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    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Training Meeting

    “I still can’t believe UA accepted us coming to train with them!” Iasmin spoke to her peers as they got changed.

    “You should praise yourself for that! One, your dad is the number two. Two, it was YOUR idea!” Bia smiled, patting the other on the back as she fastened her belt.

    “It’s still crazy! UA being the first to answer and stuff!” The second tallest girl in the room comented. Mari fastened her wristbands and zipped close her pockets. “Taking everything into account!”

    “If villains show up, I’m sure we can handle them!” Another girl piped up, jumping up to shove her previous clothes down the top of the locker. “Let’s go?”

    “Let’s go!” Iasmin smiled, heading out with Bia and Mari behind her. She couldn’t help but look at her messages, checking who had seen and who didn’t, her father had already. Though her friend apparently hadn’t, Shoji haven’t been talking to her for over a while. She paid no mind, sometimes it happened.

    “Thinking about that boy? You might just meet him!” Mari grinned. Her friends knew about Shoji, she hadn’t been exactly keeping it a secret.

    The whole trip they’ve been jocking about it, to which she mostly laughed together. But at the same time, she couldn’t help but wish it was true, sometimes she’d daydream about meeting the boy, it happened to many of the people she met in the internet. Of course, she didn’t have many expectations, she simply continued to walk towards to the outside. What were the chances after all?

    She led her group to the outside, where two teachers were waiting for them. Her school counceler, Daniela and her quirk-control and PE teacher, Raul, pro-hero Guerreiro. Also, Iasmin’s brother.

    “Alright class! Today, you’ll be the vilains. Divide yourself in two groups! One for class 1A and one for 1B!” Guerreiro stated, looking over the students. Students were quick to divide themselves, being quickly breefed on what would happen as they headed to ground Beta. “The game is simple. The class will chase me down. If they catch me, it’s over. If we catch all of them, then they’re done for. Got it?”

    “Yes sir!” The whole group A spoke up in unisson.

    The group spread out through the grounds, each girl taking a section of it. Iasmin, went with their leader, the sun was high and strong, she felt her quirk’s power getting stronger.

    “Encanteia, did you watch the Sports Festival?” The pro-hero Guerreiro asked, looking down the main street.

    “No, I don’t really watch sports. I heard a lot happened though!” The hero student explained, watching down on the streets. “Why?”

    “Nothing much... Except... Remember that boy you’ve been talking to?”

    “Shoji?” The girl questioned, turning to her brother. “What about him?”

    “I felt like I recognized him from somewhere! Then...” Guerreiro was about to continue, but their conversation was cut by a loud siren, announcing the beggining of the exercise.

    Her mentor checked his phone, Guerreiro then smiled, giving her the go-ahead. “Blind them, you two!”

    “On it!” Encanteia jumped from the rooftop they stood on, the light entety bonded to her shapeshifting into a giant bird. The heat eminated from it, but it didn’t hurt her in the least, it felt welcoming if anything. “Guaraci, let’s go. Higher!”

    They as high as they could, her quirk watched the ground beneath them. As they searched, her quirk suddenly haulted in a surprised gasp. Her rider almost fell, holding herself by very little.

    “Guara! What is it?!”

    “Sis look!!!” Her quirk exclaimed, pointing carefuly with a light tendril. The girl looked down, the gear in her googles zooming downwards, she spotted people on top of the building, the biggest amongst them caught her eyes. Eyes upon eyes branched off of his arms while he stood upon the fence, looking down amongst the buildings, she immediately recognized the figure, “IT’S SHOJI!!!”

    Excitement overtook them both, Iasmin grinned and her eyes widened, but remembered her mission. “We’ll talk to him after the mission. We need to get rid of the other two, or else they might alarm the rest.”

    Guaraci dove down, the wind didn’t resist them, passing through as silently as the wind.

    The hero-students were all looking in different directions, Shoji branching as many eyes as he could to watch over the others. Jirou had her earphone-jacks on the ground, listening for any footsteps, she followed some really heavy ones that reminded her of the trotting of a horse, giving directions to the rest of the class as they moved.

