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    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Any txt and enhypen angst or smut request.Kinda wanted to write again after a long hiatus.

    A/n : Legal line only for smut.

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  • gyuuss
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Not Clickbait

    eleven “karma”

    wc: 1.6k
    warnings: suggestive (?) but not rlly
    notes: enjoy this poorly written chapter <333

    What you didn’t expect on a Sunday morning was for Beomgyu to knock at your door, a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a muffin in the other. He had his hood pulled over his head, shivering slightly in the freezing hallway.

    “Come in.” You spoke up, letting the boy walk past your door.

    “This is for you.” Beomgyu said, handing you the drink and treat with a neutral expression. You hesitantly took it, looking at him oddly. His mixed signals were sending your mind into a frenzy, and you weren’t sure how much longer you could handle it.

    “Why are you doing this?” You asked weekly, looking up at Beomgyu.

    “I’m sorry. I really am. I was a jerk and you don’t deserve that. I didn’t give you a chance but I will now, if you’ll accept me.” Beomgyu replied, making your eyes go wide. Now you were definitely making progress because you never expected such a sincere apology. Beomgyu looked guilty, his eyes silently pleading for you to forgive him.

    “It’s— it’s okay.” You sighed but Beomgyu instantly shook his head.

    “It’s not.” He said immediately.

    “Beomgyu, don’t beat yourself up over it. I forgive you.” You reassured him, making the man frown. He hated how forgiving and nice you are. Beomgyu wished that you didn’t accept his apology, he wanted you to hate him, he didn’t deserve your kindness.

    “How can you be so sweet to everyone?” Beomgyu asked softly, watching as you took a sip of your hot chocolate before humming in delight. He felt his lips quirk up slightly at the noise.

    “Like I said to you before, life’s too short to hold grudges. And besides, hating people is a waste of time. Why would you want to walk around with all that anger on your conscience?” You asked rhetorically, making Beomgyu think. You were pretty wise and Beomgyu knew he had a lot to learn from you.

    “So, can we start over?” Beomgyu asked, putting out his hand for you to shake. A real smile came over your face and you disregarded his hand, pulling Beomgyu into a hug. He froze against you, feeling shocked at the closeness. You were a clingy person and Beomgyu had forgotten about that. If he agreed to be friends, he would definitely have to get used to your touch.

    “I’m really glad that you decided to be mature.” You spoke up before taking a bite of your muffin. Beomgyu raised an eyebrow, giving you a long look.

    “Don’t look at me like that, you were being immature.” You added and Beomgyu rolled his eyes.

    “Whatever.” He mumbled before stealing a piece of your muffin. You gasped, watching as he put it in his mouth with an innocent expression.

    “I paid for it.” He defended, taking another piece. You snatched the treat away, playfully glaring at Beomgyu. A smirk took over his face as he tried to get more but you wouldn’t let him.

    “Leave me alone!” You yelled, running around the kitchen island, muffin in hand. You were possibly leaving crumbs all over the floor, but you didn’t mind at the moment. Beomgyu chuckled, trying to keep up with your fast pace.

    “Come on, let’s share!” Beomgyu said, attempting to trap you against the counter.

    “Fine, just get off me!” You replied, quickly handing him the plate. Beomgyu smiled and took the muffin, finally backing up. You hoped he didn’t notice your flustered expression, you couldn’t help but feel nervous whenever he was close. You were surprised that you worked up the courage to give Beomgyu a hug. Even if he simply brushed by you, that was enough to give you a heart attack.

    ‘Choi Beomgyu, the things you do to me’ You thought to yourself, watching as Beomgyu completely devoured your muffin.

    “Hey everyone, I am with Y/N and today we’re going shopping for Halloween decorations. She’s forcing me to decorate my ‘bland’ apartment. Her words, not mine.” Beomgyu introduced you to the camera, making sure that you were both visible in the frame.

    It was a rainy day but you still wanted to go out, claiming that the dark weather always made you happy. Beomgyu made fun of your attire, finding your bright yellow raincoat and green rain boots amusing.

    “Beomgyu is no fun guys. I had to force him to do this.” You commented, playfully rolling your eyes. Beomgyu chuckled, moving to stand near the street as you both waited for the bus.

    “We should move out of the way, that car is driving fast.” Beomgyu pointed out, noticing the large puddle by the sidewalk that would definitely splash you both.

    “Why?” You asked, your question being answered shortly as a wave of water came down on you. Beomgyu had successfully moved out of the way, the water only splashing on his shoes. You stood in shock, your clothes beginning to stick to your skin. Beomgyu burst out laughing, making sure the camera had caught it all.

    “I told you to move.” He shrugged, moving to stand back next to you. The glare on your face was murderous and Beomgyu was surprised when it was aimed towards him.

    “You’re not funny.” You deadpanned and Beomgyu couldn’t tell if you were kidding or not. He gave you a sheepish smile, trying to avoid your angry gaze.

    “I’m sor—” He apologized, being cut off by another wave of water. This time, Beomgyu was caught with you, his laughter ceasing once he was drenched. You tried to stifle your laughter, your past annoyance fading.

    “Karma.” You said simply, smiling at Beomgyu when he sent a glare your way.

    “We’ll be right back.” He said to the camera before turning it off and gesturing for you to follow him.

    “Where are we going?” You asked as you trailed behind Beomgyu.

    “My apartment. We’re not going to the store like this.” He replied, practically waddling as he walked due to the wet clothes that stuck to his skin. The two of you received odd looks from pedestrians, wondering why the two of you looked as if you rolled around in mud.

    “I didn’t bring any extra clothes.” You mumbled.

    “You can wear mine.” Beomgyu answered, giving you a small glance. The idea of wearing Beomgyu’s clothes made you feel flustered instantly. You had freaked out over wearing his jacket, you couldn’t imagine how you’d react to wearing even more of his stuff.

    “Does that make you nervous?” Beomgyu asked slowly, a small smirk on his face once he noticed how silent you got.

    “No!” You defended, way too quickly (and loudly) for it to sound believable. Beomgyu chuckled, obviously not buying your act of attempting to appear calm. The rest of the walk was silent with you following Beomgyu and trying to ignore stares.

    You were relieved once you both arrived at his apartment, wishing to get out of your dirty clothes. Beomgyu walked ahead of you to a closet, taking out a clean towel and washcloth.

    “You can use the shower first.” He spoke up, pointing to the door at the end of the hall. You thanked him with a smile, quickly heading to the bathroom. Once you closed the door, you started the shower and rid yourself of the wet clothes. You quickly got in, sighing in relief when the warm water hit your back. You loved rainy weather, but getting drenched in it wasn’t fun at all.

    Once you got out of the shower, you wrapped the clean towel around your body, looking for Beomgyu’s clothes until you made a dreadful realization. You never asked Beomgyu for clothes before you got in. Your heart rate began to pick up at the thought of going to Beomgyu when you were basically naked. There wasn’t any other option, unless you wanted to wear your dirty and wet clothes again.

    “I wanna die.” You mumbled to yourself before opening the door.

    You hesitantly knocked on his bedroom door and Beomgyu let you in, his eyes widening at your appearance. His face went red instantly and you realized that you had never seen Beomgyu flustered before.

    “I— I didn’t give you clothes?” He asked, trying his hardest to look you in the eyes. You nodded, feeling insanely embarrassed. Bemgyu dashed to his closet, grabbing a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants before handing it to you.

    “Do you have any boxers too?” You asked quietly, your embarrassment only growing. Beomgyu nodded, grabbing that for you as well.

    “I’m so sorry.” He apologized before you could leave. You didn’t spare him a second glance, quickly exiting Beomgyu’s room and going back to the bathroom. Your mind began to run wild, repeating the interaction over and over, driving you crazy. You had never seen Beomgyu act so embarrassed before, and that caused you to overthink. Was he judging you? P

    “Y/N, are you okay?” Beomgyu asked, knocking on the bathroom door. You looked up at the clock, realizing that you had been standing still for the past ten minutes.

    “Yeah, I’ll be out soon!” You replied, quickly snapping out of your daze and getting dressed. The clothes were quite big on you but they were still comfy nonetheless. Wearing Beomgyu’s clothes made you feel giddy, and you couldn’t help the small smile on your face when you put them on, your embarrassment slowly going away.

    “Thank you, Beomgyu.” You said to him, ignoring the way he obviously checked you out. Beomgyu nodded, staying silent as his eyes stayed on your figure.

    “Don’t you need to take a shower?” You asked, waving your hand in front of Beomgyu’s face to grab his attention.

    “Oh, yeah, sorry. I’ll be right back.” He rushed out, darting to the bathroom before you could say another word.

