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  • So I’ve seen 6 underground twice since it dropped (I stood up to watch it at midnight 🙌🏻)!Ben’s character, 4, was amazing! I thought this movie was fucking awesome! If you’ve seen it let’s chat about it!!


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  • Im watching 6underground

    And damnn…. Ben, the intro with all that THE SKYWALKER thing…. Fuck me up, Ben!!!

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  • My Forever (Ben Hardy x Reader SMUT)


    A/N: HERE SHE IS ANOTHER REQUEST! I hope you love this little 6K word baby - I absolutely loved this prompt!

    Here’s the Prompt: Maybe it’s a bit descriptive hahaa ive been imagining this for a while: Plus size reader who is a pile of sunshine but very very shy when it comes to guys, she doesen’t have any experience and she shares a flat with Ben (who are just roomates) and he very boldly flirts and compliments because she secretly loves her. Something between them happens and maybe ends in smut? idk hahaha anyways i hope im not asking for too much, i love your writing!


    Growing up there was a sweet blonde boy that lived down the street. He was around your age, he was athletic and strong - even as a small child - but he was so gentle and caring. The back yards of your childhood homes had butted up to one another, and you remember the day his family moved in, that first time he came up to your back door, knocking with his little fist and asking your mother if the little girl he saw in the grass the day before could come out and play. You could still hear the voice of that little boy, “My name is Ben.” He’s said in his squeaky, 6-year-old voice. You played catch in your yard that afternoon, and you became best friends soon after.

    Fast forward nearly 20 years and you and Ben were adults, trying to find your way in the big adult world with big dreams and fairly empty wallets. You decided after university that you would move to London together - you wanted the big city life, but also wanted to save a little money, so a two-bedroom flat seemed like the way to go. You’d lived together in this cozy little apartment for about three years and it was the greatest experience you ever could have hoped for. Ben often had to travel for various projects - being an actor will do that - but he kept up on his rent, and when he was home he always made up for the lost time. You’d started a weekly tradition of spending Saturdays together whenever he was home - and even when he wasn’t, thank God for FaceTime! Whether it was watching a marathon of movies, binging a new show, or going out and trying something new, you and Ben always did it together on a Saturday.

    The pale grey light of another London morning spilled through the gauzy curtains on your bedroom window, causing you to stir. You stretched your aching limbs and lazily rolled out of your comfortable bed, wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket before padding out to the living room. There was a perky blonde waiting for you, half-attentively watching the morning news on the BBC and gulping down a mug of coffee like his life depended on it. He knew of your presence even before looking up. “Morning, pretty girl, how’s you sleep?” He asked - Ben was always complimenting you, calling you pretty, telling you your new hair cut was nice, pointing out how intelligent you were. “Better than I wanted to. Stupid sun had to wake me up.” You chuckled under your breath as you tossed your blanket over the back of the couch and paced over to the kitchen, “What sun? We’re in London, not LA.” Ben joked, chuckling to himself as you rolled your eyes, pouring yourself a mug of coffee from the carafe. You crossed the kitchen and absentmindedly sifted through the mail Ben must have brought in this morning. Ben peered over the back of the couch, eyeing you from the short distance. “That a new slip?” He asked - Ben had gotten really good at noticing new items of clothing since beginning his career as an actor. “Not brand new, but I mean, it’s new-ish, why?” You asked with an eyebrow raised to yourself as you stirred cream into the dark liquid. “No reason, just - i don’t know it suits you, is all.” Ben said sheepishly - funny he didn’t usually act sheepish around you. You paced about the room, tidying up a couple of things as you went before making your way to the couch.

