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    Şimdi de sıcak süt içip anime izleyecem..

    #Sabah erken kalk günü değerlendir diyorlar #Ben de öyle yapıyorum #Sanki her gün sabah erken kalkıyorum #Ama bunu da düzeltiriz sorun yok
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    18th September 2021

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    Happy Birthday

    Since it’s this -> @luvsbenbarnes​​ <- beautiful human beings birthday today, I decided to write this one for her. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Birthday sweetheart. 🥳 I hope you have a good one! Enjoy your day 💖💖

    King Caspian x Reader

    Authors note: I apologize in advance for grammar mistakes

    English isn’t my native language.

    Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist

    Warning: none

    Words: 1.203

    You wake on your birthday morning with a smile on your face. You turn around expecting to see your husband laying next to you but you’re greeted with a note that’s laying on his pillow.

    Good morning my love,

    there is an attack planned 

    against our kingdom.

    I’m sorry but I had to leave

    right away to take precautions.

    I have to make sure you and

    our people are safe.

    I will get back to you 

    as soon as I can.

    I love you.


    This was definitely not the way you thought you’d be spending your birthday. You’re not even mad  or disappointed that Caspian forgot your birthday since your kingdom is in danger. You put the note on your nightstand and get off the bed to open the curtains and let the sun in. You stare out of the window enjoying the landscape and the sun in your face. Your thoughts get interrupted by someone knocking on your and Caspians chamber.

    ’’Come in.’’ you say while still looking out of the window.

    ’’Good morning Y/n’’ your maid and best friend greets you. 

    ’’Good morning Y/bf/n’’ you say and turn around.

    ’’Happy Birthday’’ she says with a bright smile and hands you a small bouquet of flowers from her garden and a muffing with a candle.

    ’’Thank you so much. The flowers are absolutely beautiful.’’ 

    ’’Only the best for my best friend. Where is Caspian?’’ she asks.

    ’’He had to leave. He was already gone when I woke up.’’

    ’’Well I guess you’re stuck with me then until he is back. Do you need help getting ready?’’ she asks but you decline.

    ’’Well meet me outside when you’re ready. I’ll make breakfast for us.’’ she say and with that she leaves you on your own.

    You take a shower and get ready while y/bf/n is outside preparing breakfast for the two of you in the garden.

    Once you’re done you go outside to meet with her.

    ’’Have a seat my Queen.’’ she says while moving the chair back for you to sit down.

    ’’Thank you my lady, that’s really kind of you.’’ you answer and you both laugh.

    The both of you spend the rest of the day sitting in the garden enjoying each others company.

    As it gets colder and darker outside you start to get cold. She notices your shivering.


    ’’A little.’’

    ’’Let’s go inside and grab coats. Your day isn’t over yet and I still need to show you something.’’

    10 minutes later the both of you are outside again and y/bf/n holds  out a blindfold. 

    ’’Cover your eyes and no peeking Y/n.’’ she says and you do as you’re told wondering what is going on now.

    ’’You will like it. I promise you. Let’s go’’ she says and takes your hand into hears leading you to your surprise. After a short walk you’ve apparently reached your destination.

    ’’Can i take it off?’’ you ask.

    ’’Not yet’’ she says and you wait. You hear someone move behind you opening the knot you the blindfold. It takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust to the environment.

    ’’Happy Birthday my love’’ you hear your husbands voice and you turn around right away.

    You look at hime with big eyes not believing that he is really here with you.

    ’’Shocked darling?’’ he asks with a smile and kisses you.

    ’’I thought you..’’

    ’’That was a little lie. I was in my office at first and then I was preparing your surprise. I hope you’re not mad.’’ he explains and take your hand into his bringing them to his lips to press a soft kiss onto them.

    ’’I’m not mad Caspian. I could never my king.’’ you say and wrap your arms around him and he returns the gesture. You let go of him and ask him:

    ’’So my sweet husband what’s the plan for tonight?’’

    ’’Let me show you.’’ he says and leads the way.

