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    I recently purchased a cricut to make stickers for my Etsy store. :D Here are some proofs, the result was really good :0

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  • Stanley: I have feelings for you

    Richie: you do?

    Stanley: yeah h a t r e d

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  • Guys it’s 2:17 am and I’m finally getting into all those IT Au’s on Twitter. Currently reading The Runners



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  • When everything changed:

    There was a time that our only trouble was the bowers gang,

    We had all united together in order to help each other out.

    But when an evil clown suddenly appears and terrorises you, things just change.

    Things fall apart; from houses to friendships.

    Priorities change, perspectives change.

    Paranoia sets in as you can never tell what face is gonna be around the corner, what lies in the darkness and what awaits in the morning.

    As if school and other important things weren’t hard enough to focus on before, as anxiety takes over and trauma steers your actions in different directions than where they were going first off, the stress of each and every unknown event that will initially take place in life, just consumes time. Every aspect of the unknown steers your focus from what is truly important in the present, to something that has not yet occurred and is uncertain.

    The effects eventually get to your core and eat your body from the inside out. What once brought you joy, what once sprung you out of bed in the morning, is now no more. No more smiles, no more going to the arcade, no more seeing those of whom you share deep feelings for. It’s over. It’s all safety and trying to “move on” .

    But in reality, some clown shouldn’t stop you from living your life. If it hibernates for 27 years like a stupid bitch, take advantage of that. Live the youth you want to. Be free. America isn’t very freeing at most and arguably, neither is Derry *specifically* however,

    You are young, you are free, you are the youthful generation. This doesn’t last forever. Be you. Be proud. Be authentic to yourself. Whatever others tell you to be, don’t listen.

    #losersclub#stenbrough#reddie concept #it chapter 2 #it chapter two #stanley uris #eddie and richie #richie tozier#mike hanlon#bill denbrough#benverly#ben hanscom#beverly marsh#eddie kaspbrak #it chapter 1 #pennywise #bill skarsgård pennywise #stan the bird watcher
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  • the fact that richie’s canonically a gay man in love with eddie in the moves me gives me ✨ a serotonin boost✨

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  • Hey everyone! Me and some friends are doing a slasher AU RP! We just need ben & bill💖

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  • sunset hanslon ✰ anonymous

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  • yellow hanslon moodboard ✰ anonymous

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  • •Chapter 9•

    This is based off of the artwork by oceanteeeth on Instagram!
    Also shout out to my Beta super.rose.cosplays!

    Previous Chapter // Next Chapter

    (Summary: Richie and Stan go buck wild while Eddie figures out his inner feelings. )


    That day, after school, Richie waited for Eddie at his locker. The wolf only needed one sniff to realize that Eddie had already come and left. With a sigh, Richie left and made his way back to Roscoe. Where he was surprised to see none other than Stan the Man leaning up against the passenger side door.

    “Staniel! To what do I owe the pleasure?” Richie exclaimed once he saw his best friend.

    “Richie it’s Tuesday, it’s our day to go, as you say ‘buck wild’ and go to the convenience store” Stan begins to explain.

    “Yes yes yes I remembered” Richie did not.

    For the longest time Stan and Richie had a tradition of going to the corner store Tuesday after school to essentially go ‘buck wild’ and eat a bunch of junk food.

    Richie clicked the unlock button on his car keys and Roscoe’s doors unlocked. Stan opened the side door, Richie walked around to the driver’s side. “It’s fine if you forgot, really. You like Eddie and he’s the main thing on your mind-”.

    Richie cut in, “What? Eddie’s a good friend, but I do not like him like that” he huffed as the engine roared to life.

    “Don’t lie to me Rich, I see the way you look at him. You care for him-”

    “And that’s it, okay? I care for him. I care about you too but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna start frenching in the back” Richie retorted, his voice filled with annoyance, his gaze never leaving the road.

    “It’s not like that…” The dark haired teen’s voice trailed off, a hint of defeat filled his voice.

    The friends sat in tense silence for a couple minutes as Richie’s mind went wild with thoughts. Feelings he always tried so hard to repress finally floating to the surface.

