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    #txt nap of a star #the dream chapter: star #tomorrow x together #p: youtube#y: 2019#soobin#yeonjun#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai#m: v
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    Goodnight 💕

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    └➤ tomorrow x together (txt)

    tomorrow x together

    bumping into hyung line at a library!! || fluff + gn!reader










    #tomorrow x together #yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#hueningkai #tomorrow x together scenarios #txt scenarios
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  • sherlockholicsbysoobin
    22.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    2:27 am

    Hello. I couldn't think of a good title and that's always my problem whenever I personally liked what I wrote. I was just lying on my bed trying to write at least one before sleeping (because I can feel my slump coming) when I remembered my confrontation with my past crush and decided to write about it. To be honest, it was entirely different with what I wrote but my thoughts is undoubtedly similar with Beomgyu's here. I might not be able to post as frequently because like I said my slump is coming even though I hate it. But above all, I hope you guys will love this because i've written a part of me here

    word count: 457

    genre: angst

    pairing: beomgyu x yeonjun

    now playing:

    traitor by olivia rodrigo

    "I spent too many years loving you and waiting, asking, almost begging you to love me back." Beomgyu said sarcastically laughing at Yeonjun. His head replayed all of the times he decided that he will spend his life loving Yeonjun and it also replayed all of the times Yeonjun told him that he shouldn't.

    "I did everything to atleast make you look at me." Beomgyu continued while shaking his head. He's in rage because there are moments that he's convinced that finally, finally Yeonjun learned to love him, but those moments were followed with moments that slapped him hard that Yeonjun would never learn or try to love him. Beomgyu burst into laughter again trying to hide the fact that in any minute he will break into a crying fit.

    "You never loved me?" He asked over and over. How come? How come he didn't fell for him? Despite everything, nothing? "I know that you didn't ask for this Yeonjun, but you didn't even gave me a chance." At this moment, Beomgyu only hoped that the alcohol will take all of this tomorrow and only the hangover will remain.

    "All I know is loving you. With all of my heart, with all of my energy, with all of my breath. And now that you're with Soobin, what do I know? What do I know when you gave him the only thing that I know doing?" Maybe this is the pain of loving his best friend. Maybe this is his punishment for breaking the rules. Maybe this is the curse for having him this long.

    "You're drunk. Go home, Beomgyu." Yeonjun tried to lead Beomgyu out the door but Beomgyu hit Yeonjun's hand away. "No!" Beomgyu loudly stated. "I'm not yet done." He took another sip from the bottle and pointed at Beomgyu. "Why Soobin? Why not me? I've loved you longer, known you longer. Why not me?" This time Beomgyu didn't have time because his tears were already racing down his face. He asked Soobin while harshly pointing himself.

    "All this time, I'm here. I'm fucking here, Yeonjun." Beomgyu took a deep breath and shook his head. "Maybe I should just go home. What am I even doing here?" He slowly wiped his tears away avoiding to look at Yeonjun. "I look stupid." He smirked while tying his shoelaces. "I shouldn't look stupid." He's not even talking to Yeonjun anymore. He wiped his tears a couple of times already but they just kept on coming. He stood up and opened the door without giving Yeonjun a second glance.

    "I hate you." Beomgyu said before closing the door and running all the way home figuring how to forget Yeonjun. How to forget Yeonjun, the only thing he know best.

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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Beomgyu - TXT ; boyfriend material

    Requested | -Nako

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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Perfect side profiles

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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ― handsome, he said, staring lovingly at him.

    the world did not deserve him.

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    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ❥ ҉ txt babysitting kids with you | ot5

    ✧ pairing: txt x reader (individually)

    ✧ genre: fluff! established relationship! au | headcanons

    ✧ warning(s): slight mention of food for soobin’s, other than that none!

    ✧ synopsis: you were asked to babysit and you happened to be with txt, so they ended up babysitting with you.

    ✧ word count: 1.6k

    ✧ note: the gifs seem to be working on mobile but not on desktop- and it varies? also, gifs belong to their rightful owners from pinterest

    @choideluxe​ as promised here it is 🥺


    Let’s be real yeonjun would be over the moon to babysit with you

    His face would be :D as soon as you mention that you have to babysit your little cousin and he doesn’t mind babysitting with you

    He’d non-stop ramble on about how excited he is to see your cousin in person after seeing videos and photos you’ve shown him

    At first your cousin would seem a little shy, hiding behind your legs while Yeonjun crouches down to greet him

    “Y/n, who is he?” He’d glance up at you with puppy eyes

    You ruffle the young boy’s hair, comforting him. “His name is Yeonjun. Why don’t you say hi to him?”

    “Hi, Y-yeonjun hyung”

    “Hey there, bud. What do you say, shall we go to the playground?” holding his hand out towards him

    And the boy would nod his head and curl his fingers loosely around yeonjun’s pinky finger

    Yeonjun would look at you with the biggest smile on his face, you could tell he was overjoyed from the way your cousin had quickly warmed up to him

    You’d trail after them, smiling at the way yeonjun would every so often lean down to talk to your cousin

    As soon as you reached the playground you hear yeonjun chirp, “I’m gonna getcha!” while chasing after the little boy with his grabby hands

    Your cousin’s high pitched giggles would fill your ears accompanied by your boyfriend’s laughter

    Soon enough you see yeonjun looking back at you, cocking his head to the side signalling for you to join in

    Chuckling to yourself, you chase after your cousin, joining in the fun and eventually capturing him in your arms as you pick him up, feeling him wriggle and playfully squealing in your hold

    Yeonjun engulfs the both of you in his arms not long after, three of you laughing and he kisses your forehead, seeing his eyes smile from ear to ear


    You were told you’d be babysitting your nephew in the evening — after your older sibling told you their work hours would be clashing with their significant other’s

    But Soobin offered to babysit with you in case you’d feel tired, though you felt far from that

    You’re sitting on the edge of the bed, soobin by your side, as you read a book to your nephew before bedtime but he didn’t seem to be tired

    To be fair, you were told he took a nap earlier in the evening so you let him stay awake for a little while longer

    “Can we go to the shop and get some snacks? I’m a little hungry.” Soobin would suggest

    “Ah, yeah sure. There’s a shop around the corner so we’ll just walk.”

