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  • arevaluys
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    in 8x05 when dean and sam are talking to each other on the phone dean’s like “you don’t know him. he’s a—friend.” like. i could swear he hesitated

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  • arevaluys
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    the queer allegory of dean coming back in s8 with benny but deciding that they should stop seeing each other and dean keeping his relationship with him a secret

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  • gaysupernaturalnerd
    20.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I made Benny black 👋🏽✨ (or half black at least)

    Before anyone comes for my neck:

    I’m half Black half Mexican.

    I tend to project onto my comfort characters, and I thought this would be a fun little prompt.

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  • gaysupernaturalnerd
    19.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    SPN Pride Week Day 7: Free Space

    I wanted to do a semi-full body drawing, and I wanted to also depict Benny with t-shots so here they are❤️


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  • samdeancass
    19.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Benny LaFitte Masterlist

    Goodbye Forever (coming soon)

    #benny lafitte x reader #benny x reader #benny lafitte imagine #benny lafitte fanfiction #benny lafitte masterlist #supernatural#supernatural imagine#supernatural fanfiction#supernatural masterlist
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    Supernatural Destiel college AU no one asked for where Castiel Novak is looking to become an English teacher, Dean Winchester doing an art major, and Cas is dormmates with Sam Winchester, Dean’s brother.  All their friends sense the sexual tension between Cas and Dean from the beginning and it is their mission to set them up.

    It wasn’t all that hard, the two reciprocated the feelings, it was just a matter of changing old habits to not hurt one another.  That ultimately backfires, Dean accidentally hurts Cas and they almost call their new relationship quits. While on a break from each other, Cas finds out there is a lot more to Dean than he originally thought, and that he was hiding something huge, and he wants to help, he wants to be with him.

    If only the two weren’t so stubborn. And college wasn’t such a pain in the ass.


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  • winchesterfanatic1967
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Cold Hard Truth Part 4

    Read Part 3 here! 

    Warnings- Mention of death, car accident, alcohol consumption, drinking and driving, cursing. 

    That Monday morning, Dean stormed into the shop and stormed into his best friend's office. 

     “Well good morning to you too Dean.” Cas teased but Dean shook his head. 

     “You have to come clean.” He demanded and Cas furrowed his brows. 

     “You’re going to have to explain a little more. I'm confused.” 

     “Five years ago. The Lafitte family.”

     His eyes widened slightly before rapidly shaking his head. “No no no. We promised to never speak of it.”

    “Listen buddy.” Dean says while slamming his hands on the desk making Cas jump. “It’s been five years. Five whole years that I’ve kept my mouth shut. Benny is going to put the pieces together sooner than later. My dad has kept his mouth shut for five years. It’s not fair, man!”

     “I was seventeen! I made a mistake!”

     “YEAH A MISTAKE THAT KILLED TWO PEOPLE! USING MY FUCKING CAR AND I FORGAVE YOU!” Dean yelled at the top of his lungs. He took a deep breath before continuing. “Look, you need to do the right thing here man.”

     “Dean, I-I, I can’t.” He shook his head. 

     “Yes you can. You have to go to the police. I haven’t had my car on the road since it happened. They’re definitely going to think it’s me if I do. Benny is going to think it’s me. The entire town is going to think it’s me! How many people drive a 67’ Impala in this town? I’m a good friend and let you use my car when my dad literally just gave it to me because you’re my best friend and I wanted you to drive it. Little did I know you were going to drive it to a fucking party, get plastered and tried to drive yourself home. You’re lucky you’re my best friend, and you’re lucky that your parents paid the right people off. Because you would be sitting behind bars right now. You’re lucky that my dad likes you man, because we’re the only two people that know what really happened.” 

     “Please don’t say anything Dean.” Cas says while feeling the tears fill his eyes. “I’ve made up for it. I secretly donated money to their go fund me page that their aunt put up. I still donate. You don’t think it haunts me to this day? You don’t think I sit here and think how stupid I was and that I should’ve called someone to pick me up?”

     Dean ran a hand down his face, knowing his best friend was truly sorry. “Well between you and I, Y/n and I have been seeing one another. I’m falling in love with her. I can’t bring her parents back, and neither can you. Benny is our friend. If you don’t come clean he’s going to think I did this to his parents. What do you think Y/n is going to think?”