    When he finally spoke, he was quiet, almost a whisper, “He’s the first Ancestor I’ve ever met. It just- It felt so good to finally have someone who shares my secret”.

    “I know”

    “No, Stanny, you don’t. I’ve lived my whole fucking life with this secret, eating away at me from the fucking inside out. Now I finally have someone who I can be myself around, my true self. And he’s so cute” He dragged out the O in So, it made the corner of Stan’s lip curly ever so slightly.

    “You’re not wrong. I think he is pretty cute” Stan nodded in agreement.

    Richie’s grip tensed under the steering wheel, “You what?!” he glared at Stan.

    Stanley returned the stare before breaking out in a laugh, “You’re so whipped!” He slapped his thigh.

    Richie didn’t need to ask what he meant. He felt it. His eyes had turned their signature yellow and his blood was burning from within his veins, just at the thought of someone else having feelings for Eddie.

    “Sorry.” Richie whispered as if his feelings had somehow betrayed him.

    “Aww does Wichie have a whittle cwush?” Stan teased.

    Richie huffed and rolled his eyes, not a fan of this. “Yeah, shut it Staniel before I rip your throat out with my teeth” He threatened, but his voice had no anger, only amusement.

    “Fine. But seriously. You know this is okay right? This crush?”

    “It’s not a crush, okay? Just fucking drop it”

    Stan rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say Wolfie”, this got a smirk out of Richie.

    “At least I haven’t been pinning over my best friend since the fucking third grade…” Richie mumbles under his breath.

    “Hey! That’s totally different from your situation” Stan turned on the defensive.

    “Oh yeah, like your feelings for Bill are any different than my feelings for Eddie.” Richie rolled his eyes.

    “So you admit you have feelings for Eddie?” Stan asks eagerly.

    “Well yeah that’s a given, he’s adorable! But now we’re talking about your love life.” Richie smirks deviously over at Stan.

    “No we aren't” Stan shoots daggers at Richie. In response the werewolf just smiled a shit eating grin.


    Eddie ran home after school. It’s not that he didn’t want to see Richie, he just wanted to figure out what he was feeling before he did see him again. His heart practically beat out of his chest when Richie touched him, his stomach would twist and his nerves would sky rocket. Deep down he knew what it was, but he didn’t want to face it, how could he? His entire life, his mother told him how wrong it was to be gay. Plus Richie probably doesn’t even feel the same way, why would he? Eddie literally betrayed his own people after all.

    I need to blow off some steam.

    Eddie looked outside and noticed the sun was just setting, so he had some time before dark. Just enough time for a run. He changed into his new running gear and started on his way through the forest. The thick scent of evergreen and grass cleared his head by the time he reached the city. Once he reached the city he got down and shifted. He was not really in the mood to explain to anyone why he was out so late at night.

    He started aimlessly exploring Derry, hopping around and doing some people watching. Eddie went around town, familiarizing himself with the area. He found the Subway Alley was talking about that one day, he even stumbled upon a comic book shop that he made a mental note to go to once he was human. The rabbit began making his way down the residential streets, admiring the architecture and seeing what the residents of Derry were doing this time of night.

    He stopped when he reached a familiar house. Somehow he’d subconsciously made his way into a backyard he knew now as the Tozier’s. Nostalgia flooded his head as he recalled the day he first saw Richie, even then he thought the boy was cute…

    A thought dawned on him, I won’t be able to outrun these feelings. Eddie recalled the various times his heart has skipped a beat or when it sped up, when butterflies are let loose in his stomach, when he blushes, all because of Richie.

    Might as well deal with this shit before it fucking eats away at me from the inside. Plus, what’s the worst that could happen? I admit my feelings, he dosen’t feel the same, I loose the only person who’s ever made me feel safe and at home- Okay this could end pretty badly- fuck my life.

    Eddie didn’t even notice that as he was monologuing in his head, he had edged his way up towards the Tozier residence. Though Richie’s bedroom was on the second floor, Eddie could just make out the vague outline of Richie, was he at the window? Or maybe standing at his desk? The rabbit wasn’t sure. But what he was sure of was that the voice he heard was indeed Richie’s.