    ’’Do you like it?’’ he asks and you’re speechless.

    There are candlesticks everywhere, a big blanket on the ground.

    ’’Take a seat my dear wife.’’ he whispers in your ear.

    You take your shoes off and lit down. Caspian sit down next to you and grabs two glasses and fills the with wine.

    ’’Favorite wine for my favorite girl int the world.’’

    ’’Thank you.’’ you smile.

    Caspian grabs the basket and puts in down in front of you. You take a look and see all your favorite fruits and food not there.

    ’’I though I’d bring a little bit of everything you like. I hope that’s okay.’’

    ’’More than okay.’’ 

    After the two of you ate you lay down on the blanket. You rest your head on his chest and watch the stars.

    ’’Caspian?’’ you say after a while.


    ’’Thank you.’’

    ’’For what?’’

    ’’Everything. Being an amazing husband. Loving me and most importantly for tonight making me feel special on my birthday. You put so much effort into it. I couldn’t be more thankful to have you. I love you so much my king.’’ you say and kiss him.

    ’’Its the least I could do. You deserve to feel special - honestly you deserve the world Y/n. I’m the lucky one here. You left your life behind to stay here with me in Narnia. Everyday I wake up next to you and I can’t believe that you’re my wife. You’re the best thing that happened to me Y/n. I wouldn’t be the man I am if it wasn’t for you. You’re not just my queen but my rock. I couldn’t do it without you by my side. I love you so much Y/n, more than you’ll ever know. My sweet sweet Y/n.’’ he says and pulls you into his arms and rests his head onto yours.

    ’’I’ll always choose you Caspian always you hear me. You’re the love of my life.’’

    ’’and you’re mine.’’ he says and kisses your head softly.

    The two of you lay there for the rest of the night in each others embrace enjoying being so close.



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    #this is the weirdest video I have ever or will ever make #stackednatural#spn 4x01 #spn lazarus rising #spn#supernatural#castiel#ntjdmakesthings#ntjdvids#annihilation#ben salisbury#spn amvs#spnamvarchive #is this even an amv tierney I'll leave it up to you #anyways HAPPY CAS DAY Y'ALL
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    Happy Batman Day!


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    #Askim havanin boyle olucagini ne bileyim ben hem yagmur biz yokken yagmis... Her yer kuru göl çamur...
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    #this is like when i didnt know that ben hardy was cast in bohemian rhapsody #and when i watched it i was like wtf is peter beale doing here #ask#jackswhitehalls
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    Ink sketch for a reader supporting the comic through my Patreon campaign : )

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    let’s play how many times can I cry to 11:11 by ben barnes

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    Warnings: language, suicide attempts, shitty parenting.


    Also, the song I pictured for the lullaby is called Petti Fyri Petti by Eivor and btw I can't imagine warren dating a "good girl" it just... I can't it makes no sense, so if you don't like badass readers dating the angel of death... keep on scrolling.


    A - Activities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?

    Warren loves to spend time with you, seriously. If he were to choose between staying with you just laying in bed doing absolutely nothing while staring at the ceiling. Or going to the party of the century all by himself, he would choose you without a second thought.

    Now, with that in mind, Warren is fine doing anything at all as long as it is with you. Do you want to go partying until sunrise? He is in. Do you feel like cuddling at Xavier's, watching movies and eating junk food? Yes. Are you feeling like taking a quick trip to the nearest beach or to the mountains? Hell yeah!

    B - Beauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?

    Personality-wise: Warren adores how cunning you are. It never ceases to amaze him the many clever ways you can get yourself out of trouble. Since you and Warren are known for being ringleaders, this happens frequently. But unlike him, who would fight his way out of a problem. You would use your intellect, always finding the best way to get out of a crisis without having to break a sweat.

    Physically-wise: If he had to choose only one trait, Warren would say your eyes. He can get lost looking into those Y/E/C orbs of yours. Especially whenever you talk about something you're passionate about, they would get all big and sparkly, giving you the most endearing of looks. And because whenever Warren looks into your eyes after a kiss and he can see his reflection on them. Warren never thought himself worthy of having anyone like you by his side. So whenever he sees himself reflected into your beautiful eyes, Warren likes to think, he is the only thing that exists for you, just like you are to him.