    Ben shifted his position so his head was in your lap, then let out a long dramatic sigh that made you roll your eyes, as usual. “Long night last night, Benny?” You asked, running your fingers of one hand through his damp blonde curls - he must have gone to the gym this morning - he’d mentioned hitting the gym harder to prepare for this “erotic thriller” he was set to begin filming soon. “Yeah, met with the new trainer and booked my first flight to Montreal last night and then went and worked out again this morning; I’m exhausted.” He grumbled. “Where were you last night? I don’t think i ever heard you go to bed.” Ben asked. You took a sip of coffee before answering. “Another Tinder date last night. Didn’t go well - AGAIN. I might just take a break for a while. So far all it’s stirred up is more disappointment.” You sighed, Ben’s pretty green eyes opening and peering up at you curiously, “That sucks. What happened with this one?” Ben asked. “I don’t know. He was kind of dull in person - all he could think of to talk about was work and I kind of got tired of hearing about accounting after a while and I think he got tired of hearing about marketing. Every time I tried to change the subject he took it right back to work, it was odd. When he took me home he literally said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work.’” You said and you shrugged. Ben’s eyes became sad, serious. “I’m sorry, doll. That’s gotta feel rough.” He sighed. “It is, but honestly, I’m glad he was kind of blunt about it. It saved me time that i know i would have spent over analyzing every moment of our date and trying to figure out what went wrong so, yeah.” You shrugged again, taking a long sip of coffee and leaning back against the couch. You heard Ben let out a little sigh, “It will work out for you, love. I truly believe it will.” He said as you ran your fingers through his curls - an activity you’d adopted soon after moving in together, often when Ben was hungover. It was comforting and relaxing for him, and you’d learned that it could be therapeutic for you as well - kind of like petting a puppy - and the weight of his head in your lap had a way of providing a comfort you couldn’t quite describe.

    You chuckled and rolled your eyes slightly before you moved your hand from Ben’s hair to grasp your mug once more, “No, don’t stop!” He groaned, “Your fingers feel so good.” Ben whined and you laughed. “Benny, you’re so dramatic.” You sighed, returning your hand to the top of his head and stroking his silken locks. “I love when you call me Benny.” He breathed, closing his eyes and relaxing into your lap. “You do?” You asked, slightly puzzled - you’d had the pet name for him for literally ages and he’d never said anything. “Yeah, and only you’re allowed to call me that - no one else.” He asserted, his lips curled into a cute, boyish smirk. “Oh, yeah? And why is that?” You asked playfully. “Cause I love you.” Ben cooed, and then his eyes popped open and his cheeks lit up bright crimson. He launched up out of your lap, his forehead smacking straight into yours. “Ow!” You yelped, “What the hell?!” You screeched, more surprised than upset. “Christ, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Ben stammered as you rubbed your forehead, chuckling to yourself. “It’s ok, just - wow you’ve got a hard head!” You laughed and then stopped, cheeks turning pink, “Um, like your forehead! Your forehead is, quite solid. I’m going to get some ice. You probably need some too.” You stuttered, quickly getting up and heading over to the kitchen. It was during your few-meters-length walk that it hit you - did Ben just say he loved you? You froze in the middle of the kitchen, grasping the handle of the freezer for just a beat too long.

    You heard Ben’s feet crossing the floor and stopping at the entryway to the kitchen. “Y/n, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. My stupid mouth - and knowing I go to Montreal.” He started, you stared ahead of you, not knowing if you could meet his eyes when he gave you his answer. “Did you mean what you said, Ben? Like truly mean it. And what did you mean when you said it.” You asked, your brain feeling muddy, all your thoughts jumbling up on top of one another. “I meant it. I meant that I love you, and not only as a friend - not in the way that I love Joe or Gwil, but I love you. I love the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you carry yourself. I love your passion for life, I love the way you grumble as you cross the apartment to get your coffee every morning, and I love the way I can sometimes hear you talk in your sleep through the incredibly thin walls of this apartment after you’ve gotten a little too drunk.” You looked over at him to see not only Ben, but his face contorted back into the the sweet, charming expression of the little boy you first met - the one who introduced himself to you in your back garden after he’d asked your mother if you were free to come outside for a game of catch. “I love you and the way you run your hands through my hair when we sit on the couch, how your lips feel when you give me a friendly kiss on the top of my head after a rough day - do you know how many times I’ve imagined how those lips would feel against my own rather than buried in my hair?” You turned to fully face him and he continued. “I feel so guilty for all the times I’ve stood back and watched you go on these shitty dates with these ridiculous guys who care about nothing but their own vanity and when you don’t give yourself to them at the end of the night they end it and go on to the next girl. It breaks my heart hearing you cry over those undeserving assholes every night. I can hear you criticize your appearance in the mirror, counting the rolls that do not exist when I look at you. Y/n, you’re beautiful. I’ve always thought so. I’ve loved you long before today and I should have told you sooner but I was afraid - afraid you wouldn’t feel the same. And I just can’t stand a second more of you not knowing.” He exhaled finally, the weight of his feelings now lifted from his broad chest.

