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    Love 👑 my darlings Freddie and Roger🖤

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  • #theincaprincess #ask theincaprincess a question #ask theincaprincess #chats with amyf20 and theincaprincess #amyf20 ask#cousins#best friends
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    we literally share one braincell, and Scott is typically the one in possession of it, hence why I’m so stupid (stupid for him 🥺🥰😽😳💖)

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  • Buck and Eddie don’t think the other loves them.

    okay hear me out. Buck and Eddie. They love each other. They really do. But they can’t really tell the other. Because to THEM the other one is straight. They never really brought it up, never dated anyone but women. Like, we get the bi-vibes from them (especially Buck recently) but does the other sees it? Let’s be real if you had an amazing friendship like they both do, would you really risk it all by telling them how you feel if you know there would probably be no way they’re into you? (talking about sexuality here not the “they’re out of my league” stuff) I for one would never tell my straight best friend I am in love with them. Especially not when we care for my child together and there could be a risk my child might be losing them too. Do you know what I mean? For Buddie to happen I think we need to establish their sexualities first. I mean we need THEM to hint at the other that they can play for the other team too. Because I really believe they’re both very much in love with each other, they just don’t believe the other can be. And that’s it. Welcome to my random thoughts.

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    We had a tea party the other day 🍧☕🥂

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  • allelitewrestling- Many of you watching at home said that @trentylocks vs. @KennyOmegamanX was your #AEW Match of the Night.⁠
    Was it yours?⁠

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    #kenny omega#trent beretta#chuck taylor#orange cassidy#best friends#aubrey edwards #all elite wrestling #aew #posted on: 4.2.20 #aew on tnt #aew dynamite #wednesday night dynamite #instagram: aew #promo: aew on tnt
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    She is my only happiness. In the time of darkness. Her smile gives me a candle.

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  • Untitled… Part I

    A/N: it’s not my best work, but I’ve had writers block recently so I’m proud of it anyway. Hope you enjoy :)

    (Y/N)= your name

    Ace= love interest

    Devin= your brother

    Mo= your best friend

    (Y/N)’s POV

    “Just do it.” 

    “No,” he insisted. “I can’t do it, I won’t.” 

    Just do it,” I stressed, my eyes focused on the boy next to me.

    “What are you? Nike?” 

    “Ace,” I said in frustration. “Just. Climb. The Wall.” 

    “What if I fall?” he whined and I reached up and slapped him in the back of his head. “Ouch,” he grumbled and I glared at him. 

    “It’s just a climbing wall,” I tried to explain before tugging on the rope that held us together. “We’re doing this together, see? You’re wearing a harness, it’s okay, I swear.” I almost laughed at the scared look on his face. 

    I’d been working at this place for 2 years now and every time I tried to convince him to come and try it out he absolutely refused— though that could be because this gentle giant was extremely scared of heights. He looks super intimidating, but in reality? He was the biggest scaredy-cat I know. How I got him to do this in the first place is beyond me.

    “Promise you’ll be next to me the whole time?” He looked over at me with puppy dog eyes and I just wanted to give him a hug. He was like a little kid.

    “I pinky promise.” Raising my hand I stuck out my pinky and he instantly wrapped his around mine. “You ready?” 

    He nodded his head warily and I gave his pinky a squeeze before letting go. “Okay, grab hold of two of the grips— the red and yellow ones up there,” I instructed, while reaching up and grabbing two grips myself. He started at them for a moment before wrapping his hands around them. “Good, now, I want you to put your feet on the blue and green grips.”

    He looked over at me with a look that screamed “do I have to do this?”

    “Go ahead, you’re gonna be fine I promise. Grab that blue grip over there,” I assured, letting go of one of my grips and holding the back of his thigh. After a few moments he grabbed it, letting out a small squeal and I had to bite back a laugh.

    After a few minutes of coaching him through it we were decently up on the wall. No where near the top, but it was farther than I thought he’d get so I was proud to say the least.

    “Aren’t we up pretty high?” He asked breathily, looking over at me with terrified eyes.

