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  • w2naturals
    12.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago
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  • gloriouslightchild
    12.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Herbal Fiesta Vitamin C Face Wash With Aloe Vera

    Herbal Fiesta Vitamin C Face Wash With Aloe Vera, an antioxidant and highly acidic, keeps skin off free radical. A natural skin brightening and an anti-aging cleaner. It has plenty of other skin-healing properties that make it worthy of a permanent place in your medicine cabinet. It contains a property that inhibits your skin’s melanin production, which is what causes skin discoloration.

    Benefits :

    💠Rejuvenates Skin

    💠Prevents Acne

    💠Provides Even-Tone

    Visit website to shop now : https://khareedoindian.com/product/vitami-c-face-wash-with-aloe-vera/

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  • megvmins
    12.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ep 145 of true beauty really felt like the kdrama version and boy do I dislike it, bringing my boy seojun into this once again to suffer, the whole make-up shtick that never ends and just pushes the narrative of her being “unrecognizable” without it

    #suho being grumpy about seojun just cuz... let this love triangle end already #i know i sound like a broken record but there is honestly nothing happening #jug needs to grow these guys cant keep by her side like that forever and take care of her problems again and again #but man am i in it for the long haul and only for han seojun as usual #thanks for coming to my tedtalk #true beauty #true beauty webtoon #true beauty seojun #true beauty suho #true beauty jugyeong #han seojun#lee suho#lim jugyeong
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  • manemethod
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #beauty#hair care #natural hair cream #hair cream
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  • sosenz
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Chez @sosenz la transparence fait partie de nos valeurs. Notre soin hydratant 100% pour 100% d’ingrédients d’origines naturels🍃🌿 . . . . . . #cosmetiquenaturelle#sosenz#bio#healthylifestyle#essentiels#essentielcosmetics#essentielcosmeticsbysosenz#marquecosmétiquefrançaise#madeinfrance#marquefrancaise#produit100pour100naturel#diversity#ecologique#responsable#ethique#valeurs#soinjour#beauty#care#skincare#everywhere#france#paris#iledefrance 💚 (à Paris, France) https://www.instagram.com/p/COvRrDXBBoF/?igshid=3yn276sej2dn

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  • mychoppedfestivalstudentstuff
    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Engineering diseased human skin in vitro

    Engineering diseased human skin in vitro

    A research team develops an artificial diabetic skin based on 3D cell printing.

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  • nefertaribeautymakeup
    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Express Eye Patches $50.00

    A Patches to visibly revive the eyes and enhance their radiance. Their amazing biocellulose support infused with a skincare formula provides instant freshness and an immediate smoothing effect. They minimise the signs of fatigue and restore the eyes’ youthful appearance.

    Use: Remove the patch's two protective films then, on clean, dry skin, apply one patch under each eye.

    #eyecare #Eye Care Products #Sothys Secrets Eye Cream #dark circle #dark circle eye cream #dark circles under eyes #dark circles treatment #skincare#skin#skin treatment#beauty#makeup#glowingskin#healthyskin#healthyeyes
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  • solidream
    12.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Heyy cuties! I see these cute post alll the time and I wanted to be on my "Real advice girl sh!t" too.

    Recently I've been on a journey to find myself and be my best self. I know things like this can be totally lame sometimes.. Especially when you're in it alone but fear not cuties! It's so many people out there feelin' just like you (and me) so let's get this post poppin' babes!

    1. Like the great saint Kashdoll once said "He For Everybody!" and that goes for growth too.

    * Think about the company you keep!

    If people you hang around are constantly causing problems and cause more harm than good... "baby girl you to drop themmm!"

    *Reconsider your actions!

    Think about how you treat yourself and others you care about. Is this really the you, you want to be?

    *Change your surroundings and maybe even your style.

    Oh I think I like that so let's speak on it!

    2. Find your PERSONAL style!

    *Look around at new places to shop or ways to be more creative with what you have. If your closet feels like it needs a re-up like Nicki Minaj's second studio album MAKE IT HAPPEN! If your low on funds I got you.

    ~Try selling old clothes on Depop.

    ~Flip your clothes into something new!

    ~Thrift and second hand shop or look for sales and coupon codes.

    ~learn to sew or crochet! (making your own designs can be fun and exciting for unique pieces in your wardrobe)

    * Find some inspiration! Fashion is seriously ALL around you! Anything can spark a fresh new idea and don't be afraid to think outside the box. If you're scared to try something out give it a chance you never know how you may like it.

    ~Download pinterest or Tiktok!

    I personal find these apps to be extremely helpful when finding inspiration for new looks I want to try. There's so much information just waiting to be found and you should totally check it out.


    Put on that lab coat babes because it's about to get crazy! Look at the clothes you have and think of new combos! Mix up patterns, try layering, and def get into to it with accessories.

