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  • soleilsuhh
    22.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    tomorrow x together hc ⊹ °.   * attractive things they do

    yeonjun - the way he lies down with his hand behind his head while he lazily watches you get ready for work in the morning or for night outs with friends; his eyes are soft and hazy as they trail after your movements. and when you point out that he’s staring, he simply shrugs and says, i can’t help it you’re too pretty as he flashes a smirk your way.

    soobin - the way he rolls the sleeves of his shirt to his elbows and unbuttons the top three buttons after a long night in a suit. he’s not one for teasing or making fun of you but whenever he feels your eyes on him, it kinda flusters him and he tries to hide that by cradling in the crook of your neck and pressing a soft kiss on your skin.

    beomgyu - the way he holds his tie between his teeth while collecting his hair. at first he thinks nothing of it until he catches your eyes, and he kind of just smiles to himself, that obnoxious little half-grin on his face as he ties his hair, and when he’s done, he looks at you as if to say i saw that.

    taehyun - the way he says your name in the middle of a conversation you’re having. sometimes it’s a playful drawl to capture your full attention, sometimes it’s soft but firm to let you know he’s serious, and sometimes it’s just gentle and sweet, a smile on his face, saying your name just because.

    huening kai - the way he leans in closer to hear what you're saying, especially when you're in a loud area. maybe it's the promixity and the feel of his warm breath on your skin, or the way he casually leans in even further to quietly talk in your ears, but it never fails to make your heart beat faster. and when he notices that you're flustered, it makes him a little flustered too as he sheepishly lets out a small laugh and looks at you with that amused and goofy half-grin.

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  • sooblvr
    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    txt & matching outfits

    pairing ot5 x gn!reader // genre fluff, slice of life // warnings none // word count 0.6k


    he’s been trying to convince you since you started dating. you always decline because your mind jumps towards the ugliest, most cringe couple outfits

    but oh my it’s like you don’t know your own boyfriend

    you were out shopping for something to wear to your mom’s birthday party when you saw the cutest sweatshirt !!

    and obviously, mr stubborn virgo wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by

    “I say we get matching ones” “yeonjun, what am i even going to pair this with?” “did you suddenly forget you’re dating the fourth generation it boy”

    you’d never admitted it, but you did end up enjoying your matching fits

    —rest of the members under the cut !!


    soobin is definitely the boyfriend who loves the idea of more private relationships, and therefore wants to drop hints to everyone via subtle details like matching clothes

    the way he just knows exactly what you’re gonna like

    he gave you his hoodie you had always stolen and bought himself a matching one

    immediately you both had to try them on and see how adorable you looked

    he already has a highlight story for the times you guys have matched accidentally, and now he’s gonna add the ones of you matching on purpose

    his favorite one is the one where he rests his head on top of yours and you look so confused but still smiling


    out of all of them he’s probably the most playful. he’ll send you really ugly matching ideas and tell you it’s goals or something. makes you wonder if he really styles himself of if yeonjun is doing the lord’s work

    you needed to see if he was actually serious

    on one of your dates, you asked him to take you to a mall. as you looked through, you made the most awful outfit 

    the pieces were nice on their own, but never together, yet he had the audacity to “love it.” so of course, you bought the fits and walked around in them

    0/10 experience, beomgyu was making fun of you the whole time. he was also kind of enjoying it ?? he appreciated that you were in this together

    after that, you stuck to only matching the shirts


    you need to do the convincing here. i'm sure he’d be more than happy to comply, but never with anything weird or even just funny. you have to be fashion icons together

    more than clothing he’d like matching earrings 

    either way, i feel like matching just kind of happens. like soobin, sometimes you just match accidentally- you’ll wear the same color, or the hoody is the same, things like that

    so on one day when you guys pick up the same jacket, you rolled with it.  you had a little matching moment

    he actually ends up enjoying it and loves when you wear the same thing or similar without intending to. calls it a special occasion and all

    this one’s the deep but very deep down softie


    this one’s another playful one !! if he’s gonna gift you something matching it’ll be what you least expect. a scarf, socks, anything weird but funny. he’ll also tell you to stop copying him

    you already share your clothes so matching comes naturally

    “you love me so much you have to dress like me” “it was literally your idea to match” “shh i know you simp and that’s all that matters” “you need to get off twitter”

    he loves it though, and when you’re not around he’ll tell everyone you’re so cool for letting him play dress up

    also matches jewelry but the type that’s like those friendship bracelets. you two get together and make each other rings, necklaces, etc

    it’s not always matching, but it’s cute

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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  • anonymousuno
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    What Do I Do

    Harin is reeling in the information her mother told her

    Harin was still sitting on the floor in the same position. She had long stopped crying since her mother left. She was feeling a flood of emotions.

    Confused as to why her mother had decided to tell her about her father. She wasn’t sure why her mother all of a sudden wanted to start being a mother. Was it another ploy? Did she have ulterior motives?

     She was sad. Sad that her relationship with her parents was so bad that it had come to this. Her father exploiting her personal life in order to get her to go back to that place. Sad that her parents couldn’t just support the one dream she’s always had. That they couldn’t be proud of her and all she’s accomplished with the group so far in just a few short years.

     Anger. Anger that not only had her relationship been put into jeopardy because of her father’s ploy’s, but also because it had worked. Anger because she was now not able to work or be a part of the group’s schedules for a while. Anger was probably the emotion she was feeling the most. It was burning inside her just like the stew on the stove.

     “Fuck! The food!” She jumped up and pulled the pot off the burner, turning the flame off. “God dammit!” She groaned, leaning against the counter. Her mother had put her in such a state of confusion and sadness and anger that she couldn’t even cook right! “I’m just going to have to order,” she muttered to herself.

     The boys walked in just as she placed the order. “Noona? Is something burning?” Hueningkai quickly walked into the kitchen to see Harin leaning against the counter, a scowl on her face. He glanced at the metal pot next to her and peered over it, scrunching his nose. “You really burned food?”

     He was a little upset because he was starving. He was also worried because Harin was an amazing cook and in all the years they had been dorming together, she had never burned a meal. “I ordered chicken. It’ll be here soon. Sorry.” Hueningkai smiled at her and patted her head. “It’s alright. How was your day?”

     “Why are you glaring at the pot like it committed a crime?” Soobin asked as he walked into the kitchen. Harin flicked her eyes over to him but didn’t say anything. “She burnt the food so, it’s the pots fault,” Hueningkai explained as if it was the most rational thing in the world.

     “Right,” Soobin said, eyeing him. “Are you really that mad about it?” He asked Harin and she only groaned. “No! I mean, yes. I don’t know!” She threw her hands in the air, the first movement she had made since Hueningkai had walked into the kitchen. Her voice drew the attention of the others.

     “What’s wrong, Rin?” Beomgyu asked, walking up to her and wrapping her in a hug. Any of them could tell she was stressing out about something. She was never really good at hiding her emotions. At least from them. “My mother came here today,” she spoke through gritted teeth.


    “You didn’t call us?!”

    “Why’d you let her in?!”

    “What happened?!”

     She held her hands up and closed her eyes. Usually she didn’t really care if they all shouted questions her at one time, but right now she was feeling particularly annoyed by everything. “Shut up! I can’t say anything if you’re all talking at once!” They all quieted down, eyes burning holes into her as they waited.

     “She told me that she was pretty sure my dad was the one who had someone following me. To take pictures. She said it was another plan to just get me to leave. She said she wanted to apologize to. For everything. And to call her so that she could do it properly.”

     It was quiet in the kitchen. So quiet you could hear a feather land on the floor if there was one. Clearing his throat, Soobin spoke, “Are you going to let her apologize?” Harin shrugged and her shoulders sagged. Beomgyu rested his head on her shoulder, giving her comfort.

     “I don’t know. Our relationship has been so messed up my whole life and now she all of a sudden cares? Or wants to care? And what about my dad? How could he do that to me? To his own daughter?” She rubbed her hands over her face and Soobin sighed, leaning next to her. She laid her head on his arm.

     “It’s up to you what you want to do, Rin. It’s not our decision to make. We’ll support whatever one you do make. As for your dad, I can’t answer for him. We can talk to the company and see.”

     “There’s no point,” she breathed, “I have no evidence linked to him. And I doubt my mother would actually speak against him about it. Or anything for that matter.” She sighed again and Soobin started running his fingers through her hair.

     “Why don’t we eat and sleep on it?” The others nodded in agreement and Harin only shrugged. “We’ll talk about it in the morning, see where your head is at after you rest some and had time to process it all. We’re all too tired to think clearly on this right now.”

     Harin hummed in agreement. “I’ll go get the chicken!” Taehyun sing-songed as the doorbell rang out. The others followed quickly after him, stomachs growling and waiting to be filled. Harin was still laying against Soobin’s arm. He wrapped it around her and kissed the top of her head.

     “No thinking right now. Right now, we eat, we shower and we sleep. I promise we will talk it all through tomorrow.” Harin nodded and wrapped her arms around his waist, giving him a quick hug. “Thanks, Soo,” she murmured. He smiled and gently pushed her towards the living room.

     “It’s what best friends are for, babo. Now, chicken!”

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  • choihaiyun
    22.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    mint chocolate, c.yj || getting over you

    it’s not like you care at all about the guy in your maths class. it’s not like you feel like shit whenever he doesn’t show up in school or happens to enter with another girl.
    but it’s obvious that you are pining for him; so what can you do other than simply try to forget about him? you need to focus on your debut anyway.
    though, like always, it’s easier said than done.


    this is a work of fiction. copying and translation without my consent is prohibited.

    taglist: @envy-brr @lokideadontheinside @tanchosanke

    #kpop #tomorrow x together #txt#beomgyu#enhypen #txt x reader #kpop x reader #soobin #yeonjun x reader #taehyun#choi yeonjun#yeonjun#hueningkai#kpop imagines#txt smau #yeonjun x reader smau #yeonjun smau#ficscafe #house of incantations #choihaiyun
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    22.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    [4:56 pm]

    pairing: bf!beomgyu x reader

    "beomgyu, dont move," you tucked the pretty little flowers in your boyfriend's hair.

    being a brat he is, he moved his head as much as he can, just to annoy you, making the colourful flowers fall on the red and white plaid picnic mat underneath you.

    "choi beomgyu, if you dont stop," you tried your best to stop him from moving, but he still wiggled his way out of your grip.

    "baby, come on," you huffed, opting to sit on his laps, facing him.

    he finally stopped moving, as you successfully placed the flowers.

    "you could've just said you wanted me to call you baby," you rolled your eyes playfully. your eyes were trained to the flowers again, adjusting them to your liking. beomgyu just let out a laugh, eyes never leaving your face.

    after you're somewhat satisfied with your work, you smiled to yourself, a little bit proud of it. choi beomgyu is already an art, but the flowers?? they made him look like a masterpiece.

    "i love you, y/n," his words stopped your train of thoughts, almost stopping your heart from beating too. it was your first 'i love you', so you felt giddiness bubbling up your chest that you almost kissed him there and then.

    "say it again, i wasnt paying attention just now," you grinned at him.

    he laughed at your antics, before saying it again, firmer this time,

    "i love you, y/n,"

    you launched yourself onto the poor boy, falling on the ground together.

    "i. love. you. too. choi. beomgyu," you peppered his face with kisses, after each word.

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  • gyummie-bear
    22.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Wishlist pt 2

    Navi (part 1 here)

    "Then let's live life tonight, how about we cross off four of the items on your wishlist." Soobin suggested, watching your sad eyes begin to light up with excitement.

    "I planned on taking you to the amusement park tonight, but I guess the day is still young so we could fit three more things into it." He continued, his soft smile reassuring you that everything would be okay.

    You nodded softly, sitting up from his grip to adjust your pillow. You could see the ideas rushing through his brain as he laid there silently, wondering what order the wishes should go in. He knew he wanted to do the cuddling last and the movie right before the cuddles.

    "How about we head to the amusement park right now, then go swimming, and then we can end our day with a horror movie and cuddles." Soobin explained, making you pouty frown completely melt away and reveal a beautiful smile.

    "I'm ready to go if you are." You replied, watching his eyes light up as he rushed you both out of the bed like a kid on Christmas day.

    The amusement park wasn't too far from Campus, so you both just avoided where you parents were lurking and made a dash towards the park. You could see the colorful colors and tall rides from over the lush green trees, excitement began to kick your stomach and heart multiple times.

