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    16.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    four two and x because yes

    higher quality screenshot except white,,

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  • skiddrawzz
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    imma just leave these doodle sheets here

    i love doing these things

    also, first one is an algebralien one, second and third are iii ones based on the new episode, and the fourth one is a random one with my object ocs that are gonna be in my show (pog) and some tengolf.

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  • asterleavess
    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Gay people bottom text

    //Object show sideblog//

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  • spooky-boys
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wante to draw 4 and x :D

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  • tired-socks
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Them…they are precious. Also I decided to try something new with backgrounds in these pallets!! Hope you like it!

    This color pallet isss -> “Tuesdays”

    #bfb x#bfb art#bfdi x #battle for dream island #they are my child #and I will protect them at all costs #bfb
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    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    btw congrats jacknjellify for getting 1 mill subs

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  • v-createz
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    They're so funny, for what?

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  • soulboxthings
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Look at X I love him sm

    #Bfb#bfdi #battle for dream island #X#bfb x
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  • gela5tuiin
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    #bfb#bfbten#xfohv#bfdi #x finds out his value
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  • lupy123
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tiny 4

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  • fireafythekittenx3
    13.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Sixnine drawing yes i ship it too!

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  • nightm0te
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    sum vent scribbles + humanoid four doodles 2 test a new cool csp brush i found :] here is da link if anyones interested!! -> https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1749795 dont tag as kin!!

    #bfb#bfdi #battle for bfb #Battle for Dream Island #bfb four#bfb x#bfb 4x#algebraliens#bfb gijinka #i think im ssslowly starting 2 come out of this umpteenth depressive episode #or @ least thas what im hoping lol #n e ways ill be okayyy doodling em always makes me feel better <3 #working on these actually helped a lot in fact u can kinda see where i started settling down in da first doodle page #awrite goodnite love yawll /p <3
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  • secretswiftymarvelfan
    12.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Best Friend’s Brother - Chris Evans x Reader (Part 11*)

    Summary: You and Scott have been best friends ever since you were 10, meeting at summer camp. Being best friends with Scott means you know his family very well. Especially his older brother. After a failed attempt at dating Chris when you were 18, when you move to LA for a job will you and Chris grow close again? What would the world think? and most importantly what would Scott think?

    Word Count: 3.8k

    Warnings: SMUT 18+ ONLY! 

    You woke up the next morning with your head on Chris’ chest. You could feel his steady heartbeat which was incredibly calming and almost made you fall straight back to sleep. You glance up to see him still sound asleep. His face completely relaxed, his long eye lashes resting against his cheeks.

    His hair was messy but in a super adorable boyish kinda way, and his beard was all scruffy but still looked incredible. You felt a smile growing, especially when he wrapped his arms around you tighter pulling your body closer to his in his sleep. Letting out a hum of content as he did so.

    You could watch him sleep for hours and you probably would of if he didn’t begin to stir. He scrunched his brows slightly in the cutest way possible before his eye lids fluttered open revealing his bright blue eyes. At this distance you could even see the little flecks of green in them. When his eyes focused on yours a smile pulls at his lips.

    “Mornin’” he mumbles his voice husky and full of sleep that made your insides turn to jelly when you heard it.

    “Good Morning, how you feeling?” You ask him sitting up slightly so you could look at him properly.

    “The most relaxed I have ever been” he smiles leaning over to kiss you on the forehead.

    “Glad to hear it, so what are your plans for today?” You ask him.

    He looks up in thought for a moment “well I should probably go pick dodger up from Scott’s since as far as he’s aware I’m arriving back today, but then I’m free all day, what about you?” He asks you resting his hand on your side.

    “Well I also agreed to go see Scott today so we should probably work it out, so we don’t arrive at the same time” you say making Chris chuckle.

    “Well I do probably need to head back to mine first so if you go over first then I’ll see you over there” Chris says.

    “Should get my acting skills ready to greet you as if I haven’t already see you” you joke making him laugh.

    “Can’t wait to see those skills” Chris snorts sarcastically making you push him away.

    “Hey, I’m not an actor like you!” You laugh making Chris grab you and hold you tight as he laughs along with you.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” he laughs holding you close and burying his face in the crook for your neck.

