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  • redwinteraxe
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    c!tommy sayonara wild hearts au. is this anything

    #it’s an excuse to draw funky colors tommy design <3 #but also like. i think there is au potential here #taking the metaphorical interpretation of ‘each of the levels represents a personal demon of the woman’ you (me. maybe) could do a… #…character study with that #(rather than the ‘each of the sections of levels are an ex of the woman’ for. obvious reasons) #dream is death obvs #last boss kinda summoned that whole big eye thing yknow #vibe check says niki and jack the lovers #but you could also do idk. ranboo #the uhh. fuckin wolves (i forgot which tarot they had) could be lmanburg? either original 4 with a young tommy vs current tommy #or wilbur tubbo eret fundy also works #or possibly new lmanburg ppl? idk #the devils as uh. george sapnap punz?? idk #the hermit as techno fits in a couple ways (sorta loner-y and also the tech vibe of the hermit’s main level and TECHno ghdkfjfks) #idk if this makes any sense i played through sayonara wild hearts and now i’m thinkin about it again #wren.ramble #save #OH OH you can also probably transfem c!tommy in this as well <33 clem beloved
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  • ngyawwwrrrrr
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Wrecker aka Muscles (4/6)

    Click photo for higher resolution

    Aurebesh Text: Wrecker---Detonations Expert, CF 99

    This man loves his explosives 💥 so he has a skull-designed grenade on his left arm. He also loves his brothers, so he got his squad mates's names inked onto his right arm.

    I think it's very apt that his character has a penchant for things that go BOOM because you know what else goes "BOOM-BOOM" nonstop, 24/7? The heart ❤😜

    This guy's heart is definitely as large as, if not larger than, his muscles 💪


    #wrecker#tbb wrecker #big muscles even bigger heart #explosives are his specialty #the bad batch #tbb#star wars
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  • danwhobrowses
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    One Piece Chapter 1029 - Initial Thoughts

    These breaks always seem to take forever

    But now One Piece is back again, after not having a chapter OR an anime episode last week, so I'm sure we're all feeling that withdrawal

    Closing in on 1030 it does look like Oda's deciding to further and further escalate the situation

    Spoilers for the Chapter, Support the Official Release as well

    Starting with a Bonney cover with otters, pretty cool, but also a reminder that she was at the Reverie

    We pick up right where we left off with Sanji, having to adjust his face back from the supposed-killer blow he just ate

    Queen also throwing the exposition if you forgot about Judge's tinkering with his children, with the stinger of removing their emotions

    Despite Tiny Tiny Chopper's encouraging, Sanji's in a panic because of the lack of emotions part

    Interesting that the panel only showed his brothers and not Reiju huh?

    Sanji then does a runner, which Oda probably is doing because he wants more fans to think he's clowning on him. Fleeing the scene so he can try and figure out what's causing his change

    I mean, it's likely the Raid Suit, but you can't deny that Sanji would feel a little traumatized by feeling like he's turning into his brothers, and that his emotions will dwindle

    In his fleeing he's also shot by some grunts, but his durability means that they don't do much damage, only hurt him a little

    His fleeing is drawing Queen away from the Performance floor though, almost like we're setting a grand stage

    Moving over to Big Mom, and Kid is still in a bad spot due to Killer vs Hawkins

    Law is to his credit trying to carry, landing a Counter Shock, but then he gets blindsided by Prometheus

    BM then just flattens them with Hera-powered Napoleon, which the two survive because swords mean nothing unless you're Zoro or fighting Zoro XD

    While Kid is getting frustrated by his headache we see why it's the case; Hawkins is basically smashing his head against a plank to transfer the damage over

    Killer is also in a rough spot, pretty beaten due to his inability to attack and surrounded by the Kid Pirates he's ordered not to attack, there's also the fire burning around them

    Killer pulls a Zoro move and offers his life in exchange, but Hawkins to air some grievances, insisting that Kid will be dead anyway because the Yonko are too strong

    There is a bit of mercy in him mind you since he would let Killer join with him, but he's also offering Killer to come at him and do more harm to Kid so it's mixed messages

