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  • New Desktop Wallpaper this week 121219

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    Jason: Oh, I’m sorry, is this OUR stab wound? Stay out of it.

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  • Wearing my Batman onesie to college bc you can’t fail your final if you’re Batman lol

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  • It’s so fucking weird to hear Batman’s voice coming out of an actual live person.

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  • Sorry I haven’t been as active on here these past few weeks, finals have been a bitch and I haven’t posted much original content of any of my blogs recently…I’ll be back in full swing next week tho once school is out of the way!

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    Jason listening to Bruce “Boooooooring”

    Because today has been boring as hell, my dears

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  • I need more acknowledgment of the Bruce Wayne x Harvey Dent friendship as the quintessential story of why Harvey becomes who he does and why even after all the things he’s seen people do Bruce will never give up on them.

    I really wish that was the plot for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, tracing the early years and the final betrayals. It’s epic. I know TDK’s Two-Face took things a different direction but it wasn’t about this, not really, and it wasn’t done as well either (though I did love that Harvey).

    I just want one great adaptation of the one time in the comics when Bruce thinks of Harvey when he thinks of the line between friend and foe, and the look on his face when he remembers who he lost to Two-Face.

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    Characters: Jonathan Crane x Reader
    Warnings: Mentions of fear torture, Scarecrow experiments, fear toxin 
    Synopsis: You document your relationship with Jonathan through letters written to your sister

    Part One / Part Two

    Dear Sister,

    In my last letter, I spoke of my happiness in life, finding a partner who I believe loves me and treats me well, moving in with him. I expressed my joy in my most recent life events. It has been nearly a year since I wrote of this to you, Jonathan and I have been living together for ten months and have been very happy. Until most recently.

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  • Batfam as stuff my friends and I have said.

    Jason: Don’t mess with me. I’ve killed a man.

    Tim: Jason, you’ve killed a lot of men.


    Dick: *picks up a hitchhiker* *before driving off, turns to them with a smile* Now listen. I have over ten years experience of kicking ass and over three weapons in my reach right now. If you try to mug and/or kill me: you will hurt.


    Steph: There is nothing stopping me from eating this entire cake for dinner.

    Tim: Diabetes.

    Steph: There is nothing that can stop me from eating this entire cake for dinner.


    Bruce: In case it wasn’t ABUNDANTLY clear- *gets in close to your face* -I don’t care

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    I had to I’m so sorry

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  • Chapter 2:
    At the Library:
    Marinette Point of View:

    I arrived early at the library and started doing some research on Gotham villains and heroes. I just got a job as a barista at Coffee Time. I hear the door open and see Damian standing there, I turn off my computer.
    “Let’s start,” I mutter.
    “So which vigilantes are we doing this project on?” Damian asks.
    “Batman,” I state.
    “But, there’s not that much information about him, how are we supposed to do the project-based off him?” He questions.
    “That’s what is interesting he works in the shadows unseen to people,” I reply.
    We work on all the details on the assignment and it is now 6 o’clock.
    “We can work on the project tomorrow at my house,” Damian states.
    “Okay,” I respond and leave.
    “Wait! How are you going to get home?” he asks.
    “By walking,” I respond.
    “You can’t walk alone at night,” he mentions.
    “You don’t tell me what I do,” I say while leaving out the door.
    While I am walking back to my apartment I see people walking behind me. They think they can take the money I have on me well they have another thing coming I think. I lead them to an alleyway.
    “What do we have here,” one of the men say.
    “It seems that a foolish girl has been walking around Gotham alone at night, what should we do?” says the other man.
    “You are going to leave right now or I will not hesitate to attack,” I remark coldly.
    “Really now? Well why don’t we see little girl,” the man smirks.
    “I will wipe that smirk off your face,” I say while getting into attack mode.
    The charge at me but I use the wall and leap off while taking the toy yoyo I have and pulling on the man down. The other man is rushing blindly towards me and I put him in the throat. The other man is bow loose of the yoyo and grabs my hands and starts to twist it but I side between his legs and flip the situation. I punch him in the throat and he goes unconscious like the other man whose down. I take my yoyo and tie them both up when I hear a thump behind me. I get into attack mode when someone puts their hand on my shoulder I flip them and throw them on the ground. I turn around I see Robin on the ground mutter in disbelief and Batman, Red Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing all gawking at me in disbelief.
    “Can you move,” I say coldly.
    “What?” Robin says.
    “You’re blocking my exist,” I state.
    “Where did you learn how to do that?” Red Hood asks.
    “Gotham is not the only dangerous place,” I say while trying to exist.
    “What do you mean?” Batman questions.
    “Figure it out,” I reply.
    “You can’t go anywhere until you made a statement to the police,” Nightwing says.
    “I don’t have time for that,” I say.
    “What will happen in a few minutes,” Red Robin says.
    “I don’t have time for this, you all say me take these idiots downright you can stay here and give the statement if you want but I don’t have to,” I mutter.
    “Why are you in such a rush?” Robin asks.
    “Why do you care?” I ask.
    “It’s our duty, now where do you need to go missing?” Batman asks.
    “I can get there myself, now move out of the way,” I state.
    “We can’t let you do that,” Red Robin says.
    “Why not!” I yell.
    “It’s not safe walking around alone in Gotham,” Robin says.
    “I can protect myself, I was able to take you down,” I state.
    “That was just luck miss,” Nightwing says.
    “Ugh! You people are full of yourselves since you wear masks and run around the city protecting people, don’t you,” I said coldly.
    “I have to go pick up my daughter, I need to move this instant,” I state.
    “What!” they all shout.

