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    ❝𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝.❞

    How TXT friendzoned you.

    𖥻 Genre: 4 cups of angst, best friend!au, unrequited love

    𖥻 Warnings: None

    𖥻 Song: If It Is You (Rosé)

    죄 연준:

    » At first, you thought that Yeonjun reciprocated your feelings

    » With all those smooth, almost flirty remarks he made to you every time you saw each other... seriously, how could you not?

    » That’s when you came to a decision once noticing your heart belonged to your best friend, Yeonjun

    » After pining for so long and wishing he was yours, you decided that you would just tell him instead of hiding under the facade that the two of you were only close friends

    » So with a pounding heart and flustered cheeks, you drove to Yeonjun’s house in search of the boy that made you complete

    » Knocking on the front door, you were surprised when there was a loud groan in his house before said boy slowly opened the door... with only a towel wrapped around his torso

    » You looked away immediately before he could speak, “Jjunie, I-”

    » “Who’s that girl?” A sultry voice purred, interrupting you from inside the house, “when are you going to be back? Jun, I need you.”

    » Your eyes widened and you swore you heard your heart crack from inside, eyes glistening with tears that you tried to force away

    » “I’m sorry,” he smirked, not taking notice to the hurt in your face, “I’m a little busy now. I’ll call you later, yeah?”

    » And there he just slammed the door shut once you murmured an almost audible okay, fists clenching tightly at how much heartbreak tore at your chest

    » You just stood on his front door step, tears spilling hopelessly onto the white porch when you realized that you would only be a friend to him your entire life.

    죄 수빈:

    » You were irrevocably in love with Soobin, your childhood friend beginning from the time you first met him... which meant that you were there for his heartbreaks as well

    » His significant others came and went, and each time you hoped that he would be able to see you instead of other people

    » But he proved you wrong every single time when he introduced you to yet another person, hoping the two of you would get along since after all, you both were the most important people of his life

    » You hated how much you were still very much hopeful that he would look at you instead of the other way, so with a brave face you called him over once you were finished studying

    » Of course your friendship with him was incredibly precious and you hoped that he would be by your side forever, but the love overflowing in your heart was unbearable- something you couldn’t take because all you saw was him every time you closed your eyes

    » Soobin assumed that it was another movie night but you were blankly sitting on the couch, staring into space as if something was occupying your mind

    » “Is there something wrong, Y/N? I thought that-”

    » “Soobin, I’m in love with you! I can’t hold it back anymore, but I love you... so so so much that it even hurts... I don’t mean to wreck what we have now, but I just couldn’t take it any longer,” you blurted out without any hesitation, watching his face for any sign of reaction

    » He was paralyzed in his spot, eyes gentle with sadness as he said, “I-I’m so sorry, Y/N...” He paused before his soft voice whispered, “but you’re my best friend, and I can’t think of you as anything different...”

    » You immediately forced a smile onto your face when you heard that, hoping that he wouldn’t possibly be able to see how much it stung even if you were an open book

    » Soon after Soobin left because of the awkwardness, causing you to sob endlessly into your pillows. You’ve always helped him whenever he became depressed from his breakups, and now he himself was the cause of your heartbreak. 

    죄 밤규:

    » Alcohol affected people in many, many ways

    » And with you accidentally confessing everything to everyone- even if it was embarrassing- you chose not to drink at a social situation ever again

    » But when you came to a party with your best friend, Beomgyu, who stupidly gave you a drink once he saw how scared you were, you just couldn’t say no

    » That decision led to one of the worst moments in your life.

    » In fact, you weren’t even thinking of confessing your feelings to Beomgyu in the first place

    » Were the feelings themselves little? ... clearly not, but you did your best to hide them in fear that you would destroy your friendship with him

    » The night went like this: with you drinking too much and throwing up in one of the rooms, causing Beomgyu to take care of you like the good friend he was

    » Bringing you outside to the side of the house, he patted your back as your stomach took multiple twists and turns, creating butterflies in your stomach that you mistook to be the cause of Beomgyu who continually kept asking you if you were okay

    » You just smiled at the boy of your dreams who was trying to take care of you, murmuring almost incomprehensible words of ‘I love you more than a friend’ that he couldn’t understand at first

    » “N-no,” the grin on his face faded once he realized what you said, “you’re lying... Y/N, you can’t possibly have feelings for me! We’re best friends!”

    » Hearing that you instantly pushed him away clumsily, getting up on your feet to run away before he could see your tears

    » ... well, you aren’t sure now- you haven’t talked to him in a while ever since that night and now that he’s got a significant other

    강 태현:

    » In all your life, there wasn’t anyone else you had ever looked at except Taehyun

    » He was literally perfect... it didn’t take too long for you to fall for him with the two of you being in your first year of college

    » He picked you up whenever you were sad, he was there for you and loved you like a best friend- something that you did up until a few weeks after meeting him

    » It was as if the stars brought you together even if your personalities were vastly different, and you held onto that hope no matter how many times he called you his close friend

    » One day he called you over to a cafe and you dolled yourself up, hoping that he would find you attractive- only to find someone he was extremely affectionate with right in front of your seat.

    » “Y/N, this is my significant other!” He pointed at the person beside him, who waved with friendliness towards you

    » In in instant, you felt the world crash upon your shoulders and you gasped something out once the two of you were finally alone, “Tyun, can we talk?”

    » “What’s up?” He said with worry, leaning closer to you when your voice was nothing but a whisper

    » “I-I... I love you. I just had to tell you, and I’m sorry if I ruined this friendship but I needed to tell you!”

    » With a sad expression he explained everything to you as gently as he could so as to not hurt you. However in the heat of the moment you ran out of that cafe, unable to pick up his calls in fear that you would break yourself even more

    » Does he ever realize how much you still think of him? Even if the two of you separated a month ago?


    » Kai was the best person you could ever ask for, as someone who would forever stay by your side

    » He was the best friend you could ever have, so why did you ever gain butterflies for him and him only?

    » You saw something more every single time you hung out with him- in those eyes that sparkled whenever he saw you and that contagious smile you never got tired of

    » Shamelessly you did your best to show him that he was something more... perhaps through prolonged stares, subtle compliments, and laughing at his jokes even if they were too cheesy to be funny

    » And normally you had friend dates right? Friend dates...

    » So this time you both chose to spice up your closets with a few new clothes!

    » Whilst you were shopping for some clothes together, Kai brought you along to one of his favorite stores for a few opinions

    » Everything was going swell until...

    » “You’re so cute, Kai,” the words accidentally slipped out of your mouth when you saw him come out of the dressing room

    » Picking up on all of your signs (one thing that he was incredibly suspicious of before), he shook his head with confusion

    » “We’re just friends, right Y/N?” The boy smiled awkwardly when he saw your face fall apart, “Just friends...”

    » “Yeah,” you admitted, looking away from him so that your tears wouldn’t be able to be seen, “just friends even though I’m completely in love with you.”

    Released: October 24, 2021. (12:55pm)

    Thoughts: Wow. Getting friendzoned is absolutely horrible, omg... I mean I never have since yk keah big scaredy cat to confess her feelings in the first place but like... geez.... that’d make me feel terrible... STOP IM EDITING THIS A MONTH LATER AND I REALIZED THAT I JUST DID STOP 😭😭🙏💔

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    synopsis: where's the worst place to see your ex boyfriend that you haven't seen since forever? on a funeral. in an event where someone is being buried, why- just why are there feelings creeping up from the grave?
    when the scars of the past starts opening up, can the person who inflicted it mend it? or would they just inflict another type of pain that they would have to carry forever?

    warnings are stated every chapter

    fluffy and angsty yeonjun smau

    now playing: wander

    note: this is a new masterlist because the old one is not working anymore :((


    @cesiareads @definitelynotcesia @chaoticdreaminisode@cerisetalks @atinyyylove @jiminaaaahhhh @dazumis @enhacolor @gothmingguk @milkleeee @sunflower-euphro @damnkillerbunny @uhmdaddychill @ioiaeri @renjunvibes @txtville @letmeal0ne (send and ask if you wanna be added!)


    profiles i profiles ii

    01: Farewell to our Mr. Melendez

    02: Model Choi

    03: Panic

    04: That Must've Stinged

    05: She Drunk???

