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  • Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) tries to present the unconscious “prisoners” to Vox Supreme while she’s actually hiding the real Avengers in somewhere else at the same time. Unfortunately, Vox Supreme figured out that she is trying to trick him that he punishes her for her failure and lying that he smacks her around and then, uses her suit to blindfold and gag her. 

    - Captain Marvel v10 #15, 2020

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  • Day 4: Beaten

    A boot connected with Alfie’s ribcage, and he barely suppressed a grunt. He didn’t bother to look up. His attacker’s face would just blend in with everyone else that had hurt him. His ribs would definitely bruise, and he could only hope that nothing was broken. This was how most of his encounters with people like this went. At least none of them had the thought to kill him. Everything faded for a moment, before coming back with painful intensity as another kick to his stomach made him flinch on the ground. He couldn’t last like this. 

    Finally making an attempt to get up, Alfie pushed shaking arms under him. The harpy only made it a couple of inches forward before the man kicked him again, and he collapsed on the ground, coughing as a cloud of dust billowed around him. 

    #whump#whump drabble #hahaha drabble's are supposed to be 100 words #that's my excuse for why this is so short #beaten#broken bone#bruises#bruised ribs #29 day whump challenge #my writing#alfie
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    Reminder: bingo card is open to all requests, for any square, any of my OCs, any universe!  I currently have no requests or asks, so please request!


    @cursedscribbles​ I hope you enjoy!  I don’t think I’ve ever written character A/B (I usually just end up giving them names) and I just really dislike the term whumpee for some reason so I never use that.  I decided to set in the world of Raider, because it was in line with some ideas I had for future developments!

    (Tagging @smileevenwhenyoudontfeellikeit​ because it’s Raider!verse.)


    It was the worst of luck that this had to happen today.

    Riya scowled at the street in front of her, emptying faster than she’d like because supernatural or not, people knew when a place was becoming inhospitable.  It was a sixth sense.  Though the two hulking goons following her were anything but subtle.

    But did it really have to happen now?  Lee had pretty much forbade her to leave the apartment while she was off gallivanting around to get the city back in order, and Tanner and Ekaterina were only too willing to follow her orders.  It had taken an hour of pleading, two hours of whining, and the promise of chocolate muffins from the bakery on Fifth for Tanner to let her out.

    She had a feeling he wouldn’t be pleased with her getting into a fight thirty minutes from the front door.  Nowhere near Fifth, or any decent bakery.

    “Come on, guys,” she said loudly, her voice carrying to the two figures tucked in the shadows of the alley in front and to the windows, where she could see eyes watching.  “Are we really going to spoil this beautiful day with a fight?”

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    #whump#whumpfic#badthingshappenbingo#ambush#raider#beaten #four on one #ugh fight scenes #I usually intersperse them with witty dialogue #to make them less painful to write #but riya's not very good with witty dialogue #(yes one of my characters) #(I know I'm questioning whether she's adopted too)
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  • Two fics in one night lets gooooo!  I figured I’d do a little filler piece before the next chapter, I hope you guys like it!

    Content warnings: modern slavery, pet whump, violence, dehumanization, conditioning, blood, threat that could be translated as a threat of abuse to a minor, stay safe loves <3

    Luca startled awake, breathing heavily. He was on the couch, Marcus sleeping peacefully in the bed across the room from him.

    He took a deep breath, the feeling of sharp nails still digging into his skin.  He noticed he was shaking, muscles tensed to the point it was painful, and he made a conscious effort to relax his body.  

    He felt a sharp pain in his stomach, painfully reminded that he hadn’t eaten that day.  Stephen had been home most the day which was unusual for him, but that meant that Luca was too scared to be caught helping himself in the kitchen when he wasn’t told he was allowed.  Marcus was at school, so he was left to try and stay out from underneath Stephens feet, only earning an occasional shove when he didn’t see the man coming around the corner.

    With just Marcus home, he could take liberties around the house, relax a little.  With Stephen?  He wouldn’t dare risk it.

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    #whump#pet whump#box boy #box boy universe #box boy series #tw pet whump #tw dehumanization#blood #Marcus and luca #my oc's #Stephen gets madddd #tw threats of child abuse #tw abuse#abuse whump #grabbed by the hair #choked#beaten#shaking
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  • the bookshop (lux and emory meet) | flirting over text | this drabble | emory sees scars, lux panic attack | the words

    It was going to be a good time. Coffee, maybe some snacks like croissants or muffins, whatever was fresh and warm in the display case. They were going to chat. Get to know each other. There would be soft indie songs playing on speakers out of sight, and they could’ve watched people walking past the coffee shop’s big windows, could’ve guessed what those people were thinking and saying.

    They were supposed to meet up at two o’clock. Emory got there five minutes late, so he wouldn’t seem like he was too excited about the date. So he wouldn’t be on display, so it wouldn’t be obvious that he’s catching feelings for this cute guy with curls and a smile that’s hard-won.

