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  • earlymoderngothic
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    i forgot that i ordered the ps4 version of ratchet and clank but it’s out for delivery and i am excited

    #it's one of my favourite games from childhood #and while i do still have my ps2 #i'm excited for slightly better graphics in the ps4 version #hopefully
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  • dalishdick
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    the only thing worse than big vegan blogs finding my post is big anti-vegan blogs finding my post anyways I want to make it clear I really don't care if you buy mushroom leather and grow your own veg just like I don't care if you buy long lasting real leather and only eat grass-fed beef, because to focus on which amalgamation of choices is ~saving the world~ better is irrelevant like I literally don't care because 99% of the world will continue to buy cheap plastic products and factory-farmed meat because there is either no alternative or they are bombarded with consumerist propaganda 24/7 so they feel like there is no alternative either way the lifestyle choices of the few vegans and non vegans who choose to protect animals, the planet and workers are just not important enough to warrant twenty posts on my dash every week which was the only point I wanted to make, you are wasting your time arguing about literal bullshit

    #i come from a poor country veganism wasn't even heard of until like 5 years ago #every market has endless piles higher than me of imported pleather shoes because people are poor #there is no regulation so products don't have to tell you where the meat comes from #nobody has to recycle so both individuals and companies just throw piles of shit away in big dumps everywhere #my village is 20 km away from a dump and you can smell the toxic fumes for days at a time sometimes #and working in manufacturing taught me that not even the most wasteful person can produce as much waste in three months #as my workplace produces in ONE DAY #and we are a small business that recycle everything we can but it is the reality of production under capitalism #and we are the very end of production like 90% of all waste is upline #half of everything that is made for that production process ends up in a dump from the products themselves to packaging #i really cannot express how much i don't care if you think soy or grass-fed beef is better for the environment
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  • foxstens
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    u know what. wotw’s ending would’ve made more sense for bf and vice-versa 

    #my posts#gameblogging #bc apparently wotw's ending is a scrapped one from bf #and that might have removed kuro's redemption which would've sucked #but i mean specifically for ori #bc ori is already a part of the spirit tree #and nibel is very much dying #it would've made complete sense for ori to become the spirit tree instead #but for wotw it doesn't really fit #bc ori wasn't a part of that world in the first place #and niwen is doing a lot better than nibel was #with kwolok and mora and baur #and with everyone in the glades #and ori helping out #i just think it could've been done better #also the thing with kwolok and shriek's ending #they weren't stellar either #bc i feel like overall despite all the sad moments #it doesn't provide much catharsis? or closure #the only part that did this well was the mouldwood depths imo #which is honestly one of the best parts of this game #ehhhhhhh #(maybe ill play it again tho)
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  • booksmartheart
    25.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago




    #louis tomlinson#hottie#cutie#beautiful#c#gorgeous#one direction#harry styles#liam payne#niall horan#zayn malik#directioners #how is he this perfect #harry you better come get your man or imma try to steal him away
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  • publiccmenace
    25.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #honestly it was WAY better than I expected!! #sunny and Izzy were SO cute omg #and hitch was hysterical #also zipp was such a lesbian. transmasc lesbian right there
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  • camifornilla
    25.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    You ever just think that, like how seeing the future immediately causes what was seen to not happen (or how a particle exists in a box as long as it isn’t observed or whatever), reading books that feature romantic plots or whatever automatically prevents you from forming romantic bonds with people in the real world? Cuz I think that sometimes. Maybe reading too much about love and romance has destined me to not find that for myself? Probably.

    #tho my history of turning people down is probably not helping my case #but also taking people up on their romantic feelings would’ve been more detrimental to both of us #anyway imma listen to my sad playlist because I’m depressed and lonely and music is better than both #camille talks
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  • tubboupdates
    25.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    i totally fucking forgot , tubbo is in the new sad-ist animation


    #tubbo #sorry folks but im still ill #and its not treatin me with better memory i can tell u that much #Youtube
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  • karofsky
    25.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    aight well I managed some shitty doodles just to get some creativity out today. wish me luck tomorrow on what hopefully is a productive weekend. if anyone wants to hang out on discord or something lemme know, I could always use the company

    #if i'm not feeling better in the morning I'm popping meds like candy and drowning in caffeine #i can't do this anymore i'm just so tired and so sore all the time
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  • scarfs-and-paws
    25.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Dylan O'Brien 🤝 Harry Styles

    only speaking fondly and gratefully of what kickstarted their career

    Stereks 🤝 Dylan-Stans 🤝 Harries

    harassing og Teen Wolf / One Direction fans and dragging everyone involved in it

    #teen wolf#dylan o'brien#harry styles #definition of: deserved a better fanbase #seriously fcking LISTEN to your own fav you dumbass
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  • ngyawwwrrrrr
    25.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    I.. I had to... he betrayed us!

