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  • My character


    So I’m gonna do some asks about any oc I’ve shown and if not, always do recommendations as long as they are not anything I dub inappropriate. This is my self insert character or oc, depends what you call her. She has powers and is part of a series I want to start, but am figuring details out. The cost and staff are part of her aesthetic and last but not least, she is getting ready to fight. Hence the position.

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  • Bell Tower view in Granada, Nicaragua

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  • One Shies at the Prospect of Raising Yet Another Defense of Cannibalism
    by Josh Bell

    “You can’t kiss a movie,“ Jean Luc Godard said, and this is mostly true, in that you cannot
    initiate the kiss. The Movie could initiate the kiss if The Movie wanted, as it is so much taller,
    leaning in, no way to demur, you would be too polite anyway, and, as the Roman poets have
    stressed, there is always something porous in the decorous. So there can be kissing between you
    and The Movie, and it would be amazing, better the more incoherent The Movie is and the more
    you had to pay to see it, though in the movies it is said that prostitutes don’t like to kiss as kissing
    is too personal, though I disagree, as sometimes the human will make a show of locating you
    with a kiss, almost to prove to you that you are a real person with a face and that, absolutely,
    they know where the face is and the face isn’t, and this is how you know, for sure, that both of
    you have been paid. But I don’t want to make you feel bad here, and I apologize, for you are
    entirely kissable, as I have watched you through windows and keyholes even though, up to this
    point, you do not appear in movies. Often you appear holding a book in your hand and with God
    knows what playing in your head—I imagine you repeating to yourself, over and again, “the
    horse knows the way, the horse knows the way”—and remember: even someone as learned in
    film as Jean Luc Godard got it a little wrong. You can kiss The Movie, if The Movie wants to
    kiss you. It’s just that The Movie, finally, isn’t all that interested in your mouth.

    Rene Magritte 1928 The Lovers (Les amants), oil on canvas, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City, NY, US

    #One Shies at the Prospect of Raising Yet Another Defense of Cannibalism #Josh Bell#Bell#Rene Magritte#Magritte#The Lovers#Les amants#Art#Poetry#Fine Arts#Poems#Painting #You can’t kiss a movie #Godard
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  • Bell | 2020, LACORTEI.

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    Bell the silly kitty



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    #septiembre mes patrio #viva mexico#mexico #15 de septiembre #16 de septiembre #2020#orgullo mexicano#Bell
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  • A/N: This is my first fic I’ve submitted and I’m absolutely shaking with excitement for people to read it! Feel free to find me over discord or send an anon here if you have any concrit or anything else you’d like to say!!

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  • Z-girls: *curses*

    Mahiro: hey, hey, hey!! no cursing in front of the baby

    Bell: it’s okay mahiro, i don’t mind

    Mahiro: no, i mean me

    Mahiro: i’m the baby

    #mahiro#bell#z-girls#z-pop#zgirls#zpop#incorrect quotes#incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #incorrect zgirls quotes #source:twt #incorrect zpop quotes
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  • Part 1

    Bell breathed out as she stepped into the room.  

    The room looked the same as before.  Shadow’s curled around on the walls, twisting and turning.  They reached out towards Bell as she stepped inside.  A small boy sat on the bed, staring out the window.  

    For the last seven days, the boy hasn’t said anything to them or anyone else.  He did not eat nor did he move unless it was absolutely necessary.  

    No one dared to come close to him.  If anyone came to close his shadows would surge and surround the person, coming closer and closer as if to attack.  The staff were terrified of him.  

    “Hallo, Kaden” she said softly.

    The boy turned his head, empty green eyes focused on her.  There was no expression on the young face.  

    “Arabella” the emotionless voice said.  

    “How are you doing?” she asked, but received no answer “Do you mind taking a walk with me?”

    Green eyes just stared at her for a moment before he turned away and slowly climbed of the bed.  He tilted his head, looking up at Bell.  She smiled and held out her hand.

    The boy let out a small sound that almost sounded like an agreement and took her hand.  

    Bell could feel Kaden’s small hand trembling. 

    “It’s going to be alright” Bell said softly “They just want to run a few tests to see if there’s anything they can do for you”

    “…not sick…” Kaden muttered, keeping his eyes on the ground.

    Bell sighed.  “You’re right” she said softly “But something happened and they just want to make sure that you’re alright”

    “BELL!” Killian yelled as he turned into the hallway before stopping dead in his tracks “Bell?”

    Bell nodded at him.  “It’s alright.  I’m bringing him over” she said with a soft smile, glancing down at the boy “You walking with us?  I don’t think Kaden will mind very much”

    Killian glanced at the boy and nodded.  “I don’t mind” he said, turning his attention to Kaden “Do want me to walk with you?”

    The little boy just stared at him for a moment.  “You… wouldn’t let them… hurt me?” he asked, voice trembling.

    Killian smiled and nodded.  “Don’t worry, Kiddo” he said softly “I’ll do my best to protect you”

    Kaden looked down at the ground again and nodded.  The three slowly walked down the hall to where the doctors were waiting for them.  

    Shadows danced around them as they walked, slowly pulling behind them.


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  • 01 Magician by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon
    Via Flickr:
    8.5"x11", ink, crayon, and watercolor on paper., 1994

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    For the background and my long legs.

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  • 🔔🔔🔔

    #dnd #dungeons and dragons #bell #bell at their best is dead in hell with a demon bf
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  • Und erneut so eine slow motion Szene :D Mit Zurrokex kann man nicht einfach mal Muskeln grabschen machen, der ist eh immer auf Kopfnüsse aus und irgendwie ist Bell so ein Charakter, den man echt so zeigen kann ;D

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  • “NightShade look out!”

    Kade spun, his shadows following him, cloaking him from attacks.  A bright light flashed, causing him to flinch, biting back a scream.  The cursed light still hurt.

    Something moved in the corner of his eye.  His creatures growled.  There was something attacking them and they did not like it.  He growled, teleporting to where the creatures complained the most.  

    As he materialised something slammed into his shoulder.

    “NightShade, pull back!”

    Kade hissed and drew his shadows back in.  He breathed out and teleported back to the school.  

    “You alright?” a voice asked.

    Kade turned, jumping slightly when he saw Curio standing behind him.  “Don’t scare me like that” he growled.  

    The younger guy frowned.  “You’re injured”

    “Oh” Kade muttered looking at his shoulder.  The entire sleeve was drenched in blood.  He blinked, suddenly feeling lightheaded.  

    Curio cussed as Kade’s staggered and almost fell.  “Damn it, come on.  I’m taking you to the infirmary” he said as he caught Kade’s shoulder.

    Kade flinched as he and Curio started moving.  Now that Curio pointed out that he was injured, he could have sworn he was starting to feel sick.  He even felt of balance, his ears singing.  

    When they reached the infirmary the nurse treated his shoulder and told him to get rest in one of the spare rooms.  


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