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  • gyuuss
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Not Clickbait

    ten “just like her”

    wc: 837
    warnings: slight angst

    “Do you have a boyfriend?” Beomgyu asked bluntly, making you look at him in shock. The two of you were in a library, with you studying while Beomgyu tagged along. You weren’t exactly sure why, especially since you were sure that Beomgyu still hated you. Luckily, he had been more talkative off cameras so you assumed that progress was being made. Yet, his behavior confused you and you weren’t sure why he decided to stick around.

    “No?” You replied in a confused tone, wondering why he would ask such a question. The crease in Beomgyu’s eyebrows went away and his posture wasn’t as stiff anymore.

    “Oh, I just saw that you posted this guy on your Twitter.” Beomgyu said, seeming almost embarrassed about the question he had asked. You began to laugh, finding it amusing how Beomgyu assumed Hyunjin was your boyfriend. You loved the man to death, but you wouldn’t date him.

    There was a time in middle school where you did have a crush on Hyunjin. That was until he sister-zoned you, making the crush instantly disappear. Now he was like your brother, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “He’s just my best friend, but how did you even see that?” You asked, knowing that Beomgyu didn’t follow your account. You checked often so you would know if he was lying or not.

    Beomgyu looked like a deer caught in headlights at your question and he began to fumble with the strings on his hoodie. One that you noticed he wore often (and you couldn’t help but imagine yourself wearing it).

    “It came up on my feed.” He answered hesitantly, looking away from your eyes. You nodded, giving Beomgyu a long look before turning your attention back to your studying.

    Beomgyu looked back up, observing your concentrated state. For the past week he kept wondering to himself why he was so drawn to you. He was supposed to hate you, yet he couldn’t help but feel comfortable in your presence. The feeling reminded him of someone important— and he wished it didn’t. That’s why Beomgyu didn’t want to be around you in the first place, because you were just like her.

    But, he knew that he couldn’t force himself to stay away any longer.

    “Why are you here?” You asked suddenly, snapping Beomgyu out of his daze. When he focused on your face, he realized that he had been caught staring. Beomgyu could feel the embarrassment burning inside of him, but he tried to keep his cool.

    “I don’t know.” He mumbled, and the response reminded you of your painful interaction a couple of weeks ago.

    “You don’t know?” You asked, wishing he could just give you an answer.

    “You seem cool, and I like that.” Beomgyu replied, making you freeze in your seat. You looked at him with a shocked expression, not expecting the man to say something like that.

    “You don’t— hate me anymore?” You hesitantly asked, suddenly forgetting about the papers under you as your full attention shifted to Beomgyu. He looked down at the table, seeming to think about an answer. The longer you waited for a response, the more you could feel your spirits dropping. He definitely still wasn’t fond of you.

    “That’s okay.” You sighed, beginning to pack up your things. You wanted to go home, you didn’t want to be near Beomgyu at the moment.

    “Y/N—” Beomgyu began to speak but you cut him off.

    “It’s okay, really. I’m just tired and I’m gonna head in for the night.” You said, flashing him a fake smile. Beomgyu felt a pang of guilt as he observed your solemn expression. He wanted to speak up, but he wasn’t sure what to say. Beomgyu had never been good at verbally expressing his feelings and he wished that he was.

    He followed you out the door, trying to keep up with your long strides. Beomgyu felt guilty, which was shocking when it came to you.

    “I don’t hate you.” Beomgyu called out, watching as you turned around to face him. The frown on your face showed how upset you were and Beomgyu could feel his chest tighten uncomfortably.

    “But you don’t like me either.” You stated, making Beomgyu go quiet. Beomgyu became frustrated with himself, not knowing how he felt about you anymore. He wanted to hate you, he really did, but it was just so difficult. Why did you have to be such a ray of sunshine?

    “I’m sorry.” Beomgyu mumbled, and you put on another fake smile.

    “It’s okay, Beomgyu. Not everyone is going to like me, and I accept that. I’m just glad that we’re able to be civil with each other.” You replied before heading out of the empty library. Beomgyu let you go this time, watching your figure until he couldn’t anymore.

    Beomgyu wondered if he should give up his pride, because he wasn’t sure if his heart could take seeing your disappointed face anymore. Especially if he was the cause of your disappointment.

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  • ningningsplushie
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    first dates with txt

    genre: fluff

    warnings:  kissing, mentions of food, a few curses i think


    i feel like he’d take you on a picnic BUT...hear me out

    at night, with the stars twinkling above you guys

    your two bodies overlooking the city of Seoul, the luminous buildings in the foreground and its monstrous mountains in the back

    the way he asked you out was very last minute but he had actually planned this entire date WEEKS before 

    a nice thick blanket, your favourite drinks and snacks, a small speaker with a specially curated playlist of all the songs that you love or that remind him of you

    you would have ran at the idea of a picnic at night if it was anyone else but since you trust yeonjun so much, you really couldn’t say no

    you two sit until almost the break of dawn, chattering, laughing, admiring each other, and even shedding a tear or two after some deep thoughts

    with him, you felt so utterly comfortable

    it didn’t even feel like a first date. it was more like you’ve been dating him for years

    it’s summer so you don’t think about brining a sweater or coat since it was sweltering just 6 hours ago but you find yourself shivering underneath the gaze of the pale moon

    he notices this immediately and quickly shrugs off his own hoodie 

    you try to decline but he starts whining, his lips forming into his -iconic- pout

    “yahhh, can’t you just let me do this nice thing for you?”

    you giggle and give in, but ask “what about you though? you’re gonna be freezing!”

    this little devil smirks, pulling you closer to him by your hips before replying back with “guess you’re gonna have to keep me warm with your cuddles.”

    he’s so suave it’s killing me


    it’s a no brainer that binnie decides to take you to a little trip around all the independent bookstores around the city 

    you both love reading so he thought you would love this

    he HOPES you love it, he’s really panicking

    but don’t worry soobin! the date’s a success!!

    You thought you’d hit up 4 stores, AT MOST but this boy really ran you around to 15 different nooks and crannies filled with books

    you really couldn’t complain though

    it was heaven to you

    you though soobin was going to buy a few books for himself but he really didn’t. in fact, he bought half the books you picked up but put away since you didn’t want to blow all your money in one day

    he obviously did this behind your back

    you were mad at first cuz hello??? why’s he spending all his money on you?

    it’s cuz he loves the way your eyes light up whenever you pick up a book :((

    he wants to see it all the time. always.

    at the last bookstore, you decided to pick a book you’d both read together

    so when you were all done with your shopping, you hauled all the books into his car and drove to a little park 

    the two of you sat underneath a weeping willow, his back resting on the tree and your head on his lap as you lay on the grass

    binnie also gave you his windbreaker so your bum wouldn’t touch the cold ground :((

    as your sitting/laying there, he nudges you to read the book you picked together out loud

    why, you may ask

    well because he wants to hear your soft voice as he plays with your hair

    after a while your mouth goes dry and you ask him to stop

    he just sits you up so you face him and gives you a bottle of water but before it reaches your lips, he moves your hand away and softly leans in and presses a warm peck to your mouth

    “is that enough to rejuvenate you?”

    like hell it was

    you wanted more kisses from soobin

    and so he gave you more :)


    beomgyu’s very nervous so to hide that, he opts for a casual date!

    it’s something you appreciated because you were also extremely nervous

    he first takes you to the convenience store

    like it’s part of the main attraction for the date and ‘gyu was worried that you were going to think it was a stupid idea

    but you loved it!!

    you bought a few packets of ramen, soda, and chocolate for dessert

    before you begin to dig in, beomgyu perks up and rushes back to the ramen aisle while screaming “DON’T EAT YET! I HAVE AN IDEA!”

    you’re both shocked and confused

    but then he returns with the spiciest ramen he can find

    one for you and one for you

    you begin to protest but he cuts you off

    “no, listen. let’s see you can finish the bowl first!”

    “we both can’t handle heat, we’re gonna pass out,” you retaliate 

    “that’s the fun part!”

    this shithead

    but you give in though cuz you thought it would be fun

    you both start scarfing down the fire ramen, huffing and puffing, hiccuping, and worst of all, tears and snot dripping down your face

    you turn to each other, take your faces in and break off into hysterics, pieces of ramen flying everywhere

    it’s a mess

    but you finished the ramen!

    at what cost though? 

    you’re both in pain, not to mention disgustingly messy on the face

    you wanted to look cute for ‘gyu :((

    but he really thought you couldn’t be more prettier cuz you look so happy and he wants to be the main cause of that happiness all the time :(

    you clean your faces up and it turns out that beomgyu was the one who finished the ramen

    you really couldn’t, the heat was getting to you and you thanked every holy being for that laugh break so you don’t have to finish eating it

    you’re both stuffed so you head to a playground and goof off

    he pushes you on the swings but being the brat that he is, he begins twisting it so that you spin and spin and spin until you get dizzy

    you hop off and attempt to run and tackle him but you fall to the ground while he’s doing his inwards laugh

    he feels really bad afterwards cuz you get dizzy easily and feel a bit weak so he helps you up and feeds you some cold water and pushes you towards a bench so you can collect yourself

    “you’re an idiot, beomgyu” 

    he looks down at his feet and feels horrible :(

    but you nudge his shoulder and hug him

    “but you’re MY idiot”



    it’s a home date!

    he actually chose this because he thinks that the first date should be intimate so what better way to do this than to set up camp at his home!

    he kicked the members out of the dorm ;-;

    but it’s alright though because they’re all chilling with their families

    while you were on your way to the dorm, he began setting everything up

    fairy-lights everywhere, those cool gradient lights on the walls, a projector on the ceiling and a nice fort with white sheets and throw pillows for comfort

    he also ordered your fav foods: pizza, ice cream, chips, fries, burgers, literally EVERYTHING

    he wants you to have options :)

    he wants this to be perfect for you so he lets you pick what you’re going to watch, what you’ll eat, and the activities for later!

    you arrive and are immediately blown away by his effort

    no one has ever been this thorough for you before :((

    he takes your coat from you and hangs it up cuz he’s the biggest gentleman

    you walk over to the kitchen and brighten up (even more) when you see brownie mix sitting on the counter

    “are we making brownies? :D”

    he swears he feels his heart leap just by seeing how excited you are 

    “only if you want to”


    he allows you to pick a film so that you’d have some background noise but you opt for “Over the Garden Wall”

    perfect fall, goblincore vibes!

    you’re cheekier than him so you dollop some wet brownie mix onto his noise

    he looks at you like this 😠 but you see a smile creeping on his features

    he places some onto the corner of your mouth to get revenge >:)

    you frown and complain how he’s going to ruin your make-up

    so he leans forward and kisses the mix off of your face

    you stand there like 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️

    he places the brownies into the oven, grabs your hand and pulls you into the fort

    but you’re still in a trance from the kiss

    he notices this

    so he kisses you again

    but directly on the mouth

    this breaks you out of your reverie and you begin to kiss back 

    but he pulls away 😞

    “you can’t kiss on an empty stomach, now can you?”

    you blush like crazy and shake you head 

    the two of you watch the show, laughing at the top of your lungs while making cheeky comments and eating your food, especially your brownies


    karaoke date!

    ofc he’s going to upstage you, he has the voice of an angel

    you guys rent a room for nearly 3 hours but man! it was the fastest 3 hours of your life

    you guys do a whole bunch of songs

    offbeat to fast raps, off-key to ballads, dancing around to pop songs, you even sing opera, your voices cracking since you’re definitely not trained for that kind of singing

    you swear you can feel the entirety of your body moving from how loud the room is

    at the end of your session, he sings one solo song, called “Amar Pelois Dois” and he dedicates it to you

    you think he’s going to goof off again but instead he stands of the tiny stage in front of you, his one hand on his chest, the other clutching the mic, and his eyes closed as he pours his heart into this Portuguese song

    you tear up at the end at the gesture and his beautiful singing

    when he’s done you clap and run to hug him

    he buries his head into your neck and he’s grinning like a madman :(

    he likes you a lot and wanted to show you it in a meaningful way

    the message was received with success!

    you pull apart and walk out of the karaoke place while holding hands, the goofiest of grins on your guys’ faces

    the definition of young love :(

    you head to a diner for lunch and especially for drinks cuz your throats are dry and tired from singing so much (and so loudly)

    you share an order of fries and a strawberry milkshake! with two straws! in one glass!!

    you try to throw fries into each other’s mouths but you fail

    the milkshake though...

    yeah hyuka was definitely going berserk at this 

    being so close to you, getting the chance to stare into your gorgeous eyes

    this was heaven to him

    he finds a jukebox at the back of the diner!

    so he gets up and inserts a few cents into the machine, picking a song

    you thought he was going to pick something and join you back at the booth

    you didn’t expect him to starts dancing. in. front. of. everyone.

    but he’s doing well

    REALLY well

    so you enjoy the show

    you start to panic when he nears you and grabs for your hands

    “c’mon, join me!”

    “yeah, no, absolutely not”

    he doesn’t take no for an answer and before you know it, he’s forcing you to do all these old dance moves. in. front. of everyone.

    but you don’t care anymore

    cuz you’re with hueningkai and you feel so carefree with him

    at this point, only you and him exist

    again, the definition of young love

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  • 00-baejin-05
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    ☀︎︎ fluff, little bit of intimacy, a flustered/blushing mess, fanboy moments

    ☀︎︎ gender neutral, although there are hints to fem! Reader

    # . . . . yeonjun

    His ego? Boosted, alongside nervousness. You're titled as one of the best dancers in the industry, he would be very nervous to dance with you.

    Also, include the fact that you are his senior who is also his crush... Yeah, this boy might break but he can manage.

    He's glad to learn a lot of dance techniques and get to learn your dance style. He's also very glad that you give him advices about dancing the choreography.

    He would hold your hand but kept his hand distant from your body as respect. 100% comfortable with you... Might even fall harder every time you compliment him.


    # . . . . soobin

    He would be shy at first, trying to be comfortable and accept the fact that he is dancing with his crush who is also his senior.

    The choreography was a little too cute for him and slightly difficult for him to handle, however, when you started giving him advices, he bece more comfy around you!

    All his shyness will be replaced with the confidence you gave him. Every time he is confused about something, he would go to you and ask for your opinion or thought.

    Compliments you a lot but not a lot lot that might make his crush on you obvious 🤭 thanks you for making him confident and comfortable with the dance.

    # . . . . beomgyu

    He's so happy, too happy. Although, his jokes and everything else cheers up the aura of the room whenever you guys practice.

    For such jolly people, your choreography is kinda sEXy, so it was very much of a surprise for Beomgyu when he was told that he'll be dancing with you.

    He will take the opportunity to be closer, asks your number, maybe even ask you out 👁️👁️. All it takes just to be closer and friendlier with you.

    He is also very respectful, doesn't touch you at all, slightly afraid to make you uncomfortable, even if you reassure him. He also asks you for your thoughts and opinions.

    He's a very thoughtful person to dance with. Not reminding you that he's pretty good with his body too 😏

    # . . . . taehyun

    Slight hesitation since he doesn't want to embarrass himself but when his manager said that it was YOU who wanted to dance with Taehyun, all hesitation gone and he said yes.

    Got very excited to meet you — even more excited when you told him that you're excited too. You teach him the choreography he's very quick at learning it.

    You praise him and he gets all mushy. Again, another respectful boy! He also praises you when you do something that is so good and unexpected. Stares at you whenever you have a solo part and you do the same.