     Cas ran his fingers through his hair, and he let out a sigh. He didn’t know what to do. 

     “Please do the right thing man.” Dean pleaded while Cas sat there in agony with himself. He had no idea what to do. 

     You were on your way to dinner that night. You and Benny both decided on Hancsums and your heart was beating a million miles to the second. This was the night you were going to tell Benny about you and Dean and you felt like you were going to throw up. You had no idea how he was going to react. 

     Your leg bounced up and down as you waited for your brother to arrive. “Hey hun! What can I get for ya?!” Donna asked you with a notepad in her hand. 

     “Hey! I’ll just have water for now. Waiting on my brother.”

     “You got it.” She says while walking away.

     Benny walked through the front door and you happily flag him down. He gives you a smile as he sits across from you. He was still dressed in his mechanic overalls and he was covered in grease. 

     “You smell.” You tease. 

     “You smell.” He teased back. 

     “How was your day?” You say while both of you don’t even bother to look at the menu since you both order the same thing every time. 

     “There was some tension today for some reason.”

     “Oh? Any idea why?”

     “Nope. Cas and Dean wouldn’t even look at one another. Probably an argument or something.”


     “I have to tell you something.” You breathe out quickly. 

     “What’s that?”

     “Hey guys! Your usual?”

     “Yeah, thanks Donna.” You say and Benny nods.

     “Coming right up.” 

     “So you have something to tell me?”


     “Hey guys! How are you?” You look up to see Sheriff Jody Mills smiling at the both of you. 

     “Hey! How are you?” You ask 

     Benny noticeably stiffened up. He was a little bitter that she didn’t find out more information on who did this. All she knew was that a 67’ impala was the car who hit your parents and a seventeen year old kid did it. Even though you chose not to press charges you still wanted a name. But the parents wouldn’t release it. Apparently they had good lawyers and a lot of money. 

     “All is well. How about you two? How are you holding up?” She asked quietly and you shrug. 

     “Hanging in there.” 

     “Would be a lot better if you knew how to do your job.” Benny muttered and you shot him a glare. 

     “Benny.” You say. 

     “No, I’m sorry but don’t ask me how I’m doing. Not you.” 

     “I’m sorry I intruded. I’ll leave you two alone.” Jody says with a sad smile. 

     “Jody, I’m sorry please don’t leave.” You say but Jody walked away anyway. You turn with a glare to your brother. 


     “Can you be any more rude? 

     “What do you want me to say y/n?”

     “It’s not her fault Benny!”

     “Maybe not, but this is exactly why I don’t trust cops. They don’t know how to do their jobs.”

     “She did everything she could Benny. That kids family has a lot of money. It was a kid,-”

    “And he’s damn lucky he was a kid. I’m still pissed! He killed our parents y/n.”

    “He made a mistake,-”

     “Yeah and his mistake took our parents' lives.”

     The table turned quiet, and you still had yet to tell Benny. But you decided then that it still wasn’t the right time. He was already angry and he might cause a scene if you make him even more mad. Your parents were always a touchy subject. 

     “So anyways, what did you need to tell me?”

     “Not important.” You mutter and thank god your food came at that moment. 

     You ate in silence. You could feel the awkward tension between you two and you didn’t like it. After an awkward goodbye you went home and immediately called Dean. 

     “Hey baby.” He answered the phone and you sighed. 

     “I couldn’t do it De. I couldn’t tell him.”

     “It’s okay sweetheart. You tell him when you’re ready.”

     “Why are you so understanding?”

     “I’m just that awesome.” He joked and you giggled. 

     “I miss that laugh. How was dinner?”

     “It was awful Dean. Truly awful. Sheriff Jody Mills came over to say hi and it all went south from there. He’s so bitter towards her.”


     “Because the family paid off the right people and she wasn’t able to find out more information.”

     “I’m sorry sweetheart. I’m so sorry.”

     What you didn’t know was what he was really apologizing for. 

     Five years ago

     “Dean, come on please!”

    “You just got your driver's license. You expect me to let you drive my baby? The car that I haven’t even driven on the road yet? My dad literally just gave this to me dude.” 

