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  • poetrybydanielle
    19.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    Your lips intoxicate me like hard liquor

    Get me tipsy only wanting more

    Addicted to your presence like a fiend

    Like drugs, off you I have to be weaned

    Feeling your hands explore every curve

    Stimulating my mind, exciting every nerve

    Making love to the thoughts in my head

    Before you lay me down on the bed

    Begin to seduce my body, after my mind

    Touching me so gentle at first, so kind

    Never felt such love in ones fingertips

    Taking my mind on all kind of trips

    To far away lands never seen but felt

    When we kiss my world seems to melt

    The way you show love so true and pure

    I’ve never been loved like this before

    You support my passions, hopes, dreams

    You quiet all my demons and their screams

    When we hug I feel so safe and content

    A minute with you is a minute well spent

    From telling stories and deep conversation

    To feeling connected in every single vibration

    Rekindling our bond once again this year

    It took away every doubt I had, no more fear

    Driven back to each other again was fate

    God couldn’t let me lose my soulmate

    The bond between us is something unique

    When i try to explain I suddenly cant speak

    Its something that can be felt everywhere

    It ignites a fire in my soul like a flare

    Gives me a reason to want more in life

    To become a mother, a lover, a wife

    Never before have I felt this type of bond

    You give me hope theres more beyond

    More to see than this shitty little town

    More to life than feeling so low, so down

    More to me than a hopeless lost soul

    Because with you I finally feel whole

    With you I don’t feel the need to die

    With you I don’t have a reason to cry

    You make me feel things unexplained

    Don’t feel like my love is being drained

    You add to my life, always for better

    Not to mention you get me so much wetter

    You’re the best things I’ve ever called mine

    You send shivers down my entire spine

    So thank you for all that you do for me

    Thats why to my heart you hold the only key

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  • ittakestime-iwillheal
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    A Letter to My Best Friend

    14 Years!

    My guardian angel. You saved me!

    It was you and me, and me and you.

    14 years!

    My hero, the fighter, the champion.

    I put you there, on that pedestal... HIGHER

    14 years!

    My blind spot, my only friend.

    People said... I ignored. I love you...

    14 YEARS!

    MY best friend!New faces, New places, my...

    The words you said hurt but, I didn't speak UP

    14 Years!

    My God, who are you?! Who am I to you?

    We never thought a boy could EVER.

    14 years.

    My real pain. My reality. His reality. Yours.

    It's not me, it's you. I don't like you!


    My idea of what happened could be wrong?

    Fuck you! Say the truth. You don't care.

    14 years.

    Thank you for the good times.

    Fuck you! (For the bad times)

    14 years...

    My grief will be long.

    My new best friend is me.

    Day 1

    My hero. I love you. You ARE worthy!

    We will heal.

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  • peytoncantdraw
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    When your Emo king turns out to be a normie

    #vex #vex league of legends #anime#digital art#art struggles#aesthetic#smh dude#like ong#betrayel #i feel so dumb #like #come on king #stay emo plz #ur wife has been died #vieago
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  • rebel-hippie
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    My girlfriend just went with her ex and let him buy her a sex toy and expected me to be okay with it please help

    #wtfpost#red flags #this is depressing #betrayel
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  • aesthetic0of0a0peach
    29.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    He promised me the world and I watched as he gave it to her

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  • aesthetic0of0a0peach
    29.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Sometimes I wish I was his number one

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  • bigtacoweasellamp
    26.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    If is anything stay tuned.... to see what MY dad says.... later

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  • gayforcarstairsgirls
    25.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #i can't believe you would expose me like this #betrayel
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  • gayforcarstairsgirls
    21.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Will would be so annoyed that his Classic Herondale Good Looks are now associated with the Lightwoods

    #he'd be like damnit cecily #now people see black hair and dark blue eyes and they think LIGHTWOOD? #am i so easily cast aside? #*queue dramatic noises of hurt and betrayel* #will herondale #gabriel lightworm- oops i mean lightwood #cecily herondale#cecily lightwood#alec lightwood #alexander gideon lightwood #alexander lightwood #the infernal devices #tid #the mortal instruments #tmi#shadowhunters #the shadowhunters chronicles #tsc
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  • arianagreyy
    21.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Pick me, please || S. Black, R. Lupin

