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  • spellgazed
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Divination: Scrying

    Scrying is the ritual of looking into a appropriate or suitable medium for insight and detection of upcoming events and developments. This can involve Pyromancy, Catoptromancy, Hydromancy, and Libanomancy.


    Catoptromancy is a procedure of divination involving observing and assessing the reflective surface of a mirror or crystal ball in a divinatory sense. Catoptromancy practitioners often use mirrors or spheres that are painted black.


    Hydromancy is a procedure of divination involving observing and assessing the reflective surface of water through ripples, splashes, and other aquatic movements by dropping a solidified substance in a vessel of water.


    Libanomancy is a procedure of divination involving observing and assessing the passage and structure of incense smoke movements. In libanomancy, the falling, form, and positioning of the ash should also be considered.


    Oculomancy is a procedure of divination involving observing and assessing the reflective surface of an individuals eyes through light, coloring, strain, and movements. This practice is also confused with Iridology.


    Pyromancy is a procedure of divination involving observing and assessing the passage and structure of fire’s movements. In Pyromancy, the falling, form, and positioning of the ash or burning segments is taken into account.

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  • spellgazed
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Divination: Theriomancy

    Divination involving animals through either observing their movements, reactions, or demeanor’s shifts. Wildlife themselves have intuition and abilities that are easier for them to stay connected with. Almost all of these are also forms of Augury.


    The practice of reading the omens of movements of Felines for divination purposes and insight to future events or occurrences. Each reaction and movement and the amount of cats matter in this practice.


    The practice of monitoring and examining the movement, reaction, and species of birds once the diviner has thrown seeds or grain for the birds to eat. A white cockerel or rooster is often to most sacred for use.


    The analysis and monitoring in shifts or changes in naturally occurring circumstances or phenomena of one’s surroundings in a divinatory procedure. (ie shifts in climate or wildlife demeanor)


    The practice of reading the omens of movements of rodents for divination purposes and insight to future events or occurrences. Each reaction and movement and the amount of rats or mice matter in this practice.


    The practice of reading the omens of movements of ants for divination purposes and insight to future events or occurrences. Each reaction and movement and the amount of insects matter in this practice.


    The practice of reading the omens one correspondences of birds throughout ones area for divination purposes and insight to future events or occurrences. Each bird and the amount of birds matter in this practice.

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  • spellgazed
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Divination: Somatomancy

    Somatomancy is a method of divination in which one uses their own body to understand oneself or upcoming developments. Somatomancy is especially useful for introspection and personal growth. Although the following will be described below, forms of this are Chiromancy, Omphalomancy, Oracle Bones, and Podomancy. Other ancient methods are bit more disturbing and thus not included.


    The reading of the palm for introspective and personal insight. Also referred to as Palmistry. Chiromancy’s origins are the Romani. Despite popular misconception, you can change and shift your hands and fate. The left hand generally tells one’s past, and the right for occurring and present circumstances.


    Omphalomancy is a method of Somatomanic Divination in which a practitioner investigates and then determines the probable quantity of children or adolescent like relationships a human being capable of reproduction will have based off the appearance of their Navel or Solar Plexus.

    Oracle Bones:

    Oracle bones are a procedure of divination developed in ancient China that most frequently uses ox scapula and turtle plastron for Pyromancy Divination. Scapulimancy is the distinctive phrase if one utilized ox scapula, and plastromancy for turtle plastron.


    The comprehension and assessment of the soles of the human foot for contemplative and individual insight. Also referred to as Solistry, Podomancy’s origins are China. Despite popular misconception, you can change and shift your sole’s structure and destiny.

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  • spellgazed
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Divination: Cleromancy

    A form of divination in which one is to cast a lot based off of random chance or divine will. “Casting a lot” is often gently tossing objects with their each individual significant meanings to analyze the pattern in which they land. There are so very numerous unique varieties and procedures to this.


    Astragalomancy or Astragyromancy is a procedure of divination cast by throwing five dice, teeth, or bones engraved with celestial symbols, numbers, or letters. The placement and symbolism of each particular thrown item matters. In prehistoric times, mammal knuckles were primarily used in Astragyromancy.


    A structure of divination used by monitoring and examining the passage, performance, and landing of arrows during and after being shot off by a Bow. Different structures of arrows and materials should also be taken into account. This is not to be mistaken for or confused with Rhabdomancy’s use of arrows.


