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    hathaway series by lisa kleypas ↪ hathaway family

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    Like/reblog if you save or use, angel!  More images here. Make your request here.

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    Like/reblog if you save or use, angel!  More images here. Make your request here.

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    Like/reblog if you save or use, angel!  More images here. Make your request here.

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    Celebrity Tag Crush Game

    Name five celebrities you crush on (whether the crush is romantic/sensual/aesthetic/talent-envy or what-have-you) and tag folks to do the same! I was tagged by @maplesyrupao3​ 💕

    I crush more on fictional characters than real people but I’ll do my best:

    1. Anne Hathaway

    She’s just so classy and stylish and yet totally relatable. She also played Jane Austen so I have to include her... it’s like a law.

    2. Richard Armitage

    Just. Just look at his perfect face. 

    3. Bea Arthur

    It is a personal goal of mine to be Bea Arthur when I get older. She is responsible for 95% of my sense of humor.

    4. Robert Pattinson

    I think he handles fame (and rabid fans) really well and he has the most amazing smile when he laughs.

    5. John Mulaney

    Every millennial’s favorite comedian... I am no exception.

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    quick fc list

    bold: a current craving/absolute favorite. not a complete list & the as/against are semi-negotiable!

    to play: 

    adeline rudolph, anne hathaway, bree kish, brianna marquez, cate blanchett, danielle galligan, dove cameron, jennifer lopez, madison pettis, madelyn cline, park chaeyoung (rosé), saweetie, shay mitchell, seo soojin, sydney park, xavier serrano

    to play against: 

    amita suman, archie renaux, elçin afacan, freddy carter, greta onieogou, rege jean page, robert pattinson, ryan destiny, tom hopper

    no preference: 

    adam brody, adria arjona, amanda seyfried, aubrey plaza, bea miller, ben barnes, booboo stewart, christina nadin, courtney eaton, crystal reed, david castaneda, elliot page, emmy raver-lampman, hailee steinfeld, indya moore, jacob elordi, jennie kim, jessie mei lee, jodie comer, joe keery, jordan fisher, jurnee smollett, justin h min, kennedy walsh, kim chungha, laura harrier, lee sunmi, luke pasqualino, madelaine petsch, maia cotton, manny montana, manny jacinto, maya hawke, megan fox, megan thee stallion, michiel huisman, nico tortorella, noah centineo, normani, oliver jackson-cohen, olivia holt, oscar isaac, pedro pascal, quintessa swindell, rina sawayama, ritu arya, ross butler, sandra bullock, steven yeun, sydney sweeney, sza, taylor zakhar perez, tom ellis, tommy martinez, trevante rhodes, victoria pedretti, winston duke, zendaya

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    Chapter Ninety-Four: The New Elizabethan Era

    Disclaimer: see Prologue

    A/N: Almost at the end now, everyone. Just one more chapter and epilogue to go. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you. xx Bea


    September, 2020

    Harry and Elle had remained in Sussex for a month after Philip’s death but duties over the UK had made them return to London. Elle’s parent’s and occasionally Charles and Camilla as well were more than happy to babysit the youngsters. Charles had taken the Sussexes to Highgrove and much like he had done with Arthur when he was a baby, the proud grandfather introduced his littlest grandchild to the all the animals and plants at the estate, going into much detail about the care of each one of them. Owen, like his older brother, enjoyed seeing the animals the most and even tried to pet a few of them. 

    “ He’s a curious little boy, isn’t he?”, said Charles as Owen stretched out his arms trying to grab a hold of the sheep’s ear. 

    “ He most certainly is! Arthur was more of an observant baby. Owen is the opposite. Acts first. Think later. Something we’ll have to be more careful about in the near future.”, said Elle. They said their farewells to the animals and walked along the path towards the house.

    “ Have you heard from Will and Kate? We’ve been so busy lately with engagements and meetings that we’ve barely had time to breathe.”, asked Harry.

    “ I have. They’ve been visiting mama every weekend, keeping her company.”, said Charles with a sad smile.

    “ And how is she?”, asked Elle, balancing Owen on her arms. Charles sighed and shook his head.

    “ Hanging in there. But we fear she’s losing her will to live.”, he replied.

    As Harry had predicted, the Queen quite never recovered from her husband’s death. She resumed her public activities after three months in Sandringham. While there, she had often received visits from her children and grandchildren, as well as her great grandchildren, which seemed to bring back a bit of light and laughter into her life. Her animals were also a source of joy for her. She had traveled to Balmoral for the summer and enjoyed having the family around but it also brought many memories from Prince Philip that left her shaken up. 

