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  • redhairedwolfwitch
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Doctor Y/n - Residency - 5 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    Jo was nowhere to be seen as you arrived at the hospital early than usual. You were already running on a lot of caffeine as you started your rounds early, grabbing an apple from the cafeteria as you spotted everyone gathering.

    "What's going on?" You asked Steph, biting into the apple as she turned to shrug.

    "Thank you all for coming. I know you're all busy. The board has just approved a new non-fraternisation policy. This hospital has to be a safe work environment where our focus remains clearly on providing the best patient care possible. Moving forward, all relationships with co-workers will be discouraged. And all relationships between superiors and subordinates is strictly prohibited-"

    Steph turned in shock as she heard you begin to choke on your apple.

    "Oh god." Steph murmured, helping you as you spluttered for breath whilst the other residents of your year looked at each other.

    "I'm fine, I'm fine... I just breathed at the wrong time." You grumbled to yourself, running your fingers down your neck to soothe it.

    You were barely paying attention as Chief Hunt redirected the questions about the non-fraternisation policy to Doctor Webber.

    "This can't be legal!" Jo began but Webber just sighed.

    "It is. The hospital is allowed to create any policy regarding co-workers as they see fit."

    "Shepherd met Grey whilst she was an intern. And what about Warren and Bailey?" Jo exclaimed but Warren shut that down due to the fact that he and Bailey were married.

    "If dating co-workers is frowned upon, how are they supposed to meet anyone?" Jo asked, gesturing to the rest of you but you just continued eating your apple.

    "I'm good. You don't have to worry about me." Shane stated with a shrug.

    "You spend half your life here Shane. This is your dating pool. Why am I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous?" Jo exclaimed, leaving you to sigh.

    "Because you're the only one with an actual relationship with a superior that is now at stake. Everyone else was either screwed over already, married, or doesn't date co-workers anyway." You replied, giving Jo a sad look as she looked at you in disbelief.

    "This is being done for you. One of your own didn't feel safe at work and lodged a formal complaint."

    "One of our own?" Shane realised, leaving you to slip infront of Steph so you could get to Jo.

    "You realise you just made my relationship illegal?"

    "Joey, the complaint was anonymous." You deadpanned but Jo just glared at Steph.

    "Yeah right." Jo growled before walking away, leaving the rest of you to exchange looks.

    "Fucking hell," you stated before taking the final bite of your apple.


    "Doctor Torres, can I work with you today? I need something big and distracting and away from-"

    "Yeah, of course, let's go do a biopsy. Trouble in paradise with Wilson?" Doctor Torres enquired, leaving you to huff.

    "She knows I don't cope well alone but she ditches me for Karev anyway." You replied before the two of you reached the patient's room.

    "No more Joey talk, please." You whispered, leaving Callie to nod.


    "Where is Braces anyway? Shouldn't she be here?" Jo asked, leaving Leah to quirk a brow whilst Steph rolled her eyes.

    "Doctor S/n is working alongside Doctor Torres on this case." Doctor Webber explained, pretending not to notice how Jo had suddenly started texting you.


    "So, you know the plan?" Jo whispered, her breath hitting your ear before you moved away.

    "It's a stupid plan." You grumbled, getting into position as Jo signaled you to.

    "ALEX! You can't keep ignoring my pages! We really need to talk!" Jo shouted, running up the stairs after Karev whilst you took another path upstairs so you'd end up behind Doctor Torres.

    "Not now."

    "If not now, when? We can't sneak off to have a private conversation, it's forbidden!" Jo exclaimed, loud enough that you heard her down the corridor you were running through.

    "Oh, will you stop? It's just a stupid rule! Nobody's taking it seriously!" Karev exclaimed, gesturing around as you finally appeared behind Doctor Torres, gaining Doctor Robbins' attention.