    Soobin bought you both a bracelet so you wouldn't have to keep going back to the ticket booth to get more tickets. The amount of rides nearly overwhelmed you, mostly because you didn't know which one you wanted to try first.

    "Which ride should we go on first?"you asked, wanting Soobin to make the first decision so you didn't have to.

    "The tilt a whirl is a fun but safe ride for a start." He explained, interlocking his hand with yours as he showed which ride he was referring to.

    The whole amusement park was filled with screams of joy, the smell of junk food, and blinding colors that surrounded you every step you took. It was everything you ever imagined as a kid, you remember driving past places like this and now you were finally in one.

    The employee guided you towards your assigned seats, soon pushing the large metal bars down across your legs. You didn't know what the ride was like, so you held onto Soobin's hand out of excitement and fear. The ride began to start up, the small cart soon turning slowly. Then in an instant, your back was stuck to the wall as the cart began to spin at light speed it seemed.

    You couldn't help but let out a scream as you laughed by the new and dizzying experience, the whole world that surrounded you and Soobin turned into a blur. The only thing you could see was his large grin, and shut eyes as he enjoyed the harsh turns of the ride.

    The spinning never stopped for a few minutes straight, only slowing down when the ride was beginning to end. You were a bit sad when it finally stopped, the bars rising up from your legs and the thrilling feeling completely gone. All you wanted to do was get that same excitement back.

    "Let's go ride the roller coaster!" You squealed, dragging your dizzy boyfriend towards the tall and almost intimidating ride.

    You both were first in line as the other riders took off, all of them screaming and laughing once they hit the dip of the ride. You couldn't wait to see what a roller coaster was actually like, you've seen so many videos and heard so many stories.

    "You're so cute when you're all excited." Soobin giggled, pinching your cheeks lightly as the employee just opened the gate.

    You and Soobin sat in the front of the rollercoaster, soon noticing just how tall the ride was when it started to climb towards the dip. You were scared but also so excited, you never felt something so thrilling in your life and it felt good to finally be excited and have fun. Soobin held your hand just as the dip hit, both of you screaming as the roller coaster swayed your bodies every which way in the cart.

    The ride stopped abruptly, causing you both to jump forward as the other passengers got out of there seats to visit new rides. Your hair was a mess and so was his, both of your legs feeling weak and wobbly from the amount of excitement and fear you both experienced during that ride. And Soobin didn't want to make you disappointed, but he wasn't feeling the greatest after so many twists and turns.

    "Let's go win some prizes." Soobin suggested, wrapping an arm around your waist as he tried to regain composure from that intense ride.

    You noticed a cute bunny plushie by the balloon darts stand, bunnies were one of your favorite animals. Soobin paid the employee five dollars to pay, completely missing each balloon and some how hitting the wall... Even though you could barely see it thanks to the balloons.

    "Here let me try." You suggested, paying five more dollars to try as the employee simply smirked by your boyfriend's failed attempts.

    You hit every golden balloon, which gave you the most points of course. And even managed to make the employee shocked, you pointed towards the large bunny and the large shark stuffy.

    You noticed a little girl was behind you, so you passed her the shark stuffy. You knew most carnival games were rigged, but you did have some luck on your side when it came to competitive situations. Growing up with strict parents had its positive bonuses.

    "That was nice of you to give the girl the shark." Soobin murmured, carrying your stuffy for you.

    "It wasn't much really, I just knew she would need it more than me." You replied, becoming satisfied with your choices of rides and prize.

    But there were a couple things you wanted to do before going swimming, you wanted to buy cotton candy, ride the ferris wheel, and take photos in the photobooth. And Soobin knew their would be quite a few things you wanted to do, so he simply followed you to where you wanted to go.

    You bought a fluffy blob of blue cotton candy while Soobin got a pink one, both of you constantly stealing tufts from each other's as you made you way towards the ferris wheel. You plopped a piece into Soobin's mouth, smiling as he ducked down gently to reach it. The ferris wheel chairs were these beautiful little carriers that had roofs on top of them, you expected some squeaky metal bench instead.

    You sat in the purple carrier, not realizing how high up it would go. It was a bit scarier than you expected it to be, whenever it went over the edge it felt like it was going to fall. Soobin must've noticed your less enthusiastic expression, since he was soon glued to your side and passing you some of his cotton candy.

    Your carrier was stopped right as it reached the very top of the ride, making you gasp quietly when it shook gently. You didn't realize you were holding onto Soobin until he moved even closer to you and pulled you into his side, his fingers ghosting over your arm.

    The ride started to go once again, stopping as you reached half way down so the employee could let another passenger go. In a matter of seconds, you two were let out of the carrier. Making you internally remember to never ride a ferris wheel ever again.

    "Let's go take our photos and then go swimming." You commented, Soobin agreeing softly as he threw out both of your cotton candy cones.

    The photobooth was almost always empty since everyone was so focused on the rides and prize counters. You paid the fee for taking the pictures, jumping lightly when the loud voice of the machine welcomed you. Soobin let you choose what design you wanted the photos to be, you decided to make them black and white and the polaroid itself would be a rich red color.

    There were small props in the holders of the machine, Soobin stole the paper mustache as you went for the large fake gold chain. Both of you couldn't stop giggling when the first photo was shown, both of your faces contorted into a very derpy and weird expression.

    Soobin turned your head towards his as the countdown for the second photo began, gently leaning in to press a kiss to your lips. The buzzer went off the let you know the photo was taken, your cheeks turning a soft pink knowing there is a photo of you being affectionate now.

    You leaned against his shoulder as the third photo countdown began, you scrunched your nose adorably as your boyfriend soon followed your expression. He even went as far as to cross his arms as if he was being playfully angry.

    The last photo began to countdown, you both were prepared to look serious and stare into the camera like an old fashioned painting, but when it hit the number three a man opened the curtain before quickly closing it. Making both you and Soobin burst into laughter by the sudden interaction. The photos all captured how joyful your day turned, Soobin really did know how to brighten your days.

    You both got a copy of the photos, Soobin sticking his into the pocket of his jeans while you kept yours in your purse.

    "I think I got a name for the plushie." You admitted, noticing Soobin take the outside of the sidewalk even though you originally were closer to being on that side.

    "What is it?" He asked, smiling cutely as he flipped one of the bunny's ears.

    "Bin Bin." You answered, watching his grin become even brighter as his heart couldn't take how adorable you were being.

    Soobin stopped to cup your face in his hands, softly squishing your cheeks til your lips formed a forced pout. Even though he usually wouldn't kiss you in public where people were literally walking by, he couldn't help himself from giving you a small peck on your pout.

    "So what pool are we going to?" You asked, assuming it'd be a public pool.

    "Well, as we were buying cotton candy I got in touch with one of my friends who works as a part time lifeguard... And they said that they would lend us the pool for today. So it'll only be you and me. It's only a few blocks away from here." Soobin answered, swinging your hand back and forth as you walked across the crosswalk.

    Soobin walked you towards a closed ice rink and pool, it was open yesterday but was never open on Sundays which today was. You noticed a man open the door for Soobin, before quickly leaving and rushing to his car.

    The whole building smelled like chlorine, a smell you were familiar with when your parents took you to your sports games. Soobin walked you down towards the pool, a hot tob was situated in the back while the kiddy pool was on the right side of the room. The main place you both focused on however was the large pool, which seems to go from shallow to deep.

    "What about swimsuits?" You realized, soon being answered as Soobin jumped into the pool with all of his clothes except for his boxers laying on the sides.

    You wished you would've gotten out of your clothes just as fast as Soobin did, that way you wouldn't have to stand there awkwardly as you undid the buttons of your shirt. Your boyfriend faced his back to you, respecting that you probably didn't want to be watched as you got undressed.

    You stepped into the water slowly, dunking your head under the water for a few seconds so you could get used to the temperature. You've never really swam before, so you simply hopped around in the shallow end of the pool while your boyfriend swam over to help you out.

    Soobin held you to his chest, gently pulling you through the shallow end of the pool as you lifted your feet up and enjoyed the feeling. The soft stroked of water covering your overheated skin, was soon turned into splashing as Soobin began to spill you around rather quickly.

    You laughed and squealed as you nearly slipped out of his grasp multiple times, your head dipped under the water once again. But this was completely by accident, Soobin slipped on the floor of the pool which made you both fall into the water. When Soobin saw you get up from under the water, he immediately apologized endlessly even though you weren't even close to being angry.

    "Soobin don't apologize, if anything I should be thanking you instead." You reassured, cupping his wet cheeks in your hands.

    "Why would you be thanking me?" Soobin questioned, slowly wrapping your legs around his waist.

    "For turning such a shitty day into one of the best nights of my life." You whispered, noticing his small smile as he leaned in to give you a kiss.

    Soobin's kisses were usually very soft and delicate, but this one felt slightly different. It was more intimate and had a hidden splash of desire behind his pouty lips, you weren't complain by the new tone of his kisses however. Even though your kiss was getting more heated and elongated, his hands stayed firmly on your hips the whole time. Worried he'd make you uncomfortable.

    The tip of his tongue swept across your bottom lip quickly, making you gasp by the unexpected move. All that filled the large echoing pool facility, was the sound of lips smacking together along with soft whines and groans. You've worried that having someone's tongue in your mouth would gross you out, but now experiencing it... You couldn't get enough of it.

    Soobin felt your fingers begin to tug at the hem of his boxers, making him stop even though he truly did not want to. But deep down, he knew if he took you at an empty cold pool with no protection... He'd kick himself later for it.

    "What's wrong?" You asked, thinking Soobin would've continued even further to where the make out session was going.

    "I can't take your virginity at an empty public pool with no protection or comfort. I'd feel bad for taking your flower at such a lame and uncomfortable place." Soobin explained, hoisting you up onto the pool ledge before pulling himself up to sit next to you.

    "It also wouldn't be that fun if either of us made it too the deep end while doing it...cause I can't swim that well in all honesty." He continued, making you laugh and push his shoulder playfully.

    Even though you were so into the moment and wanted nothing more than to completely lose yourself to him, he was right. You didn't want your first time to be in an empty, cold, and uncomfortable pool. You wanted to have a candle lit room that had a bed showered with flower petals.

    "You're right, plus I don't want to drown on my first orgasm." You replied, now making him burst out laughing as he threw himself towards you.

    "I'm getting a bit tired. Do you think we could head home?" You asked, following up your question with a small yawn.

    Time seemed to fly by, it was now late in the evening. It was true to what people said, when you're having fun time seems to slip up the fastest. And tonight was the most exciting and joyful night of your life.

    You and Soobin pulled on your clothes that stuck to your wet skin, wobbling to the lobby so Soobin could call a taxi to pick you both up. You wondered what horror movie to suggest, you've heard of many but one specific one always peeked your interest.

    "Binnie." You called, only realizing you gave him a nickname when you said it out loud.

    "Yes darling." Soobin replied, grinning bashfully creating a nickname for you on the spot.

    "Do you think we could watch IT when we get home?" You asked, feeling excitement bubble in your stomach when he nodded instantly.

    The taxi you both sat in was drenched in the smell of cigarettes and sex, multiple stains in the back seat as porno magazines littered the floor. You wished you could levitate so none of you body would have to touch the filthy vehicle. And the driver never stopped laying his eyes on you though his mirror, making you shift uncomfortably in your seat.

    You were thankful that the drive to campus wasn't too far, but it was still long enough for you to pretty much cling onto your boyfriend as you noticed the driver beginning to groan and moan. The moment the taxi stopped, you through down the bill and then sprinted towards the campus. The taxi honked at you as Soobin came running after you, his eyes lingering onto the vehicle's license plate so he could complain to the service he called.

    "Let's get inside and watch the movie." Soobin whispered, stroking his hands up and down your arms.

    Soobin gently dragged you towards his dorm room, knowing for a fact that Beomgyu was not home and is staying the night at his parents cause its his mother's birthday. This would be a perfect time go Soobin to be alone with you and be as cheesy as you want him to be.

    His room was a bit messy, but not in a way that was gross or slobby. It was decent, you could just tell he didn't have a chance to make up his bed or do chores this morning. You made yourself cozy on his bed, soaking into the blankets that smelled like him and his comfy hoodies.

    "Do you want some chips or a drink?" Soobin a asked, offering you a bag of Doritos while he scouted through his fridge.

    "I'll just have a drink." You reassured, stealing the coke can from his hand with a playful smile.

