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    12.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Daniela: *shows Alcina any of her drawings/artwork*


    #residentevilvillage#dimitrescu daughters#dimitrescu sisters#daniela dimitrescu #i imagine the entire family are artists #bela doesnt do it too much #but its a de stresser for her sometimes #cass is more passionate abt it like alcina #dani isnt that good at it but she likes making rly weird doodles and stuff #and she loves showing it around #alcina is supportive and just loves seeing her raccoon daughter happy #raccoondani#lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu
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  • iveseen-f00tage
    12.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Daniela: Mother, have you seen Candice?

    Alcina: Candice? Who is that? Is that one of your "friends?"


    Daniela: 😏

    Cassandra and Bela: DON'T YOU DARE-

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    12.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Took some pics of my girl Bela ❤️

    Please don’t steal my photos :)

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    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Dimitrescu daughters are in fact Barbz

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  • drmakoabyssal
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Cashier: that’ll be $20.

    Bela: I don’t have $20.

    Cashier: . . . . then i’m sorry but I cant give this to you.

    Bela: *slides the casheir $20 sneakily like it’s a bribe* how about now?


    Cassandra: Bela, stop fucking with people, mom’s gonna beat your ass.

    #resident evil village #incorrect resident evil quotes #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu
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    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bela dimitrescu masterlist



    #bela dimitrescu x reader #bela dimitrescu
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  • phenomenal1500
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Iubirea Lui Pierdută | Resident Evil Village

    Chapter 2: ~Buttercup~

    For Chapter 1: ~Prologue~ click here. 


    Especially when he heard it was Miranda's doing and that Zuriñe was thrown away into the Lycan den like trash after she was declared a 'failed experiment'. If she was still alive, he would get her back even if it costed him everything. She was the only family he had, the only one who learned him what true love is and he couldn't let her down....


    Day and night he hovered over his desk, which had aged horribly because of the many years he'd toiled on it, wondering how to rescue the one person he truly cared about... If she was still alive. He rapidly shook the thoughts out of his mind. He couldn't let such negativity roam around that already damaged and dark mind of him, or else it might destroy his last bit of light. Hope. He grew in his ability to handle metal, to use himself as an weapon, all just to defeat whoever guarded and locked Zuriñe away from the village. Footprints where left by the man as he stomped his way through the brown mud, arriving at the Stronghold. A place he never liked to visit. A place where the 'experiments' of Miranda lost their true humanity to the Cadou. It reminded Heisenberg of his own involuntary mutation that was put in working by Mother Miranda.

    He headed through the tunnel stairs, death bodies attached to its ceiling which he carefully avoided and Karl reached an open area with several ledges blocking his way. He took the only path visible up to a small bridge to overlook the area and the cold breeze bit the bare skin of his hands as he took a puff of his lit up Cuban Cigar. He usually smoked for fun, to be a little distracted while working on the job, but now it was purely for a different reason. Stress and uncertainty. He was always sure of his business and especially of himself, but even so, what he was about to do was new to him. In the short amount of time he had given himself to train himself, he had prepared well... but he still doubted whether he could handle everything he was taught under the pressure of a place that could turn into an massive carnage.

    "Where the fuck are you, Buttercup?" His voice was more distorted than normal as he whispered underneath his breath, the smoke escaping from his mouth with each word he formed. He elevated his boot as he tossed his cigar on the floor and extinguished it by stepping on it. Heisenberg twisted his foot into the snow in a quick motion and took in a deep breath when horribly loud howls were soundable in distance of the cold and foggy evening. His grey and green eyes scanned the mist-covered grounds, searching for the deformed monsters that inhabited the darkest parts of the Stronghold.

    "Come on.... Lycans! show yourselves so we can settle this!!!" His low voice growled, hoping for the beasts to sense his presence. He would fight and defeat them. He would use himself and his abilities, maybe injure himself, but it was all for a good cause.

