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  • defaultjane
    06.12.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Bela, the smart one with all the responsibilities of the protective big sister, mother's favorite even if it's not said out loud, and looked up to by the little sisters. Don't mistake her quietness with timidness; it's the quiet ones that should scare you the most.

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  • marvel-wlw
    06.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    "Where are you going, little one?"

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  • acousticmalta
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Female bullying the nun

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  • canonvillage
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the sisters: hunting men for prey and draining their blood

    alcina: daughters! you look like mommy, baby

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  • lastdovahkiin
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Family bonding time looks a little different than it used to, but Mia finds herself enjoying it nonetheless.

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  • villainousvillage
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝓽𝓱𝓮𝔂 𝔀𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓯𝓲𝓷𝓭 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓼𝓸𝓸𝓷 𝓮𝓷𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱

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  • villainousvillage
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝓼𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓶𝔂 𝓭𝓪𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓪𝓰𝓪𝓲𝓷?

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  • jetalveran
    06.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Botany Lesson (Blood on the Vine One-Shot)

    Bela Dimitrescu is not very good at handling secrets, especially secrets that deliberately keep her out of the loop. It's not that she's uncomfortable with them -- quite the contrary: her entire life and existence were secrets, and a good portion of her daily routine is devoted to ensuring the maintenance of the secrets that keep her family, her businesses, and herself safe.

    She reasons that anyone rationally aware of themselves would agree with her. After all, who wouldn't be comfortable knowing that there is knowledge out there that could be within their grasp and yet, for some inexplicable reasoning— it was not.

    On a good day, her family applauds her meticulous awareness of the pulse of life.

    On a bad day, Daniela and Cassandra spend hours finding the most obnoxious synonyms for 'control-freak' that they can find; and at the peak of one isolating, frustrating winter Daniela recited a poem that skillfully wove all of them into one, ten-minute soliloquy.

    Needless to say, the aftermath highlighted how very much not in control Bela Dimitrescu could be.

    So Bela's current situation is understandably baffling to her on several accounts. The first is that Cassandra thought it wise to suggest anything at all. The second is that Bela's walking— blindfolded and not exercising the Swarm's sensory mastery as she rightfully should, and the final being that she even agreed to this madness in the first place.

    Such is the love one has for one's eternal companions.

    Truthfully, she knows—and she knows that Cassandra knows that she can swarm out of the blindfold at any moment. She should honestly because she recognizes the shift in temperature and noise as they approach Daniela's Greenhouse — and Cassandra's sudden bout of muteness is starting to irritate her.

    But she doesn't because she's a good, reliable swarm-sister who can sacrifice her comfort to ensure her Swarm's happiness. It's just a shame that the two rabid, feral strays that her Mother deigned to consider fellow heiresses alongside Bela weren't as respectful of her in return.

    "Cassandra..." Bela tries to catch the huntress's attention for the fourth time. Cassandra, for the fourth time, hums non committedly while she guides Bela carefully over the threshold and down the three steps into the Greenhouse.

    Immediately, Bela's enveloped in the warm, humid environment. The countless, nearly nameless kaleidoscope of flora within the space compete for her attention with a dance of beguiling luring scents, the tease of pollen, the sweetness of floral nectar. Bela loves this space and the care and attention Daniela's put into it, but she's too frustrated at the moment to pinpoint the subtle shift of the pheromones around her that would tell her the exact paths she's being led down.

    When they come to a stop, Bela can feel the warmth of open flames licking at her from a distance, and there's —

    "Is that my Mozart Vinyl?" she hisses, irritation rising; only to be shushed in stereo by Cassandra and— "Daniela, what the hell— "

    She's shushed again and bares her teeth in response.

    Neither one of them speaks, and every time she starts to make a noise, she's shushed. By the end of the musical score, she's picturing various ways to peel their wings off one by one. Starting with Daniela's more flamboyant drones.

    Daniela must notice her restlessness because she clears her throat, and says: "Thank you, Cassandra. You may remove Bela's blindfold now."

    Bela blinks against the sudden influx of firelight. She's in one of the more intimate corners of the gardens, with the plants climbing high on the trellises. Flowers of varying dark shades bloom and entice from their vines, and Bela takes a moment out of mentally preparing to murder Daniela to appreciate the effort the flame-haired vixen puts into her botanical pursuits.

    Then she looks at Daniela. And Cassandra. And...

    "Why is Miss Ardenlane in mourning attire?" Bela asks, brow arching high along her hairline. "Why are— what the hell are you two wearing?"

    She directs this to Cassandra, hoping the huntress will have an answer that makes sense. Cassandra just shrugs. "Dani said we had to."