    And he waited. Waited, alone in that coffee shop, finishing off two drinks at the slowest pace possible until he felt nauseous with embarrassment.

    Lux didn’t come. Emory got stood up.

    It’s fine, Emory thinks, as he packs up his stuff and slides it into his bag as calmly as he can. No outward frustration. He didn’t care, anyway. He unlocks his phone with one hand, clicks on his most recently opened text notification, and blocks Lux’s number. Easy disconnect, painless. Two hours wasted sitting in a coffee shop isn’t all that bad. If he’s not worth Lux’s time, or even a text giving him a heads up about the date being called off, then he doesn’t care.


    It’s evening when there’s a knock on the door. It’s dark out. No one should be knocking, no delivery man or friend. Probably somebody selling something.

    He didn’t get the socialization he thought he would today, though, so Emory sighs and gets up off the couch. May as well chat with someone trying to sell him an internet service with cheaper rates or something. They might even be cute enough to flirt with.

    Emory goes to the door. Turns the handle, lets it swing open.

    There Lux stands, arms flying down to his sides from where they were crossed, looking guilty. Emory doesn’t care.

    “I tried to call,” Lux starts, shifting his weight nervously. “I… can I come in, please?”

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    Wellllllll here’s my OC Xander with his abusive Ex in the past.

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  • Drabble 5

    The whumper had promised to take their time, but they couldn’t help it. Once they got started, it was difficult to take it slow, to savor each second. But finally, they managed to pull back, bask in their adrenaline, and loom over their work.

    The whumpee trembled on their side, curled into a cowering ball, their visible eye sealed shut by black and purple swelling. It reminded the whumper of a ripe plum. The whumpee’s rope bonds cut into their wrists, soaking up the blood. The abrasions were so raw by now that the whumpee no longer moved their arms much except to shield their head and stomach from any blows they could see coming. But of course, anymore, they couldn’t see much. The ropes on their ankles hadnt been much kinder.

    The whumper took a breath. It’d been a while since they’d stepped away. They could hardly stand the thought of pausing the fun. But leaving the whumpee to lie in their pain…and their own blood…without a word or explanation…the hope that the torture was finished with…maybe there was something to that worth a few minutes on hold.

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  • 29 Day Whump Challenge  by yuckwhump

    Day 2: Broken Bone || Tied or Chained Up


    Day 4: Beaten || Force-Fed or Hand-Fed

    (Ye I’m mixing the prompts or else I’ll never have the time to draw them all)

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  • Black Knight, Crystal, Hercules and Deathcry are captured by the Kree. The Kree torture them by beating and forcing one to watch the other get tortured. 

    - Avengers v1 #366, 1993

    (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pics are the close-ups of the 1st pic)

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  • Eye

    #need to be brutalized #choked#beaten#idk why
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  • Rain was too gentle a term for what the weather was doing, hero was soaked to the bone a few minutes into their patrol, the howling wind blew right through their uniform, they were shivering and miserable. What’s worse is that they had a job to do, Villain had been sighted downtown, and wherever that monster went there was pain and destruction to follow. 

    Hero made quick work of searching the downtown area, they didn’t want to be out in this storm any longer than they had to be, after an hour they had almost given up on finding Villain, maybe the sighting had been fake, or maybe they’d decided to hold off because of the rain, cause a little destruction another day instead. 

    Hero headed down one last alley, they were on the old side of town now, these alleys were still brick paved, the putrid scent of wet garbage back here was a wall of smell, hero crinkled up their nose in disgust, they turned to leave, as they did so, something caught their eye hunched in the corner by the dumpster. 

    It was Villain, smell forgotten hero crept close carefully, ready to attack at any moment, as they got closer to Villain’s crouched form they got the sense that something was wrong, Villain was breathing in shallow panting breathes, one arm wrapped around their middle their eyes were squeezed closed. 

    Hero was about to pounce on them to try and retrain them before Villain knew that they were even there, but then they saw the blood, it was splashed up against the bricks, pooling around Villain on the alleyway, oozing between Villain’s fingers. 

    Hero made a small surprised sound in their throat accidentally and Villain’s eyes shot open, for a moment all that shone in those normally self-assured mocking eyes was fear, raw and animal, then it was replaced by pained annoyance. 

    Hero suddenly felt cold. 

    Villain waved their bloody hand absently, “Get going, nothing to see..to see here,” they struggled to sit forward but didn’t manage to budge, they blanched and sunk back to the wall with a groan. 

    “What happened?” Hero exclaimed, suddenly finding his voice and ability to move again, he stepped closer, convinced that Villain was hurt far too badly for this to be a trap. 

    “Th-this?” Villain slurred, “This is what happens when you’re the bad guy, comes with the territory,” they glared at hero, “you think after a fight I’m magically cured?” 

    “Who did this to you?” 