    Once the summer was over, instead of returning to London she decided to reside at Windsor and remain there, where she could continue her duties but be away from the public eye. And even though she had put on a brave façade, they all knew she was suffering. A loss such as hers leaves deep marks on the heart and soul and takes a toll on the body. And little by little the family saw the spark she once had, fade away.


    By mid September they returned to Sussex for an extended stay. There, they took the time to take their sons to the Ashdown Forest and played Pooh sticks with them and explored bits of the forest itself, much to the enjoyment of the children. Arthur, now three, had taken up to running while Owen, who was still tumbling on his feet at almost nine months old, tried to follow suit. While there, they also took the time to improve their vegetable garden and farming, started renovations two of the three cottages at the property into a guest houses for visitors who wished more privacy as well as the rooms at the end of the first floor and the second floor into more suitable bedroom and a playroom for the children. They had a hired a full-time staff to work at the property with a housekeep living on site in one of the cottages while the remaining workers lived in the village, which was a short distance from the house. 

    Elle had taken the time she had with Charles at Highgrove to get some tips into what and how to plant at the property. In addition to the herb and vegetable garden, she also wanted to grow a few fruit trees such as apple, mulberry, raspberry, peach and pomegranate as well as some strawberries in the field next to the vegetables. She also wanted to plant a few flowers and start beekeeping. In a few years, she imagined, the property would have sufficient food to stock up their pantry and sell it in the farmer’s market at the village. Arthur loved helping her out when she was planting, helping put in seeds for the flowers and some other edible plants. He’d giggle and smile when he got his hands dirty but was ever so gentle with how he handled the plants, following the gentle guidance of his mother.

    On Harry’s birthday, they kept it low key and decided to have a small celebration, just the four of them. Elle had baked a caked and the boys ‘helped’ decorate it with some fruits they had picked while in the village. She had also prepared their shared favourite pudding ‘Eton Mess’ so they could have as a side dish to the cake. They gathered around Harry, laughing and cheering as they sang Happy Birthday and he blew the candles. 

    “ Thirty-six huh, Major? You’re getting old…”, joked Elle, kissing his cheek. He chuckled and shook his head, cutting a piece of the cake which he divided into three parts so he could give the first piece to them. Harry helped Arthur eat small pieces of the slice while Elle crumbled a bit of the cake to give Owen a taste. In a light and loving mood, the small family enjoyed their food 

    “ Boys! Should we give Dada his gifts?”, she asked her sons and they cheered once again. Elle then handed each of them a parcel which they handed without ceremony to their father. Opening Arthur’s first he smiled as he saw the the little card with a doodle made by his eldest son and Elle’s calligraphy written at the bottom which read: “ To Dada. You make me happy and I love you.”. Below it, a pair of grey tracksuit trousers that he’d been needing for a few months. Smiling, touched with the gift, he hugged his eldest son and kissed his cheek.

    “ Thank you, little cub. I loved it.”, he said and the boy grinned at his father then sat down beside him. He then took the one Owen had practically thrown at him and unwrapped it. Inside, there was a white t-shirt with an impression of his tiny hands in forest green, with his name and age printed below it. He chuckled and put it on, smiling at his youngest son and family, once again touched by the simple yet meaningful gifts he had received.

    “ Thank you, little warrior.”, he said, hugging Owen and also kissing his cheek. “ Thank you all. I loved my gifts. The boys seemed satisfied with their father’s reply but soon lost interest in him and amused themselves with the wrappers, tearing it to pieces. Elle smiled, watching her sons and quietly approached her husband.

    “ You have one more, Major.”, she said, handing him a small rectangular box. He eyed her suspiciously while opening it. Inside, placed in tissue paper was a familiar bracelet design: a leather string, and a metal plate with numbers and letters in it.

    “ Let’s see if you can guess this one.”, she said. Smiling, he took a closer look. 52° 49′ 47″ N, 0° 30′ 50″ E. 

    “ Well… assuming you’re following the same pattern, are those the coordinates to Sandringham?”, he asked.

    “ Yes. Owen needed his own personal bracelet, too.”, said Elle, putting it on his wrist. 

    “ Thank you, love.”, he replied, kissing her softly. “ Maybe we can get someone to put them all together in a single bracelet, so I can wear them all at once.”, he said to her.

