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    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    chapter 3 !

    fem/genderbent losers club band au !
    fun fact ! poppy (who’s music i’m basing this off of) was nominated for a grammy for best metal performance ! she also performed her song EAT so i’m just making the same thing happen for the losers !
    let’s also pretend that the grammys are now (bc the time and dates don’t matter) and that they’re that high up in the music industry and not super underground bc they deserve it and i’m telling you to ! and georgie is alive ! also apologies bc things happened very quick and choppy in this chapter ! and i better not get shit for my bad editing skills
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  • elicns
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    𒀭࣪ it lockscreens.

    ↻ like or rb if you save

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  • kindofokayimagines
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    happiest • stanley uris x reader

    request: more stan? sub stan? dom stan? just more stan? :)

    a/n: just some a quick lil one! love yall ugh im such a slut for stannn

    contains: alcohol, fluff, i think that's it? lmk if there's more!<3 800 words!


    this is the happiest stan could be.

    he thinks that a lot when he's around you, he realises. right now, you're laying across his lap in his bed, wearing his college hoodie, your hands clasped around his bird scrapbook, commenting on his neat penmanship and the fun facts he wrote across the bottom, purely because he knew you'd like them.

    and him, well, he was practically scented in your perfume, your body draped over his, his mind focused solely on you.

    everything about right now showed that you were his and he was yours.

    he loved it.

    you first formally met stan in first year but you didnt count it as knowing him. when you first met him, he was so cold, the kind of person who would lend you a pen in class but when you said thank you, he would raise a suspicious brow and mutter 'alright.'

    to you, that coldness outweighed how cute he was, so you spent the rest of the term keeping to your group of friends and he kept to his, the overlap so little, it was barely noticeable.

    if it was a venn diagram, the circles were almost separate. almost.

    stan reminded you of a cat in that way, playing cold until he warmed up enough to like you, and in stan's case, you had to earn his trust before he decided he liked you.

    said trust wasn't easily gained. before you, the only people he really, truly trusted were the losers.

    you finally earned his trust when richie (richie liked you. but, if stan was a cat, richie was a golden retriever, he seemed to like most people he met) invited you to a party stan was going to. stan had seen richie greet you at the door, "y/n! c'mere, i want you to meet my friends, don't worry about stan, once he gets a drink in him he doesn't look like he has that much of a stick up his ass."

    a look of recognition flitted over your features when you saw stan. you opened your mouth to say something you hadn't quite figured out yet, something along the lines of hey, remember me? the girl you sit next to in every other class and ignore? yep, that's the one, but you had no chance to.

    stan had shot you a rather unimpressed look before mooching off, spending the rest of the night by the drinks table with mike, his eyes looking not so much past you but through you.

    he still cringes about it to this day, "i'm so sorry, i didn't know the love of my life was taking body shots off of my friends that night."

    the next morning, you had woken up with a killer headache and a mouth full of cotton. stan had nudged you awake- mostly because you were laying across the kitchen counter and in the way of the coffee maker he was trying to get to -you blinked up at him with bleary eyes, eyes that be would look forward to seeing every morning for the rest of his life.

    in that soft morning light, there was a feeling of intimacy, being the only two awake in the whole dorm. stan recalls that your hair was rumpled and there was a little salt clinging to your throat from tequila, salt and lime shots.

    you cracked a weak smile and held your hand out to him, "hey, i know you from class right?"

    stan had no idea why you smiled at him, up until that point, the two of you had little to no interaction and any you did have was incredibly one-sided.

    stan took your hand and you smiled again, sweet as ever like you were old friends. that day you helped stan herd the losers back to their respective dorms, holding bev's hair back and hunting around for richie's glasses that he couldn't find, eventually finding them in the punch bowl. you rubbed eddie's back and said it was the least you could do.

    the next time stan saw you in class he flashed you a boyish grin that made his dimple pop on his cheek.

    you think that that was the moment stan had finally warmed up to you.

    now, stan gently strokes your cheeks on either side of your face, rubbing your cheekbones and jaw gently like he was trying to memorize the shape and slope of your face.

    you look up at him from his lap, smiling as you do, "what's the matter, baby?" you say, gently kissing the hand he has at the side of your face.

    he shakes his head, his dimple curving in his grin and his eyes glinting with happiness. with the movement, his curls fluff out and fall around his ears,

    "nothing, this is just the happiest i've ever been."