    “You’re okay, I promise, just don’t-“ he cast a glance down at the floor and I saw the panic flood through him. “No, no, no. Stay with me, babe.” I shuffled closer to him before putting a steady hand on his back. “You’re okay, yeah? Just breathe, we’re really not that high up, I swear.”

    He shook his head vigorously and I could feel the anxiety and nerves overtake him. “Need… need to get down.” Shaking my head, I moved so I was behind him and I felt his breath catch. “What are you d-doing?”

    “I’m helping you get down,” I mumbled, trying to keep my footing. “Just trust me.”

    Craning my neck, I saw my coworker Molly who was supervising right now. “Mo! Tell Lion to let us down!”

    “You sure?” She yelled back and I yelled a confirmation down to her before she got on the walk or with Lion, my other coworker, who was at the top controlling the ropes. She gave me the thumbs up and I glanced up at Lion who now had our ropes taunt and ready for us to be let down.

    I wrapped my legs around Ace to ensure that I didn’t swing too far away from him as we went down. “Okay I’m gonna need you to relax and let me get us down okay?” He nodded stiffly and swallowed. “I’m gonna need you to let go of the wall.”

    “Are you crazy? I can’t let go!” He shouted and I sighed patiently.

    “I need you to trust me, on the count of three we’re both gonna let go of the wall okay? Lion is gonna let us down.”

    “We’re gonna die.”

    “No we’re not,” I assured, trying to keep my voice level and calm. Panicking was gonna get us no where. “Do you trust me?” He paused for a second before nodding his head and swallowing thickly. “So just listen alright? Keep your arms out so you can push off the wall if needed. Now we’re gonna let go in one… two… three.”

    We let go of the wall simultaneously and although I had told him to keep his arms out he immediately had a death grip on my legs that were still around him, so I kept pushing us off the wall to get down until we finally reached the mats at the bottom.

    “Ace? We’re down now,” I said as I unwrapped myself from him (which was harder than I thought with his grip.) I unhooked myself and handed the supplies to Mo who was watching us suggestively. She swore that me and him should be a thing based on how I talk about him and in her words “the guy is a tall glass of water, I suggest you start drinking.”

    Going back, I saw Ace fumbling with unhooking himself so with a slight laugh I went to help. “Told you we wouldn’t die.”

    “Are you sure we’re didn’t?” He mumbled and I hit his chest lightly making a chuckle leave his throat. “Sorry, I couldn’t make it to the top.”

    “Don’t be, you got really far for your first time,” I insisted while gathering the supplies in my arms before looking up at him with a smile. “I’m proud of you.”

    “Does that mean I never have to do it again?” He chirped excitedly, looking like a toddler who was told they could have ice cream.

    “You’re not that lucky,” I teased, before going to Mo and handing her the supplies as she gave me a wink.

    Looking over my shoulder directly at Ace, she gave him a quick head nod and said “You doing okay there, loverboy?”

    “Only hating the fact that she managed to convince me to do this.”

    “Dev used to do it all the time, it’s not that bad,” I called back without looking at him. Dev is my older brother and Ace’s best friend. He was currently off at college for his first semester and although we both missed him like crazy, it wasn’t completely awful since Ace and I were almost as close as him and Dev. Luckily for both of us, Dev is coming home in 2 weeks for winter break meaning that the whole gang will be back together. 

    “Yeah, crazy must run in the family,” he bit back and I turned and glared at him which only made him give me his best fake innocent smile as he walked over to me and Mo.

    “Yeah, well you chose to make yourself one of us so what does that say about you?” I teased while he threw an arm over my shoulder. 

    “Makes me crazy, too, I guess.” Looking down at me, he bit his lip, trying to hide a smile before mumbling, “Absolutely insane.” He stared at me just a hair too long, before moving his eyes to the floor which I was immensely grateful for considering the blush that had spread across my cheeks. 

    Glancing over at Mo, I saw her practically swooning. “Y’know if you two would just go on a date or something, you could actually become a part of the family,” she said suggestively, raising an eyebrow at Ace who just laughed, meanwhile I’m pretty sure I missed a breath.