    It was easy to hear the singing coming through his open window. Richie practically belting out the lyrics at the top of his lungs. “OHHHH EDDIE BABY WON’T YOU COME TO MY ARRRRRMS, TONNNIIGHT!” He sang out as he danced around his room.

    Eddie couldn’t deny the feeling that spread through his body as his heart skipped a beat when he heard the lyrics.

    What other Eddie does he know?

    No matter what explanation he tried to come up with that would explain these current events could not cover up the feeling that Eddie had. Deep down inside he knew that song was for him. He listened until the song ended, that’s when Richie’s phone started ringing.

    The bunny could just make out his voice as he talked with whoever was on the other end of the line, “Yeah, you’re here? Like outfront? Jesus Billiard I could’ve just texted you the pages of the textbook” There was a pause, “Okay give me a sec”. Eddie took that as his cue to leave.

    He made his way towards the front of the house where he saw Bill who was standing beside his bike, Silver. Bill was one of the first of the Losers to get their license yet most times (unless he was driving the others) he opted to ride his bike.

    Eddie watched as Richie ran out to meet him with a textbook in hand. He didn’t stay much longer, it was getting dark and he didn’t want to be out in the pitch black.

    Eddie stayed in his rabbit form until he found a little tree covered area away from any possible wandering eyes. He shifted and walked the rest of the way home.

    Being an Ancestor grants him some heightened senses, sight, scent, and hearing. That being said, as Eddie shifted, it was surprising that he didn’t hear the soft clicking of an iphone 8’s camera, nor did he hear the low, sudden gasp of Bill Denbrough.

    Word Count: 1473


    I know that this chapter is shorter but the next chapter is gonna be a long one as we get to see someone else’s perspective…
    ANyways I hope you guys enjoyed!

    Until next time

    So Long and Goodnight.



    @richietoaster @s-onora @that-weird-girl-blog @beproudtozier @ghostnebula @bellarosewrites @s-s-georgie @lermanslogan @iamcupcakefrosting @madidraw @gazebobullshit @thoughtfullyyoungduck @aangzukos @ambitiousskychild @reddieonwheels @breadheadscorpius

    Let me know if you wanna be added to the tag list!

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  • Genderbend losers club + hcs


    Richie → Regine

    - her government name is Regine but everybody just calls her Reggie instead of Richie.

    -she doesn’t like Edna when they first meet, and for a while after that. She says it’s bc Edna’s a pouty spoiled brat but at the same time she thinks it’s cute. She’s a hot mess.

    -people get real suprised by how such a young girl talks so dirty.

    -huuuuge feminist; it’s the 80’s after all. And when she gets older and in college, she’s a radio host on campus and most of the guys don’t like her for discussing their sexist behavior.

    -in highschool when the losers start getting hobbies, she joins cheerleading and cheers on Edna. She actually becomes one of the best cheerleaders on the squad because of her rambunctious personality.

    -a lot of ppl say that eddie is curvy and Richie is built like a whole 2 by 4 as females but I think Reggie has more boobage and butt than Edna.

    -when they return back to derry this bitch dresses like Mrs. Frizzle. Like those crazy ass outfits she used to wear

    -Either that or Hawaiian button ups and Jean shorts.

    -likes to show titty in her Hawaiian outfits 😎


    Eddie → Edna

    -she is a spoiled, loud, bossy girl but she doesn’t like to hear that she is :(

    -reggie calls her Ed and everyone catches on bc they collectively don’t like the name Edna

    -she’s literally Jackie Burkhart.

    -basically a doll for Sonia’s enjoyment.

    -after a year of hanging out with Reggie and the losers she feels a little more free and decides she doesn’t wanna be Sonia’s perfect little girl anymore. So she chops her hair off to neck length freshman year.

    -sonia and her obviously begin bumping heads bc of it.

    -she joins Track freshman year and LOVES it. She continues until college. And in college she starts to plays volleyball.