    Warren thinks lowly of himself. The idea of him being nothing but a monstrosity was engraved deep into his mind by his parents. Therefore it is hard to believe it when people refer to him as an angel. But since he has to pick something, he would say his hands, mostly because they were the first ones that touched you way before his lips could. Also, he adores how his big callused and scared hands seem to fit perfectly with yours. There is something about intertwining fingers with yours, tracing circles with his thumb on the outside of your hand, which gives him a greater sense of intimacy not even kisses can achieve.

    C - Comfort - How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?

    This is a tough one, you see, Warren has zero to no emotional intelligence, meaning that whenever he's under a situation like that he would shut down and try to find solace at the end of a whisky bottle. No wonder he became an alcoholic at a very young age.

    Ever since he enrolled at Xavier's and got clean, Warren has been working with Erik on finding healthier coping mechanisms for said situations. Which has come in handy every time he needs to be there for you. If you're feeling under the weather he would ask what do you need from him. Do you feel like talking about it or do you just need him to hold you? Are you seeking a solution or just for someone to listen to you?

    But if it is something like an anxiety/panic attack your boyfriend has the least expected of silver bullets, he would sing to you.

    He found out about this the first night he saw you wake up completely wrecked by a particularly awful nightmare. You were a complete mess, sobbing and trembling uncontrollably. All Warren could do was stare at you frozen, it had to be the first time he’d seen you so helpless and vulnerable and it shattered Warren’s heart for being so useless to you, even though his body was static his mind was going a thousand miles per hour trying to find a way to ease your pain, and so he thought of Viktorya, or as Warren used to call her, Vika. She was a Danish girl around her late 20s when she started working for the Worthingtons as one of the many nannies who looked after the young heir. Every time his father would yell at him for interrupting a meeting because he wanted to play, each time his mother would scold him for behaving like any other child his age, Vika would sing to him an old nordic lullaby until the little boy’s tears stopped. Those moments became some of the few Warren cherishes from his former life.

    And so Warren sang to you the very same song, and it worked! Now whenever your boyfriend feels you’re tossing and turning in your sleep more than usual, he makes the first move cocooning you with his wings while he softly mutters into your ear that very same ancient melody until you slowly begging to relax under him. It always works!

    D - Dreams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?

    Warren has spent the majority of his life wandering around, moving from city to city, which is why he's been having a hard time adjusting to a more sedentary life. It explains why Warren's dream for the near future is to travel the world with you by his side. Experiencing new and exciting (and let's be honest, sometimes risky and reckless) adventures together. Getting to create happier memories in hopes of contrasting his dark, unpleasant ones from a life filled with mistakes. Mistakes he got the chance or redeeming himself from once he arrived at Xavier's.

    E - Equal - Are they the dominant ones in the relationship, or rather passive?

    Your relationship is the living proof that not always the common belief of "opposites attract" is true. It was in the multiple similarities you both shared with the angel where you found the love of your life: You're both passionate, risk-takers, fierce, a force to be reckoned with, born leaders, extremely loyal, easy to be angered and most importantly, you two are the most stubborn mutants the Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters has ever seen.

    Most of the time it is bliss, you are a match made in the heavens but it has its downs. Especially when we talk about the power dynamic where neither one of you was willing to give in. Until Warren realized after multiple pointless fights and struggles, you were in fact, the most unyielding person on earth, even more than he was. So Warren chose to be the bigger man. Which has come out better than he expected, you have control during day time and Warren at night time (if you know what I mean).

    F - Fight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?

    Warren's temper comes out plenty of times, and so does yours. Resulting in many "small fires". Your fights are loud, escalating from screams to shouts and ending on furniture and doors being slammed and dramatic exits. Even when they can get quite heated, they go as fast as they come. After both of you cool down, it's time for apologies.

