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  • y9njun
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    who i think txt was written by <3

    PARING. none listed

    GENRE. angst, fluff not really

    WARNINGS + A/N. mental/physical abuse (at soobins part) skip if you're sensitive. this is an older tt trend, but i wantwd to do it here!

    🌴 ; yeonjun

    — an old man who's dream was to become a dancer, but he couldn't achieve it due to an injury.

    🌴 ; soobin

    — a little boy with abusive parents who only longed for an older brother to protect him.

    🌴 ; beomgyu

    — a father who wanted the perfect boy for his daughter after she went through a horrible break up.

    🌴 ; taehyun

    — an old woman remembering her husband and all their memories when they were young together.

    🌴 ; kai

    — a mother who lost her son, and her only dream was to see him grow up.

    © y9njun 2021 — any reposts or translations of my works are strictly prohibited.

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  • gyucore
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    pairing: ot5 x reader (individual endings + true end)
    chapter tags: zombie apocalypse au, mystery
    synopsis: an unknown illness has rapidly spread throughout the world, taking down nearly the entire population and turning them into mindless vessels of death and chaos. in the midst of the rubble, you and your partner find a notice of a safe zone, and are taken in by a small group of survivors. you only have to hold out for seven more days until rescue arrives, but danger lurks at every corner, and not everyone can be trusted.
    word count: 1.67k
    warnings: swearing

    masterpost | starting line | D-1

    Rays of sunlight shine through the dust-filled windows, illuminating the entire room. Exhaustion kicks in upon realization that morning had come, and you haven't had a wink of sleep since you'd entered your room last night.

    There's a heavy weight on your chest, and you're not sure if it's from the lack of sleep, or yesterday's events. Everything was going at a fast pace. Fail to adapt and you're gone. Just yesterday you were having breakfast with everyone, and now you were all alone inside a room in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unfamiliar people.

    Beomgyu returned to your room last night only to tell you that he'll be sleeping in the conference room instead, and left before you could even protest. Worried that he was avoiding you on purpose, you snuck out a few minutes after to check up on him.

    Yeonjun and Kai were huddled with him in the middle of the conference room, and they looked like they were tinkering with the solar panel. Probably to get a head start on fixing it before the sun rises.

    As you were about to leave, Beomgyu looks up and you make eye contact. He doesn't tell the others about your presence, merely smiling in reassurance. It was his way of saying that there's no need to worry, and so you go back.

    You get up from your spot on the corner, doing a little stretch— body sore from all the moping around you did the night before.

    The duffel bags from yesterday draw your attention. You kneel down and rummage through yours and Sungjae's. It mostly contained canned meat, bottled water, some packed food and other snacks. You managed to grab a few clothes and undergarments too, and some sanitary pads, although you didn't need the last bit yet.

    Beomgyu's and Suhyeon's contained medicine, and a first-aid kit. They'd grabbed a few sneakers too as planned.

    You grab a fresh pair of clothes and shoes and head out the door. Twisting the knob open, you're greeted by a tired Beomgyu who was just about to head in himself.

    “Slept well?” You tease, eyeing the bags in his eyes that were quite similar to yours.

    “Like a corpse.” He snorts.

    You step aside and let him pass, and he collapses on the bed with a thud.

    “Oh, OH—” He jumps back up in fits of coughs after a cloud of dust fills the room. “When did Kai last clean this thing?!”

    You chuckle, leaning against the doorframe. “So, how did it go?”

    Beomgyu rolls on his back, peering at you by the doorway, the angle almost making you crack up at the look of his face. “I think it went well? I don't know. The others are up there right now setting it up.”

    “That's great then.“ You tell him. If all goes well, you'll be one step closer to salvation. “I'll head down first. Spare clothes are in our bag.” You gesture towards the bags before leaving to freshen up.

    Beomgyu sits back up, staring blankly at the pile of bags on the floor. Four in total.

    He wallows in the silence, mind racing with images of yesterday events. A lone tear hits his cheek as he sat there, frozen.

    The time had come.

    Everyone was gathered out the rooftop where the solar panel had been charging your phone for the past two hours. Luckily, you were situated at a place high enough to get good reception, placing the call out here should be sufficient.

    You find yourself holding your breath as you crouched down, punching in the first number on the flyer, and putting the phone on speaker right after.


    Not even a single ring.

    You couldn't dare to look back at the others. Reaching the safe zone was a gamble in itself so it's best to not place all of your hope in it. The thought had always been on your mind. That perhaps all of this had been for naught, and you've sacrificed the lives of many for something so futile and insignificant. In the end, you decided to take the risk.

    There were three numbers in total that were listed down. You couldn't lose hope yet. You try again with the second number, desperately praying the call to even reach.

    It doesn't.

    Your heart drops. “I.. This can't be.” The failure of the second attempt makes you panic, grasping around for something to hold on until your hand finds Taehyun's. He'd crouched down next to you while the others gave you some space to breathe.

    “It's okay. There's still one more number. See?” He points at the last number on the flyer, smiling.

    Taehyun continues to speak in a calm tone. “And if this doesn't work, then it's still fine. We've survived for this long without the existence of any safe zones, so this won't affect us at all. Okay?”

    Despite his encouraging words, it does nothing to sooth your worry. “But if none of these work, then..”


    You fall silent as Taehyun places his hand on your shoulder. “In the world we live in right now, we're forced to make a lot of difficult choices. Taking risks is a part of our everyday life, and you are no different. Like us, like everyone you know. We all take risks. And whether or not it works out, we'll find a way to bounce back. Let's just try to take things one step at a time, hm? Right now, we need to focus on survival. So let's call that number and continue off from there. That good?”

    You nod along, shifting your attention back to the dial pad. The keys sound off with each button you pressed, and with each sound, the pounding in your heart grew.


    Everyone had their eyes on the phone, pleading.

    And after a few painstaking seconds, the phone rings.

    “FUCKING FINALLY.” Yeonjun curses from behind, leaning onto Kai for support as he placed his hand on his chest. Soobin laughs his ass off at the eldest's reaction. Like everyone else, he was placing all his faith on that single piece of paper.

    The phone continues to ring until someone picks it up from the other side. “Safe Zone Unit 9 external contact office speaking.”

    “Hello! Uh—” You look back at the others, gesturing for them to move closer. “We found a flyer that said to contact this number to gain access to the safe zone.”

    “Understood. If you're in a secure enough area for a conversation, please indicate the number of your party, your health status, and your location. If not, then please end this call and move to somewhere safer.”

    You weren't entirely sure of your location, handing the phone over to Taehyun who's quick to respond. “There are six of us in total. Some have sustained minor injuries but we're all clean. We're at this old inn called Palace Noir in the middle of the Eastern Forest in PD District.”

    The lady responds after a short pause. “We've gotten a hold of your coordinates. Unfortunately, our rescue teams are currently conducting operations at the South. It'll take three days at most before they're back, one to prepare, and two more to arrive at your location. Will you be able to hold out?”

    Everyone agrees. There was enough supply to last everyone for more than a few weeks. All you had to do was avoid getting into trouble by then.

    “Yeah. We're good.” Kai chimes in, earning looks of approval from the others.

    “Very well. Kindly state your names, previous or current phone numbers, and your former address for Identification purposes.”

    The group continues to go through the motions with the lady on the phone. In order to be fully assured of everyone's status and location, the group has been requested to stay put inside the inn, and report to the safety zone via the same phone number once every two days, and on the day of the rescue.

    The call ends without unnecessary chatter. Taehyun and Yeonjun stash the panel back in the conference room while Beomgyu forces Kai to help him clean out your shared room. In the meantime, you're joined by Soobin up in the rooftop, basking in the cool breeze as you stare down the lush greenery below.

    The world might've changed for humans, but to nature, life continues on, unaware of the red that stains its path.

    “Hi.“ You're startled when Soobin, who'd been sitting silently by the shed, finally accompanies you in front of the railings. “We haven't really talked much since yesterday, but how are you? Adjusting well?”

    The guy flashes you one of the warmest smile you've ever seen, and you're compelled to smile back. “I've been doing better actually. Thanks for showing us around last night.”

    “No big deal.” He chuckles, leaning forward, resting his arms on the rails. “We're the ones who should be grateful, really. If it weren't for you two, we would've never found out about the Safe Zone. Leaving the forest has always been considered a dumb move around here.”

    “Been here for quite some time, huh?”

    Soobin shakes his head gently, eyes wandering below the building. “I've only been here for over a month. It hasn't been that long. Thought this place was good enough to keep me alive though, so I stayed.”

    “You guys must've kept everything here in great condition, huh?”

    “Well, kinda, but also not?” Soobin does a 50/50 motion with his hand as he thought about it. “We haven't checked the rooms on the first floor recently.”

    The last bit got your attention.


    Soobin shrugs. “Things got pretty busy around here, so we haven't checked the rooms since last week.”

    You didn't like the sound of that, mind replaying what you'd heard last night.

    “Sorry, Soobin. I just remembered I have something important to do. It's been nice chatting with you, though! Talk to you again, later. Bye” You quickly bid the guy farewell and rush downstairs. If your hunch was right, then there's no time to lose.

    You had to tell Taehyun.

    taglist: @fairybinie @hanniesss @hwallswrld @gyuza @junluvr

    #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt fic#yeonjun imagines #yeonjun x reader #soobin imagines #soobin x reader #beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #taehyun imagines #taehyun x reader #hueningkai imagines #hueningkai x reader #txt fluff#txt angst
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  • ghostingtrackone
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    friends? - [choi beomgyu]

    pairing: choi beomgyu x gn!reader

    word count: 1.1k

    genre: angst, fluff

    warnings: some physical intimacy, tequila involved, actions due to sadness

    notes: i’ve been reading some books lately, and a chapter in one of them sparked this idea in me in the middle of reading it. i hope you enjoy!

    things have not been okay since taehyun left. and not just the breakup - but him actually leaving.

    he wrote you all a letter about how he needed time to clear his head, and that things did not feel right. despite him having a caring group of friends, you, being great at everything he does, he still felt like he was missing something. he was not sure what it was, but it couldn’t help but eat him up inside. and the way he disappeared couldn’t help but eat you up inside.

    so he left. and there you were, right where he left you.

    you overthink it all and start to cry again as you finish getting ready for bed. it’s your only sense of comfort these days.

    when you enter your room, you close the door and dim your lights. you shake your head at the thought of when taehyun would come over and stay until you fell asleep because you never felt safe in the dark. but that is something he made you feel. well, when he was still here.

    you hear a couple of soft taps on your window. you look back and see a familiar and kind smile. it’s physically hard to, but you smile back. you walk to the window and open it, letting beomgyu in. he’s the only one who has cared about how you’ve been feeling lately.

    “i have a front door, you know…” you let out a soft chuckle.

    “oh but what’s the fun in that,” beomgyu jokes and closes the window.

    you clean up your bed to make some space for him to sit. after he’s been checking up on you every other day the past two months, you’d think you’d make the room look a bit more presentable. because of this, he doesn’t even have to ask how you’re doing. he just knows.

    “hey, no no, why are you crying?” he sits and then sits you down next to him. you didn’t even realize you were crying, and now you’re leaning on his shoulder, shaking.

    “why did he leave, gyu? i know his feelings were valid, i know he felt lost, but now i feel lost too. i don’t want a person to complete me but i just miss him, gyu. i miss him.” you sob and he stays in silent for a bit, rubbing your back and letting you hold him tight.