    You arrived at Scott’s house alone an hour later. Dodger instantly greets you, a little more enthusiastically than usual. You thought that maybe he could smell Chris on you, you just hoped it wasn’t too obvious. Scott thankfully seemed oblivious to it all offering you a drink.

    Once you two had your drinks you walked out into the garden to enjoy the nice weather and catch up. You had been chatting for about an hour, playing fetch with dodger as you talked, when the doorbell went, and dodger went racing to the door.

    You follow Scott inside as goes to answer the door. As suspected it was Chris, who barely had enough time to step inside before dodger had tackled him to the floor. He was laughing and stuttering as dodger wiggled and licked his face all over. You and Scott made no attempt to help since you were both doubled over laughing at the scene.

    Eventually dodger calmed down and Scott offered Chris a hand as he stood up pulling him in for a hug.

    “How are you? Good week of press?” Scott asks patting Chris on the shoulder.

    “Alright, same old same old, tad stressful last part of the week but I’m good now” Chris says glancing over at you at the last half of his sentence.

    “Ah good, we were just chilling in the garden come join us” Scott says gesturing behind him.

    “Yeah sounds great” Chris smiles nodding his head.

    “Awesome head on out and I’ll grab you a drink” Scott says heading into the kitchen leaving you and Chris alone.

    “Your acting skills are Oscar worthy” Chris whispers in your ear as you walk out into the garden.

    You laugh shoving him playfully to which he just grabs your hand pulling you into a hug with a laugh. You feel him kiss the top of your head making you roll your eyes.

    “Careful” you whisper a warning taking a step away and sitting down in your seat.

    Scott soon appeared drinks in hand, passing Chris his drink before the two of them sat down. Conversation quickly flowed as Chris told the two of you about his week. You didn’t need to act like you hadn’t heard all this before since Chris mostly told stories from earlier on in the week. The ones you didn’t get to hear last night.

    “God the weather is incredible isn’t it! Just wanna laze by the pool, if I had one that is!” Scott says sending a suggestive look to you and Chris. The ones lucky enough to have pools.

    “Well Chris has got a bigger one” you say turning to Chris who just laughs.

    “We can go to mine if you want, you both got costumes ready?” Chris asks.

    “No, but I can swing by mine on the way and meet you there?” You suggest.

    “Sounds like a plan, I’ll text Steve and tell him to meet us there when he gets back from work” Scott says pulling out his phone.

    “Great, well I’ll see you boys over there” you say standing up and pulling out your keys.

    “See you there” Chris smiles as you head out.

    When you got back to yours you went to go find a bikini. As you looked through your closet you found one that you hadn’t worn before, which was surprising since it was a colour that perfectly complimented your skin tone. It was a bit skimpier than you usually wore but nothing extreme, and to be honest you were curious as to what Chris’ reaction would be.

    You’d be lying if you said you’d hadn’t worn this bikini with ulterior motives in mind. Yes you and Chris had slept together before but that was years ago now, he was in fact your first. You knew experience could change a lot though, and you wanted to see how things had changed. Hopefully for the better, if that night of your 2nd/100th date was anything to go by, it was almost certainly for the better.

    When you arrived at Chris’ house you felt like you’d fallen through a wormhole and gone back in time 20 years. Chris and Scott were chasing each other around the garden trying to push each other into the pool. Eventually Chris caught Scott throwing him into the pool, but Scott had grabbed hold of Chris pulling him in with him.

    Chris resurfaced pushing his hair from his face when his eyes landed on you. You could see the subtle double take he did when he spotted your bikini through your thin cover up.

    “You boys finished playing?” You laugh.

    Scott splashes Chris tearing his attention away from you and back to his brother who he promptly splashed back.

    “I’ll take that as a no then” you chuckle moving over to the deck chairs.

    You removed your cover up and started reapplying sunscreen.

    “Whoa looking hot!” You hear Scott shout making you laugh.

    Chris who had his back to you glances over his shoulder, before turning to face you barely holding back a smirk.

    Scott sees an opportunity and uses it to tackle Chris from behind. Chris comes back up spluttering and the water fight between the two boys continues.

