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  • sooluve
    31.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    hard hours(for choi line) & soft hours are open.

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  • c-hoes
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chastise you

    Pairing: Choi line x fem! reader
    Genre: smut smut smut
    Warnings: use of the word slut once, bondage, overstimulation, kissing between two members, punishment

    You tugged at your restraints, your body jerking violently as you came for the first time that night.

    "N-no more," you whimpered weakly, attempting to shut your bent legs.

    "Hold her," Yeonjun said firmly, looking up at the two boys flanking your sides. Immediately, Beomgyu hooked an arm around your knee and forced it open while Soobin grabbed a thigh and held it firmly.

    "The fun's just started, love, running away already?" Yeonjun laughed, pressing the wand harder against your clit. You cried out in over sensitivity, your back arching against the bed, your thighs struggling to break free from their restraint where the two boys held them.

    "It'll be worse if you struggle, sweetheart," Beomgyu whispered, attaching his lips to your neck.

    On your other side, Soobin latched his mouth on to a nipple and tugged gently. He chuckled when you yelped and moaned. "Try to stay still for us, yeah? It'll be easier for everyone."

    Your eyes narrowed in confusion as Yeonjun and Beomgyu shared a look, and suddenly Yeonjun removed the wand from your clit. You breathed out in relief, your thighs going lax where Beomgyu and Soobin held them. You noticed Beomgyu and Yeonjun shuffling around but didn’t have too much time to think about it because Soobin gripped your jaw and pulled you in for a bruising kiss. It didn’t last long, however, because you jerked away as soon as you felt a finger running down your slit, and back up again to rub gently against your clit.

    You looked up to Beomgyu between your spread legs, and as soon as he met your eyes, he smirked.

    "Think you can go again for me, pretty girl?"

    You shook your head, whining.

    He pouted playfully and pressed a kiss to your abdomen.

    "Remember how desperate you were to cum earlier? So desperate that you couldn’t keep," he paused to reach up and brush his fingers over your restrained wrists. "these naughty hands to yourself, hm?"

    "Sir’s just trying to give you what you wanted, but you’re being ungrateful?" Yeonjun’s voice came from above. You noticed then that he and Beomgyu had switched places, his hand now holding your thigh up, baring your cunt to the boy between your legs. He tutted. "That’s not very nice, now, is it?"

    "N-no," you whimpered. "That’s n-not what I meant." You felt the tears begin to pool in your eyes and your cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

    Soobin kissed your cheeks lovingly. "Shh, baby," he said softly, trying to calm you down.

    "You’re so wet, god, look at that." Beomgyu moaned. "I think I’m going to need to have a taste."

    He leaned down licked a stripe up your slit before wrapping his lips around your clit. You threw your head back, baring your throat and released a wanton moan. Soobin seemed to take this as an invitation of some sort and bent his head to leave kisses all over your neck, and the occasional hickey here and there.

    "Enjoying yourself?" Yeonjun asked, pressing a kiss to your inner thigh.

    You babbled some incoherent words, unable to speak clearly.

    Yeonjun just chuckled as he reached up and hit you lightly on the cheek. "Silly slut," he murmured. You whined.

    "S-sir," you whimpered. "I’m close,"

    "Come on, princess. Let go," Beomgyu growled as he met your eyes. "Cum on my fucking face."

    And you did. Your body shook violently, your back arching off the bed as you came. Beomgyu moaned, nuzzling his face into your heat and licking you clean. You whined as he left one last kiss to your swollen clit.

    "Good girl," he said and straightened.

    "Binnie, love, come here for a second." He said, addressing the older male. Soobin complied easily, shuffling over until he reached the other. Beomgyu’s hand curled around his nape as soon as he was close enough.

    "Care for a taste?" he said, glancing at you, smirking when he met your eyes before shifting his gaze back to the older male, pulling him in for a harsh kiss. Soobin groaned as Beomgyu licked into his mouth, tasting you on the younger’s tongue.

    You moaned as you watched them, completely entranced.