    "Hello, Lady Bela," Isolde murmurs from her position in the back. Her dark auburn hair is plaited, with the tail over a shoulder. Bela looks for the tri-braided cord of color that marks the maiden as someone who belongs to— and is protected by the three heiresses. Unlike her usual uniform or casual attire, Isolde's dressed in black from the crisp pressed button-down shirt to the slacks to the sensible shoes. She's standing, holding what looks to be an elegantly carved wooden box.

    "If you'd sit down, I'd be able to explain— wait, why aren't you in mourning dress?" Daniela shifts her gaze to Cassandra, lips tugging into a pretty pout. "Cassa! I told you she needed to be in mourning dress too!"

    "Yeah, you knew that wasn't going to happen. Dani, you're lucky I managed to even get her here." Cassandra drawls, with one hand loosely about Bela's elbow as if Bela's still likely to make her exit.

    Daniela rolls her eyes. "Fine, whatever," and shuffles forward a little on her knees. She gestures with a hand to her sisters to come to sit on the opposite side of a container shrouded by a dark purple veil.

    "Is that my scarf?" Bela's mental tally of strikes hits two.

    "Shhh, not important," Daniela bats the question away. "Now. Bela. Cassandra. Thank you for coming to this intervention."

    "Intervention?" Bela's head snaps to Cassandra. Her eyes burn holes into the side of Cassandra's jaw because their Wolf is decidedly not looking her way. "For what?"

    "For ... this."

    Daniela pulls the scarf back to reveal a rather large specimen of a plant that Bela's seen only a few times. Within a rather charming pot are ten different verdant green crescents that rest with leaves opened in a wide, gaping 'grins' of sorts. Within, a rich ruby red center glistens with clear, dripping sweet nectar.

    "What... is this?" Bela looks between her companions. Cassandra shrugs. Isolde gives nothing away which has become aggravatingly more common as she’s taken to remaining loyal to whichever of the heiresses approaches her first on any particular topic. Right now, she’s Daniela’s maiden through-and-through.

    Daniela, meanwhile, is all too happy to explain.

    "This is Dionaea Muscipula..."

    "I know what a Venus Fly Trap is, Daniela." Bela snaps. "Let me rephrase: why are you showing me a Venus Fly Trap?"

    "Do you know what a Venus Fly Trap is capable of?" Daniela's gaze snaps up to hers in a challenge.

    "... yes, of course, I do." Bela doesn't, actually. She's only vaguely aware of the species through the little of Daniela's books she's skimmed through.

    "Obviously you don't, else I wouldn't need to do this intervention."

    "Again: what do you think I need intervention with?"

    Cassandra smirks, the mischief coloring her words like a skipping current over river rocks. "Oh, I don't know, Bells. How about your inability to balance your work-life balance, your chronic stick-up-the-assess, or your inability to stop worrying if Mother loves you best?"

    "...Mother does love me the best, shut up."

    Cassandra grins. Before she can continue, Daniela coughs pointedly.

    "Those are interventions for another day. Can we focus on the most important thing here?"

    Bela and Cassandra turn back, Cassandra ducking her head in apology as Daniela's scowl lingers on her moreso than Bela. "Sorry, Dani,"

    "Sorry, Dani."

    "Thank you. Now, the Dionaea Muscipula is a very dangerous species for flies to encounter because she hides her deadly strike within the beauty of her smile. Isolde, if you would... please?"

    Isolde steps forward, walking as if she and Daniela had rehearsed her steps and pacing over and over again. She comes to a stop and kneels, bowing her head with a reverence that Bela should not be smiling at.

    Cassandra snickers and gets another glare.

    "Can we please be respectful, here?" Daniela's voice is sing-song sweet as her eyes promise torture if either one of them interrupts her. Again.

    They both nod. Daniela watches them both with a critical gaze, then when she's sure they're not going to break her flow again, she tilts her head to Isolde.

    "Isolde, proceed, please."

    Bela sees the smile dancing on Isolde's lips as she answers Daniela with an 'as you say, Lady Daniela,' but for some reason, the maiden gets away with it. She does lean forward to see what Isolde's bringing out and...

    "Why are there dead f— "

    "Tchtchtch! These are our honorable cousins who flew their last flight in the kitchens just over the full moon."

    By the Black God Below, Cassandra murmurs. Luckily, Daniela misses it.

    "Our cousins' bodies shall be sacrificed in the name of truth, and in the spirit of protecting us from harm."

    Bela... thinks it best that she does not answer that with her first response. She watches as Isolde gently tweezes one of the bodies out and holds it aloft, waiting for Daniela's cue.

    "Now. This cousin, Bela, represents you."

    "... beg pardon?"

    "Bela, focus, this is important. You learn best through visual demonstration, after all."

    Bela risks tossing a glare at Cassandra's skull when Daniela turns her attention down to the Venus Fly Trap. Cassandra rewards her sneak-glance with the biggest grin and shrug.