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  • gyuuss
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    pairing: choi beomgyu x gn!reader wc: 2k genre: angst + unrequited love warnings: major character death, mention of vomit + dead body notes: this is from my old blog @/igyus

    taglist @junityy @koishua @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @karsohn @yyxy27 @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742 @chaoticdreaminisode @hobistigma @yeoforce @butterfly-skinnylegend @abdiitcryy @fairybinie @chaibear3 @junniesavidreader @mobhasabob

    “I wish I could be with you all the time.” A small eight year old Beomgyu conveyed to you one day. The two of you were at his house, playing with a bunch of toys that he wanted to show off. You sat up straight, giving him your full attention.

    “What do you mean?” You asked, your eyes full of curiosity as you looked at Beomgyu. He let out a huff, blowing back a piece of hair that had fallen in front of his eye.

    “I get lonely when you leave, I wish we could play together all the time.” He explained with a pout and you nodded in agreement, frowning at the thought of your parents picking you up soon. If you were able to live with Beomgyu forever, then you would most definitely jump at the opportunity. The two of you always had so much fun together and you often missed his company.

    “Me too! My mom was watching a movie once and I heard someone say ‘I want to be by your side always, even in your dreams’ and I think that applies to us. I wish I could always be by your side even when we take naps.” You said innocently, watching as a smile crossed Beomgyu’s face at the idea.

    “I wish I could be your nap so I could dream with you, if that even makes sense.” Beomgyu sighed, idly rolling his toy car back and forth on the green rug. You nodded with a smile, watching Beomgyu as you both went silent.

    “Promise you’ll always be by my side, no matter what. Even when we grow old and die? We might not be able to stay together in dreams, but we can hang out all the time.” Beomgyu spoke up after a moment, holding out his pinky finger. It may have sounded morbid, but it wasn’t that big of a deal to two children who thought they had all the time in the world. You chuckled, linking your pinky with his and sealing the promise.

    “Of course!” You replied, your innocence preventing you from the thought that being by Beomgyu’s side forever would almost be impossible. But of course, you were only eight and thought nearly anything was possible.

    The two of you were fifteen when you made that promise again.

    You were sitting on Beomgyu’s bed, watching as he wrote down lyrics but quickly scribbled over them if he didn’t like it. It was a new hobby of his, even if it made his temper rise a bit. Beomgyu let out a frustrated groan, running a hand through his hair. You slowly stood up from the bed, walking over to Beomgyu’s desk. You stood behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and resting your chin on the crown of his head.

    “Are you stuck?” You asked, feeling Beomgyu shake his head ‘yes’ in response. You smiled to yourself, knowing how easily frustrated Beomgyu could get when lyrics didn’t just pour out of him.

    “What if you write about soulmates? Like being bonded together for life.” You suggested letting go of Beomgyu and watching as he turned to look at you.

    “It’s just been on my mind a lot recently so that’s why I have the idea.” You said shyly when Beomgyu shot you an odd look.

    “How come?” He asked, curious as to why you brought it up. The sudden attention from him made you nervous and you avoided his gaze with an awkward chuckle.

    “I remembered our promise when we were little. To always stay by each other, even in our dreams. I thought it was cute.” You shrugged, looking away in embarrassment. When Beomgyu didn’t respond, you looked back up, watching as he furiously scribbled down lyrics on a piece of paper. You looked down at the sheet, your eyes running over the words he had just written.

    “I want to be your nap so I can dream with you no matter when, as if nothing happend. On a sunset evening, even in the night when the sky is dark. My heart is full of you.” You mumbled out loud, a small smile overtaking your face. Your heart nearly burst at the reference of what you and Beomgyu used to say to each other when you were younger.

    “That’s beautiful, Gyu.” You sighed, looking down at the boy. He had already been looking at you, and glanced away with a flustered expression.

    “Thanks. You inspired me— you always do.” He said softly, nearly whispering the last part of his sentence. You stayed silent, sparing him the embarrassment and trying your best to keep your smile to yourself.

    “Will you be my nap so that way you can always dream with me?” Beomgyu joked, referencing his lyrics and what you used to say to each other. He held out his pinky, reminding you of simpler times. You smiled, sealing the promise even if it didn’t have the same impact as when you were kids.

    “My heart is full of you.” You referenced, making Beomgyu smile and blush slightly. If only you knew the effect you had on him.

    You were both in your twenties when you met up with Beomgyu over winter break.

    It had been years since you both went your separate ways, and you had missed him so much. Parting from him had to be one of the worst things you ever had to do. Beomgyu ended up staying in Seoul, but he didn’t hold you back from going abroad. He wanted you to be happy, even if he couldn’t be by your side like he wanted.

    Beomgyu hugged you tightly at the airport, wanting to bawl like a baby as he held you close and inhaled your signature scent that always calmed him. The two of you caught up with each other, continuing your conversation as you got to the car. Once you buckled up it was then that Beomgyu noticed the ring. He froze, his body going rigid as his eyes focused on the silver band around your left ring finger.

    You noticed his gaze, happily explaining that you had gotten engaged. Beomgyu was sure that his heart actually shattered at the moment. He congratulated you, putting on a fake smile to cover up his disappointment before driving off. The car ride was quiet and you could sense that Beomgyu was upset. He almost never stopped talking when he was around you, even on the phone.

    “Beomgyu, what’s wrong?” You asked, earning no response from the man beside you. You tapped his arm and he pulled away harshly making you frown.

    “We just met up and you’re already pissed? What did I do?” You asked, your voice raising in anger. Beomgyu didn’t reply, keeping his eyes on the road as he continued to ignore you. You huffed in annoyance, wondering why he began to act so immature all of a sudden.

    “Damnit Beomgyu, answer me! This was supposed to be a relaxing trip. I don’t want tension between us.” You said, trying to get his attention once more. It was a mistake and Beomgyu knew it, but that was when he confessed. The time was completely inappropriate, but he knew that you were going to keep nagging until the truth came out.

    Of course the confession didn’t make you feel better, it made you feel overwhelmed. You couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that your best friend loved you for years and kept it hidden. And how he waited so long to tell you. A fight didn’t need to break out, but you were both fed up and exhausted. Calling each other selfish and throwing names around made the situation worse. You had told Beomgyu it was too late and it was his fault for waiting so long. That sentence alone took his concentration off the road.

    It had been too late when a truck slammed into the side of the car, knocking you both into another car before the vehicle flipped over completely.

    Beomgyu could only remember the scene in fragments, but one thing that would forever stick out was the sight of your lifeless eyes staring back at him. If he thought about it too hard, he always found himself retching up his food over the toilet. That day haunted him, so many sleepless nights thinking about what could’ve been. Regret crawled over him like bugs and he just couldn’t shake the feeling. It was hell.

    A couple weeks later, Beomgyu sat at a desk in the corner of his childhood room, a pen in his hand that hovered over a crumpled piece of paper. He stared down at the empty sheet in anger, tears forming in his eyes. The boy sighed, slamming the pen down on the desk and leaning back in his chair. He shut his eyes tightly, letting tears of despair roll down his cheeks.

    Beomgyu wasn’t sure how to cope with your passing. He tried pouring out his emotions into a song, hoping that writing down his feelings on paper would help. It didn’t. Beomgyu had many feelings about your death, guilt, hopelessness, regret, anger. He felt overwhelmed, his mind in shambles and he couldn’t think straight. He wished that he could feel the warmth of your arms wrapping around his shoulders once more that would inspire him to write something.

    Feeling guilt for a person’s death had to be the worst feeling in the world. He had only read about it, but Beomgyu never expected for it to happen to him. If only he had been more careful, if only he had been watching the road. Every time he thought about the incident, he could feel his chest tighten uncomfortably.

    He killed you, all because he couldn’t keep his temper under control. And that was the worst burden he had to carry with him.

    You had so many dreams, so many aspirations. Beomgyu remembered you explaining to him everything you wanted to accomplish in life. It was admirable to watch, the way you excitedly explained your plans with stars in your eyes. You were always so hopeful, so encouraging. Beomgyu wished he could’ve been just as encouraging about your engagement. You weren’t the selfish one, he was, and that just made Beomgyu feel even worse once he realized. He had taken everything away from you because he was being selfish.

    Beomgyu opened his desk drawer, about to put the piece of paper away before he saw something else that caught his eye.

    It was the song he had written years ago, the one about you. ‘Nap of Star’, the story of two lovers wanting to stay together forever, even in their dreams. Beomgyu held the paper in his hand as he looked over the lyrics, tears making his vision blurry and the words blend together.

    ‘I want to be your nap so I can dream with you no matter when, as if nothing happened’

    The single line alone made Beomgyu cry, pouring out all of his pent up emotions from the week. He covered his mouth to muffle his sobs, not wanting to wake his parents in the late hours. The paper under him became soaked with his tears, but Beomgyu didn’t care. He wanted to burn the sheet, as it was a painful reminder of the simpler times he had with you.