    “ I think that’s a great idea! She said, playing with the infinity band encrusted with diamonds that Harry had given her after Owen’s birth. 

    “ And leave room for more… for I’m sure we’ll have more memorable moments to add to the collection.”, continued Harry. She smiled, nodding her head and pulled him towards her, hooking her arms around him and pressing their lips together for a more passionate kiss.

    “ Easy there, love. The little ones are still up.”, whispered Harry, his lips still dangerously close to hers. Elle smirked and bit her bottom lip.

    “ In an hour we’ll remedy that.”, she said, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.


    On the following week, the couple travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon for Elle’s second official visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company, which she had become a patron after Arthur’s birth. She had been to a few plays and been in touch with the directors but this was the first time she’d visit them after she and Harry had stepped up their duties. The children stayed with nanny Jackie who had been hired again once they had Owen and their workload increased. That way, the children could travel with them and the nanny would come along to take care of the boys while they were at work. 

    They had taken the helicopter and descended on Warwick that morning which was a 15 minute drive to Shakespeare’s birthplace. This time around, they’d be shown some landmarks in the city as well as attending a performance of Henry V later that same evening. They’d be staying overnight at Warwick Castle at their own expense just so they could enjoy the visit properly. At Warwick, Lisa and Daniel took care of settling their thing in the castle and Nanny Jackie took the children with her as well while Elle, Harry, Ronald, Ingrid, Alfred and Leo drove to Stratford. The couple was met with a crowd surrounding the main street, waving little English flags on their hands. Dressed in a black, long sleeved shirt and a burgundy knee high skirt, Elle waved at the people and Harry followed beside her as they walked at the entrance of the school where Shakespeare studied. 

    “ Your Royal Highnesses, it’s a pleasure to have you here at Stratford.”, greeted the Mayor of the town, shaking their hands.

    “ Thank  very much for having us. My husband and I are very happy to be here.”, said Elle, smiling. They proceeded to be taken inside the school, where they were given a private tour, followed by other landmarks such as Shakespeare’s home, Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Trinity Church where he’s buried. After the tours, they returned to the castle to rest and change for the evening. 

    At the castle, they enjoyed some quality time with the boys during the afternoon by privately walking around the main building and grounds, trying to shoot a few arrows, meeting the actors and actresses dressed up as knights and ladies. Elle took upon herself to explain a few bit and pieces of medieval history to her children who seemed to enjoy being entertained by her mother as she made faces and sounds when telling particularly interesting moments of the Middle Ages. 

    Once the sun started to go down, they returned to their suite, took care of the children and left them in the care of nanny Jackie while they dressed up for the night. Harry put on his suit while Elle put on a black dress with soft purple flowers in a mesh fabric draped over the base, giving it a shimmer. Before they left, they kissed the boys goodnight and departed for the theatre. Upon arrival at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, they were met with a line up of photographers and a few o the board members and directors from the RSC, whom Elle had previously met. 

    “ Welcome, Your Royal Highnesses!”, greeted by Gregory Doran, the artistic director of the company.

    “ It’s a pleasure to be here. I’ve been longing to watch of the historical productions here at Stratford for a few years now and now I finally can!”, joked Elle, and they both chuckled. 

    “ You cannot believe how excited she is for this.”, said Harry, grinning.

    “ I hope we can meet the expectations and deliver a performance to remember.”, said the director. 

    “ I have no doubt it’ll be wonderful.”, said Elle.

    Moving inside the theatre, they were directed to their box and received with a trumpet sound and applauses from the public. They smiled and acknowledged the audience before taking their seats. During the play Elle smiled, cheered, cried and got emotional as the story she knew — both historically and culturally — so well. At the end of the play, they were taken to the backstage, where they met and talked to the actors and actresses.

    “ I actually enjoyed it!”, said Harry smiling at Elle, as they rode back to Warwick.

    “ I had a feeling you would. It’d a war play after all.”, Elle replied chuckling.

    “ Yes, I enjoyed that. But the speeches were also very good. Very inspiring.”, said Harry.

    “ Oh absolutely! So much so that during World War Two the BBC recorded a film of Henry V to be broadcasted at home and internationally to the soldiers as a way to boost moral.”, said Elle.

    “ Really? Didn’t know that. Makes sense though.”, replied Harry. The short ride to the castle was enough to bring their adrenaline down, which made them jump to bed as quick as they could and fall soundly asleep in each other’s arms.