    - she chops her hair shorter that it basically becomes a long wavy pixie cut

    -everyone at school ends up calling Edna ‘boy girl’ bc she had short hair. And sort of turning into a stud.

    -she’s not spoiled anymore in highschool and college and after that, but she is def still bossy

    -when they return back to derry, the only clothes she wears are button ups, t-shirts, slacks, and jeans. She doesn’t like dresses or skirts anymore.


    Beverly → Benny

    -everyone eventually gets a crush on Benny, besides Edna (bc she’s a lesbian even tho she tries to have on one him)

    -all the girls think he’s cute but promiscuous bc he only hangs out with like 6 other girls.

    -doesn’t believe in hitting girls but Henrietta Bowers makes an exception.

    -idk why but I feel like Benny and Edna would fake date for a while?? Bc they’re kinda the perfect couple in Derry.

    -him and Bella are the cutest tho 🤷🏽‍♀️

    -y'all,, Benny gets hot when they come back to derry; like it’s not fair.

    -he can’t get over how hotter Bella got either when they come back to derry.


    Stanley → Staniel

    -EVERYONE is jealous of her hair.

    -the most functional loser still.

    -wears skirts ALL the time, even when they reunite in derry (oh yeah genderbend means fix it AU too)

    -had a crush on Billie and Michelle for the longest time until she met Patrick who she’s now happily married to.

    -first kiss is with Regina tho

    -she also didn’t like Edna all that much bc she used to be Regina’s best friend and Ed took her place. And bc she was a loud spoiled brat


    Mike → Michelle

    -she has a top like Tracy Camilla John’s in 'she gotta have it’

    -also a huge feminist like Regina, so they talk about that a lot.

    -she’s apart of the choir and her vocals are like Amber Riley’s; she’s really good. And the losers go to watch.

    -definitely has a crush on Billie and still does. They end up dating during their reunion and go to Florida together.

    -she never wore skirts but she wore dresses to church and choir. Besides that, she usually wore baggy jeans.

    -Edna gets a crush on Michelle bc she’s so pretty, intelligent, and strong. She was everything Edna wished she could be.

    -she’s really good at basketball and golf but never tries out.


    Bill → Billie

    -Everyone also has a crush on Billie like they do with Benny.

    -Georgia (Georgie) is dead still and she’s still a complete mess abt it.

    -she once confessed to Edna that she’s the little sister she got to have after Georgia. So she’s really protective of Edna.

    -after crushing on Benny for a year or so, and got over it, she realized Michelle was pretty perfect and gets a tiny crush on her.

    -oops when they go back to derry she has a huge fucking crush on her now.

    -they date and like I say go to Florida after she leaves his husband Aubrey.


    Ben → Bella

    -she’s a really smart girl; all the girls are jealous of her bc she has Benny on her arm and amazing grades. Of course, they pick on her bc of her weight.

    -even Pennywise, a fucking clown, picks on her every insecurities and calls her fat.

    -but of course there was always Benny that made her feel like she was still beautiful.

    -since girls aren’t allowed to play football she does volleyball and basketball. It helps her eventually lose some weight in highschool.

    -she also starts jogging with Edna in the morning before school. She’s amazed how much this little girl can talk while jogging.

    -she loses more weight in her adult life and comes back stunning. She was already beautiful but she was glowing.

    -she was expecting to become valedictorian but Regina took the title. She was a little bitter but came to terms with it.

    -also, her and Benny end up marrying like a year after the reunion.

    These r stupid as hell i’m sorry 😭

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  • A Summer Job AU - No Pennywise - Georgie is alive - Mostly tomfoolery

    Fandom: It

    Characters: Stan, Richie, Mike, Bev, Ben, Bill, Eddie

    Word Count: 1125

    Ships: Eventual Benverly, Reddie, Stan x Patty

    Warnings: Out of character behavior, mention of Ben’s encounter with Henry Bowers

    AN:  haha I’m alive! well, barely but I still wrote.  I’m sorry these have become so sporadic but uh… I love this chapter, it’s completely unedited and written in about thirty minutes.