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    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    beverly marsh loves her wife, ben hanscom, pass it on

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  • thereisonlypain
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ya'll know the shitty Samsung emojis, well...


    this guy looks like adult miniseries Ben and you cannot tell me otherwise

    I see no difference

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  • thereisonlypain
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Losers Club as tumblr comments:








    Bonus: Pennywise

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    28.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    The losers club + Pennywise as TEXT POSTS

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  • occasionaloneshots
    28.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Being the Youngest Loser

    Losers Club x platonic! model! Fem Reader

    Takes place after movie 1 and during movie 2 (also including Mike being in public school from the 1990 canon)

    CW: Fluff, swearing, maybe a few very mild dirty jokes, Angst ig?(after the continue reading line), follows movie canon on deaths, blood,  I think that’s it? Baseball! Bill and Stan, Track! Eddie and Ben, Football! Mike 

    ★ Living in such a small town means everyone know everyone but you never officially met a member of the losers club until you were in the 7th grade

    ★Art Class, 4th period (one of the few classes in Derry Middle that would mix grades) you were assigned a table with Bill Denbrough and Greta Bowie

          ☆In all honesty you didn’t plan to befriend either, but Greta was rude to Bill and you wanted to make her feel like a loner after hearing her call Bill a loser

        ☆ That lead to a friendship between you and the stuttering boy helping each other with projects and occasionally hanging out on Sundays when you could

    ★ It was when you got moved up a grade and put into the class of ‘94 that you became a member of the losers club.

    ★You met Richie and Mike in first period, Algebra I. Due to the teacher’s odd seating chart you got put right between the two

    ★For the first semester of senior year, all of the losers were lucky enough to have the same lunch, you did too. Richie excitedly dragged you to meet them

        ☆”Guys! This is-” “(Y/n)! Wha-What are you d-doing here?” “Billy!”

        ☆ Richie’s previous excitement of being the first to meet you was immediately shot down. 

       ☆ By the end of lunch the boys had made you an official member of the losers club and suddenly high school didn’t feel like it would be so lonely after all.

    ★ You quickly became close to the boys, earning yourself six older brothers that you did not ask for but didn’t mind having 

    ★And for the most part, there was no secrets, except for the six of them promising they would never let you know about Pennywise, and you promising yourself  that you would never tell them about that clown-thing you swore saw two years before 

    ★ Stan and you always find a way to escape when one of you is stressed, ending up in the park together, your head resting on his crossed legs, the bird book resting on your chest (You’re probably staring up at his eyelashes in jealousy but honestly most of the losers have better eyelashes)

         ☆ You always end up with someone’s hair dropping flowers as you walk, whether it be from Stan weaving them into your hair as he spoke or from you trying to balance them in individual curls. 

    ★ On the off chance you end up at a party because Richie begged Eddie and/or Bill won’t leave your side

         ☆ “I don’t trust teenage boys with you.” “Eddie, you’re a teenage boy.” “Well I don’t trust teenage boys who aren’t one of the losers with you.”

         ☆ It has come in handy when a guy wouldn’t leave you alone though. “He-Hey sweets, is he bothering you?” You’re leaning into his touch immediately. “Who’s this?” “My boyfriend, I missed you, Billy, you can’t just run off on me.” 

    ★ The guys will let you bother their clothes all the time, you don’t even have to ask sometimes they just hand them over

         ☆ “A-Are you ca-cold, (Y/n)?” “Oh a little but I’ll be fine.” And suddenly his flannel is being thrust into your hands, “Take it.” 

         ☆ “(Y/n) whose sweat shirt is that?” “Well, it’s not the right size to be yours, Eddie’s, or Mike’s, and Stan hated this movie so,” and you loosely motion over to Bill and Richie, “Your guess is as good as mine, neither has asked for it back yet though.” 

    ★Since Richie is the only loser who doesn’t play a sport, it’s become tradition for you to lean on him during games

           ☆ He nearly splits your eardrum during Eddie and Ben’s track meets while he’s cheering them on 

           ☆ Laughing at his announcer voice during Mike’s games, Eddie and Stan are pretending they aren’t as amused as you are 

            ☆ Both of you are intensely over dramatic at baseball games, Stan once lectured you (Bill at his side, looking like a disappointed mother) because you and Richie got kicked out of the game after cussing out the ref (It was total bullshit though, you and Richie were right, but he can’t admit Richie was right)

    ★You and Ben are in the Same English classes the entirety of high school, he reads you the novels, not in an animated way but it keeps you interested enough that you passed every test (reading out loud helps him remember it anyway) 

          ☆ He cried over Simon’s death in “Lord of the Flies” and he was right for that

    ★Falling asleep on Mike’s shoulder in the clubhouse or if you sit beside him at movie night (he’s really warm and much like it would put a puppy to sleep, it puts you to sleep too)

    ★ Mrs. Denbrough, Mrs. Uris, and Mr. Hanlon are all convinced that you have something going on with their boy

         ☆ After the first year of knowing each you just, stopped trying to correct them, all of you did. 

         ☆ It’s not like you can pretend you don’t understand where they get it from, you’re a cuddly person and they make you feel safe

          ☆ Mrs. Uris has taken pictures of you and Stan asleep on the couch together after a movie night was hosted at their house, you laughed and asked for a copy. 

    ★ Due to her leaving Derry, you only got to meet Bev a few times, she swore you had to be dating one of the boys but she couldn’t figure out who.

         ☆Eventually she made the mistake of leaning over to ask Eddie, he started laughing and repeated the question, suddenly you and the rest of the boys were laughing too. 