     October 2020

    Back in London, Elle met up with her friends for lunch and tea at Kensington Palace while Harry, Richard and Edward were out together at polo training for the match they had coming up. Melissa and Trevor had yet to meet Owen and were delighted to see him and how much Arthur had grown. Valerie and Mary were also delighted to see their friend and children.

    “ Look at you! A mother of two!”, said Melissa, smiling sweetly as they watched the children play. Rose, who was a bit older than the boys, coerced them into playing her favourite games which the boys welcomed as a distraction to their own playtime games. 

    “ Arthur looks so much like you…”, commented Trevor, who in the past year had gotten engaged and remained his bubbly self. “ Owen, however, looks a bit more like Harry.”, he continued, earning agreements all around.

    “ Hmmm… I don’t really see it but I guess I’m used to seeing the the bits that are mine and the ones that are Harry’s in both of them.”, replied Elle.

    “ Speaking of children, how are Blair and Jeremy, Mel?”, Elle asked.

    “ Oh, Blair started uni this term. History of Art and I’m entirely guilty and proud of her choice.”, said the older woman and they all chuckled.

    “ Jeremy is having the time of his life at school ever since he started playing rugby. François thinks he has a genuine future in it.”, she continued.

    “ That’s amazing! I’m really happy for them.”, said Elle. “ Oh how time passes quickly… yesterday they were little children!”, she continued and the mothers agreed.

    “ They do grow up in front of our eyes, don’t they?”, said Mary.

    “ They do. I’ve caught myself crying a few times while folding their clothes. Owen’s already wearing size one year old. He’s growing up too fast!”, said Elle.

    “ Speaking of babies… I have something to tell you.” Said Mary smiling coyly. Elle’s and Victoria’s eyes widened.

    “ No! You are? You are!”, said Victoria and Mary nodded her head, chuckling. “ I’m gonna be an aunt again!”, she said happily.

    “ Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and Rick. I’m sure Rose will love having another sibling.”, said Elle, hugging her friend.

    “ We’ve been trying for so long, you know? I’m only a couple of weeks along but I wanted to share the news with people I know wish me well.”, said Mary.

    “ Of course we do and we’re ecstatic for you.”, said Valerie encouragingly.

    That afternoon was filled with joy and laughter that Elle had missed severely int he past months after they had lost the Duke of Edinburgh. It felt good to be surrounded by people who could make her smiled and forget for a few moments, the sorrow, sadness and loss that had permeated their lives in the last couple of months. Those sad days, however, would soon return.

    On the 9th of October, near 8 am, they received a phone call from Charles asking them to meet with him immediately at Clarence House. Their staff was alerted by his staff and were already set in motion to take them there. They rushed to the familiar home, barely greeting Greyson on their way to the Drawing Room. They were slightly shocked to see not only Charles and Camilla there, but also Andrew and Edward. All of them looking visibly shocked and red in the face as if they’d been crying.

    “ Oh good, you’re here.”, said Camilla. “ Charles, they are here.”, said Camilla to her husband who had been talking in rushed tones to his siblings and senior advisor. 

    “ Harry, Eleanor.”, said Charles, hugging them both and sniffing on their shoulders. 

    “ Pa, you’re scaring us. What’s wrong?”, said Harry, cautiously.

    “ It’s your grandmother. Anne has just called. I’m afraid… I’m afraid she’s passed away.”, said Charles, sobbing. Their eyes widened and tears began falling from their cheeks, which triggered the rest of the family to also cry in their shared grief. They hugged Charles while he cried at the same time as they held themselves amidst such tragic news. 

    “ How?”, asked Elle, turning to the people in the room, still in disbelief. 

    “ Heart failure, in her sleep. According to what Anne has told us.”, replied Edward. Gulping and sniffing, Elle nodded her head.

    “ At least it was peaceful.”, she replied and they all nodded their head. Charles composed himself and dried his face with his fingers.

    “ Operation London Bridge is on the way. The Private Secretary and Prime Minister have already been informed. I imagine the rest of the government will soon receive the news as well.”, said Charles, visibly shaken. 