    06: Partners

    07: Over Lunch

    08: Lunch

    09: Found Wallet

    10: Panda Bear

    #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together au #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together angst #choi soobin#choi yeonjun#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt fluff#txt smau#txt au#txt imagine#txt angst #yeonjun x reader #ficscafe
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    [ crushed ]

    pair: crush!beomgyu x gn!reader ft bsf!taehyun bsf!huening kai

    genre: angst, school!au

    warning(s): brief mentions of food, my first angst so idk

    wc: 1k ish

    brief summary: in which you watch as your crush falls for someone else.

    you couldn’t believe it.

    you. you, were hanging out with choi beomgyu. it was like a dream come true. your forever crush, was hanging out with you.

    except, hanging out was a strong metaphor to use. more like you were assigned to tutor him after school, but it was a start nonetheless.

    the two of you sat in a busy little cafe, the strong smell of cocoa beans and sugar packets filled the air. light chatter and the sound of the bell on the door rang every now and then. both of you decided to sit in a more secluded area, near the back of the cafe.

    “so, does that make sense or do you want me to explain that again?” your pointer finger followed the question along the bottom of the pixelated text. beomgyu leaned closer to get a better look at the question, your heads nearly touching.

    “um, i think i got it.” he stated after reading over the question. beomgyu took his pencil in his grasp, scribbling something down in his lined notebook. you watched as his pencil hit the paper, the led of the pencil becoming familiar words. you placed your chin in your palm, there was something about him that made your heart race.

    “okay, i got it. let’s move on to the next question.” beomgyu set his pencil down, turning to face you. yet, you were distracted. the way his dark hair was slightly tousled, the way he practically glowed when the sun shone through the big glass window just right. he was breathtaking.

    “y/n? y/n, you there?” beomgyu raised a brow, his handing waving over your eyes. you blinked once, then twice. you shook your head briefly, “um yes. sorry. yes, let’s move on–” you watched as his gaze moved from you to something, or someone behind you. your sentence flailed, and your eyes followed his.

    there stood a girl. a pretty girl. her chocolate brown hair was in long bouncy curls. she wore a white ruffled dress, one that stopped just before her knees. she was tall and lean. she smiled at something her friend said, then proceeded to approach the front counter to order something. every move she made was so light and airy. so angelic.

    you tore your sight away from her, your eyes focused on beomgyu once more, who looked memorized. like he was under a spell. he gulped slowly, staring at her as she walked back to her table. you watched as they has a ‘kdrama moment’ . a moment where their eyes met, a moment where everything else melted away.

    including you.

    beomgyu finally turned to you, shutting his notebook close. “hey, can we end early today?” he gave you a sympathetic smile, already packing his things. “um, but we have two more chapters.” you could feel your voice shake ever so slightly.

    his smiled softened and his eyes grew bigger, like puppy dogs. “please y/n, i’d be really happy if you let me off just this once.” he zipped his backpack, securing his studies. “and i promise, i’ll study twice as hard.” beomgyu held up his pinky and you laughed a bit. you interlocked your pinky with his, your heart beating at a quick pace. “i promise.”

    and with that you watched as he left your table and walked up to the mystery girl, leaving you alone.


    “and he just left?” huening kai questioned, raising a brow. “just like that? i don’t believe it.” he dismissed what you said and continued with his lunch. “but why would y/n lie about that?” taehyun said, stating the obvious.

    the cafeteria was filled with students, eating and chatting like usual. nothing seemed out of the ordinary. except, you. you had told kai and taehyun about the other day, but they weren’t really helping.

    “it doesn’t matter anymore.” you shrug, playing with your food, as it was the only thing that seemed interesting to you. huening kai and taehyun looked at you, your posture and knitted brows saying everything they needed too.

    “look,” huening kai started gently. “i bet she isn’t all that.” taehyun groaned disapprovingly, throwing his head back. “what kai means to say is that, you said you have a session with him after school today, so start there.” taehyun nudged your shoulder lightly.

    “yea! you’re great y/n, he’d be dumb to not see it.”

    “kai, shut up, he’s coming this way.”

    and as if right on time, you could feel beomgyu’s shadow fall over you. he sat right beside you, his back hitting the ledge of the lunch table. you turned to face him, the corners of your lips automatically lifting upwards.

    “hi, y/n.” beomgyu grinned, a boyish smile adorning his features. “i was wondering if we could cancel for after school? something came up.” the corners of your lips dropped instantly, a frown replacing the smile you once wore.

    “oh. what came up?” you watched beomgyu shift awkwardly, staring at his black and white converse. “um i have a date.” he coughed out, yet you heard every word. the large ache in your heart grew by seconds as you desperately tried to swallow the dry lump down your throat.

    “oh. well, um, i hope it goes well.” you smiled weakly, giving him a thumbs up as. “thanks, y/n for being so chill about it. you’re a good friend.” beomgyu stood, walking back to his crowded lunch table, where his friends seemed to be waiting for him. there was an unfamiliar pep in his step, one that caused your heart to crack.

    “well, at least he didn’t say he sees you as a sibling?”

    “yea, he sees you as a friend.”

    “that’s enough talking for today.”


    and that was the first night you cried over beomgyu and mystery girl. your heart hurt so much, you weren’t sure if you could take it. you waited until after school, late at night. when the house was dead quiet, and your parents were deeply asleep. that was when you let the tears flow.

    you sat in your bed, a bowl of unfinished cereal sitting in your lap. your laptop flashed scenes of shrek 2, and your sheets laid untidy and scruffy. you felt sick. ever since you heard about beomgyu’s date, you hadn’t eaten since. but it’s not like you could do anything about it. it’s not like could control who he liked.

    your eyes were puffy and red from crying, and you could barely make out what was happening in the movie. but, you didn’t care. you felt too tired and drained to care. you had lost your appetite and you let your cereal to get soggy. no matter how much you tried to not think about it, you couldn’t help yourself.

    there was a buzz underneath your leg that caught your attention. unlocking your phone, you read the messages you had received.

    you begrudgingly left your comfortable sheets and made your trek downstairs, careful to not wake the household. the old wooden stairs creaked as you walked down, but you succeeded without waking anyone up.

    there was a small hope that bubbled in your chest. maybe his date went badly. maybe he realized how much he meant to you. maybe mystery girl wasn’t really all that. wait. no. that’s bad. that’s not something a friend would say or think. no. no. no.

    your hand had met contact with the cool front doorknob, pulling you away from your thoughts and as soon you swung the door open, it revealed an energetic beomgyu. he was dressed in regular sweats and a pair of snug boots sat around his feet. you know, the kind of wooly boots you get for christmas? yea those. his black hair fell over his eyes, framing his face nicely.

    “hi- is right now a bad time?” beomgyu gave you a questioning look, one that made you feel embarrassed. it wasn’t until now that you realized that your outwards appearance wasn’t in its best condition. it was too late now.

    “i mean, it is midnight. but i wasn’t doing anything important.” you shrugged dismissively.

