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  • 72hert
    02.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    happy birthday sammy :o]

    #my art#digital art#illustration#fanart#spn#sam winchester#spn fanart #samgirls its UR day today #supernatural#bigass jacket #mf was wearing a polo shirt over a tshirt in this screencap #sammy sunday
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  • mazikeev
    03.03.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #i’ll probably do like 4-6 outfits for each of them #they had so many good ones #yes including the gazebo outfit #god i love jamies bigass jacket #i think the only outfit that i actually hated was the hospital outfit #ask#anon #riah.txt
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  • eatember
    03.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I was searching youtube the other day for blonde curly wigs for the Lup cosplay which lives only IN MY HEART because of the rona and now youtube is recommending me a generous variety of wig review videos I can neither buy nor use, presumably to break my spirit

    #I'm totes going to get a red leather battle jacket instead of a robe #with bigass spikes #and if anyone goes with me I'm forcing them all to wear aviators it's gunna be rad
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  • valkyrr
    03.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    last post reminded me of how I was leaving the bank the other day and the security guard told me to ‘have a good day sir’! Of course three seconds later he was like ‘ma’am, I mean, I’m sorry’ but like. my dude. you’re right either way!!

    #i was on cloud nine for the rest of the day lmao #i love my bigass carhartt jacket #my gender in it? indiscernible.
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  • ghostorbconnoisseur
    06.10.2020 - 8 monts ago

    On a stormy night an unfortunate tiny is caught out by the sudden downpour of rain, running for cover as heavy droplets rain down- they can hardly see as they dart to the nearest shade, a wall of some sort blocking the rain up ahead! They dash to it and lean in close, catching their breath as the storm rages on- but wait...... It seems strangely warm...

    Looking up they find it is not a fortunatly placed wall they're leaning against, but the side of a giant sitting quite happily in the rain that seems like nothing to them- wearing a comfy and large jacket, and staring down at them in surprise, kind seeming eyes almost twinkling. The tiny freezes with nerves, unsure what might happen next as their heart starts to race.

    With a smile the giant lifts the side of their jacket up and gestures for the tiny to move closer, letting them scooch right up close before placing the jacket back over them, keeping them dry, safe and cosy- a kind act from someone so huge that warms the tiny's heart. They can wait out the storm together, or perhaps the tiny might be so bold as to request a ride in their pocket to somewhere dryer....

    #g/t#giant/tiny#macro/micro #i wamnt to be an umbrella for a tiny cuz i love storms #i love 2 sit in them and i would love a tiny person to hang out w me #in my bigass coat jacket uwu
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  • musubiki
    21.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    I KNOW PEOPLE ARE SAYING “give lime a waistcoat so he doesnt have to wear the jacket” WHICH IS FAIR AND ALSO CONSIDERED. BUT ALSO CONSIDER: lime giving mochi his suit jacket when she gets cold cuz she didnt bring one

    #imagine mochi in that bigass suit jacket draped over her shoulders
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  • gojosboyfriend
    14.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    This look caters to me specifically

    #i want. his jacket. #i love when characters just have their names on their clothes like bulmas dress with her name across it #or krillins hat that just has his name in bigass letters #sweets talks
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  • saint-bestial
    23.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    self insert concept i’m too lazy to draw but i’ve been thinking about. i’ll put it under a keep reading cause its 4 little paragraphs and rather self indulgent

    basically me but sorta different. probably alternates between a black denim jacket with patches on the back that look like golden eagle wings and a leather jacket. hair about shoulder length. walks around in bigass boots all the time. maybe he’s got a tattoo or something idk yet. maybe has weird markings on his arms and body to go with his stupid convoluted backstory that makes no sense and i don’t even know if i want to use that yet.

    either runs red eyes deck with red eyes darkness metal dragon as his main bro or a custom archetype i made up i haven’t decided yet though. in which case the boss monster would be this huge ass fucked up dragon whose skin looks mummified and it has a huge hollow in its chest with an open ribcage (it would go with the horrid backstory). and his real final boss monster he’d fuse with the fucked up dragon and get trapped in its chest hollow with some fun body horror shit as his body is absorbed and drained to sustain it. something really fucked up like that idk.

    he’d be kinda avoidant of people and when asked about personal details and his past he gives different answers every time. he’s generally aloof but opens up given time and a reason to trust someone. he’s probably gonna end up being a lot like me since well he’s supposed to represent me lmao.

    he meets Thomas several years after the end of zexal and obviously they’re dating cause its me what do you expect. they get into stupid shit together and it’s lovely and cute. he probably finds Thomas’s old uniform stashed somewhere and ribs him a little about it. they probably get into the occasional fight or disagreement like any other couple, and of course there’s parts of each other that the other is annoyed by but ultimately tolerates cause no one’s perfect. 

    maybe i’ll come up with more stuff. feel free to ask me about it since it might help me tease out more ideas.