    His right hand opened, his fingers moving out of the fist position as his hammer levitated from his left hand to his right. His grip on the metal was strong and he embraced the coldness that radiated from the metal shaft he held onto. Heisenberg was outnumbered by gigantic odds when he entered the old courtyard, although, when a determined man like him devoted himself to one particular goal he would succeed no matter what. He dodged the first few monstrous Lycans that launched themselves on the powerful Lord, smashing their heads underneath his unbelievably heavy combat weapon. He knew these had been people, people like him forced to give up their human life, but he couldn't change them back. They were beyond saving. Moving up to the large ruin in front of the iron gate, The Lord took note of the two levers on both sides of the area.

    Exactly where he thought they would be.

    Karl had never been able to figure out where the mechanism came from to make the gate work. It must have been made by someone, an intelligent person. Maybe some Lycans still managed to think properly before they turned, or maybe Miranda that bitch had invented it to lock up and watch over her interesting failures. Either way, he knew precisely how the engines worked and with a snap of his fingers both levers turned to the right side with high speed. The gate was built out of metal/polymor composite, suspicious because it was the only thing the man couldn't control, however, the levers were build out of the most common metal scrap. Miranda proved herself to be a fool once again.

    Lifting every bit of the sharp metal scrap that laid around the ruins, Heisenberg navigated them into the next wave of Lycans that made an appearance. The pieces of metal shot through their heads with the power of a shotgun bullet and they all fell over like Karl was bowling and they were the pawns in the game... meant to be hit. The Stronghold gate was put in motion very slow. It took its time, but the Lord didn't have the same amount of time. He slipped through the already small opening that formed and he could finally enter the true Stronghold.

    "Where would Miranda hide my girl?" He wondered softly, commanding the iron doors ahead of him to open.

    He carefully walked inside and up the destroyed stairs, him feeling torn apart from crossing his new limits of his abilities, but he tried to steady his breathing and restore his power nonetheless. He would never give up. As he moved into the large main stronghold room, he hesitated for a short second. Not because he wanted to turn around and go home to his comfy factory, but because he had underestimated how big the place was. How bigger the place, how more enemies would join the fight.

    In the distance there were two big doors on the top of the cave-like chamber. He decided to go there owing to the fact that he saw no other options to move forward otherwise. Running over the narrow paths that lead to upstairs, he knew he would trigger his enemies and so he kept his hammer in his right hand, ready to fight whenever it was needed. He crossed the first bridge, hearing the growls and howls behind him, but Heisenberg just kept his eyes fixed before him, not paying attention to what was following him onto the wooden and rotten staircases. Progressing to the last stairs that led to the top level, he crossed the far side and another horde including an armored Lycan stood between him and the lovely exit he had searched for.

    "Don't be such a sore loser and fight me! Man to Man!" His loud raspy voice echoed through the Den of the Lycans and their leader hit his own chest two times, indicating that he was the one who would fight.

    Heisenberg knew Lycans lived in groups, but didn't know they could truly communicate with each other this well. It appeared that they still had a bit of humanity in them after all.

    The strongest lord had to watch out for the sprint attacks of the large beast and the teeth and claws that came with it, then he would be fine. Heisenberg took a step back as the Lycan sprang forward and he fended him off with his hammer. It looked like the two were dancing with each other. One step forward meant one step backward, one step backward meant one step forward and so on. Eventually Karl stepped forward one last time with the intention of crushing the worn out leader beneath his combat weapon. Unfortunately he was caught of guard by the two Lycans behind him that joined the battle, smashing him into the ground. His back hit the hard and wet stones and the blow made him cough heavily. It was unfair how the armored Lycan called for help.

    The leader howled, just like the rest of his followers and the two Lycans that had stepped into his battle lowered themselves to his level, digging their nails in his flesh. He didn't want to shout. He didn't want to show weakness or else he may never win this. The pain was unbearable though. It felt like a horrible third degree burn, but then mixed with a wave of sharpness and pressure. His handsome face was next as the hand of his attacker covered it. The long sharp nails left cuts all over it while the beast kept him in place to in the mean time bite his neck. Scratches and blood now covered almost his whole body and he had enough. If he could just keep his mind off of the terrible pain, he could perhaps tighten the metal armor around his enemy and let him suffocate.

