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  • slitherbite
    27.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    god i love mirko so much hes sooooooooo. hes the best man to ever exist. hes not real. hes commited treason. hes a priest. hes a husband. he plays football/soccer. hes really boring and thats so hot of him. he dressed like a bank clerk at 12 years old. hes catholic. hes an old fashioned stick in the mud. he moved in after 3 dates. hes dead hes in limbo so hes alive. hes a loving reliable man hes transgender hes bisexual

    #my.txt #i really have a soft spot for cass dae and thel because theyre a family but mirko makes me want to scream hes my fave. he really is my fave #sorry for priotising a hot as fuck guy but its true sorry :/ love and devotion beating war and mistrust etc etc
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  • shinakki
    27.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    sweet love making with gojo at the moonlight

    #shin speaks🦪 #he has you in a mating press #but the strokes are so slow and deep #planting soft kisses all over your face neck and shoulder #and finally landing on your lips. deeply making out with you while swallowing every moan #and when he breaks it #it's because he wants to admire the way the moonlight kisses your soft skin #sweet praises falling from his lips the whole time #and he can't help his heart skipping a beat when he looks at you #im so damn in love #i need a boyfriend #i need him to be my boyfriend
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  • nylanderthal
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Jonathan Toews is a worthless fucking coward. He doesn’t know a damn thing about leadership. Fuck him.

    #fucking pathetic embarrassment #i hope someone on the leafs beats his face in #jonathan toews#chicago blackhawks
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  • bpdanakins
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    still not over the way swtor did revan and the exile so fucking dirty

    #liz's gamer problems #like. who thought any of those plot beats were a good idea? i mean like. ANY of them. why??? #uuuuuughhghghgh
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  • eliforelii
    27.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    i just know that meeks & pitts are doing every single year couple costumes and idc if u think they're dating or nah cuz in both ways they still do them

    they'd be kang sae-byeok and ji-yeong this year😭

    #mitts#my beloved#stephen meeks#gerard pitts #if we forget abt meeks in war- ofc #but idc #they're rocking their costumes #dead poets society #dps#steven meeks #other poets can't beat them #i missed them so much
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  • wseven
    27.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    why did no one tell me succession was about family AND corporate politics … YOU KNOW THAT’S MY SHIT

    #succession my beloved #im a good ten minutes in #but i can just tell #because cousin greg is just getting beat in a theme park #AWESOME
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  • huxianposts
    27.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #thank you for the ask! #anon#pegoryu #sorry for the balls to the walls of text #but irl has been whooping me and then you remind me of the koi no yokan post and suddenly my p5-pegoryu heart started to beat again #thank you anon #i miss these two so much #i owe you my life for reminding me of how soft i am for them #again these are my headcanons wooooo #don't take it too seriously... unless? 😳
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  • hauntingblue
    27.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Sango captured by a giant catfish and here comes the leecher with the stick again... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    #he destroyed a whole lake smh... #why is sango moved by him doing the bare minimum when did she stop punching him when he touched her ass i miss those times #i hate this mf i could beat him up i think #im not a demon whats he gonna do without his paper things and his stick #imma break it in half and then follow suit with him #watching inuyasha#inuyasha
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  • loreswapgeorgehd
    27.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago


    Honestly,the day had been bad enough. Losing his one prophet, feeling a bit hurt from how XD had reacted-it wasn't a great feeling. Getting to sit at the pond with EXE was helping,sure,but it was still a very draining situation. HD had leaned himself against EXE as they talked,exchanging small stories about their realms and what the local news was. It could only really go up from there. Considering that XD was on his way too,she had to will herself to feel a bit better. Sure the clouds didn't go away,but it was better than another rain storm.

    Though there was a certain enjoyment to having the rain. In the case of that bastard Rose,HD sort of wanted to cry,make it rain on their dumb communication device. He really had no idea why the creature hated him so,but it was beginning to get pathetic,aggravating even. Though,it wasn't something they could discuss without causing issues amongst their other two godly companions. Not without a fuss. The most prissy of the three arrived as HD thought about him,wiping the upset look off his face and replacing it with a smile.

    "XDs here," They nudged EXE,standing from their spot and walking over to meet him half way. "Sunbeam! How are y-"

    The gods words were cut off with a yelp,flinching at the first shock of pain shooting from his hip to his stomach. A distant explosion would have given it away to the other two gods,but to HD there was only a loud ringing in their ears. That first explosion was only the first of many spikes of pain,considering two whole stacks of TNT were being set off simulatenously. Usually these types of explosions were compresed into one area. Something small. But this? It was spread,and planned. It felt as if someone had started stabbing the poor god in the side as the chain of explosives went off. The pain quite literally ripped through their side,pulling another pathetic sounding scream from her lungs. Fresh ichor stained the side of his clothes,clutching desperately at the spot to try and shield it from the invisible assailant. It did nothing but make the wounds burn with pain,shaking as the shock of it all made HD collapse to their knees. Tears formed in his eyes trying to bite back more pained cries as he hunched over.