    “Ben, I - wow!” You exclaimed, at a loss for words. Ben loved you, Ben thought you were beautiful - he’d always been complimentary, but you took them as the words of a friend hyping you up before your date or when you were down. Those compliments, the flirty pokes to your side as you poured tea in the afternoon, the soft kisses to your hair after a drunken night out - they weren’t just friendly, they were real all along. “You don’t have to say it back, you don’t have to do anything, and if you want to move out - or you want me to move out I -“ he rambled before you crashed your lips into his, startling him slightly. After just a moment, he hummed against your lips, the pillowy pink flesh of his lips moving meticulously against yours. His hands traveled to your shoulders and down along your sides, as if he were trying to capture your form only through touch; they were soft and strong and warm against your skin, and as they settled on your hips the heat radiated through the soft cotton of your slip. Your hands held his smooth cheeks, your thumbs running across his cheekbones, making him hum deliciously against your lips. He slipped his arm around your back and pulled you closer to him, his hand tracing up the curve of your spine and settling at the base of your neck. He gently caressed the back of your head, deepening the kiss and leaving you breathless.

    You pulled back just to catch your breath, “Sorry, too much?” Ben asked apologetically, “No! Not - I just-“ you stammered and he peered down at you so lovingly. You brought one hand to his chest and raised the other again to stroke his cheek, brushing a stray curl away from his eye as you went. “I love you, Ben. It’s always been you.” You whispered before capturing his lips again in a soft kiss. When you parted he let out a boyish giggle, nudging his nose against yours playfully. “I’ve always hoped I would hear you say that.” He sighed out in relief. “Ben?” You asked, feeling a combination of courage and confidence bubble up inside of yourself. “Can we, um - I want to try, uh.” You we’re stumbling over your words, you were sure his answer would be yes, but after all the years of rejection and being judged for the appearance of your body, that fear of rejection was still very real. And on top of that, you were not experienced sexually - that’s not to say you didn’t WANT to be, you had been on plenty of dates who wanted to have sex with you, but at the last moment you would chicken out and that’s when you never heard from them again. “Go ahead, love, it’s okay.” Ben cooed, gently brushing a lock of hair behind your ear. “Ben, I want to - I want to have sex with you.” You said, your voice hardly louder than a whisper, your cheeks flushing as you nervously bit your lip, clutching the fabric of his t shirt tightly in your fist. Ben smiled brightly, “Really? That’s it?” He chuckled, leaning down to peck light kisses all over your face. “I want to have sex with you too, but I don’t want to pressure you into anything.” Ben said. “You aren’t pressuring me, I promise. I want this. I’m asking for it. I want my first REAL time to be with you.” You asserted, feeling more confident as you nudged your hip against Ben, feeling his member stiffening against you. “You’ve Not actually had sex before?” Ben asked, eyeing you curiously. “I mean, I’ve been close - I’ve been in bed with a boy, I’ve basically done everything but sex. I’ve just been too shy, too scared to go that far with anyone else.” You admitted, shrugging your shoulders slightly. Ben placed his hands against them, smoothing them down along your arms, “I’ll go slow and I’ll be gentle, i promise. We’ll make the day of it, show you how good it should feel, yeah?” He asked, “Nothing to be scared of, especially with me. And I’ll never be mad if you tell me to stop, understand?” He asked, his voice calm despite his obvious excitement, with your hand against his chest you could tell his heart was racing, and his length was becoming more and more obvious against your thigh. You released his t shirt from your iron grip, and brought your hands up to cup his cheeks. “I love you so much it hurts, darling.” He whispered as you brought your face closer to his, “I know.” You whispered before placing your lips softly against his, the smell of coffee on both of your breaths mingling together as you inhaled one another’s presence.