    "Bela! Please! This is your life at stake!"

    Bela blinks. She catches Isolde's eye behind Daniela's shoulder.

    Just go along with it, please? Isolde mouths.

    Bela takes in a breath, holds it for five, then exhales. By now, Daniela's eyes shimmer with tears and the last thing she needs is a scolding from Cassandra and Mother for making Daniela cry. Even though Daniela always cries.

    "All right, all right."

    "Thank you. It's not every day our cousins can help us in return... now. This cousin is you, Bela." Daniela pauses. Waits. Then continues. "And the Dionaea Muscipula... represents the Lady Beneviento."

    "What ... does— "

    "Shh, shhh, it's ok. Cassa and I know. She's very pretty and very nice-smelling. Just like the Dionaea Muscipula." Daniela gestures and Isolde lowers the fly closer. Bela has to lean back as the mouth opens, just a little bit.

    Daniela isn't stopping though. Even though Cassandra's grin is so wide it's about to split her in two.

    "Is this because I'm working with her on that research project into the 4th-century expansion...? Why wouldn't I want to work with her? She's—"

    "Shhh, shh, I know. I know, Bela." Daniela nods as if this is a confession of the hardest order to make. She reaches out and pats Bela's hand. "She's very knowledgeable about the history and folktales of the region and she's very engaging in personal conversation, but ... THAT IS HOW SHE GETS YOU, BELA!" Daniela makes a dramatic slash with her fingers and all three swarmlings dart back when the Venus Fly Trap snaps down on the fly as soon as Isolde sets the body within the cage of its' teeth.

    "DANIELA WHAT THE HELL?!" Bela scrambles back, afraid to swarm in case she's actually caught in one of those horrible mouths. Her eyes cannot leave the sight of the fly's limbs sticking out between what she recognizes as teeth.


    "So you make me witness a fucking murder?!"

    "They're already dead, I really don't think it's murder, Bela..." Cassandra points out. From behind Bela's back. Her hands curve around Bela's shoulders as if she's ready to throw the drakeling into the pot should the Venus Fly Trap make any sudden movements. Bela sneaks a hand back, gripping her fingers against Cassandra's shirt. If she's thrown, Cassandra's coming with her.

    "Oh, fuck your semantics, Cassa — I'm being forced to watch a... wait, what would have happened if our cousin was still alive?!"

    Daniela's also scrambled back. Isolde, by now, has taken the prerogative of feeding the remaining corpses to the waiting, salivating mouths. Bela watches in horror. Daniela was right... that maid is a psychotic killer.

    "From what I've seen, Lady Bela, they'd be digested alive," Isolde says in her measured Romanian accent.

    "You've WATCHED?!" Bela and Daniela both exclaim.

    Isolde glances up, realizes that she's being stared at by three very frantic gazes. A small smile dances along her lips as she nods. "Oh, yes. Lady Daniela has a small wild colony in the eastern portion to keep the pollinator population in check. It's quite fascinating— though probably a far more horrible way to go than the Pitcher Plant. At least there, the trapped creature can hopefully drown before being dissolved."

    As she speaks, she continues to feed the Venus Fly Traps. "What did you mention the other night, during one of the Wild Hunts? It's merely the cycle of predator and prey, my Ladies."

    "Dani, there is something severely fucked up with your maid," Cassandra mutters.

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  • homoo-wan-kenobi
    06.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    TL;DR it's just me complaining, read at your own risk I guess :/

    ain't no way in hell capcom looked at lady dimitrescu and was like "there's no way she's gonna be popular so she's gonna be the first lord to die" and were okay with making that decision when planning out their game.

    but then when the 9'6" vampiric lady got popular, it was conveniently too late to do anything about her part.... cause they knew if they released anything about her in 2020 that she would've been all the rage and they would've had to go in a do something to give her and her daughters a bigger part in the game or at least found a way to change what order the lords die in.

    and this is to say that she is in the 2020 teaser for re8 when they had that playstation event, she's literally shown in it but it's for like less than a nanosecond, I think. I'm kinda mad tho that they said they still wouldn't have changed or added anything to the castle dimitrescu part even after they saw how popular lady dimitrescu was getting.

    but the fact that that's how they started marketing the game to people?? some genius shit right there cause I would've done the same thing except I wouldn't have let people be disappointed by how quickly the whole castle part was.

    and another thing! I didn't like how ethan fought the girls one on one. I feel like, if anything, it should've been all three of them at once. especially since he just had to do the same thing three different times. or him at least trying to kill them one on one but they get away and then they come up with a game plan together cause they're stronger as a unit than as separate entities.

    lemme stop typing cause I know most of this is just me talking and not making any sense 😭😭

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  • nothingfunnyidk
    06.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    A rough sketch of Bela Dimitrescu 🍷 (totally didn't forget the blood)

