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  • Revenge fic

    I walk into my local Walmart. East Tennessee. You know. The deep south. There’s a cashier with a MAGA hat on. You know the type. Young, arrogant, asshole. He’s the only cashier open. I walk up with feigned politeness. I take a sharpie out of my purse and pile my groceries onto the belt, drawing a single black line through the barcode. He has to type in every single grocery. I give him a smile, as I give him the finger.

    ***this is fiction. This did not happen. Just what I wanted to happen. If you nazis wanna yell at me for mildly inconvieniencing a white supremacist, be my guest. But your comments will be deleted.***

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  • There have been similarities drawn between the aftermath of 2016 & 2020 elections. The social media, electronic media and traditional media are all flooded with contents of similarities by the losing Trump side about what Clinton did following the 2016 defeat.

    The similarities are drawn on two levels; the claims made by the losing side and the reactive actions taken by the ‘system’.

    First of all the Trump side argues that Clinton campaign raised the similar accusations like elections were stolen and there was external involvement, mainly Putin & Russia, in undermining the American elections and democracy.

    Secondly, the accuse that the system helped to authenticate those accusations through the initiation of ‘investigative’ process. The American state did highly politicized ‘investigations’ into the accusations of the Clinton campaign, Trump campaign accused.

    Thirdly, that nothing was ever proved against Trump campaign. But still system’s help through investigative process and partisan media’s use of those ‘investigative episodes’ initiated through unsubstantiated accusations led to damage to Trump Presidency.

    On their face value, all above seem correct. Now let’s look at the differences between Clinton & Trump campaigns one by one.

    Yes, the Trump campaign’s accusations that elections were rigged and that there was an external element in the bigger scheme of stealing elections in terms of manipulation of voting machines is correct to be similar. But the difference is Clinton campaign never accused the presidency or the state being involved. There is a difference between accusing the presidency and the president. Presidents are given the mandate by the American people to manage/run legally the Presidency for a maximum of 4 years. After that the President must go back to the people and ask for a fresh mandate to be able to legally run the Presidency again. Even American people cannot decide about the Presidency; they can only decide about the President.

    The presidency is established and run under the law created and implemented via the legal consent of the majority of the elected representatives. Any changes to the presidency can only be done via the majority of the consent of elected representatives. People can decide whether they want a Clinton or a Trump to run the legally established Presidency but neither an elected Clinton nor a Trump would have any powers over how the Presidency is established. For example; the United States military receives orders from the presidency via the official seal. Any president can issue orders to the military whether that is a Trump or a Clinton but neither presidents have any powers whatsoever to change how military is ordered that is the mandate of the legal presidency.

    The difference between 2016 & 2020 is that the Clinton campaign attacked an opposite candidate whereas the Trump campaign attacked the presidency. The accusations were similar but the venting process completely different and crossed the line. Trump campaign could occupy Biden’s house or Biden campaign headquarters and accuse them of cheating & getting external help. And the venting process could have been the same to Clinton’s. But them attacking the presidency is attacking the state of USA. Trump supporters could gather in front of Biden’s house, all TV channels’ studios and shouted their lungs out that Biden campaign was a bunch of cheaters. And they could even ‘attack’ Biden residence (which would have been illegal) but still that would not have prompted the state of America to react to it. The state of USA reacted because Trump supporters attacked the Presidency. Clinton campaign never attacked the presidency.  

    The second grievance of the trump campaign is that ‘the system’ or state’s apparatus helped Clinton campaign by initiating the process of investigation and why they are on the other hand being ‘cancelled’? The answer to that is; the Trump campaign never ‘requested’ the state apparatus to investigate & the state did not initiate the investigation process before the Trump inauguration. The state in their orderly manner initiated the investigation into the accusations of the Clinton campaign. This is where the Trump campaign has failed America. And the most important issue is that Trump unlike Clinton didn’t allow the smooth transition while maintaining the cheating accusations, requesting the state apparatus to initiate the investigations and then keep their argument alive through the democratic process.

    The accusations that the state acted differently on two occasions is totally incorrect. Had the Clinton campaign attacked on the inauguration day, President Obama had addressed the gathering and then protectors stormed the capital hill then the similarities could have been justified. Nothing of that sort happened. The most unfortunate aspect is that it is not only the Trump campaign that failed the American people it is the state apparatus that failed the American people even more. How? The so called cancellation process is so botched that it has given fuel to pro-trump propaganda (not necessarily the right wing propaganda). The main reason is that in the process of safeguarding the presidency the guards are seen as ‘private companies with vested interests’. Now consider those private companies have shown without any reasonable doubts their allegiances to anti-Trump segments. The American democracy undermined not because of some pro-Trump agitators but by the botched ‘safeguarding’ actors with partisan perceptions that they proudly own. For instance, FBI arresting & closing down Trump campaign HQ following attack on January 6, 2021 would not have prompted any propaganda reaction. But when FBI, independent state apparatus, taking no action and people observing that privately owned social media companies taking actions without involving the courts and justice system then that was a recipe for disaster.

    American people were failed less by the Trump campaign and more by the inability of the American state for not taking timely actions to safeguard the interests of the people. In order to fix the issue and give American democracy its glory back the role of the state’s apparatus and role of private for-profit companies must be defined. Private companies can not be seen ‘deciding and governing’ the public discourse. This is a recipe for disaster; private companies work for money and state apparatus work for laws created by peoples’ representatives. People will only listen to apparatus working under the laws they have agreed to and never to the apparatus created for money. Opposition to Twitter labelling of Trump’s tweets is just the reflection of that. Had the federal court issued orders to label any tweets with certain contents then there would have been no propaganda against it. This botched silencing will not restore any respect to democracy. And this botched process, if not rectified, will have dire consequences for the democratic dreams around the globe.

