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  • my friend wants to read some twilight fanfics but i don’t have many recs if anyone has any recs they would be so appreciated!!! she’d probably like edward/bella fully type stuff. ty💕💕💕

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    Cinema Therapy : Therapist Reacts to New Moon

    “Yeah, yeah, he obviously loves her he’s just an IDIOT!”

    -my favorite line

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  • #W H Y #I am about to start fighting some of my anons #twilight#twilight renaissance #the twilight saga #the twilight series #breaking dawn#edward cullen#bella swan#rhobh#camille grammer#asks#anon
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  • So I found myself down a rabbit hole on YouTube where I ended up watching a bunch of Twilight scenes. I’ve been into twilight for almost 10 years now (god that makes me feel so old). Anyway, I stumbled onto Bella’s transformation, and it got me thinking. 

    So I’ve read all the books and watched all of the movies, and if I remember correctly, after you turn, all of your human memories tend to fade away. So, I think it’s really heartbreaking that Bella is sooner rather than later, loose all the memories she’s had of meeting Edward and all of the wild stuff that happened in the series. And sure, there’s some stuff that she would love to forget (like when Edward left her), but I feel like there a lot of good stuff to outweigh the bad.

    When her transformation is almost complete, pictures/scenes of her life are shown, and I just find it really sad that all of those memories will be forgotten. I mean, at least she’ll be able to fully remember Renesmee and her being a true part of the Cullen family. 

    (I apologize if I got anything wrong here, it has been a while since I’ve been able to sit and read the series)

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  • “Jake!” Seth exclaimed, and a few members of the wolf pack looked over to see Jacob having walked to the bonfire with Bella by his side. Paige smiled and followed after the energetic 15-year-old. Bella gave her sister a side smile, which Paige returned.

    “Hey,” Jake greeted.

    “It’s about time you got here. Paul’s been hoovering the grub, but I saved you some burgers,” Seth glowed.

    “Good looking out, bro. Bella, this is Seth Clearwater, Leah’s brother. Newest member of the pack,” Jake introduced, and Seth and Bella shook hands.

    “Newest. Bestest. Brightest,” Seth grinned.

    “And slowest,” Jacob smirked and put Seth into a headlock. They began wrestling when a whistle was heard, and they gained their focus, laughing loudly.

    “Come on, your dad’s about to start,” Seth said before running back to Leah. Bella shook her head at Jake before he led her to a seat around the fire. Paige sat next to her imprint, who interlocked their hands together.

    “The Quileutes have been a small tribe from the beginning, but we have always had magic in our blood. We were great spirit warriors, shape-shifters that transformed into the powerful wolf. This enabled us to scare off our enemies and protect our tribe,” Billy began his story. Paige felt awkward and out of place being here while Bella immediately sunk into the past.

    “One day, out warriors came across a creature. It looked like a man, but it was hard like stone and cold as ice. Our warriors’ sharp teeth finally tore it apart, but only fire would completely destroy it. They lived in fear that the cold man was not alone … . and they were right,” Billy sighed, falling into a trance while staring at the orange flames of the fire. “She took her vengeance out on the village. Our elder chief, Taha Aki, was the only spirit warrior left to save the tribe after his son was killed. Taha Aki’s third wife could see that he would lose. The third wife was no magical being, with no special powers but one, courage. The third wife’s sacrifice distracted the cold women long enough for Taha Aki to destroy her. She saved the tribe.”

    “Over time, our enemies have disappeared. But one remains—the cold ones. Our magic awakens when they’re near, and we sense it now. We feel the threat in our blood. Something terrible is coming, and we must all be ready. All of us.”


    “What'cha thinking about?” Jacob whispered in Paige’s ear, and the girl sighed, relaxing as Jake pulled her closer to his chest.

    “Just thinking about my death sentence,” the Claymore gloomed.

    “Hey,” the Black turned his imprint around and looked longingly into her eyes. “You don’t have a death sentence. I’m not going to promise you again that I won’t let him take you since I practically broke it. But … . he’ll have to kill me to get to you,” Paige’s lips perked up at Jake’s words, and she cuddled into his warm sleeveless hoodie. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head.

    “You’re my whole reason for existence now, Paige. I’ll keep you safe,” Jacob purred into Paige’s hair.

    “I thought you said no promises,” Paige mumbled and ran a hand through his black hair.

    “Don’t think of it as a promise. Think of it as … . a declaration,” he replied softly.

    “Are you writing the constitution for your new country or something?” Paige joked, and they both laughed quietly, not wanting to wake Billy, who was sleeping a couple of rooms away.