    Oh how Beomgyu wished the two of you could stay in dreamland, having hope for the future and believing that nothing could go wrong. He wished to go back to the time when he first started the song, maybe he could’ve confessed then.

    Beomgyu often hoped you would show up in his dreams like you said you would as a kid, knowing that you would tell him to stop crying and that everything would work out. He wished for that same innocence he had first made the promise to you.

    The man sighed as he put the lyrics away, trying to hold back more tears as he tugged on his hair. The more he sat in silence by himself, the more his mind began to wander. It was then he came to a sickening realization that made him let out a choked sob.

    Beomgyu did end up staying with you until death, just not in the way he expected.

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  • honey-hao
    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    day twenty | c. bg | txt

    content: afab!reader, dom!reader, pegging, buttplug use, beomgyu sucks off a dildo for a bit, dirty talk, mild degradation?, 350 words

    “Gonna be a good boy, please,” he says softly, voice broken and uneven as his arms shake, the stimulation of the vibrating butt plug too much for him to handle as you thrust it gently in and out of him with lazy thrusts. “Fuck me already,” Beomgyu begs, his muscles tensing as you turn up the vibrations with a simple click.

    “Mm, I don’t know, ‘Gyu, I think you look good like this,” you pout at him mockingly as he gives you puppy eyes, trying his hardest to entice you to touch him more. “Less work for me too.”

    Beomgyu opens his mouth, but all that comes out is a moan as you press the head of the plug against his prostate, and you smile smugly. “I guess I could give you my cock,” you sigh, grabbing the strap from where it sits next to you on the mattress. You toss it towards his head, and your smirk gets wider as he stares at it with wide, needy eyes. “Suck. Need it wet to fuck you, don’t I?”

    He whimpers and immediately bows his head to the silicone, lapping at it eagerly, kitten licking the tip as if you could feel the sensation as he slowly takes in the whole length and hollows his cheeks around him. Beomgyu pulls back to spit on it and spread the spit with his hand, unstable and shaky as he removes that support, before lowering his mouth to it again.

    After a minute or two of watching your needy boy, you pull it away from his mouth, pleased to hear the disgruntled whine that leaves him as you take the toy. You pull the buttplug out with a pop, and attach the strap-on easily, practiced movements not taking more than a few seconds before you’re easily thrusting into his needy hole, the fake cock sucked in as he clenches around it.

    You snap your hips forward, relishing in the moans he lets out as you set a punishing pace. “Now, be a good boy, and take it. You wanted my cock, you’re getting it.”


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  • auraelia-lia
    20.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Imagine laying in SOOBIN's arms after a long day, him playing with your hair as you cuddle closer into him, legs splayed over his torso.

    Just the two of you in a messy pile of blankets and pillows, pressing lazy, long kisses along his jaw as he lets out shy giggles.

    A/n- if you guys have any reqs please do ask, I'll try my best to write them :)

    (also I'll only be writing for TXT, enhypen, bts and maybe skz)

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  • verytalented
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    What Happen Last Night

    → Pairings: Yeonjun x black reader → Group; Tomorrow X Together → Pronouns; She; her → Genre; Smut, Fluff. → Warning; female receiving, Male receiving, oral sex, Aftercare, oral sex, multiple sex scenes. → Summary; After a one-nightstand, you try to reconnect with you the guy you had a one-nightstand with. Can you two talk it out? Or are guys going to stay apart? Read more to see. word Count; 1,460 Master list A/N; Sorry for the long wait. @olamidey -😎💚

    “Come on his cute give him a shot.” Your friend yelled to you over the loud music. You rolled your eyes. “The only thing that I’m gonna give shot be to is this drink”. You were currently at the club with a group of your friends, because they drag you out of your cozy apartment on your day off to go to the club with them. Of course, you didn’t mind since it’s has been a while. Anyway, you were still ready for your day off though; but you didn't mind spending time with your best friends. "He's cute give him a chance, and besides you haven't gotten laid in how long?" You felt embarrassed by the sudden call out by your friend. "Hey! don't say that about me, And you know I went through a break up leave me alone," you replied while sipping on your drink. Suddenly one of your friends grabs your arm and drags you over to the table of boys. It was five of them. One thing you didn't expect is for all of them to be very handsome. "Heyy, me and my friends want to come over here with you guys if that's okay." you looked away from the boys looking at you with curious eyes. Being a foreigner in Korea you tend to get a lot of stares so you didn't mind at first. But it's different when you're in front of handsome men. "Sure we don't mind," One of the boys said you didn't know who. - More time has passed, you started to loosen up around them and you even learned their names. The youngest one was Huening kai, the nicest one was Taehyun, the brat was Beomgyu, the tallest one was Soobin, and last but not least the one that was talking to you all night is Yeonjun. After getting to know the five boys. Yeonjun asked you to come back place with him. You hate to agree with your friends at times, but you need to get laid. His apartment was super nice. "Would you like to drink Y/N?" he asked leading you to his living room. "No I'm fine I'll like to stay sober." you smiled at him and laid down on his couch. "You're very pretty Y/N did you know that," he said to you. "Thanks" you felt butterflies from just a silly compliment. You couldn't help these emotions you two only meet tonight. After relaxing on his couch for a bit; one thing lead to another you ended in his room naked laying on his silk sheets moaning his name. "You like that don't you Y/N." You whimper at the tone of his voice. "fuck answer me Y/N" he stopped and his movements "i-it feels so good." he smirked. "Good girl you like this dick". His dick was surrounded by your pussy. "Look what you do to me Y/N". He began to thrust inside of you harder causing your back to arch. He hit your sweet spot over and over again. He went down to your neck kissing it. "You feeling amazing," he said still kissing you on your neck. You couldn't help but let out a pleasurable sigh at the way he makes you feel. "You make me feel amazing Yeonjun." blush appeared all over his face. "I'm glad I make you feel good." He said to you lovingly. Just him being loving pushes you to the edge. You knew that he was close his thrust started to get sloppy. He went down to your ear as you where ready to come. “that’s it come all over this dick” as soon as he said that you came all over his dick. After just one more thrust he pulled out and came on your tummy. “Woah that felt amazing” you said. “ I bet it was let’s get you cleaned up. He pick you up from his bed and walked over to his bathroom. He got a warm towel and clean up the cum that was still on you. He than started to run the bath water for the both of you. After a few minutes your body was met with a warm bubbly bath tub. You muscle relaxer in the water. Yeonjun got in behind you and you two soak in the water together. Once you two where done you laid back down in his bed and cuddled and went to sleep peacefully. - The next morning you woke up first with a massive headache. You got out of bed to find your clothes and phone. Good thing he was sound asleep. You had a good night last night but you needed to get to work. You change into you dress you had on the the night before and called in Uber on your phone. You left

    his apart with a bad feeling you just brushed it off not wanting to over think like you always do. As soon as you got home you change into a your work clothes, and made your way to the big parking garage. You didn’t want to miss this interview. You had to be the one to interview a bunch of people today so you knew it was going to be a hard day today. You finally made it to work with only a minute to spare you Clocked in for the day. - “So how was it last night” you friend as you was wiping a warm cup of coffee. You nervous all of a sudden. “He was amazing. To be honest his better than my ex.” You giggle. You friend looked at you and shocked. “What?” You looked back at them. “I just didn’t expect for you to be this bold” your sipped on there coffee still looking shook. “Anyway I have a big interview to do.” You pick up your bag in made your way to your small office; leaving you friend shocked. - You sat down in you seat wait for the first person to come in. After a couple of minutes there was a knock at your door. “come in”, you said softly. “Sorry, I’m late,” A man replied. “No you’re-" you looked up only to meet with the eyes of Yeonjun. “Yeonjun!-” “Y/N!-" You cleared your throat. “Anyway sit down so we can began our interview” he sat down in glared at you. You have never seen him in a suit and to be fair he looks good in it. You can’t deny that this kinda turns you on. That fact that you’re more nervous than him says a lot and not to mention that you felt bad leaving this morning. After the interview, he was still there in front of you. “Y/N maybe we should talk about something more than just this interview”. Your mind went straight to what happen last night. “Look I’m sorry for leaving you this morning with out saying anything but I really needed to be here” you looked at him with pleading eyes. The only thing he did was a smirk. “Would you like to cheer me up?” You felt of swarm of butterflies in your tummy. He got out of his seat walking over to you. He leans down to look into your eyes and held on to your chin making you look into his eyes. “Come on it only takes a yes. After the all your the one that left.” You look away from his gaze. You nodded your head yes. “Great choice” “Now do me favor, baby girl and get on your knees” you switch positions now he was in you chair in you where on your knees; sitting in front of his semi-hard dick picking through his pants. You where quick to undo his belt because you wanted to make him feel. This is your way of apologizing. You pulled his pants down just enough for his dick to pop out. You held his dick in you hands and started to stroke in slowly. He hisses at your actions. “Don’t be a tease baby”. You started so long licks up and down his dick making him moan. “Fuck y/n” he grab onto the back of your neck. You then put your whole mouth on his dick. You began to suck on his dick. “Just like that-“ he moaned loudly. You pulled off his dick for a second. “Shh, I don’t want them to hear you.” He smirk at you “but that’s the fun of it.” You rolled your eyes. You continue sucking harder on his dick and using your hands for parts you could reach. His breathing started to get heavy you can tell he was so close. “Oh y/n just like that… shit”. “Shit I can’t hold it” he squeezed his eyes shut and thrust into your mouth coming down your throat. You swallowed ever last drop of his semen. “Good girl” “Now what about round 2," he smirks. Like and reblog

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  • ib9gyu
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    txt when you randomly kiss them !

    warnings: none <3 content: fluff wc: 464

    𖦹 yeonjun

    ─ cocky asf. he would be like beomgyu, saying stuff like "you cant resist not kissing me for one second" but he still loves when you randomly show affection :( you'll definitely have him flustered even if he doesn't express it . he often shows skinship so it comforts him in a way when your affectionate . "can i get another one" and then he'll ask for a hundred more . expect him to have a big fat smile on his face for the rest of the day .

