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  • melon-dot-jpeg
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    decided to redraw my first bfb art posted on tumblr!

    top is the original, bottom is the new version :)

    #peppo's pictures#bfb#bfb spongy#bfb taco #i remember when drawing the original i was thinking 'hm. why not take that one moment from bfb 19 and make it angsty for some reason? lol' #it looks like absolute garbage - especially compared to the new version lolol #i'm really happy with how the new one came out though!!! i hope you are too :D #eyestrain tw#tw eyestrain#redraw#angst#object angst
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  • raymett
    13.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    More of the BAB au! c:

    Leafy’s showing Taco her favorite book!

    Still trying to figure out how shading and highlighting works- but I’ll learn it eventually!

    #tacoleaf#bfb taco#bfb leafy #battle for bfb #bfb au #bab bfb au #<- new tag for the au :3 #i know i need to work on the shading and stuff it just takes me forever to learn new art stuff QwQ sorry #fluff
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  • raymett
    13.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    So uhhh

    I had a dream last night and-

    It was basically the cast of bfb/TPOT...but as HLVRAI.

    Leafy was Gordon, Tennis Ball was Dr Coomer, Four was Benrey, and Grassy was Tommy. Whoever was Bubby didn’t seem to be around, and when I woke up I was so confused-

    But then I wanted to expand on the idea-

    But yeh-

    It was a weird dream.

    It’s a quick sketch, so sorry it’s messy QwQ

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  • foursyfour4
    12.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    BFDI: Somethings Not Right. [BFB au]


    aliens stand, fixed to the TV which showcased what seemed to be objects competing for a prize. a BFDI, is what the prize would be, before it was stolen by a certain member and never completely resolved at the seasons' close. a blue number by the name of 'four' was obsessed with this show, to the point where they and a friend, x, would plan their own.


    nobody exactly knew how or what happened, though everything went black. an almost deafening yell would wake them up, to find that they were standing in a structure. an alien would catch their attention, explaining the deal. they were to split into teams and compete for a BFDI. questions were punished with pain, and the contestants quietly agreed without protest after they had witnessed their friends be amalgamated.

    this is BFDI: SNR.


    hello! this is a semi-literate to literate horror au featuring the bfb contestants - tpot, as of now, is not a thing, as four had forced their contestants to stay despite two's offer. [you can still roleplay tpot characters, but the ones who had left are still in bfdi. please ask about this because there are potential plot points involving the contestants trying to escape to go with two!]

    there is a verification channel, plenty of roleplay channels with visual descriptions, and a character tryout center where you can try out for your favorite character and potentially roleplay them!

    give us a go, if you like paragraph roleplays and horror.

    ┆❝.。゚+..。 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 [those not listed are free to take, apply in #꒰⋆﹒character-request ]






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  • radmaz
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I’ve worked on this for a while and wanted to post it after the final episode

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  • leederpfucker
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    !!!!!BFB 30 SPOILERS!!!!!

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  • melon-dot-jpeg
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    the bfb finale comes out today! 

    i’ve only been part of the object show community for about a year, and yet i already feel like it’s such an important part of my identity! it’s the first fandom i truly felt part of - thank you all on osc tumblr for including me and making me feel so welcome! getting to experience new episodes as they came out and engaging with you guys was so much fun. thank you jacknjellify for creating such a wonderful show with such wonderful characters for all of us to love and enjoy! it’s truly been an honor :)

    - melon

    #peppo's pictures#bfb#bfdi#bfb flower#bfb ruby#bfb blocky#bfb firey#bfb woody#bfb loser#bfb spongy#bfb taco#bfb gelatin#bfb leafy#bfb balloony#bfb bubble#bfb teardrop#bfb profily#bfb lollipop #i'm so sad that this season is ending... but at the same time i'm incredibly excited to see who wins! #congrats to flower and gelatin for getting so far in the game! and congrats to me (teardrop) for getting 3rd place :D #oh yeah speaking of which - kinning teardrop has helped me learn so much about myself and is such a good form of self expression for me #and engaging with all you folks as td and everything is so nice <3 i really feel so welcome here! thank you all! #i hope all of you have a great day and enjoy bfb 30 to its fullest!! i love you guys :) #eyestrain tw#tw eyestrain
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  • excuse-me-what-are-emotions
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    summary of what happened at a bfb roleplay server on roblox

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  • marzmiro
    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    redraw !!