    Beomgyu pulled away and nuzzled his face into the older male’s neck.

    "Tell her," he panted. "Tell her how she fucking tastes."

    Soobin moaned out, "So sweet, princess."

    You smiled, your eyes falling shut, suddenly feeling very drowsy. Your eyes, however, snapped back open as you felt slim fingers curling around your throat. You opened your eyes and saw Yeonjun staring down at you.

    "Oh, that’s cute." He chuckled. "Baby thought we were done with her." He turned and looked at the other two boys. They laughed.

    "Your sirs are still hard, princess, we’re far from done with you." Beomgyu said, a mean smile painting his face. "And don’t you dare forget, this is still a punishment."

    You were in for a very long night.

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  • sooluve
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #txt smut #txt hard hours #hard hours🖤#beomgyu hours #txt beomgyu smut #ˋ₊˚. asks
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  • beomgyu-romantic
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    TXT As Subs

    Authors Note: I wrote for ot5 cause I'm not sure how Moas on Tumblr feel about the youngers- so If you feel uncomfortable, please avoid reading after Beomgyu! Also I got a little lazy at the end soo


    ♡ No surprise here, but I think Yeonjun is the biggest brat of them al

    ♡ Like I know a lot of you think it's Beomgyu

    ♡ But no

    ♡ When Yeonjun wants something he's gonna make sure he gets it

    ♡ Possessive Sub

    ♡ Loves, loves, LOVES getting his hair pulled

    ♡ Especially if you're riding him, he will cum on the spot.

    ♡ Speaking of riding him, that's his favorite thing.

    ♡ He loves the thought of you using him to get yourself off, it turns him on so much




    ♡ Call him baby boy and he's puddy in your hands

    ♡ I don't think he has a high sex drive?

    ♡ I mean it's not low by any means

    ♡ But it's definitely not as high as the others.

    ♡ I don't think he likes pet names for you, I think he would just prefer to call you by your name

    ♡ Probably the one who would enjoy being pegged the most

    ♡ Take him from behind, spank him and call him your pretty doll and he’ll love you for life



    ♡ Okay so I have a theory

    ♡ I know he's usually perceived as the brat of the group and/or very rough

    ♡ But I don't think so.

    ♡ I mean yes, the man loves it rough

    ♡ But I think he's probably the softest out of all of them-

    ♡ Hold his hand as you rail him and degrade him and he's GONE

    ♡ Just cause he's soft though doesn't mean he's not kinky (I might make a headcanon about Beomgyu’s kinks)

    ♡ Definitely has a thing for edging and overstimulation

    ♡ He just wants to feel good :(

    ♡ Omg thought,

    ♡ Imagining sucking his cock while he's in that like white shirt and light brown cardigan that he wore in the YOU concept photos

    ♡ And he gets so into it and covers his face with his sweater paws :(

    ♡ Okay I need to stop- 



    ♡ Oral king

    ♡ No, I don't take criticism.

    ♡ He just gives me that vibe

    ♡ Also needs to have his hands on you in some way

    ♡ Whether that be pleasing you or just holding onto you while you ruin him

    ♡ So a great punishment would be tying him up and touching yourself in front of him, not letting him touch you or even get off.

    ♡ Speaking of that, bondage is such a big thing for him

    ♡ I could see him being into shibari

    ♡ He likes how pretty his small frame looks all tied up in new positions

    ♡ And when the ropes leave marks...You best bet he's gonna be showing them off



    ♡ I’m not sure how to say this, but


    ♡ He's so tall and wide, so if your shorter than him it would be a really big thing for him

    ♡ I could see him having a thing for dacryphilia

    ♡ I think his submissive side would carry over outside of anything sexual?