    “i miss him too, y/n. i wish we could have seen that he was getting burnt out and that he missed his family.”

    “but what did that make us, gyu? were we not good friends, was i not a good partner?”

    he lifts your chin up and shakes his head like his life depends on it. “what? y/n no, you’re amazing, alright? leaving had nothing to do with you, that i can promise. things just.. happen.. i should have noticed his actions, how he was changing…”he sighs.

    you frown a little and bring your hands to his face. “hey. don’t blame yourself either, okay? i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have-“

    “shouldn’t have what? expressed your feelings? it’s okay. i just.. think about it a lot too, you know? him leaving. you being here alone, even though i know you could hold yourself together and make it through.” you nod and wipe your tears. he clears his throat and opens up his jacket, taking out a bottle of tequila. “you want a hit?”

    you roll your eyes and scoff. you didn’t drink much and honestly you haven’t been in the mood for it (ironically). but this seems to be the perfect occasion for it, right? “yeah, sure, why not.”

    he opens it up and takes a swig first. it burns his throat and he tries not to show it. you giggle because you see right through it, you’ve hung out with him enough to know when he’s trying to keep his composure. you take a swig after, a long one, and he has to take the bottle from your hands.

    “there’s still one more person here, you know~” he says using the tone of voice you had earlier when he came through the window. you roll your eyes again and wait for him to take another drink.

    this goes on until the bottle is done, and until you are both laying down side by side. “fuck. i shouldn’t have drank this much. i still have to go home…” he groans.

    “no you don’t.”

    he turns to you and you turn to him. “just stay.”

    “are you sure?” he asks, internally begging for you to say yes.

    “yeah, of course,” you look at him for a while as he looks at you. you tuck a piece of his hair behind his ear. “i appreciate you always coming by to check on me gyu. trust me, it’s nothing.”

    “i don’t want it to be nothing…” he bites his cheek a bit before he speaks too much. you look at him a bit confused. “hm?”

    the tequila isn’t helping him. and before he knows it, he leans in and kisses you. right on the lips. after a few seconds, you begin to kiss him back.

    you moan a bit from surprise. while you wrap your arms around his neck as you sit up, he holds your waist as if he’s scared you’re going to get away. you kiss him deeper and a tear falls.

    “i miss him,” you say as you pull away, forehead still on his.

    “i know.”

    “but i don’t want this to end.”

    “i know. i don’t want it to, either.”

    he kisses you again and this time it’s softer. tears mixed with liquor is not what you expected tonight, but you could care less. you take off his jacket and then his hands roam your waist. you knew it was not going to go past this, but you still longed for more.

    “this is the first time in the past 2 months that i feel okay, gyu. why is that?”

    he looks up at you, not knowing what to say. but he feels the same. “i guess we make each other feel safe.”

    “but what if that’s temporary?” you ask barely above a whisper.

    “but what if it’s not?”

    despite both your unconscious guilt, your bodies still ached for each other. and it does not seem that the tequila is the reason for it. could it be the frequent visits that lead to this? could it be the sense of loneliness? or could it be that you’re both moving on?

    you don’t know. neither does he. but what you both do know - is that you won’t regret what happened tonight in the morning.

    and maybe that says enough.

    #txt scenario#beomgyu scenario #txt x reader #beomgyu x reader #txt x y/n #beomgyu x y/n #txt angst#txt fluff#beomgyu angst#beomgyu fluff#choi beomgyu #why am i cryifnajdhsjgjjdfjjdjfjdjf #nini works!
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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    jealousy, jealousy — sixteen: don't ask questions

    masterlist | previous | next

    summary ⋆ jealous that her ex boyfriend, jay, left her for someone "better", y/n goes to the one person who owes her something to make him feel the same. the one problem? that someone is park sunghoon, who just happens to be one of jay's bestfriends.

    taglist (closed): @mykalon @hobistigma @lokideadontheinside @atinyyylove @iuwon @tobiosbbyghorl @abdiitcryy @ohmy-fandoms @wonsverse @eitaababe @enhacolor @lumixen @lemonqal @cosmiclele @notrosemary @yeonjunlovie @goldenroses @angxln-ki @eclisqc @aj-1154 @xoxojayd3n @meiiiwa @blossomnct @youreverydayzebra @witheeseung @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @strawberryyukhei @dongyucks @killyoselff @ikyk-leeknow @neptuniees @liliansun @papiibuprofen @dear-dreamie @envirae @nshitae @simpforsung @90sni-ki @jay-durian @choihaiyun @nnasheii @robotsahi @nyujjan @catbitchh111 @itz-icys @fiantomartell @msxflower

    #i have heart eyes for bff!jungwon #also more beomgyu i'm sorry i'm a simp for him ok #that long text from jay 🏃 #enhypen smau#sunghoon smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen sns au #enhypen x reader #enhypen #enhypen x y/n #enha#enha smau #enhypen social au #enhypen socmed #enhypen socmed au #enhypen fake texts #enhypen scenarios#sunghoon fluff#sunghoon angst #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x you #sunghoon scenarios #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon#park sunghoon#sunghoon au
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  • gyuuss
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Not Clickbait

    ten “just like her”

    wc: 837
    warnings: slight angst

    “Do you have a boyfriend?” Beomgyu asked bluntly, making you look at him in shock. The two of you were in a library, with you studying while Beomgyu tagged along. You weren’t exactly sure why, especially since you were sure that Beomgyu still hated you. Luckily, he had been more talkative off cameras so you assumed that progress was being made. Yet, his behavior confused you and you weren’t sure why he decided to stick around.

    “No?” You replied in a confused tone, wondering why he would ask such a question. The crease in Beomgyu’s eyebrows went away and his posture wasn’t as stiff anymore.

    “Oh, I just saw that you posted this guy on your Twitter.” Beomgyu said, seeming almost embarrassed about the question he had asked. You began to laugh, finding it amusing how Beomgyu assumed Hyunjin was your boyfriend. You loved the man to death, but you wouldn’t date him.

    There was a time in middle school where you did have a crush on Hyunjin. That was until he sister-zoned you, making the crush instantly disappear. Now he was like your brother, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “He’s just my best friend, but how did you even see that?” You asked, knowing that Beomgyu didn’t follow your account. You checked often so you would know if he was lying or not.

    Beomgyu looked like a deer caught in headlights at your question and he began to fumble with the strings on his hoodie. One that you noticed he wore often (and you couldn’t help but imagine yourself wearing it).

    “It came up on my feed.” He answered hesitantly, looking away from your eyes. You nodded, giving Beomgyu a long look before turning your attention back to your studying.

    Beomgyu looked back up, observing your concentrated state. For the past week he kept wondering to himself why he was so drawn to you. He was supposed to hate you, yet he couldn’t help but feel comfortable in your presence. The feeling reminded him of someone important— and he wished it didn’t. That’s why Beomgyu didn’t want to be around you in the first place, because you were just like her.

    But, he knew that he couldn’t force himself to stay away any longer.

    “Why are you here?” You asked suddenly, snapping Beomgyu out of his daze. When he focused on your face, he realized that he had been caught staring. Beomgyu could feel the embarrassment burning inside of him, but he tried to keep his cool.

    “I don’t know.” He mumbled, and the response reminded you of your painful interaction a couple of weeks ago.

    “You don’t know?” You asked, wishing he could just give you an answer.

    “You seem cool, and I like that.” Beomgyu replied, making you freeze in your seat. You looked at him with a shocked expression, not expecting the man to say something like that.

    “You don’t— hate me anymore?” You hesitantly asked, suddenly forgetting about the papers under you as your full attention shifted to Beomgyu. He looked down at the table, seeming to think about an answer. The longer you waited for a response, the more you could feel your spirits dropping. He definitely still wasn’t fond of you.

    “That’s okay.” You sighed, beginning to pack up your things. You wanted to go home, you didn’t want to be near Beomgyu at the moment.

    “Y/N—” Beomgyu began to speak but you cut him off.

    “It’s okay, really. I’m just tired and I’m gonna head in for the night.” You said, flashing him a fake smile. Beomgyu felt a pang of guilt as he observed your solemn expression. He wanted to speak up, but he wasn’t sure what to say. Beomgyu had never been good at verbally expressing his feelings and he wished that he was.

    He followed you out the door, trying to keep up with your long strides. Beomgyu felt guilty, which was shocking when it came to you.

    “I don’t hate you.” Beomgyu called out, watching as you turned around to face him. The frown on your face showed how upset you were and Beomgyu could feel his chest tighten uncomfortably.

    “But you don’t like me either.” You stated, making Beomgyu go quiet. Beomgyu became frustrated with himself, not knowing how he felt about you anymore. He wanted to hate you, he really did, but it was just so difficult. Why did you have to be such a ray of sunshine?

    “I’m sorry.” Beomgyu mumbled, and you put on another fake smile.

    “It’s okay, Beomgyu. Not everyone is going to like me, and I accept that. I’m just glad that we’re able to be civil with each other.” You replied before heading out of the empty library. Beomgyu let you go this time, watching your figure until he couldn’t anymore.

    Beomgyu wondered if he should give up his pride, because he wasn’t sure if his heart could take seeing your disappointed face anymore. Especially if he was the cause of your disappointment.

    TAGLIST @envirae @enhacolor @yeoforce @gyuza @simpfortxt @faetarou @letmeal0ne @girlsfortxt @atinyyylove @gyuury @iyeonjuni @junityy @meiiiwa @ariaki @yjwfav @simpforsung @dimplehyunn @bluhr @hobistigma @youreverydayzebra @marscryingcorner @nyujjan @emobeomgyu @starlostinclouds @summery-bat @gyudenial @fairybinie @ddosie @kanojous @waeng-gang @user902100 @siriuslychim @90s-belladonna @salty-satan @junniesavidreader @jungwonniie @msxflower @pr0dbeomgyu @lokideadontheinside @baekhyunstruly @omkie @april1538 @beomjundiaries @rinyx @cosmiclele @miraculyfe @eternallyhyucks @envy-brr @todorokiskitten

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  • junityy
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    pairing. choi beomgyu x f!reader

    synopsis. when you (and your friends) transfer to another college, it seems like the perfect opportunity to play another girl to beomgyu. but little does he know how fast his name as the #1 heartbreaker gets spread amongst other students, so you decide to play him instead. but things don't go like planned, meaning they eventually get confusing, chaotic and ugly.

    genre. smau + series (will contain written chapters as well), crack, fluff, angst, college!au

    featuring. stray kids, itzy, aespa, enhypen

    started: october 16th, 2021

    ended: n/a

    status: ongoing + kinda slow updates

    send an ask to be added to the taglist! (no comments, they will be ignored)

    4lifers or whatever | losers on campus | other

    chapter 01 ㅡ new people, same us

    chapter 02 ㅡ y/n dating era ?!

    chapter 03 ㅡ you're kidding.

    and more to be added !

    #play: no1 heartbreaker #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu smau #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu imagines#beomgyu angst#beomgyu fluff#beomgyu smau#txt reader#txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt angst#txt fluff#txt smau #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together x reader
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  • soft-taegyu
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Taegyu | This is Our Drama pt. 6

    ~Summary: It seems like everyone loves Choi Beomgyu. He’s an idol, he’s handsome, he’s charismatic, and he’s the top of the senior vocal class. He and his best friend Huening Kai are always the talk of the school, known for being funny and popular on top of being in Bighit Entertainment’s boy group Blue Hour.

    Yes, everyone loves Beomgyu…except Taehyun.