    You recline back in your seat enjoying the rays as the two of them continue to mess around. Soon the splashing stopped as the two of them took a break sitting on the side of the pool.

    “Hey (Y/N), you gonna join us any time soon?” Scott calls out grabbing your attention.

    “Nah I’m good thanks!” You laugh shaking your head.

    “I’m not satisfied with that answer are you Scott?” Chris asks smirking over at Scott.

    “Not at all, Chris would you do the honours?” Scott smirks looking over at you mischievously.

    “No, don’t you dare” you warn holding your arms out as Chris climbed out of the pool and walked over to you.

    “C’mon” Chris laughs grabbing your hands and pulling you from your chair despite your best efforts.

    “No Chris stop!” You laugh protesting digging in your heels to stop him.

    He laughs trying to pull you along, when you put the brakes on more he grabs you around the waist and lifts you over his shoulder. You hit his back begging for him to put you down. He just laughs and continues to walk towards the pool.

    “No, no, no! Chris please! Don’t!” You beg but it didn’t work mostly because you were also laughing.

    Chris comes to a stop and you think for a moment that he’d actually stopped. That was not the case though, as before you knew it you were flying through the air into the pool with a large splash.

    You came up spluttering and gasping for air, not actually expecting him to throw you in the pool. Both of the boys were laughing hysterically, Chris was practically on the floor clutching his chest.

    You pushed your hair out of your face wiping the water off your face waiting for the two of them to calm down.

    “You’re gonna pay for that Evans” you warn glaring up at Chris who was still laughing.

    “Oh really? What ya gonna do?” Chris taunts raising his eyebrow at you.

    “That’s for me to know, and for you to discover later” you smirk you see Chris swallow slightly, his eyes boring into yours and you could see the restraint in them.

    “Chris I’d watch your back, (Y/N) is a master of revenge” Scott laughs clearly oblivious to the tension between you and Chris.

    Chris finally tears his eyes from yours turning to look at Scott.

    “Is that why you got me to do it?” Chris asks him and Scott just shrugs his shoulders with feigning innocence.

    Chris just rolled his eyes shaking his head and he sat down on the edge of the pool.

    You chuckle moving to swim a couple of laps in the pool as the boys chatted. You were soon joined by the boys which quickly turned into a competition of who could swim faster.

    It was always tight between the three of you, leading to many repeats. You had just completely yet another race and were all arguing about who won or cheated or whatever.

    “What is it with you lot and your competitiveness” Steve laughs grabbing all your attentions.

    “Oh hey babe didn’t see you come in” Scott says climbing out of the pool to greet Steve.

    You also climbed out of the pool grabbing a towel to dry yourself off, Chris following suit.

    “Let me grab you a drink” Chris says heading inside.

    When he returns the 4 of you sat down together and chatted. One of the good things about hanging out when Steve was with you was that Scott often sat with Steve meaning it wasn’t unusual for you and Chris to sit together.

    While you chatted you grabbed some more sunscreen and started reapplying it.

    “May I?” Chris asks gesturing for the sunscreen, you nod passing it over once you were done.

    You try to focus on the conversation as opposed to Chris as he rubbed sunscreen over himself.

    “Do you mind doing my back?” Chris asks catching you off guard slightly.

    You glance over to Scott and Steve who seemed unfazed and were still talking.

    “Uh yeah sure” you say grabbing the bottle and started applying some to his back.

    As you did so you could feel his back muscles tensing under your touch. You tried to clear your throat and you were pretty sure this was Chris getting you back for the bikini.

    If the shit eating grin he gave you was anything to go by, it was almost certain that he was teasing you.

    So when Scott suggested having ice creams or ice lollies you quickly knew how to get revenge.

    You opted for an ice lolly. You let out a moan as your lips wrapped around it, partly because of the cold and delicious taste, mostly to see what reaction you got from Chris. You almost laughed when he choked slightly.

    “This is delicious and exactly what I needed” you sighed not making eye contact with Chris who had shifted in his seat.

    He however clearly had the same idea as you when he opted to have an ice cream. He caught your attention by giving his ice cream and long lick and you had to focus on your own lolly to distract yourself.

