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  • geekinator
    07.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Sorry if this has all been said before but this is helping me write my fanfic so bear with me.

    I think Lin’s greatest desire is a family.

    First, we have timeline-wise the first time we see her.

    She’s got her uniform on. She’s obviously working. So what is she doing at home? She’s checking on her little sister. She’s terrible at saying it or showing it, but she loves her little sister. She’s had to become the mother in the dynamic, but that’s what mothers do, they watch over their kids and make sure they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there, and not running around with petty thieves. Even this moment right here:

    She reached out to her, literally and figuratively. After seeing this flashback, I wondered, why would this and Toph’s decision to send Su away cause her so much pain? Because her family was getting dismantled. It didn’t matter the reason, whether it was Su’s fault or Toph’s fault or even her own fault. The fact remained that this was where her family started to deteriorate. And it’s very significant that this is what comes to the surface, out of all the other memories where she and Su came to blows, probably.

    Then when she sees her sister after thirty years, the first accusation she makes is, “You’re the one who tore our family apart.”

    Then once she’s reconnected with Su and has a relationship with Opal, she will do anything do keep them safe.

    “Looks like we’re going to have to save [our family] ourselves.”

    Then we have this moment right here.

    “Just get it over with? Yeah, let’s not linger on the fact that I grew up without a dad. No need to get all touchy-feely about it. Just one of those things, right?”

    “Not knowing my dad is nonsense to you? It was pretty important to me.”

    All of these important moments with people are about family. For someone who doesn’t really seem interested she talks about it an awful lot, at least in Book 3. I don’t think she didn’t want a family with Tenzin, I think she was scared because hers got torn apart and there was always a piece missing to begin with, her dad, who obviously left them at some point, and even if he didn’t, what else was Lin supposed to think?

    Lin is a family woman at heart.

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  • sapphicseizures
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I love how as a fandom, despite the little to no meaningful interactions had, just decided that KyaLin was canon. Because it made sense. They work so well together.

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  • mmm-chief-beifong
    21.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    angstpril day twenty: the silent treatment

    CW: mentions of a breakup but that’s pretty much the worst of it

    fic under the cut

    November 3rd, 142


    Mom made me promise I’d write to you, so here’s me doing that. Grandma and Grandpa say hi, and they want you to visit soon. School’s boring as ever and I have no friends here which is just great. Thanks for that. At least they have good food here, the chef is pretty amazing. Still, I think I’m going to run away soon, just for the sake of it. Maybe I’ll find a family actually worth keeping. Anyway, I don’t miss you or mom, have fun arresting people or whatever.


    February 7th, 143


    Heard you’re chief now. Congrats I guess. Does mom finally pay attention to you? Who am I kidding, of course she doesn’t. Anyway, I left Grandma and Grandpa’s. I’m part of this cool travelling circus right now, but I think I’m going to try something new soon. It’s been fun though, lots of flying through the air above lava pits and other super dangerous things. I bet I’m having a better time than you are, stuck in the stupid city.

    I call Grandma every week or two to keep her updated on what I’m doing, otherwise she’ll freak out and think I’m dead or something. She told me today that mom called her yesterday. Mom said she was going to Gaoling to drop off her things before travelling wherever just like I’m doing. Guess I have more in common with her than I thought. I also guess that means you’ve got the apartment to yourself now, must be nice.

    How’s Tenzin? You two still madly in love? Actually, don’t tell me, I don’t really care. Not that you’re going to respond to this at all. Whatever. I’ve got a performance to get to, so bye.


    December 19th, 145


    I wish you’d write back. I’m much older now, and I’d be happy to talk things out with you if you’d respond. But I guess that’s something you have to want too, and clearly you still hate me, so I won’t count on it.

    I know I haven’t written in a while. I was on a pirate ship for a while, learning to sail and such, and we didn’t dock often. Any paper we had on board was constantly damp, too, so I didn’t see the point. After that I live in a sandbender commune. It was really interesting to see how different people lived, especially different earthbenders. I tried learning to sandbend but it didn’t go so well.

    But that’s all past now. I’m building a city now, a city entirely of metal. I’ve got this wonderful architect named Baatar helping me with it, and thank goodness I do. I honestly don’t know how I’d execute my plans without him. I think I might ask him to marry me. I mean, I really do like him, and the idea of a family sounds so nice. If I did I’d really like for you to be there.