    Top of the senior strings class and on the path to becoming a professional violinist, Taehyun is clever, witty, and sweet. He’s hardworking and focussed, and he has succeeded in avoiding Beomgyu since he came to Gangnam Academy for the Performing Arts two years before. He doesn’t understand the hype, and besides, he has more important things to worry about.

    Taehyun is sure he’s going to make it to the end of high school without ever saying a word to Beomgyu, until the head of the music department decides to host a graduation concert with all of the senior music students. With countless rehearsals and quiet after-school practices, the two finally have to spend some time together. And Beomgyu is determined to find out why Taehyun is the only person alive who doesn’t like him.~

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7

    Part 6: Make it Work

    Soobin stood on the street, peering around the corner of the restaurant where he was supposed to meet Yeonjun for dinner. It had been a couple weeks since Blue Hour’s promotions ended, so they were finally able to go on their first date. The evening was cool for late March, and he would have preferred to wait for his date inside, but one look at the seriously upscale Japanese restaurant kept him from approaching. It was the kind of place that had its own door man and a valet, and the guests showed up wearing swanky outfits made by top designers. Yeonjun had told him to dress up, but Soobin still felt underdressed in best jacket, dress shirt, and pressed pants. One woman’s Chanel purse probably cost more than his entire outfit combined.

    So he was hanging back near a street light, feeling extremely out of place and unsure whether they would let him in to eat even if he was with Yeonjun. His eyes searched each person who walked past the restaurant, desperately hoping the idol would show up soon. He glanced at his phone, double checking that he had the right time and the right location. He was seriously debating just walking away and giving up on the whole thing when he felt a gently tug on his sleeve.

    He turned around, and his breath caught in his chest, his worries about the luxurious restaurant momentarily forgotten. There was Yeonjun, looking at him with a fond smile on his face. The idol’s hair was styled up off his forehead, and he was dressed in a long, designer black coat with faint white pinstripes. It had a high collar and tapered in at the waist, flattering his slim figure. Delicate, silver hoop earrings glinted in his ears. He looked dashing, and Soobin thought he’d seem completely untouchable if he didn’t know what a dork he was.

    “Hi,” Soobin finally said, returning Yeonjun’s smile. “You look amazing.”

    “Not as amazing as you,” Yeonjun answered, tugging on Soobin’s sleeve playfully. “I always knew you’d look sexy dressed up.”

    Soobin blushed and glanced away shyly, but his small smile brought out his dimples. He hated how much he loved Yeonjun’s attention.

    Not waiting for Soobin to reply, Yeonjun kept hold of Soobin’s sleeve and started tugging him down the alley at the side of the restaurant. Soobin followed but glanced at him curiously.

    “Where are we going?” he asked. “Aren’t we going to have dinner?”

    Yeonjun glanced back, grinning widely. “Of course! I danced for 4 hours before I got here. I’m starving. We’re just going in the VIP entrance.”

    Soobin was confused until they arrived at a heavy door in the side of the building labelled “Staff Only,” the dim lamp above it the only light in the dark, deserted alley. Yeonjun let go of Soobin’s sleeve and knocked on the door, which was quickly opened by a woman wearing a white dress shirt tucked into an elegant black pencil skirt. Her long dark hair was piled into a knot at the back of her head and held in place by two silver chop sticks.

    She smiled at Yeonjun. “Welcome back, Mr. Choi. We have your table ready as you requested. Please follow me.”

    She gestured for the couple to come inside, and Soobin held back his questions as they were led down a hallway, past a large professional kitchen, and through a swinging door into was the back section of the restaurant’s main dining room. It was elegantly furnished with sleek, modern booths and tables, the colour scheme black and white with gold accents. Arrangements of large potted plants and delicate orchids were placed around the room, with small but intricate crystal chandeliers hanging at intervals to create the atmospheric lighting. At the very center of the room, colourful fish swam in a huge, cylindrical aquarium that reached up to the very top of the high ceiling.

    The woman led the two young men along the back of the room, the wealthy patrons not even glancing at them as they talked and enjoyed their meals. Soobin swore he spotted a celebrity or two among them, but it was hard to tell in the dim light.

    Finally, they arrived at the far wall, which was broken up by sliding doors that concealed private dining tables. The woman opened one in the back corner to reveal a table for two, set with silver chop sticks and small bowls for soy sauce. Two menus sat in the center next to a small white candle. Soobin and Yeonjun slid into the plush booth seats on either side of the table and looked back at their host.

    “Your waitress will be with you shortly,” she said, then slid the door shut behind her.

    For the moment, Soobin and Yeonjun were alone.

    “Okay, what the hell is going on?” Soobin asked, keeping his voice low. “There’s no way I can afford this place.”

    Yeonjun grabbed a menu and grinned mischievously. “That’s why I’m going to treat you. It’s only fair since I made you wait so long for our first date.”

    Soobin just shook his head, knowing that he had no choice at that point. He was still wide-eyed and dumbstruck about the whole thing. When he reached for a menu, his eyes almost dropped out of his head at the prices.

    He glanced back up at Yeonjun, his eyebrows raised and his mouth slightly open in shock.

    Yeonjun smirked, looking like he was enjoying himself a bit too much.

    “Only the best for my Soobinnie,” he said. Then, he leaned in and lowered his voice. “Besides, the prices here account for more than just delicious food. All those people out there are paying for discretion. You’ll never catch Dispatch in here, but people still talk, so I got us a private table just in case.”

    Soobin frowned, pursing his lips together at the implications that came with that. He wanted to press Yeonjun about the intense secrecy, but his concerns were temporarily forgotten when their waitress slid open the door to take their order.

    The two ended up ordering a sushi boat to split, and the incredible food and fear of being interrupted made Soobin want to keep the conversation light. His concerns about what Yeonjun being both gay and an idol meant for their relationship lingered in the back of his mind, but he put them on hold. The handsome boy sitting across from him ate like a monster, humming appreciatively and smiling every time he took a bite. Despite it all, Soobin’s heart felt so warm watching him.

    “You’re staring,” Yeonjun said, setting his chopsticks down. He perched his head on his hand and fluttered his eyes at Soobin. “Enjoying the view?”

    Soobin smirked. “Hmm, just thinking I might like you a little, even if you do eat like Kirby.”

    Yeonjun reached across the table to smack Soobin’s arm, then gently brushed a hair behind his ear.

    “I might like you a bit too,” he said softly.

    Soobin grabbed Yeonjun’s hand and lowered it so they could hold hands across the table.

    “Can we really do this?” Soobin asked. “I don’t want you to have to hide…”

    Yeonjun shook his head. He gave Soobin a smile, but his eyes were a bit sad.

    “Let’s not talk about that yet,” Yeonjun said, squeezing Soobin’s hand. “Just sit and finish your sushi so I can keep staring at your gorgeous face.”

    Soobin did what he was told, letting go of Yeonjun’s hand so that he could pick up his chopsticks and grab a piece of sushi.

    The conversation turned to back to simple things, like Soobin’s class at the university and Yeonjun’s everyday life as an idol. Yeonjun told Soobin all about Beomgyu and Kai, his fondness for the younger members of Blue Hour clear in the stories he told and the way he smiled when he mentioned them.

    Still, the mention of Beomgyu brought a memory to the front of Soobin’s mind. He had been curious when Yeonjun messaged him to ask for advice about how Beomgyu could get on Taehyun’s good side, but he hadn’t been able to find a good chance to ask about it before.

    “Speaking of Beomgyu, why did you really ask me how he can get closer to Taehyun?”

    A small smile spread across Yeonjun’s face. “Oh that? Beomie just has a little crush on him and I was trying to help him out. He’s being really adorable about it, actually. Don’t tell Taehyun that though. I promised I’d keep it a secret.”

    Soobin found himself grinning back at Yeonjun. Of course. He should have known it was something like that instead of assuming the worst.

    “That’s really cute. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. It’s better if they work it out between themselves anyway.”

    It seemed somewhat strange to be talking about his friend’s high school drama with an idol in a restaurant he wouldn’t be able to afford in his wildest dreams, but he couldn’t help it. His world was still so far removed from all this lavishness. Besides, Taehyun was like a little brother to him. He felt protective, and knowing that Beomgyu’s intentions were good put him at ease.

    Soon, the two had finished their meal. True to his word, Yeonjun covered the cheque, and the two made their way out of the restaurant the same way they came in. When they stepped back out into the empty alley, Yeonjun reached out to intertwine his fingers with Soobin’s, and the atmosphere suddenly felt heavier. Alone in the dark with Yeonjun, Soobin could feel his questions and fears rising back up to the front of his mind.

    Soobin glanced down at their interlocked fingers and took a breath, stepping forward so that he and Yeonjun were facing each other.

    “We have some things we still need to talk about, don’t we?” Soobin sighed.

    “Yeah.” Yeonjun said, his face falling. “Soobinnie, I really like you, and I like being with you, but I took you here tonight because I needed you to understand what it really means to be with me. The world sucks, and contracts suck, and I’m gay but I can’t be…Still, being an idol, my career…It’s important to me. I don’t want to have to keep us secret and it’s not fair to ask that of you. So I’m gonna give you the chance to back out now before we both get too invested. I promise I’ll completely understand.

    “But if you want to be with me, and if you think you can stand all the bullshit that comes with dating me…I’d really like it if you’d keep being my boyfriend.”

    Yeonjun dropped his gaze to his feet, waiting for Soobin to answer, but all Soobin could feel was the fluttering of his heart and the warmth spreading across his cheeks. He tightened his grip on Yeonjun’s hand and brought his other one up to Yeonjun’s chin, gently raising his face so they were looking into each other’s eyes.

    “Yeonjun, if keeping our relationship secret is what we need to do to be together, so be it. It’s going to be hard, sure, but I care about you, and I want us to try and make this work. As long as you want to, I’d really like to keep being your boyfriend.”

    Yeonjun’s eyes widened, and even though the older boy would deny it later, Soobin swore he could see relieved tears well up in his eyes. Soobin gave Yeonjun a fond smile and bent down to give him a soft kiss.

    “I’m so glad you said that,” Yeonjun whispered against Soobin’s lips.

    They kissed again, and when they broke apart, Yeonjun giggled, the mood significantly lighter.

    “Soobinnie likes meeee,” Yeonjun sang, reaching out to Soobin and swinging their hands back and forth between them.

    Soobin rolled his eyes, but he was smiling too. “Yeah, and I guess you’re kind of romantic, taking me to such a fancy restaurant for our first date. Maybe I’m charmed by more than just your pretty face.”

    “I do have a pretty face though.”

    “Oh shut up.”

    Hand in hand, the two walked away from the alley and into the Seoul night.


    Taehyun knew he should have been practicing.

    His audition was in three weeks. He knew it, and yet his violin sat in its case the whole evening. Instead, he found himself sitting on his bed with his laptop, feeling conflicted.

    Damn that Choi Beomgyu, he thought, replaying what happened in the auditorium in his mind.

    He picked up his phone and checked, not for the first time, that Beomgyu’s number was actually in his contacts and he hadn’t been imagining the whole thing. Sure enough, the little teddy bear emoji stared back at him from where it had been added after Beomgyu’s name, same as it had the past thousand times he looked.

    Turning back to his laptop, he opened his browser, only to close it again a second later.

    What am I doing?  Taehyun asked himself, groaning internally. He told me he liked my music and gave me his number and suddenly I’m in crisis? Get a grip.