    Once you arrive at the corner shop you watch soobin walking around, hand in hand with your nephew

    You found it amusing how they’re both wearing grey hoodies, unintentionally matching

    You walk down a different aisle to grab some fruits after getting chocolate spread to match the pair

    Then you turn the corner to the section on the other side to see soobin and your nephew at the end of the aisle

    You stand there and just observe them from afar, watching soobin crouch down, eye to eye level with the young boy

    Rubbing his small back as your nephew rubs his eye and raises both his arms just to be picked up by soobin :((

    And your heart just m e l t s at the sight ❤️🩹

    You walk towards them down the aisle, tidying the little boy’s hair away from his face as you reach them. His short arms are loosely wrapped around your boyfriend’s neck and his cheek puffing up from leaning on soobin’s shoulder

    The both of you are walking home, soobin carrying your nephew with one arm, holding your hand with the other while you’re carrying the bag of snacks with your non occupied hand

    Y’all looking like a lil family ;-;

    You notice him rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb as you reach the front of the house, and he’s looking at you as if you’re the night sky filled with stars, “I can’t wait to have kids with you.”


    Your friend had asked you to look after their little girl, who seemed to be stubborn yet playful

    Beomgyu on the other hand, lets his inner child come out and teases the little girl with her dolls and playing tea party

    “I think this bear is mine, don’t you think?”

    The little girl would pull the most disgusted face at him, she ain’t happy

    You forget that whenever your boyfriend is around you have to babysit him too lmao

    As much as you hate to leave the room, you have to make dinner so they’re left alone in the living room

    But he’d continue teasing her by playing with the toys his own way, hearing them bicker from the kitchen

    He tests her patience too much until she gives him the silent treatment

    “I’m not your friend anymore.” She’d huff at him

    Of course, Beomgyu never enjoys receiving the silent treatment, not from you, not from the little girl, not from anyone

    She’s playing in the corner of the living room talking to her teddy and having a one-to-one tea party, all while beomgyu’s sitting on the sofa

    By the time you come back into the living room to announce dinner’s ready, you stop in your tracks at the sight of beomgyu asleep on the sofa

    The little girl is asleep in his arms and his hair is tied in a cute apple style that’s drooped to the side, probably tied by the little girl

    You take your phone out to take a photo of the adorable view in front of you, taking a couple shots from different angles

    Letting out a small laugh while looking at the photos, perhaps a little louder than you thought, you wake beomgyu and he looks at you with a gentle but sleepy smile

    “I take it you’re friends again?” and he nods followed by a little laugh


    Every time you bring up babysitting with taehyun he backs away from the idea almost immediately

    “Tyun, come onnnn~ you haven’t even tried.” You’d pout at him, holding both of his hands in yours, an attempt for him to look at your puppy eyes

    “Ah, I don’t know, baby. I don’t think I’m good with kids.”

    But you ignore his comment and continue looking at him, a little whine while you tug at his hands and he’d find that to be the cutest thing you’ve done

    How can he say no to that?? “Agh, okay okay.”

    Upon meeting your niece, she’d be a little hesitant to say or even speak a word to taehyun

    Taehyun can sense the kid’s nervousness, trying to have her warm up to him with a suggestion of watching hello kitty and with that your niece had the biggest grin on her face, so did tyun

    The three of you are sitting cross-legged on the floor watching the cartoon on the tv

    Initially, your niece would be sitting on your lap. Taehyun successfully attempts to engage into mini conversations with her about who her favourite character is and about what's going on

    Their conversation continues and she leaves your lap to walk over and sit on taehyun’s 💔

    As soon as the cartoon finishes, your niece would sulk since it finished but your cutie of a boyfriend manages to cheer her up

    “Where’s that smile?” He’d be tickling her until you hear her squeaky giggles, wriggling in taehyun’s hold

    You leave to answer a phone call real quick, and by the time you return you see him dolled up with a tiara and a matching wand and jewellery set with your niece

    You lean against the door frame smiling at them waving their wands, showing each other the bracelets which are the shiniest your niece has seen

    You overhear taehyun suggesting something to the little girl beside him, “Do you think we need a princess to make-over?” and you see him shoot you a wink pointing his wand at you and your niece agrees ;-;


    Your relationship with hueningkai is so pure and just pure bliss

    Once you ask him to help you babysit your niece and nephew he’d immediately erupt in glee

    You already know he’s great with kids, and because of how excited he is he’d bring two plushies either for the kids to play with or to keep :(

    “Hey, are you sure you wanna give that to them? What if they want to keep it?”

    “Then I’ll just buy another one,” He’d pat the top of your head while laughing at how cute you are

    And once he meets your niece and nephew they immediately warm up to him

    One minute they’re playing with the plushies, squishing them and cuddling them

    The next minute you see hueningkai reading a book to one and the other would be placing clips randomly in his fluffy hair

    “Looking cute” You’d say while sitting beside him and the two kids would look at each other, almost as if they’re plotting something

    Hueningkai takes one butterfly clip and clips your hair away from your face, of course you didn’t expect that and you’re suddenly frozen though your cheeks start heating up

    “Oooooh!” Both of the kids would coo at the cute gesture pls

    Your niece would take ahold of your hand and your nephew taking ahold of your boyfriend’s, making the both of you hold hands and him naturally lacing your fingers with his

    I just know he’d be so shy about it though and he’d let out that nervous but adorable giggle

    And to feel a little less targeted by your niece and nephew he’d hold his other arm out inviting them for a group hug

    They love hugs and who are they to deny hueningkai’s hugs?

    So they both run into you and hyuka, sitting on your laps and engaging into a cute group hug with their tiny giggles :’)

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    B30MGYU L4YOUTS 🦆💭

    like or reblog if use !
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  • yeostars
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    request: i was watching this tv show and it made me wonder how would txt react to you texting another man and then one day while yall are out he sees the man >:)

    warnings: none really

    requests open for reactions


    • begs to you to put your phone down and pay attention to him and you give in. but he feels guilty for being paranoid whenever you pick up your phone and texting, even though he trusts you so much. so he just says you should both go for a walk.