    There it was.

    The coughing of someone losing his oxygen and not being able to inhale it anymore, even if there was enough of air surrounding him.

    Heisenberg laughed painfully as the Lycans backed off, staring at him blankly.

    He had defeated them.

    He was the first one who infiltrated their Den and taught them a fucking lesson. It was him.

    "Now, you motherfuckers mind telling me where you hid Zuriñe?" He asked annoyed, his regenerative powers already working on his deep, hurting wounds so he could raise to his tired feet. All they did was stupidly point at the exit he already was making his way towards and they climbed away from the man, not wanting to interact with him anymore. "Pussies."


    It was not long before Heisenberg arrived at a large room once more, light shining from the hole in the cave's ceiling on the left. Something must have lived or still lives here. He didn't really care much because of the adrenaline that had invaded him and he jumped down the end of the lit up hallway without thinking twice. An enormous wild-maned Lycan growled at him and leaped down the platform onto the same floor level as the Lord. Heisenberg wanted to get ready for another battle, although, the true boss of the Lycans had no interest in hurting the Lord. He calmly stood ahead of the strong man and unfolded his hands, revealing a young woman to him. She had similar healed scars to his on her right cheek and her skin was as pale as porcelain.

    Her hair was as white as the snow that was falling outside and her lips were the colours grey and brownish. Her eyes were still closed as she restlessly rolled around in the leader's hands and he carefully and softly laid her down. Karl knew exactly it was his lost love. From the freckles on her beautiful and soft face to the way her body curved he knew this was Zuriñe. Slowly and silently he approached her, lifting her in his arms and glared up at the gentle Uriaș.

    "Thank you."

    The beast nodded in return, disappearing out of his sight by jumping back in the hole that was made in the ceiling.

    He could finally take her home. Tell her how much he regretted not saying a word to her when she left and how much has changed since she was missing. He would take care of her the way she took care of him, but first he had to find a way to leave this place.

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    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Which one do you like?🤪

    #re8 #resident evil village #bela dimitrescu#heisenberg#bela
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    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Daniela: they call me coffee cause I grind so fine.

    Alcina: oh my god

    Bela: they call me coffee because I keep you up past 2 am.

    Alcina: Bela, stop.

    Cassandra: they call me coffee because I’m really bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of what I am.

    Alcina: oh…

    Bela: well maybe you shouldn’t be such a scary bitch then and people might like you.

    Daniela: yeah, for starters don’t kill everyone who looks at you. Just a thought.

    Cassandra: no I’m happy being bitter.

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    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Bela: Do you want to hang out with us at McDonald’s ?

    Donna: my heart says yes, but my anxiety says no

    Bela: I’m sorry all I heard was “yes come on, LETS GO TO THE BALL-PIT ”.



    Donna: BELA

    Bela: B A L L P I T

    #donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#re8#resident evil #incorrect resident evil quotes #resident evil memes #beladonna #bela x donna #resident evil village
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  • franvansusan
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Resident Evil Village RP Server

    Available characters:

    - Elena

    - Daniela Dimitrescu

    - The Duke

    - Mia Winters

    - There’s probably some other characters I’m missing. No harm in joining and checking our taken character list!

    OCs are welcome!

    You can also join as a spectator so you can read rather than write!

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  • momocedro
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    You’re my Ohana

    Pairing: (Lifeguard)Bela Dimitrescu x (SurferFem)Reader

    Summary: Your lifeguard girlfriend talks you into entering a surfing tournament that’s being held at your local beach. However, Bela meets a familiar face that comes to compete.

    Warnings: Depression, Clouding Focus

    A/n: So things are about to get intense. Both good and bad

    "Abandon Ship” - fin [Play this after Y/n talks to Bela, right as the referee explains the Final surf challenge] “Constellations” - The Oh Hellos [Play this when Bela meets up with Y/n after the competition had concluded]


    Once Semi-finals came, it was obvious you were off your game. However, you snagged the third place spot while Jeane snagged second, Billy snagging first.

