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  • Nothing like making your own basic lines with bricks and creativity. Didnt want an intense chase tag training day so it was a skill based training day to keep things casual. Ended up training the basics hard and getting a nice workout. Raw unedited takes! Enjoy the movement! Follow me on twitch for my gaming campaign ^.^
    🎥 @pkboarder
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  • Harmonica ‘positions’ 1st, 2nd & 3rd Simply explained

    (There are similar videos, but this is Li’l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine.)

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    in astrology the planets are described as the “who” of our charts. they are the different characters in the play of our lives. some seem like they are out to get us, foiling our every plot, while others are always supporting our storyline. for example, Saturn and Mars are generally going to test us (or others) before they grant us their gifts. on the other hand, Jupiter and Venus may give us love and luck up front without asking for much in return. each planet, like each character in a play, is necessary. too much of anyone is overwhelming, and we need everyone to tell the full story. planets have specific qualities that create conditions in our bodies, lives, and relationships.

    the traditional planets and their roles are…

    Mercury - the messenger

    Venus - the lover

    Mars - the warrior

    Jupiter - the sage

    Saturn - the taskmaster

    Uranus - the revolutionary

    Neptune - the dreamer

    Pluto - the transformer


    each sign has its own way of functioning, its own flair, its own signature style. each planet in your chart has to function in the style of the sign it is in. for example, Mars, planet of courage, drive, and desire, when in Aries is action-oriented and extra fast. in Virgo, it’s aggressively thorough. in Pisces, it’s a seeker of great escapes and spiritual sustenance. Mars has a job to do, but how it does it varies by sign.

    the signs and their styles are…

    Aries - independent, action-oriented

    Taurus - stabilizing, grounded

    Gemini - communicative, curious

    Cancer - sensitive, caring

    Leo - self-expressive, creative

    Virgo - discerning, thoughtful

    Libra - social, likable

    Scorpio - intense, penetrating

    Sagittarius - adventurous, positive

    Capricorn - enduring, reserved

    Aquarius - intellectual, insightful

    Pisces - intuitive, creative


    houses are the places in our chart where the planets are located. if the planets are the actors and the signs are their styles or costumes, then the houses are the sets where their stories are lived out. each house is a section of the sky as we see it from Earth and represents a specific area of our lives. from our mental health to our money, our birth chart covers our entire existence. the houses of our chart give us the context for where things will occur. if the Sun, for example, is in your 10th House of career, you will need to express yourself (the Sun) through professional avenues or the social roles that you hold (the 10th House.) if Venus is in your 11th House of community, then much of your good fortune (11th House) comes through your ability to build relationships (Venus) with others.

    the 12 Houses are…

    1st House - self, body, appearance, vitality

    2nd House - assets, resources, livelihood

    3rd House - communication, daily life, siblings, extended family

    4th House - parents, home, foundations

    5th House - children, creative projects, sex, pleasure

    6th House - work and health

    7th House - committed partnerships

    8th House - death, mental health, other people’s resources

    9th House - travel, education, publishing, religion, astrology, philosophy

    10th House - career and public roles

    11th House - friends, community, patrons, and good fortune

    12th House - hidden life, secrets, sorrow, loss

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    1-1 General Characteristics of the Mongolian Language

    The Mongolian language is classified as agglutinative (from Latin ‘agglutinare’ = 'to stick on’). The most important characteristics of agglutination are:

    1.) The word stem doesn’t change; instead, grammatical changes are made by adding ('sticking on’) suffixes to the word stem (see page 33).

    2.) Every suffix expresses only one grammatical meaning. The Mongolian language belongs to the Altaic language family, together with Turkish, Manchurian-Tungus, Japanese, and Korean.

    1.2 The Mongolian Languages and Their Dialects The Classical Mongolian script originated with the Sogdo-Uighur alphabet. In the 13th century, this alphabet was used as the foundation for the Mongolian alphabet. The oldest known monument with this script is from 1227. In 1247, Tibetan scholars wrote the first Mongolian language grammar book. Since ther\, the Mongolian language has steadily developed and the script has been revised several times. Today about 8 million people in the world speak Mongolian. The language can be divided into the following languages and dialects:



    This book focuses on the Central Mongolian language group and its standard dialect 'KhalkhV We use the modernized Classical Mongolian script as being used today in Mongolia, but we will give the old forms, where relevant (referred to by the word 'old’).

    1,3 The Classical Written and Modern Literary Languages Right from the start, the pronunciation of Classical Mongolian script seems very difficult. For this reason, the Cyrillic script was introduced in the 1940’s. The aim was to create a script which would reflect common pronunciation in the twentieth century, making it easier for the average person. The Russian alphabet served as a basis for this new alphabet, bringing with it some foreign letters and rules which resulted in a few inconsistencies in the use of Cyrillic and its 'grammar’, which are not necessarily in the character of the Mongolian language. It is important to have some understanding of the most important differences between Classical Mongolian script and Cyrillic script. The following table should be helpful. Differences between Classical-Mongolian and Modem Literary Language:

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  • A Word on Black Magic

    There seems to be much misconception when it comes to labeling magic as “Black Magic”, and most labels to be fair.

    Mind you, I would not say any type of magic is ‘better’ than any other type, and I am the last person to moralize on the subject. But I feel some basic labels are valuable to use simply because they describe the ways certain types of magic works.