    I hope everything in the city is alright. Last time I spoke to mom, a couple years ago now, she said you were still going steady with Tenzin. I don’t know how you two have stayed together this long already, you always seemed so different from one another to me. I guess opposites really do attract, as they always say. I’ll write again soon.


    April 2nd, 146


    It would mean the world to me if you could make it. Please come if you can, I’d really like to see you again.


    March 27th, 147


    You have a nephew! I was bummed that you didn’t come to the wedding, but it’s alright. Maybe you’d like to come and meet Baatar Jr. sometime this year… we’d welcome you here in Zaofu if you did. We’re still working on building up the outer cities, but the central hub where our house is is fully operational. I’d love to show you how it all works, we have metalbender staff in training to operate practically every part of the city. It’s a busy time, with the new baby and all the construction.

    Please tell me you and your airhead of a boyfriend are getting married soon. I mean, come on! It’s been ten years already, I don’t see how you can possibly still be “taking it slow”. You make no sense to me sometimes, Lin. But then again, I’m sure you feel the same about me.

    Mom’s been visiting Zaofu pretty regularly. She’s coming in next week to meet Baatar Jr. for the first time. She still seems to be holding a grudge against me. You two really are cut from the same cloth, you know. I might try to talk things out with her when she comes this time, or at least set a time sometime soon for us to flush things over. It would be great if you’d come too so we could put all this family drama nonsense behind us.


    May 30th, 150


    I’m disappointed that you still refuse to answer. Honestly, mom and I have spent two years talking and figuring things out. We’re good now, and there were plenty of opportunities we gave you to join us. I’m sorry you’re still so bitter.

    Baatar Jr. is three now, you’d know if you ever cared to visit. He hasn’t shown any signs of bending yet, but Baatar is a non-bender and I started bending late so that’s not too surprising. We’ve got another one on the way, due in a couple weeks actually. I think if it’s a boy we’ll name him Huan, and if it’s a girl probably Hei-Ran. Again, I wish you’d come and actually be a part of my kids’ lives, but you seem dead set against it.

    Kya actually dropped by not too long ago. I hadn’t seen her in ages, so it was a nice surprise. She says her travels have been going well, and she’d visited practically every place on the planet! I loved my time travelling, but ultimately family life is what suited me best. She said she was heading back to Republic City soon, so maybe she’ll drop in on you, too. Anyway, hope the triads aren’t causing too too much havoc for you, Chief.


    January 16th, 151


    Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ve given up. If you’re really that set on giving me the cold shoulder, so be it. I’ll stop writing at all.

    Sorry you’re not mature enough to handle this like an adult.

    If you were wondering, Huan is very healthy and strong. Baatar Jr. too. Baatar Sr. took ill a while back, but he’s alright now.

    I don’t know why I’m telling you any of this when I know you don’t care. Well. Sorry I’m such a bother to you.


    August 4th, 156


    Mom told me what happened with you and Tenzin. He’s an asshole, good on you for wrecking the island. You were always too good for him anyway. I know I haven’t written in a long time, I just didn’t see the point if you kept ignoring me. Maybe now you’ll come and see your family, it might be nice after losing Tenzin.

    You’ve got a niece, now, too. And four nephews, the youngest being the twins. They’re only just over a year old now, and Opal recently turned three. I tell them stories about their Aunt Lin, you know. The older boys would really like to meet you, and I’m sure Opal and the twins will too when they’re a little bit more grown up. I want to see you again too, Lin, and I wish you’d at least try to let go of the past. Even just a letter back would make my day.

    Hope you’re holding up as Chief there, not too much trouble with the triads or whomever else is committing crime these days.


    November 7th, 158


    Baatar Jr. is now eleven, and seems to be quite the budding architect just like his father. Huan has taken up metalbending little sculptures, so for his eighth birthday he got a little studio just for his art. Opal is five now, and growing up fast. I’ve never seen a five year old read as well as she does. Wing and Wei are still just three, but they seem to enjoy throwing pebbles at one another. I think they’ll be strong benders when they're older.

    Mom and I finally made up properly. It’s nice to see her with the kids. She said she wrote to you asking you to come and chat too, but you ignored her. No surprises there. I might stop writing again if you keep this up, so don’t act shocked.


    October 21st, 160


    Mom’s here for a few weeks. Opal turned seven this year, Baatar Jr. thirteen, Huan ten, and the twins five. Wing and Wei invented a game for themselves to help with their metalbending training, they call it “power disk”.