         ☆ “(Y/n), you think? As if she’d even consider it.” “(Y/n) is a baby, my sister isn’t allowed to date.” “E-Eddie, Mike, co-cool it. No Bev, she’s just out fr-friend.”

         ☆ “But she’s laying on top of Richie right now?” “If the mother fucker won’t get out of the hammock, he becomes the hammock,” You’re laughing, shaking your head, “As if he would be so lucky.” “I am a catch, toots.” 

        ☆ Despite that original meeting being, chaos to put it lightly, you get along with Bev really well.

    ★ One time Ben told you that you could be a model and it was a slight teasing thing with the boys but you actually did consider it. (Despite the teasing they all agreed. Richie made a joke that you should do a Victoria Secret show, just so he could know. Stan hit him ) 

    ★Graduation was the worst thing and the best thing to happen to any of you. (Mike cried watching y0u walk across the stage, the other losers almost did) 

         ☆”You’re just a baby how did you graduate?” “Michael I am seventeen” “Barely” 

         ☆ You were the second to last loser to leave Derry, part of you didn’t want to leave Mike but after finding out you were serious about wanting to model, there was no way he was letting you stay in Derry. 

    ★ You did succeed in becoming a model, eventually landing a spot in a Regan-Marsh Fashion show. 

    ★You swore that you knew Beverly but you couldn’t put your finger on why. Until one day she walked up and asked you off handedly if you grew up in Maine.

           ☆Neither of you really remembered your childhoods well but you decided that you had to have met in school at some point. 

          ☆ The two of you ended up really close friends, she even asks for your opinions on designs from time to time. 

    ★When Bev got to call from Mike, some screaming voice in the back of her begged her to take you back to Derry with her

           ☆Mike hated the idea, it broke the promise the boys had made to keep it way from you, but she persisted so he gave in

          ☆ To say you had been confused to see the redhead in pajamas on your doorstep would be an understatement, but the name of Mike Hanlon dragged something out of you and you couldn’t say no. 

    ★When you got there you ran ahead of her, excited to see whatever face was attached to the name in your head. 

            ☆Mike all but threw Bill to the side when he saw you, snatching you into a hug, and then suddenly all of those high school memories were flooding in. 

      ★ Bill was next, you all but flung yourself into his arms, laughing about how much he changed, mumbling about missing him

           ☆ “I missed you, oh my god your stutter is gone!” “I missed you more!” “I read your book, it’s one of the only ones I’ve been able to get through in years.” “My wife and I watched a fashion show with you recently, she adores you.”

      ★And then you hear someone listing of allergies and your spinning on your heel, determined to be the first one to Eddie. 

    ★After letting go (and tell him he was still small, which he hated) Bev is coming in with two guys. And one of them is hard for you to remember but one is so undeniably Richie Tozier. 

          ☆ “Victoria’s secret, what are you doing here?” And suddenly you’re letting out a squeal of a giggle as he lifts you off the ground. “Tozier! I saw your show last time I was Cali you know.”

      ★  “Tiny little (Y/n) really made it big huh?” And the way he addressed you had the name of the last man in the room crashing through that last wall in your brain. “Ben? Damn.” 

    ★And then suddenly it felt like you were back in that old clubhouse the first time you met Bev and no time had passed at all 

    ★ After Richie asks Eddie about Marriage (And he makes a joke about marrying Eddie’s mom) the question turned to you, sending the table into laughter when you responded in a similar fashion to the man “Yeah Rich, sorry we forgot to invite you but I’m so excited to have you as a step son. Your mother makes a great wife” 

    ★You joined in on the teasing of Ben, until in an unlikely turn of events, it was suddenly on you 

            ☆ “I got hot? Look at you Miss. Model, you had to have grown what a whole foot of just leg?” “Dude, I have to look up to you now, and look at your arms, you could crush my head with just one if you tried.” “Yeah Ben, (Y/n) was always hot, my favorite model,” Bev winks over at you.  

    ★And despite the laughter your eyes are trained on the door the whole time, waiting to throw yourself into the arms of the boy who let you tangle flowers into his curls.

    ★You got up to the bathroom, hoping to distract yourself from the odd aura. The group just wasn’t right without Stanley and you needed a minute

    ★But when you got back something was wrong, the table all standing around what you swore were fortune cookie slips arguing and seeming almost fearful of what it said. If something felt wrong before, it felt evil now. 

    ★Something was obviously wrong with Bev as you made your way to her side, but looking over her shoulder at the slips. Your mouth ran dry, backing up to the wall letting your body slide down it as the cookies rattled. 

             ☆tears already spilling down your face, because how did that clown know Stan? And why on earth was it here at your dinner? Had you brought it back?

    ★You watched through blurry vision as the scene unfolded, the group of friends, your friends being tormented by something. And part of you knew you should help but you were sobbing so hard that your body shook too much to stand

    ★Bill and Richie found their way to your side, both cussing under their breath about how you shouldn’t even be there. A pair of hands pull your own from your face by the wrist while another cups your face, softly asking if you were okay 

            ☆ “Stan, god no, Stanley. How did it? He didn’t stay in Derry? How did it find him? How did that hell creature clown get him I should have told you guys but it went away and I was convinced I imagined him and, oh god.”  

