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  • Happy 83rd birthday to Queen Sonja of Norway!


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  • Happy Birthday @ask-the-tricksters’s Tricksters !!

    T!Me: Hope you guys like peanutbutter pie !

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  • #the l spacer #asks#bday
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  • Take me out to sea ⛵️

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    Great to see him back! Forza Seb❤

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  • sweet geoff, 

    i hope you know that even in my confusion and even when things were at their absolute worst, i always had this feeling that you were looking for me. i felt like you hadn’t given up. i knew in my heart that you hadn’t abandoned me, that despite the lies i was being fed, you were going to be there. i couldn’t get myself to stop talking to you, whether yelling or in whispers. i wanted so badly to know that you were with me. 

    and then when i came home i didn’t know what to expect. i thought you would be furious with me but you weren’t, you ran to me and you held me and you cried because you’d missed me. because you’d been so worried, because you cared so much.  

    and it’s always been like that. i fuck stupid shit up or i run off or whatever and you’re there with a forgiving heart and open arms and you tell me that it’s ok. that things will be better, than i can be better, that we’re a team and you love me. even before we got together, even before there was an IDEA of us being together you always came to me with love in your heart. your whole life is like that - just love. you have such a kind heart. we are all lucky to know you but i am so, so lucky that i get to claim you as mine. 

    i still don’t really know what drew you to me but i am so glad that something did. i am thankful for every night that i get to fall asleep next to you and every morning that i wake up beside you. and i’m thankful for all the moments in between. 

    i hope that your birthday was great and that you’re happy and i’m so glad that we are together and safe. i’m done taking things for granted. we are safe and together and we have money and food and clean water and a home and i LOVE you and i meant what i said earlier about not wanting to experience life with anybody but you. you make me excited about brushing my teeth! i want to be with you every day. 

    i want to always tell you how beautiful you are and when i feel ready to get back in the kitchen i want to ask you every single morning what you want to eat for breakfast. i want to be the one who takes care of you when you’re sick or sad, and when rory’s sick or sad, you and me can both take care of her together. 

    i think a lot about what you said the night before i left when i asked you what you thought we’d be like when we’re older. i think about what you said about having a house and grandkids and a porch to watch sunsets on but i mostly think about how you didn’t even hesitate before you included me in your answer. it wasn’t a suggestion or a maybe. it wasn’t that i had stopped by to visit. it was that we were together and we were rory’s dads and we had grandkids and we were holding hands and watching sunsets. you didn’t even have to think about it. 

    i really do not know how i got so lucky. i’m getting a little choked up. 

    anyway im getting carried away, the point is that i just want to say thank you for being so forgiving and loving. thank you geoff, sincerely. i love you so much it hurts.  

    happy birthday my angel. my sweet love. thank you for everything you’ve given me. i hope that someday i can give you the whole world. right now you’ll just have to take this $100 game stop gift card though :) ha. 

    i love you to pieces. 


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