    Taehyun was…curious. At the beginning of the semester, he never would have imagined he’d be sitting in his room, late at night, thinking about looking up Blue Hour because he wanted to learn more about Choi Beomgyu. He would have laughed in the face of anyone who even suggested it. Now, he couldn’t help but wonder. He never really knew Idol Beomgyu, the Beomgyu that everyone seemed to think they knew before he’d even set foot in their school. He thought he knew the regular Beomgyu — the one from school who talked too much and annoyed him —but now he was thinking that maybe he had no idea who Choi Beomgyu was at all. And maybe that bothered him. A bit. Like, a tiny bit. Like the size of a single grain of rice tiny bit. He didn't like being wrong.

    He opened his browser again.

    Okay, maybe just one video…

    It was not just one video.

    He started with interviews and behind the scenes shoots from their promotions. He saw the easy way that Beomgyu teased and played around with Yeonjun and Kai and found himself laughing along with them. He watched the way Beomgyu’s brow furrowed in concentration as he monitored performances and picked apart things he wanted to do better. It turned out that Beomgyu was a perfectionist, hard on himself for his mistakes and determined to get all the details of a dance just right. Taehyun saw the way he cared for Yeonjun and Kai, hyping them up when they had solo projects showing them affection as if they were his own brothers.

    Hours passed like that, but Taehyun hardly noticed it was getting late. He’d never admit it, but he was down a rabbit hole and couldn’t tear himself away.

    And then he found vlive.

    His mouse hovered over one video from a few days ago, where Beomgyu was sitting in a studio room with a keyboard. It was Beomgyu’s most recent solo live, and he clicked on it, in too deep to resist his curiosity now.

    Beomgyu opened the live casually, playing music and talking to fans about his day. Taehyun was struck by how kind and open he seemed, struggling not to be endeared by his goofy jokes and genuineness.

    Then, a fan question came up, and it was like someone poured a bucket of cold water over his head.

    “Beomgyu how is school going?" Beomgyu read out. “Well, classes are fine, but I don’t have time to study as much as I should. But really, I’m a bit worried. I have this friend I want to get to know, but I don’t think he wants to talk to me. Moas, have you ever been in a situation like that? What do you think I should do?”

    Beomgyu was smiling as he read out the answers. Some of them were genuine advice, but a lot were telling him that they couldn’t believe anyone wouldn’t want to be his friend.

    “ ‘We love you so much Beomgyu it’s unbelievable that someone doesn’t like you!’ Ah this moa knows me. Right? I’m so lovable. Why be sad when I have such lovable moas too?”

    The conversation moved on after that, but Taehyun’s heart felt like a rock in his chest. It was the same feeling he had when Beomgyu confessed that he hadn’t known how to talk to him and became shy because of it. It was guilt. Truthfully, Taehyun hadn’t realized Beomgyu cared so much, or that his attempts to get to know him were so genuine.

    I should talk to him, Taehyun thought, looking down at his phone.

    He hesitated for a moment, letting the live play while he contemplated what to say. Then, something caught his attention.

    “You want me to play something on the piano? You know, Kai’s way better at this than me, but he’s been teaching me and I think I’m getting pretty good!”

    Taehyun watched as Beomgyu moved over to the keyboard and started to play and figured that would be as good a conversation starter as any. He picked up his phone and started typing.


    hey it’s taehyun

    i didn’t know you could play piano

    Almost immediately, his phone buzzed with a response.


    Taehyunnie!!! hi!!!

    :O u saw my live?

    I can play but i’m not that good


    no i thought you did well!!


    Ahh thank u <3<3<3

    Maybe i’ll play something for you someday ;)

    I’m way better at guitar tho

    And that was how Taehyun found himself talking to Beomgyu into the night. There was nothing really special about their conversation — they didn’t really talk about anything important — but Taehyun found himself smiling more than he thought he would. By the time they both finally fell asleep, Taehyun found himself thinking that maybe getting to know Beomgyu wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    To be continued…

    Part 5 | Part 7

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    chapter 7 : psst! guess who!
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    I can't love you.

    Choi Beomgyu

    © chuuerriesxc - please don’t steal/copy

    Warning: mentions of suicide, death, ghost??

    Genre: angst

    A/n: this was just a short fanfic i made so don't be mad at me if it just doesn't make sense cause that's the point ig?? Please do enjoy this fanfic <3

    “Beomgyu I can’t be with you..”

    “WHY?! AM I NOT ENOUGH??” as he screamed at you not knowing why cant you just accept his love



    “because beomgyu im not even real.. I’m just a ghost I came back to my body again just because I feel so lonely up there until I lose my mind and went here.. I promised myself just to enjoy life one more time before they found me and take me back but then I met you and I fell for you and so did you,

    I didn’t want anyone to be hurt to just to see me disappear, I’m sorry. I loved you even when I knew my heart isn’t even beating anymore, even if don’t have my breath again, even if I have no feelings to feel but I did for you, I did...So please forget me,”

    All beomgyu can do is stand there hearing all those words even and it hurted him the most that he fell for you even if you are just a ghost. All he want is just to be with you.

    “y/n take me with you.. Please I can’t live without you..”

    “no beomgyu, you can live without me I know you can but just please forget me cause I’m nothing then ashes and just a flying spirit.”

    As she said that the angels appeared and dragged her out of beomgyu’s sight as he tried to ran to catch you some angles was also holding him back. All he can see is you smiling with a tear and whisper “I love you beomgyu,” and then she disappear with the light.

    Beomgyu cried his heart out all he can feel is pain, all he wanted is to be with you and love you.. was that too hard to ask?

    “don’t worry y/n I’ll come for you sooner or later, alive or dead”

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    Pairing: TXT x Reader

    Genre: Romance, angst, possible smut?

    Warnings: None! Just some swearing!

    Word count: 5.1k

    A/N: Finally here! As always, sorry guys for making you wait so much and I hope you enjoy this chapter! I hope the waiting was worth it! ^^

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    Looking for Jungkook as soon as you get into the building where you have class in had become a habit. The sight of your boyfriend first thing in the morning never failed to bring a smile up to your face and his sweet words always won over the awful feeling you got from dragging yourself out of the comfort of your bed so early.

    In a few words, Jungkook just made your morning way better.

    Although it would be stupid to deny you instantly felt dissapointed when you found him by his locker, side by side with Taehyung and surrounded with girls that kept fangirling over them, they've been the cause of some of your arguments with Jungkook but he never actually listened and kept hanging out with them. Jimin was also there and by the look on his face, the male was feeling way too sleepy to even think about being interested in the conversation, his brain was probably still in bed.

    Sighing you changed directions and headed towards your own locker instead, not because you felt the need to avoid them but because it was way too early to start dealing with Taehyung's icy comments, things between you and him had been slightly tense since you had clearly defended one of the Loners from him and he was making sure you didn't forget you had chosen the wrong side back then. Jungkook obviously supported his friend, claiming people like you had to maintain your reputation no matter what but they both already knew that if keeping your reputation meant bullying others, there was no reputation for you to keep.

    You couldn't help but let out a slightly frustrated sigh when your eyes scanned the overcrowded halls, filled with frantic students that were heading to their lockers or to their class. A coffee would have also made your morning slightly better but your lack of time didn't allow you to make a stop by your favorite shop. A soft headache started appearing due to the irritation you were feeling, caused by constantly bumping into people or the sound of them closing their lockers unnecessarily loud.

    It could also explain why you hadn't noticed the two pairs of eyes following you to your locker. One watching you amused while the other felt like he was on the verge of having a heart attack.

    "That's the girl who helped you?" Soobin looked at Huening Kai when he felt his friend tensing up beside him as soon as you came into their sight. The younger male nodded quietly, forcing his eyes away from you to look at Soobin who kept talking "She's (Y/N), she's in some of my classes" Huening Kai nodded at the words, his hand gripping the coffee he got for you a bit too tight.

    “(Y/N)?” Huening Kai repeated your name quietly, kind of liking how smooth it sounded when it came from him. His eyes kept following the movements your oblivious figure made, apparently struggling to find something in your locker. “She seems nice” He added even when he knew you were.

    “She IS nice'' Soobin confirmed with a small smile, glancing at his watch before he turned around to face his own locker in order to start getting his books out “I wouldn't say the same for her friends though, what a shame” He added slightly quieter, careful so nobody out of their conversation would hear his comment. “Are you actually going to give her that coffee? First period starts soon and if you’re too scared to approach her I could use some caffeine right now” Soobin smiled at his friend over his shoulder, actually trying to check if he was being brave enough to approach you or just stay glued to his place.

    Huening Kai looked from you, who was still struggling with something inside your locker to his friend, inevitably hesitating. You didn't seem to be like those mean girls that usually hung out with you, the ones that constantly flirted with your boyfriend and Taehyung and who kept snickering whenever "The Loners Club" walked past them. Insecurity was a bitch though and he couldn't help but start imagining random scenarios of how you would react when he approached you and none ended well.

    However, he still felt like he should thank you for what you did for him. He knew it wasn’t a big deal and that you probably weren't expecting something in return but he still felt like he should show some gratitude. Not everybody had the guts to stop Taehyung when he was determined to make fun of someone and you had done it without hesitating for a second.

    “What if she gets the wrong idea and thinks I'm hitting on her or something?” Huening Kai asked frowning, fingers tapping on the coffee cups nervously. Soobin frowned as well, picking some books from his locker, balancing himself on one leg as he placed his backpack on the other one, trying not to fall down and attract unnecesary attention.

    “She would only think that if you said something weird” He replied glancing at Huening Kai “Dude, just approach her and tell her thanks, she’ll love the coffee and she won’t laugh at you for it, I promise, she’s not that kind of person”

    Huening Kai scoffed “You’re talking about her as if you are best friends when you probably haven't held a conversation longer than five minutes with her”

    “I can read people pretty well and you know that" Soobin said scoffing in return, refusing to admit Huening Kai had a point. Closing his locker, the older male turned in time to see you had finally found whatever you had been looking for inside your locker. “(Y/N) will appreciate it, trust me”

    The younger male sighed looking at you, knowing he either gave you the coffee now or he would have to give it to Soobin who wouldn’t mind drinking it, even if it wasn’t the usual beverage he ordered. “Alright, alright but if something goes wrong I’m blaming you and telling her this was your idea” He threatened his older friend, who only chuckled and patted his back in a reassuring way, watching Huening Kai push himself off the wall to approach you.

    “I can’t believe I forgot my entire pencil case at home” You groaned out loud, the girl whose locker was besides you threw you a weird glance that you decided to ignore for the sake of your sanity.

    With a pout on your lips, you kept looking into the locker as if the missing item would somehow spam right there out of nowhere. You knew you could just ask someone for a pen but you were the kind of person that enjoyed taking notes with a bunch of different colors, it helped you study and writing in just one color meant you would have to redo everything you wrote in class at home.

    Your day couldn't get worse.


    The sudden unfamiliar voice brought you out of your thoughts, finally surrending and accepting no mysterious magic would make your pencil case appear inside your locker. Holding the need to whine again, you forced your eyes away from the bunch of books you’ve placed in there and turned around to face the way where the voice came from, actually surprised to see who was standing there.

    None other than blonde guy stood there awaiting for your attention. You remember reading his name back in the dinner when Taehyung was being an absolute asshole but you had unfortunately forgotten it , you were bad at remembering names, you totally sucked at it. You were glad to see hik though, even when he was the cause of your most recent fight with your boyfriend. As expected Taehyung and Jungkook teamed up as soon as the three of you stepped out of the dinner and they both had been really eager to explain how wrong have you been to put one of those "weirdos" before one of your own.