    “Her brother would kill me before I even got to take her out. Not gonna happen.” Although his tone was light and easy, I felt a slight heaviness settle on my heart before I tried to brush it off. This was Ace, my brother’s best friend. We could never happen and even if it was a possibility that he liked me, he was right– Dev would kill him. 

    “Devin would get over it, if his little sister was happy.” She rolled her eyes and both me and Ace made eye contact with each other before looking back at her. 

    “Are we still talking about my brother? He almost had a heart attack when I said I was gonna go on a date with Lion. Remember? Lion showed up and Dev answered the door with a bat. I didn’t even get to go,” I chuckled lightly at the memory. It was probably for the best cause Lion met this other girl like 2 weeks later and they’ve been together ever since, but at the moment I was so upset I didn’t talk to Dev for a week. 

    Actually, that one was my idea.” Ace grinned proudly, making a scoff escape my lips. “Aye, I’m just as obligated to be protective over you as he is,” he defended, raising his hands in innocence.

    “You two are the reason I’ve never had a real boyfriend.” Rolling my eyes, I crossed my arms over my chest. “Do you see what I deal with? Between him and Dev, I’m completely stuck.”

    “Devin could have me stuck in whatever way he wants, I wouldn’t complain,” she mumbled under her breath. Shoving her back slightly, my jaw dropped. “What? It’s my fault you have an Adonis for a brother? I’m supposed to watch that gorgeous man climb and flex whenever he’s here and not think about boning him?”

    I grimaced, covering my ears. “Gross, I don’t wanna hear that.” 

    “Yeah, I second that,” Ace concurred, scrunching his nose.

    “Aren’t best friends supposed to help each other get laid?” she asked, though I couldn’t tell if the question was directed at me or Ace which for a second was troubling.

    “That doesn’t apply when the guy you wanna get laid with is my family, you half baked carrot.” I let out a laugh, leaning into Ace unintentionally, loving how warm he always was. I felt his arm tighten around me as I nuzzled into him, silently hoping he didn’t notice the content smile on my face.

    “Okay, but what about that one time with my cous-” My hand shot out and slapped over her mouth, eyes the size of bowling balls.

    Was she fucking crazy

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s this about her cousin?” Ace demanded, taking his arm from around me and staring down at me expectantly like a father talking to his child.

    “Don’t listen to little miss blabber mouth, nothing happened.” I might’ve been responding to Ace, but my eyes were locked on Mo’s practically begging her to not say anything. If Ace knew he’d tell Devin and telling Devin would practically be writing my death certificate. 

    “(Y/N), look at me.” I could hear the impatience in his voice and practically face palmed, knowing the type of interrogation I was in for. “(Y/N).” 

    Sighing heavily, I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, letting go of Mo who was watching us curiously while I squared my shoulders, bracing myself. “Yes?” I tried putting on his favorite smile that he was never capable of staying serious with, but he didn’t even bat an eyelash. 

    “Nothing happened? Nothing at all? Nothing that you’d want to tell one of your best friends?” He asked slowly, looking into my eyes. I’ve never been able to lie to him when I looked him in the eye. Maybe that would explain the word vomit that came out of my mouth. 

    “Nothing… serious. It was just some heavy making out and like okay, maybe I was topless, but like big deal. He didn’t have on a shirt or pants. Just boxers. And Jesus if you could’ve seen the guy, you’d be proud that I had the willpower to stop. Have you ever been standing in front of someone who looked so good you wanted to scream and manage to say no. I should get a goddamn medal for that.” I huffed, before taking a huge gulp of air. The look on his face was more concerning to me than my lack of oxygen. He didn’t look like.. anything? Not shocked or appalled… just blank?

    “So you got to second base with the guy?” he said impassively, eyes moving down to stare at the floor as his mouth settled in a straight line. 

    Of all the things he could’ve said, that wasn’t what I was expecting. 

    “I mean.. I guess?” I shrugged. “It’s really not that big a deal though, like c’mon how many girls have you hit home runs with let alone just getting to second base.”