    • regrets it instantly when you shout at someone else and he recognises the name. a massive frown on his face when the man walks over to you both, it’s evident he’s not happy now. grabbing your hand, standing closer to you. sending subtle glares over to him and you are almost about to scold him for trying to cause a scene

    • “i think it’s time to go now.” he would try and tug at your hand and you say your goodbyes and try and reassure him that it’s nothing and explain the reasonable explanations as to why you have had to text him so often.


    • he will remain rational, not bringing it to because he doesn’t want you to think that he doesn’t trust you he’s just feeling much more insecure now only because you’ve told him about all your friends, even your male ones. he has no idea who this one is.

    • it’ll be when you’re out with dinner with soobin and all of a sudden another person comes up to your table and strikes up a conversation with you. you can see the confusion on his face and then you watch all the pieces click together and then you watch him frown at the realisation.

    • when he finally leaves then he will air all the feelings he was holding in and how and why he didn’t tell you you would feel bad that he had been holding that in the whole time and reassure him that you’re not interested in anyone else.


    • he’s jealous when you’re texting him and beomgyu will let you know that, he asks how you know him just because he doesn’t like the feeling of being insecure and feeling like something is going on. however, he believes you straight away when you tell him because he knows you wouldn’t betray him.

    • but it’s a different story when he actually sees him in real life, he has an attitude on him. even if the other man is trying to be nice to beomgyu, he has a sass about him that shows he’s not happy. he’s already trying to pry you both out of the conversation and walk away because if you’re his friend beomgyu doesn’t want to ruin it. but he doesn’t want to be there either.

    • so pouty after, just wanting a lot of attention to be honest, and reassurance for him. also wants to know everything about that man and gets red in the face and embarrassed when you tell beomgyu that your friend has a girlfriend and is very much not interested in you.


    • he’s the most calm and his laid back attitude means that he’s not too stressed or anything about you texting someone else. he’s confident in the fact of nothing would happen that he should be worried about

    • it’s only when he’s face to face with the man that’s when he’s slightly :/. he’s not to proud to admit when he sees another attractive man. then he would compare himself to the man and he would slowly start to feel much worse about it but still keeping it to himself for a while.

    • it’s only when he overthinks it so much he has to tell you, and then you get so sad looking at his sad face and you spend as long as you can complimenting every single feature on him because he’s so much better than anyone you’ll ever know. for sure.


    • pouty pouty, please i can see him just stood there with a frown on his face and his slight whiney voice when you ignore him for your phone and he asks you a bunch of questions as to why you’re not talking to him and when you say you’re texting someone he stops talking to overthink.

    • when you start talking to the man while he’s there he won’t say anything, just silently watching from stood behind you listening to the conversation when he just wants to leave the conversation and he starts to feel more and more sad

    • just give him a lot of hugs and attention and he will soon forget that the conversation and everything and then when he’s feeling better you can tell him that there’s nothing for him to feel panicked about.

    #txt imagines#txt fluff#txt reactions#txt angst#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun angst#soobin imagines#soobin fluff #choi yeonjun imagines #choi yeonjun fluff #soobin angst #choi soobin imagines #choi soobin fluff #beomgyu imagines#beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu fluff #taehyun imahines#taehyun fluff #kang taehyun imagines #kang taehyun fluff #hueningkai imagines#taehyun angst#beomgyu angst
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    reaction to getting rejected by their crush ‣ [ txt ] ✧

    pairing: txt x gn! reader. genre: angst, non-idol au. warning: rejection, insults, rebounds. word count: 0.5k tagging: @scintillasofbeomgyu @iovtae

    ⌕ › choi yeonjun

    yeonjun becomes upset and insecure at not having his feelings reciprocated, but he masks it with arrogance. he laughs it off to your face and deems you as someone with poor taste in men. every other time you see him afterwards are nothing but planned occurrences, as yeonjun wants to be seen surrounded by lots of people swooning over him in areas he knows you visit often. he always has his arms around one person on either side and shoots you a wink. deep down, yeonjun feels so insecure and stupid. you're the only person he has eyes for; he thought he made that clear. he hopes you'll become jealous enough to chase after him the way he was secretly chasing after you.

    ⌕ › choi soobin

    soobin is pretty accepting, but still down in the dumps for the next few of weeks. he tries to distract himself from the heartbreak with snacks and entertainment, like playing animal crossing or reading romance novels. but every time a villager sends a loving letter or a character confesses, he tears up because he feels so pathetic and lousy. he's looking for validation in a fictional world, when all he really wants is your validation. soobin doesn't sulk for long, though, and eventually works up the courage to ask you if the two of you could still be friends. still, a small part of him longs every time your legs bump each other's while hanging out.

    ⌕ › choi beomgyu

    beomgyu feels angry and humiliated at your out of the blue rejection. he has tears in his eyes when he accuses you of playing with other people's feelings, but his pitiful appearance in the moment doesn't stop him telling you that you're nothing but a loser who's going to end up alone. for the next few days his entire persona is, "who's ____? i've never heard of them before in my life" because he's embarrassed by not only getting rejected, but how he responded to said rejection. beomgyu asks you to meet up so he can apologize properly, and questions why don't like him, which does nothing but lower his self-estem. he just wants to be good enough for you.

    ⌕ › kang taehyun

    taehyun refuses to accept defeat, and starts thinking of ways to make you want him. he decides to use the jealousy tactic, and although he feels guilty about using someone for a rebound, he's ready to dump his morals if it gets him closer to you. he even goes as far as to find a way for him and his "new crush" to go out for a meal with you. though, despite initially planning to make you regret your decision by pretending to like someone else, he finds himself treating you as if you were his date. he orders for you, pours the pitcher of water for you, checks if you're enjoying your meal. taehyun concludes that his idea was dumb, but he still won't give up, and plans to court you again and again until you say yes.

    ⌕ › huening kai

    kai thinks he's done something wrong and quickly apologizes for asking you out. he acts like everything is fine and continues the conversation before feeling overwhelmingly awkward. kai doesn't think he could ever get over you, and he kind of doesn't want to. he still waves at you from across the street when he sees you and lends a helping hand with whatever he can without you asking him to. kai doesn't plan on moving on, at least not for awhile. he definitely checks your social media accounts to see what you're up to and to find out if you found someone yet.