    You didn't want Taehyung to be one of your own though, that's not the kind of person you were and honestly? You were starting to think Jungkook was not the person you thought he was either.

    “Hi!” Out of habit, your eyes discreetely scanned him, making you notice how anxious he probably was by the way he kept casually tapping his foot on the floor or avoided long eye contact. The smile that stretched your lips seemed to relax him a little bit though. Glancing over his shoulder, you could see Soobin standing there, smiling when his eyes briefly met yours before he looked back to his friend, proud that he had gathered enough courage to approach you in the end “What’s up?” You asked returning your eyes to him.

    "Uh...Well, I don't know if you read it on the tag my uniform has but my name is Huening Kai" Dinner boy finally had a name and you felt happy about that, knowing the name of somebody was the first srep to become friends.

    You weren't going to admit that you did but forgot about it, that wouldn't be a nice thing to say “Oh I didn’t, I need to get new contacts because I can’t see shit” You admitted easily, stealing a quiet giggle from the guy in front of you “If I had tried to read your name from my seat I would have ended up calling you Hunter or Hugo or something like that” Huening Kai was full on laughing by the time you made that confession and you were glad he seemed to be more relaxed around you. Just because you dated someone who hung around with assholes didn’t mean you were one as well.

    “Hugo sounds exotic though? Do you think I should change my name?” He asked joking around, making you chuckle this time

    “I think Huening Kai fits you the best, it’s nice to officially meet you!” You extended your hand so he could shake it, just being playful.

    Huening Kai raised one of his hands with the intention of shaking yours but it was right there when he realized both of his hands were busy with coffee cups in them and he soon realized what he had actually approached you for.

    "Oh! Uh…." His shy behaviour returned and you could see he was internally regretting something, probably coming to do whatever he planned to “I bought some coffee” Huening Kai pointed out, noticing you weren’t realizing one of them was actually for you by the confused look you had on your face at the sudden change of conversation “This one's for you as a...As a way to thank you for what you did on Friday”

    Your eyes noticed the soft pink shadow that was starting to appear on his own cheeks and the smile on your lips only got bigger. You had never defended him with the intention of getting something in return, you were not that kind of person but you were also the type of girl that never turned coffee down, especially on a Monday when you were about to head to your first class.

    "Friday?" You asked, acting confused as if you didn't know what he was talking about. Huening Kai seemed caught off guard for a second, confused as to why you couldn't seem to remember what you did for him but as soon as his eyes landed on your mischievous smile, he knew you were just pretending "You mean when I accidentally stumbled into Taehyung?" Your question made him snort as he handed you the coffee, not giving you any chance to reject it.

    "Here, hope this caffeine helps you on this boring Monday morning,'' Huening Kai said, sighing dramatically, keeping that bright smile on his face.

    "You can't imagine how much this will help" Your smile turned softer, it might just be a coffee but you actually really appreciated the gesture a lot, especially since you could tell how anxious he had been to approach you.

    Glancing behind him again, you noticed Soobin was already gone, you two had class soon and the fact that he wasn't there anymore meant that if you didn't rush you would end up being late again. You knew the teacher wouldn't be happy about it and that he would leave you out of the classroom this time for sure. That's exactly what you didn't need today.

    "Shoot, I really gotta go" You muttered looking at your new friend "Thank you so much for the coffee! Avoid Taehyung today, he's in a really bad mood since the accident"

    Although Huening Kai felt a little worried about getting you in trouble for helping him out, he couldn't help but giggle at the way you rolled your eyes at your boyfriend's best friend's name, signaling you couldn't stand him either.

    "See you around!"

    Hearing his quiet yet cheerful bye, you rushed down the hall, dodging students as if your life depended on it with the mission of getting to class on time.


    "I never thought I would say these words but welcome to the dark side (Y/N)"

    You rolled your eyes at Jimin's apparent excitement over you joining him in the seats that were situated on the last row of your enormous classroom. You were always the kind of person that sat on the front to not get distracted and look like a responsible student but arriving just on time gave you the punishment of sitting around the people that lacked off like Jimin.

    "Shut up, who took my seat? That's so not fair" You mumbled with a pout, taking the seat next to Jimin, not really noticing who was getting ready to take a nap on the other seat besides you.

    "Come on, I've been waiting for you so you could tell me what happened on Friday, Taehyung is so pissed about it" You rolled your epyes at his words, Taehyung was being way too dramatic over something pretty stupid.

    "Nothing happened on-"

    "You bought coffee for yourself but didn't think your lovely-adorable best friend would want one as well?" His fake shocked face brought a smile up your lips, unable to ignore his dramatic antics.

    "Someone bought it for me" You replied casually, ignoring the way Jimin frowned confused as he turned his entire body to face you, watching you take out your book and notebook where you took an endless amount of notes he would never bother to read.

    “Who got you coffee? Jungkook has been glued to Tae’s side the entire morning” He mumbled thinking out loud, lips pouting unconsciously in concentration “Don’t tell me Namjoon got it for you again! Jungkook is going to get seriously pissed if he keeps flirting with you so openly!” He exclaimed, acting all surprised and shocked when deep down you knew he was loving this gossiping moment.

    “Jimin!” You scolded, noticing a couple of people on the row ahead of yours had turned around curiously when your friend kept exclaiming random information that wasn’t even true “We’re over that Namjoon issue, he wasn’t the one that bought me coffee” For some reason, as soon as you started to remember how nervous and cute Huening Kai had been when he had approached you a small smile made its way up to your lips, intriguing your friend even more “It was this cute guy named Huening Kai” Jimin arched an eyebrow at the mention of the name, totally caught off guard by it “You know, the cute blonde that always hangs out with Soobin and the other guys?”

    Ignorant of the fact that Yeonjun was the one sitting on your right, you kept talking to Jimin as if he wasn’t there. Good thing you could only compliment the guys instead of making fun of them like Taehyung and your boyfriend did. Jimin, slightly panicking, afraid that you would say something that would tick Yeonjun’s nerves, started motioning to the right with his head, silently trying to tell you you had definitely caught the quiet’s male attention.

    “Anyways” Frowning, you kept looking at him, not knowing what was really wrong but oh well, when was the last time Jimin behaved normally? “He apparently works on this dinner we went to eat at in Friday and Taehyung being Taehyung was already planning to be an absolute asshole with the poor guy so I stopped him” You explained with not too much detail, obviously distracted by Jimin’s sudden tick in his neck “And this morning he approached me all nervous and anxious and gave me this coffee, like I really didn’t expect something in return because when do I not feel like putting Taehyung in his place but oh god Jimin he was so-”

    “(Y/N)!” Jimin exclaimed, watching how Yeonjun’s eyes were frozen on you, the guy wasn’t even blinking and he didn’t know if he was seconds away from punching you because of his anger issues or to fall asleep again, totally uninterested by your rambling “You forgot to take out your pencil case!” He suddenly changed the subject.

    “Don’t even tell me about it, I realized I left it at home this morning when I was opening my locker” You whined, having been successfully distracted. “Please tell me you have something to lend me” You said resting your forehead on the table, using your hair as a curtain to hide you away from any curious eyes.

    Jimin scoffed besides you “I never take notes, have you ever seen me write during one of our classes? This privileged mind doesn’t need anything else” He said teasingly, laughing when you showed him your middle finger.

    Taking a deep sigh and knowing you needed to find a caritative soul that would at least lend you a pen, you sat up straighter, brushing your hair out of your face before you turned around on your chair, facing your back to Jimin and finally discovering who had been sitting there the entire time.

    You now knew what had been wrong with Jimin’s neck. Well, you now knew why he had been acting so weird as soon as you had started rambling about your new friend.

    Yeonjun's eyes lazily moved up to meet yours with the most uninterested facial expression you had ever seen in your entire life. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even return the nervous smile you showed him when your brain started malfunctioning. There was no reason for him to be mad, there was no reason for him to snap at you but yet as you stared into those eyes that seemed to be as cold as the blue coloring his hair, you were afraid that maybe telling Jimin about Huening Kai hadn’t been the best thing.

    “Yeonjun” Your smile became a little tighter when you said his name and the guy simply blinked as if that was enough of a signal to know he was listening to you “Could you please lend me something to write with? I promise I’ll return it as soon as class is over”

    Yeonjun sighed and without saying anything else, he dug his big hand into his pencil case and took out one of those pens that had multiple colors in it, something that would be really useful for the notes you usually take.

    “Keep it for the rest of the day” He said, closing his pencil case again, crossing his arms on the table before he rested his forehead against them.

    “Won’t you need it?” You asked, knowing he usually took notes during class as well, not like he wouldn’t have more pens inside his pencil case but you were just worried about using the one he probably used the most. Yeonjun sighed, starting to make you think he simply wanted you to shut up and leave him alone.

    “I’m sure you’ll use it more than I do” He said with the same tone as before and then, he so casually reached out and grabbed the coffee Huening Kai had given you this morning, dragging it to his table and taking a sip from it as if it had belonged to him.

    “Uh, wasn’t that coffee yours?” Jimin asked from behind you in a mix of astonishment and will to laugh but somehow keeping his tone neutral to not get a reaction out of the younger guy.

    “Hyuka won’t mind, I surely need it more than you do” Yeonjun replied to him, not even glancing at the two of you before he went back to his slouched posture.

    Since you didn’t know what to say, you simply turned back around, facing forward when the teacher started talking, still mourning the loss of your coffee and sitting between the quiet guy that had stolen your coffee and your friend who was trying to silently laugh his ass off without the professor catching him.


    “Why can’t I just wait outside for you?” Jungkook huffed, totally not happy about your proposition.

    When your last class ended Yeonjun had dashed out of the classroom so fast that you didn’t even had time to call his name and stop him so you could return the pen and since you didn’t want him to think you had kept if for yourself, you proposed searching for him on your way out so you could return what was his on your way to your boyfriend’s car. However, as you had expected, he refused to approach ‘The Loner’s club’ under any circumstance.

    “Why can’t you stop being a child and help me out? Where are we? In seventh grade, Jungkook?” You scoffed, closing your locker as you looked around the hall, neither Soobin nor Huening Kai were near the locker like this morning and you weren’t seeing any of their other friends. How could they vanish so far? “I’m just asking for an extra pair of eyes, you won’t even have to talk, geez” You said frustrated, refusing to let go of his hand as you started walking down the hall.

    “(Y/N) seriously!” Jungkook exclaimed frustrated, trying to get rid of your hand but you only held it even tighter “Can’t you just return it tomorrow? Im sure he won’t mind!”

    “But I do, he must be nearby” You scoffed again, ignoring the childish behavior of your boyfriend as you kept walking down the hall, scanning the amount of students but not finding any of the faces you were looking for.

    “They’re probably outside” Jungkook muttered, tired of wandering around when he knew where they usually hid as soon as classes were over hoping to avoid him and Taehyung. “I always see them hanging out in the parking lot while I wait for you and Tae '' He quickly added when you looked at him suspiciously.

    As he had said, as soon as the two of you stepped out of the main building where most of your classes were held you saw four of them already waiting in the parking lot. Unluckily the one that hadn’t arrived yet was Yeonjun which surprised you, considering how fast he had ran out of the classroom but who knows? Maybe he had something else to do.

