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    Em nosso Reino esse pequenino ser se chama; Todo coração ❤️ #dog #auau #bestfriends https://www.instagram.com/p/CUGEmisF2IX/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    2012. -Beautiful are not those whose face is beautiful, beautiful are those whose character is beautiful. -Our uniqueness makes us special, makes perception valuable - but it can also make us lonely. This loneliness is different from being 'alone': You can be lonely even surrounded by people. The feeling I'm talking about stems from the sense that we can never fully share the truth of who we are. I experienced this acutely at an early age. -I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone. -As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success. @mady_gio @instagram @jackeline_trans1 @adamuhappinessomono @shivangipatel1234 @google @hassanrazag @fasilsulman9 @azolangmr @hot_sizzling_models2020_ @kingwinner2019 @belenisprincesita @justinbieber @tasneemelaidy @jazzdigital @zong.official @telenor.pk @ufone_official @warid @pakistanigirls_ #friendsforlife #smile #bestfriend #fun #party #goodtime #myfriends #bestfriends #friends4life #friendship #myfirend #bestie #awesome #tagwagai #friendsforlove #friends4ever #memories #love #family #selfie #cheapthrills #joy #mates #dosti #snypechat #buddy #guys (at Gopalpur Sea Beach) https://www.instagram.com/p/CUFwwitAsxu/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    you stole my heart like a theft in the night 

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    « I must get started! I can do it! From there, I must face forward. and start walking! Start running! Never stop! » ♫ Can Do - Granrodeo

    Yoshino (new sims) & Jotaro 💕 Best friends and basketball players 💕

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    Miss the C in CBX! Despite what Yeol says!😅 It's gonna be a long wait for a CBX cb. 😭 God knows we need it! 🙏 #HappyChenDay @e_xiu_o @baekhyunee_exo @weareone.exo ctto #XIUMIN #시우민 #pretty #chen #엑소 #첸 #xiuchen #beautiful #gorgeous #bestfriends #BAEKHYUN #gorgeous #exo #세훈 #silly #idol #happybirthday #fun #kimminseok ##cbx #kiss #cute #eyes #sweetheart https://www.instagram.com/p/CUFh89ghSCa/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    by the warm current

    As kids, my sister and I spent our summers near the river, often falling on our long garments. Our knees scraped and bruised by the sharp rocks that lay beside the strong, warm stream. The hot days rushed by as we spent our hours playing under the hot, blinding sun. If my sister adored anything, it was birds. Often we spent our days searching for them in the scorching heat of the summer, looking for all the wings that have been neatly crafted, threaded into shape. Our collection of feathers of all colours were kept safe, hidden to preserve their infinite beauty, kept in a wooden rustic box under our bed. The box neatly tucked away between the sheets that were perfectly stored by mother. One grim evening, one of my older siblings had found our box hidden between the worn out blankets, that night we were forced into womanhood, our childhood was stripped away from us. Our summers were no longer warm, our knees left with scars.

    What is it to truly be a woman? A question I still struggle with. Reverend Michael often referred to womanhood as preparing to serve God by serving your husband, which we spent the following years doing, leaving our ambitions and dreams of independence behind. Our personalities were to be crushed under the high expectations of becoming nothing other than slaves which men used. Our days were spent caring for our younger siblings who occupied our time dirtying the floors we just scrubbed. Our womanhood, reduced to becoming mothers and leaving our aspirations for our sons. Too tall, too confident, too short, too skinny, too immodest, too fat, too lanky, too talkative, too hairy, too loud, too aggressive, our existence is nothing more than a checklist for men to choose from. Growing up, I admired adulthood. I admired the idea of growing up to serve my husband, the idea of dressing modestly and spending my time cleaning, to become a woman. But as I grew into that woman, I began despising it.