    © spookybias | do not repost, reproduce, or plagiarize.

    #txtarcadianet #lsn.works #prism.nw #ficscafe#txt reactions #txt x reader #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt blurbs#txt angst#txt headcanons #choi yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun scenarios #choi yeonjun imagines #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin scenarios #choi soobin imagines #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu imagines #kang taehyun x reader #kang taehyun scenarios #kang taehyun imagines #huening kai x reader #huening kai scenarios #huening kai imagines #txt #tomorrow x together
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    🐻: No but what's so funny is that, they announce 'TOMORROW X TOGETHER!' like this, right, and Taehyun's next to me and just goes 'AHH!'

    🐻: And then the confetti bursts and he goes like 'AAHHHH!!'

    #the way he mimicked taehyun tho....cute #txt fluff#txt#txt taegyu#taegyu#txt taehyun#taehyun#beomgyu#txt beomgyu #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    TXT's Reaction To Catching You Singing Alone + Hearing Your Voice For The First Time 

    Requested?: Yes

    A/N: So the members are just chillin', walking down a hall when they catch you singing in one of the rooms by yourself. These are their stories-



    Man would be shocked that you could sing so well. He'd stand in the doorframe and admire your singing voice with a smile. He'd hope you don't catch him because he wants nothing but to continue hearing your voice. He's a believer in everyone having a unique voice and, maybe because it's you, but he LOVES your voice. If you do catch him, he would approach you asking, "When were you going to tell me you were a great singer?" Yeonjun would sound and look so offended. 


    First of all, he would feel honored to hear you sing. Also would feel like he shouldn't be there, especially since you clearly intended to sing alone. He would be at the door thinking about whether he should go or stay for a good while. You notice him staring within that time. He'd be quick to defend himself by saying he forgot something in the room you're in and realize that was a terrible lie. Then he'd sort of shyly admit that your voice sounds good and he'd love to hear more. 


    This guy would probably start singing the song you're singing with you if he knows it and/or welcome himself into the room. If you try to scold him or tell him to go away, nice try, but he's not going anywhere. Will sit/stand in front of you and tell you that you have a nice voice. Now expects you to sing if you want anything from him. 


    Laughs. Not because you sound bad or anything, but because you kept your singing voice from him. He lets himself in and compliments different aspects of your voice from tone to technique. "You're lucky I caught you in here. Could you keep your voice a secret from the others for a little bit longer? I want to have an 'I knew all along' moment." 

    Huening Kai

    Surprised at how good you sound with a hand clamped over his mouth. Would start clapping once you finish singing and enter the room, giving you a hug. "Wow Y/N you can sing too?! You're so cool!" He will tell literally EVERYONE at HYBE that you can sing. Be prepared to sing him to sleep.


    ©️ 2021 xxatinyminionxx. All Rights Reserved.

    #txt scenarios #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #txt imagines#kpop#txt #choi yeonjun imagines #choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun x reader #choi soobin imagines #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu #kang taehyun imagines #kang taehyun x reader #kang taehyun #txt huening kai x reader #huening kai#hueningkai imagine#minion works #gender neutral txt
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    Say you love me, say you love me, until the end of the world....

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  • a-blue-secret
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    Chapter XX | Chapter XXI | Chapter XXII

    GENRES: royal au; fantasy au; magic au; friends-to-enemies-to-lovers; king!beomgyu, vizier!taehyun

    PAIRING: taegyu

    WARNINGS: three swear words

    WORD COUNT: 4.8k+

    AN: A lot happens in this chapter, and if you aren't quite sure about something then please, please feel free to ask me! I'll be more than happy to clear up any queries you have :)

    SUMMARY: Best friends turned enemies, Kang Taehyun has managed to trick Choi Beomgyu into his service, and to rule for a year and a day, until his youngest brother would be old enough to take the throne. Choi Beomgyu has no intention of being obedient however, and tries to thwart Taehyun’s orders at every turn. With a growing amount of distrust and lies within the court, will Taehyun manage to keep the kingdom of Gojongja from falling apart?

    “I’ll send these to the goldsmiths, then,” Taehyun said as they walked back through the palace after their meeting with Yoongi. He rolled up the blueprints more firmly, holding them securely in his hands.

    Beomgyu nodded. “I think it’s cool how the blueprints of the chandeliers still exist,” he said. “Also the tiny Latin engravings are a really amazing touch.”

    “I know right?” Taehyun agreed. They rounded a corner, and Taehyun slowed down outside his chambers. “We can come up with some of our own words to engrave this time around. I’ll talk to Soobin on how to translate it, if you want.”

    “That’d be nice.” Beomgyu stopped in front of Taehyun, rocking on his heels. “I guess this is where we part, right?” He inclined his head grandly and, looking around quickly, gave Taehyun a small peck on the cheek. “Goodnight, love.”

    Taehyun’s ears flushed as he watched Beomgyu walk away. “Remember to sleep properly tonight!” he called, and Beomgyu turned around and gave him a thumbs up, walking backwards.

    “You too!” he called back, a grin on his face.

    Taehyun waved to Beomgyu one last time, before disappearing into his chambers.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    The next morning, Taehyun had been on his way to Yeonjun’s room to give Hueningkai back the marble when he was stopped by Chan. As soon as he saw Chan, he felt that something was decidedly off about the guard’s manner. He was still stoic and emotionless, but something felt… different.

    “His Greatness has requested your presence in his chambers,” the guard said, in the typical, stony guard tone.

    Taehyun nodded slowly. “Alright,” he said. “Alright. Come on, let’s go.”

    The two of them walked through the hallways, and the strange aura surrounding Chan only grew. Taehyun glanced back at the guard, and he stiffened. Panic was clear on Chan’s face. That was what had felt strange. The guard, normally as emotional as a brick wall in public, was looking increasingly worried as they drew closer to Beomgyu’s chambers. Taehyun continued to walk through the halls, fear settling in his stomach.

    They reached Beomgyu’s door, and Taehyun hesitantly knocked on it. He waited – half patient and half anxious – for Beomgyu to open the door. There was a muffled thump against the door, almost as if someone had put their full body weight against it. Taehyun's eyes widened, alarmed, and he hurriedly brought out his spare key for Beomgyu’s room, hastily unlocking the door.