    #saint bestial rambles
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  • shmaptainhotchner
    25.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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  • fuzzyelves
    12.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    GOD i want to paint a back panel for my jacket with a bigass trans demon on it

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  • levinneheart
    16.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    little things

    ➳ sʏɴᴏᴘsɪs: li’l things they do for you only

    ➳ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs: ushijima, semi, reon, & tendou

    ➳ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ(s): fluff, slight crack, gn!reader┊hcs

    ➳ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ(s): slight cursing, slight manga spoiler

    ❁❥•๛ ushijima wakatoshi

    you guys are in the 1st stages of dating and not comfy with touching so he’ll be very understanding cuz ya boi is like clueless when it comes to these things too and will try very hard to resist not touching your hand w/o permission cuz it looks lonely rn 🥺

    the only time you permit him to touch you is when you guys are riding the train to commute between y’alls neighborhood and university since he helps you from li’l incidents like stumbling into ppl and saves you from a lot of embarrassment like y’all haven’t done that to yerselves on a daily basis 🤡

    okay so Ushi is a tall motherfker and that is smth u lack so when the train is full and you cannot hold onto poles cuz ppl are in your way, the only choice you have is to grab into one of hanging straps but you can’t cuz you’re a fking gremlin

    so as ushi watches you struggle to reach the handle, he comes up with an idea: that was to hold onto the strap you were reaching for so you could hold onto his arm instead

    he didn’t think much of it at first since he’d seen it on one of tendou’s manga where the male protagonist do it for his love interest but since then, it started to become a hobbit for him to do that for his s/o and only to them but they’ll never know about that cuz ushi’s good at hiding things from them

    ❁❥•๛ semi eita

    when he became a musician — not only did he write songs for you, he’d definitely stare, wink and point at you while he performs and maybe even call for you on stage (his manager tells him to also do it for other fans but he flat out refuses 🤣)

    he can’t help it, you’re his very 1st fan when he started and wasn’t that famous compared to now so ofc he gotta show you how much u mean to him by literally showing you and telling his wholeass audience 🤡

    his fans are both jealous and understanding of your guys relationship but they can’t do anything cuz semi will get them arrested for assault forever

    you often tease him about how everybody thirsts for him, wishing they had a bad boy-looking musician like him when in reality he’s just a normal guy who used to play volleyball and he’s not even a regular lmao

    ❁❥•๛ tendou satori

    tendou despise whenever you’re sad, crying or upset at smth — this man will do anything to see you smile again, even if that’s planning a murder on whoever made you frown like that

    jokes aside, he’ll experiment on what makes you smile or laugh immediately — this varies from giving you gift, taking you on dates, surprising you with hugs or kisses, etc

    if those were ineffective, he’d be too frustrated to give up until you stumbled into him singing badly to which you giggled and immediately corrected him on his singing techniques

    from then on he’d sing badly for you like whether it’s off tune, mispronounced words he’ll do it cuz it make you smile and/or laugh

    i can definitely see him taking your hand and dancing badly as he sings, y’all are like having a great time laughing and dancing silly to your hearts’ content sana oil ✨

    ❁❥•๛ ouhira reon

    one thing: underrated

    jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing jacket sharing

    e n wayz 😳👉👈

    reon’s not that tall, he’s average but he makes up with his bigass bear build — he’ll definitely let you tug onto his jacket and crawl inside for warm

    he really doesn’t mind it — in fact, it gives him pride that you trust him enough to be this comfortable with him

    it also makes him very soft to you like uwu 🥺👉👈 kind of soft

    plz lemme go inside yer jacket sir so we can cuddle then we’d be both warm and comfy

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  • narraboths
    06.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    the soft green top. the jacket. the braid. the bigass watch that’s out of the frame but you can bet your ass is There. Lena Luthor is BACK