    My teenage years were regulated by the women of the church who made it their mission to crush my dreams, my life was to be sacrificed for god. Waking up to the screaming children of the church who demanded breakfast, my days were the same every single day. After the tedious mornings of cooking, cleaning and caring tirelessly, we met the citrus trees sprinkled with the soft dew on their delicate leaves in the community garden as we planned to prepare our annual lemon pie. Every year we were to prepare a feast full of food, including our lemon pie as the dessert for the mating party. This glamorous party was only a facade, a sweet glaze over a dark oppressive, controlled, and abusive future. This year was different, however, as I was becoming a woman of age, all day I had been thinking about what was to come, the life I was forced to have, pushed into a designated role my whole life. This is it, this is the dream of the church, this is what my life was to be, what my family had planned, what the reverend had envisioned.

    That day I realised I couldn't do this, after seeing all the women blatantly eyed by the men of the church, scanned from bottom to up, graded as if they were a gift to be expected, a helpless little kitten to be chosen from a shelter or rescued from a basket left on the road. My older sister stood beside me, we glared at each other exchanging the same thoughts. Our life was more than this, our dreams were not to be forgotten, hidden in the blankets of our mind. I had heard about a couple of people who had escaped before, I didn't know how to but we had to get out. That night I decided to do the unthinkable, I had to make a plan, I had to take action, I had to escape this cage and fly away.

    Reverend Michael was my father however he was never a typical father, more like a shepherd grazing his sheep, controlling us to become nothing more than slaves for his sick fantasies. He slept in the cabin house beside ours, but I knew he was going to arrive late today due to the ceremony, like every year before. It was the perfect time as if the universe aligned for our freedom. In my nightgown, I slid out as my sister was fast asleep. The night was dark, the air thick and foggy, the moon barely lit watching over me as I ran barefoot, in my white gown to the reverend's cabin. I knew where to look, under the vase he kept his spare key, which I used to unlock his door. I walk in knowing exactly where to find what I'm looking for, his diary, kept in the last drawer of his desk conveniently hidden in between his bibles. I flick through the delicate pages looking for something useful when I stumble across the gold mine. It wrote the name of a woman named "Angela Zachery" and her cabin number''14", suspected of breaking out "Mary Williams". I quickly close the book, return his diary precisely into its spot and leave the same way I entered, leaving no trace behind me.

    The coming night my mind was occupied with one thought, cabin 14. I couldn't just leave, I had to make sure it was clear. It took a couple of nights which felt like forever but eventually, I got there. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Friday night, everyone had got to their cabins early after a hard day of work and the daily evening lecture was longer than usual. The pathways were empty, the road clear. I made my way, a little more professional than the night of the ceremony, in my brown dress and handwoven cardigan that wrapped its threads around my shoulders supporting me through my journey. If I was found by any person or even if "Angela" was a scam I would end up 6 feet deep into the ground before sunrise. I took the chance walking across the church to his cabin, no one was around, no one to be seen spying. I knocked on the door anticipating the worst, painting the images of my death. My life dissolving into nothing more than a forgotten story in the depths of my memories, an old story tale kept at the back of a dusty bookshelf. The door opened ever so slightly as I felt the fear shake through my body. She grabbed me inside so hard I stumbled inside falling to my knees in front of her as he shut the door aggressively. I introduced myself and explained my story and she sat there listening. Her eyes stared at me aggressively yet with a shadow of love. Her agreement brought me feelings, flushing my skin, red. Independence, freedom, individuality, expression, life. All books that she dusted alive within an instant. My dreams of independence and freedom rushed back through my bones to the crevices of my every thought. It was scheduled for Thursday night.

    The night before the escape was probably one of the hardest and most important nights of my life, I was breaking the cage and finally getting the opportunity to fly, but the thought of leaving everything and everyone I knew terrified me. I wasn't to ever clean after my siblings, but I wasn't ever going to see them again. I wasn't going to have to make lemon pie for the church, but I wasn't going to celebrate with all my family ever again. Laying in my bed I couldn't get my eyes to shut as I laid there staring at the ceiling. The only support holding me together was the sheets I laid in and the light breathing of my sister beside me.