    Soobin placed a bag of chips between you two in case you changed your mind, as you took small sips from you can of soda Soobin scrolledh through Netflix with find IT. The face of the demonic clown graced the screen, making you smile like a child on Christmas.

    "It shouldn't be too bad or gory if it's so popular." Soobin reasoned, mostly trying to convince himself.


    "It's not Georgie! It's not Georgie!" You both screamed at the TV, huddling close together when the character finally realized what you two have been screaming about.

    You both enjoyed the movie quite a bit, even though you both were jump scared and ended up crying by the end of it. After the movie rolled its credits, Soobin immediately looked up the fun facts about certain scenes and read them off to you. Every time you looked up something about the movie, at least one comment would mention the Pennywise dance.

    "Good choice." Soobin praised, giving you a high five for your excellent taste.

    Soobin threw out the now completely empty bag of chips, soon scrolling through his closet to find something that you could wear as pajamas. He passed you a pair of pajama pants and a graphic tshirt, insisting that you can dressed first.

    The pants were quite large on you, so you had to roll them up quite a bit, but you decided to just ditch them when you attempted to walk in them and they unrolled completely. So you simply walked out in his tshirt, the shirt worked as a nightgown for you since it was so long.

    You walked out casually, noticing that Soobin was practically drooling over you.

    "Taking a picture would last longer." You commented, laughing as he shook his head until he was out of his daze.

    "Now move over, I want to cuddle." You whined, huddling yourself into his sheets and blankets.

    You could feel Soobin's chest shake as he laughed by how cute and needy you were being, on the inside he felt his heart melt feeling like you've finally become truly comfortable around him. You have completely let down your walls to show you are a warm teddy bear.

    You rested your head on Soobin's chest, as his hands trailed over your back. As your sleep began to cloud your brain, you felt Soobin's soft lips peck the top of your head. His grip tightening so he could change the position slightly. You were soon being cradled as a little spoon, while your soft giant held you like a delicate work of art.

    "Good night Binnie." You yawned, before completely falling into a deep slumber.

    "Good night darling." Soobin whispered, shutting off the lamp as he leaned in closer to you.


    (#8 Lose your virginity) (#10 fall in love)

    It's been two months of you two being official, both of you always heading to cafes and watching movies for a date night. But very recently, like two days ago recently. You've noticed Soobin's kisses were becoming less gentle and more intimate.

    Beomgyu and Lia have both walked in on you two making out in bed, sometimes in just your undergarments. Lia would simply walk back out and let you two go at in peace, before bumping into something and making you two jump away. While Beomgyu would throw a pillow at you two, or in one case spray his water bottle at you two.

    After many chats with your friends and roommates, you've decided that you and Soobin were going to move out and get an apartment together. It would give you two more privacy, and you two could spend more time together.

    "That's the last of the boxes." Soobin sighed, placing the last box onto the kitchen counter.

    He noticed you're body moving around the bedroom from the mirror on the bedroom wall, he slowly walked towards the room to see it was all made up and decorated. You even piled the boxes together so that they weren't scattered everywhere.

    "... Lia wasn't lying when she said you had magic powers." Soobin teased, pulling you onto the bed with him.

    You laughed as you fell onto your back, getting attacked with kisses as Soobin held you close. You were both slightly sweaty from the hard work, and both of you wore the most comfy and casual clothes you could find. You didn't know if it was the excitement or the young love hormones, but you really wanted your boyfriend right then and there.

    Soobin noticed your kisses becoming more and more heated, he let you take full control of the situation since you were the one who had more boundaries when it came to getting intimate. He was completely okay with doing the do for the first time wherever and whenever with you, he just waited until you were ready.

    Cause consent is sexy

    "Do you think... We could. You know... Have sex? Right now?" You asked, your hands fidgeting with the buttons of your shirt.

    You gently undid each button when you noticed your boyfriend nod excitedly, he helped you undress. Stopping briefly when he noticed you tense up the moment he took off your sweatpants, he looked up instantly and moved his hands so he could cup your face.

    "Sorry, it's just that... My body isn't as great as other girls... That's all." You murmured, getting your breath taken away as Soobin kissed you by surprise.

    "You're perfect, and I love every inch of you. It's okay if you're not ready, but if you are then I will show you how much I love you." He reassured, completely aware that he used the L word.

    Soobin sat back a bit, swiftly taking off his shirt so that you didn't feel so exposed. He went back to hovering over you, as you were still processing the three words you never heard from anyone before. It almost made you want to cry to know that someone loves you.

    "I love you too Soobin." You started, you eyes slightly glossy from the overwhelming amounts of joy were feeling.

    "That's why I want you to take my virginity." You continued, mirroring the bright grin your boyfriend gave you.

    In a matter of seconds, your tongues made there way into each other's mouths as his fingers unclasped your bra clip by clip. His kisses trailed down your neck as he threw the loose bra to some corner of your bedroom, the immediate cold feeling against your chest made you instantly cover them with your hands.

    "Don't be shy darling." Soobin whispered, replacing your hands with his.

    The moment that wholesome nickname made your stomach feel strange in the best way possible, was the moment you knew you were ready to expose yourself fully for the first time. You trusted him to see you for all you were, inside and out. You were sure that he was the one, and wasn't planning on leaving you any time soon.

    You were always curious to know what having sex felt like, you wondered if it was over rated or if porn stars faked their moans. But the overwhelming pleasure you felt was magnificent, even if there was a bit of pain. He didn't use you like a toy, he treated you like a queen and held onto your hands the moment he entered until the moment you both hit your climax.

    You knew next time you two got intimate that you wanted him to teach you how to give head, but you were far to tired to ask for a lesson after you came twice on your first time. Soobin cleaned you up with a warm cloth, dressing you in one of his shirts as he realized you seemed too tired to get dressed on your own.

    "My throat hurts from moaning." You whined, making Soobin hold back a cocky smile.

    "I'll make you some lemon honey tea when you wake up darling." He reassured, covering you up in a blanket as he was prepared to head to living room and play some games.

    "Soobin, don't leave me. I want to nap with you." You explained, giving him cute grabby hands when he turned towards you.

    "Of course, now go to sleep darling. You'll be tired if you don't." Soobin sighed, pressing you against his bare chest as he placed soft kisses to your head.

    You shuffled a few times in his arms, finally falling asleep when you found the perfect position. Soobin felt a bit tired himself, but he stayed awake long enough to notice your adorable face squished against the pillow as you snored.

    "Sleep well my darling, we have the rest of our lives to look forward to." He whispered, falling asleep seconds later with you cradled in his arms.

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    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞ ☺︎︎☹︎ Be The LO♡︎ER To This LO$ER - 24. I love him

    beomgyu is an online streamer who streams to escape from his painful life — that was until he was humiliated that brought more chaos into his life. with nothing else to do, he destroys the things he considered his life until he finds a mysterious phone number under a vinyl. with not knowing whose number it is, he would be messaging someone from a parallel universe.


    Taglist: @hwalllllllelujah @chaosmagic-wanda @jiminaaaahhhh @soobsdior @ryu-naa @softforqiankun @imissjuyeon @nyfwyeonjun @yunascraft @taejinxkoya @iuwon @definitelynotcesia @dxtaedream @vantaelic @mxrcayong-main @krysasworld @skiez @softpia @txtville @hyuka4lifyer @wooyoponyo @yizhuosworld @msxflower @morklee02 (send me an ask!)

    general taglist: @iminchaosnow @glorybeom @staysstrays @tonightletspretend

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    © sooboys — please don’t translate/copy.

    requested. neutral!reader, fluff, includes angst, includes idol!au, 0,9k words. to see the basic rules for requesting, click here.


    — DATES ... !

    deep, healing laughs as he pretends to play a ballad for you in the practice room. hanging out in the small room with the chairs glued to each other, just the two of you and the variety of songs that beomgyu can come up with while feeling playful. a lot of selfies and videos with the most ridiculous effects that you can find on each other's phones.
    a real and organized dinner somewhere you feel safe in. neither of you is a fan of fancy restaurants, which is why dinner is about the classic barbecue that leaves you full and happy. feeding each other between conversations and gossip.
    a spontaneous picnic after a long day. sharing snacks on a blanket in the pleasant weather, resting your head on his chest while watching the clouds in silence. pluck small flowers harmlessly to put in his hair and observe how his eyes sparkle when looking up at you so concentrated.

    — LOVE LANGUAGE ... !

    play video games together. fight wholeheartedly because you never play on the same team and always end up killing each other's character. always distracting the other with a kiss and pretending to be disgusted about it.
    having the same ridiculous and extra sense of humor that always makes both laugh at the most inopportune moments. giggling just for the sake of meeting glances. having inside jokes that none of the other members nor friends understand.
    take care of each other passively-aggressively. "yo, dummy, do you want to get sick and look like a disgusting zombie for a week?" he says while he closes your jacket for you not to get cold. "are you ever going to stop eating like a child?" you say while wiping the rest of the food from his lips. "terrible outfit y/n ― here, put on my hoodie" he says as an excuse to cover you with his clothes.

    — KISSES ... !

    avoiding displays of public affection, with the exception of small kisses on the hand when these are intertwined or on the shoulder when you are leaning on the other and do so unconsciously.
    beomgyu always appears behind you to lean in and kiss your cheek when he greets you, and you always say goodbye to him pressing a small kiss on his lips. if he feels the need for more, he takes your arm to pull you back to his body and elongate that little smooch. his hand always pressed on your back so you don't walk away until is enough for him.
    in privacy, deeper and more passionate kisses. signaling you with his hand to come closer, trapping you between his legs and bringing his hands to your waist to kiss you from the comfort of his seat. he loves the feeling of your fingers in his hair as he presses you between his arms.

    — DOMESTIC LIFE ... !

    with beomgyu, there's no such thing as getting up and lovingly meeting gazes because he's almost always snoring when you already woke up long ago. snuggling your head on his back or playing with his hair while he's still sleeping is very common on your part.
    make breakfast on your own, and wake him up by the smell of the food and the sound coming from the kitchen. being attached to each other next to the counter, having him playfully pressing behind you to have any kind of bite. if he wakes up more clingy than normal, he just lets you turn around to corner you and insist that you kiss him. you ignore him and eat the toast in your hand only to watch him turn whiny and make fun of him later.
    turning a simple hang out in your apartment into a deep cleaning session, loud music coming through the speakers and stopping mid-sweep to do a musical number with the song. singing together, even if you can't sing. a funny and comfortable moment sharing musical tastes and awesome dancing skills while washing the dishes.

    — HARD TIMES ... !

    always try to get a smile from the other in times of anguish/stress, but also know when to get serious. a lot of physical reassuring instead of talking. beomgyu has the habit of sliding his hand along your back while resting his chin on your shoulder, or the other way around, stroking your hair when you bury your head on his shoulder because it makes you feel safe that he can hold your entire figure in his arms. a little kiss on your forehead if you're tall enough.
    discussions that are unavoidable but never end in anger or resentment. always take some hours to let the fumes go down and then come back next to each other to talk. brushing pinkies with fear of grabbing the other's hand entirely but needing the assurance that everything is still fine.
    sleep as the solution to (almost) everything. if the day has been overwhelming, all it takes is hiding under the covers clinging to each other until you wake up and start over. if the discussion has been cleared up, the reconciliation manifests itself in the form of the trust and intimacy of holding each other in the bed.