    Squeezing Jungkook's hand a little tighter as if he needed some kind of reassurance, you walked towards them, stopping right when you were almost beside the little circle they made to talk.

    "Hey guys" Their conversation abruptly stopped at your arrival, four pair of eyes turned towards your face in a way that would have made you feel kind of awkward if they hadn't immediately switched towards Jungkook who simply stood there, not even bothering to speak "Have you seen Yeonjun?"

    Soobin, still looking at Jungkook, took a step forward "Did he get in trouble?" He asked, eyes still on Jungkook even though you had a feeling the question was being directed towards you. The Soobin in front of you wasn't the usual nice guy you saw in class but someone who looked protective and tense at the appearance of unwelcomed people.

    "He didn't! I just wanted to return a pen he lent me" You immediately replied, trying to let go of Jungkook's hand to look for it in your bag but his grip was so strong on it that you barely managed to flinch "Kook" You called out, trying to catch his attention.

    Jungkook lazily dragged his eyes away from the guys to glance at you, his intimidating expression changing to a softer one. "Sorry babe" He apologized with a small smile, finally letting go of your hand.

    "Here" You smiled as soon as you found it, taking it out to hand it to the guy that was standing beside you.

    He had slightly long black hair and you've never heard his voice despite all the times you've seen them around, this time was no exception though, he didn't even turn his head to acknowledge you and created a soft awkward atmosphere than Jungkook soon broke.

    "Dude, can't you-"

    "Sorry, Beomgyu is a bit shy around new people" Soobin apologized, reaching out to take the pen from your hands. By the corner of your eyes, you could see the guy named Beomgyu nervously fidgeting with the hem of his sleeves as Huening Kai reached out to gently pat his back.

    "It's totally fine, I'm sorry, I didn't want to bother you" You apologized with a small smile, making Jungkook scoff by your side, a gesture you were genuinely hoping they hadn't noticed.

    "Had a problem with that?"

    But of course they did and surprisingly enough, Yeonjun had the amazing timing to arrive and call your boyfriend out. You couldn’t blame him though, what Jungkook had done was rude and you would have done exactly the same Yeonjun just did. If Beomgyu felt awkward around strangers that was his issue to deal with and not Jungkook’s.

    "Not everyone was born to be a social butterfly bud" Yeonjun replied to your boyfriend, sighing as if talking with Jungkook was really tiring him out, which only made the latter feel even more frustrated.

    "It's not about being a social butterfly, it's basic knowledge to know you should at least look at somebody when they're talking to you" Jungkook scoffed, ignoring the nudge you gave to his side.

    "You want to talk about basic knowledge? Why don't we talk about respect then?" Yeonjun replied back, taking a step forward despite Soobin telling him to stop whatever he was about to start.

    "Respect? Don't make me laugh" Jungkook placed his hands in his pockets comfortably as if he wasn't worried at all.

    "Jungkook, it's fine, drop it" You intervened, gripping the sleeve of his black shirt, trying to physically stop him from making things worse.

    "No, he wants to talk about respect? Let's do that" Jungkook shoved your hand away in a way that made the guys look at you, noticing the shocked frown on your face. "You need to earn it first and with that freak show you have going on it will be impossible"

    "Freak show" Yeonjun repeated with the most intimidating smirk you had ever seen on someone "So what? Are we supposed to join the Asshole Elite? Should we fuck (Y/N) first and then lick Taehyung's ass to earn our place?"

    Your hands were on Jungkook's chest faster than a blink, knowing he would try to jump on Yeonjun and get physical as soon as his brain processed the words.

    "Jungkook" You tensed when he pushed against you, trying to get to the other guy that was only being glared at by Soobin. You weren't happy with what he had said either but you could kind of understand where those words were coming from, it's what everybody called 'The recipe of popularity' since it was what Jungkook “had to do” to become as noticeable as he was today "Let's go"

    "What do you mean let's go!? Didn't you just hear what this asshole said!?" He roared loud, trying to push past you once again.

    "Jungkook, please" You tried again, feeling even more eyes on you, students gathering around curiously, willing to watch the fight they were expecting to see.

    "It's what your little friends keep saying when you're not around" Yeonjun said looking straight at him "Besides, my words weren't offensive to your girlfriend but to you, don't use her as an excuse to try and beat me up" He said, annoyed when Soobin pushed him back.

    "Yeonjun enough" He said seriously, motioning for the others to walk away in case things got even worse.

    "Jungkook!" You exclaimed louder when he tried to push past you again, finally catching his attention making him stop..

    The male stilled in front of you, the tension in his jaw enough to know he was not happy with how this situation was going to end.

    "Enough, let's go" Carefully, you reached out to grab his hand but he only slapped it away angrily before walking into the opposite direction, leaving you there alone and embarrassed in front of the rest of the students. People started whispering around you and the red mark that was starting to appear on the back of your pale hand didn’t make things any better.


    "I'm sorry" You apologized softly and as soon as you heard Soobin’s voice. You slightly bowed in front of the two of them to show how much you regretted Jungkook's behaviour towards them.


    "I gotta go, I don't want him to leave without me" You threw them a small soft smile that wasn't enough to hide your embarrassment and slight pain because of the situation and before they could try to say something else you started walking away, heading to Jungkook’s parked car.

    Soobin sighed watching you rush away, noticing the eyes of the students following you since they were hoping to see how things would proceed between you and your boyfriend after the scene you just made. He then glanced at Yeonjun with a slight glare in his eyes.

    "You better apologize tomorrow" The elder said glaring at Yeonjun, sighing before he walked away. “She came to return your stupid pen”

    The male only watched you walk away, refusing to look anywhere else as he stayed planted on his spot, not moving an inch as his eyes followed you.

    Yeonjun had gone from only observing you to owning you a coffee and an apology. Some might say that wasn’t too much, that it would be pretty easy to pay you back but he never apologizes.

    He always thought he never would until now.

    Taglist! : @shawkneecaps @viscoolreal @yypiggi @hoonieclipsee @fairygirl18 @dolphin-chenle @shmooooo @scoupsnotscoops @mariap-316 @keehosduh @qtieskz

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    37. track 5

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    ♡ synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed. yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona.

    previous || masterlist || next

    taglist: @00-baejin-05 @kthstigmas @she-is-dreaming @sherlockholicsbysoobin @meiinumaki @nikicoeur @renwritings @beomkihao @virtualoperatorcloudherring @rae-blogging @pixyseeun @pr0dbeomgyu @boraha-e @soobsdior @iminchaosnow @jjikyuu @lokideadontheinside @flowers4riki @hasahi @badroseee @softkons @loonathewurld @lumixen @jeminiepabo @nyfwyeonjun @shittynana @lycorisdoreablack @hobizi @youreverydayzebra @kpop-khh-writer-trash @nshitae @soobinbins @owlien123 @april1538 @cerisetalks @envy-brr @dnghycks-bestie @dongmarklie @geniejunn @90s-belladonna @injunsflwr @ikyk-leeknow @nichiverse @mi-nombre-es-simp @taehyunsfel @beombeomlvr @evertyun @stoof @letmeal0ne @etherealcherrie

    ♡ if you want to be added on taglist/tell me what you feel about this chapter, you may send an ask!

    ♡ please do check out the song!!! mylo xyloto album, track 5;;; also because music of the spheres comes out today (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

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    love is (not) easy #49 — connecting dots

    genre humour, angst, fluff. warnings cursing. author’s note please vote on this poll pls & thank you <3

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    taglist @gyuville @pr0dbeomgyu @eclisqc @tyunluvbot @taejinxkoya @90s-belladonna @naomi-from-paleontology @nycol-ie @youreverydayzebra @blank-velvet @jejenono-ren @itsamemarioo @suna-kiyoomisproperty @liliansun @00-baejin-05 @01heegyu @junluvr @nightswithnct @rinyx @enhacolor @hobistigma @softpia @txtville

    #txt#txt au #txt social media au #txt smau#choi yeonjun#choi soobin#choi beomgyu #choi yeonjun au #choi yeonjun social media au #choi yeonjun smau #choi soobin au #choi soobin social media au #choi soobin smau #choi soobin angst #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu social media au #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu fluff
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    “i love you y/n.”

    “hey,do you think i could stop by?”

    “sure. but what’s up?”

    “nothing just missed my friend is all.”

    “oh well then if it isn’t really important do you mind if we can reschedule..i kinda have plans with my girlfriend”

    “…yeah sure. i just wanted to catch up,it’s no biggie”

    “how’s that stud of yours?”


    “your best friend y/n..beomgyu..?”

    “oh gyu..”

    “he seems ok,we haven’t really had the time to catch up you know with college starting and stuff..he’s alright though got a girlfriend and stuff…”

    “ahhh..guess he’s off the market then?”


    you felt empty,you felt as something was missing, like you were longing for something..you just didn’t know what you didn’t know how to figure out what it was you thought maybe talking to an old friend would help..although you shouldn’t even call it old friend you guys only stopped taking as much this year,but even still he felt so far,maybe that’s what you were longing for..? some old company.. some comfort from a close friend,you didn’t know. you just needed something. anything.

    i could hate you.

    but i don’t think i can

    how could you just come months later

    after you cut me off?

    after you never made time for me?

    after you pretend not to see me in public?

    how could you tell me you love me?

    i thought that i was dreaming

    and i didn’t even have time to prepare.

    you just dropped it all on me.

    how could you?

    i’m happy

    i was falling in love with someone else

    i was letting go of you.

    why dig these feelings back up gyu?


    i know your not telling the truth

    your attracted to me.

    your not in love with my gyu.

    you don’t love me gyu.

    you don’t treat someone you love like that.

    “y/n.. can you believe it..?”

    “what gyu?” “what’s up?”

    “can you believe we’re seniors..already..

    we were just freshman yesterday..jeez so much has changed.”

    the boy stated as he looked in your eyes

    you knew this moment wasn’t gonna last

    but oh how you wished you could stop time

    for once in your life you felt he was paying attention to you the way you did with him

    you thought you were dreaming you thought

    you were hallucinating.

    “jeez gyu have you been an autopilot this whole time?” you laughed out “and like you said..once you turn 19 you can move into your dormitory and rent a studio and play music without worrying about being too loud”

    “i guess..i’m just a little sad you know? we’ll only be a few hours apart but i’m just scared you’ll forget about me or replace me with your sororitie friends..”

    it got quiet gyu seemed genuinely sad you knew the day would come and you promised yourself when you guys actually split ways that’s when you would tell him how much you

    we’re gonna miss him. that’s when you would

    cry your heart out and wish him the best it was

    a possibility for you to forget about him but

    neither of you ever thought he was gonna be

    the one to forget about you.

    i have loved you since that day in your car

    when you you told me you’d miss me

    when we’d split ways. i’ve loved you

    long before then. i’ve always looked

    out for you choi beomgyu.

    please think about the things you

    say to people. i’ve waited and

    stalled for you long enough.

    and i thought maybe it’s

    because we haven’t seen eachother

    in a while,but gyu.. ive out grown you.

    ive been getting better in my

    confidence and ive gotten

    better with being social

    ive been doing good.

    so please. please don’t

    come back and ruin my happiness.

    not right now.

    you walked away the sobs and please coming from the boy slowly fading. you loved him. and you still do. but you moved on,you’ve gotten secure in your life. you’ve become happy. you were happy with him yes and before all of this he was a great friend but like you said you’ve out grown

    him and it was time for him to move on

    from what ever feelings he was feeling with you,and maybe some other time you guys could become friends again,but for now he can keep dreaming. your sure he’ll be over it in a months tops.

    choi beomgyu dream on.