    "I'm taking it seriously! You don't have to worry about it because you have seniority, but I'm a resident! This is my reputation we're talking about, my career! I know that you think the rule is crap, but we can't just ignore it at my expense!" Jo shouted, waving her arms around whilst you walked over to her side, gently tapping her back so she would remember to breathe.

    "You're overrreacting!" Karev exclaimed, leaving Jo to retort that she wasn't whilst you gave Doctor Torres a wide-eyed look of 'wtf'.

    "So you're just going to roll over and let the hospital tell you who you can be with?"

    "There isn't a choice!" Jo exclaimed, tears in her eyes whilst you tried to ignore how everyone in the hospital was watching.

    "There is always a choice! You can choose to make the best out of a bad situation! You can choose to act like an adult! You can choose to not pick a fight in front of the entire hospital!" Karev gestured around before turning back to Jo, "you want to walk around here and pretend that we don't mean anything to each other? Fine! I'll make it easier for you! We don't mean anything to each other! Not anymore, because we're done!" Karev exclaimed before storming down the stairs.

    "That is not what I want! Alex!" Jo cried but Karev was already gone.

    "Are you okay?" Leah mouthed to Jo but she had already turned to cry in your arms.

    You froze for a moment before remembering the next part of the plan, picking Jo up carefully before carrying her out of sight to the stairwell.

    "How was that?" Karev enquired over the phone, leaving Jo to glance at you but you weren't looking at her.

    "Alarmingly convincing."

    "Later, Joey." You mumbled, heading to the floor you needed to be on whilst Jo continued down the stairs.


    You were sat on the floor of yours and Jo's apartment with a bottle of something next to your feet. Your eyes were drawn to it but you couldn't bring yourself to open it.

    Your eyes drifted to your phone, reaching for it and eventually opening your contacts.

    You couldn't ring Jo, or Doctor Robbins or Doctor Torres, because they were all busy and it was weird to ring any of them. You considered Leah for a moment but you weren't sure if you'd only make it more awkward. That plus, everyone thinks Jo is back to staying with you, when she isn't...

    You really didn't have many friends.


    "Your assignment has changed. Rory has Li-Fraumeni syndrome. It's rare. Dig up every case of it you can find, find out what worked and what didn't. I want one of you to look for Doctor Karev, he's with the oncologist-"

    You zoned out as Jo volunteered to 'go face Karev', barely withholding your eye roll by picking up your tablet.

    "You can't rely solely on the internet, hit the library," Webber watched as you were the only one to stand up to leave, "now!"

    "Y/n-" You didn't hear the rest of the sentence as you slipped the cheap earphones into your ears and began to research.


    "Has Braces said anything to you two?" Jo enquired as she spotted Steph and Leah.

    "No, she's not talking to anyone." Leah stated, leaving Steph to deadpan.

    "She sits with her nose in the books and earphones in her ears."

    "Wait, is she listening to an old MP3 player?" Jo asked, an idea in her head.


    You still had your earphones in as Jo walked in, saying something to Steph that had Steph in near tears.

    "I'm so confused!" Warren admitted, noticing how you were just pulling your earphones out to listen now.

    "Same. Because all I just heard was Webber walking in on a foursome." You whispered to Warren before noticing the look on Leah's face.

    "Leah?" You whispered but Leah was already going off at Jo.

    "This job is a priviledge and a gift, and we are squandering it. I almost lost my place in this program because I got distracted, with Doctor Yang. And you are all letting distractions get in the way of our work! We have a chance here, to actually save this girl, and I have an idea, look." Shane exclaimed, pointing at something.

    "You slept with Yang?" Warren voiced, leaving you to roll your eyes.


    The six of you stood different combinations of cancer treatments for Rory, unbeknownst that Rory was currently in the OR and it wasn't looking good.

    "This will work, guys!"

    "Yeah, let's go tell Webber!" Shane concluded, leaving the six of you to nod and leave the study room.


    You felt cold as Doctor Webber and Doctor Karev explained that Rory had bled out into her chest and died in the OR.

