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  • redhoodisms
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    jason todd could kiss my bare hips any day and i’d simply melt from existence

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  • layingwithlay
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Alfred can technically do what he wants because Bruce can’t fire him because without him Bruce would have been dead from his kids long ago.

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  • mybloodyvalentyne
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    jason todd can literally do no wrong in my eyes i could watch him kill a man in cold blood right in front of me and i’d just be like so true!! go bestie!!!

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  • batsuggestion
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    alfred pennyworth keeps a well-curated collection of scrapbooks he has composed over the years. tim’s science fair ribbons, dick’s prom photos, jason’s poems from when he was a kid. He’s even collected some of damian’s discarded drawings, all of these little mementos interspersed with candid photos, polaroids, and of course copies the infamous christmas portraits. he likes to document this side of his family that few get to see— because they might be crime-fighting vigilantes, but they’re also the kids he raised. he ironed their school shirts and tended to their scraped knees and held cool cloths on their foreheads when they had fevers. these are the memories he holds dear.

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  • batsuggestion
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    dick grayson listens to doja cat

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  • redhoodisms
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    tim is a reckless sleeper. this boy doesn't know how to share a bed. one minute, he's spooning you. the next minute, his hand is in your face. he takes all the blankets and sometimes you find yourself waking up on the ground! maybe it's because tim doesn't know HOW to sleep

    "tim, i swear, if you kick me off the bed―"

    "―bAbE iT's NoT mY fAuLt!"

    listening to a variety of music. tim can go from singing along to songs ariana grande, to having an air guitar with ac/dc, playing the violin with classical music and rapping along with nicki minaj. you video tapped tim singing and made a compilation of it for your one-month anniversary


    having a lot of coffee runs. tim pretty much got you hooked on coffee so whenever you two come back from a mission or from school, there you are making two cups of coffee. you're not as addicted to coffee as much as tim, so there are moments when you have to take away his coffee privileges


    "y/N nO, pLeAsE! iT's AlL i hAvE leFt!"

    lot's of cuddles. you love cuddling up to tim. he's like your pillow. sometimes tim is working on cracking a case for batman and you just cuddle up to him because he's just that cuddleable
    you just love to distract tim on his missions. the poor boy, one minute you're telling tim how to crack into one of the computers at a top-secret base to get information, of course, you find the best way to make this boy blush when he's trying to do something important

    "hey tim, did i ever tell you how hot you look in that suit?"

    "aww thanks babe―WAIT NO! STOP DOING THAT!"

    watching a lot of movies. you two create a fort in the movie room filled with countless of pillows and blankets. don't forget the junk food! you two are all about having popcorn with pretzels, marshmallows and more yummy goodies too! the only thing is that you two have different likings to what movies you pick

    "tim, i swear, if you pick sharkboy and lavagirl one more time!?"

    "wHaT's WrOnG wItH tHaT mOvIe??"

    lot's of kisses on your face. when you're down or just feeling sad, tim will place his arms around your waist and kiss your face. he loves watching you smile and giggle as you try to break free from his grasp. but he knows you won't leave his arms because when he kisses you, it reminds you that there's a boy out there who loves you so much
    going to the bookstore and reading books. you two will be holding hands while having your usual coffee on the side and reading stories. the best thing is, you'll be reading the books together so it's already causing for you two to get attention from the elderly people that come in to get some books to read
    darts. when you two are bored and when tim hasn't slept in days, you play darts. but not just any normal game of darts. the game of darts where one of you has an apple on your head and you have to chuck the dart upon the apple. it's a dangerous game and it's rare that you two get hurt. but if you're the one that hasn't slept in a while, chances are tim is going to be in some pain



    styling tim's hair. because tim has quite long hair, you're always trying to style it. there was a time when he allowed you to style his hair and he would wear the look for the whole day. as it turns out, a lot of girls were turned on by tim having a man bun and you almost freaked when someone tried to kiss him