    My bags packed, my thoughts collected, my breathing stable. This was it, this was my freedom. I get to leave and not look back. It was starting to get dark, the last evening to spend in this hell of a place. The trees rustling in the wind and air smelling of wood fire. I had kissed each of my younger siblings goodbye, hoping I would remain alive in their memories. My sister spent that evening reading, which we did often. An outlet we used to let our imagination roam free to live the lives we wish we had. As we put our coats on we stared at each other with fear, the sun had set and the sky was so empty reflecting the withdrawal we were to be hit with. We looked at each other and left, never to set foot in the cabin ever again.

    Angela has sent some, waiting for us. He had a car organized outside the fence, we just had to make it outside. In the dark night, we threw our long dress off and climbed the fence gripping the holes with all our strength, looking back I could see Angela in the distance leaving. Climbing faster and faster, our bodies shaking with fear, our hearts anticipating our freedom. Hand over hand, foot over foot, we rose higher and higher. It felt like forever until we reached the top, then at the tip I stared into my sister's eyes when I heard a bang! My soul left my body for a moment from the fear as I saw my sister's body growing limp, her back falling into the fence becoming one with it. I stared into the sky for a moment, knowing I was targeted, I had no time. I had to leave my sister behind, running my way down the fence. I felt the wind brushing my cheeks, the heat irritating my skin. As I reached the last few steps I fell onto the floor, my vision blurring into two. There was no option but to get up, leaving my sister hanging on the fence and running into the truck.

    As fast as my life gained sweetness it got bitter again. I stayed in a home with many people, I had food and clothing. But life without my sister was hard, the image of her murder remaining drilled into my head. I saw the soul leave her body, I saw her life end. I often wonder how different things would have turned out if I never left, if I was caught, if we moved a metre to the right if we left on Friday?

    My favourite place grew to become the beach, reminding me of the warm river my sister and I loved ever so dearly, connecting our dreams to every nook of the world. As I sit here today, on the warm sand, I often find myself looking beside me to find my sister's spirit constantly gifting me with feathers. Today I have the privilege of sitting on this beach, feeling the wind through my hair, the cool breeze on my shoulders and my sister's feathers can be forever stored, kept safe and loved, not to be a secret but to be a memory of resilience.


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    #my irl bestfriend is a larrie <3
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    Wolfgang: pst... *Whispers* She won't stop staring at me...

    Morgan: pst... *talks louder than normal* You wouldn't know she's staring if you weren't looking at her.

    Wolfgang: I loathe you.

    Morgan: Ohhh, someone's been reading a dictionary.

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    y/n tells Harry about her one-night stand.

    YIKES. this is so not influenced by irl events AT ALL. hehehe. first time using a gif kinda nervous.

    wc: 2.9K, angst?


    In his apartment's living room, their scheduled 'study time' was reaching the point where they were bored and annoyed. (y/n) was sitting upside down on his couch, head towards the floor while her legs dangling on the top of it. Harry, on the other hand, was lying outstretched on the rug, both of their textbooks abandoned.

    "Organically! I just want to meet someone organically in a, I don't know, a fucking coffee shop. Or Trader Joe's. I'll even settle for the dining hall!" (y/n) yelled, her frustrations about relationships were a sore spot and she always vocalized them. Being a hopeless romantic, she idealized the thought of being in love far too much. "But we're about to graduate! I've lost my chance, Harry!"

    He chuckled at her comment: her dramatics and his nonchalance a perfect dynamic for their friendship. "You stress about it too much, like you said, we're about to get out of here you should be having fun. Don't overstress your little mind."

    "Don't pin me the holey virgin, I just want a Lover, Jesus Christ."

    "(y/n), you haven't even held hands romantically with a single person. I think I'm allowed to tell you to just get out there already." Harry laughed, they also had an interesting dynamic based on their experience. She was known for pining but not succeeding, while he, on the other hand, liked to enjoy his college years through the art of casual fucking.

    "You underestimate me. I have done stuff." (y/n) shyly said, still embarrassed and even ashamed of her recent actions.