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  • sandyyybonham
    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Some Alcina Headcanon Ideas (if you're kind enough to make these please do)

    •The reader takes Alcina and her daughters to the amusement park

    •The reader has telekinesis ability so like, when she started working for Castle Dimitrescu, she was able to do her tasks easily and quickly, Alcina finds this fascinating and she immediately got interested in our beloved reader

    •Alcina reacts to a digital art that the reader has made for her

    •How Alcina would react to a reader who accidentally bit her own tongue/lip and it starts to bleed

    #resident evil 8 village #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #alcina x reader #lady dimitrescu x reader #headcanon#dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #dimitrescu x reader #resident evil village #resident evil 8
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  • dimitresca
    06.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    i made a lady dimitrescu interaction meme @the-dimitrescu-seamstress asked: 😤 😑🍷🧤📱 (yes, Magda's that curious) / i'm going to answer this in two asks!

    😤        lady dimitrescu gossiping about your muse behind their back.

    " Yes, she's talented." Bela stands at the door, hands folded behind her back. It's unclear to Alcina why her daughter has any interest at all in the staying or dying of any particular servant, but she rarely has to indulge Bela at all. She can allow for it now. "Her work is very fine. A good eye, one might say." "Would you say then, Mother," Bela begins, and Alcina raises her hackles, near convinced some twisted little ask is going to drop from her daughters' mouth. Too useful to eat? Had Bela really her eye so heavily on one woman's blood? "That her trial period is over?" For goodness sake. "Yes, daughter. Miss Petran has been much to my tastes as a seamstress." Alcina rounds, eyes narrowed. DON'T PLAY WITH MOTHER'S THINGS, her expression says. "Meaning she must not be to anyone else's more bloody tastes and tastings. That goes for you and your sisters." Eyebrows now knitted together, the Lady turns back to the bare canvas, light swirls of her earlier sketch ghosting the white surface. "Is there anything else, or might you decide to make a snack of any other valuable Castle assets?" Said snacking, as Bela well knows, is not the issue. Good help is hard to come by. "Understood, mother." It must have been giddiness, but Alcina swears she can hear a smile on her daughters' breath. "Very well." She does not turn her head, but she hears the soft click of the door signaling Bela leaving.

    📱      a text from lady dimitrescu (in a verse where she has a smartphone)

    ( CHAT WITH MAGDA PETRAN.) A.D. - 12:34. Dear Ms. Petran Must reschedule. Please see to it that you check your office for my almandine garnet quellazaire. It is missing. Regards A D

    #like i said i'm gonna do the other three in another one bc I'm Crazy but I'm Free #magda petran. #bela dimitrescu. #answered. #the dimitrescu seamstress #also i was Not sure what she'd summon the will to text about but her losing her fancy new cigarette holder qualifies. #long post //
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  • arlanorr
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    “I’ll always go first.”

    More alternative aftermath to the game’s events for the Dimitrescu household. Bela’s turn. This gets dark.

    CW: Character death, explicit violence, murder, explicit suicide & assisted suicide


    When Bela came to, she wasn’t sure how much time had passed. It was bright outside, so it could have been minutes or hours, but for all she knew it could have been days as well. As she walked through the castle, she encountered no one and heard no unexpected noises. It was unsettling, and her thoughts strayed to the worst possible explanation. She had been unconscious for days and had woken up alone where she had dragged herself off to to crystallise in peace because there was no one left anymore – because the castle had turned into a graveyard. She felt a shiver go down her spine at the thought and sternly pushed it away and told herself to wait with fatalism until she had proof.

    She had locked her sister in the library after Cassandra had let him escape, so if she was still there, it still had to be the same day surely, so she headed there first.

    The door was open, and her first thought was that days had to have passed. The cold gust coming from the room, however, pushed her thoughts into a different direction, and her steps hurried with her heartbeat. 

    She almost stumbled back out of the room, and belatedly, a scream made its way past her clogged throat and her shaking fingers covering her mouth. Instead of falling back out of the door, she ran forward to the scattered remains that she could still clearly make out as Daniela. 

    “No, no, no, this can't be!” she screamed as she dropped to her knees and picked her little sister’s crystallised head out of the dust. 

    “Daniela,” she whimpered and brushed her fingers lightly over her terrified features. “No …”

    Warm tears dropped onto her knees as her sobs broke loose. She screamed and cradled the head against her chest. Again and again the scream renewed in fervour. 

    She wanted to break down and not get back up again, but the diligent voice of reason pointed out to her that the room was still cold, so it couldn’t have happened that long ago. He was possibly still alive. The rest of their family may yet be alive. She prioritised. Protecting Cassandra and Mother, killing the bastard, avenging her sister now, falling apart later. 