    “I– Beomgyu!”

    He barely managed to catch Beomgyu as he fell limply through the doorway, almost face-planting onto the floor. It appeared that he’d been the one who’d fallen against the door, presumably after attempting to open it.

    He was white as the marble which they’d just ordered for their new ballroom. His hands were shaking: not just trembling slightly, but full-on shaking without any sign of stopping. The dark circles around his eyes had gotten impossibly darker, with a purple tint also appearing around the edges of his lips.

    Beomgyu struggled open his eyes, brown irises glinting painfully. “Tae– Taehyun?” he managed to croak, before passing out.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    The Royal Physician, despite working such a difficult job always surrounded by sick and nearly dying people, was a kind, smiley man whose presence immediately put Taehyun at ease.

    Taehyun watched, fiddling with his fingers, as Sir Kim calmly and efficiently went through all the basic check ups on Beomgyu.

    Beomgyu, after passing out cold in Taehyun’s arms, had been moved back into his room. Taehyun carried him and tucked him into his bed, while Chan hurried to fetch the Royal Physician. Occasionally, Beomgyu would stir weakly, see Taehyun sitting by his bed, struggling to give a smile to his vizier, before passing out again.

    When the Physician had arrived, he entered with a calm, almost motherly presence, and Taehyun felt himself relax in relief.

    “Alright, I’ll waste no time. Sir Taehyun, may I ask you a favour?”

    Taehyun stood up, nodding his head.

    “I’ll take his temperature, his pulse, and all those things, but I’ll need you to tell me his health history for me to figure out what it could be. Could you do that?”

    Taehyun nodded fervently. Sir Kim smiled. “Good.” He turned to Beomgyu, reaching for his wrist. He didn’t flinch at how unnaturally cold the King’s wrist was, only frowning slightly.

    “Taehyun, what was his condition like yesterday?”

    Taehyun coughed, trying to get the words out smoothly. “He was quite pale. Not as pale as right now, but paler than he normally is. He just looked tired, really. Dark circles, tired walk.”

    “No cough?”

    “No cough,” Taehyun confirmed. “But he had dry eyes. He kept on rubbing them. And-” his voice faltered as the Physician leaned closer to Beomgyu. “Uh, Sir Kim, what are you...?”

    “Just call me Seokjin,” the Physician said, placing his ear over Beomgyu’s mouth. “I’m just checking his breathing.” He pulled away, crouching down next to Beomgyu’s ear, clicking his fingers loudly. Beomgyu flinched slightly, even while unconscious. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out an incandescent light bulb which was still glowing. Taehyun widened his eyes: only a few people had light bulbs, with them only just beginning to be installed into the palace. Carefully, Seokjin opened one of Beomgyu’s eyes, moving the lightbulb closer towards him. Nodding to himself, he put away the bulb and addressed Taehyun.

    “His breathing is stable. His reactions are good, if a little slow, but that can be chalked up to him being unconscious. His pupils are dilating as they normally would, which is good. But his pulse…” Seokjin blinked calmly, staring at Taehyun. “His pulse became more erratic the longer I stayed with him. When I’d first checked, it was almost normal, but soon picked up speed. Does Beomgyu have any fears that you know of?”

    Taehyun looked around the room, seeing if there could be any potential triggers. “None of them are here,” he said finally. “I don’t know.”

    Seokjin frowned. “May I try something?” He moved around to the other side of the bed, where Taehyun was standing, and sat the vizier down. “Stay close to Beomgyu for a moment,” he said. After a pause, he added, “And hold his hand.”

    The Physician stepped away, as Taehyun confusedly obeyed.

    “You know how to check for pulse, right?” Seokjin asked. “Place two fingers on the inside of his wrist until you feel a faint pulsing.” Once Taehyun had done that, he spoke again. “Now, I need you to measure his pulse for me. Every time you feel it, tap your foot against the floor. Tell me if you are able to correctly predict when the next pulse will be.”

    Taehyun nodded, slightly confused by the Physician’s request, but carrying it out anyway.

    In the beginning, it was difficult to tap his foot at exactly the same time as Beomgyu’s pulse. But eventually, it evened out, and Taehyun could do it easily.

    “I can predict the next pulse now,” he said. “What does that mean?”

    Seokjin frowned solemnly. He pulled up a chair to sit by Taehyun, and spoke very gently and seriously. “I believe that this is not an ordinary sickness. The dark rim around his lips is not from a stain that he received after eating, or some strange form of lipstick. Dark purple marks like that often symbolise something else, along with unnaturally pale skin. Coupled with the fact that his pulse only becomes regular when you are near…” he sighed. “This is very complex, I’m afraid. I have a few suspicions, but I’ll need to carry out a few more tests. Is that alright?”

    “Of course. Will you need to be alone?”

    “Yes, I will. If that’s alright.”

    “That’s fine.” Taehyun looked at Beomgyu worriedly, gently squeezing the unconscious King’s hand. He stood up, bowing to Seokjin. “Thank you so much.”

    Seokjin smiled. “It’s no problem at all. Let me just call my assistant, and I’ll get right on it.” He stood up with Taehyun, walking him to the door and opening it. Standing right outside was someone around Taehyun’s height, with a bright aura and smiley eyes.

    “Hoseok, I’ll need your help with this,” Seokjin said, and Hoseok nodded. He bowed to Taehyun, before entering the room. “I’ll send a message to you once I can properly diagnose him,” Seokjin promised, and Taehyun nodded, giving a weak smile. Hoseok gave Taehyun a reassuring smile and small wave, before closing the door, leaving Taehyun standing in the middle of the hallway. Chan had just finished his duty, and there were a few moments where there was emptiness between his and Jisung’s shift, who was next to guard Beomgyu’s door. This meant that, for the moment, the hallway was empty. Taehyun stared blankly at the door, feeling so frustratingly useless. He couldn’t do anything to help Beomgyu, and it frustrated him. Hesitantly, he began to walk away, wringing his hands nervously. He didn’t know what to do, and it stressed him so much.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    Taehyun had decided not to tell Yeonjun and Hueningkai. What was there to tell them, anyway? ‘Beomgyu has passed out and we don’t know what it is’? There was no point. To also prevent himself from blurting out everything to the spies, Taehyun kept his distance from them, not even setting foot within the corridor that they were staying in. If he saw Yeonjun in the hallway, he’d give him a tight nod, before walking away stiffly.

