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  • ardenssolis
    19.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    @solaoccasum​ said (inbox):

    itachi is just gonna rest his chin on ramses's shoulder. mm, yes this is perfect.

         WAS OZYMANDIAS A CHIN rest now? Well, he supposed it was fine if it was Itachi, though some kind of warning would have been nice. The moment he had felt someone so much as cross into his space, he had tensed instinctively, unused to another initiating such. ❝Ah, it is just you, Itachi. I thought I was going to have to punish someone.❞ He laughed, his hand lifting to brush fingers through the other's hair, albeit for but a moment. ❝Stay and rest for as long as you want. Surely my divine shoulder should serve as the greatest source of comfort imaginable.❞ In his most humble opinion.

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  • alfredopizzaluver151
    19.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    If the motorcycle in botw is powered by monster parts then does that mean the Blights in the Divine Beasts were monster parts taken possession by the Calamity? 

    #has a game theorist done a video on how many monster parts power the divine beasts? lol #loz botw #legend of zelda breath of the wild
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  • rickygina
    19.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    rinis we are NOT the same please stop trying to relate to rinas and say ricky doesnt deserve either of them when you were fine with ricky literally one episode ago. our struggles are different from yours thanks

    #yes ricky needs therapy obviously but this whole episode was him trying to cling to the past aka nini #hes metaphorically the beast and trying to keep everything the same but hopefully he’ll transform by the end of the season #and realize he needs to embrace change aka gina #and gina deserves to get the boy she likes #so :)#rina#my posts
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  • buttergriffin332
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sorry for all the Improvidence art as of late. Just nothing but memes with him. Here's something a little more original

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  • cerberus253
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I honestly believe The Beast from Over the Garden Wall would like autistic kids/people, but like, those that are hyper-fixated in the Arts (drawing, painting, music, writing, dance, etc) and certain sciences, like biology, archeology, and psychology.

    He’d probably still turn them into trees, but I think he’d like watching and studying them more. In addition, despite Beast’s way of speech, I doubt he’d actively talk to people. If he has to, yeah he’ll converse, but just going around looking for someone to talk to, or seeing someone and thinking he’ll talk to them about whatever, no, I don’t think he would. However, the people I do think he would at least consider just talking to, whether it be for tree business or not, would be autists.

    Beast just… seems like the kind of guy that would take notice of their specific interest that so happens to be the things he likes as well, and just get caught up in conversing with them.

    But of course he’d still make then into a tree, just, uh, maybe not as adamant and maybe save them for last?

    I dunno. I’ve been thinking about him more recently.

    #over the garden wall #otgw#the beast
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  • frxncko
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    When u show too much love they play u like u weak.

    #comeup#quotes #beauty and the beast
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  • incorrectdivinityoriginalsin
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Beast: I've never felt so low in my life.

    The Red Prince: Well, Beast, if it means anything to you, I'm here for you

    Beast: It doesn't, but thanks

    #divinity original sin 2 #beast #the red prince #source: cheers#incorrect quotes #we love supportive friends
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  • watching-pictures-move
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Movie Review | The Beast and the Magic Sword (Naschy, 1983)

    When I saw Iron Maiden in concert a few years ago, what struck me was not just the power of the music or the extravagant prop-and-effects-filled stage show, but the sight of frontman Bruce Dickinson in a puffy shirt and pantaloons, galloping across the stage, throwing the full force of his body into the performance. I bring up this memory because Paul Naschy brings a similar energy to his performance in The Beast and the Magic Sword. Lots of bared teeth, lots of tensed arms, lots of jumping around. If you've seen The Kentucky Fried Movie, the gorilla rampage should come to mind. I say this not to insult the movie, but to note the endearingly goofy charm of the lead performance. I should also mention that he's playing a werewolf.