    𖦹 soobin

    ─ he'd simply just stop . he doesn't show any emotion for a hot millisecond then he'll smile so big it physically hurts . he gets sososo shy and just giggles even after the matter . probably goes for another kiss and just smiles into it

    𖦹 beomgyu

    ─ yeonjun 2.0 . if you kiss him randomly, he'll more than likely make fun of you . but its only to show how much he actually loves it . this man will blush, giggle, all of the above . he probably will just bring you into a hug and stay there (so you dont see his burning face) . actually he's glad you initiated it because he would never blatantly ask . he will cling onto you for the rest of the day labeling it as "making sure you don't get lonely"

    𖦹 taehyun

    ─ he would go 😐 . then he would just smile like so cute . he would be so flustered help him . would probably hold your hand and place soft kisses on it :( . like beomgyu, hes glad you made the first move cause he's too scared to maybe cross a boundary, like he isn't sure if you would feel comfortable if he kissed you but little by little he'll get there . he strikes me as the person to do a bunch of romantic activities to show his love, so he'll ask you "do you wanna bake something later" or "do you wanna watch the stars tonight", say yes pls 🙏

    𖦹 huening kai

    ─ for some reason, he's shocked. like is my girlfriend kissing me 😱😱 . this boy would not know what to do . he would be dark red and giggling so much . he'll be really affectionate after though . he also seems like the type that usually shows skinship so its odd for him to see you doing it . if it happens while you guys are watching a movie or something, be ready to get hugged up on and smothered in smooches.

    ©ib9gyu ─ no translations or reposts permitted

    thanks to @xysthe for giving me the idea 💋
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  • sunghun
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    oh, baby!

    social media AU - jay x reader x beomgyu

    synopsis: working at the ever busy Hybe Bakery was not your definition of a fun summer, no matter how much you needed the money. however life seems to pick up speed with the appearance of a new, very cute, regular. but what does this mean for the crush you have on your oh-so-oblivious co-worker?

    genre: non-idol/bakery!au, comedy, romance, love-triangle, light angst

    status: coming soon!!

    updates: TBA

    taglist: OPEN (send an ask to be added!)

    🤍 profiles: glucose guardians | single laid ease | gold diggers

    #txt imagines#txt scenarios #txt x reader #enhypen imagines #enhypen social media au #txt smau #enhypen x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu imagines #jay park x reader #enhypen jay scenarios #enhypen jay imagines
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  • beomjundiaries
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    soft hands - s.rj

    pairing: collegegal!ryujin x gn!reader

    content: fluff (slightly suggestive)

    warning: intentionally fully lowercase, college party, drinking, etc.

    word count: 729 words

    summary: just a cute little drabble about meeting ryujin at a college party. a cute lil interaction, between ryujin and a person she had her eyes on for a while. aka just ryujin saving y/n from a drunk frat boy at a party (ps i don't actually see jaehyun like the way he is portrayed this is purely a work of fiction.)

    another weekend, another party that their best friend beomgyu was dragging them to. "c'mon y/n at least pretend to have fun." he groaned playfully pushing them to the door, on the other side of it is a sea of people, loud music, and alcohol. "we deserve this, this is like celebrating the end of midterm week!"

    "i'd rather be sitting at home, binging a drama, eating snacks." they rolled their eyes as they spoke.

    beomgyu opened the door while saying, "i'll be the designated sober person for tonight, so please for the love of everything good, let loose and have fun." y/n only nodded promised with their eyes that they would try.

    so there y/n was standing off the side with a red solo cup in their hands. slightly swaying their hips every time a song they liked played. they would acknowledge some people as they spoke to them. indulging in the small talk so they wouldn't seem standoffish. their eyes scanning the crowd looking for beomgyu, wondering when they could go home. it's like he was invading y/n because he knew that once they met eyes they would take it as a sign that they could leave.

    "hey there gorgeous." y/n looked up being met with a cocky smirk.

    "hi..." they trailed off obvious that they were not interested.

    "the name is jung jaehyun, i haven't seen you around here before, but the party won't see the two of us for much longer." he said taking a sip from his beer and sending a wink their way.

    y/n shook their head, and said, "sorry i am not interested, i'm here with a friend."

    "c'mon angel don't be like that, i am just trying to have a little fun."

    the obviously buzzed man kept trying, kept shooting his shot, as y/n kept shooting him down. y/n scanned the crowd for beomgyu trying to find a way out of the situation so that they could go home. in scanning the crowd their eyes met the eyes of a girl with blond and black hair. she looked so familiar but they couldn't put their finger on where they'd seen her before. little did y/n know is that the girl had her eyes on them basically since they walked through the door. y/n shot a look to the girl as kind of a last hope.

    ryujin, with a nonchalant stride walked up next to y/n and wrapped her arm around their waist. "hey baby, i've been looking everywhere for you." she said looking at y/n. she continued, "i was starting to think you left without me." she let out a laugh and then turned to face jaehyun. even though she was quite a bit shorter than him she stood her ground.

    "i know i'm sorry the line for the bathroom was so long, and when i got back i was looking for you but i couldn't find you." y/n apologized, playing along still confused as to where they knew her from.

    "you two here together?" jaehyun asked with a smirk, he added, "i mean i wouldn't be opposed to that, the three of us could have some fun tonight."

    ryujin shook her head, "dream on." she said confidently . the girl spun on her heels causing y/n to turn too. she led them outside holding their hand and they sat down together on the curb. "are you okay, y/n?"

    y/n was surprised, "i mean yeah, thanks to you, but how do you know...?" sure ryujin looked familiar to them but they still couldn't figure out where they knew her.

    "oh uhm we are in the same photography class, with mrs. son. i'm ryujin." she explained scratching the back of her neck with her free hand awkwardly.

    "ahhh yes! ryujin, you recently got into the showcase right?" y/n asked as if a lightbulb went off in their head. that lightbulb was accompanied with a bright smile.

    ryujin nodded as a light pink dusted across her cheeks. she blurted out accidentally, "i like holding your hand, it is soft."

    y/n smiled, and they don't know if it was the alcohol in their system or what, but they brought her hand to their lips placing a soft kiss on the knuckles, "well maybe you should hold it more often."

    "i'd love that!" ryujin exclaimed, a big sweet smile taking over her face.

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  • txlovesong
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ❊ beomgyu x afab reader

    ❀ genre: smut, fluff

    ✧ word count: 0.9 k

    ✼ warning: unprotected sex, partially clothed sex, mild exhibitionism, bulge kink, slight size kink, dacryphilia, creampie

    ₓ˚. ୭ — [ 2:03 pm ]

    beomgyu adjusted the blanket over the two of you, grabbing your hips and pulling you in closer to feel his hardness press through his sweats. he had been whining in your ear for the past 20 minutes, rubbing himself against you and trying to convince you that he could “fuck you quietly”.

    you, however, had been hesitant considering it was midday and someone could walk in at any moment, arguing it was better to wait until the later hours when everyone was asleep. but beomgyu was stubborn. and as he continued to beg so prettily, pressing small kisses to your temple, you could no longer ignore the aching between your thighs.

    “please, y/n.”

    he ground his erection into your behind once again, making you whimper.


    now having your permission, beomgyu hurriedly pulled down your panties along with his boxers, not bothering with the upper halves of your bodies. you giggled slightly at his eagerness, finding it endearing. butterflies spreading in your tummy at how badly he needed you.

    but the grin swiftly left your lips, gasping as he slipped inside.

    the stretch was heavenly, and without considering his hushed moans, it was cute how your tight pussy clenching around his throbbing cock finally shut him up.

    he started off with slow, deep thrusts, gradually picking up the pace. the feeling of having him so deep, bumping against your cervix was beyond satisfying, the impact making small tears build at the corner of your eyes.