    — OVERALL ... !

    a really loud best friend who didn't stop being such after becoming a romantic interest. a real soulmate with the funniest and most interesting personality that complements yours perfectly.
    a protective boyfriend who will always seek to earn your trust above any other quality, seeking to maintain that little childish side that you lose when you get into an adult relationship.
    a lover who doesn't have to remind you how beautiful or how incredible you are, because his gaze and safe way of unwind himself when he's with you says it all.
    🧸 . . . thanks for reading !
    #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt reactions#txt headcanons#txt scenarios#beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios
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    ᥫ᭡ — txt when their s/o gets a haircut

    this post contains: fluff !

    requested — s/o gets a bob haircut

    💌 what’s ya name b.o.b so they calling u bob? lol my bad🧍🏾‍♀️ this is cute tho thank u for requesting <3 can u tell I'm yeonjun biases 🤡 cause i am


    loves it ! likes when you wear more off-the-shoulder tops (if you're into that) because he thinks it complements your face and haircut. wants to run his hands through your hair at any chance he gets. does not hesitate to kiss your neck whenever he gets the smallest chance to. makes you wear the necklace he bought you with his name on it !!! non-sexual dominance yeonjun and his hand on the back of your neck to guide you or to just rest there.. yea. does this x10 now that your hair is shorter.


    was probably surprised, especially if he's never seen you with a haircut. compliments you at all times because you look good and he just HAS to let you know every time he thinks about it (well, almost every time, cause he thinks about how attractive you are a lotttt). sometimes you'll just catch him staring at you, he doesn't even notice that you noticed. sometimes comes up to kiss your cheek randomly and has a ton of pictures of you on his phone.


    he loves it and youuu. tried to convince you to get matching haircuts when you expressed how you were thinking of getting a haircut. a little disappointed that you aren't matching but he thinks you look so good. big flirt ! will run his hands through your hair or twirl a couple strands of your hair around his fingers as you two talk. pretends as if he following the conversation with a: "yeah, totally. crazy that that would happen. but did i tell you how good you look?"


    ngl, i feel like taehyun is on the verge of "why would you do that?" and "not bad. you look nice". i think he might like your hair a bit longer simply because that's just what he's so used to. but the more he sees you, and how the haircut perfectly complements not only your face but you as a person, he loves it. might not ever mention it, but would looove to help you with different styles when it's growing back.


    literally thinks you look so pretty. but when don't you?? looks at you like you hold the stars in your eyes. typically notices immediately when you change smaller aspects of your appearance (ie; different eyeliner, change in clothing style, etc). so i think he’d be in awe and very welcoming of this newer, bigger change. like soobin, has to tell you how pretty you look every time he thinks of it.

    © PLANETDREAM 2021

    #☁️ — daydreams #☁️ — daydreams.txt #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together headcanons #tomorrow x together #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt fluff#txt reactions#txt headcanons#yeonjun scenarios #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun fluff#yeonjun headcanons#soobin scenarios #soobin x reader #soobin fluff#soobin headcanons #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu headcanons#beomgyu scenarios #taehyun x reader #taehyun fluff#taehyun headcanons#taehyun scenarios #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai headcanons
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    thanks to everyone who liked clueless! it means so much to me🥺 n i want to write more but idk what to write.. can someone pls suggest something? plss 💔

    #ive been trying to come up with something for days😶‍🌫️ #gonna put this in the tags cause im desperate #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions#beomgyu imagines#yeonjun imagines#soobin imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines#txt angst#txt fluff
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    33. plan

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    pairing: kang taehyun x reader ⊰⊹ฺ genre: fluff, angst, humor/slice of life ⊰⊹ฺ word count: 644 ⊰⊹ฺ chapter type: semi text ⊰⊹ฺ chapter warning: none really, except that i wrote this half awake kfbskshs hope you like it still (;^ω^)

    GENERAL FOREWORD: I have no ill intention of romanticizing emotional manipulation. I aim to portray a story that will give awareness to these matters, as they are very much real and victims shouldn't be labeled, judged, or stigmatized. Please know that I made a thorough research prior, along with everything that I learned as a psychology major, as I was conceptualizing the story so as to give a realistic point of view.

    "you look nervous, we're not even there yet", you almost jumped out of your spot when you heard taehyun whisper right into your ear, making you shudder despite the hot afternoon. what is wrong with this man and his incredibly sexy voice?

    "sexy hmm?" he smirked moving away from you, eyes now straight ahead while his hands neatly tucked inside his pockets. you eyed his side profile with disbelief. well, not really towards him, but more towards your stupidity. did you really just spoke that out loud? great way of embarrassing yourself, y/n, great.

    "you think too loud, cutie", he shot you a brief, but all too heart wrecking, sweet smile before walking away as the queue in front of you started moving.

    "i wasn't!" you shot back trying to disregard the burning sensation on you cheeks.

    "atleast i know you think i'm sexy, hmm cutie?"

    "i kinda hate you", you roll your eyes before nudging him forward— a pity attempt to hide the fact that you're liking that nickname more than you care to admit; and the fact that he literally hasn't called you anything for the past 2 hours but that.

    to be honest, this isn't your first embarrassment of the day in front of this man. it's safe to say his presence alone is enough for your neurons to fail firing as they should.

    "dude, you're painfully obvious. might as well confess", yeonjun popped from behind. you gave him a playful slap on his arms making him laugh. "sorry tomato head. if i were you, i'd kiss him there at the top", he added while snickering.

    "isn't that usually done on a ferris wheel and not on a rollercoaster ride?"

    "well, you're not like the other girls", he replied mocking a high pitched pick me girl tone making you laugh. "what do you think?"

    "i said no kissing, you dumbass!" you blushed.

    "who's kissing who?", taehyun interrupted making you jolt like you were caught on your crime.

    "no one!" you quickly answered.

    meanwhile, you heard yeonjun snicker as he placed his arms around your shoulders. "none that concerns you", he answered the other guy with an unmistakable smirk. by the looks of it, you just know he's going to do something for his dumb idea to happen.

    "well great, it's our turn now", taehyun smiled.

    as if on cue, the ride crew announced for the next batch to prepare. this news had the rest of your friends stirring and bickering for who's going to sit with whom. "i'm sitting beside y/n", was all it took for them to fall silent, as if yeonjun's declaration was a bad joke.

    "why?" he asked innocently, his arms still around you, "i thought were assigning the sitting arrangement?"

    "you're sitting beside me, dumbass!" soobin called. "did you forget?" he added, this time with more conviction.

    "but y/n asked me if we can be seatmates, right y/n?", yeonjun pouted.

    you looked up at him with furrowed brows. basing from the conversation you had earlier, you certainly thought of a different situation; something that involves forcing you to sit beside taehyun. not this— and no, you're not disappointed. not at all.

    "alrighty, pair up now brave ones! the ride is ready for the next batch", the ride crew announced once again.

    "i agree with taehyun, you really do think too loud tiny", yeonjun whispered as both of you walked towards your seat.

    you were about to give yeonjun a glare when your eyes met taehyun's. it morphed into infamous crescents when he saw you looking back, before proceeding to talk to the overly excited kai and meg. you hated how there's so much unrequited tension going on, and the fact that you'd have to deal with it for the rest of the afternoon; yet deep inside, you are not really complaining at all.

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    ♡ synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed. yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona.

    previous || masterlist || next

    taglist: @00-baejin-05 @kthstigmas @she-is-dreaming @sherlockholicsbysoobin @meiinumaki @nikicoeur @renwritings @beomkihao @virtualoperatorcloudherring @rae-blogging @pixyseeun @pr0dbeomgyu @boraha-e @soobsdior @iminchaosnow @jjikyuu @lokideadontheinside @flowers4riki @hasahi @badroseee @softkons @loonatheworld @lumixen @jeminiepabo @nyfwyeonjun @shittynana @lycorisdoreablack @hobizi @youreverydayzebra @kpop-khh-writer-trash @nshitae @soobinbins @owlien123 @april1538 @cerisetalks @envy-brr @dnghycks-bestie @dongmarklie @geniejunn @90s-belladonna @injunsflwr @ikyk-leeknow @nichiverse @mi-nombre-es-simp @taehyunsfel @beombeomlvr @evertyun @stoof @letmeal0ne @etherealcherrie

    ♡ if you want to be added on taglist/tell me what you feel about this chapter, you may send an ask!

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    • Still Alive ll

    warnings for this chapter: blood, gore, mentions of puking, brief mention of a panic attack, brief mentions of death

    a/n: this chapter is centered mostly around Beomgyu

    word count: 1k+

    beomgyu x fem!reader

    zombie apocalypse!au

    okay okay, i was going to wait a few more hours before posting this chapter but i just got too excited and impatient, so here you are! chapter 2!

    ✨posted in the wee morning hours on september 20, 2021✨


    Sypnosis: Whether it was on purpose, or an experiment gone wrong, we were suffering the consequences. The dead came back “alive” and ate the living, while the living fought to survive. We were navigating the world that we believed we had destroyed. But we were doing it together. We were still alive.

    ⚠️there are going to be some time jumps in this story, so keep that in mind, everything that happens in the story will be explained as the plot progresses⚠️

    taglist: @goodnightbug @punchmebaekhyun

    Warnings: zombies? blood, gore, mentions of shootings, eventual smut

    A/N: i’m super excited for this story! if you have any ideas or any specific things you’d like to see happen in this story (i have a superb idea, which is totally gonna cause some drama; look in the tags for a hint!) then please feel free to message me or send in an ask!

    Chapter 1 recap: we’ve met both of our characters, oc is a daycare worker and beomgyu is (still) a south-korean singer, oc’s friend shows her a viral video of a man being shot but still “alive”, all of the txt members witness a shooting and a “zombie” eating a police officer outside of the HYBE building, txt are told to leave and go home, beomgyu’s mother decides to pack up and leave and go to his brother’s, oc’s daycare shuts down and her mom calls her to come home, she packs to go home and gets out of her apartment when a national guard tells her to go back to her place, as they are not letting anyone leave, for safety measures, oc sees a horrifying sight


    This spine-chilling, hair-raising sight, you recalled as you slid your body down your front door, this moment that you had witnessed, the moment that you felt was completely a dream and you had done everything to make sure you weren’t just asleep and dreaming, would haunt your memory forever, you decided. “Or did we even have, well what we called, forever?” you fought your brain. What was going on? This was nothing like the video you saw online. Nowhere near as gory and horrifying. Both of these moments were on two different levels of appalling.

    Your back was pressed against your front door, your body frozen within itself, as it dared not to make any movement. Probably paralyzed in fear, you thought. You hadn’t noticed that your jaw was clenched, that your chest was tight until you came back to reality. Reality. This was reality. This was real. But how could it be? This was the type of stuff you’d see in horror movies, not real life. What would happen to the daycare? The kids? Your coworkers? Your best friend? Your mom? Oh god, your mom. You wanted to jump and grab your phone but your body was still numb in place. You wanted to get up but it just wasn’t happening.

    Your thoughts were running a mile a millisecond. You couldn’t pinpoint just one thought within the congestion of your brain. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. You needed fresh air but the hell with going outside of your apartment. You wouldn’t step foot out there to save your life at this point. What would happen if you ran out of food, water, god forbid, even power? What the hell were you supposed to do? You were completely alone. Your body had finally found the willpower to move, so you got up and grabbed your phone out of your purse. You went to call your mom but instead, you were met with 3 long and monotone beeps, then a beep at a higher tone, before an automated voice spoke, “This is an emergency broadcast message. Please stand by,” One long beep had sounded through the phone, “The president has declared a national emergency. A contagious disease is affecting the entire nation. Please stay indoors until further notice.” Then three more beeps and the line was dead. This meant you couldn’t call your mom. Fuck, you couldn’t call anyone! You couldn’t get into contact with anyone. More panic had started to arise within you, and you felt vomit coming up your throat.

    Hopelessness. Such an intense and uncomfortable feeling it is. Lack of hope. Lack of optimism. Lack of passion; Anguish. Discouragement. Gloom. Melancholy. Misery. Sorrow. None of those words seemed to describe how Beomgyu was feeling as he stood in front of his bed. Hopelessness is defined as a feeling or state of despair; lack of hope; see, there’s that word again: hope. A word that just didn’t hold any meaning to Beomgyu anymore. He had mentally made a note to erase the word from his vocabulary at this point, as it just didn’t seem to be needed now.

    Beomgyu was currently packing his things, halting his movements as he had heard the monotone voice speak the same message through the television, to which his dad let out a loud, frustrated groan. Beomgyu assumed that the next string of cuss words that had come out of his father’s mouth was because he had tried to call his older son. Beomgyu cringed as he listened in to his parents. “Honey, calm dow-” He heard his mother start before his dad interrupted her, growling, “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down (insert Beomgyu’s mother’s name)! I can’t get in touch with our son and we’re not even supposed to leave the damn house!”

    Things were silent after that, as Beomgyu pressed his ear to the door. He let out a small breath, making his way slowly to his bed, feet sliding against the floor, body slumping back onto his mattress. He brought his hands up to his face, dragging his hands down the expanse of his face and neck. Beomgyu just couldn’t wrap his head around any of this. It still felt like a hazy nightmare. His brain was rushing but it also felt stuck in place at the same time, blurred with so many thoughts to the point where he just wanted to close his eyes and sleep. He wishes he had an ‘off’ switch in his brain, just to shut the thoughts out for even just a second. His stomach was twisting with anxiety, his chest was tight and it had begun to ache. He had also begun to feel sad, which was kind of off to him. Was there a certain way you were supposed to feel with all of this stuff going on? He didn’t think so. He just knew that the world wasn’t the world anymore. The life that he once knew was no more. The world that he and his friends had just started living in no longer than 20 years ago, was no more.