    Harry quickly turned his head to (y/n) in shock, a playful smirk on his face. "Excuse me? And you didn't say a word about it to your best fucking friend?" His tone was playful and offended, his dimples diminishing any real harsh feelings. "Spill the deets, can't believe you withheld this from me dude." He couldn't explain why he felt like his heart rate was rising, or why his ears felt hotter. He was happy for her, yeah, it was about time.

    "So," she dragged, cheeks flaming, "You know how I've been on tinder for a while."

    "You said it was for fun? Like nothing real?" He questioned.

    "Well, it was, until it wasn't. Matched with this one guy and it escalated, the first guy I met in person and it was the intention of hooking up." She sat up now, covering her face with her hands out of utter embarrassment. Why was it so hard to speak about these things with her best friend? They've shared every detail in their lives. "And we did, sorta. First kiss, first ... everything really. Except for sex, I refused to fuck him."

    Noticing her shift in positions, he sat up too, to get a better view of her. The two shared about everything and he was extremely invested in this new conversation. "(y/n) what the fuck, that's great!" He was happy his friend was finally getting a taste of what was out there. The tingling feeling in his hands was unexpected though, along with a strange pressure on his chest. "Sounds quick, why not go the full way then?"

    "I definitely rushed into it. I don't think I wasn't ready, but I regretted it after because I wish it was with someone I knew. Like, knew his last name, or his favorite movie. That's why I didn't fuck him. I probably would have cum if I actually liked him." Her cheeks were still burning from embarrassment, but she knew Harry's habits, so it's not like it was a big deal, right?

    "I think we always romanticize our first, and I don't think anyone has a genuine connection." Why was it making him feel strange to imagine her with another guy? He talked about his escapades weekly with her, they weren't strangers to this topic, only that now the subject was flipped. "But I think you should've cummed regardless, pet." Small bursts of her mouth ajar entered his mind, what he assumed she'd look like in pleasure.

    Groaning she began to squirm on the couch. "I know we do! But I can't help it. Is it so wrong for thinking I should've kissed someone I genuinely like? I had to learn how to make out right then and there, it was so embarrassing. Don't even get me started on the other stuff. It was enjoyable but, I think I was just too nervous to cum."

    Images came flashing to him more frequently after the first. Her kissing this guy. Her straddling his lap and grinding. Her pulling his zipper down and-

    "I just really wanted to see what it felt like; to be that close to someone." She finished, sighing.

    Shaking his head from thinking of his best friend that way, he focused his attention back on her in front of him. "There's always going to be other chances to be that close to someone, you can decide when it means more to you or whatever. Make sure it's something you enjoy, not something that puts you down every time; that's not healthy. Don't put so much weight on yourself for it, I mean look at me," he finished with a soft laugh. Suddenly, and for the first time in years, he began to regret how many times he's been with other people. The thought of the two discovering each other for the first time became unbearable from how unreasonable it was. He wanted to be the one to show her how to kiss, teach her how she should be pleased. But if she thought this was such a big deal, then it seems like his body count would be something she'd be too cautious to physically approach.

    The two sat in silence for a moment, their words lingering.

    Finally, she broke it, softly saying "Just please, don't ... think of me differently."

    "(y/n) you're a saint regardless, please don't think you've changed my view of you somehow when we both know I'm the filthier one." He tried to underplay with another lighthearted laugh.

    "It's just hard not to think of myself as dirty, for doing that with a stranger." (y/n) hadn't had enough time to process the situation, and being to actually vocalize her feelings instead of ignoring them was making her emotional. She was known for being dramatic, but the tears welling up in her eyes were warranted given her situation."I won't be able to have that special moment with the person I love anymore. It's all tainted. I know I agreed to it, but I feel so fucking dirty. Is that the only attention I can get? Through my body? He was all over me when I was on him, but he didn't want to meet up the next day to hang out. I wish I never did that because now I know what it feels like to be wanted, but in the worst fucking way." At this point, silent tears began to fall down her face. She turned away from Harry, embarrassed at the whole situation, vulnerability was hard for her.