    “Your bed or mine?” Ben asked and you let out a giggle. “How about mine?” You replied, “Good call, i bet you’ve got cleaner sheets.” Ben joked and you rolled your eyes, backing reluctantly out of his embrace but taking his hand and pulling him along behind you toward your bedroom. The Queen sized bed stood there unmade, just like you’d left it a short hour ago, no idea of the turn your morning would take. “Door open or closed?” Ben asked, “Doesn’t matter, who’s going to walk in?” You said, picking up a surge of confidence. Ben bit his lip in the sultry way you’d always seen him toward other girls, but today it was you turning him on. It was you making him excited. You. You pulled him close to you and dragged your free hand along the broad plane of his chest. “Want me to take this off?” Ben asked, gesturing to his shirt, “I want to do it.” You said adamantly, releasing his hand from your grasp and moving it to the hem of the speckled grey garment. You pushed the offending fabric up, exposing the creamy white skin of his well-chiseled torso, Ben moved his arms to help you rid his body of the shirt. When it came off and lay there limp in your hand, you had to just take a moment to gather the gravity of your situation - you were undressing your best friend to have sex with him. Your best friend who just confessed his undying love for you - a love you strongly welcomed and easily returned. This boy you’d known since you were a child - the two of you may have children of your own one day. Shit.

    You looked up at Ben, you’d seen him shirtless before, and it had always been impressive, but this was different; today he wasn’t Ben the actor, the sex-symbol, the Adonis: he was just Ben, a boy who loved you, who cherished you, and would do anything to make you feel happy and loved. “You’re so beautiful, Ben.” You murmured as your hands absentmindedly traced along the peaks and valleys of his well toned physique. He giggled at the sensation, “Not as beautiful as you, love.” He replied, “I’m serious, Ben. You’re beautiful inside and out. I never tell you that enough.” You admitted, leaning in to rest your head against his chest, his skin smelled so luscious, like cocoa butter and aftershave - manly but soft. He wrapped his arm around you tightly, “Thank you, love. Truly.” He said, placing a kiss into your hair then moving his hand to trace along your jawline and rest beneath your chin, tilting your face up to meet his. “I love you. I love you so much, you beautiful girl. I’m going to show you just how beautiful you are.” Ben whispered against your lips before pressing a deep kiss to them. Your hands wandered along his smooth skin as he kissed you deeper, his tongue dragging against your bottom lip, begging for entrance that you willingly gave him. You moaned into his kiss as his knowing hands dragged down your back and settled along the curve of your bum, squeezing the supple flesh and whining softly. “Always wanted to do that.” He sighed when the two of you parted for air. You wrapped your arms around Ben’s neck for leverage as the two of you continued kissing. You felt as if you were melting into one another in pure bliss, Ben’s strong hands kneading at the apple of your bum, his movements urging the hem of your slip higher and higher as he pawed, until his fingertips grazed bare skin. “I love this slip on you, but may I?” He asked, bringing his lips just beneath your ear, making a shiver go up your spine. “In a minute, let’s move to the bed first.” You breathed and Ben grabbed you by the waist, gently ushering you onto the soft, brushed cotton sheets - your favorite set.

    Ben hovered over you, brushing a stray lock of hair behind your ear and staring deeply into your eyes. “You’re nervous.” Ben observed, “A little.” You admitted. “It’s just me. Nothing to be nervous about. I promise. Tell me to stop if you want to.” Ben reassured you, leaning in to kiss you again. “I’m going to go for it - make you feel good, touch you - if you don’t like it, tell me to stop. Just relax.” Ben cooed, his voice so smooth and warm, it made your heart race in excitement. His hands traveled below your slip, smoothing over your skin, his calluses making you feel slightly ticklish. He explored your curves with his fingers as his lips made their way to your neck, softly sucking at the smooth skin; you leaned your head back, allowing him more leverage as you sighed out in pleasure. His lips released with a wet smack before moving down about a centimeter and starting all over again. While one hand traced the curve of your hip, the other found the hem of your slip and began to push it further up your body, one hip of your lacy black panties exposed. Ben leaned up slightly, “Black lace, hm? Very sexy.” Ben groaned before pressing a chaste kiss to your throat. “Shut up!” You teased, making him chuckle against your breastbone. His hand holding your slip fell beneath the thin fabric and gently encapsulated your breast, making your breathing bitch. “This okay?” He asked, concern in his emerald eyes. “More than okay.” You replied, your hand reaching out to stroke his soft golden locks before stretching down to splay across the back of his shoulder. He sucked a soft purple lovebite to your collarbone, nudging the thin strap of the slip out of the way with his nose, as he rolled your breast in his palm. The occasional flick of his thumb over your nipple sent a wave of sparks to your stomach. “Ben,” you sighed softly, encouraging him, he slipped the strap of your nightgown down slightly, exposing the top of your breast, where he left his next love bite, pale violet in its lovely hue. “Ben.” You said and he popped his head up, “Yes, love?” He asked, wide eyed, “Just take it off, if you want.” You stammered, he nodded, allowing you to shift your shoulders and slip the delicate straps off of your arms while he pulled the bunched fabric up over your head, exposing your nearly-bare body to him. “The most beautiful fucking sight I have ever seen.” He said definitively as he kneeled above you. You grabbed his face in your hands and kissed him hard. “Make me feel good, Ben.” You urged, begged even - your hand dragged lazily down his bare chest and made him shiver. “Always!” he replied, kissing you with a need that could only be described as carnal - you could tell he was showing extreme restraint.