    “I…” his face flushed a deep scarlet, covering his nose and going all the way to his ears. “That- that’s not the point,” he choked out and I bit back a smile at his flustered state. “I’m more curious when you found time to almost hook up with some guy when you’re almost always with me… and Dev,” he added before shaking his head slightly.

    “Key word there, loverboy. Almost.” I felt Mo sling an arm over my shoulders as she grinned wickedly at Ace. I know that Mo was just joking around but I could’ve sworn I saw that muscle in his jaw twitch.


    That weekend… 

    “No, no, no. Underworld is the better movie series. This isn’t even up for debate,” Mo exclaimed, throwing down her spoon into her now empty ice cream cup. 

    “Just listen to me,” I laughed, scooping another spoonful of ice cream into my mouth.

    “I don’t want to listen to you, you’re crazy. You’ve seen-” 

    “Mo, would you just-” 

    “You’ve seen Underworld, how can you sit there and say it’s not the best movie series ever! Who are you and what have you done with (Y/N/N)?” 

    As quickly as I could, I grabbed her spoon before getting some of my ice cream and shoving the spoon in her mouth to shut her up. “Mo, stop talking for one minute,” I chuckled, shaking my head at her antics. “You are trying to say that Underworld is a better series than Terminator. Can you hear how absurd that sounds?” 

    “Underworld has a super badass femme fatale main character,” she mumbled with the spoon still stuck in her mouth.

    “You must not know what a femme fatale is.” I rolled my eyes as I grabbed her cup and my now empty one and stacking them on top of each other. 

    “I know what a femme fatale is,” she hissed, shooting me a glare usually reserved for the person who killed your dog. 

    “But Selene isn’t a-” I paused, shaking my head and hardening my resolve. “Alright, y’know what? You see that guy at the register?” I pointed towards the guy with dark brown hair in a Delights uniform who’d taken our order when we got here in the first place. I immediately noticed how out of place he looked in the pastel shop, but he looked like a man who’d seen a thing or two and I was praying that he’d seen our movies before. 

    “What about him?” 
    “Let’s ask him which one he thinks is better. Let him settle this before we sit here all day arguing this.” 

    “I’m not going over there,” she immediately rebutted and I sighed heavily. How someone who talks this much could be as shy as she is, is truly beyond my comprehension. 
    “Right, sorry. I forgot for a second. I’ll go, okay? And whatever he says is the end of this argument. Deal?” Reaching across the table I extended a hand, feeling a little like I was making a mob deal despite the scenery. Glancing at my hand briefly, she took it, squeezing harder than expected before practically shoving me in the guy’s direction. 

    Taking the cups with me and throwing them in the trash I approached the register, giggling as the guy immediately changed his posture and threw on an abrupt fake smile. 

    “Welcome to Delights, is there anything else I can get for you?” he said brightly, throwing me off slightly. 

    “You could stop with the theatrics,” I joked. “No one smiles that big at work.” 

    Immediately his shoulders slumped as he muttered a quiet “Thank God.” Smiling slightly, I leaned forward on the counter. “There is something you can get me though. I need an answer to a very important question.” 

    “If the question is am I seeing anyone, the answer is no. And if it’s do I want your number, the answer is yes,” he mused, giving me grin and taking off his work cap to run a hair through his hair. My jaw dropped slightly as I took in the boldness of his statement. 

    Damn. That’s one way to catch a girl’s attention.

    “And what makes you assume that’s why I came over here?” I raised a brow at him in question, a part of me wanting to see if I could shake his confidence, the other part be curious as to where this would go. 

    “A guy can’t hope that when a cute girl comes to him saying she has a question, that’s she’s gonna ask if he’s single?” he countered with a smirk. 

    “That’s wishful thinking.” 

    “Call me optimistic.” He shrugged, finally setting his hat down on near the register. 

    “I could’ve come over here for a thousand other things. Maybe,” I emphasized, “I just wanted more ice cream.” 

    “But something about that look those pretty eyes of yours makes me doubt that,” he replied without even batting an eye. The lack of hesitation on his end was impressive to say the least.