    Again, I think he's also the type of person to ask for your opinions and actually suggest changes if something doesn't look right for both of you.

    He pushes his crush aside and becomes a close friend with you... He does end up falling deeper in love lmao — he'll confess eventually :3

    # . . . . huening kai

    Very happy boy! He's excited to work with you after admiring you for so long. He gets so excited working with you that he forgot you're both supposed to dance together.

    No worries though, Kai ends up learning the choreography quickly. Just like Yeonjun, you also give him advices on his dancing and how to do certain moves.

    He finds it cute how you would become a little flustered when being so close with him. He'll pay your head and says it's okay

    He's like a puppy! Will follow you around and might copy any cool/cute moves you do. He just makes practice so much fun and joyful.

    gen. hc taglist: @iminchaosnow @glorybeom @staysstrays @tonightletspretend @at-the-end-of-your-letter @jiminismybabymochi

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  • planetdream
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    ᥫ᭡ — txt when you cover their face in kisses !

    this post contains; fluff ! probably some swear words

    requested !

    💌 hiii. this was fun to write :) these are also kinda long and i got a bit emotional while writing idk i just love love..


    you’re lying if you don’t think he does this to you first. quick, wet kisses planted all over your face at least twice a day. and don’t let him miss a day, cause he will not let you out of his grasp. so when the tables turn as they typically do, and you’re the one covering his face in kisses, he feels like he could burst. truly any amount of affection from you fuels him for hours. but when you’ve got him pinned and you’re adamant about showering him in your kisses, he’s so far gone.

    yeonjun will tease and try to escape your grasp (because naturally, he loves the fight and the chase) but he just loves being taken care of, especially by you. and if you’re covering his face with kisses, that mean he gets to do it back to you, so the cycle continues. sometimes he gets fairly emotional afterwards, needing to express his love towards you.


    you often do this to him when he first wakes up (or to wake him up) and he’s sooo confused but he loves it so much. he always blushes and stumbles a bit on his words when you “attack” him with affection such as this. he’ll mumble out a quick “b-baby” and his hands will reach your sides, holding your body close to his. not only is your body warm, but your kisses provide him with so much inner warmth. you’re the physical embodiment of warmth for soobin <3

    he looks at you so lovingly after (also probably hugs you too) because you’re (again) literally the physical embodiment of everything he’s ever wanted. and he’s so grateful to be sharing this life and these moments with you. needs at least two kisses on the lips though, at least!


    ooooh he’s baddd. i feel like sometimes he “jokes” about how much he deserves to be showered in your affection because he’s the greatest boyfriend ever (it’s a joking tone but he genuinely loves when you show affection). sometimes begs for your kisses—especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while—and kinda prefers them like this. feeling your hands cupping the sides of his face and your soft lips being planted all over his face. he’ll be a tease and cry out an “eewwww!” when your saliva gets on his face but he doesn’t care about it truthfully.

    definitely offers more kisses or tells you he wouldn’t mind you doing that more often. i’ve said this before but absolutely brags to the boys about how much you love him and how you absolutely cannot get enough of him because, again, he’s the greatest boyfriend ever.


    he gets nervous. but he’s not going to say that. he will how ever, just sit there prettily, basking in all your affection. loves this because sometimes you’re better at expressing affection in this way than he is typically. and sometimes you simply understand what he needs in the moment (your kisses) by looking at him. likes when you hold his hands while kissing him !

    displays a cute, shy smile when you’re done. holding your hand and squeezing it after. if you do this around the boys he’s gonna have to start fighting for his life bc they’re definitely gonna tease him about it but they find it so cute :(


    if you’ve read my writing, you should know i’m an absolute sucker for soft moments w kai. just vibing on the couch, watching whatever drama everyone is talking about. but your own attention span is faltering bc all you’re thinking about is him :(. and you’re staring up at him, pouting a bit bc holy fuck, he’s so cute. and you plant the first kiss on his cheek, and then another one on his lips. and he’s just like “oh, baby just wants a kiss” but his eyes barely leave the tv. so a quick peck at your lips should satisfy you until the episode ends.

    wrong! doesn’t know what he just unleashed cause now you’re planting kisses all over his face and his hands. is so confused bc an action that is fairly simple and normal makes him nervous but in a good way? he couldn’t describe it if he needed to vocalize it but in short, he loves it so much.

    © PLANETDREAM 2021

    #☁️ — daydreams #☁️ — daydreams.txt #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt fluff #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together headcanons #tomorrow x together #txt headcanons #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun headcanons#soobin scenarios #soobin x reader #soobin fluff#soobin headcanons#beomgyu scenarios #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu headcanons #taehyun x reader #taehyun fluff#taehyun headcanons#taehyun scenarios #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai headcanons
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  • flwrkisses
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    boyfriend! yeonjun.

    WARNING: super fluff with some mature themes! will be adding a warning for anything 18+ in this post.

    genre: fluff, slight smut, idol! x idol, established boyfriend au! 1.9k

    the confession;

    yeonjun always had a big crush on you since you started training with bighit. he just never knew how to muster up the courage to tell you. he didn't want to ruin the friendship you both had, but according to soobin's advice to him it was a "risk worth taking."

    so, one night after his practice he poked his head into your practice room where he knew you were going over routines on your own, hoping you were interested in going out sometime. but not much talking happened that night considering you pulled him into the room and blasted some of your favorite music and danced with him till the early morning.

    he had to be honest, it was extremely fun! he always enjoyed his time with you, but that night was especially fun. both of you dancing and being silly, just truly enjoying yourself to the music without anyone watching you both. that unspoken "chemistry" lots of people say you both had was evident in the way you both matched each other while dancing.

    before you knew it was 4 am and you knew you'd get scolded for going back to the dorms so late. yeonjun immediately apologized for keeping you up so late. but it wasn't just on him, it was on both of you who got lost in the moment.

    "we should do this again." you smiled as you picked up your back and took a long chug of water. the suggestion causing the male to choke a bit. "are you asking me out?" he teased, kinda hoping there was some truth behind his joke. "mm no, it's an invitation for you to ask me out." you teased back. if there was one thing he loved about you, it was the playful nature you'd bring into the conversation to match his flirty energy.

    "well, y/n we should go out on a date sometime." he said while leaning against the door, preventing you from leaving. "next friday work for you?" you asked a small smile on your lips as you looked up at him. an obvious grin threatening to come over his lips as he nodded. "great, text me." you spoke confidently, before leaning up to kiss his cheek as you pushed past him to walk out.

    yeonjun was in shock at first, a hand coming to his cheek to touch where your lips had brushed. he couldn't help but smile to himself before letting out an audible cheer of success that you heard from the end of the hall.

    the relationship;

    dating yeonjun felt like a dream, he was everything you could ever ask for and more.

    he worked around his schedule to make time for you and you did as well. often times it would end up in you sneaking into his dorm to have a cuddle session late at night.

    it was important that the public did not suspect a thing about your relationship, but yeonjun couldn't help but look at you with so much love in his eyes in public... people were kinda catching on.

    he always boasts about you to the members, telling them how great you are, telling them about you he finds incredible, and even showing them things you've gifted him.

    if he could, he'd talk about you in interviews or to anyone who asked, but of course since the company was being nice enough to allow you guys to be together you both followed the rules given to you both strategically.

    days with yeonjun would consist of you both calling each other sexy for doing very minimal things. you wash the dishes? sexy. he cooks some ramen? sexy. you both team up to beat the others at a video game? sexy.

    some days will consist of both of you cuddling and playing video games. sometimes not even words exchanged by the two of you for hours as you both concentrate in leveling up your characters.

    he's also very touchy. he likes to leave kisses on your hand, knuckles, collarbones, neck, face, lips, any part of skin he can reach at the time. they're quick little kisses, as sweet acts of skin ship and turns out he loves when you do it back.

    yeonjun is very observant of you and notices things you like, don't like, get uncomfortable and scared by. which makes him super protective of you. it's hard when both of you are in public because the first thing he wants to do is shield you from whatever is causing you trouble which he obviously can't do in front of cameras.

    you have walked in on him doing a vlive which, caused both of you to break out laughing. viewers not understanding why the handsome male had broken into a fit of laughter but, nun the less entertained.

    as an idol is normal to get hurt, so when you have hurt yourself and yeonjun was near, he had quite literally dropped everything he was doing to go see if you were alright. this has gotten him scolded by the company before, but when his baby's hurt he can't just stand there.

    no matter what, he never misses 'good morning' and good night texts. since he's so busy sometimes they mean a lot to him. and when you're in a different time zone he will make sure his texts match with your timezone.

    yeonjun is definitely the jealous type. he trusts you, he just doesn't trust other people's intentions. so if someone gets a little too flirty with you he can't help but pull you to him.

    often times when the dorm is empty you both have mini dance parties with just the two of you. it's always fun when you both can goof around and have fun.

    one thing he doesn't play with is other people talking about you. jokes and all, the members know how much you mean to him and know that making jokes about you is off limits.

    with this said, yeonjun can't help but laugh when you make fun of him. he thinks it's cute.

    he also loves how well you get along with his members, and how much he gets along with your members. when both groups are together is chaos but beautiful chaos.

    a soft spot for him is always seeing you in his clothes, something about him just melts when ever you borrow one of his hoodies or sweaters.

    sometimes when you both have the luxury of falling asleep in each other's arms he hums into your ear because he knows how much you like hearing his voice.

    he loves watching you do your thing, singing, dancing, rapping, what ever it is you do, he loves and supports it a 100 percent. to the point that if you for what ever reason for get a dance or your own lyrics he's always there to remind you of how it goes.

    yeonjun is also very playfully mean, he loves to tease you and play pranks on you but whines when you do it back to him.

    he would probably get you both small cute things that match like shoes, or bracelets. he thinks full on matching outfits are cheesy but sometimes little accessories look nice.

    he would let you style his hair when you're bored especially when he had his beautiful pink mullet. he'd just let you go crazy with it.

    very slight baby talk to each other sometimes. he does it ironically when you ask him to do something and you play along which results in you both talking like 4 year olds to each other for a good 5 minutes.

    he also thinks its cool when you paint his nails to match yours, he thinks it's cute and just likes to look down at his hands when you do so.

    yeonjun's lock screen is most likely a picture of you off guard. you're probably not even looking at the camera, but he loves it.

    arguments are bound to happen. no relationship is complete without some sort of disagreement. usually yeonjun doesn't have the heart to raise his voice at you. he just doesnt. so when he's upset with you he just kinda lowers his tone and keeps what he says short.

    sometimes he needs space when he's upset, he doesn't like when you ask if he's okay because you should know that he's hurt. asking if he's "okay" just angers him more. he will come to you when he's ready to talk, and will usually do so an hour or two after the argument by coming up behind you quietly and hugging you. his face resting against your shoulder as he apologizes even if he wasn't the one in the wrong.

    when you're upset with him, he adapts to what you need. if you need space he gives it to you, if you need to talk about it he's there for you. he sees it as curtesy because you always seem to adapt to him and his needs, so he does the same for you.

    usually the conversations after an argument as very soft and quiet. he pulls you into his lap and plays with your hair as he listens to you. he looks you in the eye so you know he's paying attention. he caresses your cheek and hands as you speak before apologizing for making you upset.

    he usually keeps his word. if he says he wont do something again because it upset you he wont. he's very mindful of you and loves to talk about ways to better the relationship.


    its safe to say that your sex life with yeonjun is very healthy. with as touchy and kissy as his boy gets its bound to lead to sex more times than not.

    he's the type to like all kinds of sex, giggly sex, rough sex, love making, all of it. to be honest, it changed how ever the mood is.

    this man worships your body, literally kisses you and praises you so much. he's literally in love with every single bit of you and shows you that when you both are together like this.

    he's a dom leaning switch, mans is kinky we all know it. but, sometimes he wants to see what you can so to him and honestly... some times you do such a great job in pleasing him he wouldn't mind being submissive more often.

    expect sex everywhere, the kitchen, couch, bedroom, bathroom, floor, wall, practice room, studio. not to mention later on he will make jokes about the fact you guys having sex in what ever room you're standing in.

    man has stamina, he's a dancer it's just natural to him. so sometimes sex can last a bit longer or go on for multiple rounds.

    he's very gentle when he needs to be, he makes sure you're enjoying yourself. showing any signs of discomfort to him makes him stop and move away from you a bit so he can figure out what's wrong. he gets off on your pleasure so seeing you hurting or not enjoying yourself turns him off completely.

    he's always open to trying new things for you. if you want to be tied up then he'd do it. if you for what ever reason don't like something he understands and tells you that you never have to do it again and that you're amazing for trying it out.

    aftercare is always the best with him because after he absolutely recked your guts, he's giving you soft kisses, running you a bath. not even letting you walk because he's carrying you from the bed to the tub.

    hope you guys enjoyed! for more check out my masterlist! txt requests are now open! tap here!

    - m.

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  • wonjaems
    12.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    ━━ The drabbles are based on the lo$er = lover music video and teasers.

    ━━ The drabbles don't have a release date since I'll be posting them whenever i get time and finish them (I'll try to finish them asap)

    ━━ pairing : TXT (ot5) x reader (individual)

    ━━ the following headers and works belong to me so please do not steal.

    ━━ author’s note : Like i mentioned, these drabbles do not have a release date but do tell me if you want to tagged in these.

    ━━ Taglist : OPEN!! (send me a dm, ask or comment down below to be added)

    "from rock bottom, crawling, fighting bleeding, now I'm sick of it"

    P : Beomgyu x Gn!reader | G : angst, pinch of comfort ―

    read here!

    "Time to say goodbye to tears, run, never look back"

    P : Kai x F!reader | G : angst, pinch of fluff | W : kinda verbal abuse, screaming, mentions of food

    "I say run, laugh like you've gone mad"

    P : Soobin x fem!reader | G : fluff | W : crime, mentions of food

    "in a car colored gray I'm running away, beyond this fucked up world"

    P : yeonjun x Gn!reader | G : fluff | W : crime (robbing a bank)

    "this life like a war, I'm always the loser, you were my savior (no doubt)"

    P : Taehyun x gn!reader | G : fluff, comfort | W : mentions of minor injury and depression -

    Read here!

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  • planetdream
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    ✫ — txt as couples costumes !

    this post contains; fluff !

