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  • in my dc, diana took jason to his first pride and they got matching bisexual aviators like this

    #jason todd#diana prince#wonder woman#red hood#dc#batman #this is why dc needs to let me take over
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    DC: Solo #1

    #BRUCE IS NOT HAPPY BY HIS CURRENT PREDICAMENT JUDGING BY HIS BODY LANGUAGE #ONLY SELINA COULD GET AWAY WITH DOING SHIT LIKE THIS TO BRUCE #ALTHOUGH HE IS TOO FAR AWAY TO SEE FOR SURE IM PRETTY SURE HE IS SULKING OR POUTING RIGHT NOW!! #AT LEAST CATWOMAN ENJOYED HERSELF THATS ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME... #dc comics#batfam#batfamily #out of context #dc solo#batman#bruce wayne#catwoman#selina kyle#funny#dammit bruce#batcat #he’s so done #I truly hope Selina is pleased with herself #this was a fun comic
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  • matt checked the vibe and the vibe was nasty so :/

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    Kung Fu Master Richard Dragon #1: Dragon’s Fists, 1974, by Jim Dennis (joint pseudonym of Denny O'Neil & Jim Berry)

    Failed attempt at creating a Kung Fu men’s paperback series. O'Neil then adapted the book for DC into a series that ran for 18 issues from 1975 to 1977 and would give us Lady Shiva.


    Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter #1, April-May 1975, cover by Dick Giordano

    Interestingly, the visual appearance of Richard Dragon in the animated Batman: Soul of the Dragon looks based on the original paperback’s cover Bruce Lee clone rather than the classic redheaded DCU version.

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  • I find the lack of Bruce Wayne hurt/comfort disturbing.

    I have a thirst that must be quenched. I want Brucie to get some love!!!

    Can I have a fic where he’s hurt/kidnapped and the batfamily has to pull together to save him? (even if he doesn’t deserve it?) It could happen as Bruce Wayne or Batman idk.

    Hell I’ll even take hurt/no comfort of Bruce dying, I’m desperate here!!!

    recs would be appreciated!

    #batman#fanfic ideas#bruce wayne#bafam#batfamily#dc #fan fic rec #fanfic rec #batman and robin #im desperate#pls help #this is me procrastinating
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  • Finished drawing, Jason the mer, confused about the batarang found in the bay’s bottom.

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  • Me (screaming at the sky): “JUST GET YOUR KIDS FUCKING THERAPY, BRUCE!”

    #Batman#bruce wayne #my heart hurts almost as bad as Jason bones did after that crowbar #Jason Todd#robins
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  • tommytommytommytommytommy elliot

    #tommy elliot#thomas elliot#art#my art#dc#cc comics#batman #back to basics: Brown Coat #huge insp from the current detective comics run's art style #from 1030-1031 #iirc its not the same in 1032 #sad
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  • how the hell did I not know about this diorama before, it’s ADORABLE.

    #batfam#batman#nightwing#robin#red hood#red robin#batgirl #THE GAP TOOTH!! #TIMMY HOLDING BATS BY THE EAR #EXCUSE ME MR ARTIST WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT #AND CAN WE GIVE YOU MORE RIGHTS #i'm sobbing at this it's so fucking lovely
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  • *Batman just learned that Gizmo is a regular villain of the Titans*

    Batman: Honey, are you sure you should be fighting him? He’s so inappropriate!

    Robin: Uhh… What do you mean by that???

    Batman: He keeps on saying swear words!

    Batman: Like the S-word! *Whispers* “Stinkin”

    #teen titans #teen titans incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#batman#robin#Gizmo#DC #this was inspired by real life #We were talking about Car Trouble and Gizmo came up #And this happened
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  • Sleepless

    Tim Drake X Reader

    Tim, will not rest until he finds Y/N


    Tim’s P. O. V

    Wearing my uniform without my cowl on. I walk into Bat-cave. Bruce, requesting to speak with me. I hope he’s had luck on information on, Y/N’s disappearance. I haven’t slept in day’s, I think? Maybe weeks? I feel dehydrated and exhausted, but I can’t take a moment not looking for anything that could give me information on where she is. Y/N, disappeared 3 weeks ago. I can’t stop feeling worry, loneliness and a wave of remorse. I should have been there to protect her. I have to find her. I can’t rest until I have her back in my life. She makes me feel alive, she makes smile and she makes me laugh. She’s so beautiful and kind. She drives me crazy sometimes because I can’t stop thinking about her. She always made me take care of myself when I was consumed with work, patrol and the team. I always felt like something was missing in my life before I met her. I stop by the Bat-computer where Bruce sits on his chair. Please tell me the Batman has found something. I’ve been rethinking the night she disappeared every time I close my eyes. He spun in his chair looking at me. I feel my stomach aching for food. My body wanting to shut down. Though my love and need to find, Y/N is too important.