    “okay, well…” beomgyu trailed off. the small light of hope flickered. “i wanted to tell you about my date. i feel you’d understand. you know?” and just like that, the little light of hope died out, like a flame in a snowstorm.

    “oh.” you closed the front door a little more, hopeful he didn’t see the tears glossing over your eyes. “actually, i’m feeling really tired right now. so, i don’t think nows a good time.” your voice came out as muffled and hoarse.

    “well… that’s okay! thanks anyway y/n,” his smile fell a little and as soon you shut the door on him (rather quickly) you could hear the faint sound of his footsteps become quieter and quieter as he walked away.

    you turned and your back hit against the cold door, your back slid down the door as your knees crunched up to your chest. there was an awful hole in your chest, and you weren’t sure what could fix it.

    a/n: lynne’s first angst😱😱😱

    #i didnt know how to end this #imagines#kpop#fanfic#txt #tomorrow by together #fiction #tomorrow x together #beomgyu#angst#yeonjun#soobin#taehyun#huening kai
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    Pairing: Student!Choi Beomgyu X Fem!reader | Genre:College AU,fluff | Wc: Less than 1k | Warnings : a kissing scene maybe? Or maybe not *winks*

    It was just another day of you tolerating Beomgyu's mischieves. He was sitting beside you in the cafeteria,the kids were talking and being loud all around but you really don't think that anyone could ever be louder than your adorably annoying boyfriend. You were pretty much of a quiet kid although you were pretty loud around your comfortable company of people but your boyfriend was just LOUD. At this moment,he was teasing you by immitating that one face you had made almost 3 months ago when you jumped up on his lap after seeing a cockroach.

    I mean this boy never forgets anything,does he? You do something,he notices and then he never forgets it. This was your life and although sometimes you wanted to beat the shit out of him for annoying you and being loud all the time,you couldn't deny the fact that these behaviours of him made your life very much fun and loveable.

    "Shut up gyu!",you yelled in annoyance making Beomgyu stop as you got up from your seat and made your way out of the cafeteria to your empty classroom. Beomgyu followed you to apologize. As you got into your class,he grabbed your hand and stopped you,"Okay okay I'm sorry, don't be angry!". "Don't talk to me,do you know how gross cockroaches are?",you yelled in frustration. He sneakily laughed at your question,"I get it. Fine I'm sorry", he apologized again as he held his ears with both hands.You kinda melted at his cute apology.

    "It's okay",you mumbled out and turned around to sit on your bench but he suddenly grabbed you by the waist,turning you towards him and pulled you closer to him. His breath was falling upon your temple as you looked up to him. His lips were only inches apart as he kept decreasing the distance between you two. You were so close to him that you could almost feel his lips on yours so you closed your eyes while waiting for his lips to meet yours completely. Your lips unknowingly formed a pout on their own. Suddenly you felt the warmth dissapear and a soft voice saying,"Do you know how you look right now?", As you flashed your eyes open only to see him making a duck face.

    You pushed him away with your hands,"Gyu! You're so irritating! I so fucking hate you", you yelled out loud and hit his arm as he kept laughing breathlessly at your reaction.

    A/N : I actually saw one of my friends being a situation like this once and I just remembered it today. It was actually hilarious so I decided to make a drabble out of it. Your feedbacks will be appreciated! Have a nice day !!<33

    Reese ☆ Dimplehyunn

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    Chapter eleven — I'm sorry

    It had been a whole week since Beomgyu left. You had absolutely no idea of where he was, or how he was. He didn't even go to work. And honestly, it was making you feel worried. So worried you couldn't sleep, you were barely able to even eat. Your mind filled with bad thoughts. Now knowing the state your friend was in, was practically killing you. And everyone around you seemed to notice your sudden mood change. Especially Yeonjun. He knew you weren't okay. Because you didn't even try to deny it anymore. You felt like shit. You were miserable. Sad and angry at the same time. Your feelings were overwhelming you in every way. Making it almost impossible for you to be happy. You couldn't find happiness anymore, not when one of the most important friends you've ever had was simply gone.

    "Y/n" you heard Heeseung's voice, he sounded worried and you turned your gaze to look at him "are you okay...? Lately you've been so off" his hand was now on your arm, he decided to caressed it gently. Trying to ease you a little into talking with him "It's just, a lot of things have happened. And I don't feel really good psychologically. But it's okay, don't worry too much, I'll be fine. Like always" you tried to smile. Not wanting to make it seem like a big deal. "Is it because of Yeonjun?" He tilted his head "no, it's not because of him" you denied and he frowned "are you sure?" "Yes Heeseung. I'm sure. Yeonjun is a nice guy" he shrugged his shoulders and you sighed "if you say so..." He mumbled. You looked at him, now you were the one frowning, not understanding his attitude towards your friend. He had always been like that. And you hated it. He thought you didn't notice, but you did. Whenever you talked about Yeonjun he always looked uninterested, practically rolling his eyes when you mentioned his name.

    "Why are you always like that?" You almost raised your voice "huh? What do you mean?" He asked confused "you always look annoyed when I talk about Yeonjun. Or when I mention him, I don't understand you" "maybe because you have him in a fucking pedestal y/n. And he's not all that. He's only using you, don't you see?" You looked at him wide eyed, not believing he actually said that. "What? Are you crazy Heeseung?" "No I'm not crazy y/n. You've done everything for him, everything. And what do you get? What does he do for you? I know he has all his problems but it's not an excuse. The first day he came to work, he left in the middle of the working journey. The other day you didn't come, and why? Because you were taking care of him. He's not a baby y/n. You should stop caring so much about him, and start caring about you. You're important" he held your hand, his eyes glued to yours, trying to decipher whether you hated him for saying all of that "You definitely do not understand" you let out a sarcastic laugh and pulled your hand away.

    "What should I understand y/n? Explain to me! Cause I don't fucking see it" "don't raise your voice at me" your gaze was almost deadly as your pointer finger was in Heeseung's direction "what you don't understand is that Yeonjun needs me. It's not healthy, I know. I fucking know that. But he's dependent on me. Emotionally he is. He can do plenty of things by himself, and he does so. But some other things he just can't. His mind doesn't let him. He hasn't been going to his usual therapy, Beomgyu fucking dissapeared, his parents don't care about him, the job he wanted to do didn't work out, so he's been worse than ever. Everything is going downhill. It's almost to the point were doesn't even want to stay awake Heeseung" you felt your eyes water and a sudden tear came down "He sleeps almost all the time. He barely even talks with me. And when he does he says that he doesn't want to be a burden, that he's so sorry for everything, and that if it was for him he wouldn't even exist. He's alive cause I asked him to be. I can see all the wounds he does to himself. But what more can I do? What fucking more can I do if I don't stay with him? Isn't that the bare minimum? I just don't want him to die Heeseung. I can't let that happen. I can't let him go. It's not him that depends on me. I depend on him"

    Heeseung stared at you as you broke down, starting to cry desperately. Now he felt bad, he was the one that caused it all. He knew that if he had stayed quiet nothing of this would have happened. But now it was too late to be thinking about that. He simply approached you and embraced your body into a warm hug. You could tell that was his apology, and indirect one, but it still counted. To you, it did. You hugged him back and he caressed your hair. He was enjoying the closeness between you two. "I shouldn't have said that..." He mumbled and you nodded "you really shouldn't have. You can't talk about people's lifes without knowing anything" you said between sobs, your head on his shoulder. "I- I'm sorry y/n. I really am" you didn't say anything. You really didn't know what to tell him. Maybe you should forgive him, but at the same time. He had been so mean for no reason, saying all those things. But at the same time, you felt his sincerity and wanted to tell him that everything was okay. You just couldn't stay mad at him.