    He couldn’t keep it up forever, though. Yeonjun eventually confronted him about his strange behaviour.

    “Taehyun,” he called, following Taehyun into the library. “Hey, Taehyun. Why are you avoiding me?”

    Taehyun stared at him blankly, before ducking down again to search the shelves. Yeonjun followed closely behind him.

    “Taehyun. Hey, Taehyun, look at me. Why has our friendship taken five steps back? Are we back at the beginning? When I was just a suspicious foreign Lord coming to see you and Beomgyu?”

    At Beomgyu’s name, Taehyun gave a choked cough, ducking his head even further. Yeonjun crouched down beside Taehyun and grabbed the vizier’s shoulders, forcing him to look at him.

    “Hey,” he said softly. “You don’t have to keep anything from us. You know that, right? We’ll help and support you no matter what. I promise.”

    Taehyun’s eyes were red and dry from how much he’d wanted to cry out of stress but had been constantly stopping himself from doing so. “I’m fine,” he said. “Just stressed. I’m not trying to ignore you, don’t worry.”

    Yeonjun nodded, reassured. “That’s good. Oh, by the way, where’s Beomgyu? I don’t see him hanging over your shoulder.”

    “He– he’s not feeling well,” Taehyun gulped. Yeonjun nodded understandingly.

    “Oh dear. Well, tell him I hope he gets better soon.” Yeonjun stood up, offering Taehyun his hand. “You’re okay, right?” he checked.

    “I’m fine,” Taehyun said, feeling a little calmer. He remembered something, and reached into his pocket. “Oh– here. I’ve been carrying it around for a few days now, but here.” He placed Hueningkai’s marble in Yeonjun’s hand.

    “Oh, thanks. I’ll give this to Hueningkai to destroy, then.” He smiled at Taehyun. “Don’t be too stressed, okay? Remember, there are people you can talk to. Me, a master diplomat and secret room-finder, Hueningkai, a master poison detective, and Beomgyu, a master of evading his duties. We’re all here for you.”

    Taehyun smiled weakly at Yeonjun’s attempt at a joke. “Thank you.”

    Yeonjun grinned, before walking away. As he was leaving, a small messenger boy came running up to Taehyun.

    “Sir Taehyun! Sir Kim has requested your presence in His Greatness’ chambers.”

    Taehyun widened his eyes, and ran out of the library.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    Seokjin and Hoseok were packing up their equipment when Taehyun burst in. Seokjin looked up at the vizier, who was out of breath from sprinting through the hallways with his eyes wide and anxious.

    “Hoseok, you can go talk to Taehyun. I’ll finish tidying this.”

    The assistant Physician walked towards Taehyun, who was staring anxiously at Beomgyu, who was still unconscious on the bed.

    “How is he?” Taehyun asked.

    “We’ve run various tests over the past couple of days, and the results should be back soon,” Hoseok said. “In the meantime, it’ll be perfectly fine for you to stay with him. His vitals, barring his pulse, are all stable, and we’re certain that what he has is not contagious. We believe that he’ll be alright.”

    “As in, he’ll get better, or he won’t die?”

    Hoseok hesitated. “As in, he most likely will not die in two weeks’ time.”

    Even with how unstable the statement was, Taehyun felt himself relax. Any sort of confirmation that Beomgyu wouldn’t die, no matter how unsure the confirmation was, made him feel a little more reassured. He gave a small smile. “Thank you,” he said. “Does that mean I’m allowed to stay with him?”

    “By all means, you’re welcome to stay with him,” Seokjin said, walking up to them. “In fact, we’d encourage it. He seems to become better in your presence.”

    Taehyun smiled at the two physicians. “Thank you so much, both of you.”

    “Don’t thank us yet,” Seokjin sighed tiredly. “Two days’ worth of work, sitting beside a sick patient, and yet we have nothing to show for it. The results should be back soon, so we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to stay by His Greatness. Look, he’s even beginning to stir, and you’ve only just stepped into the room.”

    Indeed, Beomgyu was beginning to gain consciousness. Though he had been incredibly still just moments before, his eyes were now struggling open, blinking in the light of the early afternoon.

    Seokjin bowed. “Hoseok and I will be going now.”

    Taehyun bowed as the two physicians left, closing the door. He hesitantly walked over to Beomgyu.

    “Beomgyu?” he said softly. “How are you?”

    Beomgyu blinked hard, squinting. “Taehyun?” he said croakily. Taehyun pulled up a chair beside the bed, holding Beomgyu’s hand as he opened his eyes fully. He couldn’t help the ironic smile that appeared on his face.

    “Beomgyu, love, you look like shit.” He held Beomgyu’s hand gently, lifting it to press a soft kiss to his knuckles. “You have no idea how worried I was,” he said softly. “Sir Kim – the Physician – kicked me out of the room for two whole days, and I was literally going mad with worry. And when I was called back, I feared the worst, but it’s good to see that you’re alive and well– but not exactly well because you look like shit.”

    Beomgyu smiled at Taehyun, recognising the similar words he had once said to Taehyun. “I see you’re not rambling as much as I did,” he said hoarsely. “Should I be offended?”

    Taehyun only smiled, tears blurring his vision. He held Beomgyu's hand close, pressing it against his lips. “Did I mention you look like shit? Because you do.”

    “I’ll take it as a compliment,” Beomgyu said. He reached out with his other hand to wipe away Taehyun’s tears. “Why are you crying? Don’t cry. As you can see, I’m alive, and looking like shit.”

    It was a weak joke, but Taehyun was smiling. “You idiot,” he said.

    “I’m a bedridden idiot,” Beomgyu said. “So you have to be nice to me.”

    “Alright,” Taehyun said, smiling tearily. “I’ll be nice to you.”

    He held Beomgyu’s hand tightly in his own, before promptly breaking down into tears.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    Beomgyu handed Taehyun tissues from his bedside table, sighing affectionately. He’d propped himself up on his cushions so he could sit up properly, his hand still being held by Taehyun.