    "from now on tim, you're not having man buns"

    video game nights. you two are quite competitive in video games. of course, tim was the one who introduced you to the world of video games. you're not on the same level as he is, but it doesn't mean that you'll be using the same combo move to beat him. he calls you a cheater, but you know that you're just trying 



    going to bruce's galas to cause drama. that's right, you and tim always are planning to cause drama. it's intentional that you get drunk and start making accusations about your boyfriend. of course, it's all an act. and the next day you two are in the news with reporters talking about your drama while you two sit back knowing it's not real
    playing a lot of just dance. tim's dance moves show on the floor as he pretty much get's five stars in every game you play. this boy is so extra that he'll twerk, do squats and try to be as extra as possible just to beat you in the game, and it works so well
    giving him a jar about reasons why you love tim drake. whenever your gone out to do something or if you can't make it to tim in time and he's feeling down, the jar keeps him going. having those reminders about why you love him so much. because knowing why you love him means the world to tim
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  • holyfuckingshitbatman
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    There’s nothing worse than finding what looks like an amazing batfam fic on ao3 with a unique plot and good grammar, only to look at the tags and see Jason Todd/Tim Drake

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  • quexit
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    headcannon: the robins all like ‘my little pony.’

    Dick likes musicals, Jason is the epitome of: ThEy’Re More THaN JUst CaRtOoNs, Tim and Steph are cultured gen z and Damian loves animals.

    Tell me they ain’t bronies.

    #damian doesn’t like flutter shy he wants to be flutter shy #and you try tell me that dick hasn’t sung this day aria from a chandelier #their dad is a literal crime fighting furry of course they think my little pony is cool #batfam#stephanie brown#bat family#batfam headcanons#damian wayne#jason todd#tim drake#dick grayson
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  • bat-boys-zine
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Hello everyone our leftover sale is now live!

    We have 8 copies in all, 2 imperfects with some glue stains on the back, and 6 regular copies in perfect condition

    You can get a copy here!

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  • batsuggestion
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    tim has really long eyelashes. they’re thick and dark and stand out in contrast to his blue eyes, softening his features beautifully. he can’t go out in public without an older woman stopping him and saying “I wish mine looked like that!” with a laugh. he not-so-secretly loves this attention.

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  • layingwithlay
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Damian looks always switch out between Talia, Martha and Bruce.

    I reel like Bruce looks like Martha more, and so sometimes Damian looks like Talia more.

    Damian has marthas curved nose and Talias cheekbones and More of his mother and grandmothers look in the face.

    Not only that but Damian starts to look like his mother every Year, he has some years looking like a spitting image of Bruce but some He looks just like Talia.

    It’s like if you look at him in some lighting he looks like Bruce but if he steps into another lighting he looks EXACLY like Talia.

    And it confuses the family on who he actually looks like, they have a game where the put Dami into different lighting and vote who he looks like in that particular lighting.

    Bruce thinks it’s crazy on how much Dami will look like him or just his mother. There is barley an in between.

    When Dami is 10-12 he looks a lot like his father, in most lighting he looks like Bruce, and usually that’s just who he looks like. Except in some lightings he will look EXACLY like Talia or Martha.

    When he starts hitting puberty, he resembles Talia even more, he stays more Slim then Hunky (I have no other words to describe Bruce’s body tbh).

    His hair when he grows it a little longer starts curling, and looks a lot like Martha’s used to. Tim thinks it’s creepy on how Dami looks like three different people, on different days.

    At like 16-17 his looking like a twin to his father fades out, he still shares some traits like his Scowl, and his eye brows. But that’s really it.

    He resembles more of his female relatives in his family, with just a hint of Bruce sprinkled along.

    In his 20s he looks like Bruce once again, but with Talias slim body, but he looks more grown up version of his 10 year old self, because on his teens he was always Experimentone with different hair colors, hair styles, clothing and just different vibe. But he more or less decides to become more mature, then what he was always High from 15-19.

    And of course, his Wayne genes, Talia genes couldn’t be even save him from Finding orphans and adopting them, at only 25.

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  • superherospinoff
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    tim and damian as siblings who are both autistic but almost always have completely different, polar opposite sensory needs. 

    they’re out shopping and tim is like ‘come over here and feel this shirt’ and damian puts one finger on it and his entire face scrunches up with repulsion.  

    damian’s room is designed with the perfect ratio of lighting & noise-muffling walls for decompressing while drawing, but within like a half hour of hanging out, tim has to leave and go put on nine different audio sources at once because he’s so understimulated. 

    tim lights a cantaloupe-scented candle in his room because it sparks joy and damian can’t be within a 20 foot radius of his door without getting a headache. 

    damian goes out into the woods to hike for like 3 hours and comes back refreshed and more tolerant than usual, but if you leave tim outside without any bugspray for longer than 10 minutes he’s not going to leave the house for like 3 days afterwards.

    this dichotomy is so reliable that if dick tries to seek out help from one regarding the sensory needs of the other, it almost always fails miserably. jason decides to also ask and instead just do the opposite of whatever advice they give, which ends up working remarkably better. 