    "I forgive you"

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    Malditos sejam todos os jogadores de futebol

    pedido de capa pessoal

    data de conclusão: 21.10

    não plagie e credite se você se inspirar <3

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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    [ txt as romantic tropes ]

    warning(s): none.

    SOOBIN !

    second chance. soobin would be your first love. you’d end on good-ish terms with him, and eventually he would become a memory. but, all those memories come rushing back to you when you see him again. when you get on the bus that early morning is when you see him. he’s standing five seats away, hand casually clutching the handle. he adjusts his headphones and looks up, only to meet your gaze. he gives you a half-dimpled-smile, and a small wave, and just like that you’ve fallen for him once again.


    fake dating. yeonjun > peter kavinsky. he’d propose the fake dating idea, and at first it seemed like yeonjun didn’t really consider you or your feelings, but yeonjun was just that type of person you couldn’t say ‘no’ to. plus, it benefited you too. one night, you two were out on a fake date (although there was no one to show). you threw your head back, laughing at something stupid he said. your eyes were glimmering and your laugh filled the room. his heart pounded faster and the tips of his ears colored red. maybe he wouldn’t have to fake anything at all.


    enemies to lovers. he’d tease you endlessly, and you aren’t the type to take it. you two would constantly bicker in class, and some of your classmates even think you have a secret relationship or something because how much you bicker. but no. you just hate his guts. but somehow, by pure destiny, you two end up lost together on a school field trip. lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere. you and him fought on which direction to go, where to stop, etc. finally, you convinced him to get a motel room for the both of you. except, one more problem. there was only one bed. you two did the best to stay on your sides, but he just wasn’t having it. “give me the blanket.” “you give me the blanket.” “*gasp*. did you just, tug it?” “yea, i did.” “fine. let’s just share it.” “fine.” “fine.” resting your eyes, you begin to sleep. “are you warm enough?” the simple question knots your stomach. “shut up.” a grin forming your lips.


    forbidden love. the type of boy to write songs about you and make his friends learn it on the guitar. your parents had never really been fond of your relationship with him. in fact, they despised it. so, that meant you two had to be more secretive. you’d meet him late at night or early in the morning. at night, he’d come through your window, always careful not to get caught. he’d sit and quietly sing you songs as you laid in his lap. sometimes, your parents came to check up on you in the night. so you’d quickly shove him into your closet and try to play it off not-so-smoothly. afterwards you two laughed at it, you relished in the bliss you felt with him. and he’d park his car at least two blocks away, just in case. it meant long walks, but he didn’t mind, because it was for you.


    best friends to lovers. you’ve known huening kai since forever. you’ve been with him through the thick and thin. and vise virsa. it wasn’t long before your had feelings grew for him, in a ‘more than friends’ way. he was just so charming; walking with you to your next class, bringing you extra food for lunch, cheering you up when you feel down. he made your heart racer faster than anyone had ever had. but you wouldn’t confess to him. no. never. you were too scared to ruin your friendship if he didn’t reciprocate your feelings. except one day, you slipped up. in regular conversation you let it slip you liked him. after, you hid from him for at least two weeks because you were scared of what he had to say. it wasn’t until kai had had enough of your nonsense and stopped you one day after school, reciprocating your feelings.

    a/n: idk why the paragraphs kept getting longer and longer but yea 🧍🏻

    #yes i chose the most cliche tropes 🙄🤚 #tomorrow x together #txt #tomorrow by together #yeonjun#beomgyu#soobin#taehyun#hueningkai#imagines#fanfic#kpop#fiction#headcanon
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    **✿❀LINE 15: FALLING❀✿**

    a/n: short update before i go for vacation <3 leave feedbacks lovelies i thrive on words acgevhj

    after 15 minutes of walk, taehyun and y/n finally arrived home.

    "now what?" taehyun asked.

    "let's just see if we left any of the windows open," y/n suggested.

    covering the perimeter of the house, y/n sighed when she found none of the windows were left open.

    exhausted, she went to the backyard and ended up lying down on the grass, eyes up on the night sky.

    "what are you doing?" she heard taehyun's steps approaching her.

    "im too tired, i dont have the strength to do anything anymore," she whined.

    hearing rustling sounds, her eyes widened when they met taehyuns' when she turned her head to the side. she didnt expect him to imitate her actions, especially when the grass was wet, uncomfortably pricking all over her back.

    "you didnt have to join me, you know,"

    "trying to hoard the beautiful view all by yourself?" referring to the sky full of stars, taehyun teased her.

    "bitch," y/n chuckled.


    "wait, whoa was that a shooting star?" it was taehyun.

    "no, i think that was a satellite,"

    "oh, really," taehyun sounded a bit dejected.

    they had been spending almost an hour under the sky, with taehyun pointing out random constellations, asking y/n to name it. they were in luck, the sky was very clear that night.

    "why? you wanna wish upon them or something?"

    "no, i was just asking. why should i anyways, i already have everything i want right now," he scoffed.

    "so why did u choose astronomies, y/n," taehyun asked, his eyes still glued to the sky in front of him. his hands were already at the back of his head, supporting it.

    "i mean, isnt THAT enough reason?" y/n smiled, her eyes turned into little crescents with her nose slightly scrunching, motioning towards the stars spread above them.

    "anyone seeing you right now would say you're in love or something," he commented, stealing a glance at her.


    @gyuuss @btxtreads @terrytaehyunnies @miraculyfe @yoonkeehoe @derinxfam @snowfalltxt @taehyunsfel @letmeal0ne @cosmiclele @247byun @cerisetalks @meowtella @shrutiajit @msxflower @lomlyeonjun @lokideadontheinside @arminandjeanandannieandhange @nycol-ie @00-baejin-05 @summery-bat @txtville @wkhdery @stray-bi-kids @mintbgyu @she-is-dreaming @junniesavidreader @sunflowerbebe07 @simpforscoups @multi4lifer @beomjundiaries @whoe-dis @ahnneyong @kac-chowsballs @bucket05 @iyeonjuni @beomsun @day6andetcetera @beomgyuanti @wh4txium1n @carolnina55 @youreverydayzebra @nshitae @milkycloudtyg @soobsdior @roseless1213


    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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    ❁ TXT Reactions to your parents being too strict and overprotective


    He basically hates them. Does not understand why they protect you so much, he thinks you're pretty independent and very capable of doing things by yourself. You were smart enough to know what's good and bad. You didn't need them telling you what to do. Oh he hated them so much. Like really. Pure hatred ran through his veins whenever you told him that your parents didn't let you go out that day. Would sneak into your room at night to cuddle:( also I feel like he would make plans to get you out of there as soon as possible. They definitely would not know you if you guys started dating.


    Feels wronged. Like I think Soobin would think it's his fault they don't approve the relationship/friendship:(( and when you told him that it wasn't that, that it simply was because they didn't want you to have any interactions with people of the other gender, he would be extremely confused. Not understanding how someone could think like that. It's not like he was going to hurt you. He would never do that. Your parents would definitely tell you to stay away, but would you listen? Of course not.


    Makes you take 'bad decisions'. Makes you sneak out just to see him. Shows you the fun things in life. Takes you to parties, gives you alcohol, and even makes you pretend you're sleeping over at one of your girl friends house so he can have you all night with him. Does it because he doesn't want you to waste your teenage years:( he truly does it because you matter to him, and your mental health is important. He knows being practically all day with your parents inside that house isn't good for you. So yeah, he just wants you to have some fun. I feel like maybe someday you mentioned Beomgyu to them by accident and just brushed it off as one of your friends friend.