    “Is it ok if I…?” His words lulling together almost drunkenly, his index finger tracing along the waistband of your panties, your cheeks grew hot - this was always where you got nervous and made the other boys stop. But this was Ben - Ben loved you, Ben didn’t care what you looked like, he just wanted to make you feel pleasure - pleasure like you’d never had before. “I won’t take them off just yet, I’ll ease you into that, promise.” He purred, pecking soft, slow kisses against your lips: “Okay.” You replied, feeling a little wave of confidence start to rumble within you. His hand slipped between the delicate fabric, fingertips just ghosting over the sensitive skin, tangling themselves in the veil of curls that sprouted atop your mound, making you purr into Ben’s ear. “Like that, love? But i’ve Not even started!” He mused, his lips hovering against the crook of your neck, making you giggle into his hair. His fingers inches lower, his middle finger ever so slowly flicking against the pink bundle of nerves; “Oh!” You yelped softly, “Okay?” He asked - such a gentleman, so fearful of going too far. “Okay!” You laughed, starting to grow a bit impatient yourself. His finger then slipped between your folds, collecting some of the slickness there. “Shit, love you’re dripping.” He groaned, his lips securing to your neck, his breath on your skin making your heart race. “All for you, Ben.” You whispered, letting out a soft “oh” as he circled his slick fingertip over your clit, tightening the knot of pleasure in your lower belly. “Love you so much, doll.” Ben murmured against your neck. His thumb took over, allowing his middle finger to slip itself back between your folds and then ever so gracefully caressed within the depths of your womanhood, grazing against that rough patch of flesh that made your toes curl. “Woah-“ you sighed, a bit surprised but not unpleasantly so. “Has no one ever touched you like this before? Have you never touched yourself like this before?” Ben asked, his hand freezing exactly where it was, he looked up so you could look into his deep green eyes. “No - I mean, well yes. Only like once but not for long and he wasn’t- he didn’t feel like you do. He never did what you just did.” You stammered, he chuckled, leaning over to press his soft lips against your cheek. “Do you want me to keep going?” He asked, his face pressed against your ear. “Yes, please!” You replied giddily, eliciting a soft chuckle from Ben.

    Ben slid his finger in and out of you, dragging it at a deliciously slow pace, the embers of your ecstasy starting to spark what you knew would become a bright Inferno with Ben there to bask in its light. You gripped his shoulders tightly as he rolled and thrust his digits in perfect rhythm. “Oh, Ben - Love, that’s so good!” You groaned, feeling your stomach tighten. “I’m going to add a second one, tell me if it’s too much.” Ben said, his transparency so sweet. You nodded, your hand running through his blonde curls as he slipped another finger into you, curling them upwards as he did - it gave you the feeling of a strange, yet delightful stretch that made you cry out his name. “Good?” He asked brightly. “Christ, yes!” You sighed, feeing your climax approaching as Ben’s thumb applied just the right amount of pressure to your clit and you saw stars, your walls clenching tightly around Ben’s fingers. “That’s my girl, feel good?” He asked, you could feel the huge grin on his face. “God, Ben - yes!” You cried, euphoria washing over you as Ben coaxed you through your orgasm - your first one anyone but yourself had ever given you.