    "Y/l/n," the referee calls you over

    You reluctantly walk away from Jeane and walk your way toward him.

    "What happened?" He asks, "First day you were rocking the top score and now you're in third place."

    "Sjes been having some issues the last couple of days," Jeane intervenes, placing a gentle touch on your shoulder

    "Well keep those issues out of the water," he says, "I don't need another kid surfing to their death because of their emotions getting the best of them..."

    Wait- was he?

    "Y/n, you wanna grab dinner?" Jeane asks

    You nod. You begin following her towards your car however you bumped into someone's shoulder.

    "Sorry," you say, your head slumped into the ground

    When you look up to see who it was, you stand there. Bela stares back at you.

    "Y/n I-"

    Before Bela could reach out for you, Billy comes over and kissed the back of her head. Feeling your heart sink you force your head the opposite way and catch up to Jeane.

    "Leave her," Billy says, dragging her the opposite way

    “Y/n, get your ass outta bed,” Jeane whispers 

    “Bela?...” You call out, groaning from the sunlight creeping into the room

    “Sorry kiddo,” She sighs, “Not Bela...”

    “So it really did happen?” You sigh, putting your face into your hands

    “Bela sure is persistent when it comes to making up for her mistakes,” Jeane states, sitting on the edge of your bed

    “How would you know?” You ask, lifting your head to reveal red, puffy eyes

    Jeane holds your phone and turns it on.

    50 missed calls from Bela 33 voicemails from Bela 20 new messages from Bela

    “Should have known,” You sigh, finally having the courage to get out of bed, “I’m so stupid...”

    “You are not stupid,” Jeane seats you on the edge of your bed, putting her arm around your shoulder

    You unconsciously lay your head against her shoulder. She gently strokes your arm, in hopes to comfort you. It was fortunate Jeane came just before you called her the night before. Who the heck knew what would have happened, should Jeane arrived later or not even at all.

    “Even if- this was one of the most unforgiveable mistakes...” Jeane tries to explain to you, “You said it to me yourself; ‘Bela is my Ohana’. You never said that about any other relationship prior to Bela’s. I’ve also never seen you so confident in your surfing since she came into your life. If you’re her ‘Ohana’, she’ll tell you that herself.”

    “Think it’s too late to take that saying back?” You ask her, looking up at her

    “Maybe... Maybe not,” Jeane says, “But what’s most important is that we have finals today... Let’s kick Holmes’ ass! And we’ll see about snagging Bela after the competition.”

    You slightly smile and watch her walk out of your room and into the bathroom. You look down at your phone... Debating whether you should listen to the voicemails, open her texts or even call her. You soon decide against it.

    Jeane’s right... Let’s pull my head out of my ass...

    You and Jeane carpool to the beach. But, as soon as you get there, you already saw Bela watching Holmes surf. Jeane looks over to you when she doesn’t hear your car door open.

    “Ignore them,” Jeane states, “You put a song in your head that makes you feel invincible! A song that will make you feel brave enough to tame the seven seas!” 

    You shake your head and step out of your truck, opening the truck bed to reach for your surfboard and for Jeane to reach hers. You walk alongside your best friend however, you try not to make notice of Bela walking along side Holmes. You keep your head down in hopes your broken heart won’t act up again.

    Bela is my Ohana...

    “Jeane I’ll catch up,” You state, immediately pivoting your foot to go the exact opposite way 

    You make haste trying to reach Bela’s wrist. 

    “Bela,” You call out to her gently while also gently grabbing her wrist

    You make her turn to you. She sighs as you try to find the right words to say. Just as you open your mouth a whistle blows.

    “Our three finalists please come to the shoreline!” The ref announces

    “You better go,” She says as she pulls her wrist away from your hand

    Not again... I’m not letting you walk away from me again...

    You gently tug on her wrist once more and pull her towards you, your one free hand sits against your chest as you still hold onto Bela’s hand. You mold your lips onto hers. Bela doesn’t pull away but snakes her fingers into your hair, gently pulling on it. You pull your lips away but your forehead lays against hers.