    I would use the words Light and Dark as a base-line, with Black magic and White magic as the extreme ends of the spectrum on each side.

    Dark magic is, in essence, harmful magic.

    That is to say that such things as Death spells, curses, hexes, spells to control someone else like a puppet and so on would fall under this label. With the more extreme types being what I would consider Black Magic. (Such as the Death spells/ritual. That is to say, the type spell or ritual that causes someone’s death.)

    Light magic is the opposite of Dark magic, and as such, I would define it as benevolent spells and rituals that do NOT harm. With such things as the non-harmful Healing spells and Shields being White magic.

    And yes, I feel the need to specify NON-harmful healing spells.

    Because this is the point where things start to edge into the grey-zones.

    There ARE Dark healing spells, and Dark Shields.The difference between them is that the Dark healing spells require you to drain the vital energy needed for the spell from someone else. Whether you are healing yourself or a friend.

    Dark magic is often more powerful –in and of itself– than Light magic.Which makes sense when you think about it;

    A light healing spell requires the caster to expend their own energy on it, and there is only so much energy one single person has to spend before they make themselves sick in the process.

    A Dark healing spell can drain the Vital force from more than one person, and be repeated over and over again at someone else’s expense, without too much cost to the magician himself. (Or herself.)

    A good example of a Dark healing spell would be the PSI Vampire draining. In which they steal someone else’s Vitality to sustain themselves.

    For a Light healing spell, there are multitudes that draw on the power of herbs, crystals, or even Lay on Hands. And, of course, drawing upon the power of Faith and whichever deity you serve.

    A Dark protection-spell would be the kind that inflicts harm on the person or entity trying to harm you, in a ‘The best Defense is Offense’ way. Usually the harm far surpasses what the person or spirit attempted to do to you.

    Light protection spells are more about re-directing the energy, or straight out keeping it away by a Shield that bounces it off and does NOT attack back. Needless to say, this method can only take so much damage before it breaks. And because there is no repercussions the person who attacked you can repeat their action again and again until it breaks. That’s the downside with Light magic.

    At this point, however, is where things get complicated.

    While there is no such label as ‘Grey magic’ as far as I know, there certainly is a number of spells that fall somewhere in between the area of Light and Dark. In fact, this is where MOST spell that people use falls.Take for instance the classical Return to Sender protection spell.

    This spell work by –through a number of different ways– returning the harm back to the person who sent it, in a very Karma like way.It is not a Light spell, because it DOES harm the recipient of it. However, neither is it really Dark, because you do not intentionally go out of your way to harm the sender. It’s about Karma and Justice. Give back what you get.If anything, I would describe the exact middle between Light and Dark as the ‘karma’ or ‘justice’ area.

    But, of course, most spells will lean more towards one end of the spectrum or the other. And in the end, which type spell you use depends entirely on the person who uses it, and what they want to achieve.

    Black Magic is notorious for being more Powerful than most other types of magic, which I would say is, in theory, true. The reason for this is very simple and applies to everything in life;

    Everything has a cost. If you’re willing to pay the cost of something, you can have it. If you can make someone else pay the cost, you can also have it.

    It doesn’t matter WHO pays, so as long as SOMEONE does.

    I will also address the mangled and often misused Wiccan 3-Fold Law. The original book it was written in states that THE WITCH should give back 3 times what he/she got. It says NOTHING about the universe sending anything back.

    In all my years as a Dark Sorcerer, I have not even once had ANY bad energy I have sent out have ever returned to me in any way, shape, or form. Not once!

    Perhaps there is an afterlife in which you pay, perhaps there isn’t. Perhaps you go where you believe you will go when you die. Nobody can know for sure. But in this life, the universe well and truly does not give a damn.

    However, I would also strongly advise you to be careful of whom you make an enemy of. Just because the -universe- doesn’t punish you in some feel-good karmic way doesn’t mean that your Target won’t.

    And, believe me, some magic users, spirits, and deities can make you WISH the universe was punishing you if you cross them!What I am saying is this:

    Dark magic can be incredibly powerful, and there is no need to fear some kind of obscure karmic source. If bad energy seems to come back to you, chances are that you’re either subconsciously punishing yourself for doing something you feel bad about doing, or you messed with the wrong person.

    And I’m not saying you should throw around Dark magic willy-nilly either. Dark and Light magic may have an equal risk of backfiring if you mess things up, but because of the inherent nature of each type, Dark magic is the one that is liable to cause the most harm. Whether that is because it backfired on you or your victim.

    Dark magic is Powerful, but it is also a double-edged sword. Don’t fear it. But do use your brain if you choose to use it.

    That goes for all magic, really; Use your brain.

    And when it doubt, ask someone with more experience and knowledge than yourself. Almost all magic users are more than happy to answer your questions, so as long as you ask them with respect. Even those of a Darker persuasion.

    So good luck with your spellcasting, and keep educating yourself.-D.

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  • Knowledge of edible wild plants is only reliably gained firsthand, and with considerable guidance and caution. The information on this blog is just what I’ve learned in my class, so make sure to do your own research as well! Have fun :) 🍄🌱🍇🌼🌏🍊🧄

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  • basic tricks but I’m proud of it

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