    💌randomly got this idea while i was high one day and halloweens coming pretty soon so just in time ! a few of these are more gendered costumes so my apologies about that ! i also haven’t updated in a few weeks so enjoy this semi serious shit post:)


    tries so so hard to get you to wear a super cheesy couples costume with him. honestly, his ideas range from cheesy (like him being cheese and you being a mouse) to something a bit classic and sexier (like morticia and gomez, or adam and eve). brings up the idea of you being a wall socket and him being the plug — clarifies that he was joking when you shoot the idea down (he wasn't).

    food-based costume: bacon and eggs

    cartoon/animation costumes: harley quinn and ivy or the joker (either way, jjunnie is probably harley)

    other: chucky and tiffany, frankenstein and the bride


    deeply considers the both of you dressing up as royalty for halloween. or, you're someone highly important and he's your body guard. for him, it’s just something about you being the ultimate star of the show and him playing that often secondary, protective role.

    food-based costume: peanut butter and jelly

    cartoon/animation costumes: ariel and prince eric, mr and mrs incredible

    other: alien and astronaut


    oh baby is taking this very seriously. to gyu, it's either go big or go home. on the same hand, he proposed the idea of being toy story characters but couldn't decide if he wanted to be woody or buzz (so the idea was soon thrown away). probably says screw the couples costume and does a solo one as idk, ben 10 or something.

    food-based costume: milk and cookies or hotdog and the bun

    cartoon/animation costumes: shaggy and velma, thing one and thing two, cosmo and wanda

    other: cheerleaders, team rocket


    probably suggests that you two go as some abstract joke or inside joke that no one else knows about. or just something very random "hey baby, what if we went as ronald mcdonald and the hamburglar?". something about the two of you going as magicians or bank robbers also speaks to him.

    food-based costume: ketchup and mustard

    cartoon/animation costumes: merman and barnacle boy (if u don’t, he’ll do this w gyu)

    other: mario and luigi, mimes


    barbie and ken !! barbie and ken !! (sorry, just the idea of kai as ken gives me butterflies) either that, or something like men in black. i'm tied between kai wanting to do a silly couples costume or actually doing something pretty cute and put together. either way, he knows that the both of you are going to look good. trying my hardest not to mention him going as peter parker :(

    food-based costume: two slices of pizza

    cartoon/animation costumes: daphne and fred (yeah, group costume w gyu and his s/o), jack and sally (i think yeonjun would also consider this)

    other: ghosts (but w sheets like in beetlejuice)


    idk just the thought of them doing a group costume of them as power rangers (rlly want this !!!!) or something fun like the ghostbusters. ngl the idea of them being carebears... yeah 🥺 i would hate to mention squid game but— [GUNSHOT]

    other ideas:

    teletubbies w kai as the lil sun baby idk.

    or a gyu, soobin and kai group costume as alvin and the chipmunks


    taco bell hot sauce packets

    soobin or kai as linguine and beomgyu as rémy (shout out ratatouille)

    idk i can’t think of many costumes for five people


    YEONJUN — my boyfri— idk just something dark and kinda slutty pls, maybe a lil kakashi hatake 😩 or smn

    SOOBIN — steve from stranger things but in the scoops ahoy fit, or him as a baseball player (idk something about it)

    BEOMGYU — chucky (same w jjunnie), beast boy frm teen titans

    TAEHYUN — the joker (basic but he would body this idc), or idk something nerdy and hot honestly.

    KAI — spiderman (no fr i need it), naruto, angel

    if u made it this far, send me an ask… it gets lonely here lol

    © PLANETDREAM 2021

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  • labelneo
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    txt having a crush on you! . . . 🗯

    ☆ . . . yeonjun - loves making you nervous. the two of you had been friends for a long time, and little by little, yeonjun felt himself wanting to be more than your friend. he'd test out the waters to see if you felt the same way. when the two of you hang out with friends, he will casually touch your arm when you're having conversation or swing his arm around your shoulder when he was feeling bold. he'd notice how you looked away from him with small smile but never pull away and instead lean closer to him . bites his lips to hold back a smile, now knowing that he has a chance.

    ☆ . . . soobin - a gentleman. he's literally always looking out for you. when you're tired, he offers his shoulder. when you're cold, he offers his jacket. when you talk, his attention goes to you. once, he fixed a stray hair and then kissed your forehead. the boldest move he's made so far because he gets so nervous, and he doesn't want you to see how pink he gets whenever you do the smallest things like smile at him. his eyes light up when he sees you and the rest of the boys have caught on to what is happening at this point. they tease him, but also have his back and reassure him that the feelings are mutual.

    ☆ . . . beomgyu - beomgyu had not realized he had caught feelings for you until someone else told him. aka soobin. over an amount of time, soobin watched how beomgyu would look across the room in hopes that you were looking back at him or how he'd scurry to sit next to you on the couch with a blanket in his hands that was small so that only the two of you would be able to share it. but the most obvious moments for soobin are when beomgyu's eyes fly over to you whenever he tells a joke. couldn't watch any longer and told beomgyu to make a move.

    ☆ . . . taehyun - seems very composed with his behavior towards you. but on the inside, his heart leaps when he sees you. he's subtle, but direct. used to call you weird nicknames to mess with you like "pinhead", and now he's calling you "love". used tease you lovingly, but now he finds it more important to compliment you to see you smile. will look across the room to lock eyes with you and sends you a smile before going back to what he was doing. knows that he wants to be with you, he's just trying to find the right time to tell you.

    ☆ . . . hueningkai - young love <3. you're his best friend, and he spends so much time with you, so how could he stop himself from falling for you? little things make him realize that he likes you. used to laugh it off when people would mistake the two of you for a couple, but now it makes him nervous. used to say 'i love you' naturally, but now that makes him nervous too. reads into everything. like if you call him "cute", he's for sure going to think about that moment for the next week or until he sees you again. his heart tings a little when you introduce him as a friend, so he knows he needs to do something about his feelings soon.

    for more! masterlist

    #txt x reader #txt fluff#txt imagines#txt headcanons#txt scenarios#txt reactions #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together fic #kpop imagines#kpop scenarios #kpop x reader #yeonjun#choi yeonjun#choi soobin#soobin#choi beomgyu#beomgyu#kang taehyun#taehyun#hueningkai #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun imagines #soobin x reader #soobin imagines #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu imagines #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagines #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai imagines
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  • gyuuss
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    pairing: choi beomgyu x f!reader

    genre: meet ugly, college au, crack + fluff

    wc: 11.3k

    synopsis: Choi Beomgyu is known for one thing and one thing only, and that is being the notorious player of BigHit University. The only problem is that his reputation isn’t true, and Beomgyu is fed up with it. Luckily on one fateful night, he meets you and comes up with a plan to flip the way everyone views him. But with all odds against Beomgyu, you aren’t sure if anyone can help the poor boy.

    idol cameos: lia(itzy), kai(txt), yeonjun(txt)

    warnings: suggestive themes, profanity, mentions of blood and fighting, angst if you squint + really cheesy and cringe, may have plot holes but this took me way too long to delete

    notes: i finally posted the fic!! i hope you guys enjoy it and please leave feedback on what you thought! (user on my banner is my old acct btw @/igyus)

    taglist: @junityy @koishua @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @yyxy27 @spookybias @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @girlsfortxt @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @beogyuu @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742 @chaoticdreaminisode @hobistigma @yeoforce @butterfly-skinnylegend @abdiitcryy @fairybinie @enhacolor @dazumis @btxtreads @jejenono-ren @echo-of-a-writer @atinyyylove @ccheddar @enwonhee @jungw8ns @aliceu @jkebabayy97 @ariaki @mxrcayong-main @jennpuffle @arminandjeanandannieandhange @baekhyunstruly @hwallswrld @rinyx @jiminaaaaaaah @cosmiclele @fanfic24 @indiana452

    “I double dog dare you.”

    “I don’t know—”

    “I triple dog dare you!” Lia exclaimed, making you gasp dramatically. Kai looked between the both of you with a hopeless gaze, not wanting to down the disgusting drink that was sitting in front of him. Well, it wasn’t even a drink, it was more of a leftovers ‘smoothie’. Earlier that day you were bored out of your mind and dreading having to clean out the fridge. While doing so, you mixed the bad food in a cup, daring Kai to drink it. You were joking, of course, and were shocked when Kai actually considered it.

    “I’ll get you mint chocolate ice cre—” You didn’t even get to finish your sentence before Kai picked up the cup and brought it up to his lips. Lia screeched and you gasped loudly. Your roommate was actually insane sometimes.

    Kai didn’t actually drink the liquid and chunks, letting the substance sit in his mouth for a couple seconds before spitting it out in the sink. Lia watched with her mouth agape, surprised that he actually let that disgusting mess into his mouth.

    “I can still taste it!” Kai whined, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he searched for something to take the taste away. 

    “I feel like throwing up.” He mumbled before chugging the gallon of apple juice in your fridge. You snorted, watching as Kai’s face contorted in disgust when the juice didn’t help.

    “I need to brush my mouth.” He mumbled before jogging to the bathroom.

    “I’ll buy you dinner and ice cream just for that!” You called after him. Kai sent you a thumbs up before disappearing into the bathroom. Lia burst into a fit of laughter, falling onto the floor. You chuckled at the girl, lightly kicking her leg.

    Once Kai reappeared, you tossed Lia her car keys and the three of you left the dorms. You all loudly talked amongst yourselves, probably annoying people who were trying to have quiet time.

    Kai rambled on with some story about one of his classes, too engrossed in his storytelling to notice the boy that was directly in front of him. You quickly tried to pull your friend back, but it was too late. Kai walked into the boy, making him drop his bag onto the floor.

    “Oh! I’m sorr—” He began to apologize but a puzzled look overtook his face. You and Lia followed Kai’s gaze, eyes widening in usion.

    Now, you had seen some weird things at your time in college, so you really shouldn’t have been surprised to witness about a hundred condoms spill out from someone’s bag. 

    Kai burst out laughing, making Lia pinch his side so he could stop. You looked at the boy’s face, noticing that it happened to be Choi Beomgyu, the notorious player of your school. Yeah, you definitely weren’t surprised. 

    He looked humiliated, his teeth gritted and the tips of his ears turning scarlet. You walked around Beomgyu, giving him a long look. Lia and Kai followed, not being able to take their eyes off the scene until they had walked down the hallway.

    “What was that about?” Lia asked as you guys took the elevator downstairs. Kai snorted, biting his cheek to hold back another taunting laugh.

    “It’s Choi Beomgyu, are you really surprised?” You asked rhetorically, pressing the button for the first floor. 

    “Yeah but, why does he need that many condoms? Is he sleeping with that many girls?” Kai asked, curiosity evident in his voice. You sighed, leaning against the wall and examining your nails.

    “It’s really none of our business.” You shrugged, walking out of the elevator when the doors opened. Lia and Kai shared a look before trailing after you.

    The three of you stayed out for hours, making you feel exhausted once you had got back to the dorms. Kai and Lia talked your ear off and even though you loved them to death, you needed time to yourself. You needed energy to hang around those two.

    “Goodnight.” You halfheartedly mumbled before locking yourself in your room. It was small, but very cozy. Your window had an amazing view of the city since you lived on the seventh floor of the student house. You had a decent sized bed and a small desk in the corner where you spent most of your time doing assignments (if you weren’t at the library or local cafe). You also had posters hung up along your walls to make the space seem more like yours.

    You sighed to yourself, flopping face first on your fluffy duvet. Your arms automatically wrapped around your pillow and your eyes began to close. 

    You didn’t even realize you had fallen asleep until you suddenly woke up. You sat up abruptly in your bed, looking towards your clock with tired eyes. It was close to two in the morning. You closed your eyes once more, trying to fall back asleep but your body had other plans. You began to toss and turn, not being able to settle down like before.

    After about thirty minutes, you got out of bed, changing into a more comfortable set of clothes before walking out of the dorm quietly. You headed towards the dining hall, deciding to get a late night snack before trying to sleep again.

    The dining hall was typically empty at night, sometimes there were occasional students getting snacks. When you entered, it was basically deserted except for two students eating cereal together and one standing by the dispenser. You walked up towards the counter, deciding to get yourself a bowl of cereal. Unfortunately your craving was crushed once you saw it spilling onto the floor from the broken dispenser. A tall boy with long brown hair stood in front of it, muttering curses under his breath.

    “What did you do?” You sighed, exasperated. The drowsiness was slowly getting to you and all you wanted was a bowl of cereal before going back to sleep. The boy whipped around in surprise and you recognized his face instantly. Choi Beomgyu.

    “I— I don’t know, it just broke.” He stuttered, shrinking under your venomous gaze. 

    “Yeah, and I'm a runway model.” You scoffed before rolling your eyes. Beomgyu got the memo that you didn’t believe him one bit. You put down your bowl, about to get a bagel instead before Beomgyu stopped you.

    “Wait.” He mumbled, pouring half of his cereal into your bowl. Since his had accumulated a large amount due to the broken dispenser, he decided to give some cereal to you. It was a nice gesture, and the smile he gave you afterwards made you feel warm inside.

    “Thanks.” You said softly, grabbing a plastic utensil before taking your bowl to one of the round tables. You began to eat your froot loops in silence, not noticing Beomgyu sitting in the chair across from you. The action was odd and you looked up at him with a curious gaze.

    “Can I help you?” The question came out rather snappy, but you didn’t intend to be rude. You were just exhausted. Beomgyu looked at you warily, absentmindedly swirling his spoon around the bowl.

    “Uhm— I just wanted to clarify that what you saw earlier was a joke. I don’t actually need all of those condoms.” Beomgyu explained sheepishly, the tips of his ears turning a shade of red. You snickered, watching as the boy’s embarrassment only grew at your amusement.

    “I don’t really care.” You mumbled before taking a bite of your cereal. Beomgyu sighed, not even touching his. 

    “My friend dared me to take all the free condoms from health services. I’ve never even slept with anyone before so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with all of them.” Beomgyu continued despite your words. You froze at what he said, letting your spoon drop back into the bowl.

    “You’ve never slept with anyone?” You asked, shock evident on your face. Beomgyu squirmed uncomfortably in his seat before nodding.

    “But isn’t that what you’re basically known for? Using girls like tissues?” You asked, making the boy wince at your analogy. He was supposed to be the notorious player of your school and a douchebag to everyone he came in contact with. But the boy who simply shyed under your gaze did not fit that description at all.

    “I’m a— virgin.” Beomgyu said so lowly that you almost didn’t hear him. 

    “A virgin?” You gasped, gaining the attention of the two other students in the cafeteria. Beomgyu sent you a harsh glare at the sudden outburst.

    “Yes, do you want me to spell it out for you?” He snapped, and you raised an eyebrow, the sass catching you off guard.

    “Yeah, yeah, I get it. I just thought you were some douchey player because that’s what everyone says.” You shrugged, finishing off your bowl of cereal. Beomgyu still hadn’t touched his, and the colorful loops floated around in the milk, turning the white liquid into a rainbow hue.

    “It’s just a rumor and everyone ran with it.” Beomgyu replied, a frown on his face. It seemed like that rumor troubled him.

    “How did your reputation come to be?” You asked, curious as to how Beomgyu received the ‘player’ label. Beomgyu sighed, pushing his bowl to the side and resting his hands on the table.

    “There was this one girl obsessed with me in freshman year. We dated for a bit but that was before I found out how psychotic she was. Anyways, she was really upset after we broke up and made up a rumor that I cheated on her with all of her friends. And her psychotic friends made it seem like the rumor was true.” Beomgyu explained, his face showing nothing but annoyance. You actually felt— kind of bad for the guy.

    “That sucks.” You mumbled, giving him a sympathetic look. 

    “Apparently people also assume that I sleep with girls from SM University too but, it’s fine I definitely don’t care.” Beomgyu uttered sarcastically, running his tongue over the inside of his cheek. 

    “Why do people think you’re mean? Haven’t they tried talking to you?” You asked, your drowsiness disappearing as the conversation became more important than your sleep.

    “Because of my reputation, no one wants to talk to me. Except for the girls at parties who just want a quick fuck.” Beomgyu mumbled bitterly.

    “I’m just lucky to have my best friend, Yeonjun, but other than that it can be pretty lonely.” He added, avoiding your gaze. Beomgyu didn’t want any pity and that was obvious, but you felt really bad. It sucked to have a horrible label put on you that was hard to shake. Especially if he was expecting to have a good time at college.

    “What if we found a way to get rid of your reputation.” You spoke up, an idea coming to mind. Beomgyu perked up in his seat, finally looking up at you. It was then you got a good look at his face. Even in the dim lights of the cafeteria, Beomgyu was very handsome. Him being some loser virgin definitely threw you off since you assumed that he would use his good looks to his advantage.