    I’m not sure what else to say to you anymore. I’m not sure why I’m even writing this now, after eighteen years. Eighteen years, Lin, and you haven’t even bothered to write back. At least I’ve tried to reach out. But now, I’m done. For real this time. Write if you want, I don’t care. I’m not going to keep sending these anymore.


    December 6th, 170


    Are you alright?! Mom had to tell me about you losing your bending, and she only found out through Katara! I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like. All I can say is that it would undoubtedly be awful.

    I miss you, you know. It’s been almost thirty years since we last spoke. I know mom misses you too, and my kids would really like to meet their Aunt. It makes me sad that you’re still so sour about what happened, even after so much time has passed. We’ve both grown and changed as people, and I don’t understand why you can’t see that. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s only me who’s changed at all. Even so, I do miss you, and I wish you’d write. Or visit.

    I hope you’re alright, Lin, I really do.


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  • geekinator
    21.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Ok unpopular opinion time here. I love this scene. There is such a tenderness to this moment. The look on Su’s face I feel like she kind of has this moment of realization that Lin truly does love her, after everything. Su gets a lot of hate and while I agree with some of it, I think both she and Lin deserve more credit than that. I just love these two. They are 💯 siblings. I will kick your ass but I am the only one who is allowed. Anyone else better get ready for an ass whooping the likes of which you ain’t ever seen. They kind of remind me of Thor and Loki except neither of them have sought world domination. So there’s that at least.

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  • somelovefor-jin
    20.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    headcannon that lin’s shoulders are ALWAYS tense after a long day at work. when she gets home she takes off her armour and tenzin massages her shoulders and she leans into him with relief because Lin Beifong needs to be tough for everyone around her except when she’s with Tenzin.

    #linzin#lin beifong#beifong sisters #beifong family thoughts #tenzin #ugh why did they have to break up #Lin deserves to be happy gosh dang it #fluff and comfort please #shoulder massages are actually the best #if tenzin really did this then Lin had a RIGHT to tear air temple island apart lol #my chest hurts
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  • tortol
    18.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    i often see the fandom write eda and lilith’s parents as controlling and even abusive, but based off what we’ve seen i believe them being absent makes more sense.

    both of them had a shit ton of issues even as children; lilith searched for approval by academically excelling and pushing herself, while eda became a troublemaker who attracted attention by causing mischief.

    this contrast caused a huge rivalry between the two that manifested as they got older, and, as we know, ended horribly.

    these behaviors play a huge role on assuming how they were raised... each of them could’ve just been searching for their parents’ attention and approval on their own unhealthy ways, but never really received the praise they craved.

    #yes i’m thinking about the beifong sisters #and projecting onto these poor children #the owl house #toh#lilith clawthorne#lilith toh#eda clawthorne #eda the owl lady #eda toh #tw abuse mention
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  • mmm-chief-beifong
    12.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    angstpril day eleven: “This isn’t you.”

    CW: fighting, murder ;)

    fic under the cut

    “What are you two doing?!” Opal shouted, blowing the huge hunks of earth they held above their heads in either direction.

    “You’re sisters, why would you want to hurt each other??” She looked between them as Lin hunched over, both she and Su breathing heavily.

    Lin panted and put her hands on her knees, trying to keep herself upright. Her vision blurred and before she knew it she lost consciousness, falling quickly to the ground.

    When she finally opened her eyes again, it was dark outside. She’d been brought back to her room and put in bed, though she couldn’t remember any of it. She pushed herself from under the blankets, away from the hard mattress, and dragged herself to the window. She suddenly remembered everything that had happened before she’d fainted, her anger renewing itself instantly.

    She growled and she gripped the windowsill, scowling out at the dimly lit garden below. She thought of Su sleeping in her room, peaceful and unsuspecting and decided there was only one thing to do. She had to finish what Su had started all those years ago.

    She changed back into her tank top and cargo pants before leaving her room. The distance to Su’s house was not a long one, and she got there quickly. She’d noticed that everyone seemed to leave their doors and windows unlocked, Su included, because of the so-called “safety” of the metal domes over the city. She scoffed at the naïveté of it all but was glad that at least she didn’t have to break in.

    She opened and closed the door as quietly as she could, walking down the long main hall purposefully. The air around her was still, and it seemed that not a single other person was awake. She continued walking through the dark halls until she saw a light coming from the cracks of a large door. She walked towards it, pulling part of the metal on the wall away to use for defense if somebody noticed her. As she neared the door, she could hear quiet humming from within.