    #dc#Damian Wayne#Tim Drake#text posts#batman #based partially off me and my roommate #BatFam#batfamily#autistic headcanon #i just think theyre neat.jpg #spins speaks
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  • dibs4ever
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thinking about writing a Fic about this ?

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  • luminescentauthor
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    au where Jason stays with Talia and Damian after being resurrected because he’s gone slightly insane and wants to commit murder and Talia is having none of that, nope, gonna convince child to stay at my side until the Pit wears off, Ra’s be damned.

    fast forward a few years, Jason has mostly chilled out, though is still down to murder criminals. He spends most of his time annoying the hell out of Ra’s and sometimes running missions behind Ra’s back for Talia. He’s basically Damian’s older brother. Probably goes by either Jay or Jace, but Damian at least is aware that his full name is Jason since he’s heard Talia use it. Jason has thought about letting the bats know he’s alive, but always backed out.

    then Talia sends Damian to live with Bruce. Jason is often away on his own by this point, for missions or just because he wants to travel, and isn’t there when this happens. 

    now, Damian is an absolutely brat, and everyone immediately is like “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS.” they’re going through the house and Damian is making snotty comments about everything when suddenly he freezes, surprising everyone. He squints at a portrait on the wall.

    “...who’s that?” he asks slowly.

    Bruce stiffens.

    “Ah, that’s... Jason. Jason Todd. The second Robin. He... died, a while ago,” Richard explains with a sad, faraway smile.

    “.....riiiiiiight,” Damian says slowly. Suddenly a whole lot of things make sense -- he knows Jay came back from the dead, but he doesn’t know how Jay and Mother knew each other. “If you’ll excuse me. I need to make a phone call.”

    He sprints out of the room.

    (Talia, for the record, definitely knew this was going to happen when she sent Damian to Bruce.)

    Two weeks later Damian tows a reluctant young man with black hair into the Batcave, trailed by an astonished Alfred.

    “Damian!” Bruce says, horrified. “You can’t just bring strangers into the Cave! It’s completely irresponsible, do you have any ideas what the consequences could be for us-”

    There’s a crash, and they all turn to stare. Dick is staring at Damian and the newcomer, his chair lying sideways on the ground, stunned. “That’s impossible,” he murmurs, voice shaking. “You’re --”

    Damian rolls his eyes. “Jace isn’t a stranger, Father. He’s my brother.”

    “Brother-?” Bruce turns to look at the man, and promptly drops the files he’s holding.

    Jason Todd smiles nervously at him. “Hey, old man. Long time no see.”

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  • layingwithlay
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Since Jon is aged up I bet he loves messing with Damian for being a baby still.

    Jon: Isn’t it a little late for you to be up? You might get grumpy..


    Jon: I remember when I was that age-

    Damian: Shut the F—k up-

    Jon: Language :0

    Jon: Awe you wear tiny clothes— a kids size🥺


    Jon: I was still bigger then you-

    Damian: okay here is the plan.

    Jon: Wait you can’t fight him! HES MASSIVE AND YOUR SO TINY YOU WILL GRT CRUSHED..


    Jon: How can such a small little kid have so much anger..

    Damian: *Steaming with anger*

    Jon: you’ll explode if your not careful.

    But in the end Jon Loves Dami and would never be hurtful to him, he will always protect him, but he can’t help but tease him so much.

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  • batsuggestion
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    jason todd has a tramp stamp

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  • batsuggestion
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    conner kent is a barb

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  • coffee-latte-sprite
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hush!Jason: Someone saw me without my bandages and asked if I was looking for my honor

    Dick: ...

    Dick: Does that make Alfred Uncle Iroh?

    #jason todd headcanon #dick grayson#batman#bruce wayne#dc comics#nightwing#batfamily#batfam#jason todd #jason todd imagine #alfred pennyworth #dick grayson headcanon #batfam incorrect quotes
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  • holyfuckingshitbatman
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Reblog to bless your followers’ timelines with irritated Damian

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  • holyfuckingshitbatman
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Batboys’ Strategies for the Snail™️

    Dick: Would use the money to travel from country to country in hopes of just constantly outrunning the snail

    Jason: Would just always wear steel-toed boots and punt the snail whenever it got close

    Tim: Would touch the snail immediately Would cage the snail in a hamster ball

    Damian: Would put the snail in a jar to carry around with him for potential future use

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