    Beomgyu had many goals and aspirations for his life, rather than just being an idol. He wanted to make a living for his parents, so they’d never have to set foot in a workplace again, and so that he could repay them for giving him such a good, loving, and stable life and home. He wanted to eventually settle down, with a loving wife and kids. Now, that just seemed too far out of his reach. The thought of his life just being thrown away in the snap of a finger had caused a lingering feeling of hopelessness to set its place in his soul. He hadn’t noticed that a tear had may its way out of the corner of his eye, down his cheek, and onto his bedsheets.

    “Shit,” he whispers into the quiet, cool air. He didn’t even realize he was crying. He slowly sits up, letting out a long breath of warm air as he does so. He looks around the room. His room. He thinks this will more than likely be the last time he sees his bedroom. It wasn’t anything special. The small basketball hoop that was hanging from the top of his white ash wooden door. The hamper in the corner of his room was slightly overflowing with dirty clothes, mainly from his gym class. A few water bottles sitting on his nightstand by his small table lamp. Pretty average for a teenage boy’s bedroom. Like i said, nothing too special. But this has been his room since he was about 12 years old. He had many memories within this room that he wasn’t ready to part with just yet. He didnt want to part with them. He wanted to keep these memories forever and he supposes he could, just not in the same way.

    He looks out of his window across from his bed, slowly standing up and walking over to it. He looked out amongst the neighborhood, seeing a few families gathering their belongings and placing them into their modernized SUVs. He had shifted his focus to one person in particular. A friend of his father’s. Mr. Jung, he had concluded. He placed his mouth in the crane of his elbow, seeming to let out a few hysterical coughs, making Beomgyu furrow his eyebrows. Was he getting sick? Come on, not every person who’s coughing is sick, he tried to reason with his thoughts. He investigated Mr. Jung even further, squinting his eyes to get a better look. He didn’t know if his eyes were beginning to play tricks on him but he swore that he saw Mr. Jung coughing up bloody mucus.

    Beomgyu’s eyes widened in horror as the older man down the street collapsed onto the ground, his family starting to panic around him. Beomgyu froze. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of the scene in front of him, no matter how gruesome it looked in the moment. Dark crimson was seeping out of the older man’s mouth, running down his cheeks onto his jean jacket, seemingly soaking it with the red liquid. The scene in front of him must have lasted a few minutes at least before Mr. Jung’s body had just quit moving and writhing altogether. Mrs. Jung was in hysterics, desperately trying to do what she could to wake her husband.

    This had caused a wave of confusion to run through Beomgyu’s veins. He was just fine, he had begun to thought. He had a coughing fit, but would that have caused him to die right on the spot? If he had had the virus, did that mean that he’s had it for a while? Or did it just move that quickly? There is no way it could move that quickly. There didn’t seem to be a rational end to Beomgyu’s thoughts and he wanted to escape them more than anything. It’s just that none of this made sense. There were absolutely no explanations that his brain could conjure up that would make all of this make sense.

    A few minutes had passed, a lifetime it seemed to Beomgyu, before Mr. Jung’s previously lifeless body starting to wiggle back to life. “What-” Beomgyu started to speak before he saw, with his own 2 eyes, Mr. Jung take a chunk of flesh out of his wife’s neck. This is the same thing he had saw outside of the HYBE building, but this seemed more intense, more real.

    Beomgyu’s mouth had fallen open in horror, his body still frozen in front of his window. His brain couldn’t form any coherent thoughts, his body couldn’t move, as though it was paralyzed. He wanted to run downstairs and get his parents but his body remained still. He was sure that if anyone could see him, they would physically be able to see the wheels turning in his brain.

    It had seemed that Beomgyu’s muscles just didn’t remember how to properly function anymore. Like they had just lost every memory of how to work. His brain was screaming at him, screaming to move, screaming to run downstairs, screaming to just do something. He had felt his stomach begin to twist with such anxiety, such disgust. He noticed that his chest began to heave up and down, and he had suddenly felt the urge to vomit right then and there. He placed his hand over his mouth as he sprinted towards his bathroom that was connected to his bedroom, releasing the contents of his stomach into the toilet, just in time. Barely in time.

    He placed his hands on either side of his head, tugging at the roots of his long, dark, highlighted hair. His eyes were closed, the memory of Mr. Jung still so fresh in his mind, replaying over and over in his head like a record.

    Beomgyu’s parents had burst into his room, snapping him out of his thoughts and back to reality. “M-mr. Ju-Jung-, he- he, his wife- then he came back to life? I-” Beomgyu had stuttered out, his words coming out and representing themselves like how they were in his brain, all jumbled.

    “We know, we saw,” His mom gulped, looking at her son. His dad sighed loudly, catching Beomgyu’s attention. “Well, as you probably heard on the tv, we can’t exactly leave. But your mother and I are going to try and get out to get some stuff that we need. Food, water, other supplies. All I can think of is to wear a mask.” Beomgyu’s anxiety swirled within him at his father’s words, “What? The news said it, we shouldn’t be going out, the virus-” he stopped for a minute and sighed, “you guys shouldn’t go out, what if something happens, what if-” Beomgyu’s mother had rushed to her son’s side, as to console him. She began rubbing his back in an attempt to calm him down.

    “Baby,” she pushed a strand of hair out of his eyes, “we’re going to be okay, everything’s going to be okay.” she nodded at him, squeezing his shoulders lightly. Beomgyu looked at his mother with pleading eyes, as to beg her not to go. “It’s going to be okay, my precious Beomgyu. I promise that we will come back to you. Right back.” she smiled sadly at her son. He leaned down and hugged his mother tightly, inhaling her comforting, warm, homey scent. He felt his dad come up to them as well, engulfing them both in his embrace. “We love you, son. It’s going to be okay. All of it.” His father spoke softly, pressing a kiss to his son’s head. His father and mother pulled away from him, too soon for his liking. “We’ll be right back, honey.” His mother spoke with a promising, soft tone. And with that, they left his bedroom. He heard some shuffling downstairs for a couple of minutes before he heard the front door shut.

    Little did Beomgyu know, that would be the last time he saw his parents. “Alive”.

    Back on your end, you had witnessed almost something similar to what Beomgyu had. You didn’t see anyone “come back to life”, no, but you did see how a person, or whatever it was, took a piece of flesh from another human. You had the same reaction Beomgyu did; puking up all of the remains in your stomach into the toilet, a panic attack following suit. You ran your hands over your face, trying to calm your racing thoughts, but to no avail.

    So, what the hell would everyone do now? the world was beginning to shut down, one piece at a time. very quickly, at that. that lost, hopeless feeling made itself home in everyone at this point. what would they do? how would they live? would everyone eventually get sick, die, and “come back”?

    all you knew that was that eventually, you were going to run out of what you needed, your basic essentials. how would you leave your place if the military was prohibiting it? you couldn’t even step outside. so, what the hell would any of you do if you ran out of the things that you needed? you started biting your fingernails, your eyes wide open as you zoned out into nothingness.

    the main question remained. how the hell would you all stay alive?

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    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 : ̗̀➛ ten. yay or nay?

    warnings ; slight profanity, y/n accidentally being a little shit

    you genuinely felt really really bad for the boy, but yesterday had just been so hectic. who could blame you for completely forgetting to contact soobin about it? thank God he had replied to your tweet, though, or he may have been sat waiting for you after school for a while. you shuddered at the thought of soobin alone and checking his phone occasionally while getting increasingly annoyed. he probably already hated your guts, didn't he?

    pushing your thoughts of soobin aside, you quickly yanked on a slightly longer pair of shorts- courtesy of ryujin- and gave yourself one final once over in the mirror. a deep breath. your first official date with beomgyu was in just a couple of hours, and hopefully it wouldn't be your last.

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ; in which kim y/n is severely infatuated with notoriously flirty choi beomgyu, to her absolute rage. getting over a year long crush isn't going to be easy- but you bet your ass she's going to try. choi beomgyu himself, on the other hand, has very different plans. he's gonna try his very damn best to get the girl.
    𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 ; @atinyyylove @cha-raena @belovedgyus @pr0dbeomgyu @meiiiwa @chishiyas-backstory @hainaz @90s-belladonna @iuwon @00-baejin-05 @envy-brr @shinkailovebot @lokideadontheinside @loveliestfelix @vantaelic @247byun @milkycloudtyg @jiminaaaahhhh @msxflower @hwallswrld @urresidentdrugdealer @nshitae @youreverydayzebra @hyukmoon send me an ask or comment to be added!! (bold couldn’t be tagged)

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  • moretxtwritings
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    warnings: dom!gyu, oral (fem receiving), oc has a slight praise kink (who wouldn’t when it’s beomgyu 🙄) , fingering, face fucking (YIKES i cringed so hard typing that)

    i just write whatever my brain comes up with, so enjoy :)


    his dark eyes traveled down your frame, chuckling at how defenseless you were. “My beautiful, girl, all ruined for me.” He spoke lowly, making chill bumps spread on your skin like wildfire.

    he bit his lip as his finger traced your nether lips, which were swollen and sticky with your arousal. “Look how wet you are for me. I’ve barely touched you, angel.”

    you tried to bend your knees but were caught off guard when your boyfriend had pushed them back down. You look at him bewildered, to which he gazed back at you with a sly smirk.

    “spread your legs for me, baby.” He murmured, tracing the soft skin of your thigh. You did as he commanded, spreading your legs, feeling completely vulnerable and open to him.

    the way he was looking in between your legs made more arousal drip out of you, to which he noticed, pride swelling within his chest.

    you gulped nervously as he continued to stare at your wetness dripping out of you. “Beom-“ you started to speak but a moan was ripped from within you when his fingers spread your lips apart, another one of his fingers coming to collect your juices.

    “so beautiful,” he breathed out, inserting a finger into your heat, Beomgyu’s mouth falling slightly open as your pussy swallowed his finger into your warm, welcoming walls.

    he started pumping his finger in and out of you at a dangerously slow pace, keeping his gaze trained upon your face as pleasure came over your features.

    you gripped his wrist, urging him to pick up the pace, to which he complied, all the while adding another finger.

    the hand that wasn’t holding his wrist was gripping the life out of the bed sheets below you, your brain fuzzy. all you could think of was beomgyu. beomgyu. beomgyu.

    “you’re not making any noise for me, baby, are you okay?” he murmurs, looking up at you, still pumping his fingers in and out of you.

    “yeah, yeah,” you breathed out, eyes falling shut once again, “i’m okay, i was just thinking,”

    “about what, my pretty girl, hm?” his other hand made its way up to your breast, giving it a small squeeze. “you, gyu, i’m thinking about you,” you moaned out as you felt his hands everywhere.

    “make some noise for me, baby. let me know how good i’m making you feel,” he egged you on, producing a particularly hard thrust with his fingers causing your mouth to fall open and let out an involuntary squeal.

    “mm, there it is. you make such pretty sounds, angel,” beomgyu praised you, making your insides twist with delight.

    without warning, he attached his lips to your clit, catching you off guard as he began to start sucking at the sensitive bundle of nerves. “oh, oh- gyu, ngh,” you gasped out, scratching at his bicep.

    he groaned, causing the vibrations to run up your body, making you slightly jerk and turn your head to the side to bury it into the pillow, catching the soft fabric between your teeth.

    your hips starting involuntarily bucking up into his face, causing him to slightly chuckle. you brought your hand to the back of his head, slightly pushing as you continued to roll your hips.

    you gripped onto his hair, your breath coming out in small pants against the pillow. you turned your head back to where your face was facing the ceiling, slightly lifting your head up to look at the man who was currently in between your thighs, eating you out like a man starved.

    you noticed that your hips started moving faster against his face, which didn’t go unnoticed by beomgyu. “that’s right, baby, use me, fuck my face, angel,” he praised you once again, making you let out another moan, your eyes rolling to the back of your head.

    he had started to suck on your clit harder, the familiar tightening in your lower abdomen becoming more and more prominent.

