cult."

    On the other side of the cabins you saw men and women of different ages dressed in similar clothes working about the compound. Though nothing was suspicious about their actions, you too felt something off in your gut.

    In an attempt to ease your partner, you gave him a light-hearted laughed. "Just cause' people are wearing the same thing doesn't mean that they're in a cult." You stated as you started looking around. "Anyways, this seems like the right place; lets go talk to the property owner".

    Kaleb hissed out to you as he attempted to keep his voice down. “You wanna talk to the cult we just stumbled upon? You're crazy."

    "We didn't stumble upon them, we were sent here for a job." You said as you approached a woman grinding corn into corn flour.

    "Buenos dias." You stood next to the woman and waited for her response. Instead of looking up at you she simply continued to do her job.

    Kaleb huffed behind you. "She's ignoring us, Y/N. They clearly don't want us here."

    Ignoring the impatient man behind you, you crouched in front of the woman and swiped your hand in front of her gaze. To your surprise she didn't even register the gesture.

    "Give me your phone." Your brow furrowed as you stood up and you moved on to a pair boys sitting next to the woman. As you situated yourself between the two, you noticed that the children were talking amongst themselves; showing an indication that they could hear.

    Taking Kaleb's device from behind you, you turned on the flashlight before slowly swiping the phone across their gaze. Again, no reaction.

    "Their eyes aren't dilating and it seems like they can't hear me. I think you're right; there's something...interesting about them.".

    You put Kaleb's phone in your bag before turning towards the woman once again. She seemed content and at ease but you knew something was wrong with her as well as the eerie energy of the jungle around you. This also meant that you had reasonable suspicion that if you found Shelby she'd be in a similar state.

    Your attention however was quickly cut away from the village when you saw a large figure shifting in the foliage just behind the cabins. A low growl emitted from the entity and you knew for a fact that it wasn't anything friendly. "Kaleb get into one of the buildings." You warned.

    "What? Why?" He asked in a state of panic as the silhouette got closer and closer.

    You heart began to race as the growling got louder and you didn't dare take your eyes off the predator as you instructed your friend. "Just go! Now!"

    Suddenly the creature pounced from the woods and allowed it's body to be hit by the light. You stomach dropped as you took in it's form: it was a deviant.

    Even though it'd been over a millennium since you've seen the monsters, you didn't have time to be scared when there were lives to protect around you. Knowing you couldn't possible burn the creature like you had all those years ago, you had to come up with a plan. Quickly springing into action you attempted to work just as you had in the past: freezing the deviant then cutting off it's head.

    Even with the presence of the deviant, the people of the community still didn’t acknowledge anything happening around them. This meant that you would have to get the beast as far away as possible.

    Rushing to aide the people you dashed towards the deviant with nothing but pure adrenaline running through your veins. This was the first time you've tried fighting one of the creatures on your own, but it's not like you had a choice.

    Arm stretched outward, you attempted to freeze the deviant to the ground. A blast of ice was expelled from your hands and struck the beast on it's front left leg. A brief sense of satisfaction washed through you before you tried to do the same to the other appendage.

    Unfortunately for you, hundreds upon hundreds of years without practice left you rusty and your powers weren't as strong as they used to be. As you managed to freeze one leg to the ground the other one would free itself. Your goal was becoming more difficult as you felt yourself growing tired.

    Deciding to switch tactics, you tested how your fire abilities would fair in this fight. Burning and scorching the monster you were able to corner it into a thicket of trees. It snarled and lashed at you with ferocity that scared you senseless. Barely dodging the offending attacks, you looked for a moment that would allow you to land the final blow.

    Finally lunging at the creature, you turned your arm into an ice-sword and effectively sliced it's head off. It's tendons were thick and rough, thus making the act difficult, but that didn't stop you from killing the monster.

    Feet back on the ground, you stood for a moment to catch your breath; not caring as blood and other innards splattered out onto you. Giving yourself a couple of seconds to catch your breath, you turned to go find your partner and check if everyone was safe.

    It was then when you were face to face with another deviant.

    Startled once more, you weren't able to think before it pounced at you; it's teeth and claws just inches from your face. As you cringed in anticipation of utter agony you closed your eyes and braced for impact.