    And so they did. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office were also communicated and passed down the news to the other fifteen countries of which Her Majesty was the head of state and also the governments of the Commonwealth. The news vehicles were also alerted and all schedules programmes were interrupted. Soon, the news had reached the world that this most beloved Queen had passed away, age 94. A footman pinned a dark-edged notice to the gates of Buckingham Palace, much like her own father’s death had been notified. But unlike during her father’s reign, the staff of all royal households took to social media to address the public and keep them updated about a book of condolence and other way they could share take part in the ceremonies around the the UK and abroad to celebrate Queen Elizabeth.

    That morning, the Prime Minister, Mr. Christopher Simmons recalled the Parliament and it would meet within the first hours of the news being shared. There, he addressed the House of Commons. Soon after, all government building were flying their flags at half-mast and all ceremonial ornaments were placed in black purses as a sign of mourning for the past monarch. 

    That same day, her body was moved, and placed at St. George’s Chapel, with the royal standard draped over her coffin. The first funeral rites were given at the by the Windsor chaplain and the guards stationed at the castle mounted a guard of honour inside the building and would remain there for the next two days before he body was transported by by car to London, where it would remain at Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room for a day. 

    In the afternoon, the Prime Minister came around Clarence House to meet with Charles who was now the Head of State. The family’s engagements were cancelled for the rest of the month and Elle and Harry remained at Clarence House overnight, their children had been brought to them by their staff, so they could support Charles and be close as a family. On the following day, they drove with Charles and Camilla to St. James’s Palace for the Accession Council meeting. 

    “ Your Majesty, Your Royal highnesses, we’re very sorry for your loss.”, said a councillor as the family entered the building side by side. Inside it, members of the Privy Council, officers of the State, members of the House of Lords — which included Elle’s father and uncle, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other senior members of the Church of England, the mayor of London, high commissioners and representatives of the Commonwealth realms. 

    As Charles took his place at the front of the room, with the people surrounding him, Charles made his Oath of Allegiance to the Council, the Church of England and Church of Scotland. Then, Charles seated on the Sovereign’s Chair and one by one, the members of government present as well as Harry, Elle and Camilla made their oaths of allegiance which would be repeated in a more ceremonial manner during his coronation in a few months. Afterwards, they moved to the Proclamation Gallery outside the court of the palace where the proclamation was read out-loud by the Garter King of Arms.

    “Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to call to His Mercy our late Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II of Blessed and Glorious memory, by whose Decease the Crown is solely and rightfully come to the High and Mighty Prince Charles Philip Arthur George. We, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted with these Her late Majesty's Privy Council, with representatives of other Members of the Commonwealth, with other Principal Gentlemen of Quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of London, do now hereby with one voice and Consent of Tongue and Heart publish and proclaim that the High and Mighty Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now, by the death of our late Sovereign of happy memory, become King Charles the Third, by the Grace of God King of this Realm and of all His other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, to whom His lieges do acknowledge all Faith and constant Obedience with hearty and humble Affection, beseeching God by whom Kings and Queens do reign, to bless the Royal Prince Charles the Third with long and happy Years to reign over us.”

    “ The Queen is dead. Long live the King!”, he shouted.

    “ Long live the King!”, was repeated by all. 

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    Typically the Avengers: endgame Review

    One of the more strange Marvel superhero movies around recent memory space is Avenger endgame. It doesn't pretty have got the bloated style of the particular MCU films, but really still a good fun motion picture overall. What makes that great is that often the movie takes on out such as a normal superhero film -- nonetheless with a little little bit of levity mixed throughout. Often the humor in typically the film will be both light-hearted and devious, as very long as you ignore typically the fact that almost every single character in the video is insane. It's certainly not like any other comic book movie, but it does its job well. I'm not sure exactly what separates Avenger from this other MCU motion pictures, although it sure is like this wants to take some sort of little the edge away of the already insane superheroes of the MCU. Positive, there are times when you think often the villains are much better than the heroes, although generally they come throughout as as well one-dimensional or perhaps underdeveloped. The MCU has been recently consequently successful for the reason that it's capable of do that will; providing strong figures that we care about, while constructing the world together with the mythology surrounding them in to the greatest superhero testimonies ever. Avenger falls a lttle bit short in that team, even so the pacing is very good, the effects are excellent, and the story is entertaining overall. It's uncommon that a solo film has the capacity to stand on it has the own, but Avenger concludes up being that variety of video. While that shares a large amount of typically the characteristics with the MCU, it still has its own uniqueness. It's a popcorn movie, with some steps, mystery, and drama. avenger end game ไทย It's also got quite some sort of little bit going for this thanks to excellent performances via Will Jackson and Emma Stone, and also some excellent set design in addition to aesthetic factors.