    “feels so good” you mumbled dazedly, turning your head to look back at him, wanting to see his face.

    beomgyu’s eyes were shut, eyebrows furrowed, cheeks flushed, mouth hanging open. already so fucked out. he feels you facing him and brushes his nose against yours, taking your hand in his and intertwining your fingers.

    with his strong arms holding your smaller frame so close to his body, filling you up so perfectly, all you could think about was him. his warmth, his voice. being so rough yet so gentle. he knew exactly how to make you lose your mind.

    without stopping his thrusts he ran his hand across your lower stomach, pressing on the bulge, gazing down with lidded eyes, always mesmerized by how your bodies fit together so beautifully.

    “feel me here?” he whispered breathlessly. the eye contact made you blush, and you respond with a vigorous nod, not trusting your ability to keep your voice down.

    his hands travelled further to pull your shirt up, brushing against your nipples and massaging your breasts while kissing your neck, letting out the prettiest moans.

    it was almost too much.

    you were so wet at this point, dripping onto his thighs and the sheets. the sound of him slamming into you was getting obscenely loud, so you whimpered for him to slow down, fearing someone hearing.

    beomgyu complied, settling on filling you up to the hilt with sharp, shallow thrusts, angling his hips upward.

    somehow he was able to reach even deeper, making you suddenly cry out, prompting him to put his hand over your mouth, muffling your next words.

    “beomgyu, i’m close.”

    you felt so safe, so content under his grip. there was something about the way he fucked you while trying to be as quiet as possible, desperately clinging onto your body. the intimacy of the moment making your heart beat faster and eyes well up.

    the tears staining your cheeks rolled down onto beomgyu’s hand, and he felt his chest bloom with pride knowing he made you feel that good.

    “it’s okay, baby, you’re okay” he murmured, kissing your tears away as his own climax drew near.

    the increased affection made your snug walls clench impossibly tighter around him, and he couldn’t control the whines that left his lips, finally dragging you both over the edge. your head fell back onto his shoulder, moaning at the feeling of his hot cum spilling into you. he sloppily thrust a few more times, riding out your orgasms.

    you relaxed into each other as you caught your breaths. beomgyu eventually pulled out and watched his seed dribble out of you, not being able to resist pushing his cock into you once more, repeating the process.

    “fuck,” he mumbled to himself, “so pretty.”

    you whined, turning around in his embrace as he lifted his head to look around the room for something to clean up the mess with, grabbing the paper roll on the nightstand.

    he went to wipe the stickiness between your legs, making you yelp at the sudden contact.

    “that tickles” you laughed. he looked up at you and let out a chuckle at seeing your dishevelled state, ruffled hair and all. finishing up he threw away the paper before cuddling up to you under the covers, smiling as he pressed his lips to yours, tongues lazily tangling together in fervour.

    “you think anyone heard?” you pulled away to ask him, giggling at his serious expression as he squeezed his eyes shut.

    “who cares” he groaned, grabbing your face in his hands, pulling you back into a sweet kiss.

    the tips of his fingers traced patterns on your back, making your eyelids feel heavier. he hummed at the feeling of your nails softly massaging his scalp, and soon enough you both drifted away into a peaceful slumber, happy to be in each other’s arms.

    #is this too much to ask for🥺 #gyu soft dom supremacy #istg i didnt mean to write for beomgyu once again #next time itll be for another member but what can i say #my head is full of him🤨 #choi beomgyu#beomgyu#beomgyu smut#beomgyu fluff#beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #beomgyu scenarios #beomgyu x y/n #beomgyu x you #beomgyu fic#beomgyu drabbles#beomgyu timestamps#beomgyu oneshots#txt fic#txt imagines#txt smut#txt fluff #txt x y/n #txt x reader #txt scenarios#txt fanfic#txt drabbles#txt timestamps#txt oneshots
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  • junityy
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    PLAY: #1 HEARTBREAKER ㅡ 02: y/n dating era ?!

    wc: 622

    After starting your day without any motivation whatsoever, you are now waiting for your friends in front of the entrance. More like in front of the college and among other students you will be seeing everyday from now on.

    First one of your friends to show up is Yeji, then Ryujin together with Felix and lastly Jisung. Once you're all together and clearly looking like a friend group of five to probably everyone around you, some other students give you some looks since you're the new ones.

    Some of them are laughing, whispering, checking you out or simply surprised because they didn't expect to see new people today.

    To not waste any more time and be late on your first day you go in, hoping you will find your classroom fast enough. And to your surprise, you actually do.

    Meanwhile you try to not be too negative about going to a new college, Beomgyu is, unlike you for now, happily on his way to his classroom.

    He walked past you guys earlier and you immediately caught his attention - meaning he plans on approaching you later today for one ugly reason.


    "See? Wasn't that bad." Jisung says after closing his locker, looking directly at you and teasing you in some way.

    "Yeah yeah, wasn't that bad." you sigh and agree with him, making your friends laugh a little.

    "Alright but let's go, I feel kind of watched." Ryujin notes as she looks around, making eye contact with some other students who she has never seen before.

    "You guys can go, I'll go to the toilet real quick." you shortly laugh, making your way to the bathroom you went past earlier.

    But unfortunately, you run into another student by accident which is why you flinch immediately. And before you can say something, the boy in front of you speaks up.

    "I'm sorry I'm- I wasn't paying attention. Well, obviously." he laughs, looking at you before he quickly picks up his notebook which he dropped.

    You realize you might as well should've helped him when he looks at you again, but the boy looks almost too pretty to even say something to him.

    "Yeah no- me neither, sorry." you add, nervously laughing because it seems like he won't take his eyes off of you.

    "Uh, you're new, right?" Beomgyu asks, actually enjoying like he's clueless a little too much.

    "I am. My friends and I transferred here because our old college got shut down." you sigh at the memory of it.

    "Oh, well, sorry to hear that." the boy says, looking actually surprised.

    "I'm Beomgyu." he says with a smile. Like he hasn't had this conversation about a million times before.

    "Y/N." like expected, Beomgyu receives a warm smile back. And unlike his, yours is genuine.

    "So, Y/N. How was your first day?" is the next thing Beomgyu asks you, trying to make some conversation and like always, it works.

    "I'd say normal? But a lot of people were staring at us, so yeah." sighing, Beomgyu chuckles.

    "Yeah I'd almost say that's normal here whenever we have new students, sorry about that." he adds, laughing shortly.

    "You're sorry?" repeating, you frown at him in confusion.

    "Guess I was one of them?" Beomgyu nervously chuckles before continuing.

    "I don't know it's just.. you're really pretty and I mean, you seem nice as well. I was wondering if maybe- I could get your number?" acting like the shy boy, he got faster and faster while speaking - at least at the end.

    And when Beomgyu sees your smile once you realized what he just asked you, he knows it worked once again. His stupid 'Sorry I ran into you' technique. It always does.

    "Yeah, sure."

    previous | masterlist | next

    taglist (open): @gyuury @iyeonjuni @gyuuss @m-ak6 @tyunni @yjwfav @eternallyhyucks @atinyyylove @gyuville @ib9gyu @fairybinie @rjsmochii @baekhyunstruly @bluhr @enhacolor @liliansun @pr0dbeomgyu @nyujjan @msxflower @squiishymeow

    send an ask to be added to the taglist! (no comments, they will be ignored)

    #play: no1 heartbreaker #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu smau #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu imagines#beomgyu fluff#beomgyu smau #txt x reader #txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt fluff#txt smau #tomorrow x together x reader #tomorrow x together texts #txt texts
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  • auraelia-lia
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just want someone to hold me close as I cry, whispering into my ear that everything's going to be okay and pressing soft kisses on my forehead and neck. Want that someone to sing me songs while I calm down against their chest.

    Also want that someone to be Kang Taehyun smh.

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  • mehoneybear
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    txt during sex.


    absolutely loves when you praise his body. that's the secret to make him horny. an "your abs is so sexy" here, "i'd love to feel your hands around my throat" there and soon he's putting you on fours and giving you the best orgasm you've ever had. the law of return is essential on a relationship with soobin, he gives back what he receives.


    also likes to be praised but rather praise you instead. this man was raised to be a gentleman, he likes to eat you out saying how beautiful your body is and how good you're taking him. he starts slowly, prioritizing foreplay so you're as wet as possible (he's worried bc he doesn't want to hurt you), and showers you on compliments and kisses when you get used to his size.


    always, in any situation, asks you to ride him. it's his favorite thing to do. when you're bouncing on top of him and he got your tiddies on his hands, the sweat dripping on his forehead, mouth pouring non senses when he reaches his orgasm. he grabs your ass to help you finish, because you're so tired, but you don't want to stop until he releases his seed into you.


    will certainly put his sex playlist when you're making love. yes, making love. he completely gets in the mood when you're sucking him with r&b playing on the background and he won't stop until the playlist is over, so you need to be prepared, because you'll be tangled up on him all night long.


    loves fucking you face to face (probably his favorite position is missionary), put your legs around his waist so he goes as deep as he can, enough to kiss your cervix. he'll whisper dirty words on your ear and spread hot kisses through your neck while slowly penetrating into you, he likes the way your body trembles when you're cuming around his dick desperately.