    A few seconds ticked by before you opened you eyes and you had come to find that monster was sitting still in front of you. This time however, you noted the unsettling noise of flesh tearing. Looking past it's face you saw a blade impaled in it's torso, it's guts dripping out onto your shoes; creating a sort of sloppiness to your favorite hiking boots.

    Traveling your eyes up the blade you noticed a smaller figure standing on the other side of the deviant. With a grunt they flung the monster to the ground.

    Taking in their full form you tried to stifle the gasp that was quick to make it past your lips.

    "Y/N?" The man called out.

    He was wearing a dark set of work clothes and his face was speckled withdirt. The baggy sleeves of his hemp shirt were rolled up his forearms. His chest was heaving as he looked up to you.

    Sorrow was all you felt when your eyes met his. Being in his presence once again after all those years did nothing to prepare you for the overwhelming sense of dread that tightened around your heart.

    "Druig..." You whispered as you broke the tension. His eyes were softer than when you saw him last, but as you dove deeper into them you saw that they were still distant; unreadable. Your mind raced with questions: 'Why was he here? Did he know I would come? Does he miss me?'

    Obviously taken aback himself, Druig attempted to say what was on his mind. "I'm surprised that you're even still alive. Ajak said she hadn't seen you since..." He trailed off.

    "Since I left? Yeah, that was kind of the point." Your voice held a pinch of sarcasm.

    He attempted to take a step towards you and instinctively your feet pushed you away from the telepath.

    A frown embedded his face as he took a deep sigh. "Look, I'm sure your tired and probably need somewhere to crash tonight. I'm usually not one to invite outsiders, but if you'd like to stay to at least recharge, you're welcome to."

    You didn't know what to do in the moment, sure you didn't want anything to do with the mind reader but deep down you knew it would be best to have an actual bed to sleep in for the night.



    A few hours later

    After settling Kaleb into his cabin (after a very important conversation), you managed to take a quick shower in the quaint bathroom just a few cabins down from your own. Putting on a pair of pajamas, you stuffed your dirty laundry and items back into your bag before looking around your room for the night.

    The pounding noise of rain against the tin roof was relaxing as you navigated the small cabin. The oil lamps flickered and jumped as you passed them, giving the room a warm and somewhat mellow atmosphere. You could make out the faint sound of music playing from a record player somewhere on the compound and you felt yourself release the tension that had been forming since bumping into the mind reader.

    It wasn't until you had sat down in the surprisingly comfortable bed that the weight of the day sunk it.

    Seeing him again shook you to your core. Just speaking to him again sent flashbacks of how terrible your life used to be. The constant death, war, and heartache wasn't something you missed.

    You had pictured this exact moment since you left and while you didn't expect him to grovel at your feet in guilt, nothing could've prepared you to how it would feel to actually see him.

    Your spiraling thoughts were gone once you heard a knock at the door.

    "Come in." You called out to the unknown figure.

    With cautious steps, you watched as the mind reader himself make his way into your space. He was wearing different clothes from before and his hair was wet from a shower he probably just got out of before coming to see you.

    From your spot on the bed he was able to look down on you; something that reminded you of your old dynamic.

    His face was that of stone and his eyes scanned over you. "So?" He asked.

    Confused at his statement you responded in a similar tone, "So?..."

    His lips grew into a tight line and he placed his hands on his hips as if he was scolding a child. "You know exactly what I’m asking. How could you just leave? Do you know how you made everyone feel when you just abandoned us?”

    You felt overwhelmed at his questions and tried putting up an invisible wall between the two of you. "I’m not doing this right now. And if I'm being completely honest, I don’t think I will ever want to. I came here for a job and that's what I'm going to do".

    Rubbing the bridge of his nose he replied. "I'd think your family who hasn’t seen you for thousands of years is more important that some stupid job."

    It was impossible to not roll your eyes. "Family? We weren't a family. We were teammates at best!"

    "Fine, teammates, family, whatever. I feel like I deserve to know why you just left!" He barked.

    "You deserve nothing from me!" You abruptly got up and started closing in on the telepath. You weren't going to let him intimidate you.

    His face was pinched and you saw him getting redder and redder with anger. "What? You're still mad about some shit I said before fuckin’ paper was invented?" He grimly laughed. "Do yourself a favor and grow up, Y/N."