    She touched her forehead to Daniela’s and whispered, “I will be back. I love you,” and then she headed back out to look for Cassandra. 

    She was where she expected her to be, in the armoury, protecting the key to the dagger. 

    She heard movement from upstairs, and it filled her with both hope and dread. Hope because she wasn’t dead yet and dread because she was clearly in a fight and there was a cold wind blowing down the stairs that she swarmed up. 

    “Why did you lock the door?! Cassandra, get out of there!”

    Through the bars, she saw the wounds on her sister’s body, and her mind’s eye supplied the images of the blood that would later be oozing out of them when she thawed again. Cassandra shot her a brief look over her shoulder. 

    “Don't make the same mistake I did!”

    She let the grate barring the way pull back up, but Cassandra still showed no sign of intending to leave the room. 

    “Get out of there!”

    “Not now!” Both he and Cassandra raised their weapons, and Bela’s insides churned. 


    She seized her around the waist and pulled her back. A shot rang out, and they both went tumbling down the stairs, coming to a stop at the bottom with Cassandra lying squarely on top of her. 

    For one moment, she thought she had done it, and then she saw the gaping hole in Cassandra’s chest. She screamed. Spreading out from the wound, her body started to crystallise. 

    Frantic, she pulled her back through the fireplace, closer to the warmth. 

    Once they were fully in the still fairly warm room, she draped herself over her sister, pawing desperately at her face. 

    “Cassandra! Please, no, no, no, no, no! I can’t lose you too!”

    Cassandra blinked, confused and sluggish. 


    “Daniela, he k– She’s – Cass, Daniela is dead,” she cried. 

    Cassandra’s startled features twisted in pain, and her eyes turned to Bela, newly awake and alert, and the familiar fire burned as bright as ever in them as she reached up and curled her fingers into Bela’s dress to pull her closer harshly. 

    “Kill him,” she ordered in a barely contained, wavering tone. 

    She crystallised in that position. 

    A startled cry escaped Bela as she watched her eyes go blunt and then brittle. 

    She cried out when Cassandra’s fingers broke as she moved, and then gently, so as not to break more of her, she brushed her hands over Cassandra’s cheeks and screamed. Her head dropped onto Cassandra’s broken chest, and her shoulders shook violently until she heard movement behind her and looked up immediately. 

    For a brief fraction of a second, the thought crossed her mind that she wouldn't care if he shot her on sight and she might die from it, but it wasn't what she truly meant. There was no chance that she would allow herself to be killed before killing the murderer of her sisters, and she wasn't cold enough that a shot to the head was likely to kill her, though it would be a gamble at this distance with a shotgun. 

    “You bastard!” she screamed under tears, and the pained, almost human look of the scene in front of him made him hesitate. Practice and calculation made her, however, act immediately. 

    She bit through his throat before he had a chance to shoot. The barrel wedged between them, and she felt shrapnel tear her already wounded abdomen apart. Blood shot up her oesophagus and mingled with his. The barrel angled away, and she realised his intention quickly enough and tossed the weapon behind herself before he had a chance to shoot the window. Violently, she held him down and bit through his neck until it came free from his torso. 

    She spit his blood onto the carpet when she lifted his head in the air and sneered at his lifeless expression.

    Now that he was dead, her violent rage shifted into nausea, and she couldn't bear to look at his face anymore. She carried head and body back up the stairs, severed his limbs and then his torso in two with an axe from the armaments, just to be safe, and then she tossed them out of the hole in the wall in different directions. 

    Coming back down the stairs, the pain from the cold ebbed, but her sobs and her screams did not, and in the warmer chamber, she fell back onto Cassandra’s body and cried bitterly into her cold chest until their mother found them like this. 

    Alcina lost her composure at the sight of them. She had not been prepared to lose another daughter that day. She sank down beside them and caressed Cassandra’s lifeless cheek. 

    “My darling.” Then she turned to Bela in rage, and for a horrible split second in her disturbed state of mind, she thought it was directed at her. “Where is that man? He will pay for what he’s done.”

    Bela shook her head. 

    “He’s dead. I scattered him.”

    Alcina calmed down a little at her words. 

    “Good. Then he can't hurt you anymore.”

    Bela sobbed loudly. 

    “Daniela, she –”

    Alcina shushed her gently and reached out. 

    “I know.”

    “I am sorry, mother! I have failed them! I have failed you! It should have been me! It should have been me, not them!”

    Her mother gathered her into her arms, and she wept openly into her white dress, staining it red with the evidence of the day’s tragedies. 

    “You haven't failed any of us. This is not on you.” Bela buried deeper into her dress. 

    “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

    “It’s not your fault.”

    “They’re dead! They’re gone! I can't do this!”

    “I’ve got you. I’m here.”