    If Warren was the one who screws up, he would come back to you with a shiny good as an olive branch, be it necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms any type of jewellery, letting his bird-side come out. Yes, they can be expensive but since he got his inheritance after his parents died in a plane crash (life loves irony) he couldn't care any less about splashing out on you.

    If it was you the one who must apologise, it would come out through gestures rather than words, like cooking his favourite dish, giving him a massage or the best sex ever. Your stubbornness makes it impossibly hard for you to admit when you've messed up, nonetheless, you love Warren way too much not to try.

    G - Gratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?

    Ever since he was rescued by the X-MEN after Cairo's battle was over. Warren began fighting a different battle, one against himself. His self-loathing and intrusive thoughts haunt him daily, making him feel unworthy, not only of the second chance at life he received after a plane almost crushed him but of the people he's encounter throughout the process.

    Perhaps it is due to the terrible abandonment issues he developed ever since he was a child, his mother and father never truly caring for him leaving the job to the servants and later on, by his parents turning their back on their only son. Everyone at some point, be it by choice or by death, had left him. Therefore Warren became reluctant of any form of relationship whatsoever, to ensure no one would toss him away again, like a broken doll. But then he met The Gang, and he met you.

    No matter how many times he behaved like an ass trying to drive you away, nobody backed off. And eventually, it paid off. Warren let his guard down allowing all these great people into his life.

    And for that, Warren will always be grateful. For the kind and patient mutants who became part of his newfound family. And for the greatest, most amazing woman, who's found a way of warming down his thought-cold heart, you.

    H - Honesty - Do they have secrets they hide from their s/o? Or do they share everything?

    Not really, Warren knows your past and so do you with his. But it hasn't been always like this. It took some time. You see, one of the main differences you have is in terms of communication. You are an open book and would explicitly tell anyone whatever may come into your mind. Whereas Warren has always been the more silent type, always lost into himself. It used to be quite difficult to decipher the enigma your boyfriend was, eventually, as your relationship flourished you managed to get him out of his shell.

    Nowadays, each time something happens to him be it an idea, a suggestion or a situation, you are the first person Warren is rearing to talk it with.

    It is unbelievable how your once reserved angel can now spend hours upon hours discussing pretty much any sort of topic with you. Although you don't have much free time, between the X-MEN duties and school. You both always try to make time for your beloved nightly escapades to the rooftop, to chat about your day, the news or pretty much anything at all.

    I - Inspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?

    Oh Boy! Where to being with? There are so many things Warren has achieved thanks to you and his friends the list is endless.

    But all and all, the biggest accomplishment he has achieved thanks to you has to be: To give himself a chance, at happiness, friendship, love and healing.

    You knew the moment you met Warren this was going to become the most ambitious goal ever. He was a hard nut, unwilling to free himself from the restrains of his past life as a Cage Fighter and a Horseman. All the pain and suffering he'd had endured made him wary of the idea of improvement, he had tried it before and failed miserably. The last thing he wanted was to flog a dead horse, again. But as you had explained to him, all of those failures happened because he refused to seek out the help he much needed. And whether he liked it or not, this time around there was a support team waiting to pick him up and pull him back into the game as many times as he required.

    And dear Lord, Warren will forever be in debt with you for that.

    J - Jealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?

    Ever since he found his newfound family Warren became everybody's, Guardian Angel.

    As explained before, Warren's self-esteem, traumas and abandonment issues had been a problem for connecting with others before. He has accepted The Gang, Hank, Erik, Charles and obviously you, but it doesn't mean he's a fan of interacting and getting to know people in general. With that in mind, it is needless to say Warren will get jealous easily. He still strongly beliefs everyone outside of his circle is ill-intentioned.

    Making Warren think it is necessary to watch over his loved ones, even when it is uncalled for. Meaning that anytime he feels like somebody unknown to him is "getting too close" to anyone close to him, Warren will try to intimidate, push, fight, insult and even harass them away.

