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  • a summer day

    Richie’s eyes settled on Stan, soft curls, pale features, and the loveliest pink in his cheeks. He was soft-spoken and wise and Richie adored him. Boys weren’t supposed to be pretty but Stanley just was. He was so pretty and so unaware of it, from the tips of his neatly trimmed nails to the top of his mess of sandy-blonde curls. His words were often joking but always had a hint of affection in them. Stanley was rain in june, a bird’s song, the stillness of the ocean early in the morning.

    He dragged his eyes over to Beverly, the prettiest girl in the world in his four eyes . She was much more than just a pretty girl though, she was fearless, caring, and so kind it made Richie’s chest ache. Her beauty was not only skin deep, but far deeper. Her firey red hair matched her soul, and the freckles that dotted her face reminded him of the constellations they saw when they star gazed in the fall, her eyes were like diamonds and Richie prayed he’never forget them. Beverly was the warmth of fire, the feeling of the first day of summer, a butterfly in may.

    Bill, their fearless leader, the boy that Richie pins as his first love. Auburn hair and scrapped knees, sticking up for his best friends to boys much older and far bigger than he. Bill was an enigma to Richie, a beautiful mix of heroic and humble. He was almost as tall as Richie now and filling out with muscle and richie could hardly breathe anymore. He played baseball so effortlessly and was the best brother to Georgie. Bill was the feeling of snow on christmas morning, the smell of freshly cut grass, the laughter between best friends.

    His attention drifted to Mike, god how he loved Mikey. The boy who was once unsure of himself and how he fit into their misfit family now smiled the prettiest smiles and laughed the brightest laughter. His skin shone in the summer sun like nothing else, and his eyes were the loveliest shade of honey. His kind soul and tender touch felt like a taste of heaven on earth. Richie was positive if he’d ever met an angel it was in the form of Mike. Mike was the comfort of a hug, the taste of fresh lemonade, the feeling of tenderness.

    Then came Ben, or Ben Handsome as he was so affectionately called. Though he wasn’t the pudgy kid he was a few summers ago, his heart was still as full of the same love and loyalty now. Ben had a way with words like no other, the first to help and the last to go home. Richie admired his beautiful feautures, his newly acquired height, toned muscle, and the mess of soft, dark blonde locks that fell in his eyes every once in a while. Ben was the feeling of a first kiss, a bouquet of roses, the calmness of night.

    Eddie, the boy richie teased until he cried from the day they met, a mix of tender affection and the short tempered-ness much like that of a child. His long eyelashes cast shadows in the late afternoon sun, and caught rain in the spring. Eddie, though hot headed, was a sweet boy who’d give the world to make any of his friends smile. His delicate feautures, covered in freckles from the years in the sun, reminded him of home. Eddie was the sunshine after a storm, the sparklers on the fourth of july, the sweetest smile.

    Richie was in love, so far gone for the six most important people in his life that it was laughable. A puppet to his emotions, Richie hoped that one day he’d finally be able to tell the deepest and darkest secret to them without them running for the hills. But today, he lays back against the grass and dozes off with Stan’s hand resting idly in his hair and Bev’s legs crossed over his.

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  • bevchie are best friends who grow out their hair together and smoke

    draw this in your style challenge from @kriyonce / kikigart on insta

    my art instagram!

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  • you guys look amazing.

    #theyre so sOFT i cant stop crying #it 2019 #it chapter 2 #itedit#richie tozier#beverly marsh#bevchie#beverie#bill hader#jessica chastain #someone look at me the way bill played richie looking at bev.................. #ch: richie tozier #ch: beverly marsh #ship: bevchie#chapter 2#gif#vega edits
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  • what if i,

    wrote poly losers club one shots

    and published them?

    haha just kidding


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  • hello, it fandom!!

    im jo!! i want to get back in to writing, so i decided to make this side blog!

    my requests are OPEN, and i would very much appreciate if you request! now, i only have a few rules:

    - i only write for ships! i dont do x reader anymore <\3

    - i dont write smut, self harm, or any other mental illness! i might mention them, but i wont write in delth

    - i very much do not write smut!! i am underage, and most of the time, the characters are underage too.

    those are my rules! you can request for any ship (benverly, stozier, reddie, etc. ) and i’ll do my best to have it up asap!

    stay tuned for an ‘about me’ post, and i’ll be posting some of my older works!

    you can also find me on ao3 as beepbeep_eddie <3

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  • Richie: From now on, we’ll be using codenames. You can address me as “Eagle One.”

    Richie: Stan, codename: “Been There, Done That.”

    Richie: Eddie is “Currently Doing That.”

    Richie: Bill is “It Happened Once In A Dream.”

    Richie: Bev, codename: “If I Had To Pick A Girl.”

    Richie: Ben is… “Eagle Two.”

    Ben: Oh, thank god.