    His heart broke for his best friend who was obviously in pain. How long had she been dealing with these feelings alone? Why hadn't she vocalized them and why hadn't he been there to help her? Finally moving off his spot on the floor, he sat on the couch beside her, enveloping her in his arms. Quickly, she accepted the hug, tears falling quicker now. He didn't know how to process this and disregarding his own whirlwind of emotions, he began to rub her back. "I'm- I can't believe you've been dealing with this alone, (y/n). You're not alone, you're-God, you're everything. Anyone would be fucking blessed to even have you for a second. Beautiful, and smart, and so fucking funny. You're so much more than your body, which is beautiful, but it's not your only way to have someone close to you. I can't believe someone as incredible as you feel dirty. Baby, you're far from it."

    "Then why do I feel like this?" She barely made out through a sob, "I feel useless!"

    "Maybe you just weren't ready for it yet, or at least in that way. You do deserve to be with someone to make you feel like you're their only priority, but (y/n) you choose when you give that to someone. It doesn't have to be your first-ever, just someone you trust counts for it as special."

    She began to calm down, his soothing hands stopping her sobs. "On one side, I'm glad I have some experience so I won't come off as a right loser but I do wish I would've given that part of myself to someone who would've appreciated it. Someone who cares."

    His heart began to beat faster. He felt like an idiot for making the situation about himself, but how could he not? Isn't she confessing something? Or maybe he was taking advantage of her vulnerability. Instead, he decided to readdress something she mentioned earlier. "Despite what you feel, you'll never be lonely. You have me, and that's enough. You don't need to do these drastic measures that make you feel useless to feel close to someone, I won't let you. Sure, it works for me but that's what makes us different baby. You're so special and kindhearted. You can be picky with who you give yourself to, and I don't mean through your body, but your heart." He wishes the circumstances were different. Maybe if he didn't sleep with a different person each week he'd maybe lift her chin up, wipe her tears, and give her a slow kiss to prove what she deserves.

    "Feels like I found out the hard way about something I already knew. I'm too emotional for one-night stuff. Wish I could've done it with someone like you."

    Her words were soft-spoken as if the crying drained her of her energy. She did tend to sleep after a breakdown. But this didn't ease his firing thoughts: did she mean it? Like in a romantic way? How does he even respond to his best friend saying something like that when she's typically so shy?

    "You know I care so much for you, and I'll always be here for whatever you need." There. He laid out his conditions: he's hers whenever. He prays she's awake enough to acknowledge it, but the slow rise of her back proves otherwise.


    When she awoke, she found herself in Harry's bed. It wasn't unusual so she wasn't shocked. They tend to sleep at one another's if they stayed over too late, and since they had been friends for over ten years, sleeping in the same bed wasn't an issue.

    Except, she felt like the biggest fucking idiot on the planet. (y/n) has a major problem with vulnerability, either never giving up enough about herself or in turn, dumping all her emotions at once. She heavily regretted both but at least she could bask in the former than take back the latter. Stupid fucking idiot. Not only does Harry now know she hooked up with a stranger but he's gotten an even closer look at how much of a loser she is. Fantastic.

    She doesn't know what's happening with her emotions, but tears began to fall down her face onto the pillow. Pathetic. Harshly rubbing at her cheeks, she finally turned over to see Harry asleep. He was facing her, face peaceful and soft.

    With her tears still running, she got out of bed, hoping to make it out before Harry noticed. She needed to be alone to go over everything, and luckily he was a heavy sleeper.

    Roughly grabbing her jacket from his desk chair, and finding her abandoned backpack, she slowly made her way out to his living room area. More feelings of utter stupidity ran through her, making her feel cold and useless once again. She carefully turned the doorknob of the main door open, being mindful of the creak it would occasionally make.

    And just like that, she made it to her dorm while trying not to cry harder on the walk there. Dropping her stuff right at the entrance of her room, she peeled her clothes off to lay in bed. She felt almost a burning sensation in her chest, the desolate feeling coming back in full force.