    “Of course I am. What should my country be called?” the shifter asked.

    “You’re writing the constitution of an unnamed country?” Paige giggled, and Jake chuckled.

    “Well, you gotta give me ideas.”

    “How about … . Wolflandia,” she suggested.

    “Oh, that’s creative,” Jacob commented sarcastically, and Paige smacked his chest.

    “You asked for ideas, and I gave you one,” she claimed.

    “Not a very good one,” he said under his breath, and Paige gasped dramatically.

    “How rude, Mr. Black,” she pouted.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. Claymore. Would you like me to make it up to you?” Jake added, and Paige smiled broadly.

    “More than anything.”

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    How I think Bella would dress in 2021.

    Thinking of doing a series about twilight characters and how they would dress, where they would shop, and how I think they interact with fashion and clothing. Would anyone be interested in that?? Might do it anyways lol

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  • the twilight fandom has successfully improved, re-imagined, and re-built smeyer’s characters to the point that I have no concept of what is canon anymore

    no grip on twilight reality

    all lines are blurred

    for all I know that photo of rob in a tracksuit was taken in Charlie’s kitchen. I don’t even know

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  • Bella/Edythe - snow, from blue headcanon prompts

    • It was no secret that Bella hated cold, and everything that came with it. Winter was her least favorite time of year - the days were shorter, it was too cold all the time, all the snow and ice and sleet made everything dangerous, and most of all, it was just too cold. All. The. Time. So when she resigned herself to Forks, she was well aware she was going to have to deal with a lot more cold and snow than she was used to.
    • Edythe, on the other hand, loved winter. The cold didn’t bother her, obviously, but even as a kid, she looked forward to winter every year. She used to love sledding with her mother, having snowball fights with the other neighborhood kids, building snowmen and making snow angels on her way home from school every day. Growing up and becoming a vampire hadn’t ruined her love for the season; rather, it had increased it because she felt she could now see how beautiful it was. Every tree branch would be coated in a layer of ice causing rainbows in the sun, and each individual snowflake caught the light and shined like a crystal. Edythe never could stop looking at it.
    • Their first winter as a couple was full of little arguments. Bella never wanted to leave the house unless absolutely necessary; she preferred to stay inside with a mug of hot chocolate or tea. Edythe wanted to go out and play: show Bella her favorite frozen lake to skate on, have a snowball fight, go on walks through the snow-covered trees, and go sledding down the big hill by the Cullen house. They were both completely unwilling to budge - for the most part. 
    • After much begging and promise of post-skating cuddling and as much hot chocolate as she could drink, Bella agreed to go ice skating. She had argued it was a dangerous activity for the uncoordinated, but Edythe didn’t seem to care. She promised Bella she would keep her safe, as always. And Bella rolled her eyes but accepted it.
    • One afternoon, when the sun was bright but the temperature ice cold, Edythe bundled them both up and ran to the lake with Bella on her back. It was in a secluded area, so they were sure to be alone. Edythe gentled towed Bella around the perimeter of the frozen water, gradually picking up speed until it felt like they were flying. Eventually, she was comfortable enough to skate on her own, and the two of them skated side by side… Bella only fell a few times. They ran back home as the sun started to set.
    • That night, Bella was perfectly content to lay on the couch, under a pile of blankets, with her new book. She had really enjoyed the afternoon, but was ready to spend the next few days warming up. The couch was comfortable, and the heater on high as she read out loud to Edythe. As she watched snow fall outside, she made hot chocolate for Bella, happy to spend another night together.
    • Due to the snow, Bella was stuck at the Cullens’ house that night. To no one’s surprise, the next day ended up being a rare snow day. While Bella wanted to spend the day inside, where it was warm, most everyone else, especially Edythe, wanted to use the day to play in the snow.
    • She eventually agreed, knowing they weren’t going to give her a moment of peace until she did. To Edythe’s great delight, they all agreed on a snowball fight. Once Bella saw how happy the prospect made her, she couldn’t argue, despite the distinct advantage she felt playing against a bunch of vampires. But despite little practice, it turned out she was surprisingly fast at making snowballs for Edythe to throw.
    • After the match was over, they went back inside the house; Bella and Edythe split off to go to her room. She turned on a relaxing CD, and laid down on the couch with Bella. Despite the chill, Bella pulled herself closer, curling up underneath the blanket Edythe had thrown over them. She slowly drifted off to sleep while Edythe hummed along to the CD.

    more fic // request fic

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  • So…we’re not talking about the five feet tall scissors the Cullens have in their house just…lying around?