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    Dear Sputnik: Spotlight

    Genre: Fluff

    AU: Band!au, drummer!Soobin

    Warnings: None

    Summary: Choi Soobin was constantly in the spotlight, but he needed a breather every now and then, so what happens when he meets Y/n, his escape from it all?

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist


    Choi Soobin wasn’t always the confident person he was today. The charismatic leader of TXT was someone who always used to shy away from all the attention, but once he was given the chance to be in the band, his personality did a full one eighty. Soobin was filled with confidence, he was the drummer and leader who had a reputation for being a gentle giant. He continuously indulged in the newfound fame, his ego and confidence inflating by a lot. Who knew though, that the only person who would have Soobin weak to his knees was the shy girl from his class?

    Even he himself could’ve never expected someone like her, but Soobin had his reasons. To him, Y/n was like a breath of fresh air in between his double life. “Why do you even hang out with me Soobin? I don’t think I’m the person who would really fit into your circle you know” Y/n laughed. It was like music to Soobin and his heart only beat faster at the sound of it. Soobin only smiled and ruffled her hair, Y/n trying to swat his hands away.

    “You’re different I guess, being around you is like a breath of fresh air. Being around all these people is not easy, like really” Soobin toyed with the drumsticks in his hand, it became a habit once he started playing the instrument. “What’s so different about me?” Soobin laughed at Y/n’s question, but she only crossed her arms and clicked her tongue. “Yah I’m being serious” she hit his shoulder.

    Soobin piped down and looked at Y/n, he could tell her everything he found special about her, but he halted himself in case he would say too much. He couldn’t risk their friendship, not yet. “Well, for one, I guess you make me remember that I’m a normal person, like I’m not the leader of TXT. You really ground me and like, snap me back into reality for once, it’s also good to get away from the attention every now and then” Soobin replied honestly. Y/n rolled her eyes, a smile etched across her face.

    “How sweet of you to say that, I never expected to be that person in your life. In all honesty you’re fun to be around as well, the kicker in my boring life” Y/n replied. It was funny really, the two were polar opposites, yet they still managed to gravitate towards each other. Fate really had to play with their feelings didn’t it. Soobin cocked his head in confusion, for someone as rowdy as him, Y/n’s reply seemed very unexpected. “Me? Y/n I never even thought that you’d enjoy my company one bit” he replies.

    Soobin then walks to the corner of the room, spinning his drumsticks once again. “Are you going to our gig downtown?” He eyes Y/n. She moved over to the seat beside him and nodded, looking at Soobin’s drum set with much curiosity. “Your drum set is very pretty by the way” Y/n complimented unknowingly. For once, Soobin was left flustered by someone.


    “You’ve been so eager to practice lately, did something possess you?” Yeonjun was tuning his bass when he noticed Soobin looking way happier than usual, especially during band practice. Soobin shook his head and plugged his drums into the speakers, checking the sound. “No reason, uh I just want to perform extra well at our next gig” he shrugged. Yeonjun raised a brow at him and chuckled, he didn’t buy it at all, not when Soobin’s more tame than usual. It wasn’t a bad thing, he just wasn’t used to it after awhile.

    Surely it wasn’t just the fact that he wanted to perform well, he had to be hiding something. “Are you hiding anything from us hyung? I saw Y/n over the other day” Beomgyu plopped beside Yeonjun on the couch, causing Yeonjun’s bass to slightly shake.

    The boy rolled his eyes, annoyed at how his tuning was disturbed. Soobin froze, they were going to find out somehow, so he just had to come clean. “We just talk and hang out sometimes, I don’t know what it is but I like being around her. She brings me back to reality” he admitted shyly. Yeonjun and Beomgyu smiled at this.

    Soobin was an insanely hard worker as their leader, so hearing about the girl who balances him out, it only made them feel happy for him. “I don’t see a problem with that at all, I mean you seem to really like her, so you should shoot your shot” Beomgyu said, giving Soobin a thumbs up. Soobin shook his head, he couldn’t tell if Y/n saw him the same way.

    “Come on Bin, you should totally take your chance while you can. Who knows what anyone else would try with Y/n” Yeonjun encouraged. After all, Soobin seemed super into her, so he didn’t see any harm in trying. Soobin only looked at drum listlessly, he doesn’t know what to do.

    That Saturday, Soobin was extremely nervous for the first time to perform. “Woah Soobin hyung, are you ok? You’ve never been this anxious to perform” Hueningkai approached Soobin, who he noticed was pacing around anxiously, as they set up the equipment. Soobin blinked and apologized to the younger, this was the first time he invited Y/n to watch them. “Oh I’m alright Kai, I just have a few things on my mind but nothing much” Hueningkai nodded, still worried about the older male, but he had to go back to preparations as they had no time to waste.

    Soobin sighed and sucked in a breath. Y/n was going to see them perform and he couldn’t afford to have any other things on his mind, he had to do well for her. “Soobin, I just saw Y/n come in— AND, and— I’m sorry if that made you more anxious, but I swear, everything will be fine. Right Taehyun?” Yeonjun looked at Soobin and Taehyun only gave Yeonjun a awkward smile. Soobin looked around and saw Y/n sitting at a table with a friend.

    “We’re gonna start now so, let’s do this and wrap up well. Remember let’s just have fun and enjoy the stage” the rest of the members nodded and they stood at their places, Soobin stepping behind the drums and getting ready. Yeonjun then cleared his throat and spoke into the mic.

    “Good evening! We are TXT, short for tomorrow by together, and tonight we will be performing an original song by us called Loser Lover. It is a song about a loser being a lover for the person they love most, hope you all enjoy tonight!” The people clapped as the music started, Soobin singing softly into the microphone. He could see Y/n in the crowd, and he smiled at her as she smiled back at him. It gave him a sudden adrenaline rush as he continued performing passionately, still glancing at Y/n every now and then.

    “Lover with a dollar sign is a loser!” Once the song was over, multiple cheers had erupted from the crowd and the applause was endless. “Thank you all so much! We’ll be taking a short break and will come back with more. Have a good rest of your night” Yeonjun said. They all immediately got off the stage and Y/n ran over to Soobin eagerly. “You guys did so well! That was amazing! By the way, meet my friend Doha, she said you guys deserve a bigger stage” Y/n laughed. Soobin rubbed the back of his neck and thanked Y/n, ignoring the teasing from his members from behind. “Y/n, I hope it’s ok but could we talk in private?” Soobin asked. Y/n looked up at him, nodding as she followed him to a more private area.

    Outside, Soobin took a deep breath and looked Y/n in the eye. “Y/n I’m going to be honest and I don’t know how to say this, but I’m happiest when I’m around you—“ Soobin paused and Y/n giggled softly, holding his hand. “Hey, take it easy, I’m listening” she said comfortingly, Soobin held her smaller hand in his. He was getting distracted and his thoughts were all over the place. “I like you Y/n, you’re someone I want to have in my life for a really long time. I don’t know where I would be without you, I understand though if you don’t like me back see—“ Soobin was cut off by Y/n.

    “I can’t believe it took you so long Choi, I feel the same way! Ever since you know, you asked me to hang out after school. I love your company and would honestly keep you in my life forever” Y/n admitted. Soobin was perplexed but inside he was the happiest he could ever be. “Well, let me take it slow then” Soobin pulled Y/n in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

    © 2021 all rights reserved | rikiszn on tumblr.
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  • rikiszn
    13.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist

    TXT Band AU, inspired by Chaotic Wonderland.

    Genre(s): Angst, Fluff

    Warnings: Established in each imagine

    Guide to the series:

    No release dates are affiliated with the imagines, meaning they will be released randomly.

    Character backgrounds are connected, but all imagines are meant to be read as a stand alone.

    The imagines in no way shape or form depict how the TXT members act in real life.

    None of the media used is mine, all credits to their rightful owners at BigHit Ent.

    If you would like to listen to the playlist, you can dm me or send an ask and I’ll give you a link.


    Drummer! Soobin x Nerd!Fem! Reader (f)

    Leader and drummer of Hybe has a crush on the nerd, Y/n. Will he be able to win her heart despite his rowdy nature?


    Bassist! Yeonjun x Rich Kid!Fem! Reader (a, f)

    Y/n always got what she wanted because she was spoiled, but what happens when she meets Choi Yeonjun? The bassist of Hybe’s band. With him, she finally learns that she doesn’t need material belongings when she has the right person by her side.


    Guitarist!Beomgyu x Singer!Fem!Reader (a, f)

    Beomgyu was in a slump and needed a muse to give him back the inspiration he craved. Well, he got more than what he wanted once he met the singer Y/n, who he met at the dingy alley behind his house.


    Vocalist!Taehyun x Fem!Guitarist!Reader (a, f)

    Taehyun, the exceptional vocalist of TXT, was given the amazing opportunity to perform in a competition as a school representative. Without any hesitation, he immediately chose Y/n to be his partner for the duet round.


    Pianist!Hueningkai x Childhood Bsf!Reader (f)

    He always seemed to be in the eyes of others, garnering attention for being TXT’s star pianist, it meant he would gain popularity one way or another. Though, Hueningkai had his own guilty pleasures found in the form of his best friend Y/n.


    © 2021 all rights reserved | rikiszn on tumblr.
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  • flwrkisses
    13.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    boyfriend! yeonjun.

    WARNING: super fluff with some mature themes! will be adding a warning for anything 18+ in this post.

    genre: fluff, slight smut, idol! x idol, established boyfriend au! 1.9k

    the confession;

    yeonjun always had a big crush on you since you started training with bighit. he just never knew how to muster up the courage to tell you. he didn't want to ruin the friendship you both had, but according to soobin's advice to him it was a "risk worth taking."

    so, one night after his practice he poked his head into your practice room where he knew you were going over routines on your own, hoping you were interested in going out sometime. but not much talking happened that night considering you pulled him into the room and blasted some of your favorite music and danced with him till the early morning.

    he had to be honest, it was extremely fun! he always enjoyed his time with you, but that night was especially fun. both of you dancing and being silly, just truly enjoying yourself to the music without anyone watching you both. that unspoken "chemistry" lots of people say you both had was evident in the way you both matched each other while dancing.

    before you knew it was 4 am and you knew you'd get scolded for going back to the dorms so late. yeonjun immediately apologized for keeping you up so late. but it wasn't just on him, it was on both of you who got lost in the moment.

    "we should do this again." you smiled as you picked up your back and took a long chug of water. the suggestion causing the male to choke a bit. "are you asking me out?" he teased, kinda hoping there was some truth behind his joke. "mm no, it's an invitation for you to ask me out." you teased back. if there was one thing he loved about you, it was the playful nature you'd bring into the conversation to match his flirty energy.