    Koda kept his eyes up, talking to the birds, it was them who warned them of the approaching threat. Before the other had much chance of warning the others, his mouth was covered and he was knocked out. Jirou tried to use her earphone jacks, but Guaraci was faster, taking a hold of her ears and burning it’s tip. While Jirou was distracted trying to cool off her jacks, Iasmin went behind her, directing a hard blow on the pressure point of the japenese student’s kneck. Also making her unconssious.

    Finally, the girl turned to the tall boy, who had pulled out his phone to likely contact the others. As soon as his movements were noticed, Iasmin jumped, quickly stabbing him on the side with her spider limb and forcing him to drop the phone, she turned it off while her quirk quickly wrapped itself around the boy. Shoji twisted and turned in the quirk’s grasp, it felt hot, he was surprised it didn’t burn through his costume.

    Soon, he was being carried through ground Beta and to a cage, where he and his classmates were thrown in. The six-armed boy turned to whoever had grabbed them so fiercely, seeing the light entety suddenly shrink down, revealing the form of a girl. One of which he never expected to meet in person.

    “Boss, we got three. Plus they’re all scouts.” She spoke on the radio, grinning his direction. As she recieved new comands, she nodded. “Yes sir!”

    Shoji was stunned, more eyes now focusing on the girl to make sure he wasn’t mistaking it, “Iasmin...? Is it really you?!”

    “Hi Shoji!” She laughed, approaching the bars. “Nice to finally meet ya!”

    “I can’t believe... What are you doing here?!”

    “Didn’t your teachers tell you? We’re gonna be training with your class for a while!” Her smile only grows wider at the shine of his eyes. “You might’ve known sooner if you had just ANSWERED YOUR PHONE.”

    “My phone broke a while ago during training and I don’t have a laptop! Did you say anything?”

    “I sent a message telling you I was going to Japan as an exchange program with my class!”

    “Iasmin, I’m so sorry! I wish I had known! But this is so awesome!! That atack was incredible!” Iasmin shifted, rubbing the back of her neck. Guaraci had shifted to copy her holder’s shape, hopping beside her. “So that’s Guaraci! That was incredible!”

    “Thank youuu!!” The quirk grinned, approaching through the bars and curling around him. “OH WOW YOU’RE BUFF!!”

    “GUARACI OLHA O QUE DIZ!!” Iasmin yelled, pinching her on the back of the neck. “Sorry for her...”

    “No problem...” He brushed off, feeling himself blush under the mask while sitting down crosslegged. “She’s really warm!”

    At that, the quirk immediately let go, turning around and going to be beside her handler again. “Yeah, we kinda need to be careful about that. As I said, it can cause some serious damage!”

    “Oh?” As he was about to ask more, there was a voice on her radio, she turned to pick it up. Speaking her native language.

    “Yes sir?”

    “Go help Meta. She’s having trouble with a student with a quirk like Guaraci.”

    “Yes sir!” Without saying a word to Shoji, she called Guaraci, who shapeshifted into a horse-like appearence, galoping off.

    “Wait!!” He called, but didn’t receive any answer.

    His classmates woke up a while after, disoriented. Jirou groaned as she sat up, “Ugh... My head... What happened?”

    “We were captured... And from what I can hear, the other’s are also struggling...” Shoji explained helping them sit around. Not even long after, Iasmin came back, carrying Tokoyami with her. The bird-headed was thrown inside the prison with the others, his clothes had burn marks and his cape was not with him. The girl again spoke to her radio, once done she turned to the students she captured. “You two are a bad match...”

    “I noticed! The quirk is pretty shy, ain’t it?” She asked, leaning on the bars and looking down on the misty black entety coming out of the boy’s back. “Well, at least it doesn’t seem to burn clothes off!”

    The girl giggled, her quirk noticed the other two awake, dimming her brightness slightly, she went up to them. “Hi!! Are you Shoji’s friends?? What are your names? Can we be friends too??!”