            ☆That was the moment the losers realized they never had to hide the clown from you in the first place, you had met it too 

    ★Richie lead you to his car to go back to the hotel, a hand staying in yours as he drove, “How did you know about Pennywise?” “Is that the clown?” “Yeah, that’s the clown.” “Remember my half sister?” 

    ★The losers were suddenly more obsessive about protecting you but they were lost. Why the hell did Pennywise let you live if you saw him?

    ★Your new involvement made Mike wonder how the ritual of Chud would work but you got your token anyway, visiting your parent who had stayed in town, you found your old jewelry box, they never changed the room. 

            ☆ An old drawing, obviously made by a kid no older than seven, two girls on a hill in front of house, it was the last thing she gave you before you saw that damned thing. 

    ★You never were the type to jump in the quarry when you were a kid, letting the guys jump as you watched, but you followed anyway. Anything to get the sewer and the sticky feeling of sweat and blood off of your skin. 

    ★ You leaned into Richie’s side, not wanting to leave him alone when the rest of your friend group was looking for the poor man’s glasses. It was oddly familiar, comforting, you swore you could almost feel the chill of the air in the end of football season. 

           ☆”I loved him, ya know. Since we’re finally revealing secrets,” his vice was low and soft. Your arms wrapping around him, not saying much. 

    ★You moved to the West Coast after that, taking your old scrap books from high school with you this time. Old pictures suddenly littering frames around your apartment, including that old one of you and Stanley asleep on the Uris’ old couch. You weren’t forgetting anything this time and you were going to make sure of that.

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  • something-bizarre
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Hangout

    The Losers noticed Beverly always walking to the ladder of their cozy underground hideout to light one of her cigarettes. Whenever she felt the smoke escaping her lips, she lifted her head and watched as it dissolved into the sky. It was nice to look at on a sunny day, but when it rained, her friends felt bad. Ashamed that their friend had to step into the rain, the possibility high to catch a cold, only to do what she couldn't control. Smoke.

    Ben was the first to speak up, asking his friends on a plan he had. They listened to his plan carefully, nodding along every now and then. One night they met up at the Hideout, Shovels, Hammers, Nails and Woodboards in hand.

    They had been working all night, but it was worth it in the end. The next day, the six tired, but very proud teenagers called their friend to come and look at the little suprised they had made for her. She had been joking, asking if it was her Birthday or something. When she climbed down the wooden ladder carefully and saw the little spot her friends had fixed up for her, she almost cried. She felt her face heat up out of joy as she thanked all of her friends atleast 5 times.

    The next evening it rained. The six boys watched their friend happily light a cigarette on the beanbag in her little corner. They called it "Beverly's corner of smoking pride."

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  • crowleyownsmywholeheart
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    from what i’ve seen, everyone going into the loki show was expecting to obsess over loki even more and just ended up simping for mobius.

    what i’ve also seen, is everyone going into IT2019 with ben being the obvious thirst trap, and promptly simping instead for richie.

    WHAT I’VE ALSO SEEN, is everyone going into good omens expecting to simp over crowley, and instead we all fell in love with aziraphale.

    so what i’m taking from this is 1- we all clearly have daddy issues idc what you say and 2- history repeats itself in extraordinary ways

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  • flusteredloser
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    sugar sweet

    richie tozier x fem reader

    category: fluff, fluff, literally just fluff
    word count: 3,3k
    content warnings: swearing, stealing, slight nsfw (sexual innuendos... bc it’s richie tozier), a driving scene written by a bitch who can't drive, overbearing fluff, sonia
    a/n: hello here’s a lil soft fic i wrote in a hyper state today <3 i had ‘beverly’ by ben wallfisch from the it 2017 soundtrack stuck in my head while i wrote the ending so !! enjoy


    "sweetheart, if you don't put your head back in, i'm afraid i'm gonna have to marie antoinette you."

    you laughed dismissively at his empty threat, feeling a grin take over. you let the wind crash against your face and through your hair, the scent of sea salt softly filling your nose. if richie thought that you were going to give this feeling up, oh, was he wrong.

    despite what he was saying, the sight of morning sunlight streaking through your flying hair and your torso poking out the passengers' window was one richie wished he could get used to. despite his nagging for the past half hour, ranting about the dangers of vehicular manslaughter and mishaps, he couldn't help but beam at your laughter. 

    he almost hit himself in the head for getting all worked up about safety like eddie always did, but it was something he found himself doing often with you. keeping you safe and sound was one of the few things that kept him from staying up all night. besides, you guys were going to see eddie and the rest of the losers in a bit anyways. the designated role of the pedantic worrier would soon be shrugged off richie's shoulders.

    keeping one hand on the wheel, richie’s free hand never left the edge of your knee, not once in the hour-long drive. no matter how far you reached your body out his car's window, his fingers stayed glued around you. you never said anything about the gesture apart from placing your hand over his. being his was something you never got used to, but you were far from complaining.