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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    **✿❀LINE 13: IT'S COMPLICATED❀✿**


    y/n cursed out loud, when she realised that she had went to her shift in a hurry, so she left her house key with ryujin, who was napping at that time.

    just seconds after that, the bell rang, indicating there's a customer. she quickly went behind the counter with a smile plastered on her face, the smile faltering not long after when she saw that it was just taehyun.

    "haha so i have a funny story, mine's with ryujin. in my defense, i didnt know you're gonna be such a forgetful person, leaving your keys home like that," she quickly said, of course, also throwing some shades in.

    "you're unbelievable, how are we gonna enter the house then?" he asked, sounding frustrated.

    "why are you acting like im the only one to blame here? can you relax, doesnt beomgyu has your spare keys?" she sounded pissed off, but lowered her voice nonetheless, not wanting to attract the customers' attentions.

    "fine, i'll ask him,"



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    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Beomgyu SFW Alphabet

    Mellow speaks: My first Beomgyu work! And with this, my Alphabet series will be taking a break! I'll be doing my other requests before I come back to a couple more I have for this, since I received them only recently. I hope you enjoy reading this, and thank you for requesting anonie! Also, the format of this one is a little different from the previous ones (and I'm hella annoyed with this) bc Tumblr is being weird again. Sorry about that!

    A = Attractive (What do they find attractive about the other?)

    There's a lot that goes through Beomgyu's mind, even if he doesn't always show it. He's always been one to think deeply about things, and have a lot of emotions, even though they might not be easily perceptible. He would want someone who can understand his emotional frequency, and is willing to be on the same page as him. He finds himself being attracted to someone who can take his jokes well, but can also undertsand when he's his more melancholy mood. Someone that won't judge him for literally being two people in one, and will instead love him for it. B = Baby (Do they want a family? Why/Why not?)

    He's thought of settling down one day, but since he's still young, that "one day" still seems pretty far away. But he's definitely down for having a family with you, and can't help but feel giddy at the mere thought of having his kids running around his house. Though he's never given it much importance, when he starts going out with you, he slowly starts seeing a future with you. C = Cuddle (How do they cuddle?)

    Being his clingy self, Beomgyu has to have his arms around you every moment he can. He especially loves being attached to you while you watch a movie sitting on the couch, his head in your lap or snuggled into your chest. He prefers being the small spoon most of the time, having his face hidden away into your chest or even your back, but at times, he will agree to being the big spoon, especially if it means he gets to have you seated on his lap as he plays with your hands.

    D = Dates

    (What are dates with them like?) Dates with Beomgyu can go two ways, and there's usually no in-between. Very often, he likes taking you out on fun day outs, either to the amusement park, to a concert, or even to a paintball class. He loves being outdoors, and if you're the type to be down for it too, then expect to often be dragged out of the house, even if you don't have anything planned. On the other hand, there are frequently also days when all he wants to do is cuddle with you in bed, or near the window sill, just looking out the glass. Such instances are more common when the weather is gloomy, since Beomgyu is the type to let his mood be affected by whether or not it's raining. Just having you in his arms, with a cup of hot chocolate to share, is enough to satisfy him.

    E = Everything

    (You are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world…)) To him, you're his happiness. The person who makes him want to be a better version of himself, who pushes him to do his best every day. Your mere existence is enough to give him strength when he's down, you're like a ray of sunshine in his dark world. Don't get him wrong, he actually liked the dark, but being with you makes him want to experience the light. You're the one who understands him like no other, and as long as you're with him, he knows he'll be just fine, even if the going gets tough.

    F = Feelings (When did they know they were in love?) Beomgyu can be rather thick when it comes to matters of the heart, and so, it took him quite a while to understand that the fluttering in his heart when he's around you actually meant that he had a crush on you. A similar streak continues even when he starts dating you, his fondness of you growing by the day as he finds himself wanting to spend every minute with you, the thought of you refusing to leave his mind. It's only when everyone around him starts calling him out and teasing him for being head over heels in love with you, that he begins to realize that he may be in love. G = Gentle (Are they gentle? If so, how?) When he's not being an annoying bee, he makes it a point to be extremely gentle with you, taking care never to take a joke too far or saying something that might hurt you. His gentleness makes itself seen through his words, as he's always there to put your mind at ease and make you feel at home. He's especially good at comforting you, rubbing your back in a soothing manner as he lets you rant to him. His hugs are another way in which he shows his gentleness, holding you in the softest way possible while pouring all his love into the simple gesture.

    H = Hands

    (How do they like to hold hands?) Holding hands is your special way of giving reassurance and comfort to each other, and there are few things Beomgyu likes more than to hold your hand tightly in his as he plays with your fingers. He usually likes for wrap his hand around yours, feeling like he's protecting you (though he knows you don't need it).

    I = Impression (What was their first impression?) When he first laid his eyes on you, Beomgyu was struck by how interesting you seemed. That's not to say that he didn't find you attractive or anything, it was just that meeting you for the first time, he felt a sense of reassurance as he saw you smile warmly at him. There was just something about you that made him feel like he could talk to you, made it seem like you would be interested in conversing with him about every weird and random topic under the sun. That's when he knew he wanted to keep you around.

    J = Jealousy (Do they get jealous?) Beomgyu craves your attention at all times, and is extremely reluctant to share it with anyone. As such, him being jealous is rather a regular occurrence, and instead of him disliking the idea of anyone else hitting on you, it has more to do with him feeling threatened of not being your favorite anymore. So, you can expect him to get even more clingy than usual, whining for you to look at him as he continues to shoot daggers with his eyes towards the person you're interacting with. It usually doesn't escalate into something ugly though, just give him a bit of love and reassure him that he's still your favorite, and you'll have your giggly boy back.

    K = Kiss (How do they kiss? Who initiated the first kiss?) Being the annoying soul that he is, Beomgyu lives for placing big, fat kisses on your cheeks, giggles escaping his lips as he sees you scrunch your nose in fake disgust. On a more romantic note though, he loves catching you off-guard, and places kisses on your lips at the most random of times, often when you're mid-sentence. He is also a sucker for forehead kisses, finding them reassuring. As such, it's a regular thing for him to kiss you on the forehead as he walks out the door, on his way to a tour. It's his way of telling you that he'll be back before you know it. Your first kiss was...... surprising to say the least. There you were, walking home from a date while talking about anything and everything. All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks, turning to you as he took a step closer. Not thinking much of it, you continued to talk, not noticing him leaning in until his lips were just an inch away from your own.

    L = Love

    (Who says ‘I love you’ first?) As I said, it takes him quite a while to wrap his head around the fact that he may be in love with you. When he does realize it however, he starts looking for a way to tell you about his feelings, often falling short of the right words at the right moment. You catch onto his attempts soon enough though, giggling silently to yourself as you notice him getting all confused and flustered whenever he tries to tell you. Deciding to put an end to his misery, you take matters into your own hands, whispering a soft "I love you" into his chest as you hug him after a date. Safe to say, he still ends up being flustered, but at least he's happy about it.

    M = Memory

    (What’s their favourite memory together?) Beomgyu's favorite memory with you of the first time he let you into his studio, under the pretext of showing you a song he'd been working on. He doesn't easily trust people enough to show his works to them, but something about you had made him want to get your opinion. The song had lowkey been about you, nothing too obvious, and discreet enough to go unnoticed. He had watched your expression intently as you gave it a listen, a gasp escaping his lips as he noticed your eyes welling up. Even though you didn't know it was about you, you had managed to grasp the overall idea behind it, and seeing you understand the words that he couldn't find it in himself to say out loud, had just made him fall for you even more.

    N = Nickel

    (Do they spoil? Do they buy the person they love everything?)

    Beomgyu has always been one to want to spoil you, but he often ends up getting confused over what he should buy you. As such, gifts are not much of an occurence, mainly because he just doesn' know what to get you. But expect him to keep an ear out so that he knows when you explicitly say that you want something. Whether it's in passing or in the middle of a conversation, he'll catch it, and that evil little smile will start playing on his lips. And viola, the very next day, you'll come home to find a package waiting for you on the dinner table.

    O = Orange

    (What colour reminds them of their other half?)

    I would say yellow, because that' just what you mean to him. The bright energy in his life, the one person who can always make him happy no matter what. He's really thankful to have with him, and he wants to always preserve your brightness, to protect your shine.