    “How could we possibly do that?” Beomgyu asked, leaning closer to you from across the table. You thought for a moment before another idea popped into your head.

    “We’ll make a foolproof plan to turn you into the ultimate— golden boy. Yes, golden boy.” You spoke up, a smile coming to your face at the idea. Beomgyu looked at you weirdly, already having very little faith in the plan.

    “Don’t give me that look, you don’t even know the plan yet.” You groaned, stomping your feet under the table like a child. Beomgyu chuckled at the action, leaning back into his seat.

    “I’ll write this down later but I think tomorrow would be good since there’s going to be a party. If people see that you’re not there to sleep around, I'm sure that will begin to sway opinions.” You added and Beomgyu gave you a thoughtful look.

    “Alright, I’m in.”


    You weren’t exactly sure what possessed you to help out some guy you barely knew. He could’ve been lying and made up a whole sob story to make you feel bad. It could’ve been a plan of his own to become closer just to get into your pants.

    But the look in his eyes the night before made you think otherwise. Beomgyu genuinely looked upset that people didn’t see him for who he truly was. You didn’t even know what Beomgyu’s personality was like, but you could tell that he wasn’t rude. Might as well give him a chance.

    You felt like a zombie later that morning, having gotten no sleep since you stayed up talking to Beomgyu. You both came up with the plan and you had written it down in the notes app of your phone. You wanted to write it down on a piece of paper, but you couldn’t get your body to move away from your favorite pillow.

    At least it was a Saturday.

    “You have a pillow pet?” A voice gasped, ripping out the item from under your head. You groaned, wanting to kick whoever had busted into your room. When a familiar laugh rang through your ears, you knew that it was Kai.

    “Are you making fun of me? Because last time I checked you had a mountain of plushies on your bed.” You growled, snatching the unicorn pillow from your friend. Kai gasped dramatically, pointing an accusatory finger right at you.

    “Have you been snooping in my room? Pervert!” He joked, but you were in no mood to laugh. 

    “Get out!” You screeched, throwing a plain pillow at Kai. He cackled loudly as he left, luckily closing the door behind him. You sighed in relief, closing your curtains shut so darkness could engulf you. Your eyes began to close and before you knew it, sleep had taken over once again.

    You woke up again around twelve, and Lia was not too pleased about your late rising. Apparently you were supposed to get breakfast together (‘apparently’ because you had no idea). Lia was dressed up nicely and you knew that she hated to waste a cute outfit.

    “Sorry.” You shrugged, and Lia could tell that you didn’t actually care. 

    “Why are you so tired anyway?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. You looked at her with wide eyes, chuckling nervously.

    “I couldn’t sleep.” You replied simply, trying to creep back to your room but Lia stopped you.

    “Are you sure that you’re not someone’s late night booty call?” She teased, a small smirk coming to her face. You gasped, sending a mock-glare her way.

    “I’ll have you know that I’m better than that.” You huffed, turning around and heading to your room once more.

    “Says the one who tried to microwave tinfoil.” Lia called after you, amusement in her tone.

    “That was one time.” You yelled back before slamming the door. You looked around for a sheet of paper and a pen, deciding to write down your small plan for Beomgyu. You weren’t positive about it working, but you wanted to at least try and help the poor boy.

    You wrote ‘Project: Golden Boy’ on top of the sheet in big letters before writing a ‘1’ underneath. You began to write the plan out, doubt creeping up into your system. Maybe the plan was a bit childish and far-fetched. You didn’t want to be a bitch and tell the poor boy to ‘suck it up’, but that might have been exactly what he needed to do. 

    Your negative train of thought was cut off by your phone ringing. The contract read ‘Choi Beomgyu’ and you picked it up immediately.

    “Are you coming to the party tonight?” He asked quickly, catching you off guard. You rolled your eyes slightly, placing the pen down on your desk.

    “What happened to ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘how are you’?” You asked sarcastically and Beomgyu let out a small groan. You could practically feel his anxiety radiating through the screen.

    “I’m serious, Y/N.” Beomgyu sighed and you could hear slight shuffling from his end. You chuckled, putting a fake pout on your lips as if he could see you.

    “I’m serious, Beomgyu.” You mocked, making your voice higher. You didn’t hear anything else except for the noise of him hanging up. You gasped, staring at the blank screen before a message popped up. Beomgyu had texted you the address of the party and a threatening message underneath if you didn’t come. You rolled your eyes once more, picking the pen up and continuing to write out the small plan.

    For the rest of the day, you decided to be lazy. knowing that you would need to save up some energy for the party. They never interested you, but of course you agreed to help Beomgyu so there wasn’t much of a choice.

    “You’re going to a party— dressed like that?” Lia gasped as she observed your attire for the evening. You shot her a bored look, your hand resting on the door knob. You wanted to leave and get the night over with already.

    “Yes.” You grumbled and Lia shook her head in disappointment. She quickly latched onto your arm, dragging you to her room. Your protests were drowned out by the sound of her scolding. 

    “You have to look nice! Especially since you're going out with a guy, a hot one might I add.” Lia said, rummaging through her closet. You grimaced at the adjective used for Beomgyu. Sure he was attractive, but Lia made it seem as if you were going on a date with him. You definitely didn’t find him that cute.

    “We’re friends, Lia. It’s not that serious.” You sighed. Even calling yourself ‘friends’ was a stretch, but you didn’t feel like going into detail as to why you were attending a party with Choi Beomgyu. Lia ignored your words, finally coming out of her closet with a dress. A very skimpy dress. She quickly held it up to your body before squealing and tossing it in your face.

    “You will look so hot! Try it on!” She exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with excitement. You scowled, stomping off to the bathroom. Lia wouldn’t have let you leave without changing, so you decided to go with it.

    When you tried on the dress, you immediately wanted to change out of it. The piece of clothing was definitely Lia’s style, but it wasn’t yours. It was a simple black dress that had a low neckline and stopped at the top of your thigh. It was a bit revealing, and you definitely didn’t want the possibility of accidentally flashing someone— especially Beomgyu.

    “Y/N! Your boyfriend is here!” Kai called out from the front door. Your eyes widened in shock as you quickly exited the bathroom.

    “He’s not my boyfriend!” You shrieked, ignoring Lia’s comments of how amazing you looked in her dress. You stormed over to Kai, nearly forgetting that you were so exposed. 

    “Geez, Y/N. Your tits are just out there.” He grimaced, observing the dress. Your face flushed in anger and Beomgyu chuckled at Kai’s words.

    “Go away!” You yelled, making Kai dart to his bedroom before you could physically attack him. Beomgyu held a smirk on his face and you wished to slap it right off. 

    “You look nice.” Beomgyu commented, watching as you grabbed your phone and keys before slipping on a pair of sneakers. You weren’t sure what possessed you to wear the dress outside of your dorm. The world might have been ending, you weren’t exactly sure.

    “Don’t be condescending.” You growled, running your hands up and down your arms nervously. Beomgyu shook his head, a serious expression on his face. 

    “I’m serious, you look really good.” He replied, his eyes raking up and down your body. The action made you feel even more nervous causing you to snap your fingers in front of Beomgyu’s face.

    “Eyes up here, pervert.” You mumbled, pointing to your face. A light blush spread across Beomgyu’s cheeks and he looked away in embarrassment. 

    The ride to the party was awkward since you and Beomgyu didn’t speak once. The tension between the two of you was obvious and you wished to break it, but you weren’t exactly sure what to say. Even the first day you talked to each other wasn’t as awkward.

    During the silence, you kept glancing over to Beomgyu observing him. Okay, Lia was right. Beomgyu was very attractive and it was almost hard to tear your eyes away from his profile. You had a thing for guys with long hair, and the mullet he was sporting did not help to reduce your attraction.

    You thought Beomgyu looked handsome in his white button down with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. There was a small crease in his eyebrows as he focused on the road, his hair curling in front of his eyes and occasionally he would brush it out of his face. As time passed, you didn’t even realize that you never took your eyes off him.

    “You’re staring.” Beomgyu murmured, running his tongue over his lips before turning to you. Quickly looking away, you distracted yourself with the houses outside.

    “Focus on the road.” You said quietly, making Beomgyu chuckle under his breath. He hummed before turning his attention back onto the street, soon pulling next to the sidewalk. You looked to your right, already being able to hear the music that was blasting throughout the house.

    You took a deep breath, feeling anxiety coursing through you. Beomgyu noticed, placing a gentle hand on your arm. You jumped at the action, but calmed down once you realized that he was only trying to comfort you.

    “Relax, I'll stick by your side.” He reassured, a small grin on his face. You nodded, slowly unbuckling your seatbelt and getting out of the car. Beomgyu followed, placing his hand on the small of your back as he led you towards the house. On a normal day, you would’ve chewed him out for the physical contact, but you felt too nervous to run your mouth at that moment.

    You preferred to keep to yourself and stay in your dorm. Even when you attended classes you never really interacted with the people at your university. So attending a party with many different students definitely sent your mind into a frenzy.

    Beomgyu let you walk through the door first, but he helped to guide you through the sea of drunk young adults. The air was stuffy and you wished to run right back out. 

    “Don’t freak out, I’m gonna be right next to you.” Beomgyu mumbled, leading you towards an open area near a wall. You leaned against it, feeling as if you were able to breathe again.

    “Well you have to stay near me. If you disappear then people will assume you’re hooking up with someone, and that’s exactly what we want to prevent.” You explained, poking his chest. Beomgyu smirked, playfully pushing your hand away.

    The tension between you two started to decrease, and it was actually comforting in a way. If you were going to spend more time around Beomgyu, you didn’t want to feel uncomfortable around him.

    The party wasn’t as terrible as you expected with Beomgyu making sure you smiled at least once. He forced you to dance with him which didn’t end up so great when you almost flashed everyone around you. That caused you both to stand by the wall once more, drinks sitting idly in your hands.

    “I’m gonna use the bathroom.” Beomgyu commented, downing the rest of his drink. You gave him a weary look and Beomgyu picked up on your unease.

    “I’ll be right back, don’t worry.” He spoke up, sending you a small wink, before heading towards the direction of the bathroom. You sighed, playing with the bottom of your dress nervously.

    “You better!” You called after him and Beomgyu only waved you off in response. As you waited, you went on your phone, ignoring frantic messages from Lia asking how the party was. You would end up telling her once you got home anyways. 

    What was five minutes of waiting turned into ten, then fifteen, then twenty. You inwardly groaned, knowing that Beomgyu wasn’t doing a good job at changing his reputation. It only took something minor for a rumor to start, and you didn’t want Beomgyu to be caught up in another one. After taking a deep breath, you walked away from the wall, squeezing in and out of multiple bodies to find Beomgyu.

    You checked the bathroom on the main floor first, only finding a couple making out against the sink. You apologized profusely before slamming the door shut. With a blush of embarrassment creeping up your neck, you walked upstairs, checking that bathroom. Luckily, it was empty, so you saved yourself from further embarrassment. The only downside was that you weren’t exactly sure where Beomgyu was.

    You didn’t want to assume that he was in one of the bedrooms, but at that point— it seemed like your best bet. You let out a small groan before entering one of them, your eyes squeezed shut to avoid being traumatized for life.

    “Y/N!” The voice gasped out, and you instantly knew it was Beomgyu. Slowly opening your eyes, you were faced with a sight that you definitely did not want to see that night. 

    Beomgyu was under some girl who looked at you with a murderous gaze. The top buttons of his shirt were undone, his hair was messed up and he held a dazed look in his eyes. 

    “Are you insane?” You yelled, grabbing the attention of some students upstairs. A couple of eyes peeled into the room, capturing the scene in front of them. You shook your head in disappointment, gesturing for Beomgyu to get up. He shot you a sheepish smile before gently moving the girl off him.

    As soon as he was in your reach, you grabbed him by the ear, ignoring his pleads and shouts of pain as you dragged him out of the house.

    “What the hell is wrong with you?” You scolded, your eyes narrowing into a glare. Beomgyu glanced up at the night sky, focusing on the stars rather than your angry expression. Once his neck was exposed, it was then you noticed the dark spots that littered his skin.

    “You man-whore!” You gasped, running your hands over the column of his neck. Beomgyu shivered at your touch and grabbed your hand, slowly bringing it away from his skin.

    “I’m sorry. She was just really hot and I got distracted and It was definitely the best make out session of my life—” He began to ramble but you cut him off.

    “I am trying to help you but you’re making things more difficult.” You sneered, crossing your arms over your chest. 

    “Why are you so upset?” Beomgyu asked, raising an eyebrow. Your mouth gaped open as you stared at him. Was he serious—?

    “I'm doing you a favor! I could’ve easily told you to suck it up, but no! I care! This plan was stupid in the first place but I shoved that aside to help you!” You screeched, making Beomgyu’s eyes widen. He didn’t expect such an outburst.

    “I’m sorry.” He apologized more sincerely. You let out a large sigh, shaking your head before turning towards the car. You got in without a word, turning to watch the scenery outside the window as Beomgyu drove off.

    Once you got home that night, you roughly grabbed the plan, nearly ripping the paper in the process. With a frown, you crossed off number one, staring down at the rest with a glare.

    “You better work.” You mumbled to the paper before shoving it back inside your desk drawer.

    Well, it was onto number two.

    #2 TRYOUT FOR THE SOCCER TEAM (show everyone that you're not an asshole jerk)

    Apparently Beomgyu was excellent at soccer (keyword: apparently). You didn’t necessarily want to doubt the boy, but you were still upset from the weekend of the party. You helped him with a dumb plan and in return he completely flushed it down the drain.

    And yet, you decided to continue helping him. You weren’t exactly sure why, maybe it was because you found Beomgyu to be so endearing for some reason. Even if his previous actions pissed you off, it was hard to stay away from him. 

    That was exactly why you spent your Sunday morning sitting on the bleachers as you watched the boys warm up. You observed Beomgyu tie on his cleats from afar, something he still had from high school in case he ever wanted to play again. He looked nervous, it was obvious from the way his eyes darted between the boys and the way and kept messing with his fringe. You gave him some words of encouragement prior, but you were only met with a blank stare and a small mumble.

    You watched intently as the tryouts started, becoming impressed with Beomgyu’s skills. He was good, really good and you certainly didn’t expect him to be such a pro at soccer. And judging by the looks on their faces, the other boys were shocked as well. Everyone expected him to be some sleazy man-whore.

    Lee Minho, the one who had been captain of the team in the past, did not look amused. He held a venomous gaze in his eyes as it was directed at Beomgyu and it gave you a dreadful feeling in your stomach. You just hoped that Minho wouldn’t cause any trouble. The whole point of trying out was for Beomgyu to get on everyone’s good side, and he didn’t need Minho to get in the way of that.

    Fortunately the rest of the tryouts went well (minus occasional shoulder bumps and glares from Minho). Beomgyu jogged over to you with a smile, reaching out to hug you despite him being a human waterfall at the moment. You shrieked as you tried to escape his open arms.

    Once Beomgyu caught you, a loud gag came from your throat, your arms flailing as you struggled to get out of his tight grip.

    “Y/N!” Beomgyu exclaimed, rubbing his face against your neck. You sighed, not enjoying the feeling of his sweat on you or the smell.

    “You need to take a shower.” You groaned once Beomgyu let go. He chuckled, pushing back the pieces of hair that stuck to his forehead.

    “I will if you join me.” Beomgyu smirked, winking at you. His words completely caught you off guard, leaving you to stare at him in shock. Beomgyu began to laugh at your expression before walking over to his duffel bag and changing his shoes.