    She wasn't a stranger to depression. She would jokingly say she had bipolar disorder given her frequent back and forths with suspected manic and depressive episodes. This though was the strongest it's been since the year prior.

    Hugging a plushie to her chest, she began to sob fully. The pain she felt was a mixture and accumulation of everything and nothing. She felt like the most useless human on earth, considerably uglier, stupider, more difficult than any other person she's interacted with. She was delusional for thinking she would find someone to connect with emotionally, but she was even more psychotic for giving her body like that to a stranger. She was alone. That's how it always began and that's how it would always end. There was no one for her, no one that would ever care enough to hear her and she'd make sure it would never happen. Equally so, she cared so much about how much she hated herself, that she didn't care at all. This juxtaposition was beyond her, but the pain she felt in her lungs from crying was all she could do to make sense of the feelings.

    She was alone. She'd always be. She always has been, and she was absolutely insane for thinking she'd have the luxury of it being any other way.


    Four days had passed since the two's talk, and it was extremely out of character for Harry not to hear from (y/n) for more than two days. He already was a bit concerned waking up the next day after her confession but thought that she might've picked up a shift at work. He knew she'd have some episodes and would reluctantly admit it, but the two had their process of getting through it. If one or the other sent a text message stating "ice cream?" then it was known that they were having a hard time. With (y/n), a scoop from their favorite creamery and small talk would be enough to make her feel important. It was usually enough to get her out of her slump.

    Yet, when Harry sent her that exact message, it went without response.

    He assumed she maybe needed space after her first round of sexual experiences, or perhaps she was still exploring them and felt shy letting Harry know. The second option made his heart beat a little faster, despite him trying to control it.

    Yet, it was the fourth day without any exchange of Tik Tok's, songs, or Tweets. He was worried.

    That's exactly why he found himself right outside her dorm. She had an extra key to his apartment, and he had an extra room key for her dorm. They were seldom used since they were always with each other, but they agreed it was needed in case of an emergency.

    He attempted to listen to see if she was there, and knocked just in case. After waiting and receiving no response, he slid the key in to get in. The blinds were closed despite it being a bright day, and no lights were illuminated. This immediately made him nervous, (y/n) was the bright and positive girl that influenced his own dark days.

    Walking into the room, he found that she was in bed, covered by more than three different blankets.

    "(y/n), please tell me you're okay. Are you sleeping?" His breathing was labored, worried about his best friend. Getting closer, he was able to see her face, turned to the side of her wall. She was asleep, although she had a crease in her eyebrows. Her cheeks were red, a tell-tale sign of one of her crying fits. "Baby, hey, wake up. It's three in the afternoon (y/n)," he said softly, heartbreaking at the sight in front of him.

    Slowly she began to wake, looking confused that Harry was there.


    "Let's get you out of bed, didn't you have two classes today?" He said, still keeping his tone soft.

    At this point she sat up, keeping her eyes down out of embarrassment. "Yeah, but I was tired so I stayed in."

    She never missed class, so he knew this was worse than any other episode he's encountered with her. "What's wrong baby, come here," sitting beside her and bringing her into his arms. Almost immediately, she fisted his hoodie and began to shake, minimal noises coming out as she seemed to cry more. Frowning, he brought one hand up to caress her hair as she let out her emotions.


    After talking, he found out she was feeling out of sorts during the past few days, but she wouldn't say anything as to why she felt this way. (y/n) reassured him that she was trying to get better, that it was just a random change in her brain. He wasn't so convinced but seeing her get up to change her clothes, brush her teeth, and wash her face was enough. Every time he specifically questioned her emotions, or if this was brought on by what they talked about, it was quickly brushed off.

    Having Harry see her in a state like that was beyond embarrassing, and thus she tried to get back to her normal mood despite how her head felt. Basking in her pain alone doesn't seem to be beneficial, so she considered asking her 'one-night stand' back for another night. She knew Harry wouldn't agree, but it was time for her to 'women-up.'


    Pleeeease tell me what you think! I def wanna continue this plot line though. Does that mean it's not a one-shot? idk how these things work. Anyway, like i said so not influenced by my recent actions. not at all.

    feedback appreciated, suggestions always open. have a good fuh-reaking day!