    Your hand reached out for Jo before you really thought about it, but she had already left because the board had found out that Jo and Karev hadn't really broken up.

    "Filing that complaint really took balls. Balls I didn't have." Steph began, leaving Leah to sigh.

    "Jo's going to be so pissed at me, isn't she?"

    "Oh yeah, she is. Hide at the bar?" Steph asked, linking arms with Leah as Leah replied, "yes, please. Y/n, are you-"

    Leah turned around to spot that Doctor Torres had asked you to come into the board meeting.

    "Why are they asking her-"

    "I don't know but we need to run. Shane, come on, we're drinking!" Steph replied, speedwalking the three of them out of there.


    "Just to check, you two are-"

    "Best friends." You replied quickly, pausing as you felt something in your pocket, your eyes widening when you realise Jo had snuck a sweet into your pocket.

    Callie raised an eyebrow but you ignored her gaze, choosing to eat the sweet instead as Jo chuckled into her hand, before the two of you were dismissed.

    "I'm going to go check on Alex, will you be okay tonight?" Jo asked, hip-bumping you as the two of you walked to your lockers.

    "Um, I'm going to go to Joe's bar, but could you keep your phone on if you're sleeping over at his?" You asked, leaving Jo to frown.

    "You forgot our code, didn't you? Braces, if you need me, text 'red' and I'll come, okay?" Jo replied, her hand on your cheek so you would look at her.

    "Okay, we better stop fraternising or they'll think we're more than best friends." You teased, leaving Jo to laugh.

    "I thought about it, plus, you're a great kisser-"

    "Ew, we were drunk and it was a dare I was hoping we'd both have forgotten by now." You grumbled, muttering about how you needed a drink.

    "Remember to text me if you need me, okay? Okay. Stay safe at the bar." Jo stated, kissing your forehead before she spotted your MP3 player.

    "I'm borrowing this-"

    "There are no sex playlists on that-"

    "Oh, god no, Braces, what do you take me for?" Jo retorted, gasping as you grabbed her Harvard hoodie from her locker and put it on over your t-shirt.


    "Hang on, I think Y/n is coming-" Steph pointed out, gaining Leah's attention as Warren spotted you first.

    "I thought Y/n went to Yale." Warren frowned, leaving Steph and Leah to exchange knowing glances.

    "She did, Jo went to Harvard. Y/n and Jo share everything down to an underwear drawer." Leah remarked, laughing at Shane's expression.

    "After the day we have all had, I am ready to go to the bar, so let's go!" You admitted, leaving everyone to laugh before heading off.


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  • veronicavikingladygamer
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Did this piece as a Music and lyrics competition piece. Warren Zevon Werewolves of London

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  • dylxnshxrmxn
    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Ben Hardy’s story (7/19)

    He’s a goof I love him

    #ben hardy #ben hardy imagine #ben hardy x female reader #ben hardy smut #6 underground #warren worthington iii #xmen apocalypse#borhap#bohemian rhapsody#borhap cast#brian may #brian may imagine #roger taylor #roger taylor imagine #john deacon #john deacon imagine #queen band#queen#rami malek #rami malek imagine #gwilym lee#gwilym imagine#joe mazzello #joe mazzello imagine #lucy boynton#mary austin
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    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Newsletter #49 : The stars will never align

    Newsletter #49 : The stars will never align

    The stars will never align, and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time. The universe doesn’t conspire against you, but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. ‘Someday’ is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Pro and con lists are just as bad. If it’s important to you and you want to do it…

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    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Ben hardy as warren worthington iii

    - X-men apocalypse (2016)

    Most underrated characters

    #ben hardy#benhardy #ben hardy imagine #ben hardy x female reader #ben hardy smut #xmen#xmen apocalypse #warren worthington iii #bohrhap#bohemian rhapsody#borhap cast#roger taylor #roger taylor imagine #brian may #brian may imagine #gwilym lee#gwilym imagine#john deacon #john deacon imagine #joe mazzello #joe mazzello imagine #rami malek #rami malek imagine #lucy boynton#mary austin#james macavoy
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Dynamics I wanna see more of on Station 19