    She didn’t have to look up to know that her mother was crying bitterly as well. 

    She felt soulless in the following days. Living became labour, labour that she only worked up the effort for for her mother’s sake. She could not kill herself while her mother was grieving, while she still needed her. She couldn't leave her alone, even though she desperately wanted to be reunited with her sisters.

    Alcina clung to her daughter’s life with a desperation matching Bela’s desire to let go, for both their sakes, but she knew she was fighting a losing battle. Nothing she could do managed to elicit a single smile from her that wasn’t drenched in sorrow.

    Bela made no secret of it that she was only staying alive for her mother and that it would be temporary, that she had already given up on immortality.

    “We made a promise, when we were younger. If one of us dies, we all die.” I’ll always go first. Nothing will happen to either of you while I’m alive, she had said to her sisters back then. It sounded like the worst lie she had ever told now. “We could have lived forever instead. We could have had everything.” Her voice dropped to being barely louder than a breath. “We had everything.”

    “Don’t leave me!” she ordered, reaching out to touch her cheek. “I can’t live in a world without my daughters.”

    “It is the same for us.”

    “I cannot lose you!”

    “I can’t break that promise. It’s all I have left of them. I’ve broken one promise already, I can’t break this too.”

    “You will not follow them into their grave!”

    She watched her mother’s distraught tears streak down her cheeks with a calm as if she were already laying in their shared tomb amongst her sisters.

    “Don’t ask me to break my promise to them, because I will.”

    “Bela!” She took a second to catch herself and be able to say her next words with composure. “You cannot ask of me to give you permission to kill yourself.”

    Bela looked to her feet. 

    “I know,” she said quietly and bit her lip. She pushed the heels of her hands into her eyes. “I can't choose between you!” she cried. “I can't break our promise, and I can't leave you behind. I can't do either. What do I do?”

    She looked up at her mother, her eyes wide and open, her gaze steady. It looked so young and vulnerable to Alcina. It reminded her so much of the first time she had seen her eyes, scared and lost and desperately looking for hold. 

    She took a deep breath and then slowly, softly sank to her knees in front of Bela and took her face into her hands. Bela turned into the touch and held her gaze steadily. 

    “Give me a few days,” Alcina said quietly, ringing softly with finality. “A few final days with you. We will spend them remembering, and then I will follow you where you are going.”

    They spent several days going through every item that reminded them of Daniela and Cassandra, reminiscing over the seventy years they had spent together. Memories that they had long since forgotten, that had spent decades buried under the sands of time, were brought to their minds’ eyes again as clear as on the days they had been made. It made the wait until the end unbearable but worth every second all the same. Once they had started, Bela would have refused to stop until all of their memories had replayed in her mind. 

    And then, on their final day, Alcina led Bela into the sisters’ room. Sitting on the bed, she took the dagger into her hand, the one thing that could reliably kill her. It would be enough to kill Bela too. 

    Bela reached for the knife, and she held it just out of her reach. Bela frowned up at her in confusion, and Alcina met her gaze patiently. 

    “It’s okay, Bela. You don't have to do this yourself.”

    Her mouth opened to protest, but she knew the expression on her face. It said, plain to read, I am your mother. What kind of mother would I be if I made you do this yourself?

    Bela relaxed, and Alcina cradled her head softly with one hand. 

    “It’s okay. It will only hurt a moment.”

    She raised the dagger, and Bela put her hand on hers to stop her and looked calmly into her eyes and smiled, a sad, broken, but honest smile. 

    “I love you, ma.”

    “I love you too, little angel.”

    Bela removed her hand, and while retaining eye contact, Alcina pushed the dagger into her neck, severing her spine. Her body shut down quickly, and she wouldn't feel any more pain until the poisons killed her fully, and then she stabbed herself twice, once in the heart and once in the Cadou, and then she held her daughter until she died peacefully in her arms before she drifted off into oblivion herself.

    Right in the spot where all those years ago the sisters had been reborn together – together, how they should always be –, Bela finally followed them into the dark.

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  • yoursweetdenial
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y/N: Hey, Bels, are you free on Friday? Like, around 8 pm on Friday?

    Bela: Well, I think so...

    Y/N: Ok, cool! And what about you?

    Donna: Umm... Yes, I am.

    Y/N: Great! Because I'm not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date!

    Bela: Did they just-

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  • awoomommymilkers
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Alcina: *Sitting on her chair*

    Karl: Wassup

    Alcina: *Silence*

    Karl: Eyy what happened?

    Alcina: Ethan lost his fly swatter


    Karl: For gods sake woman we are dead!