    The use of playing cards, tarot, or oracle decks to gain insight into current, past, or future personal affairs. Crucial in personal development and individual progress from a spiritual standpoint. Each suit in playing cards represents a suit in tarot, with different elements and senses of their own.

    Cowrie Shells:

    Cowrie shells have been used for numerous purposes throughout different cultures across all time, created in Arica ranging from West Africa, Santeria, and Candomblé. There are effectively several different procedures to use these stunning shells for divination as well.


    This technique of Cleromancy involves casting a lot employing beans. The origins of Favomancy come from the Ubykh of Russia. However, most archaic methods were lost through the passing of time and are now open to interpretation. I must admit I wish I knew more about this fascinating concept.


    The use of bone casting for divinatory purposes or perspective. Each distinct bone has covers a specific aspect of your life, and are thrown in order to determine your current position. Certain bones have specific values but the arrangement of the bones also should be considered.


    Rhabdomancy is a kind of Cleromancy including the use of casting rods, wands, branches, or something similar. There are various ways to do this, but is most frequently used to cast lots for answering questions or insight. The items could range from arrows to dowels which I find incredible from a possibility prospect.


    Rune casting is a process of divination in which a practitioner uses small items such as stones, crystal tumbles, or chips in order to determine ones current circumstances and upcoming opportunities. Runes are also extraordinarily commonly used as words of power and sigils but are predominantly established for this.


    A technique of divination developed by just about polishing off your cup of loose tea, and then flipping the tea leaves onto a plate for evaluation. Representation plays key to reading tea leaves, and all figures, characters, and placements account for something. Can also be preformed with coffee grounds or wine fragments.

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  • spellgazed
    23.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Tasseomancy: Symbols

    Tasseomancy or Tasseography is the practice and process of using tea leaves or coffee grounds to forecast, understand, or improve upcoming or current events. This can be used for planning ahead, or for personal growth, healing and development. One nearly finished a loose herbal concoction, and then flips the remaining biological powders onto a small plate. They then scry based off of the shapes or symbols the leaves lie in. Here are some basic shapes and their meanings.


    Anchor: Stability, Stagnancy, permanence, and immobility. Angel: Fortune, positivity, and potential true romance. Apple: Health, longevity, academic or professional success. Aries: Strength, intensity, lust, and scorching emotion. Axe: You have overcome your challenges, victory and triumph. Boat: Reunification, fellowship, familiarity, and support. Bowl: Containment, stagnancy, summer, light, and Litha. Bridge: A wonderful voyage to embark on lies ahead of you. Candle: Enlightenment, guidance, illumination, and warmth. Car: Impending prosperity, fortune, and achievements. Chain: Accountability, a sequence of occasions, and stagnancy. Clouds: Trials and troubles ahead. If surrounded by dots; success is coming. Clover: Upcoming luck. The higher up its located, the sooner it will come. Compass: Guidance, direction, backing, assistance, and support. Crown: Triumph, magnificence, incentives or gifts, and admiration. Cup: Achievement, celebration, emotional healing, and purification. Dagger: Love, encouragement, assistance, and support from allies. Gun: Discord, tension, slander, defamation, and disharmony. Hammer: The journey and trials you’ve faced have been overcome. Hat: Accomplishment, success, and achievement in general. House: Stability, victory in profession or corporate choice. Knots: Apprehensions, concerns, tension, worry, and pressure. Ladder: Advancement, improvement, development, and progress. Mars: Movement, action, progress, vigor, and lustful love. Mountain: Forthcoming impediments, obstacles, and challenges. Mushroom: Rebirth, shifting, transformation, everlasting growth. Owl: Deceit, deception, loss, probable illness, or deprivation. Pear: Social status, wealth, prosperity, and admiration. Ring: Harmony, love, partnership, alliance, and marriage. Scissors: Arguments, disputes, separations, or possibility of ailment. Sun: Stamina, energy, vitality, triumph, and opportunities. Trees: Prosperity, direction, growth, happiness, and luck. Umbrella: Struggles, aggravations, provocations, and endurance. Venus: Romance, femininity, compassion, and love.

    Tasseomancy: Fundamentals / Numbers / Shapes

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  • justbabywitchstuff
    22.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    October Autumn Tarot Challenge

    October 22nd

    "Change is upon the horizon, what does the future hold for me"

    9 of Cups Reversed, Page of Swords Reversed and 8 of Wands Upright

    I feel like this is a bit of a disappointing reading. But the cards never lie so whose to say what is gonna happen. I feel like the two reversed cups are kind of trying to get a similar message across.