    I also feel like he hates them. But for different reasons. Taehyun is a smart man, he knows that they only want to have you with them all the time and overprotect you so you take care of them. He knows they want you there as many hours so they can ask you to do chores and practically take away all of your liberty. So you become who they want you to be. And he despises that. Knows you're way different from what they think, not in a bad way. You're just your true self with him, and with them you're just the perfect daughter. I feel like they wouldn't hate Taehyun, or try to keep you away from him. He did give off a very good first impression, so you were glad that at least he was on your side and you didn't have to hide it.


    CONFUSED BABY. Why would they do that to you? Simply does not comprehend their reasons to be like that with you. But out of all the boys, I feel like Kai would be the most understanding of that topic. If you couldn't go somewhere because they didn't let you, it was okay, he would take you somewhere else. If they didn't let you go out, it was okay, he would wait for you. In general very patient and understanding. But also wished he could spend more time with you:( when you guys actually have the proper time to see each other it's the best. He hugs you a lot, telling you that he has to take advantage of that whenever he can, because he probably wouldn't see you in like one whole week. They would know about him, and they honestly don't mind much. They think he's a nice guy.


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    No signs of you — Taegyu.

    ♡ 19/10/2021.

    vi essa foto do tyun e deu vontade de editar algo com ela
    #Spotify #capa social spirit #capa de fanfic #capa para fanfic #social spirit#capa fanfic #capa para spirit #capa para doação #tomorrow by together #txt#beomgyu#taehyun#taegyu
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    Came out the blue on a rainy night — Beomkai.

    ♡ 19/10/2021.

    tava com essa música na cabeça e acabou saindo isso, até que gostei
    #Spotify #capa social spirit #capa de fanfic #capa para fanfic #social spirit#capa fanfic #capa para spirit #capa para doação #beomkai#hyuka #tomorrow by together #hueningkai#beomgyu
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    **✿❀LINE 14: CUTE❀✿**

    "he's not answering and leaving me on read," taehyun finally said, after calling beomgyu at least 5 times.

    "maybe he's tired of you already, you can be such a handful, you know. let me try reaching ryu," she stifled a laugh.

    "uh, ryu's not replying either," y/n squeaked, certain that taehyun's gonna use her words against her.

    oh you're so dead ryujin

    "i guess she's tired of you too, y/n. you can be such a handful, you know," he scoffed, repeating her exact words.

    "so, when does your shift end?" taehyun finally asked, after a moment of awkward silence.

    "around 45 minutes? i just remembered it's a closing shift," she replied, sighing in defeat.

    "okay, i'll wait," taehyun said, making his way towards the nearest table.

    "what? you sure? you dont have to, you know,"

    "yeah, i dont really have anywhere to go either," he shrugged.

    "if you say so,"

    it was a really hectic shift that y/n's knees buckled after standing behind the counter too long, merely managing to stop herself from falling by placing her hands as support on the counter. taehyun's eyes never really left her figure, so he was already beside her seconds after it happened, placing his hands firmly on each side of her arm.

    "you should sit first, y/n. i'll help you clean up the shop,"

    y/n wanted to stop him and ask why is he acting weird, but she doesnt have the energy to.

    closing the shop, y/n sighed in relief, turning her body to face taehyun.

    "thanks taehyun," she said quietly, which taehyun just responded with a nod.

    the walk home was fairly quiet and pretty cold, but none of them really paid any mind to it, until taehyun saw y/n rubbing her hands together, in hope of any heat she can get. wordlessly, he took her right hand with his left hand, shoving them in the pocket of his jacket.

    ignoring the way her heart did a somersault, she kept silent, not trusting herself to even form a sentence at the sudden gesture.

    "dont get any wrong idea, i just figured we could share the hotpack,"

    sure enough, there's a hotpack in his pocket.

    "i didnt say anything," she shrugged.

    "y-yeah, i mean well- okay," y/n didnt expect him to stutter, and she finds it very adorable. throwing her head back looking at the night sky, she laughed at his flustered state, completely missing the little smile tugging on taehyun's lips as his eyes landed on her.



    @gyuuss @btxtreads @terrytaehyunnies @miraculyfe @yoonkeehoe @derinxfam @snowfalltxt @taehyunsfel @letmeal0ne @cosmiclele @247byun @cerisetalks @meowtella @shrutiajit @msxflower @lomlyeonjun @lokideadontheinside @arminandjeanandannieandhange @nycol-ie @00-baejin-05 @summery-bat @txtville @wkhdery @stray-bi-kids @mintbgyu @she-is-dreaming @junniesavidreader @sunflowerbebe07 @simpforscoups @multi4lifer @beomjundiaries @whoe-dis @ahnneyong @kac-chowsballs @bucket05 @iyeonjuni @beomsun @day6andetcetera @beomgyuanti @wh4txium1n @carolnina55 @youreverydayzebra @nshitae @milkycloudtyg


    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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    the one in control

    pairing: badboy!yeonjun × bratty!femreader

    words: 5k +

    summary: you tease the one and only Yeonjun, and he doesn't like that. He likes to be the one taking control. So he teaches you lesson, putting you in your place.

    genre: smut

    warnings: meandom!yeonjun, brattamer!yeonjun, degradation, hair pulling, choking, crying, begging, size kink, spit, slapping, creampie (use protection babes), jealous!yeonjun, fuckboy!yeonjun, teasing, nicknames, recording sex, bimbofication, cursing, and probably way more

    You grunted upon hearing your biology teacher tell the class that they had to do a  project of two about the human cells. And of course that included you.

    You absolutely despised biology class, you couldn't stand a second of it. It was the most unnecessary boring shit you've ever heard. Why did you need to know how many bones and muscles were inside your body? Also, cells? Who the fuck wanted to know how they worked and what they did? Definitely not you. What also bothered you is that the project was in pairs. No one would want to partner with you, you were more than sure about that. Your hatred for biology was known by everyone, even the teacher knew. Maybe that's why he looked at you like you had some kind of toxic disease that would be contaminated if he got near you.

    While you were rambling about it on your own, cursing under your breath about the project, Yeonjun, the certified 'bad boy' approached you. He placed his hands on your table, looking down at you with a smirk. "Wanna be partners?" You tilted your head upon hearing his words "Are you talking to me?" You pointed at yourself "Who else would I be talking to sweetheart?" You rolled your eyes at him "first of all, don't call me sweetheart. Second of all, yeah why not. I doubt anyone else wants to partner with me"

    Yeonjun wasn't exactly who you wanted to be partnered with, but at the same time, you couldn't complain. No one else wanted to do this with you.

    Yeonjun was the typical player, the one that fucked girls making them think they were special, and then left them heart broken. Not even calling them again the next day. Pretending he didn't know them. Basically humiliating them. But you weren't stupid, you knew all of those things. His tricks. So if he wanted to do this project with you only to have sex, you wouldn't comply. You were smarter than that. Or at least, that's what you thought.

    "Perfect" he grabbed a chair and sat next to you, a little bit too close for your liking. "Could you move over? Your leg is touching mine" you let out as codly as possible. "Is that a problem?" He tilted his head and placed his hand on your thigh "yes. Yes it is" you held his wrist and pulled his hand away from you. "I know your intentions Yeonjun, and I'm sorry to tell you, that it's not going to work with me. I'm not like your other girlies" you smiled at him before shoving a pen and a notebook into his arms. "Now we should start doing some research for the project"

    "Oh, you're a feisty one" he whispered to you before leaving the notebook on the table "I am, have a problem with that?" You questioned opening your book "I don't. Actually, it makes things more fun sweetheart" he whispered in your ear. Sending shivers down your spine. You shook your head and pushed him away.