    She recognized it as Su right away and prayed there was no one else with her. She opened the door quickly, stepping into the room and shutting it behind her. Su’s head snapped up at the interruption, her focus tearing away from the designs she’d been working on.

    “Lin?” She asked, eyebrows arching in surprise.

    “You should really lock your doors at night,” Lin spat, walking towards Su’s desk.

    “What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night, you should be resting,” Su’s eyes narrowed as Lin’s hands rested heavily on the table.

    Lin scowled right back at her, leaning in closer before answering.

    “I came to finish what you started,” She hissed.

    “Lin, what-,” Su started, pushing her chair back with the intent of standing.

    Before she got the chance, Lin whipped the metal from the wall at her. She managed to dodge it, hurrying out of her seat and to the other end of the room. She took hold of the metal from her outfit and from her surroundings, bending it to fend off Lin’s attacks.

    “Lin, stop!” She shouted as Lin got closer to her, stealing the metal from her and forcing her back the wall.

    Lin stalked forward and grabbed Su by the collar, all but throwing her away from the wall. Su stumbled and tried to take some of the metal from Lin to defend herself, but Lin was already at her back. She felt the cold, sharp metal against her throat and panicked.

    “This isn’t you,” She rasped, trying to keep her voice even.

    “You don’t know me,” Lin responded coldly, pressing the blade harder against Su’s throat.

    “Please,” Su breathed.

    “Lin, please. This isn’t- I do know you, Lin, at least well enough to know you’d never do something like this, and-,” She let out an odd gurgling noise when Lin dragged the blade across her throat, cutting her off mid-sentence.

    “That’s where you’re mistaken,” Lin growled into her ear, her arms the only thing keeping Su on her feet.

    Su clutched a hand to her throat, desperately trying to contain the blood. She was terribly light headed, and it was only seconds before her vision turned black and she fell unconscious. She slumped in Lin’s arms, her full weight pulling down on her sister. Lin barely hesitated before letting go of her, letting her fall to the floor. She stood above her barely living sister, watching the pool of blood below her grow for a long moment before turning to leave. She bent the metal back onto the wall as she left, walking back the way she came. The halls remained silent and dark the entire way, and she made it out the front door unnoticed.

    Once she was back in her room, she shanked out of her blood-spattered shirt and pants and into a set of metal clan pyjamas that had been set in there for her. She climbed into her bed, settling in and adjusting to make herself comfortable. She felt a great sense of relief, accompanied by an odd sort of peace, and fell asleep within minutes.

    She woke up to the sun shining brightly through her window. She’d not felt this well rested since she was a child, and happily sprung out of bed to get dressed. Instead of her usual uniform, though, she put on one of the outfits Su had insisted she wear while in the city. Shortly after she was dressed and had put her hair up in its usual bun, she heard a knock on the door.

    “Uh, Chief? You’ve been sleeping for sixteen hours, we just wanted to make sure you’re okay,” Mako said from the other side.

    She opened the door, accidentally causing him to fall to the ground in front of her. She yawned loudly and stretched her arms out, a smile forming on her face.

    “Good morning,” She said cheerily as she walked around Mako and past Korra and Bolin.

    She could feel them all staring at her as she continued walking, making her way towards Su’s house. She stopped and turned back to them, giving them a questioning look.

    “Are you coming?” She asked with a light laugh.

    “Uh- uh, yeah,” Mako stuttered, widening his eyes at Korra and Bolin before all three of them followed her to the house.

    When they got there, the place was in chaos.

    “What’s going on?” Lin demanded of a panicked looking guard, feigning obliviousness.

    “Someone- they- Suyin is dead,” They stuttered before running off down one of the many long hallways.

    Lin stood completely still, a look of shock stuck to her face. Mako was the first one to say anything, all of them desperately confused and astonished by the news.

    “We- we should find your family,” He said, taking a step forward and hesitantly resting his hand on Lin’s shoulder.

    Lin nodded slowly, her eyes wide and trained at the ground. The group began to walk in silence towards the dining room, Lin not looking up from the floor until they got there.

    Baatar Sr. sat in a chair with his knees pulled up to his chest, sobs shaking his shoulders. Opal and Wing were on either side of him, with Wei standing slightly back. There was not a dry eye between them. Baatar Jr. was seated slightly farther away, staring at the table in bewilderment with his head resting on his palm. Huan was on the floor in the corner looking angrily at a small piece of metal in his hand that he kept bending into new shapes, never seeming satisfied.