    ~Try Everskies!

    Oh yes! If you've been around the virtual doll worlds (stardoll, mattel dress up games on your elementary school's computer, Imvu and even doll divine) this is right up your alley! Everskies is perfect for making new looks. And it's a great way to showcase your ideas and even make new friends.


    Yes miss mamas I know you're already here and that's how you're reading this. Pay attention gworl! Tumblr is full of hidden gems and lot's of things you haven't discovered yet. After tumblr's little clean up things seemed lost but I like to believe its getting back on track. There's lots of places to discover and find new fashion and even subcultures. Don't let yourself be stuck in a box check out new places and new tags!

    3. Next caller! Next Caller! Let's talk about your room!!!

    *DECORATE!!!! I cannot be anymore clear in that. If you have a space to decorate do it! Here's my top tips for you best room!

    ~Look at your space and brainstorm!

    Take note of the size of your room and even look at the furniture you have in it. If you have a small room try to place your furniture to have a more spacious look or even downsize your bed if you can.

    If you lack closet space try looking for clothing and shoe racks. Think of better ways to store things and try not to keep (bad) clutter or boxes.

    ~Choose a theme.

    No, you do not have to have a strict cookie-cutter bedroom you saw in a generic lifestyle post. Think of things you like and see if there's something like that you can use in your room.

    ♡category breakdown♡

    If you love plushies or stuffed animals totally get some for your room they make any space adorable.

    Try out posters or even make a photo wall. Print out some images or go get images printed that you like. (freeprints is a great app to get your pictures for your wall and yes it is actually free your first purchase)

    ~Get some decor!

    Decor is very important and easy to find you can put absolutely anything in your room. (Something that brings back cool memories, something you splurged on because it looks cool, something gifted to you, just anything that makes you room your happy place)

    ~Make the most of it!

    At the end of the day with the way the world is now your room is where you spend most of your time. So why not make it your palace. Make it a safe, clean, healthy and positive space. Take a day out of your week to deep clean and keep it fresh. If the week got totally hectic and a mess and your room got the worst of it. Take the time to get it back on track!

    4. Be unapologetically you! (and love yourself)

    *In the name of our Icy big sister, muva, cousin, homegirl or All together queen Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper (miss Saweetie) ! You betta tap in! I KNOW DAS RIGHT!

    ~Don't be afraid to live your truth and speak your mind.

    Be a boss! There's is nothing wrong with being madly in love with yourself. Whoever you are, where ever you started and came from, no matter what color, size or age! Always know you are that BITCH!

    If anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise don't take it to heart and don't let it get to you. I know that's easier said than done but don't ever give someone that much power over you.

    ~Self care!

    Cleanse your skin daily and try to have an easy reliable skincare routine.

    Do your hair and paint your nails.

    Pick out some cute pjs. If you are lounging around the house often try to buy some cute lounge sets. and get ready even if you are just lounging.

    Journal! Sometimes we just need to get things off our chest and feel we can't tell anyone. Journaling is a great way to let it out. If you feel a actually book journal isn't private enough download google docs and drive. It's safely on your phone and it has a great passcode system.

    Fuel your body! Eat and drink good things. Mental health can actually have a lot to do with you diet. You can feel a lot more tired and drained if your aren't getting what you need. Cooking and trying new recipes can be fun and exciting!

    Work out! Working out has been given a bad name due to body shamers but it's actually got more benefits than weight management. It can help you feel happier, more energized, and even make your body more firm. It can be a really great experience if you find fun new ways to exercise. You can try so many routines like dancing (twerk it out), martial arts, skating, bike riding, walking to explore, yoga, and so much more.

    5. Hair and Makeup!

    ~Try out new hair colors and styles!

    Wigs are your friend! It's a great way to switch it up and protect your natural hair. You can also test out new looks without the commitment.

    there's lots of ways to style wigs but if wigs aren't you thing... Try color clip ins! tracks can be found in the beauty supply for very low prices in tons of colors and they are able to take heat. you can also find clips to sew on. If you go this route you can have so many color combos and go all out and its much more versatile.

    Try hair accessories! There's so many things you can use to spice up you hair. there's clips, scrunchies, hair jewels, pom pom hair ties, and anything you can think of!

    Remember there's way more to hair than middle part 30 inches (no shade)

    ~ makeup! We all remember sunset eye shadow and concealer brows (again no shade) but make up is also whatever you make it. There is no right and wrong way to do it at the end of the day.

    Try new lash colors and even new brow colors. Get creative! try new looks you've seen or maybe even come up with your own.

    See what looks good on your face and what you like and ALWAYS take some pics and go all out!

    Okay dolls I hope that was a good read for you all and it helped! Feel free to reblog and share! If you tried any of these let me know! Lots of love forever and always.


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