    Smith takes on Jerrika Bourne, a private in the CIA, whose life is definitely converted upside down any time he gets captured plus taken to Africa, where he teams up with some African locals that need to support him draw out an American real estate agent, Frankpledge, from captivity. Because Jerr Bourne, he must fight to protect not merely him or her self but furthermore individuals nearly him, and know the real truth about their own personal background. During the course of typically the movie, he / she battles the villainous particular, Kaffir Young man (Christoph Waltz), who may have programs for not just The us, nonetheless the world such as well. Meanwhile, Will Smith's character reaches visit some places that he's never ever been ahead of. Tuesday is definitely no less useful, as Smith takes a get away from from his Star Wars responsibilities to explore quite a few new functions in his own films. There is also quite a bit regarding history that builds way up between Wednesday plus avenger endgame, as Tuesday is usually the twenty-first anniversary in the first mission of the US military in Photography equipment. Jones plays Colonel Barnes, a decorated Vietnam expert whoms command of often the operation. Only just before releasing his assignment, Barnes detects out that your dog is been assigned to oversee typically the dismantling of a new weapons factory, where he or she suspected foods Chinese terrorists are usually hiding weapons and forearms. Presently, instead of heading for Most of asia to gather brains on the terrorists, he / she and his comrades have to instead travel to Egypt, after which onto the Black nation to execute just what is apparently a rescue procedure. The lead characters of this movie instructions which include Barnes and Smith's character, Frankpledge - have the ability to undergone alterations, both literally and in your head. While past instalments connected with the Avenger series featured entirely new characters, that one contains some going back favorites as well, namely May Johnson as Jerrika Bourne, Bea Hathaway as mistress mom, April O'Neil while sis Alice, Brad Damon as director Tony Karras, and Jude Rules as negotiator Gabriel. Handling a few of the more topical problems of that time period - like debatable subject areas like immigration, the particular build up of the Ice cold War, and also balancing typically the emotional variable between the particular characters - the particular internet of the movie on the net is a welcome thoughts from the often gritty characteristics from the plot, and it helps to carry many much needed international point of view to a history so centered on The usa and your ex place in the world. There are some standout routines during the movie, in addition to the solid all provides their A game to often the screen. The later profession turn of Anne Hathaway as Julia is the particular delight, not just because of her age (at 72), but also her ability to play an ageing personality and still look the part. Will Smith's character is absolutely great since the aging but by no means age Michael Douglas, and April O' Neil provides robust comic relief while mother-daughter duo. With a great array of abilities on their disposal, Infinity Struggle would seem likely to continue to be some sort of pack office strike through the life connected with release. Undoubtedly that virtually any film with such some sort of mixed bag of plus points as this is bound to be a box office reach or close in order to it, helping to make this a single of the best videos involving 2009... Bottom brand, the Avengers: Infinity Conflict review is only a overview of the video, which will you can find by way of pressing the links down below. In the meantime, We hope a person enjoyed the particular article as much as I actually enjoyed making that. If you'd like to explore some of the particular points touched about in this article or might like to discover other flick reviews, you can find all of them by clicking the links below. Likewise, if you would prefer to see a comprehensive investigation of this video from the critical viewpoint, precisely why not check out the site below in which We have collected my judgment of the film and even my thoughts on how it works. Reviewed by means of Brad Damon, The Avengers: Infinity Battle is expected in order to open within theaters all-around the Christmas vacations, perhaps sooner if Infinitude, infiniteness Conflict: Age of ULAs will well at the box workplace.

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    Cards Oc Playlist:


    Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran Changes - David Bowie Keep You Safe - The Crane Wives Naive - The Kooks Ain’t it Fun - Paramore What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club Toy Soldiers - Marianas Trench 1234 - Feist Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran Donut Hole - Hachi Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones I See You, You See Me - The Magic Numbers arrow - half•alive Wine Red - The Hush Sound Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco People Used to Dream About the Future - A Girl Called Eddy Where is the Love? - Black Eyed Peas Kill Em With iIndness - Selena Gomez Little Wonders - Rob Thomas American Dream - Miami Horro I Was Here - Beyonce


