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  • Benwick and the sylph jay got the same hair thing as Milla

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  • The bird on Benwiks Head facial expression changes along with Benwicks, its super cute

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  • You know whose got the best chemistry in Tales of Berseria? Aifread’s Pirates

    They are full aware that Eizen is a malak and don’t give a fuck. Fully aware that his reaper’s curse brings them bad luck and could kill them all (which it almost has on multiple occasions) and don’t give a fuck. Benwick got up in Velvet’s face (someone he is fully aware could eat him) and was planning to go find Eizen while him and the rest of the crew were dying of illness.

    If that’s not fucking squad goals I don’t know what is.

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  • It’s a Fortune Apple. A good-luck charm. No real powers, but they’re hard to find.

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  • When your friend only reads sappy poetry and immerses himself in his sadnesses @/benwick

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  • Hello, can I introduce you to my fav character from Berseria.

    #i've been meaning to draw him ever since we beat the game #tales of berseria #benwick#zino doodles
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  • Okay, I keep reading Persuasion when I’m tired and it’s hard to read off a kindle (don’t ask me why, I just perfer physical books) can someone explain a few things to me before I continue on with it?

    1. Who is Captain Harville? His relation to the story? He is married right?
    2. Who is Benwick?
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  • “he shewed himself so intimately acquainted with all the tenderest songs of the one poet, and all the impassioned descriptions of hopeless agony of the other; he repeated, with such tremulous feeling, the various lines which imaged a broken heart, or a mind destroyed by wretchedness, and looked so entirely as if he meant to be understood, that she ventured to hope he did not always read only poetry;”

    Jane Austen, Persuasion, pg. 72.

    I love this description of Benwick so much because it shows him to be an extremely well read man. I always say that if a man can hold a conversation about literature, he immediately becomes very attractive. I met a guy over the summer who could talk about books for hours and I’ve never met such an interesting person! I can’t blame Anne for being so completely wrapped up in Benwick during this time in the novel. He shows himself to be so educated and so in touch with his own emotions that he quickly becomes a character that I think she would want to love, and that a reader would want to know! It also reminds me of Sense and Sensibility. Marianne wants someone who can read well and connect with works of literature (Sense and Sensibility, 15-16). Benwick meets that criteria and now I can understand why Marianne would want someone like this!

    Austen, Jane. Persuasion. 2nd ed. Ed. Patricia Meyer Spacks. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., (1816) 2013. Print.
    —. Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Claudia L. Johnson. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., (1811) 2002. Print.

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  • Thanks to everyone who came and saw our exhibition in London this week! We had a great time. I took lots of photos, so I’ll be getting those up over the next couple of days. 

    Today I have a stall at the Dickensian Market in Benwick, a great excuse to have some fun dressing up and time for a tasty hog roast! 

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  • Favourite Jane Austen Book

    This one is easy. It’s Persuasion all the way. I love the characters, I love the satire, I love the romance, the fact that they lost love and found it again, the fact that there are so many different kinds of love in the novel. I love Lyme, I love the drama, I love how it reveals Austen’s complicated attitude towards the Navy and the Gentry. I love Harville and how what a great friend he is, I love Benwick and his love of melancholy poetry. I love Mary and how ridiculous she is. I love remembering the first time I read it, I love that it reminds me of my dissertation and my degree and I just love it all. It’s not just my favourite Jane Austen book, it is my favourite book of all.

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  • WHEN: 25 May, 1979, in passing
    WHERE: Hogwarts somewhere
    WHO: Fenjy Benwick & Marlene McKinnon

    “You can’t say no to a box of Fizzing Whizbees, can you?”

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