    #bfb#bfdi#bfb flower#bfb ruby#bfb lollipop#bfb taco#bfb leafy #this was from last month but i wanted to post #before the last bfb episode cause ! thats what i did last year !
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  • raymett
    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Might wanna tap/click for a better quality c: 
More Tacoleaf!!

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  • raymett
    06.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Two new sketches!

    I wanted to use my outline markers and colored pencils again and now I don’t think I can stop-

    Also how is it so difficult to draw Flower in clothes-

    I tried QwQ

    #battle for bfb #bfb#bfb taco#doodles#bfb flower #not too happy with how the sweater turned out QwQ
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  • koreanstudent-nev18
    06.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I watched bfb 20 a taste of space

    And I got the idea lol

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  • raymett
    05.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    Not just a sketch this time?!

    And with actual color-

    But yeah- I found my outline markers and colored pencils so I just wanted to do something quick-

    So here’s some Tacoleaf fluff, and a quick sketch of Ruby and Flower!

    I know Flower has more than four petals, but I couldn’t draw the bottom two very well, so I just combined them both into one petal.

    But yeh

    I hope you enjoy-

    #battle for bfb #bfb#doodles#bfb leafy#bfb taco#tacoleaf#bfb flower#bfb ruby #I’m not ready for bfb 30 QwQ
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  • pricetagsicons
    05.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • koreanstudent-nev18
    03.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of couple do you like?

    Taco or needle

    Or something else?

    #bfb#bfdi#bfb leafy#bfdi leafy#leafy#bfb taco#bfdi taco#taco#bfb needle#bfdi needle#needle #taco x leafy #needle x leafy #leafy x taco #leafy x needle
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  • nocontextbfdi
    01.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #battle for dream island #battle for bfdi #bfb#bfdi#bfb taco#queue pog
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  • cat-boy-tb
    31.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    bunch of peoples (its mostly cfmot tho lmao)

    #bfb#bfdi#ii#cfmot#cfmot lightbulb#ii lightbulb#bfb taco#ii taco#cfmot knify#ii knife#cfmot kratcy#cfmot rubbery#cfmot yoshka#cfmot charmy #cfmot yigroish bottle #bfb blocky#bfb balloony#ii microphone#tpot winner #coffee my beloved #shkbdsj srry im not tagging everyone #but like yeah i like the funni russian objects #also @polska haha knify kinnie #fiyhskjsd
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  • raymett
    30.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Tacoleaf headcanons (fluff)

    • Taco feels like she needs to protect Leafy in dangerous situations.

    • Even if Leafy is totally capable of protecting herself and Taco at the same time.

    • Because of this, no one is sure anymore who is protecting who-

    • At first their relationship is secret, except that everyone knows and most of them don’t care, and when they finally do tell, everyone is just like: “yeah we knew.”

    • “wait how did you know-“ -Leafy

    • “it’s not that hard to figure out, you literally hold hands with each other all the time and flirt during challenges-“ -the others

    • Taco is hard to fluster, while Leafy is way too easy to fluster.

    • Taco could just hold Leafy’s hand, and make her extremely red.

    • On the other hand, small things Leafy does makes her flustered.

    • Leafy saying “I love you” with the biggest smile on her face? Taco gets flustered.

    • Leafy trying to flirt, only to be really terrible at it? Taco loves that-

    • Leafy making Taco something (can be literally anything as long she made it) makes her just-

    • “Taco! I made this for you!” -Leafy

    • “wait why are you crying-“ -Leafy

    • “I’m never taking this off.” -Taco

    #bfb#bfb leafy#bfb taco#tacoleaf#headcanons#shipping#fluff #kinda short I know but I wrote these the other night- #I wanted to write what their relationship would be like outside of the AUs I’ve written #like if it was just bfb in general- #I just feel like they’d be soft around each other-
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  • nocontextbfdi
    29.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #battle for dream island #battle for bfdi #bfb#bfdi#bfb taco #bfb purple face #bfb profiley#bfb gelatin#queue pog
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