    The Beast and the Magic Sword is the ninth or tenth of the Hombre Lobo movies Naschy starred in (I understand that the existence of one of the films is in question, at least in regards to a finished form) and the last one to have received a theatrical release. I understand that Naschy is best known for this character and that he'd directed a number of movies at this point as well, and there is a degree of assurance in the finished product I can detect despite this being my first experience with him as an actor and director. The movie neatly sets up an origin story for his hero's lycanthropy, involving a duel with Magyar invaders and religious persecution, and then shuttling off to Japan, where the werewolf material mixes interestingly with the jidaigeki and Japanese folklore elements. (I understand the exact origin story differs between installments of the series, but as a newcomer, I appreciated being given some kind of setup.) What transpires are not just werewolf attacks (always in a shiny black shirt and pantaloons), but sword fights, witchcraft, undead samurai and most memorably, a wrestling match with a tiger. And at the end, a Japanese pop song plays over the credits.

    I watched this on a Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro, and to the extent that home video labels can be said to have house styles, this movie's blend of exotic, worldly delights and excitable, schlocky tone is firmly in that company's wheelhouse. The movie was shot open matte style, and due to its limited theatrical release, it was widely seen for years only in full frame on home video, despite not being the intended aspect ratio for its theatrical release. Due to probable production mistakes, the footage in the prologue seems to drift in and out of focus with some regularity and was giving me a bit of a headache, so I watched the full frame version where the issue didn't seem as severe. I actually think this works in the movie's favour, as the aspect ratio ties nicely into the stateliness of the Japanese sections and helps the horror imagery pop. Naschy was able to shoot in Toshiro Mifune's studios and I suspect getting access to local crew influenced the movie's style for the better. (If I wanted to talk completely out of my rear end, I would say that this is like if Ozu made a werewolf movie. Having finally seen my first few Ozus recently, I will say that if you sprinkle in a bit of Kobayashi the claim gets a little less dumbassed.)

    There is a level of wish fulfillment here, which may or may not be off putting depending on how much you can identify with Naschy. If I were a not particularly charismatic and handsome dude (okay, that I am) and I had the ability to direct myself in a movie where I'm surrounded by beautiful women and can run around pretending to be a werewolf in some really nice looking sets, I sure as hell would jump on that opportunity. (All three elements are equally important in this hypothetical scenario.) Naschy's performance has some of that bozo quality, but at the same time, he clearly realizes that he comes up short as an actor against Shigeru Amachi and gladly shifts the dramatic crux of the movie over to the Japanese characters. (The Japanese actors are dubbed into Spanish, but it's done well enough that it was a non-issue for me.) And aside from a rampage through a brothel, the movie is less exploitative than the poster would have you believe, committing to its idiosyncratic vision of horror. If anything, that's what's most surprising about the movie. Naschy isn't just using the Japanese setting for flavouring, he actually seems to respect the country's dramatic traditions and folklore and makes a movie that's a true blend of those elements with his lycanthropic passions.

    #film#movie review #the beast and the magic sword #paul naschy
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  • baristablues
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    rules:   please    repost,    don’t    reblog    !     bold    and    italicize  what  applies    accordingly.

    ANGER:   jaw    clenching,    hands    balling    into    fists,   teeth    grinding,   yelling,    going    nonverbal,   stuttering    speech,    rushed    speech,    slow    concise    speech,   rambling,   quiet,   arms    crossing,    shaking    head,   tearing    up,    animated,    expressionless,   projects,    internalizes,  vents,    withdraws,    passive    aggressive,   direct,  physical    outbursts,    verbal    outbursts

    JOY:    easy    smiles,  fighting    back    grins,    suppressed    laughter,   loud    laughter,    giggles,   chuckling,    smirks,  whole    body    laughs,   covers    mouth    when    laughing    /    giggling,   throws    head    back    when    laughing,   slaps    leg,    touches    people    around    them    when    laughing,    looks    down    when    laughing,    looks    for    eye    contact    when    laughing,   sparkling    eyes,   bubbly    happiness,   quiet    subtle    happiness,   obnoxious    happiness,    wants    to    spread    joy,    quietly    savors    joy

    SADNESS:     crying,  bottling    it    up,    seeks    distractions,  wallows,    meditates    and    processes,    avoidance,  seeks    out    comfort,    withdraws,    talks    it    out,   internalizes    it,  sad    smiles,    depression    naps,   uses    alcohol,    uses    drugs,   seeks    out    sources    of    joy,   fidgets    with    sentimental    item,  sits    in    silence,  broods,  gets    moody, wants    someone    to    share    the    misery,   tries    to    hide    negative    emotions,   nurtures    others    to    make    themselves    feel    better

