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  • Omg, your feedback was really insane. Thank you so much.

    #kiribaku #I did a fic and #omg#big fandoms #so now the fic is one page 5 on archive but somehow it doesn't matter XD #thank you
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  • I think this is the curse of all fandoms when we get sufficiently large. We end up tearing each other apart over something as stupid as pieces of fiction.

    #ooc#fandoms#big fandoms #take a deep breath and go outside #none of this is real #stop acting like it is #star wars
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  • which has fanfiction with as high quality as Sterek, but femslash

    and hella lot of it

    and not just genderbent stuff

    message me suggestions. lots of them. please.

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  • Why do some shows have big fandoms and others have little ones/hardly any at all? 

    What makes a certain piece of media attract a large group of people?

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  • The thing about being a part of a small fandom is that people get really excited if you post something about it. If I post a small fandom people always comment about it and we discuss if for awhile. It’s not always like that with bigger fandoms

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  • I’m always late to the bandwagon.
    Or it crowded with people and I’m like, can’t fit in there at all.
    Or, my favorite bandwagon is so small and unpopular, it doesn’t even moving…

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  • So far I got…

    • Dr. Who
    • Danganronpa
    • Sherlock
    • Hannibal(?)
    • Homestuck
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  • hiyori-asahina replied to your post: thank u dr fandom for giving me my first four…

    i thank the free fandom for giving me a 4 digit post


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  • If i was the writer of a big show that had a big fandom i would secretly join the fandom and make hints at the big ships in the script but mess with them but making it never cannon until I’ve seen them squirm.

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    • I can't
    • I can't even
    • WHY
    • *Talking of Tumblr as if it were a person*
    • Why would you do something like that? (while liking it)
    • NO
    • *compete about number of fictional characters they are in love with*
    • instant reblog
    • Have my baby
    • ME WANT
    • *talking about how Tumblies are different from other social networks users*
    • I just have a lot of feels, okay?
    • This is canon
    • Always reblog the creator (...)
    • *talking as if the first rule of Tumblr is to never speak of Tumblr*
    • You must be new
    • *striking through what we really think*
    • OTP
    • "follow this site, you will love it on your dashbo-" NO
    • Marry me
    • *saying* Anon *as it if were a firstname*
    • Oh god, what is my life?
    • Why would you say something like that?
    • *crying over fallen fandoms*
    • what do you mean, "outside world"?
    • KEEP CALM (while flailing)
    • feels
    • headcanon
    • I SHIP IT
    • it's you're, not your
    • *foodporn*
    • *when Tumblr is mentionned IRL* THEY KNOW
    • *blog really deep post, instantly followed by the picture of a skateboarding banana*
    • so. much. feels.
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  • image

    I made this for Jackie when I went up to see her for my birthday! It’s the Colorful Critters SAL by Stitchonomy. Jackie requested the bugs, so despite my intense hatred for them, I sucked it up and stitched the whole thing for her. Now she owes me.

    Honestly, I think over half of these bugs has at least one mistake in it. I counted wrong or used the wrong color or whatever. I’m just gonna say it adds character ;)

    #actually a project #not fandom#cross stitch#bugs#Stitchonomy#colorful critters#insect #honestly I hated every minute of this #im TERRIFIED of bugs #have been since 6th grade #one time a cicada landed on my hair and i croed #well i cried im not fixing that #i can do other things people are afraid of #like worms and snakes and toads #i just cannot do bugs #which is hilarious because im big into plants now #kill me thanks #i die inside every time i have to do the gardening
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  • [To make a blog for my oc…

    or not….]

    #[i'm still big iffy] #[i'm lov her but still] #[anxiety] #[i'm always nervous to put my first oc for a fandom out there] #[maybe] #[anyways time to write] #{Shy Talks; (OOC)}
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  • like for real i fuckin hate the tv show and now that i’ve experienced the tv fandom i’m not so hot on most of that either, but i held out for the new like-minded friends i was gonna make who were gonna find my favorite book and love it as much as i do and i was goddamn right

    #i do have my tv fans i love and respect very early #but god that fandom got too fucking big #it had all the normal big fandom problems and my good omens fandom is a small book fandom thanks #very dearly* sorry my parents are in town and they brought their best wine for dinner tonight
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  • image

    welcome the madness that is my obsession with timeline accuracy

    #it's really a problem #there are more post its coming #these are just today's four of research #i just really need to be as accurate as possible when i write canon!! #atla#writing#timeline#oof#lok #also THANK YOU to the fandom wiki timeline #such a big help
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  • What do you think happens in the third season of Big hero 6 the series?

    #bh6 #bh6 the series #bh6 fandom #big hero 6 #big hero 6 the series
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  • i almost cant believe how worked up i get OVER A DAMN CARTOON

    #fandom#cartoon #big hero 6 #big hero 6 the series #bh6#disney #lux.txt
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  • Reblog if by 2020, you are (still) in the Big Hero 6 fandom and love Big Hero 6 the series

    #big hero 6 #bh6 #big hero six #big hero 6 the series #bh6 the series #big hero 6 fandom #bh6 fandom #i was wondering #because it seems that compared to a year ago we were more numerous #and the fandom feels so dead... :( #i know it's not tangled or atla but this show is criminally underrated and deserves more support!!
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  • Get ready folks! The Gabriel Big Bang is opening sign-ups on the 15th at 8:00 am EST. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Are you excited? We are! 


    Originally posted by mjgeekchic

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  • Welp, today alone I’ve written 9 chapters of the finale of my One Big Accident series with plans of getting at least one more in (if not finishing the entire thing) before I go to bed tonight.

    #one big accident #good omens fandom #good omens
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