    "richierichierichie i think we're here!" you exclaim, ducking your head back inside the car.

    "you sure, dummy? the massive ferris wheel and circus tent means we're close to the carnival?"

    your hand leaves his to go shove his temple, "fuck off, rich."

    "i know i know, you're really excited," he taps your knee, "so am i."

    he pulls into the parking lot, expertly navigating his way through the crowded area before finding a space. an empty space which was coincidentally beside a sketchy beat-up minivan painted with "URIS," in fat letters.

    richie laughs, "what are the fucking odds.”

    his hand moves from the skin on your knee to the back of your seat, his body shifting to face the rear. you subtly eye your boyfriend sitting in the driver's seat and tried not to physically express any of the thoughts firing in your mind right then. dear god, did he look good today. you end up shamelessly staring at him as he strains his neck to squeeze his way through tight space. his knuckles turn to this ghostly shade of white when he flexed them against the wheel, his rings glinting under the sunlight.

    once he finally put the car in park and shifted his weight back to you, he catches your gaze. throwing a wink, he pulls out the keys and stuffs his belongings into his jean pockets. 

    you’re sure he has zero clue about the effect any of this had on you. sure, he was your boyfriend but sometimes you found yourself feeling scared at how much you liked him. this boy has you wrapped around his finger and he barely knows half of it.

    you reach over and run your fingers through his unruly hair a couple more times, enjoying the way the curls bounce back. “you look so good, rich.”

    he rolls his eyes at your remark, but you don’t miss the way a small blush reaches tips of his ears. “enjoy it while it lasts, i can’t let the guards recognise me again.” 

    “i still can’t believe you got fired and banned on the same day, rich. that’s genuinely so impressive, you know that?"

    richie rolls his eyes but you see the hint of a grin on his face, “you going soft on me, sweets?”

    “wouldn’t dream of it.” you ruffle his hair, letting your nails glide along his scalp and you laugh at the way his head naturally tips back. richie had no clue why the feeling of your hands in his hair that made him short-circuit, but he wasn’t complaining.

    “do we really have to go see them...” richie groans, grabbing your hand and placing it back onto his head when you pulled away.

    “richard tozier. i did not pester you to drive us an hour away just so you could fold at me playing with your hair.”

    he side-eyes you. “why did i agree to this again?”

    “because every day for the last month you wouldn’t shut up about ‘taking eddie’s slushee v-”

    “ed’s slushee virginity, riiiight,” he breaks out in a smile, “jesus, can you believe sonia never let him near one in his entire life?”

    you tug his fringe towards you and the rest of his head followed, “well, now that he’s all alone there, someone’s got to be there to guide him through his first time, right?” 

    he faux-pouts back at you, the mischievous glint in his eye sparkling brighter. “fine.”

    finally, you let go of his hair and he pecks a kiss against your cheek before putting on his sunglasses and tipping his cap further down his face. opening his car door, you sit there dumbfounded as you watch the 6'2 disguised dork clamber out of his side with your tote bag on his shoulder.

    he glances back, offering a hand as if you were going to climb out on his side as well, “c’mon, we don’t have all day.” and richie made sure you knew that by dragging you through the park, evading the guards left and right in under a minute. it was only so long before you spotted a group of idiots wandering aimlessly. bev’s bright red hair was the instant identifier, and watching this bill’s lanky frame grab a fistful of stan’s curls to yank it about sealed the deal. 

    “stanley, darling,” richie yelled through the crowd, “if you wanted someone to pull your hair that badly you could’ve asked me nicely.”  “shut the fuck up, trashmouth!” stan yelled back. “wait. rich?”

    you walk over and sling your arm around bev, “you guys haven’t been waiting long, have you?”  she grins at the sight of you, “no, but if i have to hear mike argue one more time that the high striker is apparently ‘broken’ i’m going to kill somebody.”

    “do me a favour and kill me, bev!” stan’s voice cuts through, followed by a shriek when richie too grabs a handful of his hair. 

    bev’s hand leaves yours to go smack both boys upside the head. “y’all better stop acting like children before i get fucking fired. i’m not going out like dumbass richie here did.” she eyes the rest of them, who all halt in their tracks.

    “yes, ma’am,” the chorus sighed.


    "ed's, i swear on your mother's smokin’ bod that blue is the. best. flavour. there's literally nothing wrong with it."

    "you just called blue a flavour, richie-”

    "because it can be. it doesn’t matter if blue and red colouring are the same, you can feel the difference.”

    "no, i really can't. i don't understand how the colour blue could possibly be-"

    richie groans, "fine, eat your mommy's packed lunch like the big boy you are." he teasingly starts to wave his cup in front of eddie's eyes.