    What happened to Dogma? ☹

    #clone trooper dogma #ct 6922 #dogma doesnt deserve the hate he gets #dogma deserved better #the clone wars #star wars the clone wars #carnage of krell #I wish Krell a very good DIE
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  • somewhatsomelikepoetry
    25.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    You will forever have a place in my heart, but it’s time I make space for someone new

    #someone new#forever yours#first love#soulmate#my soulmate#lost soul#lol #I miss you #you and I #young love#toxic#broken love #never meant to be #move on #it gets better #stay strong#my writing #writers on tumblr #poetry #poets on tumblr #excerpt from a book i'll never write #love quotes#love #i love you #life quotes #teens in love
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  • pierrelli
    25.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    waiting for literally anyone else to post a photo of lewis’ sexy rainjacket outfit bc i dont want to support k*m illman

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  • yeetmeoffjueyunkarst
    25.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago
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  • thedancingthedreaming
    25.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Realising how invisible you are, hurts.

    Even on your own birthday, you still can't seem to grab anyones attention.

    A few days ago, I turned another year older. Kinda weird how we celebrate the day we get closer to becoming old and getting wrinkles.

    No one knew. No matter how many times the days prior I mentioned it, no one knew. Or maybe they just didn't care.

    A week ago, I tried expanding my circle of friends. Which backfired, and resulted into me crying in my mother's arms. Mother says she doesn't understand. I don't either. I'm not that strange. Sure, I wear the same rose earrings and the same necklace with the initial 'H' on it, even though my name doesn't start with an H... But how is that strange? How am I a total outcast?

    Yet, everytime I tried to talk to my classmates or just someone passing in the hallways, it's like I'm mute. Like they're deaf. Like I'm invisible. Like I don't exist.

    Today would be the day of actual birthday celebrations though. Family coming over. I hope today I won't feel like that.

    My mother made us drive by my abuser's house the other day. It's progress, realizing I'm strong enough to enter his 'territory'. It's progress, knowing my mother asked for my consent before turning the wheel. Someday I'll get there. To being free. It was my birthday wish afterall.

    I know I can get there. If the world would allow it. It constantly feels like it's playing games with me. And I'm tired of being the loser. I wanna win the next round.

    Better days are coming. I know they are. But right now, it doesn't feel like it.

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  • sleepysloppyslytherin
    25.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    On episode 5 of Midnight Mass and it has turned Pentecostal and this series so far is such a fucking far cry from the beauty and tragedy of both Hill House and Bly Manor

    #midnight mass #haunting of bly manor #haunting of hill house #fucking snooze fest #I want to be connected to the humans here but everything is just so….overtly urgh #hope this gets better #because so far I can’t understand why this was greenlit
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  • raksh-writes
    25.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Me, really tempted to lose myself in the world of Skyrim again.

    But First - let me check out some texture mods 😂😂

    #Raksh posts #tbh I feel better than I expected after yesterdays removal #the pain's more bearable than when I had the upper wisdom tooth removed #prob cause I have like 5 stitches now when then it was left open xd #sooo maybe I'll even be able to write some today?? that'd be lovely #I didnt sleep too well and prob get super tired but who knows #I def want to play some Skyrim tho #but those texture mods hhhnnnngg #a lot of them dont fit be cause they change the game too much ;/ #but I'd like some better ones #think my pc can handle some new 2k textures #4k might make me lose some fps so Id settle for some nice looking 2k ones #I just dont want the game to look too... clean? does that make sense?? #I like the rough and rustic feel of it ;p #well I'll prob spend few hours looking through some texture mods and then Maybe play the game xD #I gotta eat some soup now anyway #that's the worst part tbh #eating all these soups and yoghurts and whatnot every hour or so cause they leave me hungry quickly xd #anyway if anyone has texture mods recs I could use some 👀
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  • phantomfugue
    25.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    RTD is bringing Donna back. Even if the whole "cinematic universe" does not happen, she is coming back. Mark my words. (X)

    #At first my response was ''okay RTD you better be putting money where your mouth is.'' But then I realized it is RTD- #-and I don't think he'd just say something like this and not follow through. #Donna Noble#RTD era#RTD2 #Loon.txt
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  • aliceschuyler
    25.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Me: I don’t think I could eat a whole pizza.

    (20 mins later): we’ll that was unexpected…

    #yes I ate a whole pizza #no I don’t regret it #it was tasty and made me happy #and definitely worth it #only thing that would make it better is a handsome cowboy to share it with…
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  • lost-forest-heart
    25.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago


    #the witcher #i am upset #forest fangirls #geralt of rivia #jaskier #i don't ship them (no offense to anyone who does) but they are both very lonely and deserve better #geralt you need to stop
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  • aquagirl1978
    25.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Week 1 - that smirk, on his distracting mouth

    Week 2 - strong arms, caging me in

    Week 3 - sculpted abs I'd like to touch

    What body part will be showcased next week?

    #i am living for these mini cgs #they get better each week #🔥🔥🔥#lovestruck#starship promise#antares fairchild#sp antares #antares x mc
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