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    This was Rasputin’s first birthday cake (baked by Esme and decorated by Alice). Everyone except for Resume (who looks 10 by then) and Jake likes the design. (The Cullens have no true concept of age vs body and the wolves think it’s hilarious)

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  • @big-idiot-wolf-boys your tags on that moodboard did this

    They rattle into the truck stop at four in the morning—the Chevy is running out of gas, and Edward is whispering Bella back awake at the edges of her mind, punching new holes through her chest every five minutes.

    She refills the gas first, (shaking hands, crumpled bills smoothed on her jeans, leaning against the cold metal and trying not to collapse), and pulls into the overnight parking lot not even remotely expecting to be able to sleep. She drapes one blanket over Jacob, and another over herself, wincing at how deep the cold has settled into her bones. She cracks the window to stare at the stars, distant and smudged behind the lights of truck stop—

    And it all melts into a night of dreams too faded to remember.

    She wakes in the morning curled against Jacob, too warm to care that snow has started outside the car. Her heart aches at the awkward moment of disentangling, but it’s dulled by the fact that, for once, there were no nightmares.

    They eat waffles and slightly-burnt bacon, and Jacob teases Bella into trying a cup of coffee. She drowns it in cream and sugar—he booms out a laugh, and she sticks her tongue out at him in return, flicking a crumpled creamer package across the table, which he catches with ease. (By the end of the trip, she will drink so much coffee, some of it days old and little better than mud, that her low caffeine tolerance will be a thing of the past.)

    They buy a map and slam it down on the dash of the truck, tracing roads—they want to get out of the state, but past that neither of them has a plan.
    “Where have you always wanted to go?” Bella asks Jacob, because she lived in Arizona and vacationed in California, while Jacob has spent his entire life in La Push—
    “Shit,” he says, “Um…shit, Bells, I really don’t know.”
    She laughs without meaning to and throws her hands into the air and decides fine, let’s get out of Washington and we can decide where to go from there.

    Jacob drives this time, snowy roads hissing past and his hands steady on the wheel. Somewhere later, trying to stay awake on a dark and lonely road, Bella will learn to love music again, but for now it still hurts too much—so she leans against the window with her battered copy of Pride and Prejudice, and—

    “Hey,” Jacob says, “why don’t you read some of that to me?”

    She stumbles over romantic phrases, aches at every reminder of the love she was allowed for a single shining instant—sometimes her voice breaks, and sometimes she is silent, wishing viciously that she could erase all her underlinings and dog-ears and the memories of sunlight caught in the pages like flypaper. But she keeps reading, as trees flick past behind curtains of snow, and…

    She’s warm. Even with her cheek pressed against cold glass, there’s a blanket wrapped around her, and hot air that still smells faintly like tobacco trickling from the vents. A terrible breakfast that she was actually hungry for is settled comfortably in her stomach. Every once in a while, Jacob snorts mockingly, like he can’t quite help himself, or booms out a laugh at the banter between Jane and Elizabeth, and…

    It hurts, but not the same way. Instead of a hole in her chest, it’s an ache. Like a sore muscle, or…or like a paper cut.

    Small and agonizing and infuriating, but…manageable.


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    #i wrote this in a haze #seriously what happened #i turned on sleep on the floor by the lumineers #and just blacked out #someone help me #anyways #they get to phoenix and jake gets a job at a mechanics place #and bella goes back to working at that plant nursery mentioned in midnight sun #and theyre happy and healing together #and then one day like...victoria shows up #or maybe alice because she saw bella's future just...disappear #and went to forks and was like 'hey is bella dead' #and then charlie is like what no she's just on a road trip #somewhere#idk#plot happens #i should probably start posting my fics on ao3 lmao #is this original content? #bella swan#jacob black #still team jacob
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  • moodboard for “i would run with you though, if i could”

    #twilight#bella swan#jacob black #bella x jacob #jacob x bella #mine#new moon
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    Stop- this is legitimately funny


    Stop!!! You’ve violated the law!

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  • #gjfhfasfgjhk #bella had such babysitter vibes #lit rally why make THESE TWO characters parents out of alllllll the others #twilight#twilight renaissance #the twilight saga #the twilight series #resume cullen#renesmee cullen#edward cullen#bella swan#esme cullen#rosalie hale#carlisle cullen#the cullens#asks
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  • listen, seeing this scene as a clinically depressed 12 year old was earth shattering, kicking off a lifelong love of beach house (and aversion to boot cut jeans). 

    anyway here’s a cheeky watercolour i did right after i got officially fired :’) 

    #maybe one day i will release my slowed + reverb mix of slow life #maybe#bella swan#twilight renaissance
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