    Taehyun glared at him, eyes wet, as he rubbed at his nose with the tissue. “Don’t say anything stupid.”

    “Hey, I wasn’t going to,” Beomgyu said, smiling. “But you know, it’s kinda weird how I’m the one who’s in bed with a throbbing headache and I can barely move my legs, but it’s you who started crying. But hey, I’m not gonna say anything stupid.”

    Taehyun gave a watery scoff, swatting at Beomgyu’s arm. He balled up the tissues and threw them into the bin, coming back to sit at the chair by Beomgyu’s bed. Beomgyu stared at his red eyes, wiping away the tears still left in his cheeks.

    “Wow, I never pinned you as an emotional lover,” he said amusedly.

    “Shut up,” Taehyun sighed, an affectionate smile on his face. “It’s what happens when I don’t get enough sleep.”

    “Speaking of sleep, it feels like I haven’t gotten any in about a hundred years,” Beomgyu said, letting out an exaggerated yawn. “My body feels so tired that I want to lay down forever. When will I be able to get up again?”

    Taehyun looked at him oddly. “Those two statements contradict each other so much that it’s more than just a little weird. But you won’t be able to get up for at least a few more days. You’re not actually healed yet. You just managed to wake up.”

    “That’s a shame,” Beomgyu sighed. “But it explains why I still feel like shit.”

    Taehyun’s face grew more serious. “Where does it hurt? Are you actually hurt? Do you remember anything? When did this start?”

    “Woah, woah, slow down, Mother,” Beomgyu joked. “Everything hurts, really. I just feel so… tired. Like, my actual bones are aching.”

    “That’s not good,” Taehyun said worriedly.

    “Nothing about this is good, love,” Beomgyu sighed, patting Taehyun’s hand. “But as long as you’re with me, I feel fine. Stay with me, okay?”

    Taehyun tightened his grip on Beomgyu’s hand. “I will. I promise.”

    Beomgyu smiled, sinking back into the pillows. He blinked slowly, as if struggling to keep his eyes open.

    “You can rest if you want,” Taehyun said, noticing how sleepy Beomgyu looked. He began to rise from his chair. “It’s almost evening, anyway. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

    “Wait,” Beomgyu suddenly said, refusing to let go of Taehyun’s hand. “Can you… can you stay with me? I know it sounds silly, but can you stay with me until I fall asleep? Just so I know that you still love me.”

    Taehyun blinked, face softening into a loving smile. Beomgyu’s tone was completely sincere. While it hurt him to think that he’d hurt Beomgyu so much that he needed confirmation that the vizier would stay, it just made him all the more determined to love Beomgyu as best as he could. He sat back down in the chair, holding Beomgyu’s hand with both of his own.

    “Of course.”

    Beomgyu’s face melted into a relieved smile. “Sing me a song?”

    “Oh my–'' Taehyun had to turn his head away so Beomgyu couldn’t see the endeared look on his face. The big doe eyes, the soft pout, the shy, gentle blush on his cheeks… yep, Taehyun was definitely in love with Beomgyu. He schooled his facial expression back into somewhat of a normal look, turning back to Beomgyu. “Honestly, why are you so cute? Yes, yes of course.”

    He cleared his throat, thinking for a moment for what to sing. He decided on a traditional Gojongja lullaby, the words flowing out of his mouth.

    Taehyun’s soothing, melodic voice filled the room, the melody sweet and gentle. Halfway through the song, Beomgyu’s eyelids began to droop, his head nodding a little. By the time Taehyun had just started the second lullaby, Beomgyu was already struggling to stay awake. In a few seconds, he was fast asleep. Taehyun finished the phrase he’d been singing, before gently releasing Beomgyu’s hands, tucking him gently into bed.

    He got up and looked down at Beomgyu’s sleeping form, smiling fondly. He looked so serene and beautiful. Gently, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss onto Beomgyu’s forehead.

    “Get well soon, love,” he whispered, straightening. He gave one more smile, before leaving the room, closing the door with a small click.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    Taehyun whistled as he walked through the hallways. It was the next morning, and he was on his way to visit Beomgyu. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.

    His duties. The new council was being formed that day. He needed to give them a run-down on how it all worked.

    He thought for a moment, before shaking his head. He could get Soobin or someone to do that. He’d ask Heeseung to inform Soobin, or he could even do it himself later. Taehyun gave a bright smile, resuming his journey towards Beomgyu’s room. Right now, Beomgyu was priority. He’d take care of Beomgyu first, then see to the council. A happy King made a happy Kingdom, right?

    He reached the door, and nodded at Seojung, who was on duty. The guard nodded back, knocking and opening the door for him. Taehyun stepped inside, softly calling out for Beomgyu.

    “Beomgyu, love? How are you today?”

    A pillow was suddenly thrown in his direction with huge force, and Taehyun ducked. The pillow ended up colliding with the metal coat stand, and promptly burst upon impact. Taehyun stared as the dust and feathers floated down, along with the torn pillow case. He stared at Beomgyu, frowning, before bending down to pick up some of the feathers across the carpet.

    “That’s not a nice way to greet me, you know. Do you know how much that pillow costs?”

    He received no comment in return. No playfully exasperated sigh at Taehyun’s scolding, no delighted laugh at his own mischief, nothing at all. Taehyun frowned, straightening, setting the feathers on a chest of drawers. He looked up at Beomgyu again, opening his mouth to say something.

    He paused, taking another step forward. “Beomgyu?” He spoke more cautiously now. “Love, are you okay?”

    In response, Beomgyu threw another pillow at him, which Taehyun managed to catch.

    Something was definitely wrong with Beomgyu, now. He was sure of it. Before, Taehyun had thought that the glare on his face was merely a playful one, but the longer he stared, the more he thought otherwise.

    Beomgyu’s gaze was cold and unfeeling, and sent chills down Taehyun’s spine. This wasn’t like the red-hot anger he’d seen on Beomgyu before, nor the playful, light mischief that normally lit up his face. No– this was harsher: a stony, unemotional glare that Taehyun had never seen on Beomgyu’s face before, and his eyes widened.