    ♡ Like help tie his shoes, comb his hair, keep your arm around his waist

    ♡ If not he will pout the rest of the day

    ♡ Same way if you don't give into him

    ♡ He would tease you anyway he knows how

    ♡ Sliding his hands up your skirt, bending over to pick up things in front of you, whispering things he wants you to do to him

    ♡ Flirting with other people? He would do it if it made you give in and use him like he wants

    #sub!txt #sub!idol #dom!reader #sub!yeonjun #sub!soobin #sub!beomgyu #sub!taehyun #Sub!hueningkai #Sub!kai #txt smut#txt
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    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Here’s the request for Beomgyu!

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  • jojomints
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #after my jick agenda #shall i call this one dickyu? #txt smut#txt suggestive #txt hard hours #beomgyu smut
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    29.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt hard hours #txt smut #choi soobin smut #choi yeonjun smut #choi beomgyu smut #kang taehyun smut #hueningkai smut
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  • criceofpain
    29.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    tomorrow x together masterlist.


    nothing to see here–yet.


    nothing to see here–yet.


    nothing to see here–yet.


    nothing to see here–yet.


    nothing to see here–yet.


    nothing to see here–yet.


    txt as bad boys seeing their crush fall asleep in class (tba)

    © 2021 all rights reserved | criceofpain on tumblr.

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  • xxatinyminionxx
    28.07.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • fleurminho
    28.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Shine - Choi Beomgyu

    Summary: from freshmen year to now in his senior year of high school, Beomgyu’s always liked you, but when it came to crushes he was never one with good luck and he happened to be a little shy

    Word count: 2k

    friends to lovers, high school au

    based off of pentagon’s song of the same name

    There you stood, all eyes on you as you spoke on stage, welcoming the whole student body for a new school year.

    To put it shortly, Choi Beomgyu, the funny quiet kid who really only had 5 friends just so happened to have a crush on you, the student council president, and the most popular person in his school.

    He knew there was no way someone like him who people only acknowledged every once in a while could have a chance with you, someone every single person in this school knows of.

    More often than not, he’d spend his after school hours admiring you instead of studying. He wasn’t a bad student per say, in fact he was very good.

    He would always be top of the class but no one really cared for that, therefore pushing him aside in the social category.

    Sure being smart had its perks but it didn’t seem to charm you as much as the complete dunderheads did who couldn’t get an A to save their own life.

    There wasn’t a single subject where Beomgyu lacked in skill, he could do it all. Unfortunately for him you weren’t too bad either, your grades were well above average so there was never anything he could help you with.

    Not like you’d want help from him though. He wasn’t socially awkward, he got along with everyone in class well and people seemed to like him. He just kept a few people close, nobody else allowed in the little bubble he created, nobody else except you.

    He tried several times to come up with a plan to talk to you, he even got the courage to go up to you but it immediately died down the moment he saw you laughing in some random guys arms.

    He knew you weren’t dating anyone, don’t ask why but he knew. He only hoped it’d stay like that. He knew it was selfish to think this way but he didn’t stand a chance against all the other guys coming your way.

    People who were much better looking than him, more social and athletic, everything he was not.

    Even when it came to his best friends, nobody could really tell he liked you. His friends would always wonder why he’d reject other girls whenever they confessed, the reason still unknown to them.

    Who couldn’t help himself, he just didn’t care about all the other people around. In a crowd full of people, all he can see is you.

    He liked how you didn’t change a single bit compared to freshmen year. Even as seniors you were the exact same, so beautiful and lovely.

    He hated the fact that his heart couldn’t stop liking you, daresay loving you instead. He hated every time you smiled so brightly at him even though you probably didn’t know his name.

    The little moments of eye contact made his heart flutter even though it was all purely coincidental. He felt like a loser, an outsider, every single time he tried to get the courage to confess to you.

    You deserved better than someone who could barely admit his own feelings to himself, but even so he remained only yours. Not a single other person could hold his heart so tightly like you did. His heart was in the palm of your hands but you didn’t even know.

    A chance came by when the teacher offered him to help you out with calculating the student council’s expenses. You initially told the teacher you’d be fine handling this own your own but both you and your teacher knew the last time you did this on your own you were stuck at school until 6 in the evening.