    And it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking…

    Licking his bottom lip with with a smile, he tilted his head as he watched me. “So what did you come over here for?” 

    “I just wanted to know what you thought the better movie was.” 

    “What are my options?”

    “Underworld or Terminator. Choose wisely,” I taunted, enjoying his witty banter. It’d been a long time since someone noticed me in that way. With me and Ace always being attached at the hip, we always got mistaken for a couple. Although it didn’t bother me in the slightest, it definitely didn’t help with my dating prospects.

    “Which one are you for?” 

    “Can’t say.” I raised my hands in surrender. “It’s gotta be an unbiased answer.” 

    “If I answer right can I have your number?” 

    “Give me an answer and I’ll let you know.”

    “Terminator. It’s a classic, borderline untouchable.” A smile came over my face as he spoke. “How’d I do?” 

    “You got a pen?” I asked, not breaking eye contact. He looked confused for a second before reaching for a stray pen on the counter. Taking it from his hand, I promptly grabbed his hand and wrote my number on the back of it. Clicking the pen, I looked back at him, appreciating the shocked look on his face. I placed the pen back in his hand and made my way back to the table where an expectant Mo waited for me.

    2 days before Devin comes home…

    “Remind me again why I continue to play this game with you guys?” I groaned, looking over at Lion who gave me a small smile and shook his head. 

    “Because you love us,” Mo taunted across from me with her signature grin. The monopoly board was splayed across the small table that Ace had gotten from downstairs. We were playing in my room because my mom was asleep on the couch downstairs and none of us wanted to risk waking her. For some reason they all loved this god forsaken game and whenever they came over, insisted on playing it. I don’t know if I hated playing monopoly or if I just hated playing it with them… Or because I just suck at it.

    “I think I should love y’all a little less then,” I mumbled, crossing my arms and sticking out my lower lip. It was a childish positsion, yes, but the longer we played, the more tired I got and at this point? I could crash on the floor. Ace chuckle next to me before I felt a hand run up and down my back before coming to settle around my waist. A small shiver went down my spine, but I just ignored it. It was probably just cause it was cold in here. 

    “C’mon, babe, don’t be a sore loser.” He grinned down at me, eyes dancing with amusement at my pouty state. Leaning in, he nuzzled into my neck causing my face to flush pink and my head to get fuzzier than it already was. “It’s not our fault you’re bad at this game,” he mumbled into my skin. God, I practically could feel him smiling. 

    “I think you’re all a bunch of cheaters,” I grumbled, letting myself lean into him, ignoring my rising pulse. “How about we watch a movie instead?” 

    “It’s actually getting pretty late. I think me and Lion are gonna head out.” Her eyes darted between me and Ace. I could practically see the wheels turning and internally I groaned. 

    Are men and women not capable of being affectionate and still being just friends?

    “Late? It’s only like midnight. It’s Friday,” Ace piped up, voicing my exact thoughts. 
    “Yeah, but I’ve got to get up early tomorrow and help my mom clean and I’m Lion’s ride home.” A suggestive grin crossed her face as she looked at me. My eyes went to Lion who sat silently with a knowing smirk on his face. All I got from his was a shrug and an unapologetic, “Next time.” 

    With very little protest from me who was honestly exhausted or Ace, Lion and Mo hit the road, leaving me and Ace to put away the board game. This proved to be a bigger task than I anticipated since we had to do all this while not waking up my mom and my stairs for some reason were creakier than ever. 

    Once we made it back to my room I collapsed on the bed while he shut the door. “I think that she could sleep through an avalanche,” I joked as I took off my sweater, revealing the gray tank I had underneath. Leaning back on the bed I rested my head on my favorite pillow, opening my arms, beckoning (and silently asking him) to come closer and cuddle.

    A toothy grin crossed his face as he tugged off his shirt from the back of his neck. A small action that made my stomach flip whether I liked it or not. “Probably.” He came, falling into my arms before turning so I could lay on his chest. We’ve been cuddling a lot more recently and I’ve noticed that this is one of his favorite positions. “I think you could be dying and pleading for help and she wouldn’t hear it.”  

