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  • A question for more experienced Spn fic writers on AO3:

    how does one revamp a story already in progress, as in going back and fixing inconsistencies, grammar errors, putting in more accurate tags, writing a more accurate description for the fic?

    Maybe even needing to change the title of the fic?

    How many tags is too much?

    If it’s not too much to ask, would anyone be interested in being a beta reader?

    I’ve only been writing Spn fics only for a few months, and only been in the fandom for about a year now. I think my fic is okay, but definitely needs improvements in the tagging and description area.

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  • For the first time I’m actually looking for beta-readers! I’ve never had a beta before because I didn’t exactly know how it worked, and I still don’t know, but I figured the only way to find out is to actually try it-

    So, I need a beta for two things:

    A long one-shot about horcruxes becoming human, and it features lots of very OOC characters, including the many Toms, underedited stuff, and is probably considered crack. So uh, yeah. Anyone up to beta that?

    And the first three chapters of a thing about Tom accidentally becoming the foster dad to Harry, after he uses a time-turner to get to 1981, and then never returns to his proper time. I- I have no idea how to care for kids, so if there’s anyone out there who has even a bit of experience, and can correct my inevitable mistakes, that’d be great! So anyone feel like beta-ing this?

    I guess message me either on here or on Discord (sonder#4807) if you’re interested!

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  • Title: Q Junior’s Lessons - Prologue
    Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
    Characters: Q Junior, Kathryn Janeway, Q
    Alternate ending to Q2. The Continuum doesn’t return Q Junior’s powers immediately. Instead, they require him to be part of Voyager’s crew until the ship returns to Earth.

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  • Hey, guys! 

    So, I’ve seen quite a few people looking for beta readers here and I would just like to say that I am available! I currently have a plethora of free time so you don’t have to worry about me being too busy. 

    Things I am up to reading: 

    • Original Works 
    • Fanfiction
    • Essays

    Things I am not really up to reading without having a discussion about it first:

    • Non-consensual stuff/rape 
    • Extreme body horror
    • A/B/O 

    I am up to reading any fandom but if I am not part of it I might take longer to research a little about it. So, don’t hesitate to message just because I might not know it intimately. 

    In terms of languages I speak both English and German fluently and on a mother tongue level. I can also throw in some Portuguese if you need it 😉

    Just send me a message and tell me what you want me to read and also what you need me to do for you! Hope this helps some of you!

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  • Hey everyone! I’m looking for beta readers for my novel. I welcome all types of feedback, but I’m mostly looking for feedback on the novel as a whole and your overall opinion of it. I was hoping for a beta reader that can finish within three weeks. 

    Blurb: Jensen Edward Stringfellow lost his parents in an accident. He didn’t know he had ice powers until they flung from his hands and left him an orphan. Since then, his life was miserable until Martin adopted him. He learned to control his powers and pull off heists with his adoptive thieving family. At sixteen, his only problem should’ve been whether he wanted to be a law-abiding citizen. 

    Then Jensen is flung into an alternate universe and learns of a man who wants to conquer the multiverse. With no good options on his side, Jensen does what Martin would do- he helps. Traveling across the country and chasing down a solution that might not even exist, Jensen must face his past and decide his future. The multiverse is at stake.

    Thanks for all the help! I can send it as a word document or PDF so please message me if you’re interested! 

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  • i was thinking (kudos) and i might need a beta reader, especially since english isn’t my first language. if you’re interested, please shoot me a PM. kith

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  • Hi everyone

    So I’m a beta reader, if anyone needs my help I’m willing to give it.

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  • i cannot decide whether i have just written the worst or most averagely good fic ever, so i need someone to tell me if it’s as horrible as i think it is. would anyone be willing to beta read a whopping 10k jungkook oneshot for me?

    *warning: it’s probably riddled with grammatical errors and useless writing, but i’d appreciate it very much if you were brutally honest with me*

    #bts#jeon jungkook#beta request#beta reader #bts beta reader #bangtan beta request
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  • Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
    Words: 841
    Summary: Louis’ been missing Harry a whole lot, especially during this quarantine. Would his dear Hazza respond to his text messages?

    (Don’t worry, it gets better in the end!)

    A/N: As always, replies, likes, and reblogs are highly appreciated!

    (Yes even the most random comments or a string of emojis motivate us writers to keep going.)

    I’m also open to collabs, requests, and beta readers! Just message me in case you’re interested.

    Hope everyone will have a great weekend!

    EDIT: Special thanks to @loveyoutomlinsons for beta-ing this fic!!

    Keep reading

    #larry stylinson#larry#lourry#harry styles#louis tomlinson #louis and harry #harry and louis #larry fic#larry imagines #domestic!larry #married larry#1d fic#1d fanfic#1d fanfiction #one direction fanfiction #one direction fanfic #al-ways-you#works #beta reader wanted #beta request#beta reader #1d beta reader #larry beta reader #quarantine fic#quarantine fanfic#quarantine fanfiction
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  • Ugh you know what? Fuck The 100, I’m just going to keep writing my Drarry fic. It’s 28k so far, and going to be at least a few thousand words longer(tbh likely tens of thousands but I don’t want to make promises). Anyone want to read it and give me their thoughts whenever it’s more put together? I’m still working on it. I don’t really need help with spelling, punctuation, or grammar, but I could definitely use some help with pacing, and I think I’m using too much exposition at the beginning, but I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to make the story work without it. It’s a slow burn. The first half is a classic eighth year fic, and the second half is about their lives after Hogwarts. I think I’m close to finishing the first half, and I’ve written a few scenes of the second half. Having input from someone else would be very helpful 💞

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  • So, really short question here: is there someone Who would be interested in Beta reading my stories? Since English is not my first language and I need time to find my own mistakes, I could need some serious help.