    #alcina dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#karl heisenberg #alcina dimitrescu x ethan winters #lady dimitrescu x ethan winters #ethan winters #resident evil village #resident evil memes #resident evil #lady dimitrescu x reader #resident evil funny #mother miranda #bisexual lady dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu funny #lady dimitrescu
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  • arwensarsons
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ADHD Reader x Alcina Dimitrescu


    No one asked, but yes.

    For those of you who don’t know what ADHD is; Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD for short, is a disorder that can differ from person to person, however the most common seen symptoms include an inability to focus, being easily distracted, hyperactivity, poor organization skills, and impulsiveness. Not everyone who has ADHD has all these symptoms. The symptoms also very depending on age.

    Anyways onto the head-canon.

    Alcina has always found humans of this time period interesting, they have found ways to further develop their knowledge and put a name to things that back in her time would have just been identified as crazy.

    So when you stumbled into her… humble abode, she was of course surprised, a helpless dainty little thing that seemed to have no business running around in a forest just found their way onto her doorstep, covered in mud and flowers.

    Of course Alcina didn’t know much about the outside world and due to Miranda’s strict hold on the lords she never had the chance to go out and get said knowledge, even with her Cadou.

    So when you began your, strange behaviors as she’d call them, Alcina started asking you questions as to why you’d suddenly do one task, completely give up even if you were so passionate about it at first and move onto something else, or when you’d basically learned how to small talk in Romanian in less than an hour and then simply, did something else.

    The reason Alcina kept you alive long enough to see these behaviors is because, you were cute, plain an simple you were adorable to her.

    So she kept you as a.. pet.

    But back on track!

    Alcina slowly grew to watch out for your little adventures in knowledge, or whatever activities you’d seemed to get up to.

    One time she found you in the cellar trying to sword fight with one of her, failed experiments.. She of course freaked out and got you out of there quickly, yelling at you trying to figure out why the hell you were down there.

    “I was just bored Alci! And those things had swords, I just wanted to try some moves out.”

    “You’re a strange little human.”

    When you finally explained what you’d been diagnosed with (ADHD) she understood your behaviors completely, relishing in how the minds of the twenty-first century finally got around to not being imbeciles and humanizing things in her time thought to be crazy, or inane.

    The girls reacted the same way that Alcina did, they were understanding, and you all found out that your darling Daniela also had ADHD, so Alcina had to completely out of the box and random people to watch out for!

    Overall, Alcina as well as her girls understand and completely are okay with your activities, actions and attitudes, they accept you as you are. There is nothing wrong with you, you’re just you. And that’s all you need to be.

    “We love you, we don’t find you weird or crazy, you’re our Y/N. That’s all that matters.”

    (Sorry if this is bad, it’s a little late and I have work to get done but I’ve been doing this instead…) SORRY FOR LIKE DISAPPEARING COLLEGE DOES THAT TO YA 😟👍

    Little message to y’all; You don’t have to hide the things that make you, you. Just because society dubs you as something doesn’t mean it’s true, you are amazing in every single way, the very fabric of your being isn’t what others define you as, it’s what you define yourself as. And in my opinion y’all are fuckin’ awesome.

    #dimitrescu x reader #alcina dimitriscu x reader #alcina x maiden #alcina x reader #lady alcina x reader #lady dimitrescu x y/n #dimitrescu #re8 x reader #cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu#resident evil
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  • words-etched-in-her-skin
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #depravity answered#anonymous #resident evil village #bela dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x reader #just#dmdhdkkss#seriously #you brats and your exquisite teasing #😩🤤#fuck#re8 asks
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  • countdraluka
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Here are some short, sweet, and mostly fluffy headcanons about our favourite vampire family, to brighten your weekend:

    Daniela is the queen of staying warm during wintertime. She has collected countless blankets, duvets, quilts, and even animal furs throughout the years, one warmer than the other. In moments when the family is enjoying a casual evening, you will probably see her flying around the estate so she can distribute hot water bottles and blankets to her sisters and mothers, who she thinks look a bit too cold for her liking (Alcina gets three because of her height). Sleeping in what is pretty much a cocoon of fabrics and pillows is a common occurrence for her, and she also tends to wear quite heavy clothing to fight the chill - particularly pieces inspired by her homeland in Russia or a number of gowns and nightwear kept from the later portions of the Victorian period.

    Cassandra enjoys knitting - it allows her to fidget while having a purpose to her actions, and it is a great little activity to do while the family is gathered in the drawing room and idle chatter is being passed around for a few hours.

    She is also the best listener out of all of them. If one of her sisters needs to vent about the frustrations of immortality, or if her moms had a horrible fight and both need someone to complain to before Bela can help intermediate the apology, she is the one to step up to the challenge. Truth be told, she enjoys getting to know people and is quite introspective about it - she often talks to her victims before, or even during, what are otherwise her inhumane torture sessions.