    Killer though sees the truth of his grievances; Hawkins is being extra hostile to Kid and Killer because they keep coming out well despite the odds, while Hawkins is stuck believing his fate is sealed

    Killer has been patient though, he finally figured out the opening I thought of weeks ago: go for the arm

    Because Kid doesn't have that arm, damage can't transfer to him, and thus Hawkins' own arm is severed

    And because of that damage taken, the Straw Man with Kid's life force is now in Killer's hands, meaning Hawkins is unguarded and down an arm

    To be fair to Hawkins he is taking this surprise pretty well, even see a smirk in there

    He draws the giant straw demon card again, confident that the result ends the same, but Killer quickly beheads the creature

    Interesting that it's an undying creature, and that it's attached to the cards, it's still a power we don't know much about - which was one of the reasons I found Hawkins so interesting

    Hawkins however has panicked upon his next card drawn; the Tower

    Killer gets the finishing blow on Hawkins, KOing him in a shower of his cards, while the narrator of Hawkins' monologue tells use what the Tower means

    Turns out the Tower is the upheaval of the old guard, a change in the established order, which bodes kinda well for our heroes - unless it means the Government swooping in, but he did say to see the Result of the Battle

    We must also be wary that if Hawkins is right then we have to pay attention to the cards floating around him; two cards of Death, one with a Sword looking like it's in a stone, an angel and something that looks like a building EDIT: I've done some digging and I think I can identify each one, Oda's being clever with authentic Tarot here but the small space did mean he had to shy on some details but I'll explain below in italics

    According to this list the tarots shown are likely; (Panel of Killer's final blow) Strength, Ace of Swords, Knight of Cups/Swords/Wands(?), The Sun(?), (Panel of Hawkins falling) Seven of Wands, Nine of Swords, and Judgement.

    Clearest of the first lot are Strength - which is self-explanatory - and Ace of Swords, whose definitions can play to different areas; it can be either a mental breakthrough, a new idea, or the vague 'Surgery' that may fit for Law

    The two in the first panel I'm unsure about are the Sun and the Knights; the Sun image I have involves a horse and a man but I don't see any alternative it could be, the Sun is depicted as optimism though and positive vibes. The knight is very small so it's uncertain what he's holding, given how his horse is not in motion you'd think it's the Knight of Cups (Appearance of a saviour) but he's facing the wrong way, the others are facing the right way but the horses are in motion; Knight of Wands (passion/motivation/lust which can apply to Sanji) or Knight of Swords (assertiveness and haste). Either one seems like it could apply.

    The three in the next panel are specific because two of them are upside down, which inverts the meaning. The only one right side up is the Nine of Swords (Pain, Worry, Betrayal), upside down we have the Seven of Wands (Retreat, Giving Up), and finally Judgement (Critical Error). These could be worrisome if they apply to the future, but they do also apply to Hawkins' defeat, as the previous panel's cards could simply allude to Killer's victory.

    But now that Hawkins is done, Kid can get his second wind and properly fight BM

    Bros4Life Hawkins and Kid feeding all the gay shippers in all the fandom after all that time we spent ignoring their fights

    And no break, so good for everyone

    This was a solid chapter that did feel like it went a little quickly. The Sanji stuff does feel like we need to be a bit patient on and Queen chasing him does mean that we're going to have to move this fight to a newer environment, whether this will cross paths with King vs Zoro is yet to be seen though.

    The rest of the chapter belongs to Killer, pulling off the arm slice, nice bit of cleverness vindication there and getting the win over Hawkins. Alas poor Hawkins, now you join the missing arm club with Shanks, Kid and maybe Queen (it's really unclear because it grows and turns into dino limbs with him), I held out hope that he would turn on Kaido when seeing the odds beaten but Oda instead just made him bitter about the odds being beaten and let down he couldn't take the risk, I don't hate it but I wished more out of him given how he was continually touted to be the top 5 of the Supernova, maybe he will rejoin the fray with this revelation though - I mean we still didn't know who the 20% guy was and it doesn't look like he's dead, but I'm likely just digging my heels here.