    “GUARA!!” Iasmin called. “They barely know you girl!” Iasmin thrust her hadn forward, then back, pulling her individuality closer. “We can chat after the mission!”

    “But. But. But. But!”

    “Hey! Lembra! Primeiro a missão, depois a diversão!” Iasmin said, patting her quirk’s head. 

    “Okay...” Guaraci moaned, shapeshifting into a copy of her sister, standing beside her and copying her movements. 

    There were words coming from Iasmin’s radio, the girl rushed, opening the jail’s door as a figure came down, dragging Sato and Ojiro with her, throwing them both inside. Quickly after that, she directed a few words in portuguese to Iasmin, flying off, a moment later, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Bakugo shot from the ground beneath them. All seeming peacefully asleep. 

    “Faltam dez!” The misterious figure popped from the ground to say, immidiately heading off again. 

    “Faltam dez!” Iasmin repeated, grinning as the secong jail rose from the ground. “So... How are we feeling?”

    “It’s not even been twenty minutes and you caught one of the most powerful in our class. That’s saying something!” Shoji told from where he sat, watching as their angry friend slowly started opening his eyes. 

    When he realized he was in the cage, he started screaming and bashing on the bars. “WHAT THE FUCK?!! HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE?!?!”

    “Take a guess peido-de-veia!” Iasmin cackled at her quirk’s remark. 


    “Pipe down! You’ll see soon enough.”

    The students left quickly started getting caught and thrown inside the second jail, Todoroki and Iida came first, then Yayorozu and Mina, Asuy, Ururaka, Aoyama and Sero, Mina, Midorya and Mineta were the last ones. All thrown inside quicker than they expected. The exchange students all came around, four of them in total, then the gates were open.

    Once everyone was in, their homeroom teacher reapeared and after a few more minutes, the exchange students all regrouped, standing in a line behind their teacher. Guerreiro held his head high, looking along the students and spending a moment at the faces he recognized. Letting Aizawa explain, the homeroom teacher presented the guests.

    “Class 1-A, this is class A1. They’re from MOD in Brazil. They’re going to be studying and training with us for a few months with their teacher. I expect you to treat them with respect and welcomingness.”

    Passing the word over to Guerreiro, their teacher stood back while the exchange teacher stepped forward. “Hello 1-A! My name is Raul Rochedo, however you can call me by my hero name, Guerreiro. Me and my class hope to do our best and learn from each other during the time we’ll spend together!” He turned around at A1, “Class. Name, hero name and quirk! Go!”

    “My name is Mariana Ferreira Agostinho! My hero name is Mural! My quirk is Painting!”

    “My name is Bia Quiroz! My hero name is Meta! My quirk is Elemental Centaur!”

    “My name is Luiza Claros! My hero name is Flecha! My quirk is Hummingbird!”

    “My name is João Pedro Gonsalves! My hero name is Flor de Liz! Quirk is Gaia!”

    “My name is Iasmin Rochedo! My hero name is Encanteia! My quirk is Lazer Entety!” Iasmin explained the last. 

    Once everyone presented themselves, Guerreiro stood in salute, the students following quickly behind him. “Thank you for this oportunity!!” 

    After that, everyone who got hurt went to see recovery girl, there weren’t many however. As they all got together, Iasmin went up to Shoji almost immediately, she held herself back as the urge to jump in his arms was strong. They started talking immediately, getting the attention of the boy’s friends who knew him for being quieter. Koda, Tokoyami and Ojiro approached. 

    “Hi! What’re you guys talking about?” Sato greeted. 

    “Do you know each other already?” Ojiro asked, going straight to the point. 

    Shoji extended a tentacle towards them with a mouth at the end, “Yes, actually! It’s a long story!”

    “But to put it short, we met online and have been talking for about two months or so!” Iasmin put in, smiling up at her friend. “Honeslty, I expected you to be shorter!”

    “I expected you to be taller!” Shoji grinned, earning a hearty laugh from the girl. 

    “Wow! That’s some luck!” Sato smiled. “So... How long exactly are you gonna stay?”

