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    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


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    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    A house (beneviento) cat.

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  • kokoro--nerd
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Random Beladonna AUs

    In a Modern AU, Donna [28] is babysitting her neighbors' daughter Rose Winters [7]. Bela [24] swings by (Rose loves the Dimitrescu sisters, Bela is secretly her fav) to "help". Bela is great with kids, she just wants to tire Rose out and make her go to bed early. The moment Bela makes Donna put Rose to sleep, it's over for Donna.

    In a Red Light District AU, Donna lives in a crummy apartment complex that overlooks a notorious but small red light district. The most popular brothel is known as The Castle where Alcina Dimitrescu owns it. Her most prized 'daughters' are Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. Those three have higher influence and power than the other workers. There are rumors of people going missing in that area, but nothing has been proven and authorities don't want to investigate a brothel. Donna looks out her window and spots the sisters in front of the brothel, trying to entice customers. The sisters spot Donna looking. Daniela and Cassandra made crude gestures at her (making V-shape with their fingers and sticking their tongue in between them) but Bela chastises them, looking apologetically at Donna. Over time, Bela and Donna window flirt for weeks until Alcina invites Donna down to the brothel to meet Bela in person.

    In a Hospital AU, Donna is sick and has been for a majority of her life. Her only friend is her childhood doll, Angie. She is mute, never speaking to anyone but rumors say that she speaks to the doll. It's a joke that she's the ghost of the hospital. Bela (and Daniela) comes to visit her sister, Cassandra (heavy sport injury), in the hospital. During which, Bela spots Donna wandering the halls. Bored, Bela tries to make conversation with Donna but to no avail. Over the course of weeks, Bela is determine to get to know the mysterious 'ghost' of the hospital.

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  • fandomdojo
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Excuse me WHAT

    #bela dimitrescu#donna beneviento #donna and angie #angie beneviento#re8 angie#beladonna #resident evil village #resident evil#re8 #bela x donna #donna x bela
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    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    5'10 v.s 6'3 like this…

    #resident evil#re8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#beladonna
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    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Ko-fi | commissions

    #Beladonna#digital art#drawing#digital drawing#art#digital painting #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #bela dimitrescu#donna beneviento #sketch that I always work on when I want to relax
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  • kokoro--nerd
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Donna: If you see Bela, please give her this face.

    Donna:[Face hidden under the veil but raises her hand, just below the chin]

    Donna: She'll know what it means.


    Cassandra: Oh. Speaking of, she wanted me to give you a message.

    Cassandra:[Raises her hand, just below the chin]


    Bela: The neutral face of displeasure.

    #fresh off the boat meme #has anyone done this #bc i find it hilarious #bela dimitrescu#beladonna#donna Beneviento#cassandra Dimitrescu#lol
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  • bene-bonv
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    you look unto the moon and say it reminds you of me. then i chance a glance at you and i simply must remind myself to breathe.

    #beladonna#donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu #help they're literally so in love w each other #re8 #resident evil village
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  • yujie-le
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    #resident evil#re8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#beladonna
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  • cinderspots
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    Tag List: @minitrescu @ultimatebottom69


    #cinderwrites#fanfiction#harem series#custody battle#mother miranda#mia winters#donna beneviento#alcina dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #mother miranda x mia winters #donna beneviento x cassandra dimitrescu #donna beneviento x bela dimitrescu #donna beneviento x daniela dimitrescu #miaranda#donnela#beladonna#cassdonna #mother miranda x reader #mia winters x reader #donna beneviento x reader #alcina dimitrescu x reader #bela dimitrescu x reader #cassandra dimitrescu x reader #daniela dimitrescu x reader #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #resident evil#re8
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    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Beladonna 🤤

    #resident evil#re8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#beladonna
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  • kokoro--nerd
    02.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Fashion Industry AU

    Super model Bela Dimitrescu (along with her sisters).

    Gothic fashion designer Donna Beneviento.

    Getting tired of the same fashion designers of the modern age, Bela discovers the work of Donna Beneviento and wants to model her clothing. However, after constant failure and rejections of her fashion designs, Donna has no confidence in her work at all. But perhaps with Bela as her muse, Donna might have her breakout moment in her fashion career.