    The teacher knew that Beomgyu was good at these kinds of things so it would be the perfect opportunity for him to help you out.

    He was a bit surprised when his teacher told him but accepted without any hesitation. He’d make sure you finished as soon as possible so you could go home and get rest after working so hard at school.

    He stood outside of the activity room and knocked softly before entering. You weren’t here yet but the papers seemed to be on the desk.

    The room was on the second floor, one big round table in the middle with chairs along the side. He placed his bag down and picked up the papers. Calculating this would be no problem, it would just take an unnecessarily long amount of time.

    He had begun doing the calculations on a separate piece of paper and didn’t notice that almost 10 minutes had passed when you barged into the room, breathing very heavily.

    He turned around and saw you looking a little disoriented but he swore you never looked better. You immediately smiled at him in between your long breaths and set your bag down along with his.

    You pulled out the chair next to his and sat down, head now resting face down on the table.

    “Hi Beomgyu” you mumbled, the desk preventing your mouth from speaking properly.

    Beomgyu spun the pencil around in his heads (a habit of his), he didn’t think you remembered his name.

    “Hey Y/N, everything good you look a little tired and.. out of breath?” he asked politely, putting all of his attention now on you.

    You moved your head off the desk and grabbed a piece paper from your bag.

    “Sorry… I had to run here, something happened in the cafeteria hall and I had to fix it but then I remembered I still have to do this so I ran thinking I’d spend more time having to do this if I didn’t reach quicker but here you are” you said in one go and Beomgyu giggled.

    “What’s so funny?” you questioned as he failed to keep a straight face.

    “It’s nothing, I thought you knew the teacher told me to help out” he handed you a pencil and your fingertips lightly grazed his causing a blush to spread across his cheeks.

    “I did know but I just didn’t think you’d actually um help out.. since no one really wants to do this” you were speaking very quietly but every word was loud and clear to him.

    “They don’t help you with stuff like this?” he let his curiosity get the best of him, he just wanted to know how much work you actually had to do in the place of others.

    “Nope not usually, I used to like working and being busy but as of recently it’s getting tiring especially since we have to focus so much on our grades and applications for university and college. There’s a lot on my plate but I keep telling myself if I keep going it’ll be so much easier for me”.

    You were starting to ramble but you didn’t care, something about Beomgyu made you feel very comfortable.

    Little did you know, he was trying so hard to pay attention but your face was distracting. He could barely form words or think, it was happening all over again and he didn’t even plan on confessing.

    A loser in love, that’s what he always was. But maybe if he took the chance you could be his, he was already yours so what was there to lose? Maybe his will to live and dignity but surely something good would come out of this if not a relationship with you.

    He was about to speak up but you had given him a smile and left the room. You thanked him for helping you and left once you two finished working. He lost his chance again. He was as confused as ever.

    There really wasn’t anything to lose, it wouldn’t take long for people to find out that he liked you. He was becoming more obvious as each day went by. He thought for a second, perhaps he stopped liking you a long time ago because the feeling he felt now was something so much more.

    He had decided upon a letter, it was the best way for him to convey his feelings since he stuttered around you without meaning to. This way he wouldn’t get flustered.

    There was a small note at the end telling you to meet him near the benches on the soccer field 10 minutes after school. He signed the letter only with his initials but he knew you were smart enough to figure out who it was without even needing to ask.

    He stood waiting for almost 20 minutes, his spirits dropping knowing you weren’t coming. You were always busy but you were never late. He sighed in disappointment, he should’ve seen this coming.

    Tears were welling up in his eyes as he stared at the ground when suddenly everything turned black. Someone was covering his eyes.

    “SURPRISE!!” you shouted and Beomgyu immediately turned to look at you. There was a rose in your mouth. You looked a little messy but he didn’t care, you were always perfect to him.

    “Sorry I’m so late, I had to ask Taehyun what your favourite flower was but he wouldn’t answer so I went with a simple rose. It's not much but-” you weren't able to finish as Beomgyu interrupted you.