    They are both saying I need to do more, and take more action. I feel like I really am trying to do this though, but apparently not enough. I suppose I am all talk and no action.

    Maybe its because I am not focusing on the right things. I am not quite sure.


    At least the 8 of Wands is telling me that if I do take action, things will probably quickly be going my way.

    It could also be, that I might do some travelling in the future? My friend and I was actually talking about this earlier today. We might catch a plane to England some time in the spring.

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  • crystalgrlmars
    22.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I think I'll be putting some crystals on sale in the next few days!! My crystal inventory is just sitting on my shelf and they need someone to give them some love 🥺

    Expect some larger and smaller pieces!

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  • when-november-ends
    22.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    "What's it like having Loki in your life?", you ask, innocently.

    Well, let me tell you this.

    On monday I got high (a bit too much probably) and decided to ask Loki to give me some cards.

    The 8 of wands reversed, the 9 of wands, the ace of swords and the 10 of cups reversed fell out. In that order.

    He told me to "stop trying to talk" and that he was laughing at me while i was struggling, but still doing my best, to form sentences. I love him. He's special.

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  • petriquartz-occultshop
    22.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Most Effective Ways to Attract Abundance

    While it’s important to remember that money and material items aren’t going to solve all of our problems, being financially stable and comfortable can help you focus more on your spirituality by allowing you the freedom to practice more often. Manifestation is probably my strongest area of expertise when it comes to energy work. I opened my business in October of 2020 and was making around $100 a month until January of 2021 when I really started focusing heavily on the power of positive thought, and I made $10,000 in revenue that month simply by writing down that I would do so.

    The following are some of my favorite and most successful methods of using and manipulating the universe’s energy for my own benefit:

    🔮 Be sure of your resources! Manifestation is real and it is powerful! The universe can do some pretty amazing things. However, before you begin your practice, it’s important to be sure that you have a source through which prosperity can be achieved. You are asking the universe for money, but how is it going to fulfill your entreaty? Do you own a business? Do you make and sell artwork? Do you have a job where raises or tips are a possibility? Have you entered a giveaway or started a fundraiser? While it’s possible to receive money out of nowhere, it is far less likely than if there is an accessible source through which you are able to receive.

    🔮 Writing Sentences! This has by far been my most rewarding action, and it’s also something so simple that many people fail to acknowledge it’s power. Grab a journal, green if you can find one, along with a (preferably) green pen. Cleanse and consecrate these tools, then sit with them for a while and set your intention for their use. Once or twice a day, write a full page, front and back, of what it is you’d like to attract. The trick is to write as if these things are already yours. Some examples could be:

    I am blessed with an abundance of wealth.

    I am grateful for my financial stability.

    I always have the money I need.

    I am constantly advancing in my career.

    🔮 Daily Affirmations! Make it a point to start and end each day looking in the mirror and telling yourself how successful and wonderful you are. Self-love is a great way to increase the power of our spell work. If we are constantly assuring ourselves of how magical and powerful we really are, our abilities never cease to grow. Here are some helpful affirmations for abundance and financial growth:

    I am wealthy.

    I am a powerful manifestor.

    I attract money with ease.

    I am a naturally gifted witch.

    🔮 Stop limiting yourself with your own beliefs! This one is definitely the most important, and maybe the most difficult, of all. The number one key to a successful path whether it be manifestation, spell work, meditation, or ANYTHING related is to BELIEVE that all that you are saying is true, and all that you are doing is going to be successful. If you don’t have total faith in the universe and yourself, you will never achieve your desires. Take time to meditate and let go of any and all self-doubt. Look to your peers for inspiration. Accept it as a self-evident truth that energy is all around us, and the universe is inviting you to use that energy to create the reality you most desire.

    Whatever method you choose, remember to keep a positive mindset. Through the power of positive thought, nearly everything is attainable. Remember to love yourself, be grateful for what you DO have, and keep the faith.

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  • petriquartz-occultshop
    22.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Increasing Positive Vibrations at Home

    ✨ Cleanse negative energy with mountain or garden sage, frankincense, and copal using a feather to waft smoke.

    ✨ Place selenite or satin spar in every window sill.

    ✨ Use a bell to break up dissonant energy and clear it out.

    ✨ Place a mason jar of water and a piece of black tourmaline in all four corners of a room to absorb negative energy.

    ✨ Bring in plants like aloe and lilies to transmute negativity. (Be aware, however, that lilies can be very toxic to pets if ingested!!!)

    ✨ Create a crystal grid and recharge it regularly.