    #beladonna #no one asked for this but im bored and just want to post ideas #lol #i will never write this bc im busy #but when im bored #i think of these au that no one asked for
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  • minitrescu
    30.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “Thank you for playing with me.”

    beladonna as that one scene from squid game

    tbh at first I didn’t even expect to draw them as this, all I did was think ‘omg donna and someone as that one scene…’ and boom this happened :>>

    btw what numbers should they have? I just chose randomly sooo

    #beladonna #resident evil village #doodle#my art #resident evil 8 #bela dimitrescu#donna beneviento #squid game au #squid game #help i might draw this again as donnela or cass x donna ( whats their ship name again )
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  • bee-nutauthor
    28.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #resident evil #resident evil village #donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#beladonna#my fic #her cross to bear
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  • kokoro--nerd
    27.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Three Kisses

    Three BelaDonna mini-fics. About 850 words. Rated G. Soft, fluffy, cute, and kissy kissy. Enjoy!


    Donna reached up, straining her arm as high as she could, but to no avail. The book that she wanted was too high. She searched around the library to find a stool or something she could step on for height. There wasn’t one nearby and Donna debated if she should use one of the available chairs. 

    Donna didn’t want to step on one of Alcina Dimitrescu’s luxurious chairs, they seemed expensive and well-made. Not like the dingy ones at the Beneviento Estate…

    Before Donna could decide what to do, there was a buzzing sound that emanated out of thin air. Blonde hair materialized from the blowflies, followed by the owner of such luscious locks. Donna watched as Bela appeared, standing outstandingly tall in her six feet glory. The eldest daughter flashed Donna a soft smile before reaching up to grab the desired book.

    Offering the book to Donna, Bela says, “You wanted this?”

    “Yes,” Donna responded, blushing under her veil.

    “Do I get a reward for helping you?” Bela teased. “Hahaha, just kidding. You don’t need to do that-”

    Bela felt slender hands pull her down, followed by soft, warm lips kissing her cheek. Wide-eyed, Bela looked down to see Donna had pulled her veil to the side with a dark red blush on her cheeks. The smaller woman looked shyly at Bela before whispering, “Thank you.”

    Donna ran off, leaving Bela all alone in the library with a goofy smile on her face.


    “Where did she go!?” Bela called out, her blood-soaked sickle in hand. She waved at Donna on the other side of the garden.

    Donna turned around to face Bela. She had been observing the dolls she just hung from the trees when Bela came bashing through her domain like a wild beast. That was no surprise. A few minutes ago, Donna was aware that someone else had trekked through her garden and she was about to go search for the person that dared stomped over her flowers. If Bela came running in after, Donna assumed it must be another hunt that the sisters are playing. A maiden tried to take refuge in the Beneviento domain.

    Without a word, Donna pointed to the right.

    Bela nodded her head and with a big smile, she called out, “Thank you! Kisses!” She blew a few air kisses at Donna.

    Donna blushed under her veil, turning around to walk away.


    Donna stopped to face Bela again. There was a pout on the taller woman’s lips.

    “Give me kisses too!” Bela insisted with a whine.

    Donna knew that Bela wouldn't leave unless she did it. If she waited any longer, the maiden that Bela was chasing would be long gone. That means her sisters will give her a hard time for losing their prey, probably teasing her too. 

    So Donna pushed her veil to the side, exposing enough skin to show her face. She lifted her hand to her lips and reached outwards, ‘blowing’ a kiss for Bela. She watched as Bela squealed at the public display of affection.

    “Thank you!” Bela says before buzzing off to continue chasing her prey. The moment that she was gone, Donna covered herself up again and walked away. There was a skip in her step as she returned home.


    “I saw this in a movie,” Bela said, lifting a strand of spaghetti in her fork. She offered the other end of the spaghetti to Donna.

    Donna just stared at Bela, confused. “You want me to eat it?”

    Bela nodded her head. “Yeah, you take one end and I take the other end. We eat the strand until we meet in the middle.”

    “Why?” Donna asked.

    “Trust me!”

    Donna shook her head in disbelief. At least the two of them were having dinner at her house and not at the castle. She decided to give into Bela’s antics. Leaning forward, Donna took one strand of the spaghetti while Bela took the other end. Together, the two of them started making their way towards the middle.