    I also have the really bad habit to just yeet my stories into public directly after I’ve written them so to tame myself would also really do me good.

    I’m writing for Persona 5, Fire Emblem Three houses and have some ideas for Dragon age as well.

    I would be happy about any kind of response.

    #archive of our own #fanfic#beta request #fire emblem three houses #persona 5#dragon age #need some serious help #not native language
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  • Title: The Remaining Immortal - Part 0
    Fandom: Doctor Who
    Characters: Ashildr/Lady Me, Two OCs.
    Two cousins investigate the Old Diner in their town. Meanwhile, after centuries on the Slow Path after mourning Clara, Lady Me is ready to travel again.

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  • I’m writing a fic that got out of hand and is now kinda long. At least longer than i can maintain coherency for. Is somebody free and willing to be a Beta?

    Idk how these things work? Do I need to put any additional details?

    Currently it’s around 11000 words but I’m not satisfied with last 1000-1500. It’s a canon divergence story kind of based on Pen pal trope. It’s also an Andrew Minyard pov.

    I’m primarily having problems with the ending and Andrew’s relationship with drugs. I’m not stretching it much longer, maximum 14000-15000 words.

    Please help me out, this is the first time I’m actually aiming to complete a project in whole of Quarantine :)

    #aftg #all for the game #the foxhole court #andrew minyard#beta request #help with writing #i post on ao3 #tfc#fanfic#wip#writblr
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  • So I reached 62k on my monster (as in big, not as in rawr) malex fic. Holy shit.

    I told myself I would start posting it as soon as I hit 60k bc i thought I’d be further along in the plot than I am… but i also am riding on a high rn now like “you won’t abandon this!” Bc holy fuck, 60k….

    So I guess my next question is… anyone wanna beta some of this for me?

    #malex wip progress note #malex fic#fanfic#beta request#roswell nm #60k!
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    — EDIT —

    Look at that! It worked! A lot of lovely people offered to be my beta and I’m already overwhelmed by all the kind messages.

    Thank you to all the people that reblogged and helped me too.


    I recently started to write The Untamed fan fiction in English (and I’m not a native speaker!) so I’m looking for someone to check my grammar and my use of words (the nuances, if you will).

    I’m aware this post is the equivalent of screaming into the void (since I have, like, 10 followers) but I don’t know where to look.

    Please, reblog even if you’re not interested in doing beta work! Help this little writer 🦊❤


    Originally posted by ctl-yuejie

    #the untamed#cql #chen qing ling #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #bottom lan wangji #wei wuxian#lan wangji#wei ying#wangxian#lan zhan #bottom lan wangji agenda #fanfic#fan fiction #the untamed fanfiction #beta reader#beta request #beta reader wanted
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  • Wow, that was the most painful *wordcheck* 1400+ words I’ve ever written.

    #SkyLarkin Yells at the Writing Process #Beta Readers Wanted #Beta Reader #Anyone up for betaing a short MCU fanfic? #Beta Request
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  • Dropping this into the main tag as well, because I forgot my reblog wouldn’t show up there: I’ve written a fic about demisexual Yusuf realising with horror he’s into Nicolo, set in about 1120. I would really appreciate a quick sensitivity read for the background stuff regarding Yusuf as a Muslim/the pair of them living in a Muslim area. If anybody is up for this, please drop me a message, I’d be incredibly grateful. 

    #the old guard #beta request#kaysanova
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  • My first beta readers are my creative writing classmates and college professor. The second set will be my siblings.

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  • image


    Hello! As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a witchy, dark academia serial novel called The Guinevere West Coven. I like to say it’s the best parts of Harry Potter stuffed into the packaging of Jennifer’s Body with an emphasis on real witchcraft and occultism.

    I’m getting ready to start releasing it online, and as such I am looking for beta readers who are willing to read through the first six or seven chapters (and potentially more as I prep more stuff to be released) and give general feedback.

    If you’ve never heard of this project but are interested, you can check out more info on it here


    BETA ROUNDS WILL START WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd AND WILL GO UNTIL WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 30th. It really is lightning round beta-ing. By signing up, you are essentially making a commitment to this time frame, so if you’re busy right now, that’s fine–you can still read it when it comes out, since it’ll be free.

    You must be over 18 years of age. While there is nothing explicit in the book, it contains adult language and themes.

    This is voluntary. I’m broke AF sorry. However, there will be spicy memes involved and you’ll get a nice credit on the website.

    Beta readers will be expected to complete surveys at the end of each chapter so that I can collect feedback. If this doesn’t sound like something you can commit to, please don’t sign up.

    I WILL be releasing the first chapters in multiple formats–they will be available on the Wordpress and tumblr blogs where the story will be hosted, it will be available as a PDF download, and, experimentally, I’ll be releasing the chapters in an audiobook format through Youtube. 

    If this does sound like your jam, go ahead and hit me up with a DM and I’ll send you the signup form. Additionally, if you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them. Blessed Be peeps.

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  • beta reader needed!!!

    hey hey hey, it’s me

    i’ll make an update post about asahab here soon but in the meantime i have a friend in need of a beta reader, so i thought i’d send out some feelers and see if anybody would be available? prior beta-ing experience is a plus. just send me a message if you’re interested :))

    - liz

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