    Pairing: Sirius Black x Fem!Reader , Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
    Words: 1,396 words
    Warnings: Idk angst maybe, emotional, a little bit of swearing, let me know if there are any more.
    Lmao look at me. A new writer but trying to write emotional scenes. I know it's crappy and I'm open to constructive criticism.
    Betrayal hurts.
    Hurts like hell.
    Hurts even more when you witness it.
    That's what was going through Sirius Black's mind when he heard his best friend with his girlfriend. The love of his life.
    He had felt pain before. He had felt it in Grimmauld Place where he was abused by his parents, he had felt it when his own brother refused to acknowledge him but this...this pain was like no other.
    It was like being stabbed by a thousand knives altogether. It was like being crushed by a mountain.
    He ignored the first few times: The first time Remus offered you help when he wasn't there, the first time Remus held you while you cried on his shoulder which should've been his, the first time Remus saw you with a glint in his eyes, a glint he was so familiar with, a glint that showed love. The times Remus "nonchalantly" offered you help in classes. How he would randomly start looking for you when you weren't present at a place. How he started taking you out to Hogsmeade. And whenever Sirius asked him if something's wrong, he would always reply with a "I don't know what you're talking about. We're just friends".
    But Sirius knew. He knew friends didn't look at each other the way Remus looked at you. He knew friends didn't sit as close to each other as Remus sat to you. He know friends didn't smile at each other other the way he smiled at you.
    And that crushed him. It crushed him to see you look so happy with his best mate. It crushed him to see you look at him with such admiration in your eyes. It made him envious, jealous.
    So he watched, he observed. He watched from the shadows how his best friend slowly fell in love with his girlfriend. His Y/N.
    And right now, he heard it. He heard his best friend tell his girlfriend he loved her.
    "May I talk to you, Y/N?" Remus asked with a nervous edge to his voice. It didn't went unnoticed by Sirius, whose ears perked up by the mention of his girl's name.
    "Sure Remmy what's up?", she asked while getting up from her place next to Sirius. She looked at her with a guilty smile and with a simple nod from Sirius, she walked towards the exit of the Great Hall with his best friend.
    After waiting for a few minutes, Sirius also stood up and walked towards the direction Y/N and Remus went. He could hear the faint voice of someone shouting and it made him pick up his speed. His steps faltered as he recognised the voice as Y/N's voice.
    "You're not supposed to drop a bomb like this and expect me to not be angry Remus Lupin", she was talking, but her voice was sad.
    "I'm sorry Y/N but-", he was cut off with the sound of skin colliding with skin, a voice so loud it echoed in the entire corridor. A shiver ran through Sirius' body thinking what was the matter and was it so bad that made Y/N slap her friend.
    "You're sick Lupin. You're sick to think I'll betray Sirius", her voice had venom.
    "Pick me, Y/N. Pick me, I promise I'll be a better person for you. I'll keep you happy. I'll do everything in my power if it means seeing you happy. I'll give away my life just to see a smile on your face..." his voice trailed off when his eyes landed on Sirius standing in front of him with his fists clenched into balls, knuckles turning white.
    "Sirius...", Remus opened his mouth to speak but a look from Sirius silenced him.
    Sirius on the other hand was furious. He felt betrayed, jealous, stupid for letting his girlfriend spend time with his best friend when he knew Remus was in love with her.
    "You...little...piece...of...shit", Sirius gritted out each word taking a step towards Remus, eyes locked with his. He wanted to punch him, hex him, harm him.
    "Sirius stop, please", Remus pleaded taking one step back every time Sirius took one forward. Both of the boys forgetting that you were in the room as well.