    As you felt yourself coming down from your high, Ben removed his fingers from your core, instinctually bringing them to his lips, making you blush, a little stunned by his action . “Shit, Sorry. Probably shouldn’t have done that the first time around!” He laughed, cheeks flushing slightly. “I- i guess it never occurred to me that you would - um, want to do that!” You admitted, a little baffled - not quite disgusted. “Well I’d like to do something else, but that’s for next time.” Ben said, a little smirk crossing his pretty pink lips before he leaned down to softly kiss yours. “Ben?” You whispered, he brushed his nose against yours sweetly, “Y/n?” He replied, “Can I - Can I see you? Like all of you?” You asked sheepishly. Ben ran his hand along your cheek that was fiery red - slightly embarrassed by your lack of experience, but also feeling warm in the glow of your recent orgasm - that part of you felt like a whole new woman. “Of course, I’m all yours, love.” He whispered, pecking your lips sweetly before moving off the bed to stand and remove the rest of his clothes. He was wearing really nice black joggers - the ones you knew his mum had gotten him for Christmas the year before, he wore them all the time. You watched the smooth motions of his muscles as he undressed - his body like a piece of fine art you just couldn’t peel your eyes from. He was down to his black boxers - they fit like a second skin over his round, shapely bum and God, you could see the outline of his member, straining through the fabric, it looked quite large, a bit intimidating - you felt a bit nervous but deep down, you were a bit excited, you were really about to experience something new. “You alright, over there?” Ben asked, looking up at you, his thumbs beneath his waistband, right above the intricately carved lines at his hips. “Yeah, I’m - I’m fine.” You said, taking a deep breath and covering your breasts with your arms. “Don’t do that!” Ben said suddenly, “What?” You asked, “Cover yourself - you’re beautiful, there’s no need to cover yourself around me.” He walked over from the end of the bed to the side closest to you. “I want you to feel comfortable and confident around me - never feel like you can’t be completely open - naked physically and emotionally - with me. If you ever do, tell me.” He said, placing his hand underneath your chin and leaning down to kiss your lips lovingly. You took his wrist in your hand and hummed into the kiss, feeling blissful.

    Ben chuckled softly against your lips, “Love, you’re shaking.” Ben whispered, “Sorry, I promise it’s not all nerves.” You apologized, “Don’t be sorry, I’m nervous too - mostly excited, but a bit nervous.” He admitted, “Why are you nervous, you’ve done this before?” You asked, genuinely curious, “Well for one, I love you, I don’t want to hurt you or do anything that could make this experience unpleasant for you - the first time is always the roughest.” Ben shrugged. “I don’t think you’re going to hurt me, Ben. And in no way could this experience be unpleasant if i’m experiencing it with you.” You said, knowing Ben was nervous too made you feel a little bit more at ease - not that you weren’t at ease with Ben, it just felt better to know he took this as seriously as you did. “I wouldn’t want my first time to be with anyone else, Ben.” You took a leap, feeling a surge of confidence - you moved closer to where Ben was at the side of the bed, and cupped his still-clothed member in your hand. He let out a hiss, “Sweet Christ!” He sighed, his voice an octave higher than normal - so full of pent up sexual energy. “I want you, Ben. I want you to show me how much you love me.” You said confidently against his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to show you just that.” Ben nearly growled, making you giggle as he stood up and slipped his boxers down his hips and over his thighs, nearly tripping himself as he rushed to kick them off, put on the condom he had pulled out earlier, and then leap back onto the bed. His member was unlike anything you’d seen before - not that you had much for a point of reference other than anatomy drawings from health class and the occasional unsettling, unsolicited dick-pic you got over Tinder. “What?” He asked, “Nothing, I’ve just never really - wow, you’re - you’re bigger than i thought!” You whispered. Ben cackled, “I’m really not that big, but thank you. You’re very kind.” He said, brushing a stray lock of hair behind your ear. “Is it going to fit?” You asked, a bit stunned. “Yes, love. It’s going to fit. And I’m going to make sure it fits comfortably - don’t worry. If it hurts, let me know - it just means I have more work to do.” Ben said comfortingly, pecking kisses to your cheeks and one final kiss to your lips. “But from how you felt against my fingers, i shouldn’t have to do too much!”