    “Relax, Y/N. It’s a joke.” He scoffed when you didn’t speak up. You barely registered Beomgyu tapping you on the shoulder and walking away from the field. With a quick shake of your head, you followed the man to his car. Offhand remarks were something you probably had to get used to if you continued to hang out with Beomgyu.

    “Wanna get something to eat? My treat?” You asked once you and Beomgyu climbed into his car. A small smile overcame Beomgyu’s face and you found yourself smiling back.

    “Of course, I'm starving.” He groaned as he pulled out of the parking lot.

    “But, I'd like to shower first, if you don’t mind waiting at my dorm.” Beomgyu added and you nodded. You didn’t mind waiting for him, especially since you desperately wanted him to wash all that sweat off. You weren’t sure if you could stand being near him any longer while he reeked of body odor.

    The rest of the car ride was quiet, but the silence wasn’t awkward. The atmosphere was different from the first time you rode in his car together, and you found that to be comforting. It had only been a week since you had gotten to know Beomgyu, but you would almost consider yourself friends already. He was an interesting person, and wasn’t terrible to be around. 

    You just hoped that at the end of your horrible plan, everyone else would be able to see what you see in him.

    Upon arriving at his dorm, Beomgyu led you over to the couch in the living room. He told you that he would be out quickly and wouldn’t have you waiting for long. Your eyes wandered over the room in boredom, looking for anything to keep yourself busy.

    Your interest was sparked when you noticed a couple of pictures on a shelf next to the television. Standing up from the couch, you walked over to look at them.

    The first one was of Beomgyu when he was little next to an older boy. Their facial features looked similar making you assume that they were related. Beomgyu looked absolutely adorable with his missing front teeth and bowl cut hairstyle. In the second photo, he stood next to a boy with jet black hair who had a wide smile on his face and another boy with light brown hair. His smile looked oddly familiar and you gasped in realization once you realized who it was. Beomgyu had been friends with Lee Minho in the past.

    “I’m ready to go.” Beomgyu announced once he came back into the room. You jumped in surprise and turned to face him, noticing that his damp hair was tied up into a ponytail. You found yourself observing him longer than usual, and Beomgyu met you gaze with wide eyes.

    “Oh, you like my hair? Sometimes it gets in the way so I just tie it up.” He said innocently, assuming that your staring was directed at his hairstyle. It wasn’t, but he didn’t need to know that. You offered him a nervous smile before meeting the man by the door.

    “Yeah, it’s cute.” You mumbled shyly, avoiding Beomgyu’s gaze as you slipped out of the dorm. He followed after you, a small blush on his face. Beomgyun wasn't used to compliments at all, so it wasn’t surprising how flustered he was by your simple comment.

    “So, where are you taking me?” Beomgyu asked once he caught up to your strides. You glanced at him, thinking for a moment.

    “Um, I have enough money for McDonalds.” You mumbled, sending Beomgyu a sheepish smile. He laughed loudly, opening the car door for you once you were both outside. Beomgyu didn’t mind getting fast food, he just enjoyed being in your presence. Finding another person who didn’t view him as someone he wasn’t was refreshing. The only real friend Beomgyu had was Yeonjun, so he definitely didn’t expect to make another one during his time at BigHit.

    You gave him a chance, and Beomgyu was utterly grateful for that.

    The rest of the night was pretty tame, with you and Beomgyu enjoying your dinner while he complained about tryouts the next day. He wasn’t excited to see Minho again, which was understandable since the boy looked like he wanted to bury Beomgyu six feet into the ground. You thought about asking Beomgyu what happened to his relationship with Minho, but you didn’t want to pry. Some old relationships were better left buried.

    Beomgyu’s complaints didn’t cease the next day as you drove him to day two of tryouts. Something else you learned about Beomgyu was that he didn’t shut up. His talkativeness could be cute at times, but when you had just gotten through hours of constructing essays and calculus, you really didn’t want him blabbering your ear off.

    “You’ll do fine, shut up.” You grumbled once you parked the car, quickly getting out before Beomgyu could say anything else. He followed behind you like a sad puppy, a large frown on his face as his feet dragged on the ground. 

    “Only two more days, you got this.” You said to him, your tone softer than before. Beomgyu looked at you wearily, looking as if he wanted to dart back to your car and hide in the backseat.

    “I’ll be watching.” You spoke up when he stayed silent, brushing a loose strand of hair away from his eyes. The action earned a couple of wolf whistles from the boys nearby, you just ignored them, gazing into Beomgyu’s round eyes. Ever since you met the man, you always thought his eyes were his best feature. They stood out to you so much and you couldn’t help but gaze at them every so often.

    Ignoring the way you stared at him, Beomgyu smiled softly, sending you a small wink before meeting the rest of the boys on the field. You bit your lip to hide your smile before going over the bleachers to watch tryouts.

    Beomgyu did as well as he did on day one and you couldn’t help the proud smile that appeared on your face. The boy would occasionally look up at the bleachers to see if you were watching, becoming flustered when he met your gaze. His nerves seemed to disappear as he did more drills, confidence radiating off him.

    Minho didn’t like that, and it was obvious from the way he kept his narrowed eyes directed at Beomgyu. You became nervous anytime Minho got too close to the boy, hoping that there would be no foul play. Well, he would never— right?


    You were caught by surprise when Beomgyu ended up rolling on the grass, his teeth clenched as he held onto his ankle. Minho had moved quickly, stepping on Beomgyu’s foot as an “attempt” to get the ball. But you knew that he had ulterior motives.

    You quickly ran down to the field, pushing past the boys who surrounded Beomgyu. He seemed as if he was holding back tears, and you could tell that he was in a lot of pain.

    “Fuck.” Beomgyu mumbled, his voice cracking. You reached over to grab his hand, but he pulled away, avoiding your gaze. The coach soon came over and helped Beomgyu inside of the building, telling the boys to continue. You followed behind, not wanting to leave your friend.

    “How bad does it hurt?” You asked once he was helped onto one of the beds in the nurse's office. Beomgyu finally let his tears fall, shaking his head.

    “I think somethings broken. He literally stepped on my ankle.” Beomgyu gritted out, gripping the bed tightly as pain washed over him. 

    “Fucking bastard.” Beomgyu said under his breath, more tears falling down his face. You frowned, brushing the hair out of his face. The boy leaned into your touch, the action comforting him. You kept running your fingers through his hair as the nurse inspected his injury, hoping that you could calm him down slightly. 

    The nurse explained that it could possibly be a fracture before telling you to take Beomgyu to the hospital. Getting him to the car wasn’t easy due to him hopping on one leg and you basically supporting most of his weight. Everytime your grip faltered, Beomgyu would lose balance and place his foot on the ground causing him to cry out in pain. You winced before mumbling a thousand apologies, wishing that he wasn’t too heavy to carry. 

    When you arrived at the car, you laid Beomgyu down in the backseat and quickly drove off once you got into the passenger's seat. You were sure that you broke at least one rule of the road on the way to the hospital, but you wanted to be quick. Beomgyu was in pain and you didn’t like that.

    The rest of the trip was uneventful except for Beomgyu bawling like a baby and trying to hide it while his ankle was being inspected. You just continued to comfort him, playing with his hair which seemed to calm him down slightly.

    The doctor explained how it was only a fracture and Beomgyu was given a cast and crutches. The man did not look happy as you both exited the hospital. His mouth was set into a frown and his eyes held a small glare. 

    “Minho better watch out the next time I see him.” Beomgyu growled, throwing his crutches in the backseat before getting into the car. You sighed, sending him a stern look.

    “Don’t do anything you’ll regret. And besides, beating Minho up won’t be good for your reputation and it won’t make you feel any better in the end.” You explained, heading in the direction of Beomgyu’s dorm. He simply mumbled curses under his breath before turning to look out the window. It was yet another tense car ride.

    #3 Change your look (doesn't really move the plan along but it’s always nice to start fresh)

    It took about a week for Beomgyu to finally cool down. You had avoided him, not wanting to be in the center of his rage. He was such a sweet person, but when he was angry it could be a scary sight. Beomgyu wouldn’t intentionally hurt you and you knew that, but you didn’t want to take any chances. 

    On Saturday you had invited him over to complete step three of the plan. It didn’t do much to further Beomgyu’s goal, but he mentioned wanting to dye his hair so you offered to help. 

    “You sure you know what you’re doing?” Beomgyu asked as he sat on the lid of your toilet. You nodded, putting on a pair of gloves and taking the dye out of the box. Beomgyu wanted blonde highlights, a style you had helped Lia with before so you were confident. Maybe a little too confident.

    “Are you sure?” Beomgyu asked, pursing his lips. You rolled your eyes, plucking his forehead. The male groaned, sending you a glare. You smirked, winking at him.

    “I got this.” 

    You in fact did not. Maybe Beomgyu was better off at a salon instead. It would’ve saved you the trouble and wrath of a very angry twenty year old. 

    “I look like I came out of the 2000’s.” Beomgyu groaned as he observed his hair. The chunky blonde highlights definitely stood out and he was not pleased. You gave him a sheepish smile as Beomgyu’s glare only intensified.

    “You said ‘I got this’.” He sneered, turning around to face you. Your mouth went dry as you tried to rack up a response in your brain.

    “I’m sorry?” You squeaked out, slowly backing out of the bathroom. Beomgyu followed like a predator stalking his prey. You were a bit terrified having a six foot man staring you down as if he were trying to end your life. 

    “Spare me, I’m innocent!” You yelled dramatically before darting out of the bathroom. Beomgyu followed, chasing you (as best as he could with a fractured ankle) through the kitchen before following you around the couch. He was able to trap you in the middle, tackling you down onto the soft cushions. 

    “You ruined my look, I’ll never forgive you!” Beomgyu exclaimed dramatically. You knew that he was only joking due to the way he tickled you relentlessly. You let out a loud screech, trying to get out of his grasp but Beomgyu was too strong.

    “I’m sorry!” You gasped out, laughter spilling from your lips. Beomgyu chuckled, not releasing you despite multiple protests.

    “Woah, hello.” A new voice said. You sat up abruptly, turning to face Lia. The position you and Beomgyu were in didn’t look too promising, with him looking as if he were sitting on your lap. It didn’t help that his hair was insanely disheveled as well.

    “Am I interrupting something?” Lia asked, her tone flat. You looked at her wearily, noticing the lack of playful tone. If Lia had caught you with a guy, typically she’d tease you to no end. But since that guy was Beomgyu, she definitely wasn’t too pleased.

    “No— no, we were just playing around.” You explained, lightly pushing Beomgyu off of you. He got the memo, sliding over to the other end of the couch. Lia sighed, nodding her head towards the hallway.

    “I need to talk to you for a moment.” She demanded, heading towards her room. You didn’t object, telling Beomgyu that you’d be back before following after your disappointed roommate.

    “Are you hooking up with him?” Lia asked bluntly once the door was closed. Your eyes widened comically at the question.

    “No! I told you, Lia, we’re just friends.” You sighed but your roommate wasn’t buying it.

    “There’s something going on, and whatever it is, it should stop.” Lia said, a stern look on her face. 

    “What are you, my mother?” You asked sarcastically and Lia groaned.

    “Y/N, I love you very much, which is why I'm telling you to stay away from Beomgyu. He’s a player, I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Lia explained, her tone much softer than before. 

    “He’s not like that—” You began to defend Beomgyu before Lia cut you off.

    “That’s what everyone says before they get their heart broken.” She sighed and you looked away. It would’ve been difficult to get Lia to understand. Especially when you still had your doubts. Beomgyu was a nice guy, he really was, but you couldn’t help but wonder if it was all an act at times.

    “Stay out of my business.” You snapped in anger before exiting her room. Beomgyu noticed you in the hallway and followed your figure once you signaled him to your room.

    You closed the door behind Beomgyu with a slam, making him look at you in surprise. He could practically see the anger radiating off you and it made him curious. Beomgyu didn’t want to pry, but he wondered what Lia had said to you to cause your anger.

    “Are you okay?” He asked hesitantly, going over to your bed and placing his crutches against the wall. You sat next to him, staring down at your lap. 

    “You wouldn’t lie to me, right?” You asked after a moment, avoiding his gaze. Beomgyu studied your nervous expression before placing a hand on your fidgety ones.

    “Of course not. I know that we’ve only known each other for a couple weeks, but I promise that I wouldn’t lie to you.” Beomgyu reassured, trying to meet your eyes but you kept your gaze on your lap. 

    “Y/N, look at me.” He mumbled, tapping your chin lightly. You finally turned your head to face him and Beomgyu instantly noticed the troubled look in your eyes. 

    “I value our friendship and wouldn’t want to betray your trust.” Beomgyu said sincerely, slowly rubbing his thumb over your knuckles. You shivered slightly at the physical contact, trying to ignore the fluttering in your stomach.

    “Thanks, Beomgyu.” You sighed, feeling your nerves start to calm down. Beomgyu smiled slightly, shaking his head.

    “I should be thanking you, actually. No one, besides Yeonjun, has ever decided to give me a chance. I’ve been lonely for a while, but you helped me to feel better. I don’t feel so lonely anymore.” Beomgyu explained, sincerity in his tone. You suddenly felt bad for having doubts about him in the first place. Beomgyu was a good guy and deep down you knew that.

    “So, do you think we should move onto the next step.” Beomgyu suggested, lightly bumping his shoulder against yours. You let out a small sigh, nodding in response. So far your attempts at helping Beomgyu ditch his reputation weren’t working in your favor. You began to believe that nothing would work, but you didn’t want to crush Beomgyu’s hope so you stayed silent. And besides, you wanted n excuse to hang around him more.

    “Yeah, I think we should.” You replied, squeezing his hand that had never left your grip.

    #4 Acts of kindness

    Everyone assumed that Beomgyu was a douchebag due to his reputation. You believed that doing random acts of kindness for others would help. To start, you told Beomgyu to try helping out anyone who had been struggling in class. He was insanely smart and could definitely use that to his advantage.

    Unfortunately he came back to you that night with a small frown on his face, explaining how no one wanted to interact with him. His sad expression made you upset for him, wishing that people would give him a chance. Beomgyu was so sweet and they needed to see that.

    You ended up trying to cheer the man up with a night of ramen and his favorite movies. 

    “Maybe we should make treats for people. Christmas is coming up, it’s fitting.” You suggested that night, pausing the movie so you could look at Beomgyu. He leaned back against the couch, looking towards you with a small pout. You found yourself absentmindedly smiling at his expression, thinking he looked adorable even in the dim light of the living room.

    “What?” He asked softly, noticing how your gaze was focused on him. You cleared your throat, quickly turning away from his gaze.

    “Sorry, I was just thinking about something.” You replied, chuckling awkwardly. Beomgyu raised an eyebrow, leaning closer to you. The proximity made your heart race and you pulled back once more. Beomgyu noticed your flustered reaction and leaned in close again, trapping you against the armrest of the couch.

    “Do I make you nervous?” He asked, daring to look you in the eyes. Your breathing became uneven and all you could focus on was the man in front of you. You wondered if he had always been so beautiful as you observed his features. He looked even better up close and you couldn’t deny the slight attraction you felt at the moment.

    “Beomgyu, we’re supposed to be discussing the plan.” You spoke up, sounding as if you were out of breath. You felt as if you were, the air being taken away from your lungs as soon as Beomgyu stopped only inches away from your face. 

    “Don't change the subject.” He mumbled, not once breaking eye contact. 