    "I trusted you. I let her spend time with you because I had faith in you", Sirius spat.
    "You know how much I love her. She's my girlfriend for god's sake".
    Remus stared at Sirius with eyes wide. He had never seen or heard such anger from his side, even when he talked about his parents.
    Meanwhile Y/N had stopped crying. She was aware that if she didn't stop these boys right now, things would get out of hand.
    "Sirius please", Y/N whispered with a rasped voice.
    He looked in her direction to see her beautiful face all tear-stained and her mascara trailing lines across her cheeks. Her eyes were bloodshot red from crying and she looked so heart-broken, it only made Sirius more angry knowing that Remus was the reason.
    "Sirius, love please", she pleaded and he stopped. He stopped hearing the nickname Y/N spoke for him. Love.
    "Y/N he asked you to pick between him and me. Tell him who would you pick", Sirius spoke with a bragging tone, yet a sense of insecurity and fear bubbled inside him.
    What if she picks him? "Pick me, please" his heart pleaded silently.
    "I told him Sirius, I told him it will be you. Always", she spoke, wiping tears off her face. Both of their gazes, Sirius' and Y/N's fell on Remus simultaneously who looked as if his heart was crushed by a hammer.
    But he should've known better than to fall in love with his best mate's girl.
    "Remus, I respect you and I love you. But not in the way you want me to. My heart will always pick Sirius over anything, even myself. I'm so sorry", Y/N explained, her tone soft and soothing.
    Remus was looking at the ground. When he looked up, he locked eyes with Sirius and for the first time, there was no glint in his eye. Remus had hurt Sirius in a bad way and he'll never be able to trust him again. He was sure of it.
    He quickly wiped the few tears that had fallen from his eyes, looked at Y/N and Sirius and smiled and left the hallway.
    And for the first time in the day, Y/N and Sirius were alone. He looked at her to see tears continously falling from her eyes. He quickly ran over to her and wiped away the tears, holding her close to him, not wanting to let go.
    Her arms were wrapped around his chest and his hands were on her waist, pulling her close to eliminate all space between them. Y/N's soft sobs echoed through the silent hallway.
    "I'msosorrySirius", she mumbled through her sobs. Sirius's heart ached to hear his beloved's voice so full of guiltiness and hurt. He pulled her away and used his hand to lift up her chin. She stopped crying and looked at him directly in the eye.
    "You didn't do anything wrong my love. It isn't your fault, nothing is", he tried to calm her. "Do you understand?"
    She slowly nodded her head and and Sirius used his free hand to wipe the tears off her face. Her face broke into a soft smile which made his heart flutter. She quickly wrapped her arms around his torso again and he pressed a chaste kiss on her forehead.
    "I love you Sirius", she mumbled and put her head on his chest, right above his beating heart.
    "And I love you too, Y/N", Sirius said, holding her as if to never let go. He closed his eyes and smiled at the ceiling, wanting the moment to never end.
    They knew things will never be the same again. Remus will never be trusted around Y/N the way he was, she'll never look at him like she used to. Sirius will never talk to him about Y/N like he used to do but for now nothing mattered because they had each other. They'd fight for each other until their last breaths. They'd hold on to each other forever. They'd always love each other.
    They'd always pick each other.
    #sirius black x you #sirius black #remus lupin x you #remus lupin#james potter #marauders x y/n #marauders #marauders x you #sirius black x reader #remus lupin x reader #angst with a happy ending #atyd marlene #marauders x reader #betrayel
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  • theglassphantom
    03.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    kendare blake how could you