    Tags: @nerdsarebetter @just-another-shipper-01 @audder17 @andykilldiot

    Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten


    Chapter Eleven

    “Ya know Staniel…” The moment those words come out of Richie’s mouth, Stan’s attention shifts.  He hates the nicknames Richie would bestow upon him at random intervals in conversation.  He preferred people to call him his name, but Richie had never quite understood that and Stan had learned to tune him out when he used one. 

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  • I know “Together from Afar” is Hiccup and Toothless’ farewell song, but ever since it popped into my head shortly after seeing IT: Chapter 2 in theaters, I’ve associated the song with the Losers’ Club and everything they’ve gone through before parting ways more than anything else. 

    #random #hope this doesn't make any of the fandoms mad #together from afar #jonsi #how to train your dragon #httyd#it#stephen king #stephen king's it #it 2017#it 2019 #it: chapter two #it: chapter 2 #the losers club #loser's club#bill denbrough#richie tozier#eddie kaspbrak#beverly marsh#ben hanscom#mike hanlon#stanley uris#pennywise#it pennywise
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  • me use brain


    but for real eddie being a basketball player is my favorite hc

    (also richie’s an announcer at the games so that might be coming soon)

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  • ight….,, so who is gonna manifest the supercut?

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  • The Mythical Giggle of Eddie Kaspbrak


    “Even… E-Eddie?” Bill asks, unsure.

    “Even Eddie! Look, Eddie was flirting with Richie. He was giggling in this… really flirty way. High pitched and sweet and all,” and then she leans in, “With intent.”

    “With intent,” Stan scoffs again.

    “Stan stop scoffing at me from your moral high ground of ‘Richie woulda told me’ cause I saw them and I’m not lying. Do you think I would lie about this?”

    “No, I just think you’re exaggerating things. Richie WOULD have told me, and Eddie doesn’t giggle with intent. His giggling is never intentional, actually, if its Richie, he’s always surprised that he giggles. He does not want to giggle because that would mean he’s giving Richie the satisfaction from a bad dick joke!”

    “Alright, Stan,” she says like it is an insult. “What could we possibly do for you to believe me?”

    Stan thinks for a moment before he resigns himself, “A picture. Photographic evidence. Clear. Not—incriminating but obvious enough.” Then, Stan smirks in a challenge, “If they’re so sweet, that wouldn’t be hard to get, right?”

    Or, the Loser’s Club embarks on the dangerous journey of discovering the mythical giggle of Eddie Kaspbrak (and the Richie Tozier behind it!)

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  • Bill as an Earthbender: 

    - Bill’s an earth bender who grew up in Ba Sing Se. His parents didn’t want him to bend but he would sneak out at night and train in the farmer’s fields. 

    -He is mainly self taught, other than an older farmer who would sometimes give him pointers. 

    - Bill often saw the walls of Ba Sing Se as something that would hold him back, keeping him from experiencing the rest of the world. So one day he left on an ostrich horse to explore the world. The first place he went was Ember Island (which was hard for him to sneak into) but he met his first real friends there. 

    Bev and Eddie as Firebenders:

    - Bev and Eddie were raised on Ember Island and were childhood best friends. They learned firebending together and forged a bond. 

    - Around the age 15, Bev and Eddie knew they hated the Fire Nation and everything it stood for. (When they were younger Bev and Azula knew each other but grew to be enemies) They wanted to leave Ember Island but had no clue where to start. 

    -Then they met Bill, an earthbender their own age, who wanted to explore the world. They all became fast friends and came up with a plan to escape Ember Island. Bill, who had barely heard of the war, was educated by Bev and Eddie on the terrors of the Fire Nation and they all wanted to do something. 

    -They heard of the avatar and decided to head to the Southern Air Temple to see if they could find anything.

     Ben and Richie as Airbenders: 

     - Ben and Richie had died during the Fire Nation attack on the Southern Air Temple but were resurrected by Flying Bison Spirits in 84 AG (making them about the same age as the rest) out of pity as they were only babies when they died. 

