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  • Very excited to start really doing promo for the blog, now if only tumblr’s tags would ever work.

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  • tfw no beta reader.


    (if anyone wants to be a beta reader hmu)

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  • Hey y'all, I’m going to be starting phase 2 of my novel soon!

    I would like some feedback on phase 1 before I start though, so if you’re interested please DM me

    It’s almost 14k words long, (16 chapters) if anyone was wondering about the length

    #writers on tumblr #help a writer out #beta reader#novel writing#my work
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  • Sorry for not being too active on here, lol. I’ve been pretty busy working on schoolwork and some writing projects, too. Some of which I’ll be able to post pretty soon, actually. Nothing big, but a couple smaller things. I’m still working on the larger projects :) But, again, sorry for the inactivity.

    #I know no one gives a fuck #but #I felt it was important to say idk #also if anyone is at all interested in being a #beta reader #for my works go ahead and dm me #it’s mostly danganronpa and dnd just btw #I’ve been writing for days lads #I’m excited :)))
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  • If you ever need a beta reader, send me a message! Even if I’m not in the fandom I will happily be your English Grammar Police.

    I will NOT, however, beta any smut, incest, pedophilia, or non-con (addressing trauma is a different story, though)

    If you’re not sure if something falls under one of those categories, message me anyway and we can figure it out!

    #I would be happy to do this I’m serious #I get an unreal amount of serotonin from taking a red pen to things #KitKat rambles#fanfic#beta reader #beta reader advertisement? #idk what to tag this wHOOPS
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  • Hey, does anyone out there need a beta reader, or is willing to be mine? I know Supernatural and Sherlock the best, and am also writing an original work, but I would really love to help. Just dm me if you want to read mine or want me to read yours. :)

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  • not sure why i didn’t post this before, but:



    native english speaker (if that matters)

    in my 30s, been beta-ing since lj was a thing

    have mostly worked on m/m smut, but can do other things! even - gasp! - non smutty things!

    fandoms i know well enough:
    🔪 bleach
    🍶 mdzs/the untamed/cql
    👒 one piece

    hard limits: guns, detailed gore, watersports/scat, rpf, vore

    also please be over 18 if you want me to beta your smut

    (will update this as more shit occurs to me)

    💖 dm me with details and possible triggers. happy writing! 💖

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  • image

    Hey world!

    Anyone need somebody to critique their work? Well, I’m here! PM me if interested :)

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  • Hey y’all! I’m currently looking for a beta to help edit my fics. If you would be interested please message me! I’d love to work with you!

    #beta reader #looking for a beta #syd speaks #help a girl out
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  • Hey! Been working on the next chapter of my HK fic, Under Heavy Rain, and I’d like it if someone could check it over to make sure the pacing fits with the other chapters. My friend usually helps with this, however I don’t want to burden him.

    I’m in a weird place where the fic seems to be staying in one place too long, but also that this change feels like it’s coming too soon, despite being five chapters in. I’m not very good at feeling whether pacing is sufficient, so I could do with a second set of eyes.

    Here’s a link to the fic if you need it.

    Reach out to me via comment, reblog, or DM and we can talk it over :)

    Forreal, though, thank you to anyone who’s ever read this mess!

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  • it’s wip wednesday! have a slice of the nielan I’m writing:


    He wonders who took the photo — the younger brother, perhaps — because it is an amazing shot; Mingjue can almost feel that serious gaze on him. Light gleams along the sharp slant of the man’s cheekbones and the bumps and ridges of the small braid curving back from his temple.

    Good posture, Mingjue notes. Huaisang slouches terribly when he’s drawing, but Xichen’s spine is straight; shoulders back, arms relaxed.

    He looks away. He remembers Xichen neatly rolling up his shirt cuffs at the tattoo parlor, slowly revealing sinewy forearms that looked stronger than Mingjue had been expecting. Bare forearms; Xichen didn’t have any tattoos Mingjue’d seen.

    There was even a comment about it on one of their posts — ‘I can’t take this guy seriously. What kind of tattoo artist doesn’t have any tattoos?’

    And a reply: 'Maybe they’re just not visible? Maybe he has them in more private places 😏.’

    Mingjue bites his lip.


    i would absolutely kill for a beta reader who adores these two characters! pls assist <3

    especially since the fic is taking a very filthy turn in my head but i’ve only read fluffy fic for these two so maybe i just need someone to rein me in before i do something terrible

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    Originally posted by beerecklessart

    Beta appreciation post ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Because DH and @itsalifefullofstuff are the only reasons I’m not completely insane right now

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  • A bit of a shout-out into the void but would anyone be able to help me with a beta read?

    I’m on my (hopefully) last round of developmental editing for an original children’s fairytale. And I could really use some new eyes on it, epecially for clarity, pacing, and characters. Basically help me break some ties! DM me if you’d be interested ☀️

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  • If anyone needs anything editing/proofreading/beta reading, let me know! Preferably paid.

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  • Bless beta readers, editors and basically anyone who reads and shares feedback.

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  • I’m currently looking for a beta reader for a one-shot I wrote. If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to contact me. Signal boost is appreciated. More details under the cut. 

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  • Hi I’m writing some fanfics and need some beta readers if you’re interested pls DM me

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  • if you need a beta reader!

    email me your work at joey.betas@gmail.com

    here is a post with a link to my own fic on ao3 if you want an example of my work and my abilities

    <3 no fic is too big or small!

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  • Hello, I need a beta reader for a Namjoon one shot 🥺 does someone want to help me out? Pls message me if you’re interested! You’ve to be 18 tho.

    #beta reader #bts beta reader
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