    "Here" you pointed at your book, trying to keep him away from you "we have to do this" he looked at you with one of his eyebrows lifted "is y/n the certified biology hater trying to do a biology project, because she's scared of me?" He snickered "I'm not scared of you!" You frowned and crossed your arms "I just know what you want to do. And I'm not dumb Yeonjun" he smiled and placed one of his large hands on your cheek "let's see how long you can keep this act babe, I bet you won't last long. No one does" you gripped his wrist tightly, pulling his hand away with a serious look on your face "fuck you Yeonjun" "whenever you want" he winked at you, making you grimace.

    The bell rang and you were about to leave, wanting to be as far away from Yeonjun as possible. But before you could leave the teacher spoke up, making you stop "Before leaving I want to tell you that I won't give you time in class to do the project. You guys have to do it on your own outside. And in a week you'll have to present it in front of the rest of the students" you almost cursed out loud hearing those words. You would have to meet up with Yeonjun, outside of school? That wasn't a good idea. In fact, it was horrible. The boy would be even more bold if you guys were alone. And you would never admit it, but you were actually scared. Scared of actually falling for him.

    You held on tightly to your backpack, walking away from that class. Your mind confused. You couldn't stop thinking about him, his touch on your body lingered. His warm hand on your cheek. It felt nice, maybe a little bit too nice. You wanted more. But at the same time. You didn't want to give him the pleasure of having you. You were better than that.

    While you walked away towards the gates a hand held your arm, making you stop and turn around. You frowned upon seeing one of Yeonjun's friends, a huge smile plastered on his face. "What do you want Beomgyu?" "Always so mean" he poked the tip of your nose "anyways, we're having a party today, and Yeonjun wants you to come. It's at eight. So don't be late." And before you could answer, he was already gone. Leaving you there dumbfounded.

    Yeonjun looked at you from far away, laughing at your reaction along with his friends. They would do anything to help him end up in bed with you. It was a group mission at this point. They were exactly like him, all wanting to get laid without any compromise. And if they could help each other, they always did.

    Your steps were slow, your head filled with thoughts. Should you go? No, probably not. But what if it was worth it? You didn't need to be with Yeonjun. There would be plenty of other people. And if he tried to approach you, you could disappear in the crowd of people. Or, you could play with him. Yes, that's what you would do. It was a risky idea, but if it went well, it would be the funniest thing ever. Just to leave him there, hanging. Suddenly, going to the party, didn't seem like a bad idea.

    It was already 7pm and you were getting ready, your friend Karina on the phone with you. "So, you're planning to leave Yeonjun with blue balls?" You nodded an evil smile on your face "exactly. Make him suffer a little" you heard your friend laugh, shaking her head at your words "be careful girl. You still have to do the biology project with him" you rolled your eyes "I will babe, don't worry. If he doesn't want to do the project afterwards, I'll do it alone" you finished doing your makeup, it was very light, but it made your features stand out. Making you feel confident. "I wish you were in my class thought, I have to do the project with Soobin and the man does not leave me alone" this time she rolled her eyes. "I wish I could help you, like those guys don't get tired of fucking?" You started putting on your high heels, making yourself a little bit taller. Your height had always been one of your insecurities, as you were smaller than the average girls. Making you look weak and fragile, something you hated. Because you were neither of those. "Right? Like can't they do anything else? It's like they think with their dicks and not with their brain" she looked at the clock and then gasped "it's already half past seven y/n, you should get going" you looked at the clock yourself and nodded "true, I'll call you afterwards okay? I love you" you sent her a flying kiss before ending the video call. Quickly you placed in your purse your keys and also your phone. You looked at yourself in the mirror one last time. That dress made you look stunning. And you liked that.

    Once you got there the party had already started. Music blasting loudly from the speakers, people dancing on the living room, red cups in their hands, definitely filled with alcohol. You went to get yourself a cup, searching for the kitchen, or somewhere where the alcohol was. And while you were doing that, a pair of eyes landed on you.

    Yeonjun bit his lower lip seeing your small figure on that tight dress, it made all the curves on your body stand out. And it made him go insane. He already had some alcohol in his body. So he wasn't exactly thinking straight. "Fuck. Is that the girl you wanna bang?" Soobin's mouth was hanging open while looking at you "Yes. But she's mine. Don't try anything with her" he warned his friends, placing his cup on the table.

    He watched you struggle to find the kitchen for a few minutes before approaching you, a snug smirk all over his face. "Are you lost baby?" He said holding you by your hips, pressing your body against his. Your back on his chest. "Yes" you pouted, already putting your charms into action "I can't seem to find where the alcohol is" you turned around, purposely rubbing against him while doing so "Do you know where I can have a drink?" Your pointer finger was now on his chest, drawing little figures. Yeonjun looked at you like you were his pray, almost jumping on you and kissing you all over "of course I do baby, follow me" he smiled.

    You smiled to yourself while walking behind Yeonjun, you could feel his friends gazes all over you, so without thinking twice about it you delivered a wink on their direction, seeing how Kai almost chocked on his drink, making Beomgyu start to laugh loudly.

    You giggled softly and then Yeonjun pulled you into a room, you thought it would be the kitchen, but it definitely wasn't that. A big bed was inside, and you couldn't believe it. Was that his plan to fuck you? Cause it definitely wasn't going to work. You weren't even drunk.

    He closed the door behind you and pressed you to it. His face dangerously close to yours. "Did you dress like this for me?" You thought for a bit, and then nodded "of course I did, you were the one who invited me after all" his hand caressed your waist while he looked down, seeing how the dress revealed enough of your cleavage to make him crazy. "I'm glad you came, this party wouldn't be the same without you" he leaned closer, now placing a little kiss on your neck. Your hands were on his body, caressing his skin under his white shirt. You could see how hard he was, and that just made you smirk, thinking about your next movements.

    "You're so hot" he whispered his hand slowly making it's way to one of your breasts, but before he could, you stopped him. Gripping his wrist. He looked at you frowning and you just smiled and shook your head "I didn't come here for you to fuck me Yeonjun, I came here to have fun. So please just take me to the kitchen so I can have a drink. Or I'll go there myself. And maybe with one of your friends" you shrugged your shoulders and he stood there all tall looking down at you "you're not going to leave me hanging like this y/n. You can't do that." He gripped your wrists, placing them at each side of your head "of course I can. You can't fuck me without my consent Yeonjun. That would be rape" he immediately let go of you.

    You moved away and opened the door, leaving. Yeonjun stood there frustrated, he couldn't believe he got played by you. "Fuck" he grunted while pushing his hair back in annoyance. You would definitely pay for that. He knew you were just playing games with him, and he didn't like that. He was the one that did that. He was the one that took control of the situation. Not you.

    Once you got to the living room again Soobin approached you, waisting no time. He knew you didn't do anything with Yeonjun. As it was quite obvious. His friend lasted a fucking long time, and he always made the girls look like a mess afterwards. And you looked just as fine as when you walked in. "Hi" he smiled at you, looking friendly. Maybe a little bit too friendly. His intentions more than clear. But from far away you could see Yeonjun coming back to his friends, so you decided to play even more with him. Now your plan was to make him jealous. Once his eyes were glued on you and the tall boy you smiled back "hi, can you give me a sip of your cup?" you pouted "Yeonjun didn't give me anything. He's a meanie" you exclamed crossing your arms, making your chest area stick out. His eyes immediately went there before looking back at you. "Of course pretty. Here" he gave you his cup and you grabbed it. You started drinking purposely dropping a few drops on your exposed chest area "Fuck! I'm so clumsy" you faked annoyance. Soobin stayed quiet for a few seconds, simply looking at the drips dissapear on your cleavage.