     “Dean!” Cas whined and Dean let out a laugh. 

     “Fine. One hour. Where do you plan on going with my car?”

     “I want to impress Meg Masters before she goes away to college. I have to make her my girlfriend!”

    “Ah. I see. Well buddy, I wish you the best of luck.” He says while handing him the keys. 

     “Thank you man. I owe you so much for this.”

     “Yeah you do. Lisa is going to kill me for bailing on her. It's all your fault.” He chuckled. 

     “I’ll make it up to you!” He shouts while running in the opposite direction and Dean shakes his head fondly at his friend. 

     Later at the party, Cas was absolutely wasted. He was making a fool of himself and it’s safe to say that Meg wasn’t interested at all. She was off to college and she was older than he was. She wanted college guys, not someone who was still in high school. Even though he only had a year left. 

     While feeling sorry for himself he puked in the grass outside of the party. He heard a few people mutter an “ew” before walking away from him. He angrily got into the driver's seat and sped out of the driveway. He could barely see in front of him, and he knew he should pull over and call someone but he didn’t. No sooner after that, everything went black. 

     All he remembered was a bunch of sirens, and waking up in the hospital. He was in a car accident, and the car was totaled. He found out he killed two people, and in that moment he wanted to die right then and there. It was a tragic accident that was going to haunt him for the rest of his life. 

     “You royally fucked up dude.” 

     He looked up to see Dean and John standing in his hospital room, with their arms crossed and they were pissed. 

     “I’m so sorry.” He sobbed and Dean noticeably softened. 

     “Kid, you’re lucky you’re only seventeen. The kids of the parents won’t press charges because of it. They won’t even know your name. Thanks to your parents, they cleaned this entire mess up. We’re going to hide the car. Nobody saw you right?”

     “I don’t think so.” He muttered and John nodded. 

     “As much as my conscience goes against this, I’m going to keep my mouth shut. You’re a kid, and you made a tragic mistake. It was an accident, and you’re a fucking idiot for not calling anyone to come pick you up. Do you realize how damn stupid you are!?” John yelled while slamming his hand against the wall making Dean and Cas jump. 

     “Not only did you drive drunk, but you’re underage! You’re a minor! God damn it, you’re so lucky your parents have the control that they do!”

     “They had kids?” Cas whimpered and Dean felt tears well in his eyes. Even though Cas made a stupid mistake that was going to haunt him forever, he was still his best friend. 

     “Yes, they do. An eighteen year old daughter and a twenty two year old son. He was in the backseat. He survived. He watched his parents die.” 

     Cas lost it. He didn’t know how he was going to go through life with this. Is he doing the right thing?

     Cas shot up in bed that night, crying hysterically. He was now twenty two and that memory still haunted him. Every year he brought flowers to the grave sight, and he always donated money to the go fund me page. He knew it wasn’t enough, but there was nothing he could say or do to make it right. He killed two people, and nothing was going to bring them back.


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    Doomed Bean is just like. Dean will never see Benny as an equal and Benny will never hold it against him because he fucking agrees with him

    #HOOOOORRRRIBLE i love them <3 #when ppl are like 'cas deserves better than dean' im like okay youre fucking insane but benny ACTUALLY literally does 100% #bean#):#benny lafitte
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  • winchesterfanatic1967
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Cold Hard Truth Part 3

    Read Part 2 here! 

    Warnings- Death mention, sexual assault mention, rape mention.

    “Alright sweetheart. I’m almost done with the shopping for our sleepover tonight. Can you think of anything else you might want?” Dean asks you over the phone and you shake your head no, but then remember he can’t see you. 

     “I think we’ll be okay, but if you see anything get it!”

     “Okay sweetheart. See you soon.”

     “Okay bye De.”

     “Bye beautiful.”

     You smile as you hang up the phone. You and Dean were doing great, still sneaking around but doing great nonetheless. You visited one another whenever you could, and when you would visit your brother you snuck kisses without anyone noticing. 

     Benny was doing really great at his new position, and you were more than happy for him. You couldn’t decide when the perfect opportunity would be to tell him about you and Dean. It’s already been about a month, and you knew keeping secrets wasn’t the right thing to do, but you broke a promise and didn’t want him to be angry with you, or better yet disappointed.