    Bela is the one who organizes gift-giving during Christmastime and birthdays, since there are many servants to account for and, although no longer relying on the Duke’s imports has made purchasing gifts the family a lot easier, there is still quite the risk for repeated presents between her and her sisters. She does have a talent for picking the right trinket, too - Alcina giving Maria her cherry-toned Cadillac was her suggestion, in fact, as was getting Eva a professional drawing table.

    Freddy is the official parcel wrapper (she gets paid in kisses, so she doesn’t mind the paper cuts). And the technology guru. And the connoisseur of modern cultural practices that one does not pick up from walks in the park and shopping trips - it took a lot of patience for her and Eva to explain to the rest of the family the etiquette surrounding messaging and video-calling (Alcina was the only one who got it, belive it or not).

    Speaking of the youngest sibling - as soon as she was given her own bedroom, Eva would consistently wake up early in the evening and somehow sneak past her two governesses so she could go into her mothers’ room to demand sleepy cuddles from Maria. Does it circle back to her separation issues stemming from the thousand years during which she was an abandoned child carrying the trauma of a horrid death and stuck in Mold limbo? It does - which is probably why Maria makes sure to hold her extra tight in her arms. This habit made a bit of a dent in the matriarchs’ morning routine, sure, but although Alcina passionately complains about the servants not managing to accomplish the very simple task of not bending to the whims of her child, never once has she demanded that Eva be taken away. Small expressions of care, right?

    But that might have backfired a little in that Eva, now in her twenties and a certified menace, continues to pop up right outside their bedroom door and go “Good evening, mothers. I am here to demand both your attentions and affections, so please make space”. And then perhaps Daniela follows, then Cassandra, then Bela… Freddy might come in to see where everybody is and accidentally let Vesta and Vulcan in. Privacy and immortality don’t mix too well, you see, so Alcina is just glad the bed was designed to handle all that weight. And once Miranda is resurrected, Eva will sometimes instead go to her. It reminds them of nights spent in the convent they first lived in, where they shared a twin bed - if the term can even be used - that was stiff as a board, and then the small cottage on the edge of the woods, which was infinitely more welcoming yet so cold during winter that sleeping apart was an impossibility.

    Eva shares her love for hats with Alcina, to the point where Maria looks at their expenses report and goes “We are rich, so this is more than fine, but is it normal for a family to spend over ten thousand euros a year on hats??”. She is not allowed to complain, though, because every now and then she will see her wife and her daughter matching outfits and has to sit down for a bit because she is experiencing an emotion.

    Alcina very tenderly looks after Maria. She delights herself in gestures like leading breathing exercises and being a grounding element whenever the Mold hive mind is too loud and Maria has trouble filtering out thoughts and visions that aren’t truly there, or carefully washing her hair whenever they share a warm bath (she has so much of it that Alcina is still amazed at how their bath drain clogs up every three days), and even carrying her to bed and making sure she is tucked in when Alcina finds her asleep on the sofa, half-drunk cup of tea abandoned on the table and a notebook filled with writing propped up on her lap, while the pen she was using threatens to slip from her relaxed hand.

    Similarly, Maria devotedly cares for Alcina. Drawing a bath with salts followed by a massage with medicinal ointments to help soothe the aches that come with living in a body as demanding as hers is; helping her put on her necklace and earrings because the clasps are too finicky for her larger fingertips, then fixing her body makeup for the spots she can't see; or even spending an entire evening by her side when her illness decides to act up and the Cadou can’t do much to control it, leaving Alcina in pain and indisposed as so many times before. Except now she has a wife who cares. Someone who not only isn’t repulsed by her symptoms - whether they be as commonplace as nausea and digestive-urinary problems or as severe as the mental fog from the high blood pressure and even potential seizures - but who actively studied her condition so she knew how to make her feel better, rather than just relying on the certainty that eventually her healing abilities would catch up and just telling her to walk off the discomfort until then. And perhaps it is seeing Maria treat her just as before, from that familiar reverence to the teasing and flirty banter that ought to come with an explicit warning, through her atypical vulnerability that leads Alcina to forgive her own body for some of its sins against her pride.

    #novitiate #lady dimitrescu x maiden #bela dimitrescu x maiden #cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#eva re8 #cw chronic illness #welcome to niche headcanon hours
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  • sassy-french
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Maiden : Hey Bela, have you ever been arrested ?

    Bela : Yeah why ?

    Maiden : I- uh.. was gonna say ‘because it’s illegal to be that hot’ but now I want to know

    Bela : theft, gta, aggravated assault, arson, kidnapping, bribery, the list goes on

    Maiden : I-

    Bela : first degree murder, second degree murder, stalking, burglary, involuntary manslaughter

    Maiden : forget it

    Bela : voluntary manslaughter, perjury, vandalism, fraud- hey ! Hey hey hey where are you going ?

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