    “You don’t get to say that!” You interjected.

    “Am I wrong?” He sneered getting louder.

    You were getting in his face now. “Yes Druig. You’re wrong.”

    “Asking you to get over some petty grudge isn’t crazy of me! It’s you—” His arms were spread to the ceiling while his body attempted to intimidate you by looming over your figure. “—deserting everyone just cause you couldn’t get along with a teammate”.

    "You're going to make me feel crazy for doing something about how you treated me? You're going to make me the bad guy?" The feeling of rage was overwhelming and you felt tears threaten to spill from your eyes. "Druig, I—" You stopped. The air around you getting quiet at your sudden reservation.

    He was panting now. His glare was burning a hole through you. "You what?"

    Anger was then replaced with anxiety as you struggled to find the words. "I’m not the bad guy. I’m not the villain or the monster for doing what I did. I’m sorry that you felt hurt by me leaving, but Druig I...I loved you.” You hands were clenched in tight fist as you pushed yourself to speak.

    “I loved you so much that it hurt, okay? I let you bully me, and torment me, and belittle me because I was stupid. I was stupid to believe that allowing you to what you did was fine. You can’t just stand here in front of me and disregard what happened just because it was a long time ago. I need an answer. I deserve to know what happened that made you hate me so much.”

    He stood there without saying a word. His face was contorted in a mixture of confusion and sheer anxiety. You fought the urge to strike, or scream, or scare him just so you could hear him say something.

    "Druig...I want to know why you treated me like you did." You pressed. Your voice was now dripping with desperation to receive the closure you had longed for.

    "Y/N." He sighed as he dropped his gaze to the floor. His demeanor was more reserved than before. His shoulders sinking as his voice got quieter. "I-I don't know."

    "That's not an answer and you know it." You replied through gritted teeth.

    Backing away from you slowly, you noticed that Druig was attempting to put space between the two of you.

    Reached out, you grabbed his arm. "Druig please, I just need an answer."

    Looking back up at you, you saw that his eyes weren’t filled with the usual anger, but guilt. "I should've told you this awhile ago Y/N...”

    “Told me what?” You questioned.

    You could tell that he was contemplating to drop the subject again but you weren’t going to let him. “Druig, what were you supposed to tell me?”

    Exhaling a defeated sigh, he caved in. “Y/N, you’re...different from the others.” He gave you a saddened look. “The other Eternals, that is.”

    You were confused. "Different how?"

    He brought his hand up to your head. “Cause...” You noted how cool and rough his fingers were as he caressed your upper brow."I can hear every thought in your head, Y/N.”

    Feeling betrayed you took a step back; removing his hand from your temple. "What?"

    His eyes looked around as if he was trying to find the right words. "Every idea...whim...daydream. I can hear all of it." He swallowed. "I know I should've told you —and I'm sorry—but I didn't know how. Not after...afte—"

    "After you found out I loved you." You finished his statement.

    “I felt like telling you would’ve done more harm in good. I thought it was better to ignore it like I did with every human on the planet, but it’s not the same.” He tried to reclose the gap between the two of you. “It’s not the same because a human can’t possibly know me. They can’t love me or empathize with me the same way you can. Their love is so quick; it’s gone before I can even decided what to eat for breakfast! But you? You love me in a way I’ve never felt.”

    “How can you say that?” You reply in offense. “You have so many people who love and care about you, but I never saw you treat them like how you treat me.”

    “Because I can’t hear them, Y/N!” He exasperated. The two of you were now inches apart.

    With hesitation, his hands that were once by his side reached up to lightly grab your shoulders. His eyes held a sense of fear that only seemed to get worse as he continued his confession.

    The sign of affection startled you but you didn’t try to stop him. This was an entirely new side to him you’ve never seen —never felt.

    He took a deep breath before continuing.“Because when I hear how you think about me, I know it’s better for the both us to push you away. And so I did whatever I could to get you to hate me. I’m not worth getting to know, Y/N. Isn’t that why Makkari left me? She’d probably give you a list of things wrong with me.” He gave a wet laugh.

    “I can’t ruin love for you like I did to her. You don’t know me Y/N; I’m jealous and angry and everything you’re not. So yeah...I couldn’t give you what you wanted. I never could’ve. No matter how much I wanted to give in, it’s easier for you to hate me than to see what would happen if I gave into this.”