    Opal looked up when they walked in, unintentionally meeting Lin’s eye. Lin left where she stood by Korra and her friends, making her way over to Opal. She pulled out the seat next to her and sat, reaching out to take her niece's hand.

    “I’m so sorry about how I acted the other day,” She husked.

    Opal looked at her with puffy red eyes and nodded slightly before getting up from her chair and crushing Lin in a hug. Lin pulled the girl into her lap, hugging her back as she sobbed into her shoulder.

    It was a few days later that they held the funeral. The weather was fittingly grim, a drizzly present throughout the day. There was a ceremonial walking of Su’s coffin down a long street crowded with mourning residents of Zaofu before a more private affair was held for family and close friends alone. They brought Su’s coffin down to a field just outside the city, a few people speaking before the actual burial.

    “Lin, would you…” Baatar Jr. motioned towards the coffin, one of the only others there not weeping.

    His father leaned heavily on him as Lin made her way to the front of the group, not daring to watch what Lin was about to do. Once she was standing beside the coffin, she took a long look at everyone there. Her face was stoic, her hardened mask of indifference returning with extra strength. She turned so she faced the coffin, planting her feet firmly on the ground and bending a deep hole beside them. She then bent the stone-based coffin down, taking care not to rattle it around too much. She was about to bend the dirt back over it when Opal stopped her.

    “We should all put some back over her,” She said quietly, hand resting lightly on Lin’s forearm.

    Lin looked at the girl for a moment before nodding, splitting the hunk of earth into enough pieces for everyone. They came up one at a time, Baatar Sr. and the kids going first, and broke the soil into the hole. Lin waited until the end to drop hers, thoroughly crumbling the dirt over the top.

    “Goodbye, Su,” She whispered, sliding her foot almost imperceptibly to condense the layer of dirt just above the coffin.

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  • alab211
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Angstpril day 7 - Friendly fire

    Su froze. She regretted her action as soon as she saw it's consequence. Her mind was both empty and full of rushing thoughts.

    (tw blood, visual description of wound)

    "Holy shit, Lin, I'm so sorry," she rushed to her sister. She reached to her shoulder, but as soon as Lin felt the touch she jerked up yelling,

    "Leave me alone, don't touch me!" The cuts were bleeding excessively, the pain was throbbing and the cheek was so swollen it almost covered the right eye. Lin was afraid to open her eyes, to let go of her cheek, so she stayed motionless, like a grotesque figure. She felt tears fall down from her left eye. She started to sob.

    "I'll get mum," Su said. She ran to Lin's sato and grabbed the radio. She had no idea how it worked. She pressed the biggest button and said, "Um, hello? I need mum... I mean, chief Beifong and... uh... and a healer. There's been an accident, we're on the Kyoshi's street. Hurry, please." She put down the radio, her hands were shaking. She was absolutely frightened, but she had to keep it together. She'll cry the stress out later.

    Su took a deep breath and ran back to Lin. It was bad, really bad. There was way more blood than before.

    "Lin," Su said slowly getting closer to her sister. "I used your radio, someone will be here soon. What can I do-"

    "Are you joking!?" Lin sobbed. She was still holding her cheek. Her face was getting more pale with every passing minute. "Leave me alone! Get out of here..." her voice was getting weaker "I don't... I don't need your... Your help..."

    She fainted.

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  • aprettyweirgirl
    28.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #LET ME BE HAPPY #WITH THE BEIFONG SISTER BEING HAPPY AND GETTING ALONG #they still fight tho #they are sisters after all #gaang kids #i literally answer anything
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  • linsallyworld
    26.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lin: I hate you with every inch of my being.

    Su: well that's not a lot of inches.


    Lin: run.

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  • linsallyworld
    12.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Meanwhile at the Beifong house

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    12.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • tamras-shieldmaiden
    11.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • linsallyworld
    07.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Kya: so how's the world's most beautiful girl doing?

    Lin, without looking up from her notes: I don't know, how are you?

    Kya, flustered: I-

    Su, from across the room: I'm doing great, thanks!

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    25.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    She listens to Young M.A.

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  • daneol
    15.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Ok so @anonnim requested for lin and suyin dancing a month ago i really Apologize for taking so damn long 😭🙏 schools been taking alot of my time as usual

    I came back from a huge ass hiatus so theres that, i really apologize for not putting alot of color in this

    Also uhh

    The hands im sorry 💧👄💧

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