    #i don't want a ya novel about a slayer witch #slayer witch = very op #and i liked three dark crowns #betrayel #hands off the buffyverse disney #btvs
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  • asliverofpoetrybysilver
    02.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Why is it that we must admit to loving only one person when the heart can't help but love so many

    #lovely#love#love story#lovers#glam affair#gay love#love poem#love affair#betrayel #excerpts from my heart #heart#heartache#heartbreak#open heart#darkacademia#dark academia#dark aesthetic#sad aesthetic#lovingcanhurt#life quotes #love quote life quotes #love quotes #excerpt from a book i'll never write #excerpt from a story i'll never write #quotes #quotes from literature #poets on tumblr #desi dark academia #poem #dark acadamia aesthetic
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  • choulchoulmisha
    24.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Abandoned just like how my father abandoned me

    #I can't believe this #betrayel #betrayel from my best friend no less
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  • hellneedsaruler
    22.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I don't know if everyone from Camelot gets reincarnated or it's just Arthur and the knights BUT I think it would be very funny if Cedric got reincarnated and he doesn't remember anything about his past life, he's just living peacefully until he suddenly gets tackled on the street by a 6ft , raven haired seemingly harmless hipster with minimum to no context .

    #oh Merlin would throw hands so fast he'd get dizzy #he may have gotten over every betrayel and forgiven everyone else #but I don't think the merlin-cedric drama would ever stop #because no matter what you say merlin will always be a drama queen #i love him #because i'd have done the same #i've been laughing at this thought for five straight minutes #bbc merlin#merlin#merlin bbc#cedric
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  • calliopenyx
    15.07.2021 - 2 monts ago


    I'm cold by

    feeling your touch

    Against my warm skin

    I'm cold

    When I trusted you

    To not put knives

    On my frail back

    I'm cold

    When I am ready to fight

    I'm cold

    When I no longer beg

    For you to stay

    I'm cold

    When you betray me

    Thinking you'd get away with it

    I'm cold

    I'm colder

    Than the metal that you touch

    I'm colder

    Than the breeze you feel

    I'm colder

    Than the words you say to me

    I'm colder

    Than the person you knew

    I'm colder

    Than the storm

    You want to create

    I'm cold

    I'm cold enough

    To walk away

    I'm cold enough

    To hurt you with words

    I'm cold enough

    To kick you after I put you down

    I'm cold enough

    To put you in your place

    I'm cold

    I'm as cold as hell

    When you touch the ice

    Thinking it'd melt

    While you forget

    That ice

    Is my weapon of choice

    I'm a warm person

    Until you tempt me

    To show you

    That my heart

    Is of frozen iron

    - Q.C

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  • keity-devil
    10.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    @ghoul--doodle Your art get me an idea (and destroy a part of my block write), and I make this! Hope you will like it and not.. be mad. Hehe...

    (Your art is gorgeous.)


    Fight the past, loser.


    "What- Macaque! No. You're talking nonsense already."

    Wukong is trying- that said.. to talk to him, more to get rid of the truth and discussion. He had entered into a small quarrel with Macaque over the past, a painful past between them.

    "Be serious Mango, years have passed! Even centuries. I thought you know, you passed." Wukong was still watching him. He expected a reaction from him, but nothing, and that worried him a little. "Mac-"

    "Because you LEFT me!" He yells at the golden monkey, who is just looking at him in shock.


    "And then you forgot about me." He continues, in a harsh voice, continued by sadness and betrayal. "You got all high and mighty once you got your Powers- then you left without a second thought. And you never apologised." Tears welled up in the corner of his eyes. With the memory of how he stood and waited for Wukong to appear, how he denied with tears in his eyes and smiling that he would not do this, would not do this to Him. Destroyed him even more. "And you expect me NOT to hate You?!"

    Wukong watched Macaque's tears roll down his throat as his departureĺ affected him greatly.

    Macaque had learned over the years to hate Monkie King, but the truth was that after all that hatred, there was a wounded soul who wanted him back after all he had done to him. Wukong was the only person who stayed with him and he really wanted to be friends. The thought of losing him and being alone again plunged him into a pit of darkness and fear.

    A silence had fallen over them, a silence that had been broken by an almost forced laugh that only made Wukong more worried.

    "Heh.. hehe.. I was naive, huh?"


    "I was naive to think you'd want to be friends, to be something. I was naive." His gaze had moved to the sky. "Naive to think I can be equal to the great Sun Wukong. But Monkie King doesn't need anyone, he doesn't need a shadow like me when he has Power, right?"

    These words had hit Monkey King hard, realizing or remembering that he had made a mistake.


    "Monkie King!!"

    MK's voice calling to him from a distance caught their attention and interrupted King from speaking. Macaque was looking in that direction. He wiped the last of his tears from his face, then looked at Wukong, who turned to see how far/close MK was to them.

    "Your successor is called."

    "Mac-" Instant turned to him, trying to speak again.

    "It would be rude of you to let him wait."

    "Wait, Macaque!"

    But already Six-Eared Macaque disappeared into the shadows, leaving Sun Wukong in ruins.

    "Monkie King! I'm here for training. Sorry I'm late, Mei kept me on a video with kittens. They were cute, I can't deny it." MK said cheerfully. He looked after his mentor, who was sitting with his back to him, without a voice or reaction, as if he hadn't even heard him. "Uh... Monkie King?"

    "Oh it's nothing Kid!" Wukong turned to him, smiling as if nothing had happened before. "If you're still there, let's start training, shall we?"


    MK ran excitedly with the staff in his hand at the training ground. Monkie King smiled sadly at him, then returned to where Macaque had been, and his expression changed.

    "I'm really sorry, Mango..."

    #six eared macaque #macaque #lego monkie king #lego monkie kid #MK#Wukong#sun wukong#angst#my written#kid#betrayel
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  • badd-feelings
    04.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    You were the first one, the first who make me feel loved, the first who i blindly trusted, the first who made me believe in myself, and the first to betray me. And thanks to that, I know how to heal fast even after the biggest betrayal.

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