    Travis & Sullivan: I want this very badly. I do not know why, I just feel there is potential for them to be sad together in a way that would sooth my need for angst. Also Travis's awkwardness paired with Sullivan’s seriousness? Chaos waiting to happen. Sully and Monty should be a thing

    Vic & Carina, Travis & Carina, Andy & Carina: Let Carina DeLuca have friends!!!! All these people are excellent candidates!!! She and Andy lived together so they're basically besties who gang up on Maya in my mind. She and Travis love gossiping and Vic is basically like her little sister, would 100% bribe the writers to make these consistent facts within canon

    Jack & Travis and Jack & Emmett: The friendship Jack and Travjs had in season one was amazing and I miss it. Literally like they were best buddies and now I can't even tell you the last one on one scene they had? Unacceptable. Also Jack and Emmett are best friends, the writers just forget to show it on screen...I like the idea of Jack just being a third wheel for Tremmett every now and then.

    Dean & Maya: I need them to have more scenes together, truly a superior duo. Love all the limited one-on-one scenes they have. They are both very smart and pretty and if Maya was to help Dean become a Lieutenant, well then I'd be more then happy.

    Maya, Vic & Andy: Best trio going and truly it's shite that we've not seen them in a while, I miss them terribly and the writers need to fix that for me. Carina can also join girls nights and drinking on porches. I will not be mad about it.

    Ben & Travis: They are work wives and I need them to not forget it. Give me more light Travis and Ben scenes but also give me Bailey knowing Travis is her husband's work wife (oh I could make that a fic)

    Andy & Vic: love them, they are smart and beautiful and I want them to hang out more one on one. Let them hang out and talk and just be badass firefighter ladies together, remember back in season 2 when the hung out with Kat? I loved that energy and their dynamic

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  • commonorgardenthot
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Station 19 is just a group of highly skilled and intelligent people with only one (1) actual brain cell between them, and god I am so gay for every one of them

    #station 19 #hot fictional firefighters make brain go brrr #911 show #911 on fox #character driven stories are my shit #maya bishop#andy herrea#jack gibson#dean miller#vic hughes#travis montgomery#ben warren#greys anatomy#shonda rimes #miss rimes I would sell my soul to you for the amount of *chefs kiss* #perfection #you have provided
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  • blueeyedheizer
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #blueeyedheizer prompts #ben hardy x reader #ben hardy imagine #warren worthington iii x reader #warren worthington iii imagine #warren worthington x reader
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  • sondrawr
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Warren: Can we circle back to your not at all weird and very detailed theories on our weaknesses?

    Mercy: Oh, you don’t believe me? That’s fine, I’ll just demonstrate.

    Mercy: Stefan’s weakness? Sunlight.

    Mercy: Adam’s? Fire.

    Mercy: Honey’s? Fire.

    Mercy: Mary Jo? Can’t act to save her life. Also extreme hair envy with Honey.

    Mercy: Ben? Crippling self loathing mixed with overwhelming hubris.

    Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That’s really personal compared to “fire.”

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  • blunda
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago
         ( Puts off drawing Ben by completely finishing drawing Katherine first )
    #''have you even started ben at ALL'' no! im stalling! i dont have the skills to draw dudes just pretty women! #;   Where she comes from there's no saviors   ( Katherine Warren )
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  • blueeyedheizer
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm officially done with all the requests! I'm going to sleep now, but feel free to send more while I sleep !! 🥰

    i'm still writing for Ben, Dean and Finn's characters :) [see prompt list for more info on which chatacters I write for]

    #ben hardy x reader #ben hardy #ben hardy imagine #billy/four x reader #warren worthington iii x reader #finn cole x reader #peaky blinders x reader #michael gray x reader #michael gray imagine
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