    To the other two with her it must have been a shock. Watching HD go from smiling to hunched over bleeding and in shock. Despite herself,HD couldn't stop the pleas tumbling from their sore throat, begging it to stop stop,please stop,please! The overworlds connection didn't let up,not until the very last of the gunpowder stopped firing. Not until HD was shaking,with desperate hands trying to stop his own bleeding. The God had been reduced down to a whimpering fawn so quickly,choking on the pain burned into his side.

    #[oh gods sorry this is so bad ! ] #a spring of ichor #blood tw#injury tw#long post #[thread] ive been so worried-Youve been so still. Barely beating at all
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  • wolfstar-lb
    27.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    my little brothers gonna get beat LMFAAOOA

    #eli rambles #not properly beat #dw
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  • fiddlestickkies
    27.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago


    #leo talks #im so!!!! #you can fuckin control freddy????? GOT DAM #poor chica though she's all beat up #anyways sorry for being cringe on main im gonna sleep off the numbing agent from the dentist
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  • you-are-crazy-beautiful
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I f*cking can't guys 😭

    #no content will ever beat this for me #i don't even know what she's saying #druck#kieutou
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  • withdrawingramen
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    just some whump gifs from my name which give me the extreme whumperflies, I've always written whumpees getting kicked or punched in the face while being upright and seeing it in action is lovely y'all needa watch it if you look closer in the last gif, you can see blood leaving the mouth on a punch that hard and oh i love that Kdrama: My Name [ available on Netflix ]

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  • everyothermouse
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #ROAD TRIP. HOLY SHIT ROAD TRIP IM GONNA SCREAAAAMMMMM #artinevee#art#digital doodles#digital art#cute art#nsp #ninja sex party #danny sexbang#fanart #artists on tumblr #digital drawing#digital sketch#blue#yellow#nsp fanart #ninja sex party fanart #Hoooouhouy I’m listening to I just want to (dance) 👁👁 rn AAAAAAA #LMAO THE WAY THE BEAT FUCKING FALLS APART AT THE CHORUS LETS GOOOO #HAHAHAHHAHA THE ENDING. ILOVE THEM SO MUCH #I was having such a bad day I have made a good decision #Oh yeah dragon slayer let’s go. I don’t know if I can finish the drawing I was working on i think I do need to spend the next however long #losing my shit at nsp lmao #ooooo the new dragon dance….. yuh get funky with it let’s go #IIII AM A DRAGOOON NOT SOME GUY DAN MET AT THE BUS STATION IN A DRAGON SUUUIIIITT #OK OK ILL GO NOW ENJOY THE DRAWING SHFHJSDJ
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  • cherryistired
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    working on a height ref! mostly for personal use. but I wanted to show off my lycan and cuda! cyan n cube are there for height comparison

    #jsab #just shapes and beats #jsab lycanthropy#jsab barracuda #cherry tries to art #wish queue were here #that lycan is a fkin babey look at their littol smile!!!!! #also cuda is a Big Boy #they're taller than blixer #only after putting them side by side did I realize i drew both of them with their hands in their pockets #i was debating between making cuda green or yellow but I eventually decided that yellow SUCKS so #(by which I mean 'trying to get darker shades of yellow that also look good is frustrating') #ended up going with a lime green instead lmao
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  • canolatie
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    HMMMM i am really not fond of this trend where something literally Very Good and Cool will happen and i'll start feeling bad about it??? girl WHO does that benefit. ental millness of the highest degree

    #GRR why is it so hard to be EXCITED ABOUT THINGS #dont rb #the easy answer is to just get really fucking depressed this evening again like i have been #but that's BORING and it's unpleasant obviously #i could always do something attention seeking but that's always temporary and makes me feel gross later yknow #i need a fucking hyperfixation. t/ma is fun but i am very casually into it #i need to find a way to quit being so pessimistic all the time. my head doesn't even hurt right now #it's not too hot or cold in my brothers car... i have no homework tonight and a slice of pumpkin pie w my name on it #i get to see romeo in a few minutes!! #i think honestly the problem over the last few weeks is that. i lack purpose. talhal served as a purpose kinda for a long time #things i liked learning about and seeking out more stuff about and how there's always something new to find #but i don't know what my purpose should be now... maybe i should make some new actually original ocs. #and give them designs i really like drawing.. and work on a backstory that's fun and not stressful #idk. maybe i should try to beat a video game #or write a story or um?? #oh man. what about that telhol story i made a long time ago and never did anything with... #see the problem is that i have a lot of unfinished things that i could be doing #but the thought of actually doing them makes me feel nothing like it's just another assignment yknow #anyways.
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