    ✨ Sprinkle salt along entryways.

    ✨ Hang rosemary above your bed to protect yourself from nightmares. This also helps you to remember your dreams.

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  • hallow-witxh
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Apple Cider is basically a homesteading spell.

    So let's talk about it!

    Apple Cider has been a stable in my house every single year for almost my whole life.

    Although I never lived in one house for more than a year or two (and oftentimes, not even in one country), I always had a yearly visit to my grandparent's house in Washington before moving here permanently. There's a beautiful pasture, a giant garden, an orchard right next to our home dripping with pears and apples comes autumn. Every year without fail, my grandpa would drag me over with a big ol' bucket and we'd gather pounds and pounds of apples. We made all sorts of fun things. Applesauce, apple cakes, apple candy, apple honey and sugar, apple syrup - and my favorite in the whole wide world, apple cider. We would get fresh herbs from a farmers market and make gallons and gallons of cider to jar for the upcoming years, because I would always, without fail, want a cup of it when I was sick, sad, lonely, or tired.

    In recent years, as I study more and more about my practice, I realized that Apple Cider was basically a potion of happiness and safety. A perfect homesteading potion/spell - which is why it gives me such a sense of comfort. And now, I'm realizing that it would be selfish of me to keep such a treasured recipe to myself.

    So here is what you'll need:

    Crock pot

    10 apples (I recommend 5 honeycrisp and 5 granny smith), quartered

    Moon water (enough to cover apples by at least an inch and a half)

    1/2 - 1 packed cup of brown sugar (depending on your sweet tooth)

    1 orange, sliced

    1 tablespoon whole cloves

    3 cinnamon sticks

    1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

    1/2 teaspoon allspice

    1/4 teaspoon ginger

    1/4 teaspoon genuine vanilla extract

    Tiny pinch of salt

    What do the ingredients manifest?

    Apples: Love, Luck, Prosperity, Healing

    Sugar: Sweetness, Love, Inviting good things

    Orange: Abundance, Happiness, Love in marriage

    Cloves: Protection, Success

    Cinnamon: Protection, Healing, Luck, Love, Success

    Nutmeg: Luck, Protection, Safety, Balance

    Allspice: Luck, Financial Success, Healing

    Ginger: Confidence, Prosperity, Success

    Vanilla: Love, Passion


    Wash your apples and orange

    Cleanse your crock pot with your preferred cleansing method (I like an incense/smoke cleanse)

    Slice your apples and orange, add to the crock pot

    Add your sugar, herbs, and spices

    Cover with moon water until it's 1.5-2 inches above the apples

    Cover crockpot with lid and set to low for a minimum of 6 hours, preferably overnight

    Strain out apples, herbs, orange slices

    Add vanilla and tiny pinch of salt, mix well

    Serve piping hot with a fresh apple or orange slice, if desired

    You can also use the cooked apples to make applesauce, or turn them into apple pancakes or add to cakes/baking mixes! I hope this recipe brings warmth and light to your kitchen <3

    Blessed Be everyone, and have a wonderful autumn.

    Tips and Commissions: Ko-Fi

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  • wiccan-flower
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    Is the third and last harvest of the year. Samhain is the end of warm days and start of the darker half of the year. Nights will get long and colder. The spiritual veil between our world and the spiritual world will be at its thinnest on the 31st. Samhain is the night the dead can walk around the earth.


    🍂 make a pumpkin pie

    🍂 carve a pumpkin

    🍂 press leaves in books

    🍂 decorate your alter with leaves and pinecones

    🍂 make apple cider

    🍂 make a broom

    🍂 collect pinecones and acorns

    🍂 make a wreath

    🍂 dress up in a costume

    🍂 read scary stories

    🍂 light Orange, purple, and Black candles

    🍂 hand out candy


    🎃 Animals: bat, spider, fox, raven, crow, and dog

    🍁 Colors: black, purple, orange, and green

    🎃 Crystals: amethyst, smokey quartz, onyx, jet, malachite, and black tourmaline

    🍁 Herbs: mugswort, yarrow, allspice, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rosemary

    🎃 Food: apple, pumpkin, squash, soup, pie, cider, and corn

    🍁 Inscense/oils: cedar, sandalwood, sage, rosemary, clove, and cinnamon

    🎃 Gods: yama, hades, apollo, and herne

    🍁 Godesses: freya, hel, hecate, demeter

    🎃 Spells: spirit work, ambition, protection, ancestor work, and banishing

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