     You aced all of your finals, so to celebrate you and Dean decided to have a sleepover with lots of junk food and movies. You were a little nervous, you haven’t had a sleepover with a boy since your last relationship. While you were deep in thought you didn’t even notice Dean coming back and placing his hand on your knee. 

     He chuckled as you jumped, “Sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “Sorry, deep in thought.” You mutter. 

     “Don’t apologize, what’s on your mind?” He asks while drawing circles on your knee. 

     “Just everything.”

     “Yeah.” He nodded while wrapping his arm around you. You lean your head against his shoulder and he places a kiss on your head. “I think we should tell my brother soon, De. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t.”

     “How mad do you think he’s going to be?”

     “Hopefully not too mad.” You sigh. “It hasn’t been easy at all for him. It’s been him and I since I was eighteen. Our parents died in this horrible car accident and he was in the backseat. I know he still feels guilty that he survived and they didn’t. I know that he secretly holds a little resentment towards me because they were going to pick me up from my ex-boyfriend's house.”

     “It wasn’t your fault.” He says quickly but you shake your head. Tears filled your eyes. 

     “If they weren’t coming to get me they would’ve never been in that car. Me and my boyfriend were in one of our typical fights and he picked me up that day. I needed a ride home and I refused to get in the car with him. It all could’ve been avoided.”

     “You can’t blame yourself sweetheart. Your brother shouldn’t either. It was an accident and accidents happen.”

     “He’s so full of anger De.” You say as a tear slid down your face and Dean quickly wiped it away. “It was a drunk driver. The only reason why we didn’t press charges is because he was a minor. Very close to eighteen but nonetheless a minor. He was a kid. He made a mistake. It will never change how I feel, and my brother would kill him if he saw him. But it was probably the biggest lesson he will ever learn. That was enough punishment for me.”

     “Do you know who it was?”

    “No.” You shook your head. “I never learned his name because his parents wouldn’t release it.” 

     He rubbed his hand up and down your back. “I’m so sorry for your loss sweetheart. You would never know that Benny is in pain or keeping angry inside. He’s one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve ever met. He’s a great addition to the garage.”

     “And that’s another thing too. He hasn’t had the best of luck with jobs. His asshole boss fired him when our parents died because he was taking too much time off.”

    “That’s bullshit. He was grieving. That’s not right.” He shook his head and you shrugged.

    “I’ve learned that the world isn’t such a wonderful place over the years.”

     “And then he found another job he liked. He found a girlfriend there and they were in love. She ended up cheating on him and then he broke up with her. She broke his heart and my brother doesn’t cry. He really loved her. It took a lot of convincing from me for him to not go running back to her. Life was good and then she reported him to the boss for “Sexual harassment” I ended up hitting her, and made her drop the charges against him. He still ended up getting fired anyway.”

     “My girlfriend is a little scrapper.” He teases and you let out a giggle. 

     “And now he works with you guys. I think he’s so scared that something is going to happen. That’s probably why he doesn’t want me to flirt with you. God, I hope he doesn’t hate me.” You mumble while burying your face into your hands and Dean pulls you into him. 

     “We’re going to be fine. Even if for some reason we’re not, it’s not going to affect his job. We all really like him and won’t let him go over petty bullshit.”

     “I’m glad.” You breathe out in relief. 

     “Let’s talk about something else. When did you have your first kiss?”

     You and Dean talked some more, about funny stories, and personal things. You learned he had his first kiss in 9th grade with a girl named Robin when he was sixteen. He had a serious girlfriend named Lisa and she cheated on him and then ended up getting married to the guy she cheated on him with. 

     You couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that someone would cheat on someone as amazing as Dean. Or your brother. You truly didn’t. All the nice guys ended up getting stepped on. 

     “I’m sorry De. Just know that I would never cheat on you. I really like you and you’re the most amazing man I’ve ever been with.”

     A light blush covered his cheeks and his lip curled up. “Thanks sweetheart. I would never cheat on you either. You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever been with.” 

     “De...um..we need to talk about..sex.” You say quietly, your face burning and his brows furrowed in confusion. “I’m not ready for that yet.”