    “gyu, i’m-“ you started but he interrupted you, “i know baby, i can feel you tensing.” he retorted, pumping his fingers faster, the squelching sounds causing you to internally cringe a little but you didn’t have time to dwell on it as you felt your orgasm approaching.

    your legs started to shake as he quickened his pace, “cmon baby, cmon my pretty girl, cum for me, cum all over my face,” he urged you, your stomach twisting with desire. “mmh, mmh, gyu,” you moaned, your hips still bucking up into his face.

    as your orgasm came, white spots clouded the space behind your eyes. “fuck, baby, you squirted,” beomgyu spoke, causing you to widen your eyes and look at him, and sure enough, his face, shirt and part of his arms were soaked in your juices, causing your face to warm.

    “fuck me, that was so hot,” beomgyu came up your body to press a long, lustful kiss to your lips. after he pulled away, he smirked down at you.

    “think you can do it again?”

    #txt imagines #tomorrow x together imagines #txt scenarios#txt smut #tomorrow x together #txt #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smut #beomgyu imagines#beomgyu smut #choi beomgyu x reader
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  • boba-beom
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    ❥ ҉  bubble masks | choi beomgyu

    genre: fluff | drabble warning(s): established relationship, reader is a simp for gyu ( but who isn’t lmao ) requested | wc: 1.1k synopsis: finding new ways to spend quality time with your favourite person in this fairly new relationship isn’t difficult at all. but can your heart take it? note: just saying, this may be quite rusty, I haven’t written anything for a while but I hope this is okay ! lemme know how what you guys think <:

    Today was no different than the rest. It’s been a while since you last spent some time to relax on your own, but because Beomgyu just so happened to be at your place you thought it’d be a good idea to spend the day with a shared self-care routine.

    You tipped the bag over the centre table in the living room. Your eyes along with another pair watching the wide variety of face masks spill over the crystal clear surface. The packaging were cute displayed with pastel colours, some varying from charcoal masks to bubble masks.

    “You do know I have my own skin care routine right? Have you seen this glass skin?” Beomgyu stretched his neck, facing his cheek toward your field of vision just to prove his point.

    “I know, I know,” you giggled, gently pushing his chest further from you only to hear his soft chuckles being reciprocated. “I still think it’d be cute if we could do some sort of pamper day though~” Your whine was quickly replaced with a light chortle once he ruffled the top of your head before you chose a facial from the table.

    Walking back over to the sofa that Beomgyu was sitting on you stacked the cushions by the arm then motioned him to lean his head back. Resting his head on the pile of cushions, he turned to you.

    “So... are you gonna do my nails while I’m wearing the face mask?” He was shameless and that question only led you to roll your eyes but you couldn’t get mad at that, you loved taking care of him.

    Out of all the face masks on the table, you decided to surprise him with one that foams once you allow it to settle on his face. Before taking out the sheet mask you found a fluffy headband with a bear pattern on it. You moved his hair away from his face, revealing his forehead that you rarely get to see but nonetheless, it was truly adorable. 

    Taking out the face mask from the foil packaging, you hovered it over his face, “close your eyes.” For some reason, this close proximity managed to raise the heat to the apples of your cheeks. Even though you spend every few days with each other, being this close to his face never failed to make the butterflies in your stomach rave all the while.

    Gradually laying the face mask flat, you assumed it was cold against his skin as you watched him abruptly flinch from the contact, yet you caught him peeking at you with one eye.

    “Ah! Close your eyes~” His mischievous smile and laugh was all it took for the heat in your cheeks to increase rapidly.

    You let out a silent huff while your fingers skilfully flattened out the outer pieces of the sheet mask. The contrast of the cool facial and the warmth of his skin under the pads of your fingertips was a sensation that almost felt satisfying; as fascinating as watching the sheet mask beginning to foam.

    Beomgyu’s body seemed to have sunk into the sofa in such comfort that you could leave his side and he wouldn’t budge an inch. A part of you almost thought he was even asleep. 

    You took ahold of one of his hands, allowing your fingers to be perfectly enclosed in his palm while you began to file his nails to a nice curve. Even your nail file had the cutest pattern with a range of Sanrio characters on either side.

    Feeling like a perfectionist when it came to pampering others before yourself was nothing out of the ordinary, and in this instance you were delved deep in concentration until you felt the linger of Beomgyu’s thumb slowly rubbing the back of your hand. The file had stopped moving, your fingers felt like they froze for a fraction of a second before you watched him open his eyes and dart them your way.

    “Why’d you stop? Did I make you nervous?” A snickering tone came out along with his deep voice, almost taunting but he managed to make it sweet. It works wonders how the simplest of his gestures can fluster you, yet you remembered you were still in the midst of filing his nails.

    “Pfft, of course not. What makes you think I’m nervous?” You continued to file the rest of his nails, hoping that would reassure you and your warmed up cheeks that Beomgyu wouldn’t suspect otherwise.

    You were almost done with filing the other hand. That was until his thumb suddenly resumed caressing the back of your palm in circular motions, and there returned the familiar feeling of somersaults and cartwheels in your stomach.

    “Baby, after this do you want cuddles?” Again, you froze.

    Baby. It was your first time hearing that nickname being used since you first started dating Beomgyu and you'd love to hear it again. Who were you to complain.

    “And then could you paint my nails after?” He turned his head toward you, watching you dramatically bat your lashes his way as an attempt to make him return a favour. Luckily for you, he loves you too much to refuse.

    He let out a sigh, “okay, I’ll try my best, but don’t complain if you don’t like it.” You hummed in response, trusting him to not mess up. “Also, I get to pick the colours, yes?”

    You exaggerate the exhale you released, not even wanting to imagine what sort of colour combinations Beomgyu had up his sleeve, but you were sure he didn’t have a wide collection to choose from. He could sense your hesitation after he asked his question but that didn’t stop him from continuing to plot some absurd colour combinations.

    “Hey, Gyu?” Beomgyu looked at you, watching you lightly tugging onto his sleeve. “Can I have cuddles now, please?” All you could hear was his heartfelt chuckles that vibrated on the sofa as you showed him your hands – your fingers cutely grabbing nothing but the air in front of him.

    “Only if you let me choose my own colour combinations,” you sighed. “And you can’t get mad at me for it.” Another deep but gentle laugh rumbled from him. Seeing him in pure joy just from winding you up can sure be adorable, and it’s a bonus when he looks at you like you’re his everything.

    Your lip twitched to the side, “okay fine, go get those colours you’ve been thinking so hard about.” In an instant he got up on his feet, goofily walking out of the living area with his arms waving around in the air. All you could do was shake your head at him in response, but of course, not without a smile adorned on your face.

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  • muselin
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    See You Later - Part 1

    Who: Beomgyu

    Group: TXT

    What: Beomgyu/f!reader, collegeAU, slow burn, eventual smut, college student!Gyu, model!Gyu

    Word count: 2,238

    A/N: this is for @bluekais ❤ Hope you enjoy! Sorry that it's taken so long! There will be a Part 2 coming but I got myself elbows-deep into Kinktober so might take a while as well 🎃



    The dissatisfied noise leaving your lips had become habit by now. Just his presence annoyed you, but the fact that he had the nerve to show up late to class almost every time, carrying that stupid skateboard, made your blood boil a little bit. He never studied, never did the assignments, always showed up late and he was still somehow passing this class. This class that you had worked so hard to get into and had to keep working so hard to stay in. It didn't come naturally to you but it did to him and it made you green with envy.

    "Ah, Beomgyu-ssi, how kind of you to join us," your professor quipped sarcastically as Beomgyu beamed a smile that was frustratingly charming and headed for the only empty space in the auditorium which, to your displeasure, happened to be next to you.

    You didn't acknowledge each other as you continued scribbling furiously into your notebook while Beomgyu sat with his chin leaned on his hand. You noticed that he hadn't taken out anything to write with.

    "Now I will hand out your assignments for the next lecture. Remember we have study week, so you will have one week to complete these. Please remain in your seats as you are now."

    Your professor proceeded to hand out stacks of papers and you couldn't help noticing that he was handing only one stack for every two students. He was making his way down your row and dropped off an assignment right between you and Beomgyu.

    "I can hold it for us," Beomgyu smiled pleasantly as he looked over to you, seemingly unaffected by your sour expression. As the two of you read the instructions for the music production assignment, Beomgyu would stop and mutter to himself every once in a while: "Hmm, I already have a bass guitar for this," "This would be very easy to add a snare to," "I just need vocals and someone to match the drum line to this".

    "Alright, everyone ready?" The auditorium hummed with mumbled "yes"es.

    "Good," your professor continued, "you will be doing the assignment in pairs, in the order that I've handed the assignments out to you".

    You groaned inwardly, noticing yours and Beomgyu's names at the bottom right corner of the cover page.

    "Class dismissed!"

    You were unsure what to do. You'd have to spend quite a lot of time with Beomgyu to finish this but you didn't have his number and you didn't even know which dorm he was in. Before you could open your mouth to ask Beomgyu when you should meet up, he was getting up and slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

    "See you later, Y/N," his voice laced with his regional dialect reached you as an afterthought.

    "Tch. Fuck you too, Choi," you muttered.


    It had been four days since you last saw Beomgyu and you were getting nervous. You had started the assignment early and done as much as you could do. You hated to admit it but you really did need him for this. You had worked out a base melody but it was too bare and uninteresting and you knew from hearing him talk to himself that he knew a lot of elements which could add flare and points to the assignment. You hunched over your laptop, browsing the music library. Begrudgingly, at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday, you decided to email him through the university central email list.

    ### 22:01 ###  Hi Beomgyu, it's Y/N, your partner for the music production assignment. I've thrown some things together but we need to meet to do the rest. I realised I didn't have your number or your dorm address, let me know when we can meet up. ###

    You waited for a while after pressing send, just in case he was on his emails right now. At midnight you gave up and went to sleep.

    ### 03:44 ### Hi! Sorry about that! Can you bring what you have over to mine at about noon tomorrow? Here's the postcode ###

    You woke up to the reply from Beomgyu and nearly panicked that you would be late. He didn't live close by at all, the post code seemed to be for a swanky area of newly built apartments downtown, miles away from your suburban campus.

    You showered and dressed as quickly as possible. You weren't dressing up for anyone. Jeans, sneakers and a flannel shirt was all Beomgyu was getting from you. You grabbed your laptop and equipment and headed out the door.


    At 11:55, you knocked on Beomgyu's door. He lived on the 13th floor and on the elevator up to his apartment you hoped to whoever would listen that this wouldn't turn out to be as unlucky as the out-of-order sign on the second elevator.

    The front door clicked and opened to reveal a somewhat sleepy Beomgyu, dressed in a tshirt and pyjama bottoms.

    "Oh, Y/N, you're early," he said, then looked at his watch. You found this ironic, considering he never showed up to class on time.

    "Well, not by much. Can I come in?"

    "Sure," he said, opening the front door widely for you to walk in past him. "I'll make coffee," he yawned.

    As you walked past him you couldn't help but note in your head that he smelled really good. You weren't sure if it was his cologne or laundry but it was the kind that settled pleasantly in your chest and made you want to breathe in deeper. You stopped that train of thought harshly as soon as you felt your mind drift that way. You were perfectly happy with feeling generally mildly annoyed with Beomgyu. It was your comfort zone, even if having to work with him was pushing it.

    "So how come you don't live on camp-- Wow..."

    Your jaw dropped as you walked into the apartment. It was nothing like the cramped dorm rooms you and your friends shared on campus. It was bright, spacious and well-decorated, with huge windows and a view that rivaled the best hotels in the business district.

    "How the fuck are you affording this," the words tumbled out of you with little grace before you could stop them.

    "Well, since you ask, I work a lot of side jobs," Beomgyu said nonchalantly as he poured water into the kettle in the open-plan kitchen.

    "Really? What do you do?"

    "Uhm...," he scratched his neck sheepishly, "at the moment I model."

    "You? You model?"

    "Yeah, why," he tilted his head at you, looking at you quizzically.

    Those big brown eyes, the soft curves of his lips, his chiseled jawline... And his hair looked really soft too. Suddenly from thinking nothing of him you were imagining him as a model. You wondered what he modeled for. Could it be fashion brands? Lifestyle? Prints? Maybe even swimsuits? He always wore those baggy jeans and t-shirts, but maybe...


    "Oh," you snapped back to him, realising you hadn't answered him. "Yeah I just... didn't know, that's all."