    “You got me a rose? But why?” he asked, staring at you confused as you took the rose out of your mouth and put it on his ear.

    “Because I like you too silly” you giggled as he eyes widened.

    “You mean it?” you smiled at how cute Beomgyu was, you thought you were pretty obvious when it came to your feelings for him but guess not.

    “Of course I do. Why do you think everyone would start laughing at me whenever you walked past my table at lunch? They were making fun of me for not being able to confess but you did so now I don’t have to worry” you took a seat next to him and found flowers on his lap.

    “Wow… I guess I should’ve confessed sooner. How long have you liked me?” he asked while handing you the flowers.

    “Since you had those little glasses” you said with a cheeky smile and he groaned.

    “Why do you still remember the glasses I wore during our first week of freshmen year, thank god I broke them” he was giving you the stink eye causing you to giggle again.

    “Because you stole my heart with those tiny glasses” your face held a big smile and Beomgyu felt like he would melt right then and there.

    “So um am I your boyfriend now?” you raised your brow at him and he started pouting when you didn’t answer.

    “What else does it mean? Of course you’re my boyfriend you dweeb” you nudged him slightly and he laughed. The sound of his voice was like music to your ears, you loved being able to make him laugh and hear it.

    “Then I can do this right?” he quickly leans in without giving you any time to respond and swiftly pecks your lips.

    You look at him with wide eyes as he fails to keep his smile hidden. The kiss may have been brief but the feeling of his lips was permanently etched into your mind and now you wanted more.

    You pulled him by his collar and in an instant his lips were moving along with yours, a perfect rhythm just for the two of you. His were soft while yours tasted like strawberry, probably from the chapstick you put on all the time.

    Guess Beomgyu wasn’t such a loser when it came to feelings after all, now he would always shine in front of love.

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    28.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    𝕆𝕦𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕖𝕣

    pairing: beomgyu x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 562

    warning: none :)

    summary: Going out for an entire summer with your friend and his band should be fun… right?

    a/n: I feel like dying hahaha *sarcasm to its finest*

    You and Beomgyu had been friends since middle school. It had all happened during summer camp. The two of you were paired to go to the greenhouse and bring all the pots. During your time there, the two of you had become best friends.

    The same thing continued in high school and now, even in college. But things were different. Beomgyu was in a band, pursuing music and chasing his dreams, whereas you were busy studying.

    "We were planning on going for a hike. Remember my beach house? We are going there. You should come too. I think Mrs. Kim misses you." He had said last night.

    "But your band is there, Gyu don't, you think it will be rude for me to impose?" You ask, a little unsure.

    "Impose? Are you growing dumber as you age yn? I want you to be there." Beomgyu says, making you smile.

    "Okay. I'll see you at the bus stop." You say as you hang up.

    You should have asked Beomgyu to pay you. You were squished between Yeonjun and Soobin, who were bickering like little children. Your head had started to pound as the oldest smack Soobin from over your head.

    Beomgyu looked over at you, a little apologetic but amused nonetheless. He motioned you to climb over Soobin and sit next to him, which you did at lightning speed, surprising everyone else. Everyone looked at the two of you as you scooted close to Beomgyu.

    "You guys were giving her a headache," Beomgyu explained before you could word the issue a little better.

    You looked at everyone sheepishly as they still looked at the two of you as if they had seen the actual Flash.

    "What?" You asked them.

    "Is there something on my face?" You asked, looking at Beomgyu.

    "Yeah, it's called being pretty." He said as he gave your nose a quick peck, making you blush.

    "I don't think I have ever seen Beomgyu hyung so in love with someone," Taehyun said as your eyes go wide.

    Beomgyu? The Choi Beomgyu in love with you? That had to be a joke. You laughed at Taehyun as he had said the funniest thing on planet earth.

    "Beomgyu doesn't love me, silly." You said.

    "Yeah, right, just wait and watch," Taehyun said, which made you a little worried. But you were still fine, knowing that Beomgyu was going to be by your side.