    The games were on.

    For the rest of the day both you and Chris tested how far you could push the other without either Scott or Steve noticing. You felt like you were winning though as Chris had to jump in the pool a couple times to cool off.

    Scott and Steve had offered you a lift back home with them, but you turned them down. Opting to get an uber instead since they’d have to drive the wrong direction to get to your house.

    You were sat on the couch scroll through your phone when Chris moved to stand in front of your arms crossed.

    “Can I help you?” You smirks glancing up at him innocently.

    He leans over placing his hand on the back of the couch, caging you in.

    “You were really testing my patience today” Chris says a grin pulling at his lips slightly.

    “I don’t know what you’re on about” you say feigning innocence shrugging your shoulders.

    He shakes his head slightly, biting his lip gently.

    “The ice lolly? The bikini you’ve now hidden under that cover up? That was nothing was it?” Chris says pulling at your cover up.

    “I did say I was going to make you pay for throwing me in the pool” you point out not taking your eyes off of his “you’re not 100% innocent either” you add making him chuckle.

    “You didn’t have to jump in the pool to cool off though”  Chris points out.

    “I’m just much better at this than you” you smirk.

    Chris laughs shaking his head “you are trouble you know that right?” He says.

    “And what you gonna do about it?” You ask biting your lip.

    “Do you really wanna know?” He asks leaning closer smirking.

    “100%” you whisper desperately wanting to close the small gap between your lips.

    You could practically feel his breath on your skin, he could probably feel yours. If you were still breathing that is.

    You hear a deep chuckle from Chris before his hand cups your cheek guiding your lips up to meet his. Your lips find the familiar rhythm as he pulls you up to stand with him.

    As soon as you were stood up his hands find your hips squeezing them gently as he pulled you closer. As he did so you could feel the growing erection through his swim shorts. Making you moan slightly into his mouth. You feel him smirk into the kiss when he heard your reaction.

    His hands move to your ass, he gives it a quick slap making you gasp and him to smirk. Your hands find the collar of his short leaved shirt he’d thrown on when everyone moved inside, pushing it off his shoulders and to the floor. He responds by grabbing your cover up and pulling it up off of you.

    He grabs you by the hips and pulls you against him once more. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as he picks you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. The new angle allowing you to deepen the kiss, and you feel Chris groan as you roll your hips.

    “You will be the death of me” Chris moans smirking as he looks at you eyes blown with lust.

    “You better stop teasing then” you smirk pressing your lips against his lips quickly. His lips chasing yours as you pulled away.

    “Don’t you worry about that” Chris smirks capturing your lips in his once more, carrying you to his bedroom.

    Once in his room he threw you down on the bed causing you to squeal slightly. He climbed over you his knee between your thighs pushing them apart. He started kissing your jawline before moving down to your neck. You moaned rocking your hips against his thigh desperate for friction as his lips found your pulse point. His hand finds your hips holding them down firmly making you whine.

    It was soon forgotten though as he started kissing your chest, making your back arch. He took advantage and untied your bikini pulling it off and throwing it to the side. He gazed down at your breast eyes blown before moving down to attack one with his mouth. You whimper as his tongue swirl around the sensitive peak arching your back to the point it could break. You could feel heat pooling at your core and you desperately wanted to rock your hips, but his hand stopped you.

    Your hands run down his chest, you could feel his muscles tensing as your fingers ran over them. When your hands reach his swim shorts you palm his member through the fabric making him moan and roll his hips. You smirk in victory slightly before slipping your hands under the waistband, wrapping your fingers around his erection. You feel his breath hitch at the contact, you only got a few pumps in before his hand grabbed yours stopping you.

    “I’m not gonna last long if you keep that up” he pants looking up at you with hooded eyes.

    You smirk “I don’t mind that one bit” you tell him making him chuckle.

    “I do though” he says grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head with one hand.

    He starts pressing kisses down your chest down to your navel and lower.

    “Keep your hands there” Chris tells you as he removes his hand from your wrists, moving down to kneel between your legs.

    His fingers hook in the waistband of your bikini bottoms pulling them off and throwing them over his shoulders.