    Lastly, the Trump campaign should resort to the legal means and processes for their rigging and cheating grievances like the Clinton campaign did; FBI can initiate the investigation and pro-Trump narrative media can propagate as much as they wish. Whatever is the outcome can be taken whatever way each side want to. But for-profit companies cannot be seen governing the discourse. People will never accept it and propaganda machines will run even faster. American democracy is worth more than few social media Tech companies. American Tech companies are for democracy; American democracy is not for Tech companies.

    And for Trump campaign the message is clear; American elections can be contested, opponents can be labelled cheaters and accused of getting outside help. But American presidency cannot be attacked.

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  • On the Edge of the Mississippi Bank

    When my body becomes restless,

    I drive on the bank by the

    Still water, where the fog floats

    In the winter air.

    I park, just by the edge

    And throw my keys

    On the dashboard. 

    Suddenly, my breaths move gently

    Like the wind that blows. 

    My hands, numb,

    And free from me


    I sit, taking in the quiet

    As my body focuses

    And turns a pale red. 

    Minutes, or hours may pass

    Before I put my keys

    In the ignition, and

    Drive again.

    In pain, but relieved.

    - @fluffyprincess025 (MaCeighla)

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  • When Grandpa Joe talks he makes you feel like you want to be strong, you want to be good, and you want to make him proud.

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  • image

    The human race is a plague. COVID should’ve done a better job.

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  • On your mark, get set for a shitty economy. Sleepy Joe Biden in his first week in office is signing an ass-load of executive orders that make nearly every American’s life worse. This is who you elected folks (assuming that he didn’t steal the election). First, Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline, killing thousands of UNION jobs. Union workers! These are people who most likely voted for Biden. And really, you can’t blame Biden. This is what he said he was going to do. Yet these stupid, motherfucking union workers voted him in anyway!

    Biden also reversed every Trump tax cut, which will cost the working-class American on average an additional $4,000 per year. Mind you, this is during a global pandemic, which has been devastating to small businesses and nearly every American’s bank account. In addition, I have a diabetic friend who tells me that the price of insulin sky-rocketed because Biden is such a pussy that he immediately let the big pharmaceutical companies piss all over him. Literally, Biden is taking a golden shower in the shadow of these pharmaceutical companies.

    Not to mention the feminists, who already have their panties in a twist with Biden’s new law that allows transgender people to participate in women’s sports. Personally, I’m torn on this one, because nothing gets me going more than a pissed-off feminist and having a transgender version of James Harding in the WNBA would certainly make it more interesting. The point is that Biden, within a week of taking office, has already fucked over half of his supporters, and they are fuming!

    But what the fuck did you expect? You get what you vote for, my friends.

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  • For everyone that loves America, our troops are almost sacred. They symbolize the American way, which is that if you fuck with us “we’ll put a boot in your ass”, as Toby Keith explains in his country song called “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue”, which is extremely popular with white men who own lifted Ford F-150’s. People who love this country would do anything to accommodate troops who actively fight, sometimes until death, to keep us safe and to ensure that the American people retain their freedom.

    Now lets contrast to the disgusting series of events we saw at the capitol this past week. Over 5,000 troops, who helped secure our nation’s capitol from a domestic terror attack and potential coup, met with politicians and then were immediately kicked out of the capitol building to live in a parking garage with two bathrooms and no internet. After protecting the capital for two weeks, the soldiers were asked by senators and congressmen to partake in a meet-and-greet. The senators shook the troops hands and flashed a stupid, toothy, smug grin (under their super-safe, ultra-strength masks, of course) for the cameras. They looked more smug than Dave Portnoy in a hockey helmet―truly sickening. Once they were done, the troops were allegedly kicked out by Capitol Police to live in the parking garage.

    One soldier said, “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.” I am going to vomit. This is simply unacceptable, especially during a global pandemic. I mean these soldiers were packed into the parking garage like sardines. And with no showers, they probably smelled like them, too. Troops who relentlessly fought to secure our nation from a domestic threat were betrayed and banished by the leaders of this country. These senators and congressmen are truly slimier than eels at an oil factory.

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  • I think we were all very shocked to see Joe Biden’s make-out session with his son, Hunter, at the inauguration. It was lip-to-lip, old fashion smooching with another man (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But its his own fucking son. And I’m not going to lie, I think I saw some tongue action. We’ve seen it before with Tom Brady, but Tom did it with a child. Hunter is a grown-ass man. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse, but it definitely makes me feel icky. Nevertheless, once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I did a little research and found out that Smoochin’ Joe Biden has had a history of kissing close relatives on the mouth. The picture that is particularly interesting is the smooch session with his granddaughter. But honestly, you can’t blame Biden, because he probably got confused, as he often does, and thought that it was his wife.

    But this is a good thing. Our country is currently incredibly divided. I think that something like this can truly bring us all together. No matter what your political views, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, we can all agree that this is fucking bizarre. As you know, I am all about unity, and this could very well be the event that brings healing to the nation. While watching the inauguration, every American said in unison, “What in the actual fuck was that?” That is healing. Thank you Biden for attempting to bring unity to America at the expense of chapped lips.

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  • #democracy #potus #enemyofthepeople #enemy #progress #progressivepolitics #tommynationpolitics #socialmedia #budget #berniesanders #ninaturnerforcongress #ninaturner #fyp #usa🇺🇸 #unity #purge #bidenharris2020 #biden2020 #politcs #politics #socialsecurity #entitlements #neoliberalism #manufacturingconsent #propaganda #youtube #livestream

    https://youtu.be/jz-zvbrICOI (at The San Antonio River Walk)

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  • I thoroughly believe living in Hell is better than living on Earth

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