    Relationship-wise, Warren's jealousy is more laid back. Don't get me wrong, it has nothing to deal with him not carrying enough, but more with the fact, your boyfriend knowing you are no damsel in distress. Warren recognises your strength, so if any person will even wonder about making a move on you, he's well aware you would be capable of fighting your own battle and telling them to piss off, to say the least. Yet he will still have some subtle ways of letting the world know you are with him! His hands would be all over your body, waist and butt grabbing, exhibitionistic kisses, wings wrapping over your silhouette you know the drill.

    K - Kiss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?


    Be it morning kisses right after you wake up next to him; Drunken kisses while dancing; Goodnight kisses; In the privacy of any room or out in the open; Before, in the middle and after missions; Fleeting kisses in the hallway etc. It doesn't matter! Your boyfriend will give you the best of him each time his lips will be on yours, even when you're short on time, Warren will manage to leave you breathless and blushing and wanting more.

    After all, he's a very passionate man who never does anything halfway. He will hate you with every fibre of his being or love you with every beat of his heart, no in-betweens. Evidently, Warren would pour his heart and soul into each kiss in hopes of letting you know how deep his feelings are for you when words are not good enough.

    Now your first kiss was...

    Extremely tender and full of compassion! That's how Warren would describe it.

    The first time you two kissed occurred after Warren broke down in front of you, after telling you the tragic story behind the reason he left his upper-east side penthouse to go live on the streets.

    It was by far one of the most painful memories he had. He was recounting to you the events that had led him to make such a decision. Warren started with his last "normal birthday" his 13th, where his mother had thrown him the biggest party so far. It was there, surrounded by celebrities of any kind and drowning in gifts and praise, he felt grateful for the picture-perfect life he had, like any other heir from any influential and wealthy family would. Then, he continued with his 14th and the striking difference one year can make. Some abnormal limbs in the shape of a pair of wings had come out from his back. It resulted in his parents hiding him away fearing tarnishing their reputation if anyone saw the monster their once exemplary son had become.

    That birthday, after blowing out the candles all alone and having eaten the store-bought cake his mother dropped by, Warren attempted to stop his pain once and for all. After having seen an army of the best plastic surgeons, undergoing a plethora of procedures to remove his wings, suffering countless excruciating side effects only for those demonic things to come out over, and over and over again no matter what they did, had to be the most sadistic of games. And so the poor boy glugged a whole flask of painkillers without a second thought. What could've ended in a tragedy was prevented by no other than Vika, who had stopped by to wish his dear friend a happy birthday only to be greeted by the sight of a motionless child on the ground. After having gotten his stomach cleaned Warren was sent home to rest, or so the doctors imagined. His father instead of being concerned by his son's mental wellbeing, was furious claiming if he was doomed with being a nature's blunder, he at least must have the courage to embrace it instead of seeking the easy way out. Those words had become the final nail to the coffin. It all clicked to Warren, his mother and father didn't love him in the slightest, they weren't trying to help him out due to their paternal instincts, they were doing it out of convenience to protect themselves from the gossip and shame they claimed their son brought. And so Warren left never to come back.

    In between salty droplets and hiccups, Warren experienced a kiss unlike no other. It held all the love and care he never thought he'd ever craved for, it was sweet and delicate and even though it had ended briefly, you remained in your place, whipping his tear-stained cheeks with your thumbs and cupping his face while resting your forehead into his. You stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, wanting Warren to be the one to let go, but he never did. It had also been the first time you spent the night together because there was no power on earth that could've ever made Warren let go of your warm embrace and affectionate touches. And it was then he rectified his former suspicion, this is what it must feel like when somebody truly cares for you, soft and welcoming a gigantic difference from the abrasive and cold one he ever felt.

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    Prev post I said it’s legit LOL

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    This Jim Lee BvS art will always be awesome!

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    More of Ben Fankhauser 😳

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    So yes lol HAHAHAH I MADE TWO BEN FICS cause I’m lonely, fucking horny for this man and hopelessly devoted to him. god I hate myself


    Here they are in case they get lost in stream heheheheh


    💿Cyber Sex💿

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