     “What do you mean y/n? The thought hasn’t even crossed my mind yet. Well, of course it has. I’m a guy, and you’re beautiful. But I would never force you into anything you aren’t ready for.” 

     “I know.” You spoke quietly, Dean’s thumb drawing light circles on your hand. “I haven’t had the best sex life. I didn’t really lose my virginity willingly, and then after that I didn’t really like sex that much. That’s what caused so many fights between me and my ex. He was a maniac and I was mostly afraid. I never told him what had happened to me either so I guess that’s partly my fault, he probably thought I was just a prude.”

     “Were you raped?” Dean asked you quietly and you let out a soft sigh. 

     “I was fifteen and at my first highschool party. I was a freshman and I had a huge crush on this guy that was there. He offered me alcohol and I wanted to be cool and fit in with the cool kids. I was super drunk and it was my first time getting drunk. It ended up being his house, and he led me upstairs. I didn’t exactly say no, but.” You shrugged. 

     “Even if you didn’t say no, he still should’ve asked if you were ok with it. Did he ask you that?” You shake your head. 

     “It’s not your fault. He should’ve made sure you were comfortable. It wasn’t your fault.” He says again while kissing your head, and he wiped away the tears that slid down your cheeks. You didn’t even realize you were crying. 

     You and Dean stayed up the entire night talking about everything you possibly could. Dean was truly amazing, and it was nice to have someone that you trusted. You and Dean had a plan to tell Benny about the two of you. You were going to invite him to dinner, and tell him yourself. It was better to do it in a public place so he wouldn’t flip out, and it was better for you to do it by yourself so Dean wouldn’t get punched in the face.

     Meanwhile with Dean, he cursed in his mind. He didn’t know why he didn’t put the pieces together sooner. Your last name was Lafitte, your parents died five years ago. Y/d/n, Y/m/n Lafitte. It all clicked in his mind all at once, and he felt like he was going to throw up. He let out a cough before projectile vomiting into his toilet. 

     He didn’t know how to tell you the truth. But he had to before you found out on your own. The cold hard truth.

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    #death#dean winchester #dean x reader #dean fluff #dean winchester angst #dean winchester fluff #supernatural#benny lafitte
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I get that supernatural isn’t really about found family, but I don’t know if I would have enjoyed the show as much if it was JUST Sam and Dean.

    Most of the supporting characters may have met tragic ends, but I’m still glad I got to meet them❤️

    Bobby, Benny, Missouri, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Kevin and a bunch of others hold a very special place in my heart❤️

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  • gaysupernaturalnerd
    18.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Day 6 of spnpride week: Aroace

    Grey Asexual Benny❤️

    I actually have a little sample of my new fic that discusses greyace! Benny. It’s not exactly smut, more like feelings with hints at smut:

    Benny was nervous.

    Like, really nervous.

    He had never done this with anyone before. He had never felt any kind of sexual attraction when he was with Andrea.

    In fact, he never felt it at all.

    Countless guys had always flirted with him in the bakery, or approached him at bars. But once Benny had made it clear he wasn’t into hooking up they lost interest.

    It did hurt a lot of the times, because some of them were guys Benny was interested in.

    But that was just how his body worked.

    He was fine with having a low sex drive.

    But this time was different.

    This wasn’t just any guy. This was Jordan. His mate.

    And Benny was very attracted to him.

    “Benny? You ok there?”

    Benny shook himself out of his thoughts and was brought back to the present.

    Jordan was currently only wearing boxers with trans tape wrapping around his chest. He was running his hands up and down Bennys arms in a soothing gesture.

    Benny himself was still wearing his long sleeve shirt and jeans.

    “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to” Jordan cooed. “I want you to feel comfortable.”

    “No, no, I-I do wanna do this, it’s just...” Benny hesitated. “I’ve never really had sex with anyone before. Hell, I haven’t really been attracted to people that way before... I guess I just feel really out of my element.”

    Jordan smiled, and it was full of understanding. “Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I’m Demisexual myself.”

    Benny cocked his head a bit. “What does that mean?”

    “It’s a term on the asexual spectrum” Jordan explained. “It basically means I only feel sexual attraction after a close bond has been formed. You don’t know how many guys I’ve turned down because all they wanted was a hookup.”