    "quit it, rich. if eddie doesn’t want toxins in his body, leave him be." ben interjects before sipping his own neon drink.

    the boys huddled together around a picnic table they had managed to snatch before the carnival’s lunch rush swept over. richie and bev used to work in the carnival last summer, the two-week period spent with one another supposedly being “worse than the devil’s asscrack.” the comment itself earned richie five slaps, one each from the boys, and a high-five from bev. that was until richie got permanently banned (which you still don’t know how) and now bev carried on by herself whenever they roll back into derry. 

    currently, you and bev were on your way back from the concession stands, attempting not to spill anything. you each held at least four bags of carnival foods and drinks in your arms, bev also balancing the few candy bars she stashed under her shirt. teeter-tottering your way back to the boys, richie burst out in laughter at the sight of you struggling. 

    “as graceful as a job you’re doing with that, sweets, do you want some help?” he smirks, already swinging his leg over the chair.

    “nope, nothing to see here,” you groan at richie’s smug grin. “rich, i swear to god if you come near me i am going to-”

    “hurt me, hit me, murder me, mmhm. i’m sure you’ll do a whole lot of damage.” he winks, swiping the bags from your arms.

    “freaky.” stan muttered, churning his slushee with the straw. you grumble at richie’s endearing irritating act of heroism and plop yourself next to stan empty-handed. 

    “here, you want some?” stan raises an eyebrow, offering his blue slushee towards you.

    “thanks stan, but he’s got my...” you glance towards richie, half-expecting to see him distributing the snacks, only to see him aggressively nudge the slushees in eddie’s face. “you know what, i’ll take it.” 

    stan scoffed, “what, you thought i was offering this from the depths of my generous heart? i thought you knew me better-"

    the sound of plastic crinkling and eddie’s yelp cut through stan’s sentence. 

    you look back at the sight of richie threatening to pour the ice into eddie’s hair, eddie shrieking and wildly missing punches at richie. dear god, your boyfriend was such a menace. richie and eddie never spent a day where they weren’t at eachother’s throats though, but anyone with a pair of eyes could see that they deeply loved one another. rich had that effect on people, you think. he was rarely overtly loving, but it’s not like he needed to be. you guys just knew.

    ben smiles sweetly between you and your gaze on richie. “you’re staring again, y/n.”

    you immediately snap out of it and go to slug ben in the shoulder. “was not.”

    “was too.”

    "was. not."

    "was too!"

    you narrow your eyes at ben who sheepishly smiles in innocence. he reaches over to grab a couple onion rings from your bag to which you lightly slap the back of his hand. he groans, trying again from another angle, “just because i pointed out your goo-goo eyes at trashmouth?”

    bev snatched a couple rings from across you and threw them at ben. he chuckles gleefully at the perfect catch. “you know, he’s not wrong,” she points out.

    “for the last time, i wasn’t staring,” you groan.

    “not about that, genius. the way you’re absolutely whipped for that dick.” she smiles. “i mean,” you barely conceal your smirk, “the dick is pretty g-”

    "not what i meant," bev sighs while the rest of them groan at your words.

    “seriously though,” bill asks with genuine curiosity, “how did you even end up together? how do you even like someone that much?” bev tuts from the other side, “tread lightly there, denbrough.” 

    “shut up, you know what i mean. it’s trashmouth we’re talking ’bout here.” bill grins, “it’s a mystery how someone can shut him up so quick.”

    you laugh to yourself, thinking about the few times you get to see richie completely speechless. “it’s not that hard, you know?” you shrug softly at the way the losers nod. you may all pretend to hate the life out of him but he always had a special place in each of your hearts. “he cares with everything he’s got, no matter what. he’s always there for you even if you don’t want him to be. i just...i don’t think he’s been anything less than...” 

    “-if you say ‘perfect’, i’m going to hit you.” stan says.

    you roll your eyes at stan, “fuck off, but... but yeah. it’s so easy to love him and i honestly owe you guys an apology for being so annoyingly whipped for that dork,” you joke.

    aside from the distant bickering coming from richie and eddie in their own little world, a silence hung over the six of you. it was too quiet. wondering if you said something wrong, you scan over them, only to be met with six variations of a smirk. more than confused, you chuckle nervously. “i was joking about the apology thing but if you really want-”

    “you said ‘love.’” bev laughed.


    “you said ‘love,’” she repeated. “that you loved him.”

    “i... of course i love him, he’s..” not trusting any more of the words coming out of your mouth, you cut yourself off and gather your thoughts.

    of course you loved richie. each and every one of you loved your resident trashmouth, he was one of your best friends. the two of you were the closest of friends, an insufferable duo for years before you began dating. it might have only been a few weeks since he asked you out, but it’s not like too much changed from when you were friends. 

    there was only more love, more affection, only slightly more sexual innuendos (majority of them were solely just to piss off stan). 

    so of course you loved him. more than you did when you were friends. which he’s gotta know... right?

    “fuck, maybe i do owe you guys an apology.” you joke.