    It is at least another battle dealt with, and now with that done we still have BM vs Kid/Law, Raizo vs Fukurokuju, Zoro vs King, Sanji vs Queen and Kaido vs Luffy III left

    #one piece#op spoilers #one piece spoilers #one piece wano #wano arc #wano country arc #straw hat pirates #animal kingdom pirates #beasts pirates#worst generation #big mom pirates #big mom#charlotte linlin#heart pirates#kid pirates #trafalgar d. water law #eustass kid #killer one piece #basil hawkins #queen the plague #vinsmoke sanji #black leg sanji #massacre soldier killer #captain kid #surgeon of death #magician hawkins#wano
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  • frixione
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    *BIG SIGH*

    #frix.txt #ive been reading a lot of romance webtoons #i love a good honest romance theyre so nice to read #but also what does a guy gotta do to be hoplessly romanced by somebody i want to love somebody like that too #on the same note how do i make funny women give me the time of day im short and angry and not that funny but i have hands and a big heart
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  • creamymoocow
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    thinkin about cute, adorable domestic scenarios like baking together and getting absolutely railed over the counter or cleaning on a quiet sunday and getting snuck up on while doing dishes and they just quietly kneel behind me, tug my shorts and panties down and eat my pussy or coming home after an outing and getting immediately pinned to the wall or--

    #nsft#nsft text#nsft post#nsftumblr #my brain is just so big and my heart and ass r so fat
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  • louie-mania
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • azurexsnake
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Love making myself emotional when I write… like ma’am, I need my hands for typing, not wiping tears away. Calm down

    #snake ssspeaks #not my fault I got a big ol squishy heart #I get sadder over fictional characters than like anything else in my life #otherwise I only ever cry when I’m angry #i dunno what I’m doing with this chapter yet tbh #I should really make outlines like people suggest all the time #I’m a fucking scatterbrain and I think way too much #didn’t even mean to start this one out on a legit sad note #but here we are
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  • moon-on-the-pavilion
    22.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I’m actually so upset. 

    #they really had the nerve to do that!??? #Kamen Rider W #and the music and the- #pulling some spiderman 2 and infinity before they were big huh #ep.18 = you know you know #I'll have to take a break from this now #but like?? Characters who have layers who are 'bad guys' but turn to the good side #my heart#ramblings#yeahh
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  • nat6toons
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Adam in a polo T 👕💪🏼💪🏼

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  • cor-armatum
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Tag Drop <3

    #📗 ive been big and small [ ic ] #📘 i need something bigger than the sky [ armored ic ] #📒 despite this hat and badge i wear [ irreducible ic ] #🍃 ill quit my job the day i die [ about minimus ] #💧 youre in control is there anywhere you want to go [ about the armor ] #🖋 but i must confess i did it all for myself [ musings ] #VISAGE;#AESTHETIC;#INTERESTS; #🌱 they say im a control freak driven by a greed to succeed [ minimus ] #🌊 our devotions deepest ocean [ armored ] #🔥 theres a flame where there once was a spark [ one captain ] #⚙️ fell in love with a war [ another captain ] #💬 the painted faces congregate [ asks ] #🗯 you wont believe what i tell you [ dash commentary ] #🕓 the world is at your fingertips [ status ] #🔁 im getting strong in every way yeah [ queue ] #💭 one track mind one track heart [ ask memes ] #🌸 no chorus will come in [ ooc ] #👑 and now its alright its okay and you may look the other way [ shitposts ]
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  • solivagantsalix
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    my therapist is slightly worried about me 🥴

    #sallow speaks #shes like oh youre handling your fp dating someone else very well you actually seem excited and happy for them #and i was like yeah! #i got very used to expecting nothing from people i like because i am not the kind of person people love #and shes like we have 2 minutes left well talk about that next week! #i didnt say it exactly like that but that was the gist #like? idk im lowkey worried abt talking to her abt it bc like #one of my pet peeves is people lying to me? and having a therapist who i pay to make me feel better be like #oh youre such a good nice person whose trying their best and has so many redeeming qualities its like bro #just let me pay you and we can pretend we talked and i dont have to hear you lie to me for an hour #like im n o t a good person thats the p o i n t #if i was i might actually feel bad when people dont like me back but its like? bro i dont like me either? #*slaps roof of man* this mfer can fit so many irredeemable and annoying traits in them! #like i can be dramatic and upset about it all i want on here bc it doesnt matter and its just like a way to get my emotions to be less big #but that doesnt mean im actually torn up about it or i think i deserve better #i know what i deserve and yet every time my dandelion heart grows through the concrete mausoleum floor like thats its fucking job #stay dead! stay down! be better and maybe youll be worth something in the future but probably not!
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  • cromwellharvests
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    similar to my manifesting chubby + gnc beefcake ocs I am always this close to unleashing my assortment of dad-bod to bara malewife characters on you all