    #harry styles #harry styles blurb #harry styles fluff #harry styles smut #harry styles angst #harry styles one shot #harry styles one direction #harry styles fanfiction #harry smut #college!harry #bestfriends!harry #harry styles fic #harry styles au
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    #saw an ice age meme #and now i am missing my ex bestfriend #we binge watched those movies #this sucks
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    Some color work I did 💕

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    im st*ned listening to deftones trying to decide between getting a new tattoo or playing sims

    #entombed to be specific #all I can think about is the post animal concert I get to go to in October #it will be my first concert since covid happened #like legit I think it’s been almost 2 years wtf #was going to see vundabar for like the 6th time the MONTH that covid hit #me and my bestfriend cried in the car dramatically and were like omg we are doomed #and for some reason all my brain can fixate on is I have to be the hottest person at this concert #planning my outfit astrally by dreaming about it every night
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    Love Love ever changed you? ….. do the pool with us

    Look how you changed me……. i don’t know who am i anymore. I just see my shadow looking at me with pity. Love, what i wanted from you was relief and happiness. But you changed my whole life into the hole of sadness. Can you change that? LOVE Track other contents from us 👇🏾

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    Being Draken’s Best Friend [headcanons]

    -literally the best friend that we all wish to have

    -he’d be there for you

    -his love language might not be physical touch but if he sees that you need it he’ll give it to you

    -gives amazing hugs even though he isn’t a big fan of them

    -would notice every little thing about you

    -he is wonderful when it comes to preparing gifts

    -he’d always comfort you , sometimes a lil too much.

    -it might be hard to detect when he’d need some comfort but you’ll always provide it to him.

    -I think that y’all cook various dishes together , some would be the best thing ya’ll ate, some would be fun stories to recall.

    -he’d always observe you during gang meetings , making sure no one is making you uncomfortable.

    -if you called him in the middle of the night , he’d answer.

    -others might think that he is not good at expressing himself , to me I see him as someone who values him emotions/impact on others. So the fact the he heavily interacts to you shows how much you mean to him.

    -he’d sometimes tell you to do some exercises with him , because he is a little concern about your physical health.

    - you’d walk Pochi together ( Pah chin’s dog )

    -he’d always let you ride is motorcycle (Kawasaki Zephyr 400)

    -most of his time might be around Mikey , and with that he’ll make sure that he is spending enough time with you.

    -once you gave him a small pink dragon plushie for his birthday , he treasures it.

    - even if y’all couldn’t make time to hang out with you he’ll call you and you’d talk for hours.

    -you‘d usually visit his home , to the point that most of the workers there know you.

    -he is supportive of whatever you like/ are passionate about.

    -he truly respects you.

    -he’d always try to understand your humor and jokes.

    -he always asks about things you like ( hobbies , passions , pets ..etc)

    hope this made y’all feel better :)

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  • brokeinsidebutstillcool
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mein Bester Freund, mein ganzes Herz. 💙

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  • gravity-knight
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Currently not talking to my only two confidants

    They’re being silly rabbits

    And I’m gonna hit them with my right arm…hand

    #this is not what bestfriends do…no
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  • culturacosplay
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gracias por haber asistido a la Concomics Foto: @yugosamacameko #culturacosplayfotografía #expoguadalajara #eventos #convenciones #recorridos #sesiones #convivios #cosplay #cosplayers #bestfriends (en Expo Guadalajara) https://www.instagram.com/p/CUDIG5oFLID/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • kavyas06
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nothing could ever replace my best friend. @harshalimangle . . #bestfriend #love #friends #bestfriends #friendship #bff #best #cute #happy #instagood #friend #dog #smile #fun #dogsofinstagram #photooftheday #forever #memories #funny #instagram #like #party #life #besties #follow #photography #goodfriends #bestie #awesome (at Lonavala) https://www.instagram.com/p/CUCZwymM1yF/?utm_medium=tumblr

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