    He looks down at your glistening core, licking his lips. His eyes meet yours and he grins down at you before leaning down to press a light kiss to the inside of your thigh. You whimper at the feeling of his beard against your thigh.

    “Chris-“ you choke out desperate for him to touch you where you needed him.

    “What do you want sweetheart?” He asks glancing up at you.

    “Please-“ you gasp your mind foggy.

    “Use those words darlin’” he presses with a smirk making you groan.

    “You. I need you” you whine.

    You see Chris smirk before you feel his lips press against your core making you gasp and throw your head back. You feel the coil inside you tighten as he eats you out as if it was his last meal. You had to fight the urge to reach down and run your fingers through his hair to keep him there. When his he added his fingers to rub your clit in circular motions you came undone. Your orgasm crashes over you in waves as Chris continues his attack as you ride through it.

    You feel your body grow limp underneath him as he climbs over you. He smiles down at you before pressing his lips against yours and your able to taste yourself on his lips. Your chest was still heaving as he started kissing your neck. You give in and wrapped your arms around him, when he doesn’t stop you, you run your hands down his body desperate to remove his trunks.

    His hands meet yours, but he doesn’t stop you, he helps you push his shorts off. When you lay eyes on his member you gasp. If you thought Chris was impressive when you were younger, he was 100 times more impressive now. He catches you staring and caresses your cheek.

    “You okay?” He asks.

    You nod “yeah, I just-“ you say not being able to finish your sentence.

    “We can leave-“ Chris says, and you instantly interrupt him.

    “Don’t you dare stop” you tell him making him chuckle pressing his lips against yours.

    He sits up, reaching over to his bedside table and grabbing a condom. He rips open the foil wrapper and rolls the condom on. Once done he moves over to kiss you again. You got lost in the euphoria of the kiss, that you were only pulled back by the feeling of his tip against your entrance.

    You gasp as he slowly presses into you, you feel his completely fill you up to the point it almost hurt. The pain is quickly replaced by pleasure as he begins to slowly thrust inside you.

    You moans meld together with his as he slowly picks up the pace. You grasp onto his back as it was the only thing you were able to make your limp limbs do. You could feel the coil within you beginning to tighten once more, and you try and hold yourself back.

    “C’mon darlin’ come for me” Chris moans, he sits back lifting your leg over his shoulder allowing him to thrust deeper hitting that spot with every thrust.

    You couldn’t hold on any longer, you come undone around him. You walls pulsating and clenching around him. You hear him groan at the sensation as continues to thrust inside you. He begins to stutter as he rides out his own orgasm.

    When he was done he collapses on the bed beside you, both your chests heaving from the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Once his breathing returned to somewhat normal Chris gets up, removing and throwing away the condom. He soon returns with a wet cloth and you feel him begin to clean you up, your chest still heaving. Once he was done he returns to lay beside you, pulling you closer so you could rest your head on his chest.

    “That was well worth the wait” you sigh looking up at him with a smile.

    He smiles down at you before pressing his lips against yours for a sweet kiss.

    “Well if you stick around there’ll be more where that came from” Chris smirks.

    “Good because I don’t have any plans on going anywhere” you tell him cupping his cheek and kissing him once more.

    “I love you” Chris sighs resting his forehead against yours.

    “I love you more” you smile making him laughs.

    “Impossible” he smiles kissing you once more.


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    All the tags in bold wouldn’t actually tag sorry!

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    11.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    This is how two dies

    #fucking british fuck #tpot#bfb #why do i like 2 as a character #bfb 2#tpot 2#bfb 4#bfb x
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    11.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    i’ve never drawn these fellas before so!!! eat up

    #art#my art#fanart#bfb#bfdi#four#x#two#four bfb#bfb four#bfb x#x bfb#two bfb#bfb two#poly ship#ship#ship art #? #you can tag as ship if you want! or not #this art is subjective #battle for bfb #battle for dream island #bright colors#eye strain
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    11.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    *hands u them* :)

    #bfb#tpot#2 tpot#tpot 2#x bfb#bfb x#4 bfb#bfb 4 #yes as u can see these are in fact related to my humanoid designs of these critters !! #yknow cuz of the bowties n star tails....lawl
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