    EMBARRASSMENT    /    SHAME:     blushing,   looking    away,    rubbing    at    back    of    head,    covering    face,    laughing    nervously,    laughs    it    off,    overthinks,    lets    it    go,    self    deprecating    humor,    deflects,    gets    irritated,   smiles,   withdraws,   crossing    arms    over    stomach,   crossing    arms    over    chest,   hands    in    pockets,   shoulders    sinking,    shrugs,   falling    into    silence    until    comfortable    again,    talking    a    lot    to    compensate

    GUILT:   avoiding    eye    contact,    shoulders    sinking    low,   head    hanging    down, crying,   chest    aches,    lashes    out,  internalizes,  apologizes,    deflects,    communicates,    withdraws,   grand    gestures    for    forgiveness,    accepts    fault    easily,  punishes    themselves,    martyrdom,    victim    complex,   over-active    guilt    complex,    healthy    conscience,   internalizes    even    after    forgiveness,   seeking    redemption,    moves    on    easily,   denial,    lack    of    guilt    /    conscience,   sorry    they    got    caught    more    than    caused    harm,  can’t    handle    knowing    they    hurt    others

    FEAR    /    ANXIETY:   trembling,    crying,   sarcasm    /    sass        (    humor    )    to    cope,    rambles,   goes    silent,  gets    angry,   fidgeting,  clenching    jaw,   picking    at    nails,   chewing    at    lip,    pulling    at    clothes,    adjusting    jewelry    /    clothing,    swallowing    thickly,   eyes    widening,  over-reacts,  under-reacts,   calm,    logical,   panic,    irrational, overthinks,   carefully    analyzes,    talks    to    themselves,    breathing    exercises,    flight,   fight,   withdraw,    fawn

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  • card-arty
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Follow me on Instagram ---> @ card.arty

    Alice in wonderland (1951) - 

    Today I decided to draw Alice falling scene. Hope you guys like this pic like I do. ♥️♦️♠️♣️

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  • smiletwt
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #frankly i never know what mr beast is up to #i just hear references to him on the wind #anon#replies#intro tales
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  • sandwichthatcomesinahotdogbox
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Beauty and The Beast (Judee Levinson/Charlie Hull). This idea was given to me by @lapis-lazuliie so thank you!

    (This has explicit language so... just a disclaimer)

    Chapter 1: Tony and The Tramp

    It had been a busy day at the massage parlour and Charlie, or 'Charles' as Mrs. Levinson calls him, was worn out due to all the 'handy work' he'd been doing. In all honesty, with the money he was getting, he didn't mind at all. As soon as his last client left the room, Charlie let out a big yawn and cracked his wrists.

    "Thank God Stella don't know about this" He said, picking up the towel and wiping his oily hands. Then he left the room.

    Judee was stood behind the counter, counting the tips they got that day.

    "Charles, look! A £20 tip! I think I made a good decision hiring you" She smiled, handing him the money. "Are you sure Stella doesn't mind?" Judee leaned over the counter and touched his hand. Charlie immediately pulled his hand away and Judee withdrew her hand with a saddened look on her face.

    "Um... no, she... she doesn't mind. Er... I better get going now, actually. She's probably wondering where I am".

    Charlie left the parlour and stood outside the door for a few minutes. He looked back in thought. Judee's touch wasn't completely unwanted, even if he made it seem like it was. But... he was a married man and she was a married woman. It couldn't possibly work. And with that, he took off down the road.

    Judee stood and watched as Charlie walked away. She couldn't understand what she found so... attractive about him but she just wanted him so badly. But he didn't want her.

    She fumbled with the wedding band on her finger,

    "Oh Eddie..." She wept. "I can't stay faithful to you forever, as much as I want to. A woman has... needs". She often spoke to herself like this, imagining he was still there. She liked to pretend he was still down at the warehouse and that he was paying for her to go on these expensive trips abroad when she was really just staying at hotels. She had nothing before she opened Spit and Polish. That was when Charlie walked into her life.