    “You’re my Ohana.. Kaipo,” You whisper

    You finally let go of her hand and catch up with Jeane, who had kindly waited for you. However, once you had looked up from the sand; she was smirking at you.

    “Don’t say anything Jeane,” You jokingly scoff

    You wrist-bump Jeane as the both of you prep your boards for the final tournament.

    "You ready for this?” She asks you

    “Ready as I’ll ever be,” You smirk

    “There’s that confidence,” She smiles

    “Now, your final challenge for this tournament is to ride out the biggest waves here,” The referee explains, “First one to emerge after one hour is the winner.”

    You paddle beside Jeane as the both of you and Holmes head toward the oncoming wave.

    “Hey not-so-good rookie,” Holmes tries to intimidate you, “You know, Bela was actually-”

    “Shut your mouth!” Jeane pushes him aside, “Don’t listen to him just focus! Even if your mind is clouded, only listen to the song you put into your head! Make yourself the tamer of the seven seas Y/n!”

    She pushes herself slightly behind in hopes to not look lie the two of you are in kahoots to take down Billy Holmes. [Even though that was kind of the plan to.] 

    Jeane’s POV Jeane was keeping an eye on you as the challenge continued for about the first half hour. 

    “You doing okay kid?” She asks you

    “I’m okay,” You sigh

    “I told you, drown him out, drown your thoughts out and don’t think!” She says, “Let your instincts take over when they’re surrounded by the ocean.”

    “That’s all talk,” Holmes says, “I’m going to win that trophy to win Bela over!”

    “She doesn’t even love you bug nuts!” Jeane argues, “Don’t think I’ve seen the way Bela looks at Y/n when she’s next to you!”

    You couldn’t help but come out from your “Zone” to hear what Jeane said about Bela.

    “Doesn’t matter,” He says, “I’ll get rid of her if I have to!”

    Jeane tries to keep him from reaching you, to no avail. He manages to pull ahead from Jeane and into your direction.

    [Quick A/N: In Abandon Ship, when you get to the reading point below this, play the rap/bridge if you haven't already or backtrack the song okay thanks, continue]

    Y/n’s POV "Y/n! Look out!" Jeane yells, slightly knocking you off balance

    You weren't knocked off balance to the point where you fell. You managed to regain your balance but, you watch in shock as Billy knocks Jeane way off balance and then watch in slight horror as Jeane falls under the giant wave.

    "JEANE!!" You let out a scream

    From the shore, Bela and all of the spectators heard your blood curdling scream. Bela grabs a board and beelines it to the ocean, attempting to swim as fast as she could.

    "YOU IDIOT!!" You scream at Billy, who is unphased at his action

    "Hey, she got in my way," he states, "Now I just gotta get rid of you!"

    You pull yourself forward as he began gaining on you. You were ahead. All you needed to do was to emerge from the breaking wave unscathed.

    I could win. Then go back for her.. But.. Jeane... Jeane may not make it if I do....

    You didn't need for your best friend to die before her wedding day. Especially when you know you could be able to do something about it. You freak out when you don't see her break the waters' surface.

    Screw this... It’s just a damn trophy! 

    Even though you were already holding a great reputation. You were willing to give it up to save your best friend. You had just kissed the woman of your dreams, regardless if she had cheated on you. You knew you loved her. 

    Sorry I'm not going to win Bels... But, my best friend is in trouble... I love you Bela...

    You push yourself past Billy as he tries to knock you off balance however narrowly misses your board as you dive off of your board and into the wave currents below.

    [Last A/n: The end of the Bridge and at the lyric "Abandon, everything you know", should be when Y/n leaps into the water]

    With whatever your strength you had, you out them into your limbs. You swim towards Jeane, who was laying with her back up on the surface, unconscious. You grab her board and begin swimming your way towards her. You manage to grab her by the waist before the next wave overcame the both of you. You grabbed the closest surfboard. Whether it was yours her Jeane's you prop her up onto it. You turn around and notice the next wave coming.

    I may not make it out of this one... Fine by me. As long as Jeane is safe..