    P = Pet names

    (What pet names do they use?)

    He's the type to twist your name or cut it short in order to make it into a pet name. You can also expect him to frequently call you "baby."

    Q = Quaint

    (What is their favourite non-modern thing?)

    Beomgyu seems like the type to take quite an interest in old-fashioned watches or even clocks, and he can frequently be found surfing the net or those antique watch stores to look for something he can buy for himself, and even for you if you'd like. He just loves the feel of the leather strap on his wrist, and often likes to take his time setting the watch.

    R = Rainy Day

    (What do they like to do on a rainy day?)

    Rainy days are just his favorite, and he lives for being wrapped up in a blanket, cuddling with you as you softly talk about random things, afraid that if either one of you is too loud, the calm will be shattered. Or you can just sit in each other's embrace, saying nothing and just basking in the other's presence as you look out at the rain.

    S = Sad

    (How do they cheer themselves/others up?)

    Until you came along, Beomgyu's idea of cheering himself up was to listen to sad or downright depressing music while hugging his knees to his chest. He didn't like talking to anyone unless someone (that someone very often being Soobin) practically dragged him out and made him share his sadness.

    But ever since he's met you, he has started opening up to you more, unable to resist your comforting smile. Whenever he's sad, he just likes to snuggle into your chest or your neck, as you rake your fingers through his hair. Give him time, and he will eventually talk his feelings out with you.

    When it's his turn to cheer you up, it can go two ways. If he senses that all you want to do is cuddle him as he comforts you, then be ready to get tackled in a massive hug as he refuses to let you go. If, on the other hand, he feels like it'll be better if he cracks jokes to make you smile, then be prepared to hear the most stupid jokes you've ever heard.

    T = Talking

    (What do they like to talk about?)

    Beomgyu often likes to talk about the most random of things, and the topics for conversation can vary from Hyuka's new plushie to his school days to aliens, all in a matter of minutes. He also makes it a point to ask you about your day, and in turn, tells you all about his.

    Another thing he likes to talk about is music, and he feels he's in his element as he tells you about the kind of genres they're experimenting with for the new album, and the type of songs he's been into these days.

    U = Unencumbered

    (What helps them relax?)

    Cuddling with you and having you rake your hands through his soft locks helps him unravel instantly. There's just something about you that calms him down to the very core, no matter how exhausted he is.

    V = Vaunt

    (What do they like to show off? What are they proud of?)

    His gorgeousness, hands down. And what's funnier is that he doesn't actually do it to show off how good looking he is (though both you and him know it's true), and instead does it to annoy you just like how he annoys the hell out of Yeonjun. You'll just be hugging him or talking to him, and all of a sudden, he says, "Y/N, aren't I absolutely breathtaking?," only to have you hit his shoulder.

    He also loves to show off how amazing you are, and does so in front of the boys. He'll just randomly be singing your praises and giggling about how lucky he is to have you.

    W = Wedding

    (When, how, where do they propose?)

    If given his way, Beomgyu would invite every single person in South Korea to your wedding, because he just wants to share his happiness with the world. But since that's not possible, you can expect the do to still be a gala affair, with him being adamant on having the theme as something that would complement both his beauty and yours. He'd be big on having a destination wedding, wanting your ceremony to be the talk of town.

    As for proposing, he would actually be quite confused on what he actually wants to do, and will actually end up making it rather obvious that he's planning to propose. If you're the type to take pity on his distressed state, you might actually want to help him out by proposing to him yourself (much to his surprise), or if you want to let him do his thing, maybe it'll be a wise decision to throw some subtle hints his way.

    X = Xylophone

    (What’s their song?)

    My Universe by Coldplay ft. BTS

    Beomgyu just loves you to bits, and you've become so important to him that he can't imagine his life without you. You're his happiness, you're the reason he wants to wake up and be a better person. It might sound cliché, but you've become his universe.

    Y = Yes

    (Do they ever think of getting married/proposing?)

    As I said, he's all for getting married to you, but he's abysmal at coming up with the perfect time and the perfect plan to propose to you. He wants to make the occasion special for you, and ends up taking advice from the boys.

    If his suffering gets too much for you, you might actually want to help him out, either by proposing to him altogether, or by saying "Yes" without him even popping the question.

    Z = Zebra

    (If they wanted a pet, what would they get?)

    Beomgyu loves animals, but he has somewhat of a bad luck with them. Although since he often misses Toto, he might want to get a parrot with you if you're down for it. I also see him as wanting to get fish, since he seems like he'd enjoy looking at them for hours through the tank's glass.

    He doesn't want to buy a dog right now, since he's always so busy and doesn't have time to care of one, but if you end up settling down together, he would love to get a pooch with you as well.

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  • ghostingtrackone
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    friends? - [choi beomgyu]

    pairing: choi beomgyu x gn!reader

    word count: 1.1k

    genre: angst, fluff

    warnings: some physical intimacy, tequila involved, actions due to sadness

    notes: i’ve been reading some books lately, and a chapter in one of them sparked this idea in me in the middle of reading it. i hope you enjoy!

    things have not been okay since taehyun left. and not just the breakup - but him actually leaving.

    he wrote you all a letter about how he needed time to clear his head, and that things did not feel right. despite him having a caring group of friends, you, being great at everything he does, he still felt like he was missing something. he was not sure what it was, but it couldn’t help but eat him up inside. and the way he disappeared couldn’t help but eat you up inside.

    so he left. and there you were, right where he left you.

    you overthink it all and start to cry again as you finish getting ready for bed. it’s your only sense of comfort these days.

    when you enter your room, you close the door and dim your lights. you shake your head at the thought of when taehyun would come over and stay until you fell asleep because you never felt safe in the dark. but that is something he made you feel. well, when he was still here.

    you hear a couple of soft taps on your window. you look back and see a familiar and kind smile. it’s physically hard to, but you smile back. you walk to the window and open it, letting beomgyu in. he’s the only one who has cared about how you’ve been feeling lately.

    “i have a front door, you know…” you let out a soft chuckle.

    “oh but what’s the fun in that,” beomgyu jokes and closes the window.

    you clean up your bed to make some space for him to sit. after he’s been checking up on you every other day the past two months, you’d think you’d make the room look a bit more presentable. because of this, he doesn’t even have to ask how you’re doing. he just knows.

    “hey, no no, why are you crying?” he sits and then sits you down next to him. you didn’t even realize you were crying, and now you’re leaning on his shoulder, shaking.

    “why did he leave, gyu? i know his feelings were valid, i know he felt lost, but now i feel lost too. i don’t want a person to complete me but i just miss him, gyu. i miss him.” you sob and he stays in silent for a bit, rubbing your back and letting you hold him tight.

    “i miss him too, y/n. i wish we could have seen that he was getting burnt out and that he missed his family.”

    “but what did that make us, gyu? were we not good friends, was i not a good partner?”

    he lifts your chin up and shakes his head like his life depends on it. “what? y/n no, you’re amazing, alright? leaving had nothing to do with you, that i can promise. things just.. happen.. i should have noticed his actions, how he was changing…”he sighs.

    you frown a little and bring your hands to his face. “hey. don’t blame yourself either, okay? i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have-“

    “shouldn’t have what? expressed your feelings? it’s okay. i just.. think about it a lot too, you know? him leaving. you being here alone, even though i know you could hold yourself together and make it through.” you nod and wipe your tears. he clears his throat and opens up his jacket, taking out a bottle of tequila. “you want a hit?”

    you roll your eyes and scoff. you didn’t drink much and honestly you haven’t been in the mood for it (ironically). but this seems to be the perfect occasion for it, right? “yeah, sure, why not.”

    he opens it up and takes a swig first. it burns his throat and he tries not to show it. you giggle because you see right through it, you’ve hung out with him enough to know when he’s trying to keep his composure. you take a swig after, a long one, and he has to take the bottle from your hands.

    “there’s still one more person here, you know~” he says using the tone of voice you had earlier when he came through the window. you roll your eyes again and wait for him to take another drink.

    this goes on until the bottle is done, and until you are both laying down side by side. “fuck. i shouldn’t have drank this much. i still have to go home…” he groans.

    “no you don’t.”

    he turns to you and you turn to him. “just stay.”

    “are you sure?” he asks, internally begging for you to say yes.

    “yeah, of course,” you look at him for a while as he looks at you. you tuck a piece of his hair behind his ear. “i appreciate you always coming by to check on me gyu. trust me, it’s nothing.”

    “i don’t want it to be nothing…” he bites his cheek a bit before he speaks too much. you look at him a bit confused. “hm?”

    the tequila isn’t helping him. and before he knows it, he leans in and kisses you. right on the lips. after a few seconds, you begin to kiss him back.

    you moan a bit from surprise. while you wrap your arms around his neck as you sit up, he holds your waist as if he’s scared you’re going to get away. you kiss him deeper and a tear falls.