    His words were nothing but a whisper as your gaze darted from his eyes to his lips.

    “And what is this?”

    Tension in the room was thick as the two of you inched closer together. The only sound was coming from outside; crickets and other bugs making beautiful white noise. Now nose to nose you were able to fully take him in. He smelled faintly of soap and citrus. Unsure of what to do, you watched as he studied your face before pulling your body even closer to him.

    “I don’t know but it scares me.” He spoke lightly.

    He shut his eyes and you decided to do the same as his mouth made it’s way to yours. The subtle taste of toothpaste ran across your tongue as you made the first few hesitant kisses to his lips. The sheer act of kissing him was like nothing you’d ever experienced before; it was explosive but soft and intimate at the same time.

    His hands rested on the curve of your lower back and attempted to push you into him. Giving in, you dug your fingers into his hair. His locks were soft and still slightly damp from his shower.

    Finally, you remembered exactly who you were dealing with. A flash of shame came across your mind as you were reminded of all the humiliation that you had been through, and here you were kissing the man who caused it. Placing your hands on his chest, you pushed him away lightly; breaking the kiss.

    An array of emotions had overwhelmed you. You were bombarded with excitement for what was to come and guilt for letting him get what he wanted so quickly. “You can’t just do that, Druig.” You mentally cursed at your voice for how meek you sounded. Clearing your throat, you tried again. “You can’t just suddenly apologize and expect me to love you like I did. I respect myself too much to let that happen.”

    Druig felt as though he was grasping at straws to convince you to give him another chance. “Y/N... I can’t even tell you how much I regret what I did.” He let his eyes take you in before continuing. “None of this fixes the past. I know. And you have every right to be mad at me and never see me again. But I mean it when I say, if you give me another chance I’ll be there for you. This can be whatever you want it to; I just want to be in your life if you’ll let me.”

    His words felt sincere and you toiled with the possibilities that Druig had laid out. Of course the little voice in the back of your head was eager to submit to his idea, but on the other hand you knew he hadn’t earned it.

    “I don’t know...” You murmured.

    Giving you a half-pained smile he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You don’t have to know right now. It’s a lot to think about.”

    A few seconds had gone by before you had a proper response to the man. “I don’t forgive you —I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to— but I want to try. I want to try to be happy instead of just pushing my problems to the side.” You stated.

    You weren’t sure if you had made the right decision, but you couldn’t deny the amount of weight that was taken off your chest.

    Processing your words, he nodded. “Of course. I’m not going to push you to do anything.” He tried to hide the slight grin that your words gave him. “I’ll give you a bit of space for the night, but don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.”

    Appreciative of his actions you have him a soft hug before he left the room, giving you a quick smile before shutting the door behind him.

    Going back to your bed, you laid back and looked at the ceiling. The rain had turned more into a light drizzle and slowly began to lull you to sleep. Your mind and body were tired from the exhausting day and you wanted nothing more than to go to bed.

    Closing your eyes you tried not to think about the amount work that this new relationship with Druig was going cause. It was scary, but ultimately you knew that you’d be okay with whatever the universe managed to throw at you.

    You weren’t doing all of this just because he whispered sweet words in your ear and cried in front of you, but because this is what you wanted. Making a decision for yourself was just as empowering as when you left a millennium ago. It was something you prided yourself in.

    Maybe this was a bad idea and you would ending up leaving him, or maybe this is the best choice you’ve ever made. Either way you were prepared to deal with it.

    This was your life and you were going to do whatever the fuck you wanted.


    a/n: my bad if it’s a little sloppy, i tried to make it make sense for Y/N to get back with Druig (please don’t get back with someone after they emotionally abuse you for years, no matter how good the excuse is). I’m so so so sorry this took so long; I didn’t expect to make a part two, but since y’all were so nice I quite literally slaved away on this for the past two weeks (I’m not complaining because in the end I love making you guys happy). Lmk if there’s any mistakes in it! <3

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    Drukkari actually invented the:

    chin tilt

    shoulder bump

    and forehead touch

    I don’t make the rules.