    The wave begins rising as you use it to push Jeane towards the shoreline. You notice Bela incoming. However you were swept further out from the shore.

    “Bela!” You shout as best as you could

    As soon as you broke the surface another wave came down, shoving you further down to the ocean floor. You gain your bearings and begin to launch yourself up to the surface however you barely even lift off of the floor before you look down and notice your foot stuck in between coral.

    Shit... I'm losing oxygen and my lungs hurt.... Sorry Jeane... Sorry Bels... I love you both...

    You try smashing it with your bear fist however, your skin breaks, beginning to bleed.

    From the shore, Bela hauls in an unconscious Jeane Maugz just as Billy reels himself in.

    "Woo!! I won!" He cheers himself

    However, no one was cheering him on. Bela looks out to the sea.

    "Parker, give Jeane CPR, im going to look for Y/n!" Bela commands her lifeguard coworkers

    He immediately sits over Jeane's unconscious body as Bela stands up. Ready to run back into the ocean before seeing a fin breaking the surface.

    "SHARK!" one of the spectators screams

    Before anyone could react, the shark was already swimming back into the ocean. Bela looks at what the shark brought to the shore and she beelines it ocne realizing the shark brought you back to shore.

    "Y/n!" She screams, pulling you further onto shore

    From a distance, Jeane coughs out excess water as she begins regaining consciousness.

    "Y/n?... Where's Y/n?" She asks, immediately sitting up

    When she spots you, she crawls over to your unconscious body.

    "Y/n? Y/n?!" Jeane tries to wake you, to no avail

    Bela immediately begins CPR on you, hoping to get the water out of your lungs.

    "Come on," Bela cries

    "You know what, that's enough," Billy says

    He immediately snakes his arms around Bela in an attempt to get her away from your limp body. However, Jeane and the rest of the lifeguard and security pull him away and Jeane pulls Bela back over to the both of you.

    "Dont you fucking touch me again!" Bela screams at her ex, "You do not get to play god on whose lives I save!"

    "Don't die on me Y/n," Bela continues to perform CPR

    She presses her lips onto yours and then hand compressions on your chest.

    "Come on Y/n," Bela continues crying, "You said I'm your Ohana right?! Ohana means family! No one gets left behind! Don't leave me behind.... Please!"

    You suddenly hack your lungs out. Hacking out the excess saltwater. As you rapidly inhale and exhale, Jane puts her hand under your head, Bela sitting right over you.

    "Bela?... Jeane?..." you begin smiling

    You sit up as Bela engulfs you in a hug. She snakes her fingers into your undone hair and kisses you. Your foreheads touch once you pull away to breathe.

    "You're my Ohana Y/n," Bela finally says

    You and Jeane were cleared from the rest of the excess saltwater the both of you inhaled while in the water. Once you had changed into normal clothing, Bela was waiting for you outside. She snakes her arms around your waist as you swoop your arm around her shoulder.

    "Is that Y/n Y/l/n?" An unfamiliar voice calls out to you

    You look up and notice Jeane embraced in an unknown man's arms.

    "Y/n, this is my fiancé," Jeane smiles

    "So you're the one that swept my best friend off of her feet?" You ask him

    "What you did out there, Thank you," he smiles

    "Well, I would have also been devastated if I had lost my best friend and sister-figure," you slightly smile, "But I wish I found my board.... My dad made it... It was his last board to be made... Wait- how did I get back onto shore?"

    "A shark," Bela blurts, "It was kind of cool."

    "A... Shark?" You look at Bela

    She nods.

    "Must've been my dad," you look out to the ocean horizon, "He's always talked about how when he passes, he'll become a great white shark.... Guess that's what he really meant."

    The four of you head over to the referee was standing.

    "After our entire situation however with one selfless act, for the first time ever, I announce the winner-"

    "It's me," Billy boasts

    "Not you," The referee states, firmly

    “But- be the first to emerge from the waves, that was the challenge wasn’t it?” He asks

    “That was until you knocked Jeane off balances and nearly killed her!” You state

    Everyone began gasping and talking amongst themselves. Not wanting to deal with anyone, he just ups and leaves. 