    “You changed it first.” You shot back, making a small smirk cross Beomgyu’s face. He slowly backed up, making you feel as if you could breathe again. The air was tense once Beomgyu moved back to his side of the couch. But, it wasn’t the awkward type of tense. You were positive that if Lia were in the room she’d scream about the ‘sexual tension’ being too much to bear. You didn’t really want to think about sexual

    anything with Beomgyu, he was only your friend. 

    “Like I was saying, since Christmas is coming up, we should make cookies and give them out before winter break. Actually, you give them out but I’ll help you make them.” You explained, hoping that your heart rate would soon slow down. Your face still felt as if it was on fire and you hoped Beomgyu didn’t notice how much he affected you.

    “How does giving out cookies help squash my reputation?” Beomgyu asked, sounding doubtful of your plan.

    “Well it’s part of the ‘random acts of kindness’ plan. And besides, who doesn’t like cookies? I’m sure they’ll be surprised that it’s coming from you. That can start to sway opinions. Kai did it last year and everyone adored him for it.” You explained and Beomgyu nodded in acknowledgment.

    “Alright, when should we bake?” Beomgyu asked.

    “How about now? I have all the ingredients needed.” You suggested, watching as Beomgyu warily glanced at the clock.

    “It’s ten at night.” He deadpanned and you rolled your eyes. 

    “Well that means we should get started right now.” You replied, grabbing Beomgyu’s hands and lifting him off the couch. You handed him his crutches before leading him over to the kitchen and getting out the necessary ingredients. You had already bought cookie mix because of the holidays since you loved baking treats. 

    Beomgyu didn’t look too enthusiastic about baking and made careless mistakes when you both started. You tried not to be too hard on him, it was obvious how very little faith he had in the plan. 

    He kept making a mess after he did something and you cleaned it up everytime. Lia wouldn’t be too happy if the kitchen looked like a war zone afterwards. Beomgyu would silently thank you for helping, but his expression stayed stoic.

    “Brighten up, this is supposed to be fun.” You teased, lightly tapping Beomgyu’s arm. The frown on his face didn’t crack and he continued to place the cookie dough onto the pan. 

    “Do you want to talk?” You asked after a while, watching as Beomgyu placed the cookies into the oven. He turned around and gave you a long look, seeming as if he were debating something in his head. 

    “You don’t have to, I was just—” You began to speak up but were cut off by the shock of Beomgyu hugging you. He had simply walked into your arms, burying his face into the crook of your neck. Your heart began to race at the closeness and you hesitantly wrapped your arms around his waist.

    “Can you hold me right now?” Beomgyu asked, his vulnerability showing. You hadn’t seen that side of him before so you didn’t hesitate to agree, letting the man hug you while you traced circles on his back.

    “Beomgyu, please tell me what’s wrong.” You pleaded, pulling away to look at his face. His expression looked so dull and it made you feel bad. You assumed that Beomgyu was upset due to his whole school hating him, but you weren’t positive about what was troubling him.

    “I’ll explain another time, I don’t feel like talking right now.” He mumbled, taking your hand and leading you over to the couch. You nodded, deciding not to press further. 

    Beomgyu laid down on the couch before pulling you next to him. The action caught you by surprise, especially when he trapped you in his arms, your back against the front of his body. 

    “Will cuddling me make you feel better?” You asked, placing your arms over his. Beomgyu hummed into your neck, sending shivers down your spine.

    “Yes.” He replied, tightening his hold around you. The feeling of Beomgyu holding you so close was foreign, but despite that, you felt comfortable. Typically, you weren’t one for skinship and revolted at the idea of someone hugging you. But when it came to Beomgyu, you didn’t seem to mind. You’d let him hold you for hours if you could. 

    The rhythmic beating of his heart began to lull you to sleep, which wasn’t good since you still had cookies in the oven. But your mind was hazy and all you could focus on was the man behind you.

    Your peace was soon interrupted by Lia screaming in your face. Your eyes opened slowly and you saw your frantic looking friend standing above the couch. 

    “Why would you fall asleep when you had something in the oven?” She scolded and it was then you smelled the smoke in the air. You sat up abruptly, making Beomgyu groan. Lia followed you into the kitchen, pointing out the charred cookies on the counter.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I was just so tired.” You said sheepishly, gazing at Lia’s unreadable expression. 

    “Shit, did we burn the cookies?” Beomgyu asked as he stumbled into the kitchen. Lia looked between the both of you silently and you wondered what she was thinking.

    “Just be careful.” She sighed before leaving the room. You knew that she wasn’t just talking about the cookies.

    #5 Party pt. 2

    Beomgyu was very reluctant to attend another party, especially since last time it didn’t end so well. You were eventually able to convince Beomgyu to go, especially since you had gotten Yeonjun’s help to do so.

    You had finally met Beomgyu’s roommate and best friend, Choi Yeonjun. He was definitely a charmer and reminded you of those perfect pretty boys you saw around campus. Yeonjun seemed exactly how Beomgyu wanted to be and you wondered if that fueled his motive to change even more. 

    “Don’t do anything stupid this time.” Yeonjun said to Beomgyu as the three of you stopped in front of the house where the party was being held. Beomgyu glared at the man in front of him before flicking the back of his neck. Yeonjun yelped and you bit your lip to stifle a laugh.

    Beomgyu got out of the car first and walked over to the house, leaving you and Yeonjun behind with his long strides. He was able to ditch his crutches, but walked with a small limp due to the brace he had to wear.

    “Do you know why he’s been so moody lately?” You asked, wondering if Yeonjun had known what was wrong. The man next to you shook his head, opening the door so you could walk in first. The stuffy air hit you instantly and you longed to be in your bed at the moment.

    “Maybe he’s just stressed out because of school.” Yeonjun explained, raising his voice so you could hear him over the music. You pretended to agree, knowing that it was more than just schoolwork. You hoped that Beomgyu would open up in time, not stuffing his feelings down.

    “So what’s the plan?” Yeonjun asked once you reached a quieter part of the house.

    “If Beomgyu is seen minding his own business at the party, then people are definitely going to be surprised.” You said and Yeonjun gave you a look.

    “Are you sure? I doubt anyone would notice.” He asked, shoving his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants.

    “That happened with Lee Minho. Everyone was shocked that he went to a party without hooking up with a girl and thought that he had finally changed. That was until he was caught hooking up with someone in the janitor's closet at school but— that won’t happen to Beomgyu.” You explained, making Yeonjun chuckle at the story of Minho. 

    “What’s so funny?” Beomgyu asked as he approached you too, looking absolutely miserable. 

    “Your hair, it looks horrendous.” Yeonjun teased, cowering against the wall when Beomgyu began to hit him relentlessly. 

    “Hey, I did his hair.” You gasped dramatically and Beomgyu finally let Yeonjun go.

    “Y/N— you know it’s bad too.” Yeonjun mumbled, lifting up one of the highlights in Beomgyu’s hair. He slapped Yeonjun’s hand away, sending the man a glare that could kill. You rolled your eyes at the childish behavior, putting your hands on Beomgyu’s shoulders and leading him away.

    “Come on, you need to be where everyone can see you.” You said, leading Beomgyu back to the living room. He groaned, throwing his head back to exaggerate his discomfort.

    “This is pointless.” He grumbled, observing everyone in the room with a disgusted face. 

    “Stop looking at people like that. You’re not making the plan any easier.” You hissed, pinching his waist. Beomgyu rolled his eyes before relaxing his face, leaning against an empty wall. He kept looking around at everyone in the room and you noticed the way his breathing began to speed up.

    You silently took Beomgyu’s hand, lacing your fingers with his. He looked down at your connected hands in surprise, not expecting for you to touch him.

    “I hope this helps calm you down.” You spoke up, rubbing your thumb over his knuckles. For the first time in a while, Beomgyu let a small smile come across his face. He really did appreciate you and your attempts to help him out with anything.

    Unfortunately, Minho couldn’t let you and Beomgyu have a moment together in peace. 

    “I wouldn’t get your hopes up sweetheart, he’ll probably get bored and fuck someone else soon.” Minho said as he walked up to the two of you. Beomgyu’s grip on your hand tightened and you knew that he was angry.

    “Go away, Minho.” You said slowly, trying to keep your cool as well. 

    “Did I hit a nerve?” Minho teased, a fake pout on his face. 

    “Are you fucking deaf? I said leave.” You sneered, letting go of Beomgyu’s hand so you could stand in front of Minho. The man rolled his eyes, resting his palm against your cheek before pushing you aside. That was what set Beomgyu off.

    “Fuck you!” He yelled before punching Minho right in the nose. You gasped, watching as the two began to tackle each other on the floor. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the fight. Some looked shocked while others took out their phones to record.

    “Beomgyu stop!” You screeched, watching as he punched Minho’s face repeatedly, leaving the man under him a bloody mess. Your eyes widened in horror as Minho finally gained his strength back and did the same to Beomgyu.

    “Get off him!” Yeonjun yelled once he entered the room, dragging Minho off Beomgyu. Minho tried to punch Yeonjun as well, but the man dodged his attempts, pushing him to the ground. You and Yeonjun quickly helped Beomgyu up and dragged him out of the house before Minho could get another punch in.

    Beomgyu let out groans of pain as you carefully got him to the car. You sat in the back with him while Yeonjun drove off, observing his face. Beomgyu had multiple bruises forming, a cut above his eyebrow and one on his jaw. Blood dripped down from his nose and his lip looked busted.

    “Why did you do that?” You asked, feeling upset that he had lunged at Minho. If he had walked away, he wouldn’t have been even more injured than he already was. Seeing Beomgyu in pain made your chest tighten uncomfortably and you had the weird urge to protect him.

    “He touched you.” Was his simple response, yet his tone was venomous. You sat back in your seat, grabbing his hand. You felt Beomgyu relax slightly, his body not as tense as before.

    “You don’t need to protect me, Beomgyu.” You said to him, pushing his hair out of his face with your free hand. Beomgyu leaned into your touch, instantly feeling better with your affection.

    “I know, but I want to.” Beomgyu replied, turning his head to look at you. The intensity of his stare made you nervous, nearly forgetting that Yeonjun was in the front seat. You quickly turned away from Beomgyu, focusing on the scenery outside instead.

    The rest of the car ride was silent but Beomgyu never let your hand go. Yeonjun drove the both of you to their dorm so you could help Beomgyu clean up.

    “I’ll leave you guys alone.” He said once you entered, walking away to his room. You lead Beomgyu to the bathroom, closing the door before looking for a first aid kit. You found one under the sink and opened it, looking for something to clean his cuts.

    “This might sting.” You mumbled when you poured rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball. Beomgyu let out a small groan, gritting his teeth together at the pain of the alcohol touching his cut.

    “I’m sorry.” You apologize, taking a wet wipe to clean the blood off his face. Once you were done, you looked around in the first aid kit for band aids but couldn’t find any.

    “It’s under the sink.” Beomgyu mumbled, making you check. You pulled out a box of Hello Kitty band aids and wondered why the boys even had that in their house.

    “You’re gonna look so cute.” You cooed, teasing Beomgyu. He held a mock-glare on his face as you put a pink Hello Kitty band aid on his jaw and one on above his eyebrow. 

    “Thank you.” Beomgyu said quietly as he watched you put everything away. You turned around with a smile, making his heart flutter. He could never get tired of seeing that smile.

    “It’s no problem.” You replied, about to leave the bathroom but Beomgyu grabbed your hand.

    “I’m sorry that I've been distant and quiet lately.” Beomgyu apologized, making you turn around to face him. 

    “You don’t have to apologize.” You said sincerely, not expecting any kind of explanation from Beomgyu. He shook his head, grabbing your other hand so he could have your full attention.

    “No, I do. You were only trying to help me and I just made things harder. I appreciate you so much, and I haven’t been showing that but it’s true.” Beomgyu explained, nervously tapping his foot against the ground. 

    “Is that why you were upset? Was it because you felt bad?” You asked and Beomgyu shook his head.

    “I was upset because I knew that the plan wasn’t going to work. Nothing is going to change my reputation, I just need to accept that. And my fight with Minho definitely didn’t make it any better. It sucks since he used to be my best friend.” Beomgyu replied, a frown crossing his face.

    “It can work, we can figure something out, just forget about Minho and—” You began to speak but Beomgyu cut you off.

    “It’s okay, Y/N. It sucks that everyone thinks I’m an asshole, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.” Beomgyu explained.

    “It doesn’t?” You asked, surprised by what he was saying. 

    “Sure, It still makes me upset, but I don’t feel as lonely anymore. When I met you, everything changed. Even when we were working on the plan, It wasn’t even a huge concern of mine because I was with you.” Beomgyu said, making your stomach flip. You felt relieved that he appreciated your company as much as you did his.

    “Not to be cheesy but, you made life less miserable.” Beomgyu added. Your heart began to beat wildly at the small confession and a wide smile appeared on your face.

    “You make my life less miserable too.” You spoke up, pulling Beomgyu into a hug. He didn’t waste any time putting his arms around you, holding you tight against his chest.

    “Beomgyu, I can’t breathe.” You chuckled and he quickly pulled back, apologizing multiple times.

    “I’m sorry, I just really like hugging you ever since that night.” Beomgyu said sheepishly, referring to the night you both cuddled on the couch. 

    “Well then, you can definitely expect more affection from me in the future.” You said, pushing Beomgyu’s hair away from his eyes, something you found yourself doing often.

    “Oh yeah? Are you talking about hugs or—?” Beomgyu teased, trailing off as he observed the surprised look on your face. You moved your hand but Beomgyu grabbed it, pulling you close again.

    “I mean— what did you have in mind?” You stuttered, sounding out of breath. You felt as if you had run a mile by soley standing in front of Beomgyu. 

    The man didn’t answer your question, cupping your face with his hand before leaning down towards your face. You met Beomgyu halfway, closing the gap and wrapping your arms around his waist as youmkved your lips against his. He affectionately stroked the side of your face, kissing you as if his life depended on it.

    You knew that you would definitely be able to get used to the feeling of kissing Beomgyu, especially since you were so disappointed once he pulled away. Beomgyu chuckled at your pout, quickly pecking your lips.

    “Thank you for giving me a chance. Even if our small project didn’t work out, I think I got something much better than what I originally wanted.” Beomgyu said, looking down at you with such adoration that it made you nervous.

    “And what’s that?” You asked, knowing what Beomgyu meant but you wanted to hear him say it. He placed a delicate kiss on your nose, and your heart skipped a beat.

    “You. I got you.”

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    [ ≡ ] — ⌕ · · · YEONJUN : after having to take everything in your own hands because the responsible person had done a terrible job with the event preparations, you drag your feet back home from work. it had drained you of all of your energy to have so many things to redirect and organize for things to go smoothly and the event to open up successfully, but it was worth slaving over it for twelve hours.

    you'd slide the front door open, shaking off your shoes and leaving your bag on the floor at the entrance sloppily, not caring about anything other than a warm bath to relieve the ache in your muscles. you could hear your boyfriend shuffling around your room as you treaded down the hallway till you reached the door.

    after entering the room however, you were pleasantly taken aback by the elaborate set-up yeonjun had created— so much so that it actually brought tears brimming in your eyes, all of the stress from before just washing away by his sweet gesture. he had made the bed to accommodate you nice and warm after your bath in the hot and foamy water he had prepared in the bathroom, complete with your most comfortable pajamas folded neatly to the side, your towel already hanging near the shower.

    he'd probably whine at the way your face bunched up, not wanting you to cry. he'd rush over, cradling your body in his as he embraced you, stroking your back affectionately and pressing a kiss on your forehead.