    “But god forbid I take two steps out of the house or she’ll wake up with the vigor and strength of 10 Spartans,” I mumbled into his chest, a little dizzy from the way his fingers raked through my hair. I felt the rumbling in his chest as he laughed. “Think you should move in. If I’m dying at least you’d save me.” 

    He laughter subsided softly and I looked up to see him staring down at me with this fond look on his face that made my heart melt. “I’d always save you. I’m your knight in shining armor remember?” 

    A smile found its way onto my face as I remembered Halloween. Usually it was the three of us who had a group costume, but since Dev went to school it was just us to. So we decided he’d go as a knight and I’d be the princess. Ever since that night he’s referred to himself as my knight in shining armor. 

    “How could I forget?” 

    We settled into a comfortable silence. I laid there listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat while he raked his hands through my hair. If it was anyone else I’d’ve asked them to move, but this was Ace. He was safe and warm and smelled like home. I felt my eyelids get heavy and slip shut. 
    “Stay the night?” my tired voice asked quietly, as I shifted, putting my leg up on him. 

    “As you wish.” A ghost of a smile crossed my face at the mention of one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride. I heard a faint click before being submerged into total darkness. 

    Ace’s POV

    The Next Morning…

    The scent of her shampoo was enough to coax me out of the heavy sleep I was in. Lavender. I’d never even smelled it before she started using it to wash her curls and now I swear I could live in it. 

    Taking a deep breath, my eyes slowly opening, I found her still fast asleep on the pillow next to me. My arm was wrapped around her and her legs were tangled in mine. With a content smile, I ran my hand up and down her back, heart skipping a beat when she shifted and I thought I’d woken her up. I took a minute to admire her sleeping form, pausing at her mouth and wishing desperately that I could press a soft kiss there. I think I’d woken up with her in my arms like this more than I’ve woken up alone since Dev went to school. 

    Dev. My best friend

    And she was his little sister. Ugh, why did she have to be his sister? Dev is like family to me, always has been. And if anyone knew how protective he was over her, it was me. Even when we were kids, his stipulation to us being friends was that I had to look at her like a family too. That worked for a while. Protecting her was second nature and being there for her was all I wanted to do. It wasn’t until puberty hit and the rule became you can’t fall in love with her that’s when things got complicated.

    I had to watch her go from my friend’s dorky little sister, to the adorably awkward middle schooler and into the girl who takes my breath away. All the while I wasn’t allowed to be in love with her.

    Too late there, pal.

    Feeling guilty, I tried to take my arm from around her to untangle myself and immediately felt a fist grab at the waistband of my sweats which were thankfully higher on my hips than normal. Moving closer so she was tucked under my chin, I heard her croak a small “No.” Pressing my lips shut, I sighed. Why did she have to be this damn cute? 

    “We gotta get up eventually, babygirl,” I mumbled even though I had put my arms back around her anyway. The pet names might be pushing boundaries, but she never seemed to mind and I don’t think I could stop myself from calling her them if I tried. 

    “Later then. I just wanna stay here for a little while,” she whispered into my skin and I clenched my jaw. This girl is gonna be the death of me one day. “Is that okay?” 

    I was silent for a moment before I let myself relax. “Yeah… Yeah it’s okay.” 

    I might as well enjoy her today. Pretty soon Dev will be home and there’s no way he’d be okay with any of this. But for today, I could just pretend that she’s not my best friend’s little sister. She was just (Y/N). My (Y/N). 

    // @jermeeeeee

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  • A Month of Friendship Prompts;

    (Note; While the goal is to do one a day, please go at your own pace, this is for fun after all!)

    1.  A group of misfits meet on an MMO and after meeting a very odd NPC things begin to get very melodramatic. They now meet weekly.

    2.  “Being friends with you is so much easier when your not being petty.”

    3.  Two old scientists are well aware their employer is trying to pit them against each other for some reason, and so decide to team up instead just to spite them.

    4.  They had organised a dance number for this exact moment, they barely needed a signal to know it was time to make a memorable exit.