    "Do you want me to get you some napkins?" He finally spoke up and you shook your head "no, it's fine. I was quite hot, so this helps a little with the heat" you fanned yourself with one of your hands and gave Soobin his cup back. "Well, I'm going to go dance now" you stood on your tip toes struggling a bit to reach him and the boy noticed, bending so he was now on your level "thanks" you kissed his cheek and then ran towards the group of people who were dancing like there was no tomorrow.

    Soobin stayed in that position for maybe too long because Yeonjun came by, hitting his arm. "Dude, she's my girl" he frowned "well technically she's not thought. She's not your girlfriend or anything" he shrugged "yeah but I was the one that made a move on her first. And even invited her" "and how did that go buddy?" He said filled with amusement, making fun of his friend "fuck you Soobin, honestly" "I bet she will. She was all over me" the black haired boy pushed his friend, tired of him and his words. "Oh shut the fuck up" he walked away, needing to consume more alcohol, and maybe forget you for the night.

    "You should have seen his face Karina" you laughed while taking the dress off "he was truly dumbfounded, thinking he would get what he wanted, but instead getting nothing. Also, also, his face when I flirted with Soobin? Absolutely hilarious, he was all mad and jealous. It was so obvious" now she was laughing "you did such a good job, now he's probably jerking himself off while thinking of you" you looked at the screen of your phone wide eyed "do you really think that?" She nodded "probably babes, he seems to want to fuck you so badly" she giggled "he does..." You stood there, the image of the boy touching himself while thinking of you making you feel all hot and bothered. You shook your head trying to ignore that. "Anyways, I'm going to go to sleep, I hope tomorrow doing the project nothing bad happens. And tell me all about it, good night" you nodded "good night" you ended the call and sat down on the bed. Your head now thinking about Yeonjun.

    You sat down on the sofa, waiting for your biology partner to show up, or text you that he wouldn't come. As you weren't sure if he would. You did text him after school inviting him over so you could get this over with.

    While you were distracted looking at the tv the bell rang and you stood up quickly. Looking at yourself in the mirror. Smiling. You had on a blue cropped turtle neck and black skirt, making you look innocent and naughty at the same time.

    You opened the door and his eyes immediately went to your legs before looking at you. "I thought you wouldn't come after yesterday" you snickered and he let out a grunt of annoyance. "I just want to do this and get it done as fast as possible" you nodded at his words and closed the door "I'm glad that we agree at least on that"

    You lead him to your room, closing the door, just in case. You sat down on your bed, purposely making your skirt ride up. He tried to keep his eyes away from you, sitting down next to you and grabbing the biology book. Starting to read the pages. It was so boring, but it was better than falling into your temptations.

    You whined softly, not amused by his reaction. As he didn't really seem to notice it. It was like he was trying to ignore you. And that was no fun. You sat closer to him pretending to read the same thing. "I don't understand this" you pouted and pointed at one of the sentences, wanting to get his full attention on you. He looked at you and you looked up at him, making those sweet innocent eyes that made him go feral.

    "Do you think I'm stupid y/n?" He said while closing the book angrily "what? I never said that, what do you mean?" You once again faked innocence, but Yeonjun was way over that. Knowing for a fact that you were everything but innocent. "You left me hanging yesterday, and even flirted with my best friend in front of my face. And now you're gonna act all innocent when I clearly saw you ride up your skirt so I could see your thighs? For fucks sake, I'm not stupid got it?" His body was tense, and you could sense that he was actually mad at you. Maybe you crossed the line?

    "Do you want me?" "What? Why are you asking me that out of nowhere?" You frowned "answer." He leaned closer and you froze, not really knowing what to say. "If you say no you're going to stop acting like a whore and we're going to finish this damn project. But if you say yes, I'm going to fuck you so hard you're not even going to remember your name" he whispered the last part, making you nervous "so what's it gonna be baby?"

    You stayed quiet for a bit, you couldn't deny that his attitude made you feel extremely aroused. His intense eyes on you just made you want to have him. And maybe after all it wasn't a bad idea. Yeonjun was one of the hottest guys you've ever met, and he was basically all over you. You needed to use that on your favor.

    "Yes. I want you Yeonjun, so badly"

    Those words were enough for him, he caught your lips in a kiss. A rough and desperate kiss, as he had been waiting for this. You tried to get some dominance in the kiss by bitting his lower lip but his large hand wrapped around your neck. Pulling you away. "I'm the one in control babe. Don't even try." He warned making you whine. He squeezed your throat and you gasped, trying to get some air. "You were such a bitch to me yesterday. You definitely need to get punished. Maybe that will make you come to your senses and remember that no one, absolutely no one, plays with me like you did." He was serious. And you could tell by his facial expression.

    "Now the safe word is biology. No matter how many times you tell me to stop, I won't until you say biology. So remember it." He let go of your neck and manhandled you until you were in front of him, ass facing him, head pressed into the book. A smirk decorated his face once an idea popped into his mind. He stood up and grabbed two pens, one for him, and the other one for you. "One of your punishments is going to be writing about our project, all alone, while I have fun with your body. Got it?" You nodded "use your words whore" "yes. I got it" he handed you the pen and a piece of paper before heading back to be behind you. "Start."

    For some reason it seemed to be pretty calm, you started writing, nothing really happening. Until you felt Yeonjun open your legs. The cold tip of the pen made you wonder what he was writing on the inside of your thighs. When he was done he threw the pen to the ground. Pleased with what he had put there. He pushed your skirt up, not wanting to take it off. As it looked good on you.

    He approached his face to your clotted core, making you whine and stop all your movements "did I say you could stop writing?" He frowned and you started writing again, your letters looking all messy and shaky from the sensation of having him so close, but not close enough "you know, if you hadn't been a bitch yesterday I would have eaten you out. But you don't deserve that. You're only going to please me. You don't deserve to get pleased. Whores like you don't deserve such privilege" he spanked you and took your panties off, admiring how wet you were. He shoved the piece of fabric into the back pocket of his jeans, wanting to take it as a souvenir.

    "Already so wet? You're so pathetic y/n trying to be all bold with me, when in reality you want me. Isn't that right?" You hid your face upon hearing his words, not wanting to admit any of that "aww is the baby shy now?" He laughed at you "don't you think it's too late for that huh?" His hand made impact on your ass once more. Leaving a big red mark. Yeonjun would never admit it out loud but the size difference between both of you made him even more aroused. He wanted to ruin your tiny body. "Answer me y/n" "n-no" you shook your head and he pulled your hair, making your back go straight "Don't fucking lie" his finger pressed against your entrance "you're so fucking wet" he gathered your juices with one of his fingers, bringing it to your field of vision "see? So fucking wet" he now brought the finger to your mouth "suck." You looked at him while frowning shaking your head "I said suck you bitch" he held on tighter to your hair making you yelp. Yeonjun took the opportunity and shoved his digit into your mouth, making you taste yourself.

    "I can't believe you're still being a brat. You just like to see me mad don't you? I bet that's what makes you wet." He let go of you, now pressing your head into the book "keep writing slut. You're not done with that" He leaned down, blowing hot air into your heat. Simply teasing you. His hands roamed your thighs, sometimes squeezing your ass. But he never touched where you needed him the most, it felt like torture, and you knew that he wanted that. He wanted to punish you. Make you feel what you did to him yesterday.

    "I'm done" you stuttered once you finished and he smirked. He held the piece of paper in front of your face, ripping it into a bunch of tiny pieces "what- why did you do that?" You asked while looking down at the now broken paper. It took you so long for absolutely nothing. And you couldn't even do anything, as you still were half naked with your ass facing upwards. "To teach you a lesson sweetheart. Don't mess with me." he held your chin and smiled at you petting your head lightly. "Now kitten, you'll do everything I'll ask you right? You're not gonna be a brat again." You frowned at him "no! You just destroyed my hard work! Why should I listen to you?" You pulled your face away from his hand and he looked at you in disbelief.