    #|| all my boys are just. [makes a really tight fist with my hand] #|| big scruffy hearts of gold #|| I mean some of y'all have met Nolan; you get the vibe #|| my aesthetic is 'big and too nice for their own good' #|| to be clear i love and appreciate all body types i just cannot help but to manifest body diversity in my creations #|| i will supply the Substance i wish to see
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  • toomanyfandomstoolittletime
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Yo why am I like crying over Jamie’s confrontation with his dad after the Man City loss

    #ant blogs#ted lasso#jamie tartt#james tartt #it’s not even really emotional but it actually is #I feel so bad for Jamie #his whole team was watching this go down #and he just stood there and took it until his dad put his hands on him #he’s a dick but he’s getting better and now I just wanna give him such a big hug jfc #my heart breaks for him #the teams faces after beard throws him out #Roy hugging him #ted crying while watching it #my tears omg
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  • yuckydraws
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #anon#yucky answers#yucky yaks #night in the woods is a fun one too lmao #OR #When I’m in big yearning hours that’s when I play romance games #like mystic messenger or replaying the demo for bonely hearts club
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  • nymphopup
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    i wan both a bf and a gf someone get on that

    #i know in my heart n soul i deserve both #having a big sexy confused bisexual baby moment rn
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  • minamotosousuke
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    im shit at writing but in my head a surprise bday party fic would go like this: 

    teru hates mitsuba, kous best friend and boyfriend. he sees the way they roughhouse and joke and is all insulted by it and thinks kou deserves better. 

    mitsuba, rightly so, is scared shitless of teru. but kou’s birthday is coming up and he knows that more than anything kou would want a party put together by the ones he loves most... so mitsuba marches up to teru and proposes the idea. 

    teru, surprised by this, accepts the offer. so they start their frankly chaotic adventure of hosting a bday party for kou 

    #I NEED teru to be like okay lemme call these people #and mitsubas like NO thats NOT from the heart we have to do this all ourselves #and teru is like what do you mean #so mitsuba explains that normal not rich people handmake everything because its out of love #(and cause theyre broke but its out of LOOOOVEEEEE) #and terus sitting there feeling like total shit #so mitsubas like get over urself stop this and start making this big banner
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  • instantartisanwitch
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    the new season of young sheldon is definitely um... a lot

    #it's meant to be a light-hearted comedy show! but somehow it's turned into some kind of slow-burn shakespearian tragedy #with every episode looming closer and closer to its inevitable doom #which is... an interesting choice from a show centred around an eleven-year-old that's a spin-off of big bang theory of all things!
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  • basic-instinct40
    21.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #after I posted the first one I realized that there was 2 mistakes #but that's show business baby #taylor Swift song seven #theo raken#scott mcall#sceo #I'm trying a new sleep meds and it ain't working so I stayed up and made dumb little edits #collage heart #heart taker heart breaker #the big secrets of little humans #I couldn't stop thinking about Theo and Scott as kids #growing up in messed up houses #wuff stuff
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  • girlcaligula
    21.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    thots and prayers it’s the other way around and it’s Junior that kills his father🙏🏻🙏🏻

    #or even better #big Rennie kills Junior and while he kills him he has an heart attack and he just. died #*dies #that would be fucking funny
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  • legendarytreasurerhighway
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cool mom hours

    Looking at mother-son memes with my sons

    #big sis Alexis rambles #ily <3 #If you mom understands memes #That's when you know she's cool #I sent a few to my mother in law #I love that woman with all my heart I really do #But she was like #..............why tf did you send me this? What is this? #And now I feel pathetic
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