    5.  The towns wizard, witch and clairvoyant had a friendly rivalry going based purely on who had the best familiar. No one’s sure who’s winning.

    6.  “You tell anyone that I admitted to caring about you and rest assured there will be a snake in the next one.”

    7.  They were very young when they spotted each other on either side of a fish tank and now they’re both enjoying their respective jobs as marine biologist and professional mermaid.

    8.  All their worrying about introducing their friends to each and in the end they had already met! Question is, what sort of impression did they each make?

    9.  “Look, we’re good mates so I’d die for you but you know I have work tomorrow, right? There has to be more going on for us to be doing this right now…Tell me we didn’t warp to another galaxy on a work night just to look for your shifty stubborn ex!”

    10.  A loner spots a classmate trying and failing to sew a toy for their sibling’s birthday, feeling pity they throw them one their hand made hobby projects without much thought. Now that person won’t leave them alone and seems very eager to learn more about their hobby.

    11.  Pairing up with a fellow villain that has a completely different theme going can be quite interesting. Still, friends who scheme together stay together, even if their aesthetics don’t match.

    12.  Sometimes being a friend meant taking your friends to a secret spot where they could scream their problems at a squirrel statue.

    13.  Two royals are very glad that the fighting between their nations are over and they get to spend more time together as they did when they were young, though having to get married is a little awkward since they’ve already got lovers.

    14.  “We may be fools, but together we’re the best type of fools.”

    15.  It’s always good to know your buddy has your back even when your comebacks suck.

    16.  Finding out the other was also trans, they soon started swapping clothes and became known as ‘The Opposite Twins’.

    17.   Game night was always a mixed bag, it could be uneventful, filled with funny moments they would reminisce on later or things would get very real very suddenly. Still, it was their thing.

    18.  “Ah yes, how rude of me, let me introduce you to my dearest and closest friend. You may recognise them from that time you requested that I kill them.”

    19.  None knew when ‘Boop Tag’ became a thing or who started it, but the competition was fierce and never ending, so much so they had formed alliances.

    20.  You’d think after so long the ‘lend me a hand’ gag would get old, however, it didn’t stop them. In fact they started adding to it to the point that every newbie had a very interesting introduction to their group.

    21.  “I’m certain of our friendship because you have a special piggy bank purely for my bail money. That is how long and how well I know you.”

    22.  Besties decide to swap styles for a day out of boredom and curiosity, it is a strange experience for them both but fun nonetheless and only allows them to understand each other better.

    23.  Every one of their friends got a friendship bracelet. All of them. No one even knew where they came from or how they could just suddenly appear like that.

    24.  After being separated for three years, they spot each other on opposite platforms at a train station. How will this reunion go?

    25.  Being a ruler would be a lot easier if their best friend was not a stone-faced guard that knew just how to sneak inside jokes passed other nobles. Holding in laughter did not look very regal.

    26.  “I have thoroughly analysed our time together and have concluded that you believe me to be your closest companion. I am struggling however to tell if that means you consider me a friend or one of those animal companions.”

    27.  Ghostly housemate is still unsure about your friend with the weird hair.

    28.  Since their schedules never matched up, they traded birthday presents on a specific day, however this time they were having trouble with their gifts.

    29.  They ended up breaking a number of items just trying to get the other to stop binging that damn show in their room and eat something decent.

    30.  They were in so much trouble, so so so much trouble, yet here they were giggling like idiots.

    31.  “I’ll trade you one embarrassing childhood story about them for a portion of your food.”

    Completion Bonus!; Do a one shot or a sketch for something you love that you haven’t had the chance to do for a while! Or read one chapter of an unfinished story! Or watch one episode or movie of that thing you like! Satisfy whatever urge you have right now, you have all the time in the world for this so relax and treat yourself, you did great!

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  • Y/n: *in her/his room hurting their own feelings by overthinking and listening to sad music*

    Tony: *enters* you okay?