    Heart Attack - Demi Lovato One Woman Army - Porcelain Black I’ll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore Don’t Let Me Get Me - P!nk Just a Girl - No Doubt I am the Fire - Halestorm The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy Warriors - Imagine Dragons Girl in the Mirror - Cheryl Cole Human - Rag’n’Bone Man Somewhere Only We Know - Keane Youth - Daughter I Don’t Wanna be Funny Anymore - Lucy Dacus One of the Boys - Katy Perry Satellite - Lena Halo - Beyonce Double Rainbow - Katy Perry Break Free - Ariana Grande Yonjuunana/47 - JubyPhonic cover Never Love an Anchor - The Crane Wives


    Daydreamer - Adele Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas 7 years - Lukas Graham Get Off My Back - Byran Adams Good Feeling - Flo Rida Raise No Fool - Set it Off Ikanaide (Don’t Go) - Mafumafu It Took Me By Surprise - Maria Mena Viva La Vida - Coldplay The Man Who Can’t Be Moved - The Script King - Years & Years Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy Somebody to Love - Queen I’d Do Anything - Simple Plan Unlikely Hero - The Hoosiers Counting Stars - One Republic Golden Skans - Klaxons Back to the Star - Lily Allen The Next Right Thing - Frozen 2 Just one Last Time - David Guetta Save You (Feferi Peixes Fansong) - PhemieC


    Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez One Little Slip - Barenaked Ladies My Songs Know What You did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy Bird Song - Florence + the Machine Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown - Fall Out Boy WOZWALD - Niru Kajitsu I Dreamed A Dream - Anne Hathaway (this is my fave version) Maps - Maroon 5 Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga Just Like a Pill - P!nk Replay - Lady Gaga Hypnotised - Set it Off Volatile Times - IAMX Akaito - Rib That Distant Shore - Steven Universe Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco It’s Alright - Mother Mother I’ll Try - Jonathana Brooke Stronger than You - Estelle Do Better - Say Anything The Call - Regina Spektor


    Valerie - Amy Whine House Mouthwash - Kate Nash Drift Away - Steven Universe Naughty - Matilda Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle Cups - Pitch Perfect What the Hell - Avril Lavigne Class Fight - Melanie Martinez Touch the Sky - Brave La La La - Naughty Boy Persephone - Yumi Zouma The Show - Lenka Rather Be - Clean Bandit Lights - Ellie Goulding Are you Satisfied? - Marina and the Diamonds My Friends - Oh Wonder Pretty Lies - The Count of Monte Cristo Something there - Beauty and the Beast Bust your Knee Caps - Pomplamoose He Wasn’t There - Lily Allen Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng


    Friend Like Me - Aladdin (Robin Williams) Say Geronimo - Say Hey So Riptide - Vance Joy There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of it Yet - Panic! At the Disco Womaniser - Britney Spears Shama - Cheek Cover Happier - Marshmello & Bastille Every Time you go - Ellie Goulding Heartbreak Down - P!nk For Good - Wicked Everything Black - Unlike Pluto Grenade - Bruno Mars In God’s Hands - Nelly Furtado Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz Here Comes a Thought - Steven Universe Driftwood - Travis Distant fields (Sarishinohara) - Rachie Cover Everybody Wants Somebody - Patrick Stump You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles Love Like You - Steven Universe


    Papoutai - Stromae Back In School - Mother Mother Out of Sight, Out of Mnd - Tale of Two Cities Diamond Heart - Lady Gaga Therefore, You and Me - Eve Pretty Girl (The Way) - Sugarcult Rats Died - Oktavia Cover A Story Told - Count of Monte Cristo My Time - Bo En MANTRA - Bring Me The Horizon Wolf in Sheep Clothing - Set It Off Shiny - Moana The Dismemberment Song - Blue Kid Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea - Fall out Boy Earthquake - Labrinth Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift Don’t Mes With Me - Temposhark Skyfall - Adele Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez bad guy - Billie Eilish


    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Lady Gaga S.L.U.T - Bea Miller Stupid Girls - P!nk Fly on the Wall - Miley Cyrus Hot Problems - Cover Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce Dancing Queen - Abba Sparkling Diamonds - Moulin Rouge Hard Out Here - Lily Allen When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls Move Over - Spice Girls Grrrls - AViVA Strawberry Shortcake - Melanie Martinez Seventeen - Heathers Crazy Kids - Ke$ha Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani I know those Eyes/This Man is Dead - Count of Monte Cristo Beautiful - Christina Aguilera Princess of China - Coldplay A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie Like Other Girls - Mulan 2

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