    "i heard that you did an amazing job for the event today and thought that you might be tired, so i tried my best to do whatever i could to help you. i'm proud of you."

    rest of the members are under the cut!

    [ ≡ ] — ⌕ · · · SOOBIN : hospital shifts were always a nightmare to get by. it was practically a universal fact, no one was ever excited to stay in the building overnight, but such was the life often around there. you had spent the entire night on shift after messaging soobin about your absence in the apartment, not wanting him to be worried about your whereabouts.

    he was used to your long work hours though, just as you were used to his, so he never put any pressure on you. you'd pull at the front, shutting the car door closed at seven am, just having arrived from work, which wasn't an odd sight to see for your neighbors after years of living near each other.

    you'd call soobin to notify about your arrival and he would open the door for you before you even rung the bell, taking your bag and jacket off your shoulders with a warm and welcoming smile. he would let you slump into him, wrapping your arms around his torso and burying your face in the soft fabric of his t-shirt with a sigh, not a single word exchanged between you two.

    once you had waddled over clumsily to your bedroom, he'd plop both of your bodies right onto the mattress, asking if you wanted to refresh yourself or just head straight to sleep, which you'd always reply with a tired wish to go to sleep. he'd chuckle, stroking your hair and affectionately speaking to you,

    "you, my baby, must be exhausted, so i will send you to sleep. i'm sure you did amazing today."

    [ ≡ ] — ⌕ · · · BEOMGYU : being a teacher was no easy task, especially for primary school students who would love to test every teacher's limits during class. their boundless energies would lift your mood up, sure, but once they started acting up per usual, you'd find yourself tirelessly trying to handle them all with a kind and loving smile, not having the heart to ever scold them loudly.

    they were still little kids, so it was understandable how brash and chaotic their actions could be, especially the young boys who were prone to disrupting class the most. it was alright, though. you loved your jobs and would t trade your students with another batch— those were your kids now, as if you would ever let anyone take them from you. so after yet another long day at work, you would arrive home with a content heart, but a tired body and mind.

    you still had to make preparations for your next lesson and control their exams among other countless things, so you couldn't relax too much. beomgyu would know how rowdy your kids could be however, because tomorrow x together had made an appearance at your school as part of an event, and he would make sure that you were in top shape.

    he would welcome you with a bright smile and hold your hands to lead you to the living room couch, settling you down with a mug of your favourite warm drink to let your mind take a break from your responsibilities.

    "you cannot tell me that i'm a five year old kid now, can you? i'm totally way less tiring than taking care of them, right?"

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    ▷▶▷A/N ↛Can you tell how much I love this man?

    ▷▶▷ Word Count ↛2.1k

    ▷▶▷ Warnings↛ Mentions of (impact play, dirty talk, edging, overstimulation, public sex, general smut, first time sex)


    Beomgyu is just so ethereal. Otherworldly. Dazy. Hazy. Floaty. Dreamy.

    Exchanges playlists with you at the end of every month. It’s a ritual. Tradition. The two of you splayed all over his bed, taking turns playing songs, “Listen well, I really think you’ll like this one”.

    You also show each other all the polaroids you took that month. He just really loves telling you the stories behind each one, and why it’s special to him.

    He’s said it himself multiple times that he’s sentimental, that he’s the kind of person that lives in two different realms at the same time. This is why he would really appreciate a friend who isn’t put off by this. That would listen, adjust, support. That’s the kind of person that he would feel comfortable with.

    Has a tendency to laugh off things that hurt him, or ignore it when he's with others

    Plays songs for you on his guitar to get your approval first of all. He trusts your opinion, and takes it seriously, “So I really like this one, but the other one has a really pretty feel to it, don’t you think?”

    He’s playful though. Loves to tease and annoy you. Poke at you (literally and figuratively) Just because he can.

    Gaming buddies. Every time he loses, he gets loud insert maniacal smile, “What!?!? No! Again, we’re going againnnnnn!!”

    Ambition on steroids. Remember that vlive with him playing the typing/spacebar game? “What should I do Moa!! Again? Again? Should I go again? Dashi? Dashi? Haja! Dashi!!!” ...looks like he snorted a line or two beforehand.

    I feel like he gets easily swept up in a situation. His mood more often than not reflects that of the environment, what kind of feeling it brings up, (very intuitive). He’s mentioned how sensitive he is to scents, how easily they trigger memories, and nostalgia. Beomgyu feels like a very nostalgic person. An old soul.

    Gets sad when you don’t remember certain things that he told you, cause he does his best to remember the things you tell him. So when you forget Toto’s birthday, he’s outraged. “Toto? Ohh..your pet parrot?”

    “Yes Toto my pet parrot”

    Doesn’t want much, but does crave the little things. “Look! Its that pen you mentioned when we were in 1st grade” or “Heard you were having a hard time, can I listen?”

    You’d be surprised how quickly he’d seem to go from fussy to bright eyed.

    Stares at the ceiling. Alot. Its unhealthy. Choi beomgyu if you don’t go to sleep right now!

    Words of affirmation is 100% his love language, as well as quality time. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not.

    The kind to get salty if he compliments you, and you don’t compliment him back. “You look really good today” “Oh thanks! I’ve been trying this new-” you still when his gaze darkens, “Gyu? Everything okay?”

    “That’s not how this works! Person A is supposed to compliment person B, then Person B says ‘thank you so much person A, you look absolutely, stupendously, flawless today!” He screams all at once, animated actions defining every word.

    “Let’s try this again.” He sighs after a long moment, “You look really good today”

    Is not going to stop until you get it right.

    Lets you listen to the tracks before they come out. But you have to pinkie promise, stamp it, cross your heart and hope to die and swear on your neighbours’ puppy. This is very serious business.


    When I think of beomgyu with a significant other, the air is just so intimate, so soft, cozy. Warm, but chilly. It feels like not getting out of bed on a snowy day. The intimacy of a tender embrace, sweet. It just feels so..hazy.

    Kisses that make you feel light, breathy, eternal. That have you floating, spinning. Pulling each other closer, closer. More, more. Kisses that feel like drowning, flying. A trust so strong that its impossible to break. Kisses that suffocate you in the best way possible. Kisses that you’re scared you’ll forget, so you press and press, until your lips are puffy and swollen, but it’s still not enough. Kisses that sate a need so raw its borderline carnal, greedy, hungry, passionate, but….not rough. Delicate, melting on your tongue, slipping down your throat, fluttering your heart.

    Intimacy with Gyu is deep, occasionally confusing, but lovely.

    He holds you in his between his legs, and places your fingers the right way when he’s trying to teach you the keys, “This is ‘E’ this is ‘A’ ‘D’ and ‘G’ when you do it all together..”

    One of his favourite things is to have you straddle his lap, arms wrapped around his neck, and your forehead against his. Just..breathing..just taking you in.

    Please put him in your lap and play with his hair. Stroke your fingers through the strands, give a little scratch here and there. He will fall asleep instantly.

    Cuddles, and baths together. The baths he’d be awkward about at first, hesitant. He’d laugh it off, and change the subject whenever you offered. But when he finally accepts, it means a lot.

    Remembers little things that you’re really passionate about, and waits until the perfect time. He’s not an all-out lover. He’s a lot more subtle than that, but he does want to please you with the little things, and really wants you to do the same, even if he won’t say so.

    He’s sweet and sentimental, but Gyu is deeply insecure and gets jealous and pouty easily. He just wants to know that you’re his, and only his. That you feel as deeply about him, as he does you.

    Birthday present ideas 100 things I love about you. 100 reasons why Choi beomgyu is the coolest. Write the reasons behind polaroids of special moments, and dare him not to get emotional.

    He loves you...andddddd he loves picking on you. He’ll tease you over the simplest things. Nothing passes his eye. “Oh? The great Y/N mispronounced a word? Is the world going to end? EVERYBODY RUN!!!”

    “Oh? Are you getting angry? Is it too much?” his apology betrays his shit-eating grin.

    “Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Jagiya!!!”

    “Shut it beomgyu.”

    Fake cries. He’s thorough with it too. Persistent little prick. “Everyone! My girlfriend doesn’t love me anymore”

    “Sit down beomgyu!”

    But he really does care for you and wants you to only look at him, “So..that guy you were talking to the other day. Are the two of you close? You never told me he was your friend” The words guy, two, and friend, drawn out a bit longer than the rest.

    He’d really like if you had a special side that was saved only for him. Say you typically present yourself as a carefree, cheerful person, he’d really appreciate you taking the mask off around him. Showing him the more mellow undertones to your personality. If you appear more independent, capable, he loves it when you let yourself go around him. Just let yourself fall into him.

    He loves learning about you. All of you. He loves to know your every expression. What makes you tick. What things do you like? He wants to understand you fully so that he understands why you may do a certain thing, and how to offer his full support. He just wants to delve into you. Discover more and more. He wants to form that unbreakable bond. It brings him such pride and joy to know that he knows you.

    But he just loves to push you to your limits.

    Speaking of which...


    You really need to work him into this. He’ll be so tense at first, and so worried about the nitty-gritty because he doesn’t want to mess this up. He’ll need your constant support and encouragement that he’s doing a good job, because it really helps him let loose. “Yeah Gyu, that’s good, keep doing that” Moan extra loud for him Even though he will tease you the morning after about it.

    The first time for him, foreplay will be key. Like hours of teasing, getting him riled up, pushing him to the point where he wants it so badly he lets it all fall away. Lets himself relax into the feeling, slides his hips against yours, "I can't take it anymore"

    Baby just needs to know that he’s doing a good job.

    He does want you to be completely honest. He’d be very vulnerable in this situation already, and would not want you to fake anything. Rather he’d want you to tell him what you like (Really sweetly and gently!) so that he can adjust to please you.

    He can be very self-sacrificial in this situation, so please make sure he has his own pleasure in mind as well.

    But oh when he gets warmed up. He’s the king of running his mouth. “Whose fucking you this good? That’s right I am." "Look at you baby, you're drooling all over"

    Not that much into degradation, but does have a praise kink. Both giving and recieving.

    He’s such a tease. Loves bringing you right to the edge, then pulling away. He laughs when you whine and try to force him to continue.

    Not exactly kinky or experimental, but he will try something if you suggest it (so long as it isn’t one of his hard limits!) he may be a little surprised at first, but will enjoy milder versions of most kinks.

    But he does prefer to be the dom. He’s a lot more comfortable in that position.

    Tries his best to hold back when he’s close. His teeth will be battering his lips. Fingers pressing colorful bruises into your hips. The way he’s trying to brush his hair out of his face, and strangling his moans into grunts, only to fall apart when you grip down onto him, cunt clenching as you get closer and closer.

    At this point in your relationship he’s pretty playful with it all. Not stressing himself over it too much when he casually asks you if he can rip your clothes off and annihilate you.

    I think he’s secretly into rougher sex, or something mildly taboo that kind of contradicts his personality. Beomgyu is a pretty cautious guy, so to find himself in the mall suddenly wanting to fuck you in a random stall, the rush of the thought of someone walking in having his cock jump in his pants comes as a surprise to him.

    HIGH sex drive, king of random hard-ons, and would do well with a partner to match that energy.

    Back to back rounds. He kind of sees it as a challenge. A game. Always trying to beat his highscore.

    He loves when you rough him up a bit. He may be startled at first, how you suddenly pull him out of his pants and ride him. But he’s all for it. Though you’re the top he’s still the dom, and he’ll be giving you playful spanks the whole time. Forcing you to slow down or speed up in the way that makes you cum so hard. “You want me so much you just can’t help yourself, huh?” his hands find purchase on the swell of your ass, and you jump at the sharp sting he rubs deeper into your flesh, "Answer me. Tell me how much you want this. How you’re so greedy for it, that you couldn’t wait for me to stuff you so full”.

    He feels so good when he makes you cum.

    Really really wants to please you.

    He’s not stopping until you can not take anymore I am dead serious. This man does not stop. Bunnies cannot compare. Have you seen him? Allow me to reiterate that this man is ambition on steroids. Saying that he’s going to make you cum is not a goal, it’s a life or death mission, it’s something he needs to do. He’ll give you breaks in between if you beg really nice, but he is not stopping until his balls are empty. He’s just not.

    It’s not because he has great stamina you’re pussy just feels so good around him that he can’t last all that long, it’s just that he’s so determined.

    Gets really really drained afterwards. He can’t even keep himself upright, he just collapses on top of you. He’ll try his utmost best with aftercare, and will make it to the end, because he wants to comfort you, and make sure you’re okay, but this man is exhausted.

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  • flwrkisses
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    txt reacting to you wanting to paint their nails.

    first time writing anything for txt so bare with me lovelies! also first post in forever.... probably wont have consistent posts, im a college student bare with me !

    genre: fluff, established boyfriend au!.


    when you brought up the idea to him he thought it would be really cool. he was always down to try new things and especially if it gave him a chance to match with you. he thought black nail polish looked the coolest with most of his outfits so, without much convincing he'd be sitting and watching tv as you painted his nails happily.


    he would think about it first. seeing how much you wanted to paint his nails, he'd then give in. he really couldn't say no to you often, but luckily you kept the polish classy with a nice solid black and an accent finger in a blue color. after you had painted them, he would secretly try hard not to get them chipped and even show them off to the other members.


    would literally not care. you put on a movie and start painting his nails he probably wouldn't even notice you're painting them until the very end. even if you don't know how to do nail art he encourages you to draw a smily face or something cool with nail polish on his nail. in return he will probably ask to paint yours.... but it wont be as pretty as his.


    at first he would say no, but then realized maybe it might look cool with their concept and let you do aa you pleased. he thought it was cool how you painted every other nail a color while the nails without any color got gloss. it became a thing, every 2-3 weeks you had to sit down and do taehyun's nails.


    ABSOLUTELY INTO IT! it's not even a question! you should have asked him sooner! he wants all the colors! would love it if you guys matched, it would be so subtle but he would love it so much. he's another one that would show off his nails to everyone and actually be very proud of them.

    hope you enjoyed!

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  • milki-bear
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    txt and their love languages ‧₊˚

    all members, fluff, word count: 998, non-idol au, not proof read, lowercase intended.

    a/n ; i spent a lot more time on this than i thought i would, please give it lots of love. i hope it’s somewhat accurate? ☆ — i had to rewrite this bc tumblr was deleting my work.

    연준 | yeonjun.

    physical touch > words of affirmation > gift giving

    yeonjun is extremely touchy, he loves to be near you at all times and at times can be a bit overprotective of you. he just wants to keep you safe especially when you go out so he will always be holding onto you in some way, either his hand sitting on the small of your back, wrapped around your waist or just holding your hand. he wants to make it known that you are off limits to anyone who passes. he will also be incredibly affectionate physically when he’s feeling stressed, so he will need your cuddles or kisses to calm his mind. along with touch, yeonjun is great at making you feel loved and understood through words. he will always find ways to praise you and make you blush. he also thrives off of your compliments. this man wishes with his whole heart that he could give you the entire universe, unfortunately that’s merely impossible but he will try his damn hardest to make it feel like its possible. whenever you go out he will offer to buy you whatever you want, he keeps track of what you’ve had your eye on for a while and will purchase it for your birthday, and he always surprises you after practice with your favourite food to share.