    Benny laughed slightly at that. “Yeah, I actually do know what that’s like... I almost feel like I have little to no sex drive at all...except for now of course, which makes things more confusing.”

    Jordan looked thoughtful for a moment. “Have you ever thought that maybe you’re greyace?”

    Benny just looked confused again.

    “It’s another term on the asexual spectrum. It basically means you experience very little sexual attraction, or you only experience it under specific circumstances.”

    Benny thought about it. “That actually does make a lot of sense...” Benny then turned a little shy, and he placed his hand on Jordan’s cheek. “I guess this is one of those specific circumstances...”

    Jordan placed his hand on Bennys. “Yeah, I guess it is...”



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    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    -8x09 [Citizen Fang]

    #supernatural#spn#daily spn#spn daily#spn episode#spn screenshots#screenshot #one screenshot per day #screenshot from every episode #one screenshot every episode #screenshot every day #dean winchester#benny lafitte#8x09
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  • gaysupernaturalnerd
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Day 5 of spn pride week: Found Family/Fun

    Charlie and Benny/Transgender and Lesbian solidarity❤️


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  • canyouimaginethatstory
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Benny X Reader Imagine #2 (REQUESTED)

    This was requested by @deanwarrior

    You had met Benny when you agreed to travel with him so the Winchester boys knew he was staying clean. Especially after the whole martin thing went down. Over time you and Benny bonded and even though it wasn't planned you both fell for each other. Benny was handsome. Very charming. To hear him speak would steal your heart. It didn't bother you that he was a vampire. You two even secretly eloped. Benny was meant for you and you for him. You both knew it. In fact, your most prized possession was the photo you two took that day. Every time you looked at it you smiled. Things were good. Then one day Dean Winchester called. Said he needed to meet with Benny.

    Long story short Dean wanted Benny to go back to purgatory to help save his brother. And you knew the minute he asked Benny would agree. Benny felt he owed Dean whatever Dean asked. Even if it meant going back to monster hell. "Just give me a moment," Benny said pointing to you. You were already fighting back a flood of tears. Benny walked over and gently cupped your face in his hands he rested his forehead against yours. Neither of you had to say it out loud. This was goodbye. He softly kissed your lips. "Forever Darlin," he whispered. And you couldn't help the tears anymore as they streamed down your face. 

    "Forever," you whispered back.





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  • emmabryonyfox
    17.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    here, have a rainbow with your coffee

    @spnprideweek day 5: found family/fun

    With June came colours. Dean’s little coffee shop he’d opened after retiring from hunting was already decorated with a rainbow flag all-year round, but Charlie came to work on the first of June with a bag full of flags. The lesbian one was the first to go up, and Dean didn’t even try to tell Charlie no. He wasn’t really against her hanging up all the pride flags she could find. He also knew exactly that Charlie wouldn’t listen to him anyway. Dean was stubborn, but Charlie was determined. She usually won any argument they started.

    What Dean was against was the edible colouring Jack wanted him to put into the drinks. Cas wasn’t any help there, he’d been the one who bought the colours for Jack in the first place. In fact, Dean was pretty sure that Cas was the actual source of the idea, and that he was just using the kid as an instrument to get it his way. This was an argument Dean actually started, but still lost. He couldn’t say no to Jack, not when the kid was looking at him like that, his eyes pleading and a goofy smile on his face.

    Read more

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  • casbian
    17.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    benny’s voice is so...

    #GOD #it's doing things to me #cowboy.txt #benny lafitte
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  • alwaysmoodboards
    17.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Supernatural: Balthazar x Benny Lafitte having a relaxing summer vacation

    Summer Holiday Series (Because don’t we all deserve a chance for one this year ^_~)

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  • gaysupernaturalnerd
    17.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I decided for my new fic I’m going to try my best to portray Benny as greyace.

    Here’s the definition if you’re confused:

    I identify as ace myself, and I tend to project onto my comfort characters. Also, we need more ace representation in media that isn’t robots or not-human creatures.

    Fic is called “Sugar, won’t you stay awhile?” 🥰❤️

    Stick around for any updates!

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  • thehellersseals
    16.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    not gonna lie color restoring purgatory scenes sounds cool but (at least with this software) it looks a little weird

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