    He was sitting upright in bed, eyes cool and hard. He narrowed his eyes at Taehyun, fingers curling into fists around the silk sheets. There was a loud ripping sound: Beomgyu had held onto the sheets so tight that there were now large rips inside them.

    A growl sounded– deep and rumbling and almost sinister, and Taehyun almost took a step back in fear. This wasn’t normal. This wasn’t Beomgyu.

    Beomgyu’s hand reached out to his bedside table, fingers grasping the oil lamp. His gaze was still fixed on Taehyun. His knuckles were white; his skin was white; his eyes were pale and icy.

    Taehyun didn’t know what to do. He took a step forward.

    Beomgyu growled again, narrowing his eyes. Taehyun shut his eyes, not wanting to stare at him anymore. This wasn’t Beomgyu. His gaze, devoid of its usual warmth and bright emotion, wasn’t Beomgyu’s at all. And he hated it. It physically hurt him to see Beomgyu so unlike himself.

    Something came whistling in his direction, and Taehyun immediately smacked it into the wall before it could hit his face, opening his eyes. The oil lamp lay cracked and broken on the floor, the glass shattered and fragmented, as oil leaked pitifully from the lamp, an uncanny shade of dark red spreading across the expensive carpet. Taehyun looked up at Beomgyu, breathing in sharply at the ferocious look he was met with.

    Neither of them moved. Beomgyu, seemingly growing frustrated with this, picked up yet another cushion and threw it. His aim had been completely off: the pillow tumbled past Taehyun, far away from where he was standing. But still, that was enough for Taehyun. Beomgyu wasn’t acting like himself, and he needed to find out why.

    Taehyun strode up towards the bed, ignoring how Beomgyu growled and snarled in an almost animalistic manner. He grabbed ahold of both of the King’s wrists to prevent him from lashing out.

    “Beomgyu, listen to me,” he said in a low voice. “Beomgyu, stop this! Listen to me!”

    Even though he was weak and bedridden, Beomgyu continued to thrash around, trying to escape Taehyun’s grip. Struggling, Taehyun held on tighter, preventing Beomgyu from hitting him.

    “Stay– fucking– still– Beomgyu!”

    Out of options, Taehyun scrambled onto the bed (still holding Beomgyu’s wrists) and sat down on Beomgyu’s legs, squeezing them together with his thighs. He was practically straddling Beomgyu, with the other still struggling underneath him.

    And because this wasn’t his Beomgyu – his gentle, warm Beomgyu – Taehyun felt no remorse for what he was about to do.

    “Choi fucking Beomgyu!” Taehyun roared, strangling Beomgyu’s wrists in an iron grip. “I command you to stop at once!”

    Immediately, Beomgyu went limp in his grasp, eyes glazed over from the force of the command. Taehyun was breathing heavily from the effort it had taken to restrain Beomgyu. Slowly, cautiously, he clambered off the bed, falling into the chair beside the bed. He watched Beomgyu carefully, but he wasn’t doing anything. His eyes, glazed and unfocused, blinked drowsily. His head kept bobbing around. Beomgyu turned his gaze to Taehyun, curling his lips into a sleepy snarl, which still managed to make Taehyun flinch. Beomgyu tried to lift his hands, but it was obvious the command was preventing him from doing so. His eyes closed, then heavily forced themselves open again, before he shut them. His head dropped, and he was asleep again.

    Taehyun watched him for a moment, before quickly retreating from the room. He’d decided it would probably be best to return tomorrow.

    .・゜-: ✧ :-

    The next day, Taehyun peered into Beomgyu’s room in a much more cautious manner, slowly poking his head in. Beomgyu was staring at him curiously, head tilted. Much to his relief, Beomgyu looked much more normal now, his eyes now alight with their usual warmth. But he wasn’t going to be rushing in just yet. Whatever the hell had happened yesterday: he did not want a repeat of that.

    “What, have you turned into a snail or something? Honestly, you’re moving so slowly. Come in. I don’t bite, you know.”

    Taehyun made a disbelieving noise, still hesitating to come into the room. “I don’t believe you, after what happened yesterday.”

    Beomgyu frowned in a confused manner. “What do you mean? I don’t remember what happened yesterday. I’m pretty sure I was asleep the whole time. I told you before: every moment I spend with you is special, so I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if you came.”

    Taehyun hesitated. Then he opened the door wider, stepping inside and closing the door. “I remember you saying that,” he said. He sat down in the chair beside the bed, automatically holding onto Beomgyu’s hand. “Do you really not remember anything from yesterday?”

    Beomgyu shook his head. “I told you, I’m pretty sure I was asleep the whole day.” He pointed to his eyes excitedly. “See? I bet the darkness around them has gone down!”

    The dark rims around Beomgyu’s eyes had not, in fact, gone down at all, but there was no way Taehyun was dampening Beomgyu’s excitement. He gave a weak smile, and leaned upwards to press kisses just under Beomgyu’s eyes. “Indeed, they have,” he said softly. He reached out with a finger to trace the faint purpleness of Beomgyu’s lips. “But it hasn’t gone down from around your mouth.”

    Beomgyu’s lips formed a sad pout. “Aw, that’s a shame,” he sighed. But then his eyes lit up again. “Wait, if you give them a kiss, do you think it would go away?”

    Taehyun laughed at how adorable Beomgyu looked, in complete contrast to the cold, emotionless Beomgyu which had been in his place just yesterday. It was relieving to see him back to being his normal self. “Come here, then.”

    He pressed a soft, gentle kiss onto Beomgyu’s lips, smiling. This Beomgyu felt like his Beomgyu. So then what had happened yesterday? Why had his mood changed so drastically?

    Taehyun listened attentively as Beomgyu rambled, but a small part of his brain had disconnected from the conversation. He had no idea why yesterday’s Beomgyu had been like that, and in truth it scared him. Though he’d been able to put aside his personal feelings last time to subdue Beomgyu, he didn’t know how he’d be able to cope if it kept happening. And if it got worse… he didn’t know if he’d be able to forgive himself if he accidentally hurt Beomgyu.

    He had a sinking feeling that this bipolar personality of Beomgyu’s would carry on for a while, and he didn’t know how he’d be able to deal with it.

    Unfortunately, Taehyun was completely right. The issue was an ongoing one, and wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. In fact, it was soon going to get worse.

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