    Y/n: *sniffs*

    Tony: oh no you not okay

    Tony: *lays down next to them* *hugging them*

    Y/n: *cry even harder*

    #tony stark#tony#stark#tonystark #tony stark imagine #platonic tony stark x reader #platonic#best friend #best friend! tony stark x reader #best friends #iron man imagine #iron dad #iron man x reader #crying #tony x sad reader
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  • If you don’t care then go ahead and scroll past. I’m gonna be talking about platonic, romantic and sexual feelings and how I’m a dumbass and dont know what the fuck is going on.

    So here’s the scenario. So there’s this guy in my life. I refer to him as my best friend and my friend with benefits. That’s because my attraction towards him is all but romantic. We tried dating once a few years ago but it just didn’t feel right to either of us and we had a pretty casual fallout where the maintenance of the “romantic” relationship degraded back into platonic. We still occasionally fuck because the sexual tension that came with the “romantic” relationship never left either of us. I think deep down we both wanted to have sex with each other but the pressure to be dating while also fucking was pretty high at the time. I’d recently had a break up when we started dating too and we met under sort of high pressure circumstances. We were both also young and stupid and neither of us had really great control over our emotions (i still fucking dont lmao). Anyway, this guy has been in my life longer than my current girlfriend (and she knows we fuck. shes chill w it. she knows i gotta get my bottom energy out somehow) and we’re really close. He is absolutely my closest friend and I love him so fucking much!! When I say things like “I love you” to him its ALWAYS platonic. I’ve NEVER felt ANY sort of romantic attraction to him. Sometimes we do things that may be perceived as “romantic” by most of society but when we do things like, cuddling, quick kissing, hand holding, name calling or even fighting like we’re married it’s never actually romantic. Now real quick let’s get something clear, we both experience romantic attraction, just not towards each other. Even on occasion I’ve said things like “I fucking wish I had romantic attraction towards you” and proceed to call him a hoe. 

    So here’s what I’m questioning.

    I’ve heard the term “Queer Platonic” Floating around and I haven’t dug too much into it mostly because it’s a term used by the aromantic community and as a pansexual panromantic person I try not to invade other people’s terms. From my understanding however Queer Platonic is (correct me if I’m wrong) a strong platonic relationship between 2 (or more) people usually used by people in the aromantic community. I almost feel like it’s a step above best friend but a step below romantic partner. My question is, Is what I feel towards my friend queer platonic and can we use that term if neither of us are part of the aromantic community? I also want to make it clear that I’m not trying to invade the aro spaces or steal aro terms. I’m genuinely confused and these are serious questions I have.
    Feel free to comment, reblog or even dm me if you wanna give some input. :)

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  • I was with him when he took his first breath when he was born and the last breath before he passed away. 11 years with you were awesome. Gonna miss you buddy. 😭

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  • image

    He just wants to feel taller, again 😉

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  • Hi!! i hope everyone is doing well! I know I’m early (it is technically friday where I’m at while posting this) I hope you enjoy the chapter!!

    read on ao3

    Words: 11.8k

    Summary: Dan and Phil finally get a placement.

    Warnings for this chapter: swearing

    Keep reading

    #phan#phanfiction #foster parent au #foster parent #bbc producer!phil #student counselor!dan #parent!phan #parent!au #friends to lovers #best friends#bed sharing#fake relationship #i promised children!! here they are!!!! #they're my babies too so please be kind to them #fluff#angst
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  • title: you know it all, you’re my best friend
    author: thunderingskies
    rating: explicit
    wordcount: 21675
    pairing: kim namjoon/min yoongi

    Yoongi has always followed a set of five simple, straight-forward rules to keep himself distanced and safe. Somehow, Namjoon is always the exception to each and every one. 

    (Or, wherein Yoongi is lonelier than he realizes and Namjoon fits perfectly into Yoongi’s life- and his heart, filling a hole that Yoongi didn’t even realize was there.)


    #namgi#bts fic #bts fic rec #namjoon#yoongi #au: non idol verse #best friends #friends to lovers #slow burn#love confessions#cuddling#snuggling#light angst#happy ending #falling in love #i really liked this one #author: thunderingskies#wc: 20000
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