    “don’t think twice about it, this is nothing compared to him. if i took a shot for every time he went on some sort of love ramble about you, i’d be fucking dead.” bev replies, “and then he would carry on.”

    you laugh, shaking your head in denial, “c’mon, he does not do that.”

    “are you blind?” mike speaks up. “you’ve had him since the first day you joined us at the barrens. i can still see fourteen-year-old richie ogling you clear as day.”

    you stammered at your response, tripping over your words. “mike, i think you broke her. she’s become bill,” stan teases.

    you go to shove stan again and sorely miss. “anyways, my point is...” 

    you avoid their eye contact and go back to churning stan’s slushee. “he has my heart, fuck, he’s got all of our hearts. like, is he an asshole? sure. does he get on my nerves every other day? definitely. will he be the death of me? probably. but i l-”

    “i sure hope you’re winding up to something there, sweets.” 

    you snap your head up from your dreamy rambling to see richie smirking next to you and eddie squeezing himself next to bill. you feel yourself go bright red at the realisation that he had been listening. 

    “i- no. that was it.”  

    “you sure? you going off about me... ‘but’...” richie pushes, quoting your words.

    “richie, if you genuinely think you have redeeming qualities, i suggest some self-reflection.” stan quipped. “yeah, i was just pointing how much you bother us. no ifs, no buts,” you jokingly agree.

    “mean,” richie rolls his eyes, shifting back in his seat next to you.

    he’s gotta know... right? 

    you wink and stick your tongue out playfully, to which richie raises an eyebrow at. he glances between the blue drink in your hand and your tongue, his gaze on your lips making you nervous. 

    “now, what?” you sigh, wiping the ice from your mouth and pretending that you weren’t dying to know what was churning in that brain of his. 

    “nothing,” richie shrugs smugly, “just that i’ve always wanted to know how my cock looked blue.”

    the comment took you off guard, your instant blush only fuelling richie’s grin. without hesitation, you lean over with a faux-pout, an act that has richie’s eyes wide. “careful there, trashmouth,” you tease loudly. “you keep this up and you’ll see how stan’s looks blue.”

    bev immediately gasps with her hand over her mouth, followed by mike’s stifled cackle as he slapped richie’s back. the rest of the group looks frankly stunned, and stan’s face is on a whole different level of red. 

    richie doesn’t even look the least bit angry. his jaw is dropped slightly and he runs his hand over his jaw, trying to stop the chuckle that leaves his throat. if anything he looks proud. 

    shaking his head with a smile, he slings his arm over your shoulder to pull you closer. “that’s my girl,” he grins.

    “yeah, that for sure is tozier’s,” bill says.

    there’s no way any of you miss the way richie’s face goes red under that comment and your heart skips a beat when he squeezes your side. when no one’s looking, you lean up and kiss by his ear, absolutely delighted by the deeper shade of red on his face. 

    “darl, if you don’t stop that i’m going to go as red as stan,” he whispers into your hair. the both of you look back at the boy who’s trying to concentrate on his slushee and not the blush that’s continued to creep to his neck. “i’m actually getting concerned.”

    you giggle, “shh, he’s fine.”

    “no really, i give it a couple seconds before eddie pulls out his medical fanny pack,” richie says.

    you look up at him as you’re tucked into his side, his arm still slung around your shoulder. his dark hair and eyelashes caught the sunlight, his blue eyes glinting as he glanced back. his lips were tipped into their signature cheeky smile, almost like a cue that he was going to say something out of hand. you felt the swell of your heart grow as he raised his eyebrows, prompting what he knew you were going to say. 

    “you know, earlier...” you whisper, looking down to his hand intertwining with yours. “i just... i wanted to say that i... you know... that i-”

    “i feel like i should be offended at how hard it is for you to tell me you love me, sweets,” he whispers back, clearly trying to keep a straight face.  fuck.  “oh god please, you know i-” richie shushes you, kissing the crown of your head. “it’s okay, i know.” you can feel the curve of his lips against your hair. “i love you too.”

    trying to tame the aggressive blush and stupid smile that reached your face, you follow his gaze over to eddie. just like richie joked, he had this fanny pack laid on the table in front of stan. you weren’t listening to anything they were saying, but you watched the way stan was squirming from eddie, insisting he did not have heatstroke. mike stood right behind stan, pinching his cheeks and periodically wrapping his strong arms around stan to stop him from squirming. bev was leaning across ben and bill’s laps, joining in and poking her fun at eddie and you notice how bill’s hands traces figures along bev’s side. ben gazes at the group of them, chiming in every so often when stan’s quips got too violent. 

    it was one of those moments you wish you could freeze. 

    after a while, richie whispers into your ear. “do you think they’d even notice if we left for the ferris wheel?”

    you break your eye contact from the group to gaze up at him. “nope, not at all. you think you can sneak us some tickets?” 

    “please, you think i got kicked out of here for nothing?” he scoffs.

    “is this how you’re going to get banned again?” you grin, poking his side, “stealing tickets for your girl?”

    with a soft smile, he takes your hand to subtly stand and back away from the group. with stifled giggles, the both of you manage to make it at least twenty feet without the losers even noticing. the second you two were out of earshot, richie wraps his hand around yours and begins to run, “i wouldn't want it any other way."