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    Written by BRYAN HILL
    Art by DEXTER SOY
    Cover by TYLER KIRKHAM
    Variant Cover by KEVIN NOWLAN
    On Sale DECEMBER 11 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

    Queen takes rook in this master’s game of chess played by the Demon’s Head himself, Ra’s al Ghul, as he cultivates more of the Outsiders for his taking. Cassandra Cain is caught in the middle between friendship, family, and her own moral judgments. Meanwhile, Black Lightning continues to make his moves while Batman seems to be away on “Bruce Wayne” business.

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  • #watch it yall #i need more ethan and ellen content in my life #the batman 2004 #batman#bruce wayne#ellen yin#ask tap#anonymous#dc
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  • Am I the only one super pissed off by that Lex Luthor switch at the end of the episode? Brandon Routh’s Superman is seriously one of the only good parts of the crossover so far…

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  • This is my fanfic I wrote.

    Dick knew it was irrational, Wally was dead and he wasn’t coming back, Dr. Fate and Blue Beetle along with some of the other members of the JLA declared that there was no way in hell that he would come back. Yet, no one knows what really happened to him. No one knows if he is truly dead. Maybe he is alive and the teams just don’t know it. Dick knew this wasn’t real but it helped him sleep at night. Well, on the nights he could sleep. He couldn’t do it often due to his dreams being plagued by hearing Wally’s last words- words not spoken to him, but to Artemis, Mary, and Rudolph. Wally had left Dick without even a goodbye. That led to worse dreams in Dick’s opinion. He’d dream that Wally left Artemis after her return to combat and that their fight was forgiven from both parties. After that Wally would realize his love for Dick, the same love that Dick had been hiding from his best friend for almost 7 years, then his mind would go back to Wally’s death again. Dick’s dreams, not the mentally unbearable ones, would usually start in the Arctic where he’d watch his best friend slowly get torn to pieces by an energy blast. Screams and sobs would rack his unconscious body. Then, his mind would shift to the night his parents were murdered, but with them Wally was flying through the air like an angel, he would soar and catch the waiting hands of Mary and John Grayson. Wally would come up to get Dick right before Zucco cut the strings and the three of his most loved ones would fall, Dick would hear the sounds of his parents bodies crunching onto the ground, he couldn’t look away, his mind wouldn’t even let him blink. It all felt so real. He’d wake up screaming and Bruce or Alfred would come in, slowly to not frighten him more and hold him until the sobs ceased, then they’d leave him to his thoughts. The worst dreams started differently, it was Wally coming up to him and explain his falling out with Artemis, they’d forgive each other for their previous fight, Wally would have the same look in his eye that he harbored for Artemis, but he wasn’t looking at her. No. no, he was looking at Dick, he looked at him like he was the center of the universe and that no one else mattered at that moment except for Dick. Dick’s mind would fast forward to Wally dying and instead of Wally’s last words being to Artemis, they were focused on Dick, Dick, who would walk up to Barry questioning him like he was the suspect of an interrogation, Barry would explain Wally’s wishes and Dick would wake up. He wouldn’t wake up screaming but with his body convulsing in the sobs for his beloved. These dreams were worse for him because it is a dream come true and a nightmare, his mind fueled him with the love that he had so desperately craved for 7 years then tear it from him. Everytime these dreams happened Dick felt a piece of his soul get ripped away from him just how Wally was ripped away from his heart.

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  • Feeling more human and hooked on her flesh I
    Lay my heart down with the rest at her feet
    Fresh from the fields, all fetor and fertile
    Bloody and raw, but I swear it is sweet

    Hozier - “Angel of Small Death and Codeine Scene”

    Batjokes WIPs

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