    “The plan is spend three months here! The score we get here will be transfered to our grades!” She explained. While she did, she failed to notice her quirk going around the others. That was until Dark Shadow began to yelp, “Guaraci!”

    “Sorry!! Sorry! I just wanted to chat!” She apologized, going back to be beside her sister.

    “She’s too bright!” Dark Shadow whined, hiding under Tokoyami’s cape. 

    “Light is Dark Shadow’s weakness...” 

    “Funny! That exactly our strength! We’re polar opposites!” She smiled. She went over the basics of her quirk, gaining the interest of the bird-headed boy, he listened attently. 

    Shoji watched Iasmin speak, still unbelieving that she was actually there by his side, talking to him in person. They were going to spend two months together, he’d make sure to make it time well spent.

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    snack time in the sunflowers!!!

    #bia babbles #i wanna make an emoji art thread!! #with fun or silly combinations!!! #feel free to add on some if you feel like!!! #everyone who follows my dni is welcome! #but you don't have to add on if you are uncomfortable!!
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    Mensagem de Paulo Gustavo antes da internação comove a web

    Mensagem de Paulo Gustavo antes da internação comove a web

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    Me watching Alex Gutiérrez do anything:

    #KNIFE#Disney bia #spoiler ahead in tags #but just for s1 #the way they had us thinking Carmín would be the antagonist but it was Mara and Alex #I will say I had BAD vibes from Alex from the get go and my liveblogs back that up
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    Bia Havenglow, a creative, outdoorloving Sim. She’s Creatively Gifted as well. Her dream is to become a bestselling author.

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    Juliette, campeã do BBB21, ficou em dúvida entre o reality e um concurso

    Juliette, campeã do BBB21, ficou em dúvida entre o reality e um concurso

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    Bia’s life as a child, part 2

    She finished her aspiration, got an A in school and had her responsibility in the positive which all work towards my selfset goals, whoop!

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    List of Amazonite’s Fusions

    Amazonite (Sana) + Tiger’s Eye (Jose) = Sea Jasper

    Amazonite (Sana) + Aqua Aura Quartz (Fiona) = Peruvian Blue Opal

    Amazonite (Sana) + Pink Amethyst (Yuri) = Orange Banded Agate

    Amazonite (Sana) + Sodalite (Haoyu) = Azurite-Malachite

    Amazonite (Sana) + Pink Opal (Cass) = Peach Moonstone

    Amazonite (Sana) + Iolite (Cal) = Aventurine

    Amazonite (Sana) + Antarcticite (Iben) = Prehnite

    Amazonite (Sana) + Fluorite (Attilio) = Aqua Quartz

    Amazonite (Sana) + Bloodstone (Lucy) = Ruby Fuchsite

    Amazonite (Sana) + Red Spinel (Eis) = Multi-Colored Cuprite

    Amazonite (Sana) + Onyx (Bruce) = Maw-Sit-Sit

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    #Bia #Whole Lotta Money #Music
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    List of Sodalite’s Fusions

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Tiger’s Eye (Jose) = Hawk’s Eye

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Aqua Aura Quartz (Fiona) = Labradorite

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Pink Amethyst (Yuri) = Fossil Coral

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Amazonite (Sana) = Azurite-Malachite

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Pink Opal (Cass) = Strengite

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Iolite (Cal) = Azurite (Helped by @sundove88 )

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Antarcticite (Iben) = Dumortierite

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Fluorite (Attilio) = Peacock Topaz

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Bloodstone (Lucy) = Spectrolite

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Red Spinel (Eis) = Tanzanite

    Sodalite (Haoyu) + Onyx (Bruce) = Blue Goldstone

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    Disney Bia, My Beloved

    #I think I made a textpost to this effect #but since this meme is going around #Disney bia
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    trapLA presents “Uncut TV”….. Hit Play & Vibe Out (Commercial Free)

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    The Latest Music, Videos, Ent……

    Only From trapLA Uncut

    #BIA #Whole Lotta Money #R&B Artist#Singing
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