    "Are you serious y/n? Don't you fucking learn?" He held your face once again, easily squishing it, delivering a harsh slap to your cheek. Making your eyes water up as you didn't expect that. Now your whole face felt hot, you definitely were red, and not from the slap. Feeling ashamed of yourself. "Are you going to behave for once? Are you slut? Huh? Can you do that? Or is your brain so small that you can't even comprehend simple tasks?" You wanted to answer back a snarky remark, or simply tell him to fuck off.

    But at the same time, you wanted to behave. Wanting to be fucked by him. You couldn't handle it no more. Your bratty facade disappearing. Now you were ready to be his perfect little slut. To let him do whatever he wanted to you.

    "Yes, yes, I'll behave, I promise, I'm sorry, sorry. Please..." You looked up at him with puppy eyes, the prettiest pout decorating your face "please what baby?" He tilted his head "please fuck me already, please, please" you begged desperately, holding onto the hem of his shirt. "But you don't deserve to be fucked kitten. You've been so bad" he shook his head "I'm sorry, please. I won't do it again. I really won't. Please. Please" you sounded so pathetic, but to Yeonjun it was the most beautiful cries he's ever heard. He saw how tears started to stream down your cheeks and he dried them up while smiling at you. "Promise you'll be good?" He asked and you nodded eagerly "yes, I will. I will behave, promise"

    Seeing you so desperate made him hard, you could definitely see the bulge in his pants. And it just made you even more impatient.

    He started to take off his pants and also his underwear, making it slow and teasing, just to make you suffer a little bit more. "Open" he ordered and you immediately complied, opening your mouth as wide as possible, so his size would fit. He pushed in while easily holding your head in place, as it was small enough for him to hold it easily. He started thrusting, picking up a quick pace, as he was almost as desperate at you. Maybe a little bit more. He couldn't do any of this yesterday and that lingered in his mind all night.

    With a last deep thrust he came in your mouth, pulling out completely, seeing his cum inside. He held your face in place, now spitting into your mouth, seeing how it mixed with his semen "Swallow it all. Be grateful for what I gave you." You closed your eyes and decided to swallow everything fast, not thinking too much about it. "Very good. It took a little bit of fighting, but now you're all good" he smiled.

    You saw him move, his body now behind you. And you felt excited, as he was finally going to be inside of you. He turned you around. Making you face him. He looked down and smiled, just now remembering what he wrote on your thighs. He got an idea and immediately put it into plan. He searched for his phone, recording you in that position, making sure your face showed up clearly "Read it out loud" he ordered and you looked down, your face heating up. You shook your head slightly and he frowned "I can't say that out loud... Not when you're recording me..." He let out an annoyed sigh "Read it out loud or I won't fuck you y/n." you whined at him but it was useless. You knew that if you didn't say it, he would actually not do anything. And just leave you there. "T-this fuckhole b-belongs to Y-yeonjun" you looked away in embarrassment once you saw his big smile, now recording what he wrote and your cunt.

    He now stopped recording, placing the phone on the bedside table. And immediately after he slammed into you, already setting a fast pace. Not even letting you get used to his big size. He looked down at your small body compared to his. Making him go even harder with you. Wanting to break you.

    His hand went to your neck as he squeezed it lightly, enough to make it pleasurable. No one ever had been so rough and harsh with you. But you were enjoying every second of it. You never thought that being treated like that would make you feel aroused. It was a whole new experience that would make sex probably pretty boring afterwards.

    Yeonjun kept moving his hips as fast as he could, enjoying hearing your moans and whines of his name. Your hands all over his back, leaving small scratch marks. The whole experience was simply amazing, as he didn't think you would be up to be like this for him. All whiny and weak, making your size seem even more small in your eyes.

    "Does it feel good?" He whispered into your ear, lips leaving soft kisses all over your ear lobe. Moving down to mark your neck. "Yes, yes, yes, so good" you nodded words coming out slurred barely even understandable. "I guess I fucked you dumb didn't I baby?" He laughed at the eagerness of your nods, as you probably didn't even understand what he told you.

    Yeonjun felt close to his high so he thrusted as deep as he could, hitting that spot that made you dizzy over and over. And without previous warning you came, your legs trembling your body shaking. He held you into place as he also came a little bit after you. Filling you up. Just like he had imagined. "Fuck that felt so good" he munbled, now laying down next to you.

    You had your eyes closed as you tried to collect your thoughts and catch your breath. That was the most intense orgasm of your life.

    "We have to do this again some day" he said and you nodded.



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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    **✿❀LINE 12: EXCITED❀✿**

    warnings: suggestive if you squint really hard (skip if uncomfy)

    in the span of 2 months, y/n and taehyun had progressed from enemies to acquaintances. the hate between them seems to have decreased gradually as they spent more time under one roof. they can now at least see each other's faces without throwing shades and actually wish good mornings and good nights (y/n claimed this as a progress), and that's why y/n almost flipped out when she saw taehyun shooting daggers at her the first thing in the morning, without any reason AT ALL and ignored her good morning wish.

    i thought we're way past that already?

    "im sleeping at beomgyu's tonight," he said without even sparing a glance at her.

    "i'll be inviting ryujin then,"

    "okay what ever, i dont really care,"

    "what the hell is wrong with you?" y/n snapped, they sounded exactly like when they were talking to each other for the first time, and she didnt like it, not even one bit.


    "you know what? what ever. it's not even worth it," y/n stomped to her room.

    y/n's waiting for ryujin to arrive, taehyun already long gone, at least that's what she thought. so she walked around the house with just her oversized white tee and her panties. i mean, when else can she wear the most comfortable clothes in the world, right? ending up with an ice cream tub in one hand, and a novel on the other, y/n sprawled comfortably across the couch.

    about an hour in, she jumped into a standing position when she suddenly heard taehyun's door creaked open. you see, the living room and taehyun's room is just three steps away and that's why y/n didnt have enough time to bolt to her room and it certainly didnt help when she acted like a deer caught in the headlights, freezing in her track completely.

    "why are you still here?" she asked after a few seconds of silence, taehyun now standing in front of her, seeming unable to move completely too.

    "that beomgyu shithead forgot to pick me.....up," y/n suddenly felt very self-aware now, after noticing how taehyun eyed her up, from her bare legs, trailing up and slightly stopping at her chest.

    "stop staring, you pervert," y/n exclaimed, her hands automatically went to block her chest from his view.

    suddenly aware of his action, taehyun cleared his throat, eyes wandering everywhere except on the girl in front of him.

    "there's not even much to see," he said, trying to act like he didnt just ogle at her a few seconds ago.

    "well, i dont think your friend there agree with you," pointing at taehyun's growing bulge, she left to her room snickering.

    'fuck' taehyun inhaled sharply.

    right before y/n closed her door, she heard beomgyu barging into the house, chuckling at taehyun's state.

    "someone's a little excited," beomgyu had teased him, causing y/n to double over, laughing.

    "WHAT? YOU FLASHED HIM?" ryujin asked.

    she had finally arrived, now sitting on the couch facing each other, just gossiping.

    "I did not dumbass!"

    "technically, you did. that white shirt is like- see through," ryujin said in a matter of fact way, munching on her chips.

    "NO IT'S NOT, OKAY AT THIS POINT YOU'RE JUST EXAGGERATING," y/n laughed as her hands went to ryujin's laps, slapping them playfully.

    later that night, y/n had shoved the white shirt deep under her wardrobe, changing into a blue one, not wanting to go through such embarrassing moments anymore.



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    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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