    -Through countless years of meditation and practice the two of them were able to learn fundamental airbending. They knew of Aang but didn’t know how to go about helping in the war. They stayed in the Air Temple with only a single flying bison to keep them company. Until Bev, Bill and Eddie arrived. 

    - The three of them were shocked to find two teenagers and a bison living in the Southern Air Temple. Their first interaction went something like this 

    Bill: HOLY SHIT 

    Eddie: There’s two avatars?!?!?

    Ben: huh? 

    Richie, riding an air scooter: yes its true, i am the avatar 

    Ben: yeah you fucking wish 

    - Ben and Richie were overjoyed when they heard about Bill, Bev and Eddie’s plans. They agreed to come with them without Bill even asking. “I’ve gotta get out of this temple anyway, its getting kinda stuffy” Richie remarked. 

    - And so, attop their new flying bison, they set out to the Southern Water Tribe.

    Mike as a Southern Waterbender: 

    - Mike was born in the Southern Water Tribe and grew up with Katara and Sokka. Just like them, his father left to fight in the war but he wasn’t as lucky as Hakoda. When Katara and Sokka left with Aang, Mike stayed behind with the rest of the tribe. 

    -He was slightly bitter about having to miss out on a grand adventure, but he stayed home and practiced waterbending with help from the elders. 

    - When the rest of the club arrived on their bison, Mike thought Sokka and Katara had returned for him but instead he was met with a new group of misfits. 

    -Upon seeing that two of them were dressed in fire nation clothes, Mike attacked with some waterbending, but since neither Bev nor Eddie had any intention of a fight, they just ended up with some soaked clothes (Mike apologized for it profusely after hearing they hated the fire nation) 

    - Mike heard what they had to say and knew this was the universe telling him it was time for his own grand adventure. He bid farewell to the rest of tribe and the group headed to one last place before their true adventure began. 

    Stan as a Northern Waterbender: 

    - Stan was raised in the Northern Water Tribe as a fighter but he dodged the draft to fight in the Great War many times. He had even gone behind his parents back and learned healing as a way of trying to stay home. 

    - Stan was scared to fight. He had seen many of his friends and family go to war and never come home and he was terrified to take the same fate. 

    -When the club arrived, The Northern Water Tribe was being attacked by the Fire Nation in the Siege of the North. Hoping to fight some Fire Nation soldiers, they ran in. 

    -Bill was at an immediate disadvantage of their being no earth for him to bend. Ben and Richie tried their best to not air bend, as it would could mean chaos if people believed one of them was the avatar. Bev and Eddie kept getting confused for fire nation soldiers and the rest of the club had to quickly describe that they were not fire nation. 

    - Mike was the only one who was actually getting somewhere with fighting, as he used water to counter any fire nation attacks. That was until Zhao stole the moon and Mike’s bending failed.

    -Stan was in the midst of running when his bending stopped. He saw a group of kids his age who he didn’t recognize getting corned by fire nation soldiers. Acting without thinking, Stan threw a nearby basket at the soldiers to gain their attention. They quickly turned on him and he needed a plan, but then some of the other kids started throwing stuff at them too. 

    -The club + stan started throwing punches at the officers while dodging fire blasts, until the red glow that had emitted from the moon stopped and Mike and Stan’s bending returned. They quickly over powered the soldiers before seeing Aang’s giant water spirit walking through the streets. What happened next went something like this: 

    Bev: what in the f-

    Mike: we gotta get out of here! 

    Bill: hey I know we don’t even know your name but were travelling the world, do you want to come with?

    Stan: dear god yes

    Richie: then we better get going or were gonna get caught up in Aang’s shit! 

    - The Losers Club, finally together fled the Northern Water Tribe watching Aang take on countless ships by himself. 

    Bill: alright where to now?

    Stan: I’ve always wanted to see Omashu 

    Bev: Omashu it is 

    Richie: wait who the hell even is this kid?

    #i have a whole like three part story planned for this #its gonna be great #this better not flop or imma be sad #it 2017#it 2019 #the losers club #bill denbrough#beverly marsh#eddie kaspbrak#ben hanscom#richie tozier#mike hanlon#stanley uris#avatar
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