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    im assigning today as a stay-at-home-and-do-fuck-all day, soooo… send me actress!reader concepts with tom, barry, andrew, peter parker, flo, or anyone else you might fancy 💖💖💖

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    This new video of Barry has me 🥵🥵🥵

    Video is from YouTube :)

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    anyone wanna talk about dad!barry and dad!druig?

    and dad!andrew

    and andrew garfield in general

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    Shadow of the Sun I.

    Pairing: Druig x OC, Ikaris x OC (platonic)
    A/N: Thank you so much for the response for the prologue, it was so nice to hear it all. And without further ado, let us begin.
    Next chapter

    The bright light has entered the darkness of the Domo as the consciousness of the Eternals awakens from their deep slumber. Everyone was slowly stirring from their deep sleep, their minds blank with no recollection from their past. Their only thoughts were the mission that they have to fulfill for Arishem’s sake, their names, and the powers they were entrusted with.

    For Druig, it was quite overwhelming for his powers to immediately be bombarded by several waking thoughts. So he finds himself away from the crowd and found an empty space to stare out in the abyss to where they would soon land, Earth.

    Though he can still hear their thoughts, it was less painful and loud. He bathes in this silence as he wonders if he will ever experience this kind of peace again once he arrives on Earth. Druig was already embracing the fact that their emotions might overwhelm his mind at some point.

    “It’s beautiful” an awestruck voice, the very first physical voice that Druig hears.

    He turns a saw a woman,dressed in a sapphire blue armor, beside him. He tried his best to gaze away from her but found that it was extremely difficult to take eyes off her. There was something about her wondrous gaze and comforting smiles that radiates a different kind of peace.

    “We’re a long way from home” Druig manages to say.

    “Wouldn’t it be worth it if we are to see and save a beautiful place like Earth?” the girl smiles at Druig and finally meets his gaze.

    “I suppose so” Druig tried to hide his smile but fails

    She walked closer to the glass as if she was reaching to touch the planet Earth. Druig just watched her observe and be fascinated with it.

    “What do you think will change with our presence there?” she asked

    “More lives saved I guess? We can protect them now from everything” Druig answered

    “Deviants only” she reminded “We don’t interfere with other conflicts”

    This made Druig raise an eyebrow, “If we have the power to help them sort their conflict then I suggest we should put our power into good use”

    Now things were getting interesting as she moved closer to him. Druig can sense that she was not one to argue but she has firm beliefs of what must be done. He didn’t need his powers to know that.

    “But if we don’t allow them to handle their conflicts then how would they evolve?” she rebutted

    “So we’ll just allow them to make mistakes?”

    “Mmmh.” she nodded in agreement “ Because sometimes, our mistakes can lead us to a learning experience that will be helping us advance”

    “We’ll have to wait and see what Earth has in store for us then.” Druig never thought about it like that but there was a good point being established there. He guess he really has to wait to see if its true.

    There was a warm silence that envelopes the two of them. It wasn’t awkward at all but rather a relaxing peace that Druig wishes he could stay in forever. He begins to wonder if the powers she has are of those to calm emotions or is it something related to knowledge because she’s so knowledgeable.

    “I don’t believe we’ve met yet, Druig” he introduced “What abo-”

    “IKARIA” a booming voice interrupted their peaceful conversation.

    A man similarly dressed to Ikaria was now fast approaching. Druig notes about the similarities in their appearance as if they were twins. There was certainly a closer bond between the two of them than the rest of the members.

    “Ikaris, no need to shout” the girl greeted

    So Ikaris was the name of the lad, Druig thinks.

    If the woman next to him was the epitome of peace, the lad was like the symbolism of grumpiness. His face was stoic the whole time and his eyes seem trained to the girl next to him. Druig takes note that their only similarities could be seen in their armor and their unique dark hair with a blonde streak. 

    “I have been looking everywhere for you sister”Ikaris huffed “Ajak is expecting our presence”

    Ikaria didn’t seem like she has much of a choice as Druig escorted his sister away. Druig was a bit saddened by being interrupted but he guess this is one of the duties that their mission entails. He was about to go back to viewing the earth when he heard the footstep stop.

    “It was nice meeting you Druig” Ikaria called out and then the footsteps begin again.

    It caught him off-guard and a sliver of a smile graced his face once more. Maybe it wouldn’t be a difficult journey after all.

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