    수빈 | soobin.

    words of affirmation > quality time

    when soobin is showing affection his leadership qualities come out especially through words of affirmation. whenever you’re feeling insecure about your appearance, anxious about an upcoming test, or frustrated over a mistake you made, he knows exactly the right things to say and never fails to give you comfort. small phrases like “you look beautiful”, “you’ll get through it”, “i believe in you”, “it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes” are just some of the things he’d say to make you feel better about yourself. he would also make sure to always make time in his busy schedule to spend time with you, and focus only on you. whether its going out to buy food together or even just falling asleep cuddling after his practices. he will make and buy any food you want without question and will share his precious snacks with you.

    범규 | beomgyu.

    physical touch > words of affirmation

    would always be touching you in some way and hugs you at any chance he gets. he’s a clingy baby, likes to know you’re always with him. beomgyu is very obvious with his affection towards you and everyone knows this, he’s constantly clinging onto you as if he’d die if he didn’t. whenever you’re sitting next to each other or lying down beomgyu has the habit of playing with your hair, intertwining his fingers through it, making little “braids” and pushing your hair out of your face when it gets in the way. reassuring words and compliments from you is what keeps him going (and boosts his ego just a little bit more) and he does the same for you, he knows exactly when you’re needing encouragement and supports you in everything you do. would also love talking to you about nothing in particular. sends you good morning and good night texts. makes playlists for you and sends “this reminds me of you” songs. he also sends you weird voice notes to make you laugh and randomly calls you throughout the day just to hear you voice which he loves so dearly.

    태현 | taehyun.

    quality time > acts of service

    taehyun is the epitome of “actions speak louder than words” when it comes to giving and receiving love that’s why his love languages are quality time and acts of service. he shows affection in quiet but powerful ways, say you came home from a long day of work/school and all you want to do is fall asleep as soon as you walk through the door. but you haven't eaten yet, so you walk into the kitchen where you see taehyun has already prepared your favourite home cooked meal for you, he knew you were coming home late and wouldn't have the energy to cook so he did it for you. he looks after you in little ways such as making sure you get enough sleep, staying hydrated, reminding you of upcoming projects, holding back your hair when you’re throwing up, and taking on chores that you hate doing. he has picked up on the habit of keeping hair ties on his wrist for you as well (if you have long hair) because he knows you will probably forget or lose them.

    휴닝카이 | huening kai.

    physical touch > quality time > acts of service

    he can’t pick just one way of expressing his love and adoration for you, he is the definition of ‘wants to show you so much love but can’t decide how’. whenever he gets the chance he loves to give you back hugs so he can wrap his arms around you and rub your tummy! however he can sometimes get shy even though he loves being physically close to you, so he also loves when you just spend quality time together whether it be alone or with the other members. you love to stay inside together on rainy days and play mario kart, teasing and mocking each other when the other person is falling behind. and on days where the weather is fine, you would go out to amusement parks or the beach and enjoy the sunlight and each others presence. kai absolutely hates to see you unhappy, so he works hard to avoid you having a frown on your face. he will ask you things like “what can I help you with?” and “what can I do to make your day better today?”. he will even make an attempt at cooking your favourite food.. emphasis on ‘attempt’… he’ll probably end up ordering your favourite take out instead.. but its the thought that counts right ?

    © milki-bear—all rights reserved. do not translate, reproduce, or repost my works. any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited.

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  • lvnbyeol
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    txt - being protective ‧₊˚

    「 masterlist 」

    a/n: as requested <3 i loved writing this !! T-T


    he'd almost do those things subconsciously after a while. he does it subtly, but never fails in his execution. pulls you to the side before you bump into something because you're distracted. holds your hands when you cross the street, when you're in big crowds, when he sees sketchy people. helps with putting on your coat and scarf in winter. smiles at you when you don't pay attention and are just enjoying yourself. puts a hand on your thigh when someone tries to flirt with you. keeps you close in crowds and never takes his hands off your waist. shoots weird people dirty looks over your head, letting them know that he is not enjoying their company.

    ✰ SOOBIN

    watches you a lot. would be up to leave immediately when he sees you're uncomfortable or tired. always strokes the top of your head. would let you piggyback-ride everywhere. always gives you a bite of his food first. wouldn't let go of your hand even if he started using his. does the little bitty things for you, like pulling the paper from the straw and putting it in your soda. like clipping in the seatbelt for you when you get distracted, like opening doors for you and killing every spider (even when he's scared himself). just has a very calming, comforting aura to him that naturally feels protective when you're with him.


    he likes acting as if he's easy going, but he'd have plenty of moments where he just feels this wave of protectiveness towards you. always walks on the side of the sidewalk where the cars drive by, he likes guiding you through crowded areas by taking your hand, and he always takes all of the blame when you two would get in trouble. he is the first to defend you when the others try to tease you and will stick to your side no matter what. likes it when others see that you two belong together. walks you home every single time you two meet. though he will use your head or shoulder as his arm rest, all. the. time.


    the quiet protective type. you think he is buffing up for nothing? wouldn't admit it directly but would like the intimidating effect of his biceps. has an arm on your lower back most times. hands you his jacket wordlessly, and would remember your orders and would order for you if you feel shy about it. extremely defensive of you as well. would do that thing where if he'd see you struggling to open a jar, he'd come up behind you and open it with no problem before leaving with a chaste kiss on your cheek. pays way more attention to you than he lets on, and definitely doesn't hesitate to take you home if you aren't feeling your best.


    would use his height to his advantage. gets you stuff from too high above and ruffles your hair before he hands it to you. would tease you while slinging his arm around your shoulder. would combust if you initiate any kind of pda first and LOVES it when you put your head on his shoulder. always tells you to call him when you're on a night out, he'd pick you up from the middle of nowhere. also likes to know you came home safely. tucks your hair back behind your ears and would fix your clothes for you.


    © lvnbyeol

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  • tyunni
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    OPERATION: FALL !!! | (smau)


    synopsis: you had to take charge of the "last year as juniors" party your (now ill) best friend was hosting. he was the class president after all. yet he had never warned you about inviting the pretty boy you had been observing since the very start of the semester. man, and he even plays guitar in a band?! god, could he get any more attractive? however, a bunch of uninvited guests and destroyed private property had turned everyone's dream party into a total abomination, putting your best friend's title and reputation at risk. but fear not, because both yours and the pretty boy's friend group have come together to create a brand new plan in secret, now getting ready to throw a party for the start of your senior year in September. will you catch feelings in the process? will your tiny little crush develop into something more? operation: FALL is a go!!!

    pairing: gn!reader x choi beomgyu. ft. txt, itzy, skz, twice.

    genre: half-written, high school!au, band!au, fluff, crack (but i'm not funny), angst + love triangle (eventually).

    warnings: cursing, maybe some suggestive jokes cuz high schoolers are like that... will add more as the chapters progress.

    disclaimer: the smau probably won't be out for a while because i have a lot of things going on... but i'm putting this as yk kinda a teaser ig?? to see if ppl actually like it...?

    a/n: WOO FIRST SMAU LETS GOOKDNSNS kinda scared. i am indeed aware that the idols used in this smau are too old to be in highschool, but SHHH!!! also pls keep in mind it's my first time doing this so don't be too harsh

    send an ask to be added to the tag list !!!

    profiles 01. profiles 02.

    chapter 01 (coming soon...)

    #tomorrow x together #txt #tomorrow by together #beomgyu#choi beomgyu #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #txt x reader #txt smau #tomorrow x together smau #beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu smau #txt imagines#beomgyu imagines #tomorrow x together imagines #choi beomgyu imagines #beomgyu reactions #choi beomgyu reactions #txt reactions#beomgyu headcanons #choi beomgyu headcanons #tomorrow x together reactions #tomorrow x together headcanons #beomgyu x gn!reader #fluff#angst#txt angst#txt fluff#beomgyu fluff#beomgyu angst
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  • s-uwu-binie
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    ;- ꒰ °habits they developed in your relationship ꒱

    ➻ txt x reader (gender neutral)

    ➻ fluff all the way, luvs <3

    ⤷ lovesick boys who can't help but fall deeper in love with you

    𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧 - 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐬 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠

    this man follows a routine, and he is a man of his words. yet, this one happens to break his resolve. ever since he started dating you, nothing has been on his mind but you. you are the one constant he can't get rid off and he thinks you might be the death of him. even when yeonjun is working, all he sees is your face, which earns him a snicker from the others. because come one, who doesn’t want to see a smitten yeonjun. he’s adorable. when he starts his day, he wants the first thing he sees is you. so, every morning when he wakes up, he’d reach for his phone to admire his lockscreen. which is you, sitting on his lap while giving a huge smile to the camera.
    “what a pretty sight to wake up to. i hope y/n has a good morning and an even greater day.”

    𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧 - 𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐞

    soobin loves his food, and he takes pride in that. he loves the boys he really does, but if they try to take his food away, they should be ready to catch some hands. but never you, nope. you’re his angel. if you ever wanted the last bite of his pasta, he’ll give it to you in a heartbeat. if you wanted the last slice of pizza, he will give to you. no questions asked. the others give you the side eye, but of course it’s in a joking way. they all love you. soobin is such a nice guy, all he wants is that you are taking care of yourself. and as your boyfriend, he thinks it as his duty that he has to make sure that you’re well taken care of. and when he feeds you, the sight is way too adorable to handle.

    “what? ohh, you want it? here, i know you how much you want it. no need to ask me, baby. i’ll always give it to you.”

    𝐛𝐞𝐨𝐦𝐠𝐲𝐮 - 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐣𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭

    beomgyu loves teasing, you know banter. he loves giving teasing comments, especially if it’s towards yeonjun. he usually does this when one of the boys is doing something embarrassing and he just has to make a comment that will earn him a smack in the face. beomgyu does this usually when you’re around. like he’d turn, then he’d say a snarky comment about yeonjun’s fashion sense, and the smile and laugh he receives in return is enough to keep beomgyu going through the whole week. he once turned to the side out of habit, forgetting that you weren’t there. imagine the confused face he had and the small pout he sported when he forgot you weren’t there was so hilarious that taehyun took the chance to make a snarky comment.

    “y/n, look at this! i took another video of yeonjun talking to himself in the mirror. i gotta send you the video.”

    𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧 - 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝

    taehyun adores you, there’s no doubt in that. and it’s also no secret that he loves in his own unique way. if taehyun could give you the world, he would. you’re just that special to him, and he believes he has to show this everyday. so, he thought about leaving notes would be a great idea. taehyun found the idea way too cheesy at first, but when he saw your reaction to his sweet messages, he figured he could try for you. he will always try for you, if it means he can love you till you both grow old. his notes are different from the previous ones that came before. he keeps you on your toes, wanting to surprise you at any given chance.

    “i saw you eyeing this last week, so i bought it. and before you scold me for spending my money, i just wanted you to know you deserve it, y/n. i love you <3.”

    𝐡𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐚𝐢 - 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐬

    he is so sweet every time. hyuka loves in big amounts and it overflows. hyuka can’t go a day without talking to you. if it so ever happens that he doesn’t get to talk to you or message you, he will be filled with guilt, which you explained to him that it is not his obligation to always talk you and that being by your side is already enough. so he resulted to always sending you texts. his favorite ones are the ones he sends before you sleep. this is simply because of the reason that he wants to be the one who wishes you a goodnight’s sleep every day. and once he clicks send, your cheeks are red and he’on the other side with a smile of his own.

    “i’m sorry i didn’t to see you today, we were really busy. but i have time tomorrow, i already planned out what we should do. i’ll pick you up at 6. so make sure to get some sleep, angel.”

    #txt imagines#txt blurbs#txt reactions#txt scenarios#txt timestamps#txt headcanons#txt drabbles#txt#txt fluff#yeonjun fluff#soobin fluff#beomgyu fluff#taehyun fluff#hueningkai fluff #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #choi soobin x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #kang taehyun x reader #txt x reader #yeonjun imagines#soobin imagines#beomgyu imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines
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  • gyuuss
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    going grocery shopping with txt

    pairing: ot5 x gn! reader wc: 380 genre: fluff warnings: none! ©gyuuss


    im terms of buying things,,,,you’re the one who goes a bit overboard. yeonjun will try to steer towards the healthier options but you will try to slip some sweets into the shopping cart. he’ll put them back when you’re not looking but keeps a few things to make you happy. he is very organized and makes a list beforehand. you always tease him about acting like a dad, especially if he has his glasses on.


    doesn’t really bother to make a list and ends up forgetting half the things he actually needs. he’ll keep asking you what you guys need for the kitchen and you don’t know either


    will get in the cart and make you push him as a joke. you’ll both receive many stares but he could honestly care less. the two of you end up buying unnecessary things even if you had made a list. you also spend more than needed and end up regretting it later. he knows what you like so he’ll make sure to buy it if you forget. it’s a basic yet sweet gesture.


    dad pt 2 but really enforces buying healthy stuff

    huening kai!

    he also just wings it. you will both try to remember what you need but end up not caring half way through. “do we need more cereal?” “probably not” he throws it in the cart anyways. you’ll both buy unnecessary things even though you shouldn’t be eating so many sweets. kai knows he’s supposed to be on a diet but makes you promise that you won’t snitch about the ice cream he’s buying.

    taglist @junityy @koishua @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @karsohn @yyxy27 @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @spookybias @girlsfortxt @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742 @chaoticdreaminisode @hobistigma @yeoforce @butterfly-skinnylegend

    #multifandomnet #prism.nw #klibrary#txt headcanons#txt drabbles#txt scenarios #txt x you #txt x y/n #txt x reader #txt fluff#txt beomgyu#beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu x reader #beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x y/n #beomgyu x you #choi beomgyu#beomgyu drabbles
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  • 00-baejin-05
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    #☠︎︎ DAY 5 — Reaction to You being a Vampire — TXT



    ᯽. . . yeonjun

    This man will be shocked when he sees pictures of you from the past. The sight of you being with all these well known people from history shocked him to the core.

    He knew vampires were so popular in the fictional world but never expected they would be real. He wouldn't be too afraid though, he has already spent time with you, and you had no bad intentions.

    ᯽. . . soobin

    Most likely think you were joking at first. Vampires aren't real… right? That's what he thought until he saw you drinking blood on a wine glass. He thought it was wine, but you told him otherwise.

    Of course, like Yeonjun, he'll be shocked but will stay calm. He does get a little scared but he knew you wouldn't harm him, so he's chill.

    He does keep note of not to mess with you.

    ᯽. . . beomgyu

    As soon as he finds out, he'll scream part 1. Not because you're a vampire but because he thought you had your fangs into his palm, drinking his blood.

    He was about to stop you until he saw your red eyes of hunger and guilt. He let you continue, but will ask for an explanation afterward. He will ask stereotypical questions, so prepare for that.

    ᯽. . . taehyun

    It felt like a dream come true but not really. He noticed how you keep going out at night every week and return before dawn.

    He's curious and will also ask stereotypical questions, but will actually stop. Tells you that you can suck his blood anytime, instead of others, but you said no.

    He will keep pestering you until you accept. (It's just once a week anyway)

    ᯽. . . huening kai

    Screams part 2. He'll get a bit scared when he sees your eyes glow, but when you ask for your weekly dose of food, he'll give it to you.

    Most likely will ask you if you will drink his blood like those vampire movies and you have to reassure him you won't… unless you really need to.

    He'll say that it's okay though since you need to eat/suck/drink to survive. He just needs reassurance that you won't kill him

    gen. hc taglist: @iminchaosnow @glorybeom @staysstrays @tonightletspretend @at-the-end-of-your-letter @jiminismybabymochi


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