    “Bela,” He says 

    She doesn’t move from your arm, she sinks behind your body. 

    “Bela you come here right now!” He screams, attempting to reach for her

    You catch his wrist as you and Jeane step in front of her, guarding her from him. You slowly move his hand away from your face as he retracts it in pain.

    “You do as so much as show your face anywhere near her ever again I will make sure you are given a living hell for the rest of your life,” You snarl at him

    He backs away and officially makes his leave from the beach. You turn to Bela and look at her startled face.

    “You okay?” You ask

    She nods. 

    “With him aside, The second longest runner up is, Y/n Y/l/n!” The referee announces

    You stand in your place in shock as Jeane and Bela walk over to you, trophy in hands. 

    “But, Billy was right,” you eave for air when the trophy leaned into your body

    “There’s a lot more to surfing kiddo,” He slightly smiles, “Even putting in the possibility that you might lose your life, saving another competitor is a true form of great sportsmanship. You’re going to go far kid.”

    After the award ceremony, you were waiting for Bela to close up the Lifeguard post. You had gotten a fire pit going. Just as you stand up from crouching, you feel a pair of arms wrap around your shoulders.

    “Thanks again for risking your life for mine kid,” Jeane expresses

    You turn your body towards her and engulf her in a hug. You felt one of her hands on your head and the other remaining on your shoulder. 

    “Hey, I’ll be back in a couple of months,” She says

    She pulls away to look down at you.

    “Good luck with your stuff with Bela,” She says

    “Thanks sis, See you soon,” You smile

    You watch them walk off as you feel a familiar touch around your fingers. You smile as you turn to face Bela, however, your smile dropping when you saw tears in her eyes.

    “Hey... Hey Kaipo... It’s okay,” You say, bringing her into your arms for an embrace

    “How are you so nice to me after what I did to you?” She asks hoking on a sob, “How could you forgive me so easily?” 

    “It was when I knew that...” Your voice trails off, “That I love you...”

    Bela’s eyes widen as she hears the three words come out of your mouth for the first time. 

    “Even after the fact?” She asks, leaning into your shoulder, “You’re too good for me Draga mea...”

    “Listen,” You sigh, looking down at her, wiping tears from her eyes, “Even though I told you that I love you, it doesn’t mean that I’ll trust you right off the bat.. But, it also doesn’t mean we can’t try.. Us again..”

    Bela smiles as her forehead rests against yours. Her hands resting at the base of your neck. The both of you begin swaying to some music as the stars had begun coming out. 

    Not too long later the fire pit had died down and put out. The both of you were laying against the sand, stargazing.

    “I’m going to prove to you that I love you Y/n,” Bela says, “You don’t have to trust my word but-”

    “I’ll believe it when I see it,” You finish her sentence, slightly smiling

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    bela dimetrescu / cassandra makeup test cause my friend said i looked like her a lil

    idk i was bored

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  • dump-truck-ass
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    warning: angst

    A concept: "I bet on losing dogs" by Mitski plays as Alcina has to watch her daughters getting murdered/ crystalized. In honor of this dreadful thought, here's snippets of the song along with nice bits of animatics to go along with your imagination!

    "My baby, my baby

    you're my baby say it to me"

    Alcina rocking her crystalized daughters, her arms around their cold bodies, crying. She lost her babies, her life, her soul her children and she can't get them back, no matter how many times she calls quietly to them.

    "I know they're losing and I pay for my place"

    Alcina knows she pushed her daughters too far and she's taking all the blame. Every. Single. Ounce.

    Her daughters didn't deserve this.

    For a moment, she glaces down out of impulse.

    It's stained with their blood.

    "where I'll be looking in their eyes when they're down"

    Alcina looked all of them in the eyes, one by one, their faces frozen with hollow cries instead of curious, new glances. She can't rush to her daughters and protect them any longer.

    "I'm losing by their side"

    She was with them in life, now in death. If she can't have her babies, then for once, she'll follow them.

    When she calls out for them a second time– youngest to oldest– she waits desperately, mournfully.


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