    "well, y/n we should go out on a date sometime." he said while leaning against the door, preventing you from leaving. "next friday work for you?" you asked a small smile on your lips as you looked up at him. an obvious grin threatening to come over his lips as he nodded. "great, text me." you spoke confidently, before leaning up to kiss his cheek as you pushed past him to walk out.

    yeonjun was in shock at first, a hand coming to his cheek to touch where your lips had brushed. he couldn't help but smile to himself before letting out an audible cheer of success that you heard from the end of the hall.

    the relationship;

    dating yeonjun felt like a dream, he was everything you could ever ask for and more.

    he worked around his schedule to make time for you and you did as well. often times it would end up in you sneaking into his dorm to have a cuddle session late at night.

    it was important that the public did not suspect a thing about your relationship, but yeonjun couldn't help but look at you with so much love in his eyes in public... people were kinda catching on.

    he always boasts about you to the members, telling them how great you are, telling them about you he finds incredible, and even showing them things you've gifted him.

    if he could, he'd talk about you in interviews or to anyone who asked, but of course since the company was being nice enough to allow you guys to be together you both followed the rules given to you both strategically.

    days with yeonjun would consist of you both calling each other sexy for doing very minimal things. you wash the dishes? sexy. he cooks some ramen? sexy. you both team up to beat the others at a video game? sexy.

    some days will consist of both of you cuddling and playing video games. sometimes not even words exchanged by the two of you for hours as you both concentrate in leveling up your characters.

    he's also very touchy. he likes to leave kisses on your hand, knuckles, collarbones, neck, face, lips, any part of skin he can reach at the time. they're quick little kisses, as sweet acts of skin ship and turns out he loves when you do it back.

    yeonjun is very observant of you and notices things you like, don't like, get uncomfortable and scared by. which makes him super protective of you. it's hard when both of you are in public because the first thing he wants to do is shield you from whatever is causing you trouble which he obviously can't do in front of cameras.

    you have walked in on him doing a vlive which, caused both of you to break out laughing. viewers not understanding why the handsome male had broken into a fit of laughter but, nun the less entertained.

    as an idol is normal to get hurt, so when you have hurt yourself and yeonjun was near, he had quite literally dropped everything he was doing to go see if you were alright. this has gotten him scolded by the company before, but when his baby's hurt he can't just stand there.

    no matter what, he never misses 'good morning' and good night texts. since he's so busy sometimes they mean a lot to him. and when you're in a different time zone he will make sure his texts match with your timezone.

    yeonjun is definitely the jealous type. he trusts you, he just doesn't trust other people's intentions. so if someone gets a little too flirty with you he can't help but pull you to him.

    often times when the dorm is empty you both have mini dance parties with just the two of you. it's always fun when you both can goof around and have fun.

    one thing he doesn't play with is other people talking about you. jokes and all, the members know how much you mean to him and know that making jokes about you is off limits.

    with this said, yeonjun can't help but laugh when you make fun of him. he thinks it's cute.

    he also loves how well you get along with his members, and how much he gets along with your members. when both groups are together is chaos but beautiful chaos.

    a soft spot for him is always seeing you in his clothes, something about him just melts when ever you borrow one of his hoodies or sweaters.

    sometimes when you both have the luxury of falling asleep in each other's arms he hums into your ear because he knows how much you like hearing his voice.

    he loves watching you do your thing, singing, dancing, rapping, what ever it is you do, he loves and supports it a 100 percent. to the point that if you for what ever reason for get a dance or your own lyrics he's always there to remind you of how it goes.

    yeonjun is also very playfully mean, he loves to tease you and play pranks on you but whines when you do it back to him.

    he would probably get you both small cute things that match like shoes, or bracelets. he thinks full on matching outfits are cheesy but sometimes little accessories look nice.

    he would let you style his hair when you're bored especially when he had his beautiful pink mullet. he'd just let you go crazy with it.

    very slight baby talk to each other sometimes. he does it ironically when you ask him to do something and you play along which results in you both talking like 4 year olds to each other for a good 5 minutes.

    he also thinks its cool when you paint his nails to match yours, he thinks it's cute and just likes to look down at his hands when you do so.

    yeonjun's lock screen is most likely a picture of you off guard. you're probably not even looking at the camera, but he loves it.

    arguments are bound to happen. no relationship is complete without some sort of disagreement. usually yeonjun doesn't have the heart to raise his voice at you. he just doesnt. so when he's upset with you he just kinda lowers his tone and keeps what he says short.

    sometimes he needs space when he's upset, he doesn't like when you ask if he's okay because you should know that he's hurt. asking if he's "okay" just angers him more. he will come to you when he's ready to talk, and will usually do so an hour or two after the argument by coming up behind you quietly and hugging you. his face resting against your shoulder as he apologizes even if he wasn't the one in the wrong.

    when you're upset with him, he adapts to what you need. if you need space he gives it to you, if you need to talk about it he's there for you. he sees it as curtesy because you always seem to adapt to him and his needs, so he does the same for you.

    usually the conversations after an argument as very soft and quiet. he pulls you into his lap and plays with your hair as he listens to you. he looks you in the eye so you know he's paying attention. he caresses your cheek and hands as you speak before apologizing for making you upset.

    he usually keeps his word. if he says he wont do something again because it upset you he wont. he's very mindful of you and loves to talk about ways to better the relationship.


    its safe to say that your sex life with yeonjun is very healthy. with as touchy and kissy as his boy gets its bound to lead to sex more times than not.

    he's the type to like all kinds of sex, giggly sex, rough sex, love making, all of it. to be honest, it changed how ever the mood is.

    this man worships your body, literally kisses you and praises you so much. he's literally in love with every single bit of you and shows you that when you both are together like this.

    he's a dom leaning switch, mans is kinky we all know it. but, sometimes he wants to see what you can so to him and honestly... some times you do such a great job in pleasing him he wouldn't mind being submissive more often.

    expect sex everywhere, the kitchen, couch, bedroom, bathroom, floor, wall, practice room, studio. not to mention later on he will make jokes about the fact you guys having sex in what ever room you're standing in.

    man has stamina, he's a dancer it's just natural to him. so sometimes sex can last a bit longer or go on for multiple rounds.

    he's very gentle when he needs to be, he makes sure you're enjoying yourself. showing any signs of discomfort to him makes him stop and move away from you a bit so he can figure out what's wrong. he gets off on your pleasure so seeing you hurting or not enjoying yourself turns him off completely.

    he's always open to trying new things for you. if you want to be tied up then he'd do it. if you for what ever reason don't like something he understands and tells you that you never have to do it again and that you're amazing for trying it out.

    aftercare is always the best with him because after he absolutely recked your guts, he's giving you soft kisses, running you a bath. not even letting you walk because he's carrying you from the bed to the tub.

    hope you guys enjoyed! for more check out my masterlist! txt requests are now open! tap here!

    - m.

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    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞ ☺︎︎☹︎ Be The LO♡︎ER To This LO$ER - 36. Do I tell them now?

    beomgyu is an online streamer who streams to escape from his painful life — that was until he was humiliated that brought more chaos into his life. with nothing else to do, he destroys the things he considered his life until he finds a mysterious phone number under a vinyl. with not knowing whose number it is, he would be messaging someone from a parallel universe.


    Taglist: @hwalllllllelujah @chaosmagic-wanda @jiminaaaahhhh @soobsdior @ryu-naa @softforqiankun @imissjuyeon @nyfwyeonjun @yunascraft @taejinxkoya @iuwon @definitelynotcesia @dxtaedream @vantaelic @mxrcayong-main @krysasworld @skiez @softpia @txtville @hyuka4lifyer @wooyoponyo @marscryingcorner @msxflower @morklee02 @erodemyedges @01heegyu @beomjundiaries @kentoism @hehettiny @junniesavidreader @whoe-dis (send me an ask!)

    general taglist: @iminchaosnow @glorybeom @staysstrays @tonightletspretend @jiminismybabymochi

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    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    100 followers event!! (wooo) 🎉

    thank you so much for 100 followers! i'm so happy you all were able to enjoy my fics. for my very first event, i'll be listing some angst and fluff prompts and characters/idols you can request!

    duration: 12 oct - 1 nov

    genshin impact (i only do male characters, sorry):

    1. boyfriend hc

    2. domestic hc

    3. dying in their arms (angst)

    4. soulmate au (fluff)

    5. soulmate au (angst)

    6. taking care of you when you're sick

    7. taking care of them when they're sick

    8. suddenly giving them so much affection

    9. baking together

    10. arcade date (modern au)

    11. they start slowly falling out of love with you

    12. proposing to you

    13. having an argument

    14. how they break your heart

    15. rejecting your confession

    16. they choose lumine over you

    17. holding hands hc

    18. comforting you

    19. them as your best friend calling you their girlfriend

    you may request a maximum of 5 characters at a time!

    txt and enhypen:

    1. boyfriend hc

    2. domestic hc

    3. comforting you

    4. soulmate au (fluff)

    5. crushing on you during a fanmeet

    6. taking care of you when you're sick

    7. taking care of them when they're sick

    8. how they break your heart

    9. baking together

    10. having you as an idol crush

    11. them as your best friend calling you their girlfriend

    12. first date

    13. them as the enemies to lovers troupe

    you can request for all the members or specific members!

    #✧ 100 followers event! #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact angst #genshin imagines#genshin scenarios #txt x reader #txt imagines#txt angst#txt fluff #beomgyu x reader #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #taehyun x reader #huening kai x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen headcannons#txt#enhypen #tomorrow x together
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    Not Clickbait

    seven “unity of hell”

    warnings: profanity

    TAGLIST @envirae @enhacolor @yeoforce @gyuza @simpfortxt @faetarou @letmeal0ne @girlsfortxt @atinyyylove @gyuury @iyeonjuni @junityy @meiiiwa @ariaki @yjwfav @simpforsung @dimplehyunn @bluhr @hobistigma @youreverydayzebra @marscryingcorner @nyujjan @emobeomgyu @starlostinclouds @summery-bat @hyunkki @aishiohs @gyudenial @fairybinie @kanojous @waeng-gang @user902100 @siriuslychim @90s-belladonna @salty-satan @junniesavidreader @c0nvers3h1gh @msxflower @pr0dbeomgyu @lokideadontheinside @baekhyunstruly @omkie @april1538 @beomjundiaries @rinyx @cosmiclele @miraculyfe @eternallyhyucks @envy-brr @todorokiskitten (bolded couldn’t be tagged!)

    masterlist | previous | next

    #txt scenarios#txt beomgyu#beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu x reader #beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x y/n #beomgyu x you #txt fluff#txt angst#beomgyu angst#beomgyu smau#txt smau
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    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    previous | masterlist | next

    a/n: they’re so cute ngl

    taglist: open! send an ask

    taglist! @gothmingguk @simplystraykids @pikachuwithadalek @envy-brr @jimblekook1 @minasbadweather @kthstigmas @planethyuka @hannahdinse8 @90s-belladonna @ye0njunch01 @taejinxkoya @meiiiwa @catecita @kingkaithekiwi @13isacoolnumber @hoshi4k @hobistigma @jiminaaaahhhh @nycol-ie @bettyschwallocksyee @nshitae @bngchhris @daisyhwa @fool4yjn @lokideadontheinside @pixyseeun @salty-satan @97bbies @etherealcherrie @jisungsquirrelhabits @jaemsluvr @soobsdior @jeonkoookiee @00-baejin-05 @pineapple-hoseok @mintay @lovesoo @berrychyuu @poutypeachyprincess @meowtella

    if your name is in bold i cannot tag you!

    #starstruck💫 #tomorrow x together social media au #tomorrow x together angst #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together smau #txt au#txt smau#txt yeonjun#txt fluff#txt angst#yeonjun au#yeonjun angst#choi yeonjun#yeonjun smau #yeonjun x reader #beomgyu au#beomgyu angst#beomgyu fluff #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu#soobin fluff#soobin angst #soobin x reader #soobin au#choi soobin #huening kai fluff #taehyun fluff #huening kai x reader #taehyun x reader #dcom au
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