    “have you found any information on, Y/N” please say something to give me hope

    “you’re not taking care of your–” I cut him off

    “I have more pressing matters to worry with, than myself”

    I’m being hostile and rude I know I should be grateful for his help. I can’t grasp my temper and control it. He stood folding his arm’s with a stern look on his face. Bruce, usually does but if feels more of disappointment. I feel, ashamed because not only have I disappointed my adopted dad, I’m scared I’ll disappoint, Y/N.

    “and how do you expect to save her when you are malnourished? If you continue to neglect yourself than you are in no way capable of partaking in patrol and saving, Y/N”

    I snap back “I am not risking a moment to take care of myself when Y/N could be–” hurt more than likely, de–my gut turns into knots at, those worrying thoughts. I can’t even say that word “I have to keep looking, Bruce”

    He points to his chair with a stern look on his face “sit down” he demanded

    I did as he said. I sit on his chair feeling relief in my legs. Bruce, opened the fridge that was by the Bat-computer. He grabbed a water bottle. I put my hand on my forehead. My head throbbing from a migraine starting to linger. I’ve been trying to fight. He opened the top of the bottle. I don’t want to know how thirsty she is, how scared she must be. I doubt whomever had the nerve to take her away from me doesn’t care about her well-being.

    “Bruce, I-I-I” my brittle voice not allowing me to go on with my sentence without tears. I can’t, I have to keep looking I’m wasting my time, what if she needs me right now? What if she only has a second before–

    “drink the damn water, son” his voice was stern but caring

    ‘Timmy, babe please don’t torture yourself’ I hear Y/N’s voice say in my mind. I took the water bottle I drank the water gulping until I drank the entire bottle. I abruptly threw it in the trash can. I stood, I’m so angry. I should be able to find her! I should have never let us separate. This is all my fault. I feel my heart racing sweat dripping on my face.


    “what?!” I snapped back at Bruce with a clinched jaw. I took a deep breath “I’m sorry I just am soo angry ”

    “I know”

    “I-I am better than this! I’m the smartest person” I kicked the chair abruptly “but I can’t even find the one person I love!”

    I grip my hair taking a deep breath. I hear footsteps, my brother’s. I took the elevator to the Manor. I open my bedroom door and went inside. I slam the door behind me. I plop on the bed. I rethink about those last moment’s with her. We we’re in Arkham, all the criminals were loose. We each separated to cover more ground. Afterwards each criminal was, accounted for. Then our coms went to static. I went to Y/N’s tracker. I came to halting stop by the drop off for prisoners of the building. I only found her gear on the floor with blood. I ran test it was only her blood. No fingerprints, all the criminals were in their cell. I can’t shake the feeling that she’s in the most obvious place. I went back to Arkham in my Red-Robin uniform alone. When we were there the power was out so looking through the security cameras was not an option. By the time the back up generator began to come on, she was gone. I stood in the place we found her gear. I remember seeing her blood the gut wrenching feeling I have yet to shake. I shut my eye’s I imagine, Y/N standing here. I walk to the window and wonder. Could someone have broken in, why would someone break into a prison? Someone must have used an outside man to get him out. Y/N, was in the way he knocked her out. I look out the window in the distance, those tire tracks are from a, S. W. A. T truck. I text, Jim asking if he has any missing vehicles.

    -you’re a smart kid where’d you find it? (Jim)

    I feel my heart drop. Using my spy-contact’s I look at the current account of Arkham inmates and compare to the night she disappeared. All criminals here the same night Y/N disappeared. I watch the security footage from the satellite Bruce had. I see the two men sneaking into the S. W. A. T car. I zoom in, Joker! Which means he got out put a different man in his place. A perfect cover. I watch the vehicle with Batman’s satellite. Joker, pulled away from the security cameras. The other man in Joker’s attire with his clown look. He went inside I look at the time. 1:30 o'clock Y/N’s tracker went of at 1:35. I continued watching I see Joker dragging Y/N’s unconscious body to the S. W. A. T vehicle. What has he done to her? I know what he did to Jason. I feel sick. I look for any reports of suspected Joker sightings. Nothing. I told Jim I needed to talk to 'Joker’. I’m doing this myself. He opened the cell

    “you sure you want to do this kid? I can call, Batman”

    I ignore Jim’s worried statement. I stepped in seeing the man. Sitting on the chair in front of the table with a deck of cards. It took everything in me, not to strangle him for allowing Joker to escape and take, Y/N. I hear my intercom I ignored. I sat down on the chair in front of the table. Just has I suspected, not Joker. No belittling remarks, his demeanor of a sane man not of a sick psychopath and no laugh. I grabbed his collar with my hands. I lost it. My control to use my brain over my brawn.

    “do you have any idea what you have done?! Where is he?! Where’s Joker?!” I lifted him slamming him to the wall the white makeup wiping off his face “where is he?!” I demanded

    I am not the strongest amongst the, Robin’s. I almost always use my brain. Though my strength is serving well in this predicament.