    "Uhm, cool. Why don't you drop your stuff off in the room down the hall, the one on the left?"

    You nodded and picked up your laptop bag and equipment, your feet sinking into the plush carpet as you padded down the hall. You nudged open the door to the room he'd pointed you to, jaw dropping again for the second time today as you walked in.

    The room was a small makeshift studio, with mics, a sound control board and several guitars. Several notepads were strewn about along with a few used coffee mugs and muffin wrappers. It seemed to be the most lived-in space of Beomgyu's house so far and you were suddenly starting to understand why he never seemed to pay much attention to the classes. You dropped your bags off in the corner and sat down at his computer, looking at the various pieces of equipment connected to it.

    "How do you like your coffee?"

    You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard Beomgyu's pleasant voice reverberate in the room. You hadn't heard him come in after you. Covering up your startled reaction, you mumbled your preference and he returned shortly with two steaming mugs, setting them down on his desk.

    "Um, so... For this assignment I've tried layering the melodies but it's very bare. I thought we could use it as a starting point and build on it," you said, trying to sound more businesslike.

    "That's good, thanks. I actually don't have a lot of time so a head start would be good. I have an hour now but then I need to head out."

    Your brow furrowed. An hour? It had taken you three days to put together what you had so far.

    "Let's see what you've got," Beomgyu reached for the USB stick in your hands and plugged it into his computer. He downloaded the files and ran them.

    An unobtrusive melody filled the small studio. He listened politely, head tilted to one side until it faded out.

    "Um... Yeah, I don't play guitar so I wasn't sure what would sound good with that," you started, hands playing with the edges of your shirt nervously. You hated feeling incompetent, especially in front of Beomgyu.

    "Yeah, no offence, but it does need a lot more than that," he said. "Let's see what I can do with that."

    You sat in your chair and watched him plug one of his guitars into the amp behind you. He tuned it according to the scales in your melody and started to play along.

    "Nana naaa," he hummed along quietly. "I don't know about that bar, what do you think," he asked you.

    "It's not bad but I think it can go for longer," you replied. Beomgyu nodded, stopping the recording and starting again.

    You watched him get lost in his own world as the notes coming from his guitar breathed life into your melody. You watched his fingers strum and pluck, watched his lips open and close in concentration, occasionally the lower one being worried by his teeth. You watched his long hair fall into his face. You simply watched Beomgyu in his zone, not noticing when he stopped playing.


    Your eyes focused and met his deep brown ones, your lips tensing as you tried to seem attentive.

    "Yeah? Yeah, that was good, let's add that in," you spoke quickly.

    "Cool," Beomgyu then stood up and reached behind you to switch off the amp. You couldn't stop yourself from breathing in again when his chest and neck nearly brushed across your face. His warm hand dropped to your shoulder, giving you a casual pat.

    "Why don't you sit at the computer and keep replaying the recoding while I write down the chords," he suggested.

    "Okay, sure," you stood up in the cramped space and there was barely room for you two to switch places. Beomgyu's hands instinctively came up to your waist to steady you as he brushed past you. Your breath hitched but you said nothing as you sat down at his desk and started the recording.

    Your combined melody filled the small room and you found yourself nodding along. You hated to admit it but you liked it much more with Beomgyu's additions. You played it several times while he wrote down the chords.

    "Right, awesome," he drawled in his dialect after he was finished. "I have to get dressed and head out now, but if you want we can meet up again later today. I won't be done until quite late but I sleep late anyway."

    "How late are we talking," you asked suspiciously.

    "I would be done about 11, we could meet back here," Beomgyu offered.

    You hesitated for a second. It was a lot later than what you considered acceptable but at the same time you didn't trust Beomgyu. You weren't sure you would get any more time out of him than this.

    "Okay, deal. Message me when you're done and I'll head over."

    "Cool, here's my number," Beomgyu grabbed your phone to type his own number in and called himself. "You okay to let yourself out?"

    He left the studio and went into the room across, which you guessed was probably his bedroom. You copied the new files onto your USB before you packed up your things and left the studio as well. On the way you saw that Beomgyu's bedroom door was ajar. You saw him standing with his back to the door as he was pulling his t-shirt over his head. Your lips tensed into a line as you tried to not to make any noise and not even to breathe.

    "Yeah, I'm good."

    "See you later, Y/N."

    You stood frozen in place as your eyes traced the lines of his back muscles to his pretty shoulders, not missing his toned arms flexing as he reached up to push the t-shirt over his head. Your gaze trailed back down his body to his hips where his bottoms were slung low, exposing the two cute dimples at his lower back. He didn't look like he was wearing anything underneath.

    Beomgyu dropped his shirt to the floor and you suddenly darted down the corridor, panicked that he would turn around and see you. His bottoms dropped down just as he heard his front door open and shut.

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    txt and their favourite dates with you

    all members x gn!reader, fluff, word count: +1k, established relationship, non-idol au, lowercase intended.

    a/n ; thank you so much for 120 followers, i know for some it wouldn’t be considered a lot but for me it is a great deal so thank you. I appreciate it so much <3

    yeonjun //

    yeonjun’s favourite date with you is going shopping! we all know about yeonjun’s incredible fashion sense.. you more than anyone knows this- whenever he gets the chance he loves to show off his well styled outfits.

    he will offer to buy anything and everything for you to which you ofc have to refuse.

    he also loves picking out different items for you to try on and he lets you do the same for him. whenever you try something on he will take sooo many photos of you, complimenting and flirting with you until you’re a blushing mess which he finds extremely adorable.

    but if you compliment him or flirt back he will be so taken aback, he’s not prepared at all and will try so hard not to smile whilst becoming incredibly flustered “ahh stop that”. though he loves when you compliment him!

    he will also want to get matching items, whether its necklaces, earrings or a hoodie. you’re pretty sure that your closets are near identical now-

    after shopping all day you will go to small café for something sweet and yummy or a convenience store for some instant ramen.

    at cafés he’ll pay for your food and drinks. he will also try to steal whatever food you got because he always wants what you have.

    soobin //

    soobin is all for the classic cinemas dates or even the stay at home dates.. he just loves having “lazy” dates with you, not because he doesn’t care rather he cares a LOT.

    he loves having these types of dates with you because it means he can focus all his attention on you.

    whenever you go on cinema dates he always lets you pick the movie (unless you’re indecisive). he’ll also buy popcorn to share and any other snacks you want.

    he will hold your hand the whole time during the movie but when you both reach in to grab the popcorn at the same time and your hands touch he will instantly get shy and blush (AS IF HE WASNT JUST HOLDING YOUR HAND TWO SECONDS AGO ?!).

    luckily the cinema is fairly dark so neither of you notice each other blushing profusely.

    however, when you stay home for dates he love doing little things together like baking. you’ll be baking cookies from a recipe that you found online, laughing at each other when you somehow end up with flour in your hair, dancing around the kitchen whilst you wait for the cookies to cook and suddenly time has

    when your cookies are finished you’ll enjoy them together while cuddling and watching a movie or just talking on the couch which always ends up with you falling asleep in each others arms.

    beomgyu //

    he adores going to arcades with you for dates (gamer boy beomgyu!!).

    will want to try every. single. game. there is, he never loses his energy once throughout the whole day!

    gets super competitive when playing, laughs and teases you when you lose but quickly shuts up if you beat him- “i was just going easy on you” *pouts*

    plays the claw machines to try and win you a plushie and tells you to name it after him!

    if there is those tickets that you can trade for prizes, you will have a competition between you both to see whoever gets the most tickets. at the end you combine them to get the biggest prize you can :D

    after playing lots of rounds of air-hockey, mini golf, laser tag and other games, you take some pictures in the photo booths to commemorate the amazing date you had together and to keep for memories.

    beomgyu places his favourite photo you took together in his phone case. <33

    taehyun //

    taehyun loves taking you on gym dates- just kidding, he loves going on park dates with you. its simple but cute.

    whenever you go on walks he likes to link arms with you or hold hands and when it’s winter he will put your hand in his pocket to keep both your hands warm.

    on sunny days you’d pack a picnic with you with lots of homemade foods and treats, and sit on the grass with a blanket to share.

    if there are any ducks you will for sure feed them together.

    lying with your backs on the blanket, you look up to the clouds and point out all the different shapes and animals they create.

    you talk endlessly about whatever’s on your mind, about your lives, the stars and everything in between. the conversations shallow and deep at the same time, never boring or a dull moment. your conversations are easy and comforting and flow perfectly like the lyrics to a well written song.

    the day fades into the evening and you walk back hand in hand to your house.

    overall, dates with him are honestly just really sweet and simple but memorable.

    huening kai //

    loves to go to amusement parks with you.

    is mostly (100%) there to try and win the plushies from the park’s games, even though you told him that the chances of winning the giant penguin toy that “looks exactly like him” (his words not yours) is super low that will not stop your plushie-loving boyfriend from trying.

    ends up getting a small hand sized penguin instead :0 but he’s not disappointed in the slightest!

    decides to name the penguin after a combination of your names (hehe a ship name) and calls it your child ;-;

    you buy sooo much food together.

    he convinces you to go into the haunted house with him, which surprisingly turned out not that scary at all.. apart from when a ghost tried to jump scare kai which ended up making you jump more than him.

    however, he’s a bit too scared to go on the high rides so you enjoy going on the bumper cars and carousel instead.

    the day ends with you two taking lots of photos in front of the ferris wheel whist the sunsets behind you.

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    Pairing: Gryffindor!Beomgyu x Hufflepuff!reader

    Words: 2.9k

    Warnings/rating: SFW, Hogwarts!AU, Friends/Annoyances to Lovers, Beomgyu is both chaotic and soft, breaking and entering occurs, reader is clumsy, Beomgyu is the Gryffindor Quidditch captain, brief appearance by Slytherin!Yeonjun, reader previously had a humongous crush on Ravenclaw!Taehyun (so that's fun), brief mention of Hufflepuff!Kai, I swear I also love Soobin but he didn't make his way into this fic (whoops)

    Author's Note: This takes place in the same universe as my story Chameleon Boy, just several years later after the BTS crew has graduated. Loosely loosely based on Loser=Lover, in the sense that these two didn't get along but Beomgyu always wanted to impress her/liked her. Feedback is always welcome...enjoy!


    “Good game, Violet.” Gryffindor’s shaggy black haired Keeper bumps shoulders with you, a smirk turning the corners of his mouth.

    Still euphoric over the unexpected win your team had pulled over Gryffindor, you turn, eyebrows knit in confusion.

    He reaches behind you and gently tugs on your ponytail, making you realize...oh. He’s talking about your hair. Freshly dyed purple at the ends, just to change things up for your 6th year. Wait, why does he think it’s okay to tug on your hair?!

    “What is this, grade school? Leave my hair alone! And my name’s not Violet,” you huff, swatting his hand away.

    He shrugs, the smirk still lingering on his face. “I know. You’ve got a lot of bite for a Hufflepuff, you know? I thought you were supposed to be kind or something…”

    “I am kind. To people who don’t pull my hair.”

    “Oh, lighten up, Vi. You’re clearly the MVP of the game, go celebrate with your friends. I’ll see you in class.” He bumps shoulders with you again, saluting you as he walks off to join his Gryffindor teammates.

    Choi Beomgyu. Star Keeper for Gryffindor, team captain. Potions mastermind (to the chagrin of Slytherin house, which you had to admit you enjoyed). Prankster extraordinaire, second only to the legendary Fred and George Weasley.

    You knew each other through Quidditch, though not very well. Usually you’d be the one telling him good game, as Gryffindor blew through the competition on the way to the Quidditch Cup. You supposed it was nice that he came over and told you good game...it was a good game. You’d made several spectacular saves that had cleared the way for Kai, Hufflepuff’s Seeker, to catch the Snitch early in the game.

    But that didn’t explain why he felt the need to give you a nickname and pull on your hair. He was cute, and could get away with a lot, but this was too much. If he tried to say something else in class, you’d give him a piece of your mind.


    “Your Pygmy Puff matches you...maybe I should call you Puff instead of Violet, huh? Since you’re in Hufflepuff too and all.” Beomgyu sidles up to you, peering over your shoulder at the purple creature cupped in your hands. You can feel your eye twitching as you turn to glare at him.

    “Do not call me Puff,” you hiss under your breath, quiet enough so you won’t draw your professor’s attention.