    When you had arrived at the beach house, Mrs. Kim was happy to see you there. She pinched your cheeks like she always had and made sure everyone was settled in their room. Once everyone had settled in, you stood on your balcony, looking out at the setting sun.

    "Hey yn, we're going to the beach. Wanna join?" Beomgyu asked.

    "You guys go ahead. I want to watch the sun a little more from here." You said, smiling at him.

    "Well then, I am going to watch it with you," Beomgyu said as he stood next to you, wrapping his arm around you.

    "This is a perfect view for couples." You joke.

    "Yeah, it is a good view for us," Beomgyu says, smiling down at you.

    "Beomgyu." You say as a warning.

    "What? I do love you, yn. More than a friend." He says as he pecks your nose.

    "I love you too, Gyu." You say, pecking his lips.


    #txt#txt moa#txt smut#txt imagines#txt icons#txt reactions#txt blog#txt cute#txt post#txt headcanons #txt beomgyu angst #txt beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu scenarios #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu smut #txt beomgyu#beomgyu#beomgyu imagines #txt beomgyu smut #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu ff #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu blurbs #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu smut#beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu fanfic
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    28.07.2021 - 4 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #choi yeonjun smut #choi soobin smut #choi beomgyu smut #kang taehyun smut #hueningkai smut
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  • tbzvity
    27.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    reaction to their s/o wanting to blow them - txt (all members)

    ps no hyuka! hes still my baby!! also i dont think this is actually that good i didnt really know how to respond to this im sorry lol


    he responds with a little "yes, please." and you are already on your knees for him. soobin has a gentle hand in your hair and says thank you over and over whilst he finishes. the type to kiss you after.


    he likes what he is hearing. yeonjun will happily push you to your knees so you can suck him off. you being needy to the point of asking to give him pleasure turns him on so much.


    he gasps and his eyes widen, almost instantly getting turned on. beomgyu nods and sits down on the bed/chair, pulling out his dick so that you can do what you asked for. he holds your hand through the whole thing, pushing your hair out of the way if it covers your face.


    taehyun raises one of his eyebrows and smiles. "get on your knees then, baby." you do and he lets you do your thing. he holds your hand and squeezes it when you do something he particularly likes so you can do it again. taehyun is the type to make out with you after.

    #txt smut #txt soobin smut #txt yeonjun smut #txt beomgyu smut #txt taehyun smut
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  • taehyunsmine
    27.07.2021 - 5 days ago


    my personal favorites 🤍

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  • taehyunsmine
    27.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    SMART X TOMORROW X TOGETHER Philippine Telecom. Company

    will they stop calling us moa pabo it's against the contract 🥱

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  • xxatinyminionxx
    27.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    In reference to the txt orgy agenda — their gfs will tease the boys a little with their breast worship kink by doing it on each other 😉

    #minion rambles #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #choi soobin smut #choi beomgyu smut #kang taehyun smut #hueningkai smut
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  • tbzvity
    26.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    how txt would show that they are horny — tomorrow x together (all members)

    ps. i know it says all members but hyuka is not in this! even though he is legal i feel uncomfy sexualising him :/


    soobin shows that he is horny by getting touchy and kissing your neck. he slides his hand up your thigh. he also likes to take his shirt off in front of you, running his hand down his chest (he knows how it makes you feel).


    yeonjun just tells you straight up. "hey babe, i'm horny." you laugh and kiss him, straddling him. he doesn't like to wait for it and would rather just get straight to the sex, basically.


    he tries to imply it and hint that he is horny in every way possible before actually telling you. whining while kissing your neck and touching around your body. if you don't get it by the time he's slid his hand up your thigh, he'll just take your hand and run it down his body until you get to his hard dick. he looks into your eyes with so much need it makes you give in instantly.


    also one of those people to just tell you straight up. he tells you he's horny and, once he gets a feel for what you're feeling, will either kiss you or remind you that you can say no. if he thinks you feel the same way, he'll make out with you and push you onto the bed.

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    Here’s the request for Beomgyu!

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