    “i miss him,” you say as you pull away, forehead still on his.

    “i know.”

    “but i don’t want this to end.”

    “i know. i don’t want it to, either.”

    he kisses you again and this time it’s softer. tears mixed with liquor is not what you expected tonight, but you could care less. you take off his jacket and then his hands roam your waist. you knew it was not going to go past this, but you still longed for more.

    “this is the first time in the past 2 months that i feel okay, gyu. why is that?”

    he looks up at you, not knowing what to say. but he feels the same. “i guess we make each other feel safe.”

    “but what if that’s temporary?” you ask barely above a whisper.

    “but what if it’s not?”

    despite both your unconscious guilt, your bodies still ached for each other. and it does not seem that the tequila is the reason for it. could it be the frequent visits that lead to this? could it be the sense of loneliness? or could it be that you’re both moving on?

    you don’t know. neither does he. but what you both do know - is that you won’t regret what happened tonight in the morning.

    and maybe that says enough.

    #txt scenario#beomgyu scenario #txt x reader #beomgyu x reader #txt x y/n #beomgyu x y/n #txt angst#txt fluff#beomgyu angst#beomgyu fluff#choi beomgyu #why am i cryifnajdhsjgjjdfjjdjfjdjf #nini works!
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  • kpopluvvr
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    ##yoohyeon in: talk x today: season 4 ep. 6!!

    date: october 4, 2021
    summary: yoohyeon takes you with her while they're promoting loser = lover

    note: none <3

    "hello everyone." she sat down in the make-up chair. "right now i'm getting my make-up done, because i'm mcing today, so i'll take you with me." she clapped.

    "it's my last day mcing on music core today, so it's a little sad today, but i had an amazing time"

    "it's a early day today, we're beginning to start our promotions for loser = lover, so i have to go film something later for that right after this, so it should be fun, it's a really fun song." she explained.

    "okay, now i'm done with hair and make-up, now i'm just waiting in the room, so i'll take some photos to post on twitter, since i post to much on weverse."

    "it's embarrassing, because the door is open, and people are staring at me when they walk by while i'm taking pictures." she whispered, laughing.

    "ah! i'm so sad, i don't want it to end, it was so fun to mc, i want to do it again soon." she said.

    "they're calling me to set, so i'll see you guys after." she waved to the camera.

    "okay we're back, i had such a hard time saying good bye, i didn't want to leave, but we had to because my day is not over, sadly i have to go to the company and meet the boys there because we have things to film." she said.

    "right now, i'm in the car and we're leaving the garage, i was gonna try and sleep, but i couldn't so i turned the camera on." she said.

    "we're running a little late, and eventually taehyun is gonna call to scold me-ah! see." she laughed because as if on cue, her phone rang.

    "i'm putting you on speaker, so mind your words." she took the phone away from her ear.

    "yoohyeon where are you, we were gonna wait and get food with you, but we got hungry and ate without you." she sucked her teeth.

    "i'm almost there, why did you eat with out me, that's annoying." she pouted, even though he could see it.

    "stop pouting and just get here." he hung up. she rolled her eyes.

    "how could they just eat without me, i'm almost there, they could've waiting, i bet it was beomgyu's idea to eat without me, i'll get him for this."

    she finally made her way to the company, making her way where everyone was.

    "she arrives." she rolled her eyes. "everyone, i have to go, i'll come back later."

    "so, i'm in a different outfit now because we're about to leave for another schedule soon, but we're at the cafeteria right now, i dragged yeonjun down here with me since it was his idea to eat without me, and not beomgyu like i predicted." she scoffed.

    "how does it feel to betray someone." she said putting his face in the camera.

    "i'm telling you, it was beomgyu not me." she scoffed. "everyone said it was you, why are still lying." she said scolded him.

    "alright, alright it was me, i'm sorry." he pulled the girl into a hug squeezing her. "ah! okay." she said but he squeezed her harder.

    "do you forgive me." she groaned. "choi yeonjun, let me go." she pulled away from him. "i forgive you, now let me go." she said pushing him away.

    "hurry up, we have to leave soon- is this the last schedule?" he nodded. "we get to go home after this." she cheered.

    "but you have to stay behind and do a v-live." she stopped looking at him. "what?" she said turning to him.

    "did you forget already? you said you'd do v-live." she shook her head no.

    "no, i never said that, i just did one." she said.

    "no remember, you'd said you'd do one." he said, smirking.

    "hey!" she hit his shoulders. "stop lying, i was so confused." she said laughing. "why? do you not want to see moa." she turned to him stone face.

    "moa, we'll soon be a five member group."

    "okay so i didn't film anything while we were at our last schedule because everything was fast moving so i couldn't." she said laying down on her bed.

    "so, now i'm at home now, i washed up and took all my make-up off." she said.

    "i'll probably sleep early today, because tomorrow we have a full day today."

    "moa, i'll stop here, i love you." she blew a kiss to the camera. "bye!" she waved, before turning the camera off.

    #yoohyeon:: youtube #txt additional member #kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition#txt oc#beomgyu#soobin #txt 6th member #yeonjun#txt reactions #txt sixth member #taehyun #tomorrow x together sixth member #huening kai #tomorrow x together reactions #tomorrow x together 6th member #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #kpop female oc #kpop female addition #kpop female member
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  • nikihoon
    17.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    jealousy, jealousy — sixteen: don't ask questions

    masterlist | previous | next

    summary ⋆ jealous that her ex boyfriend, jay, left her for someone "better", y/n goes to the one person who owes her something to make him feel the same. the one problem? that someone is park sunghoon, who just happens to be one of jay's bestfriends.

    taglist (closed): @mykalon @hobistigma @lokideadontheinside @atinyyylove @iuwon @tobiosbbyghorl @abdiitcryy @ohmy-fandoms @wonsverse @eitaababe @enhacolor @lumixen @lemonqal @cosmiclele @notrosemary @yeonjunlovie @goldenroses @angxln-ki @eclisqc @aj-1154 @xoxojayd3n @meiiiwa @blossomnct @youreverydayzebra @witheeseung @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @strawberryyukhei @dongyucks @killyoselff @ikyk-leeknow @neptuniees @liliansun @papiibuprofen @dear-dreamie @envirae @nshitae @simpforsung @90sni-ki @jay-durian @choihaiyun @nnasheii @robotsahi @nyujjan @catbitchh111 @itz-icys @fiantomartell @msxflower

    #i have heart eyes for bff!jungwon #also more beomgyu i'm sorry i'm a simp for him ok #that long text from jay 🏃 #enhypen smau#sunghoon smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen sns au #enhypen x reader #enhypen #enhypen x y/n #enha#enha smau #enhypen social au #enhypen socmed #enhypen socmed au #enhypen fake texts #enhypen scenarios#sunghoon fluff#sunghoon angst #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x you #sunghoon scenarios #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon#park sunghoon#sunghoon au
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  • honeysugarchocolate
    17.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    the sun in a bell jar

    mini taegyu bnha au

    In a world where everybody is born with supernatural abilities, Beomgyu has enhanced speed and Taehyun is pocket-sized and super smart.

    Their friendship unruffles in their first year in U.A. high school, when Taehyun asks to bum a ride to class on Beomgyu's shoulder, and ever since then Taehyun was seen nestled in Beomgyu's hair or beneath his snapback more often than not.

    Whenever Beomgyu accidentally squishes him, Taehyun bites him with all his might. And when mini Taehyun gets angry and gives Beomgyu the silent treatment, Beomgyu sticks him in a little bowl of ice cream to "cool down". And of course, it only makes him homicidal. Beomgyu, however, never takes him seriously, despite the butter knife. The dumbass. How he got accepted into the hero course is honestly beyond Taehyun.

    When Beomgyu is sad or unable to sleep, Taehyun plops himself down on the pillow beside him and pets his head with his tiny hands and sings, and although Taehyun is so tiny that you can't really tell the difference between his kissing you or pinching you, Beomgyu always just knows and plucks little Taehyun off his shoulder and taps his finger on his nose and laughs as Taehyun turns into a teeny weeny cherry tomato.

    One time while Beomgyu cooks, Taehyun attempts to help him, because Beomgyu burns everything, but ends up getting squished under the salt shaker. 

    And when Beomgyu returns from a long day at the hero company he interns at, Taehyun makes him squat down so he can pet him on the head from atop the desk and tells him, "Good job, giant".

    You won't ever hear Taehyun admit it aloud but he loves when Beomgyu carries him in his coat pocket, where it's warm and velvety and he can watch the sunlight in Beomgyu's lashes and feel the rumble in Beomgyu's chest before he hears him say, "You're so smart, Taehyun-ah. You'll be the greatest hero ever!"

    And no, Taehyun absolutely does not blush at that. Because Beomgyu is a dumbass, and being a greater hero than him is not exactly a feat.

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