    “Violet it is, then!” His eyes sparkle with laughter, and he’s clearly working very hard to contain himself from bursting with glee.

    You let out a loud hmph, and turn away from the boy next to you. This does nothing to deter him, as he simply follows you so you’re making eye contact again.

    “What do you want, Beomgyu? Is there a specific reason you’ve chosen to torment me, or did you just randomly choose someone when you rolled out of bed this morning?” You nod towards his mop of hair that is messier than usual. He hurriedly runs his hands through his hair, which does nothing except make it worse. You can’t help but laugh, which makes his own grin grow wider.

    “Can’t I just spend time with my favorite Hufflepuff Keeper? C’mon, don’t be mean, Violet…”

    You scoff. “We barely know each other, Choi. Quidditch is the only time we ever interact.” He rolls his eyes at your statement.

    “I know that, that’s why I said you’re my favorite Hufflepuff Keeper, not my favorite Hufflepuff. You’ve got to work to earn that title.” He winks obnoxiously at you.

    “Don’t get too cocky, you’re no Kill ‘Em Kim,” you reply, referencing Gryffindor’s captain that graduated two years prior.

    “You think you’re so smart, but guess what? I know that too, Vi…I've got my own charms, I don’t need to copy Seokjin.”

    “And what are those? Your hyena laugh and your need to piss off every Slytherin with your pranks?”

    “So I am charming to you, then. Good to know,” Beomgyu cackles (like a hyena, as you pointed out). “Speaking of those pranks you mentioned, it’s been a while...wanna help me with my next one? Come with me to Hogsmeade and we’ll go to Zonko’s. I’ll show you just how smart I really am.”

    You narrow your eyes at him. “Why are you so interested in hanging out with me?”

    “I’m interested, because you’re interesting, get with the program. You dyed your hair, you must have known it would draw attention to you. So here I am, drawn in by the siren call of your purple strands. Don’t leave me to crash on the rocks, Violet...I’m just asking to go to Hogsmeade.”

    There’s several beats of silence as you stare at Beomgyu. He doesn’t get uncomfortable, doesn’t look away. He just holds eye contact with you as if you’ve known each other for years.


    He whoops with delight, drawing an irritated stare from your professor. Beomgyu at least has the sense to duck his head at this, suddenly very interested in the Pygmy Puff in your hands, pink dusting his cheeks.

    You can’t help the smile that fights its way onto your face at his reaction, and he catches it, looking awfully pleased with himself.

    What had you gotten yourself into?


    A few days later, you’re trudging up the path to Hogsmeade with Beomgyu by your side. The two of you are trailing behind your best friend Evelyn and her nemesis-turned-possible-love-interest, Yeonjun.

    “Five galleons on them dating by Christmas,” Beomgyu suddenly whispers in your ear, the sensation sending visible shivers down your spine. “Are you okay? Here, take this, I didn’t think it would be that cold today.” You suddenly are enveloped by a gold and maroon striped cardigan, the boy walking alongside you giving you a lopsided grin as he sees you relax into its warmth.

    “...thanks,” you mutter quickly, too embarrassed to tell him you’re not shivering from the cold. You look ahead to see Yeonjun elbowing your friend in the side while laughing aloud. “I think you’re right about those two...she always acts like he annoys her, but I think she secretly enjoys the attention,” you gently poke fun at your friend.

    “Junnie’s a good guy. Annoying sometimes, but he can’t help it, he’s a Slytherin.” You raise your eyebrows in surprise.

    “How do you know Yeonjun? This is my first time meeting him in person, even though she talks about him all the time.”

    Beomgyu leans in conspiratorially. “Well, funny you should ask, Violet...Yeonjun was the victim of my very first Hogwarts prank. It wasn’t as good as the ones I do now, but I did manage to turn his eyebrows pink.”

    Your eyes widen in surprise. “Your first prank was on a Slytherin who’s older than you?”

    “What can I say, I live life dangerously.” His eyes sparkle with laughter as his hand brushes yours as you walk side by side. Before you can reply, he’s grabbed your hand and is dragging you forward, breaking into a run as Hogsmeade comes into view.

    “See ya later, losers!” He cackles as the two of you sprint past Yeonjun and Evelyn, heading straight for the entrance of Zonko’s.


    An hour later, the two of you emerge from Zonko’s surprisingly empty-handed. You had convinced Beomgyu that pranking the entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team was, in fact, a bad idea. He had whined at you continuously for being ‘too serious’ and ‘mean’, but you had stood your ground, promising to buy him a Butterbeer for his troubles.

    “You just don’t want me pranking Taehyun...don’t think I don’t notice the way you look at him.” Beomgyu glares at you, bottom lip jutting into a pout.

    You match his glare even while you feel the heat emanating from your cheeks. “I had a crush on Taehyun when I was like, 14!” you sputter.

    “You didn’t even go with him to the Yule Ball that year, can’t have been that significant,” he shrugs.

    The heat on your cheeks is now spreading through the rest of your body. “If you must know, I didn’t go with anyone to the Yule Ball because no one asked me.”

    Beomgyu’s glare softens as he glances over at you, rubbing the back of his neck. “I would’ve asked you if I’d known you back then.”

    “No, you wouldn’t have. We were both on our respective Quidditch teams by then, and you knew me. You went with that French girl, the 6th year? Beauxbatons champion?” you scoff.

    “But I didn’t really know you...I just kind of knew of you. We hadn’t had a class together or anything…” he trails off quietly.

    You can’t stop the snort of derision that comes flying out of your mouth. “Gyu, stop. I don’t need your pity, or anything else...now that you know me, would you really ask me to anything like the Yule Ball?”

    “...yes?” Beomgyu’s eyes widen as he raises an eyebrow.

    “Tell me why.”

    “You’re cool, good at Quidditch, smart, way smarter than me. Funny. And you’re pretty, obviously.” He ticks off each adjective on his fingers, no trace of humor on his face.

    You narrow your eyes, and he holds his hands up in surrender.

    “What?! I’m just telling the truth!” he exclaims.

    “...you are, aren’t you? You just...say what you think, all the time.” You stare in disbelief at the boy in front of you.

    “Yeah? Why would I not? Sure, some people think I’m stupid, or brash, or whatever else. But the people who are important know me for who I really am. People like you.” Beomgyu elbows you playfully before locking hands with you, dragging you to the opposite end of Hogsmeade.

    You’d deny it to anyone who asked, but you can’t help your stomach doing a flip as he intertwines his fingers with yours, a grin working its way onto your face.


    Your grin leaves your face as you stumble into Beomgyu, who has suddenly stopped in front of a large, derelict house. The air feels stale around you, and the hustle and bustle of the village has been left behind.

    “W-what is this place?” you squeak out.

    “The Shrieking Shack...it’s supposed to be haunted. Voldemort used it as headquarters during The Battle of Hogwarts, and it’s where Severus Snape was killed,” Beomgyu breathes reverently.

    Your hand is on Beomgyu’s arm in a vice grip, your knuckles turning white. “So why are we here?”

    “We’re going inside, I wanna see what it’s like. It’s gotta be so cool!” The shaggy haired boy beside you looks genuinely excited, no trace of nerves. He walks toward a boarded up window, you following closely behind. He starts poking around the edges of the window, pulling gently at the boards at first, then with more force. Suddenly, there’s a large crack as one of the boards splinters in half, leaving a small opening behind.

    “After you, Violet,” Beomgyu smiles at you, his hands cupped together to give you a boost up to crawl through. You swallow thickly before stepping into his grip, grabbing onto the opening and squeezing your way through, tumbling onto a dusty landing. You cough as the dust settles around you, Beomgyu calling up to you to make sure you’re okay.

    “I’m fine...it’s just dusty!” you call back, scrambling to your feet. All of a sudden, there’s a loud noise from outside...as you try to peer out of the opening you just came through, you find yourself nose to nose with Beomgyu, whose head is hanging through the hole in the window.

    “I took a running start, jumped and climbed up,” he huffs, his breath fanning out over your face from how close he is. You back away hastily, but stay close enough to offer him your hand to help him through the hole that’s too small for his lanky body. He shoves his hand into yours, and you pull while he attempts to leverage his long legs to his advantage. It feels like you’re playing tug of war with each other for a few minutes, until you’re falling backwards onto the floor in a mess of limbs.

    Beomgyu’s long hair is falling into your eyes, he’s elbowing you in the side and your legs are awkwardly tangled together. As he pulls himself up onto his elbows, you find yourself gazing up into his eyes. The two of you freeze momentarily, not speaking and just staring at each other. Suddenly, he unfreezes himself, only to land a quick kiss on your cheek. He then offers you his hand as he scrambles off the floor, which you take, only to crash into his chest as he pulls you up. He grabs your arms to steady you, catching your gaze once again. Have his eyes always been this pretty?

    A laugh makes its way past your lips, which leads Beomgyu to let out his signature cackle as well. “Let’s explore!” he exclaims, barreling off towards the staircase to the second floor. You follow closely behind, staircase creaking under your combined weight. The two of you peer through each doorway, nothing particular of note to see. Lots of dusty furniture, boarded up windows with streams of sunlight fighting their way through, and a general eerie vibe throughout the house. Deciding there’s nothing of note, Beomgyu begins to descend the stairs with you trailing behind. Just as you’re about to reach the bottom, your foot falls through a step, the rotted wood giving out underneath you. You windmill your arms, trying to keep your balance but to no avail. You fall headlong into Beomgyu’s waiting arms in what feels like slow motion. He had turned when the step broke, and prepared himself for the inevitable disaster that was to follow.

    You look up at him, his arms tucked underneath yours, hoisting you back onto your feet. “You’re really falling for me today, aren’t you, Vi?” he smirks, helping you dust yourself off.

    “You wish,” you snap, embarrassed in more than one way.

    “Maybe I do.” He shrugs, giving you a smirk before heading towards the front door. “But right now, I think you owe me a Butterbeer?”


    You stride over to your table, two mugs of frothy Butterbeer in tow. You slide one over to Beomgyu, who’s sitting across from you. He raises the glass towards you and then takes a large gulp. As he places it down on the table again, he’s left with a mustache made of foam.

    You laugh at how goofy he looks, shaking your head at him. He raises an eyebrow questioningly at you, and in reply you lean over the table, swiping your thumb slowly over his upper lip, removing the offending foam. His eyes go wide, looking more shocked the longer your hand stays touching his face. As you go to sit back down, he catches your hand in his and holds it across the table. It’s your turn for your eyes to go wide.

    “What are you doing?” you murmur.

    Expecting a brash, confident answer, you’re shocked when the boy across from you matches your tone-quiet, unsure, and nervous.

    “...I just wanted to hold your hand.” Beomgyu looks up at you shyly through his shaggy hair, a small smile gracing his features. You give his hand a small squeeze in reply, lifting your Butterbeer to your mouth to hide the smile threatening to take over your whole face.


    The two of you spend the rest of the afternoon hand in hand, exploring the shops in Hogsmeade. You make sure to steer clear of the Shrieking Shack, and any of the other old, possibly haunted buildings in town.

    As the sun starts setting, you begin the journey back to Hogwarts, one hand filled with bags of candy from Honeydukes, the other intertwined with Beomgyu’s. Just as the castle is coming into view, you suddenly trip over a tree root in the path, losing your balance. Your bags go flying to the ground, your grip on Beomgyu lost as you flail helplessly, trying to keep yourself upright-but to no avail. The ground is swiftly approaching, and just as you squeeze your eyes shut...you stop.

    You carefully open your eyes, and see the path several inches from your face. Turning your head, you see that Beomgyu has also dropped his bags, and both his arms are wrapped around your midsection, keeping you from hitting the ground. He gently squeezes you as he pulls you upright, concern etched across his face.

    “Violet, are you okay?” He looks you over, checking for any injuries.

    You can’t help the grin this time, and there’s no Butterbeer to hide behind. Before you can think too hard about it, you push upwards on your tiptoes and land a quick kiss on Beomgyu’s lips. You can feel your cheeks flaming, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to care too much.

    “Just falling for you, Gyu. That’s all.”

    Your reply paired with the kiss leaves a dopey smile on the boy in front of you’s face. He recovers after a few minutes of shock, leaning in close to you and surprising you with another kiss. This one’s a little longer, his mouth molding to yours and applying insistent pressure that leaves you slightly lightheaded. As Beomgyu leans back, he gives you a smirk matched with one of his signature cackling laughs.

    “I knew it.”


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