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    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    “Golden days” - Chapter 3

    “You know we gotta talk, Right Eds’?” The alpha adjusts his glasses, Pushing them farther up his nose, More of a nervous gesture than of actual necessity.

    The newly presented omega can’t help but offer his friend an eye roll, Richie had just said some of the most hated words in any relationship- And they weren't even dating, Mated, or anything in between.


    #richie tozier#ben hanscom#fan fiction#it movie#mike hanlon#stanley uris#bill denbrough #it chapter two #it 2017 #it chapter one #Eddie kaspbrak#reddie #reddie fan fic rec #reddie fan fic #eddie x richie
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    Ben: I relate to Belle because she loves books and sees people for who they really are!

    Richie: I relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies.

    #incorrect quotes#richiw tozier#ben hanscom #it chapter one #it chapter two #it
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    Smoking Boundaries

    Beverly Marsh was known for smoking. If asked why, her only response would be a simple "It's calming. It helps with stress." and a warm smile.

    She was very careful to respect her friends boundaries, which were proven to be very hard at certain times.

    Stanley and Eddie didn't like it when the smoke hit their faces, which was understandable to say the least. Because of that, Beverly tried not to smoke next to them.

    Richie didn't mind the smoke. He never asked her to stop, nor did he act disturbed when she would light a cigarette next to him. Sometimes she would ask him if he'd like to try, but he refused every time. Sure, he didn't mind the smoke itself, but he didn't see a reason for himself to start. She respected that, but teased nontheless. He didn't mind.

    Bill tried to act like it didn't bother him too much, but Beverly could see him hold in a few coughs. It made her smile a little. She tried her best not to smoke near him. He noticed this and held back a small smile everytime she got up and alarmed the group she was going to go and smoke, and that she would be back later. This showed she cared, afterall.

    Ben tended to automatically take a step to the side whenever she lit a cigarette. He said it doesn't bother him but she could see it did. Sometimes, she turned to Ben, asking him if it was okay to light one, when she felt the need to smoke. He said yes everytime.

    Mike didn't bother the smoke, nor the cigarette. He ignored it most of the time, but there were times where he couldn't and he had to ask her to please step outside. She would nod and do so, apologizing. Everytime she did, Mike would give her a soft smile, followed by the words "It's alright Beverly, There's no need to apologize."

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    this is a call out post for stephen king: what was the point of making ben absolutely jacked if not to be a set up for him to carry eddie’s body out of neibolt house. give him muscles with a purpose goddamnit

    #WHAT WAS THE REASON #the fact that eddie is buried a few feet away from pennywise in that fucking house is genuinely my villain origin story #it chapter two #it #the clown movie #eddie kaspbrak#ben hanscom #the losers club #stephen king
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    be the emotional support himbo you want to see in the world

    #look to your left look to your right #if you dont see an emotional support himbo #congratulations its you youre the emotional support himbo #emotional support himbo #steve harrington#luz noceda#thor odinson#din djarin#undyne#papyrus#magnus burnsides#soos ramirez#kirishima eijirou#ben hanscom#wrecker#jesse cosay#eugene fitzherbert #steven quartz universe #pure of heart dumb of ass #pidginposts #you can do it i believe in you
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    Stan: (i’m sorry)



    Bill (if u saw this before i added him no u didn’t)

    Pennywise while the losers were bullying him to death:

    The Losers killing Pennywise:

    The Losers:

    #reddie #incorrect richie tozier quotes #richie tozier#it miniseries #it chapter one #ben hanscom#beverly marsh#mike hanlon#stan uris#eddie kaspbrak #richie and eddie
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    chapter 1 !

    fem losers club exchange student au
    ! masterlist !
    ! prev !
    ! next !

    slang translations ! yous:you(plural), daft:stupid, wee:small, aye:yes, taking the piss:joking, ripping their jaws:punching them(?idk it does what it says on the tin), hackit:ugly, getting pished:getting drunk, gaff:house, echos is just a type of wine(echo falls), getting the jail:getting arrested(gonna do something bad/illegal), acc:actual, naw:no, anaw/anol:and all, fit:attractive, greeting:crying, ae:of. think that’s all lol, sorry there’s so many

    and it was meant to say ‘ben fan club’ lol

    stans name (some sort ae pigeon) comes from a scottish vine/video iykyk

    same with richie (specky bastard). specky neans you wear glasses

    mikes is from that one vine (you look like mi-ky-el myers)

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    introductions !

    fem losers club exchange student au
    ! masterlist !
    ! next !

    the scots !

    the americans !

    slang translation! aye:yes (pronounced i), fuck up ye:fuck off, pish:piss, fae:from, aff:off, roond:round, greeting:crying, patch:ghost, daft:stupid, naw:no, getting the jail:doing something illegal/getting arrested, anaw/anol:and all

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