    “It doesn’t matter, now get!” Villain sneered, baring bloody teeth, it reminded hero of a beaten dog, one that had to fight constantly to keep itself alive, hero felt his chest tighten. 

    “I can’t leave you like this,” hero said, they went to grab Villain and help them up but Villain flinched away from them violently, cowering in fear.  

    “I know you hate me…Just…Please…leave me alone…” Villain whimpers, turning away from hero’s hands as best they could. 

    “It’s not…Damn it Villain! Just stop and look at me!” Hero’s aggressive tone surprised themselves, they balled their hands into trembling fists at their sides, squeezing their eyes closed,“I want-” their voice broke and they swallowed convulsively feeling like their heart was ripping into burning pieces, when they spoke again their voice was gentler, a raspy whisper,”I want to help you, please let me help you.” 

    Villain was watching them carefully, even through the dirt and obvious pain their eyes were clear almost sharp, hero realized they were watching for hero to take it back, for the softness to go back to being an act something not real and controllable. Realizing this broke hero’s heart even more than they thought it was capable of breaking. 

    When hero didn’t take it back Villain shivered, their eyes darting nervously around trying to see some trap or sign of hero’s friends, when they didn’t their eyes snapped back to hero, “What…What then? Hmm?” They were trying to keep the breathless hope out of their voice, forcing a tired transparent sneer instead, “You get me somewhere…dark and then…then you..you turn me over? Keep me locked up? Torture me for the whereabouts of my people?” The rush of questions dazed them, they closed their eyes against the wooziness, their head dipping back to the bloody bricks, “M’tired of alla that,” they muttered dizzily. 

    Hero swallowed, trying to keep their voice steady they felt so useless, so angry, they wanted to say so many things, they wanted to threaten the agencies that had turned Villain into this, wanted to promise them that they wouldn’t do anything to them, that they were different, they wanted most of all to tell Villain that they wished that things were different, instead they settled on saying “I’m sorry that there are people who made you think that there are no good heroes left, and I’m sorry that I failed you.” 

    Villain opened their eyes at that, all pretenses gone they looked back at hero through the dripping rain with confusion on their face, maybe a little fear, this was uncharted territory after all, “h-how do you mean?” They asked, strength giving out, folding to the soaked ground, hero ached to catch them, but didn’t want to startle them further, they stepped forward slowly, crouching down at Villain’s side, putting a gentle hand on their forearm as they watched Villain struggle to keep their eyes from rolling into the back of their head. 

    “I’m a so-called hero, I save people, but I didn’t save you.” 

    Villain looked like they wanted to protest, they settled for pointing at themselves with a weak smirk, “notta person,” they slurred. 

    Hero smiled back at them and was surprised how much the joke hurt, like it was a piece of broken glass they’d swallowed, their face went back to seriousness, “Please,” they begged Villain, “Let me help you, I want to help you.” 

    “Caus it’s your job?” Villain guessed, trying in vain to muster up the strength to sit up, they only managed to wince and slide further to the ground. 

    “Because I want to.” 

    “Because you’re a good person?” Villain quipped, not quite sarcastically, they were out of options, literally backed into a wall, the gaping wound in their side wasn’t helping either. 

    “Because you’re worth saving,” hero stated simply, hero removed their glove, offering their now volurnable hand to Villain. 

    Villain looked up at them with a terrified form of gratitude, skin contact was the only way the Villain’s powers worked, hero was demonstrating good faith that Villain wound’t immediately kill them, never mind that Villain was too weak to muster any power right now, hero didn’t know that. 

    “C’mon, let it be over,” hero prompted gently as Villain stared at their hand transfixed, “It can just be over for today if you want, but just for now, let’s put this behind us, huh?” 

    Villain ripped their eyes off of hero’s hand, off of hero’s startling display of trust and genuine help when Villain was at their absolute weakest, when they would be so easy to stop permanently, to stomp into dust and rid the world of, “What about tomorrow?” Villain asked timidly, still not quite brave enough to trust hero like hero was trusting them. 

    Hero smiled almost bright enough to be the sun, Villain thought that in the dark of this alley it wouldn’t be hard to get them confused, “We’ll deal with tomorrow when we get there, not a second beforehand.” 

    Villain reached out and took hero’s hand, it was warm and smooth, larger than theirs, they shuddered at the contact, feeling small and defenseless, now that they’d decided to trust hero their fear borne strength was waning, their world started to tilt sickly around them, the pain became a thundering mess in their trembling nerves, they pitched forward leaning towards hero with the last of their strength. 

    Hero didn’t let them down, they caught them, gently lifting them, the last thing that Villain heard before finally giving in to unconsciousness was hero’s unwavering voice somewhere close to their ear, “I’ve got you buddy, I’ve got you.” 

    Then there was nothing.  

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  • There are only two ways we can be beaten: we die or we give up. 

    And we’re not giving up.

    collaboration with Ted Tollefson

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  • Have some cheery Wednesday Whump music! Don’t let the bouncy tune fool you. ;P

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