    Ben smirked, climbing down the bed and hooking his fingers beneath the waistband of your panties. “Ready?” He asked, looking up at you, his eyes so sweet as he peered up at you. “Yes, Ready.” You said, shifting your hips so he could remove the thin garment more easily, leaving both of you bare and exposed in front of one another. “Christ, you’re so beautiful.” Ben whispered, placing a kiss against your navel as he drank in the sight of your nude form, making you blush from your cheeks al the way to your toes. “Spread Your legs a bit, love. Relax!” He cooed, his hand slipping back between your legs and allowing his middle finger to play amid your folds. “Very nice, love.” Ben sighed, his lips traveling to your jaw. “I want you to know, I’m probably not going to last long, but I’m going to make sure you cum, okay? So I’m going to get you close and then like, go in. Okay?” He asked, you nodded, running a hand through his hair. “Alright, I’m basically going to repeat what we did earlier, and when you feel good and ready, I’m going to - well, enter you for lack of a better phrase.” Ben’s fingers went to work, sending that same fire ablaze in your belly. His thumb swirling perfect circles on your clit. Your walls started to squeeze his fingers - telling him you were more than ready. “Alright, love, I don’t want to scare you, but this might not be, well, comfortable.” He admitted, meeting your eyes as he lined himself with your entrance. “I know, I trust you.” You said, taking his face between your hands and leaning your forehead to his. “I’ll go slow and you tell me if I need to stop.” He said. “I will.” You replied. “I love you so much.” Ben sighed, “I love you too, just go!” You said, laughing out of slight annoyance by his stalling. “Okay, here we go.” Ben said, almost to himself. He dragged his smooth head against your folds, he felt solid, and the friction felt so fucking good. He started to slowly push himself in, and you were prepared for pain, but it mostly just felt like your walls were being stretched close to their limit. You let out a little groan,

    “Should I stop Love? Does it hurt?” Ben asked, worry laced in his voice. “No, keep going, it’s not a bad feeling, just different than I expected.” You said, and Ben pushed himself a little further and ran his thumb over your clit at the same time, your walls stretched a bit more, and the sensations together started to feel REALLY good. “Oh, Ben - that’s good!” You crooned. “Yeah?” He asked, you looked up into his eyes, his brow was scrunched in concentration - trying so hard not to explode with pleasure, but also trying to be ecstatic about how you reacted to his presence I side you. “Tell me how it feels.” He sighed, almost painfully, “It feels good, i feel full and then you do that thing with your thumb and it’s like electricity.” You explained. “Can I start - to move, I mean?” He asked, “Yes, start slow if you don’t mind.” You said. He moved his hips slightly, sliding his member partially out of you and then in one swift motion, bringing his hips back against yours and grazing his tip against that same rough patch of flesh on your walls once more. “Benny, Christ, keep going!” You urged and he speed up a bit, your hips meeting him halfway after a moment, making Ben’s eyes snap open and a smirk bloom across his lips. “That Good, eh?” He asked, “Yes!” You moaned, “Keep going, Ben - I’m cl-close!” You whined. He slipped his hand where your bodies were now joined, and rubbed the swollen pink bundle of nerves at your hilt once more, making you literally scream his name. “Ben! Oh, Jesus - I’m - I’m!” You came with a fervor, your walls clenching tightly around Ben’s member, making the blonde boy - glistening with a sheen of sweat - let out a grunt followed by a growl of your name and then he released into the condom, rolling his hips lazily as he rode the two of you down from your highs, until Ben collapsed on top of you with a whisper of “Sweet Christ.”

    The two of you lay entwined in one another for a few moments, catching your breath, until Ben’s weight on top of you got to be a bit much - his member softening while still inside of you. “Benny. I love you, but you’re getting a bit heavy!” You laughed, exhausted. “Sorry, love. I kind of forget I turn to dead weight.” He laughed weakly was he turned over onto his back next to you; your womanhood felt empty as his member departed your depths. He turned over onto his side after a moment, placing his hand on your waist and lifting himself up slightly to kiss your lips. “That didn’t last long, sorry!” He chuckled, “It doesn’t ever have to. Just knowing I can make you do that is good enough.” You said, reaching your hand out to brush your fingers lazily across his cheek, he beamed down at you. “I’m so glad you let me be your first - and hopefully your last.” Ben lulled, “Shit, that last part sounded kind of mean - your last because we will be together forever, not because you’re never going to have sex with anyone but me, I -“ Ben rambled, you placed your lips against his to stop his maniacal speaking. “I know, Ben. I hope you’re my last too - my forever.” You clarified. “That’s a lot better, I like that. Your forever.” Ben said, his cheeks turning pink. “I love you, Ben. I’m so happy you’re mine.” You admitted, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to be yours.”