    “I-I ain’t afraid of Y-you kid”

    I move him away from the table and then slam him to the wall. I am better than this but I can’t waste time.

    “your trembling voice and trembling voice say otherwise. Where is he?!”

    “I-I don’t know”

    I believe him. I let go of him he fell to the ground as the door opened. I see, Jim

    “Joker’s, escaped”

    I step to leave I’m going to find her, I have to find her. Then I’m bringing her home and she’ll never leave my sight again. I finally have a lead off. I can find out where Joker was, headed then I can find where he is and then I can find my girlfriend. I finally found the vehicle only painted as cliché circus colors. It was parked behind a old abandoned warehouse. I walk to the vehicle. The back chained shut. I use the lazer on my smart watch cutting it. I open it my heart breaks. Blood stains everywhere, old enough to pinpoint back to when she was captured. I feel sick, scared but my hope that she’s alive. Is the only thing keeping me going. I snuck into the building through a broken window. I stood on the loft. I look down seeing, Y/N! Sitting on a chair. Her feet tied to the legs and her arms tied behind her back. I see, Joker with a crowbar. I jumped down. He laughed his evil laugh with his back arched.

    “ha! Ha! Ha! Haha! Ha! Little red Bird-Y boy, we’ve been expecting you!”

    “get the fuck away from her” I demanded

    “ha! Ha! Ha! Lose the chance to break ya! Piece by piece until you–” I threw my batarang at him. He ricochet it with the crowbar

    I grabbed my bow staff pushing the button expanding it. Joker, swung abruptly right. I block his blow with my staff. I push him before he could retaliate I abruptly poke the end of my bow staff at his chest. He stepped backwards. He laughs again. He then swings aiming at my head with his left arm. I arch my back. As my back is arched I swing my bow staff at his feet to cause him to fall. Joker, fell and swiftly stood.

    “ha! Ha! Ha! Nice try little bird”

    I hear something behind me, Batman. I take a silent breath of relief. I’ve been holding back because I’m so filled with rage. He hurt, Y/N he hurt someone who I love most in the world. I don’t know how I’m going to heal with that anger, but I know with Y/N anything is possible.

    “ha! Haha! Batsy, came along to play”

    Out of respect, for my mentor as well as my only father figure and that Y/N needs me.

    “he’s all yours” I say to Bruce

    I ran to her. I ran faster than I ever thought I was possible of running. Though I felt I couldn’t run fast enough. My heart racing. First thing first untie her and get her medical attention. Let her heal before I kiss her deep enough to lead to more.

    “ha! Haha! Run run has fast as you can–” I hear, Batman punch him. Better bat’s than me. I honestly don’t know if I can spare him much pain for what he did to Y/N

    I quickly untie her as she cried. My heart drops to my gut. My breaths heavy I stutter under my breath holding my tears back.

    “shhhh, it’s OK you’re OK, Y/N you’re safe now, I’m here”

    I look at Y/N’s tightly shut eye’s “H-how d-do you know my name” she fearfully questions

    “Y/N” Please remember me “it’s me, open your eye’s. I promise you everything is OK”

    She opens her eye’s and sobs “T-Tim-my”

    I gasp in relief. My heart jumps in relief I held her. She buried her face in my neck. She clinched onto my cape. She sobbed, racking her body. I began to cry that turned to sobs. I gently rock her side to side. She’s really here, she’s in my arm’s. For the first time since she’s been gone. I can breath with ease. I feel wholesome. I feel calm. I feel like I’m going to be OK. I have a reason to fall asleep.

    “I’m so sorry, Y/N” I choke on my sobs

    She kisses my neck “shhhh, just hold me”

    #batman#bruce wayne#batfam#tim drake#Joker#Missing#Missing Reader #OK I know Batman and Tim probably would have found Y/N a lot sooner but they didn't because I wanted more angst #Tim Drake needs help #Caring dad-bat #Bruce Wayne is a good parent #Angst#Worry#Arkham Asylum
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  • I’m aware it’s always been just comic book logic but still going through my massive collection of comics Alfred comes off as some kind of immortal since most art depicts him as just an older gentleman about to hit old age but not super old no matter what time period it is

    It doesn’t matter how old Bruce is or how many kids he has in their 20s, Alfred is just the exact same.

    They should just make Alfred a vampire at this point, it would make the fact he never changes make some sense

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    “forgive me Father because I have sinned”

    Miah is a man of science, his actions totally demonstrated that he doesn’t believe in God, but I like the idea that he refers to his brother as God, since Jerome was the one who “created” him with the laughing gas and etc…etc…

    it’s just a headcanon

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  • can you imagine gen z in gotham like just be sniffing fear gas for fun and jumping off buildings when Batman is near screaming “trust fall”

    #dc#batman #gen z stuff #gen z funny #dc fandome
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  • Your Angel of Death Awaits

    Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey

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  • #batman#black lagoon#joker#society #we sure do live in one huh #why am I in the bad timeline and not this one tbh
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