    "I've been thinking about what Mum- I mean... Iris said. You aren't even here anymore. And now the only man I want other than you is married to that... that skank who doesn't even love him back!" Judee slammed her fist onto the counter, breaking a cherry-red nail. For the first time in years, her persona had crumpled and she had never felt more alone.

    Charlie unlocked the door and walked into his house. "Stella!" He shouted, hanging his coat on the rack. From upstairs, he heard laughter. She must not have heard him. Just as he was about to shout her again, he heard a man's voice.

    "Probably watching the telly" He thought. "Stella?" He said it quietly this time, saying it more to himself as he walked up the stairs. Now, he could hear the bed creaking and the very loud sound of Stella's pleasure. Charlie didn't want to open the door...

    But he did. Behind it, Stella lay in lingerie beneath a man with long hair and a pale complexion... Tony. His daughter's boyfriend, Tony, was in bed with his wife.

    "Charlie!" Stella jumped up and wrapped the blanket around herself.

    "Oh, so this is why you were so excited about me working at the parlour, eh? So you could stay here all day in bed with your fucking toyboy?" Charlie blurted, shutting the door behind him.

    "You're one to talk, putting your hands over god knows how many women all day!"

    "That's my bloody job, isn't it?"

    "No, your fuckin job is to satisfy me and you can't even do that right! How're you supposed to satisfy them when you can't satisfy your own wife?"

    "I thought you'd be happy. I'm getting loads of money. More money for you to go spend in The Greedy Slits! You have a fucking problem!"

    "I don't have a problem! I can stop at any time, can't I Tony?"

    Tony didn't speak, leaving Charlie to continue. "Oi, Toyboy, I want you out of my fuckin house and away from my wife"

    "No" Stella said, grabbing his arm "You stay, Tony. At least I've found someone who wants me". She was crying now, holding a cigarette in her hand. "You never loved me, Charlie".

    "I loved you enough to marry you"

    "Well you don't fucking love me anymore, do you?"


    "And I don't love you! I haven't for a long time, Charlie"

    "I know... but you still stay with me, don't you Stella?" Charlie turned away and opened the door. "I'm going to The Windermere. I'll get my stuff in the morning".

    #stella hull#charlie hull#judee levinson #beauty and the beast (come into my parlour) #the league of gentlemen #fanfiction
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  • muses-of-the-multiverse
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #ic #reyna: failed divine beast #sadan: divine prototype
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  • bloodthirsty-hero
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Underneath our bad blood We still got a sanctum, home Still a home, still a home here It's not too late to build it back 'Cause a one-in-a-million chance Is still a chance, still a chance And I would take those odds
    Unbreak the broken Unsay these spoken words Find hope in the hopeless Pull me out of the train wreck Unburn the ashes Unchain the reactions, I'm not ready to die, not yet Pull me out the train wreck Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out You can say what you like 'cause see, I would die for you I, I'm down on my knees and I need you to be my God Be my help, be a savior who can
    Roman & Peter Vibes
    #This is just Roman's song :( #Reblogging again cause I am in my feels #Roman Godfrey vibes #Peter Rumancek vibes #upirsinner#Their playlist #Roman & Peter #Thoughts of an Upir #Thoughts of a gypsy wolf #{Sexy man beast 🐺} #{Shut up and kiss me 💋}
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  • space-crackerss
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ok so was I the only one that thought as a child that the clock and candlestick from the beauty and the beast were together?

    #gaypride#otp #beauty and the beast
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  • thisbelongsto-nohbodys
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Meanwhile in “References in Modern Cartoons That Made Me Happy”

    Hop Pop Plantar (Amphibia) and Mrs. Pott (and maybe Chip) (Beauty and the Beast) in Owl House


    Does this beaked person look a bit like one of Ludo’s siblings from Star vs?

    #refrences #meanwhile in references #owl house#amphibia #hop pop planter #beauty and the beast
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  • warlordfelwinter
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    other people in pokego battle league: *using legendaries and only pokes with super spammy special attacks*

    me: i am a theme trainer and my theme is eeveelutions

    #my eevees arent the best but they are mine #and they do pretty well #especially my vaporeon its a beast #i need to catch another eevee so i can get a sylveon #thats my favorite one #pokemon
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