    Oh...that’s why…

    Bela was almost done with her side, slowing down a bit so Donna could catch up. The Beneviento woman paused for a moment...she was going to kiss Bela on the lips if they kept this up.

    Should I say something…?

    Looking into those golden eyes, Donna could see how much Bela wanted her to finish her side. The eldest had a devilish smirk on her lips. Donna could see the impatience on Bela’s face, the giddiness and excitement over a stupid spaghetti strand.

    The dollmaker sighed. Might as well get this over with. Donna quickly swallowed her side of the spaghetti and leaned forward, pressing her lips onto Bela’s. The eldest lets out a soft gasp, followed by a purring hum. 

    Donna broke the kiss before Bela could try and deepen it, muttering, “Happy?”

    Bela lifted another strand of spaghetti and responded with, “Again. Come on. I want to do it right as the dogs did. This time, get Angie to come in to play Italian music.”

    “Oh icché tu dici?” Donna muttered in disbelief.

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  • potatohardhead
    27.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    Pelo menos Sally tinha falado a verdade, a casa onde Leonard e Bernard moravam estava decorada com alho.

    Belladona tinha se vestido como um homem e saiu a luz do dia, pelos fundos, para n levantar suspeita dos humanos q estavam tentando descobrir um jeito de invadir a mansão.

    Foi fácil, tinham tantos espalhados pela cozinha. Ela rapidamente colocou em um saco o que precisava e saiu daquele lugar, se sentia muito incomodada com o cheiro do alho.

    Seguiu para...bom o lugar que já chamou de casa um dia. Havia plantado vários tipos de plantas que encontrou na enciclopédia vampírica, mas na verdade nem achava que iria ser útil tão cedo. E estavam lá, tinha tudo que precisava, ainda bem. Estava em cima da hora e tinha medo que nem tudo saísse como o planejado. A receita estava no livro, mas até aí....se funcionava.

    Pegou tudo que tinha anotado e voltou escondida para mansão, não aguentava mais o sol queimando sua pele.

    Chegando na mansão Sally, Deborah e Vladislaus pareciam dispostos a terminar com seus problemas.

    Deborah: - Então vc quer tomar o castelo de nossa família pra vc?

    Sally: - Vc sempre será bem-vinda lá, eu...apenas quero poder conseguir frutas plasma para todos nós. Já pensou viver em um lugar sem causar medo, sem precisar se esconder.

    Deborah: - Vc está cega, n foi capaz nem de salva Isaac e acha que pode nos salvar?

    Sally:- Issac...como eu sinto a falta dele, mas o que eu poderia ter feito. Não sou mais a vampira que eu era...

    Vladislaus: - Ah, pare de choradeira, ele está bem, só não graças a vc!

    Deborah: -Olha quem vem nos trazer notícias, n é? Pq n nos deixa em paz? Estávamos morando aqui tranquilamente. Pq matou Sally? Pq atacou aquele rapaz? Parece que vc só quer destruir tudo.

    Vladislaus: - Eu te matei, Sally? Pq eu faria isso? Vim pra cá para cuidar de vcs duas, a diferença é que eu aceito que preciso de plasma humano para viver e que Sally morreu para provar que as frutas plasmas não são capazes de saciar toda a nossa sede.

    Sally: - É verdade....eu...eu...morri no Sol...pq estava fraca...mas tenho certeza q só preciso de mais tempo...Belladonna conseguiu descobrir algumas receitas que...que ajudam com nossa fome. E ela n bebeu plasma e está a cada dia mais forte.

    Deborah: - Não seja idiota, ela bebeu plasma de nossas taças...vc nos deixou acreditar que tinha sido morta para ficar com o castelo...por causa dessas malditas plantas? Eu ia perguntar se queria ir embora comigo, com minha família, mas n vou deixar vc perto dos meus filhos. E nem vc Vladislaus, vcs não pensam em suas ações.

    Vladislaus: - Eu não ataquei o menino caixão, acha que eu estou contente com esses humanos tentando invadir minha casa?

    Sally: - Vcs são todos ignorantes! não entendem a grandiosidade do que estou fazendo!

    Quando sentiu alguém pegando em sua mão: "Vamos, antes que nos vejam".

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