    #it #it stephen king #it losers club #the losers club #losers club #im sorry for no mike :( #i wont apologize for stozier rights #stephen king#reddie#stozier#bichie#bevchie#richie tozier#it 2017#it movies #it chapter 1 #it chapter one #it chapter 2 #it chapter two #it 2019 #incorrect it quotes #source: parks and rec #richies gay here but listen #we stan bi richie in this household
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  • bevchie is one of the best friendships of IT and is highly underrated and deserves to be explored more change my fucking mind

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  • richie’s first kiss was beverly. beverly’s first kiss wasnt richie, but that didnt matter to him.

    they were alone in the clubhouse, which was not a rare occurrence. they were often one of the lasts to leave. sometimes they follow the others shortly after, sometimes they spend hours talking, sometimes they fall asleep together in the hammock, relishing in the warmth they created. but they always left together (“wouldnt want a li'l missy like yerself to git hurt,” richie would tease and beverly would laugh, her eyes sparkling.)

    walking side by side, their knuckles brushing lightly against each other, their voices would fill the cool night air as they made their way to bev’s apartment. richie, always loud and brash, found himself a little more calm when it was just bev. a little more soft. not less crude per say, just more… relaxed. he didnt need to make himself obviously here. bev already saw him.

    so it was all of that and the way the harsh orange glow of the street lamp bounced off her hair and made it even more vibrant, the way her laugh always started off soft and quiet before it ended up with her whole body shaking and her snorting. the way his name sounded when it left her lips, the way her eyebrows creased when she was worried, the way she stuck her tongue out in concentration when she was working on something important. the way she made richie feel safe and okay.

    “can i kiss you?” he blurted out, cutting her off midsentence. richie felt the blood rush to his face, his temperature rising and heating his whole body. he began to stammer out an apology, ready to take it all back. it was a joke, bev.

    but she smiled. bev just smiled at him. the same way she smiled when he told a bad or inappropriate joke that no one found funny except for her. and she placed a calloused hand on his cheek and he wanted to pause the world around him. he wanted to stay like this for the rest of his life. he wanted to be able to only see the softness on her face, the way her eyes twinkled and danced.

    she closed the distance between them, gently pressing their lips together. it was short and sweet, not lasting more than three seconds before she pulled away with that damned smile on her face. she whispered a good night before turning to go inside her apartment.

    to an outsider, the kiss wasnt as grand as the movies make it seem. just a simple and childish peck. but to richie, it meant the world.

    #bevchie#beverie#beverly marsh#richie tozier #okay i rewrote it and its not exactly the same but whatever #also im just soft for them right now #ch: richie tozier #ch: beverly marsh #ship: bevchie#fanfic#drabble#fic#vega writes
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  • thinkin abt fwb bevchie

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  • bev and richie. bev and richie. bev and richie. just them and their love for each other and how it reaches inside of you and just squeezes you until it hurts because here are these two kids who have gone through so much with their friends, and on their own, and through everything they still remain gentle. richie becomes soft around the edges with her, yet he doesn’t treat her as if she is made of porcelain and will break if he speaks too loud, says something a little too crude and he still makes her laugh anyways. he lets her know that he loves her in his own way. in a way that screams I LOVE YOU FOREVER YOU SILLY GIRL. in a way that proves that he doesn’t see her as some foreign creature. she’s just beverly, and that will always be more than enough. and the way bev sees right through richie and hears what he’s actually saying ,and loves him through all of it. and it’s their playful back and forth that shows that beverly isn’t scared of richie. richie is safe, and so are the other boys of course, but richie is bumming cigarettes off of each other, and richie is scraped knees and laughing so hard till it feels like you’ll never stop, and richie is napping together on the floor and complaining about back pain later.  and beverly is talking about things, that don’t matter and things that matter too much, until your eyelids are drooping, and shes kind eyes and gentle reminders to shut up and breathe and she’s climbing in through your bedroom window at midnight so you can listen to music, and they’re best friends. and they’re tell me all your secrets and i will not judge and i will still love you after. and they’re safe right there with each other.

    #richie tozier#beverly marsh #oh to be young and finding your home and peace within your friends #bevchie#it movies#long post
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  • That’s a first.


    #i see bevchie i lose my mind #it 2019 #it chapter 2 #itedit#richie tozier#beverly marsh#bevchie#beverie#finn wolfhard#sophia lillis #did i make a version with the words? yes. do i hate it? yes #also who gave sophia the right to be so cute #ch: richie tozier #ch: beverly marsh #ship: bevchie#chapter 2#gif#vega edits
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  • i love how fics write richie as some bad boy when richie probably gets high with bev and then she spends the whole time holding him while he cries because eddie is “too hot”

    richie has bev paint his nails and braid his hair (when it gets long) because it feels nice and bev would never ever judge him

    also richie tozier 100% cries the first time he and eddie kiss because he has so much love for this boy and he never thought he’d actually get to be with him for real

    #richie tozier#beverly marsh#reddie#bichie#bevchie#it #it chapter two #it chapter one #it chapter 2 #it 2017#it 2019#losers club #the losers club
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  • I’m in a group of 8 friends, but with one of them I have the same vibes as Bevchie’s friendship has and I think that’s beautiful

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  • Richie broke a tooth one time trying to reenact the tootsie pop commercial with Beverly.

    #and i stand by that #it 2017#it 2019 #it the movie #it stephen king #stephen king's it #stephen king#pennywise#richie#richie tozier#beverly marsh#bevchie#reddie
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  • Mama just killed a maaaaan.

    Commission for @tozierpunks

    (click for better quality please!)

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  • image

    !! a friend drew this but was too shy to post so they gave me permission to post it here !!

    something about this style fascinates me omg skdnsj

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  • #Beverly Marsh#Bev marsh#Richie Tozier#It (2017)#It (2019)#art#digital art #the losers club #bevchie #poly losers club #college au#outfit meme #hey uh yall should send me more outfit meme requests... #awesomeundertalelover3
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