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    Because Ben made In-N-Out look sooo good 😁

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  • Haaaaaayyyy


    God, it’s been so long since I’ve been posting that Ben is over here pouting. I’m so sorry - I’m a piece of trash. But guess what? MAMA IS DONE WITH HER LAST CLASS OF HER MASTERS NEXT MONDAY SO SHE WILL HAVE LITERALLY THE REST OF HER LIFE TO WRITE FOR YOU! Class has been a big hurdle for me this semester - not because it’s hard, but because it’s boring and sucks the life out of me and makes me not want to write. And all this new BEN CONTENT is making me h*rny and inspired so I am writing originals and requests, hopefully i’ll have this one I’m working on done tonight and up!

    I appreciate your patience greatly, I love ya’ll so much, and there WILL be quality Ben fics up before you know it! (And Just wait until I watch 6 Underground, I already have SO. MANY. IDEAS. For Four.)

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  • a/n: okay…idk what this is. the ben hardy head canons group chat had a conversarion a while ago about this, and my feels took it from there 🥵 it’s just ben and peter, no warren, walter, or four 🤷🏼‍♀️ also, my sub side jumped out with ben’s 😂😂😂 i may do a second version of this where the reactions are switched

    warnings: smut (18+ please)




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  • Reasons I am convinced Ben Hardy and I are soulmates after the cheddar challenges video

    1. We both love Jagger
    2. We both agree that Harry Stiles should play him
    3. Weird flex, but my dad’s family is British so they would absolutely love me to bring home a Brit. And two it’d be like a home away from home.
    4. Both know how to play instruments and the reward from that. Okay that ones probably a bit of a stretch
    5. We’re both behind on the times
    6. We’re both going for our dream jobs
    7. I’ve always wanted to see Paris
    8. I study German history so Berlin trips will be a must
    9. I’m Canadian, I live about 3-4 hours away from Montreal and I have family that lives there
    10. I don’t eat grilled cheese, but my summer job required me to sometimes make at least 200 a day, so I make a mean grilled cheese
    11. I too love Christmas turkey
    12. WE LEGITIMATELY HAVE THE SAME POPCORN ORDER. Except I use milk duds instead of minstrels because Canada (they are pretty similar from my understanding)
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  • Summary: Social media au in which Y/N is a history student, who along with her best friends Joe and Rami, has moved to London for her last year of school. Shenanigans abound when she meets (quite accidentally) her new favorite London Boy, Ben Jones.

    A/N: Thanks for all the support so far! I hope you enjoy this part!! Please let me know what you think, or if you’d like to me tagged! xx

    Pairing: Ben Jones (Hardy) x Reader

    Warnings: None



    »»————- ♡ ————-««

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  • Sir, if you’re interested, my ass heart belongs to you

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  • a/n: 2nd part to the breaking up blurb :)




    - months pass and you were finally happy again. sure, you were much happier with ben in your life, but the constant unwanted attention, the rumors, people talking about you all the time, it was all over. you were back to your normal life, and to be honest, it sucked.

    you missed having ben by your side when you fall asleep, you miss kissing him, cuddling him, holding his hand, hugging him, everything. life without his fame was great, but life without him sucked.

    one day, you and your friend decided to go out to lunch to catch up. you picked out your favorite restaurant, which is where ben took you on your first date, one of many reasons why it was your favorite.

    “how have you been? you know, with the whole break up thing?” jade asks you. you sigh and shrug, not knowing exactly how to respond.

    “i mean, i hate that we’re not together anymore, but it was all too much for me. i-” you pause when you notice a two familiar faces walk into the restaurant. ben and joe stood in the doorway, waiting to be seated. you felt the air in your lungs tighten, finally seeing him in person since you left your shared apartment.

    you catch his eyes for a moment before looking away immediately, trying to not seem bothered. you go back to chatting with jade, switching the topic to something about her life.

    your lunch continued with no worries. you quickly forgot that ben was somewhere in there, and you ended up having a really nice time catching up with your friend. after the bill was paid and your leftovers were packed, you stood to leave, giving jade a hug before walking out to your car. but, before you could walk away from the door, a voice stops you. specifically, ben’s voice.

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