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  • luciilferss
    05.04.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #you should get your own 'men hate me women want me fish fear me' hat #you downloadin milfs off the internet??? okay let me get on your level #GO TO SLEEP WJAT THE FUCK also id love a chicken tender rn #chickeny tendies#⚔️🐠 anon#asks
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  • canthaveshitingotham
    24.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    actually now im thinking about injury lawyer wrestler's intro which would be like a giant virtual version of those lawyer ads that say "INJURED?" but then he walks out with his bigass bloodstained briefcase in a suit except just the jacket and tie and pants that have been ripped into shorts and yells "YOU WILL BE!!!" and the audience goes nuts

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  • haskijyodoneanythingwrong
    23.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Spoiled Goddess

    Rex had found himself in possession of a VERY large amount of money (qp or mana prisms or whatever) and he decided that there was only one thing he could do with it

    Quetz: you're going to what?!

    Rex: I'm going to spoil the hell out of you mi corazon!

    Quetz: seriously? I don't think that's necessary mi amor.

    Rex: well that's too bad. It's my money and I get to use it however I want, and I want to spoil the ever living hell out of you!

    Quetz: where'd you even get so much?

    Rex: lottery

    Quetz: we have a lottery?

    Rex: it's kinda newish.

    Rex: anyway, today's all about you! You'll be more spoiled then even Ishtar is!

    Quetz: that's so unnecessary mi amor. Just being with you is enough.

    Rex: and I will be with you, while spending all of this on treating you!

    Quetz: eeeehhh... fine. I guess that's alright. But you should keep some for yourself too.

    Rex: sure, whatever's left I'll keep.

    Quetz: so... how exactly are you going to spoil me?

    Rex: ask for whatever and it'll be your's!

    Quetz: hmmmm, but I don't want anything right now.

    Rex: hmmmm... well let's just start with things anyone likes.

    Quetz: like what?

    Rex: some clothes

    The two went over to a special store that Sheba ran, she ran many stores because money, and started looking at all the different clothes Quetz liked.

    Quetz: there's so many nice clothes here. I don't think I can choose.

    Rex: you don't have to. I can afford to buy all you want.

    Quetz: no, that's unnecessary mi amor.

    Rex: that's the whole reason we're here mi corazon.

    Quetz: hmmm, fiiiine. I guess.

    They bought so many clothes. Among them were a nice white sun dress, a cute winter jacket, a new swimsuit, a cute purple dress, a styling leather jacket, a very warm looking turtleneck, a new workout outfit, and some new shoes.

    Quetz: it's really nice to have all these new clothes. But what else could you buy?

    Rex: hmmmm, isn't there anything else you've had your eyes on?

    Quetz: well...

    Rex bought a whole ass car. Don't ask where they sell the car or where Quetz would use it, she just has one now.

    Quetz: it's so nice mi amor! Are you sure it wasn't too much?

    Rex: please! It barely made a dent in the lottery funds.

    Quetz: how much did you win?

    Rex: I forgot, but I've been keeping track to make sure I don't overspend.

    Quetz: this is actually starting to be really fun.

    Rex: want anything else?

    Quetz: how about... some jewelry?

    Rex: sure thing

    Rex bought Quetz so much jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, almost all of them had nice green jewels in them. It was Quetz's favorite color and she always looked good with it.

    Quetz: oooh! I feel so nice with all this on! I must look amazing!

    Rex: you always look amazing!

    Quetz, blushing: eeeehhh, you don't have to say that mi amor!

    Rex: anything else?

    Quetz: goodness, I'm not sure.

    Rex: I got an idea


    Quetz: a TV?

    Rex: yeah, a nice bigass flat-screen TV. To watch whatever we want in the HIGHEST quality.

    Quetz: that's really nice.

    Rex: but that's not all! I've got more new stuff for the room.

    Quetz: like what?

    Rex: a nice new bed, a big couch, I've had it expanded, and now you're serpent can stay with us!

    Serpent: *unholy screech of the damned*

    Quetz: aaawww, thank you! I didn't like having to leave them with the other animals.

    Rex: and the temple's been upgraded too!

    Quetz: eh!?

    In the temple room

    Rex: now we have all these golden treasures, a proper altar in the center, and a bigass mural on the wall that depicts our journey together!

    Quetz: oh my... it's all so beautiful! I love it!

    Quetz hugs Rex in response

    Rex: I knew you'd like it.

    Rex: but I got 1 more surprise for you.

    Quetz: what is it?

    Rex: just go sit in the side room and I'll come in when I'm ready

    Quetz: eh?

    Quetz waited in the side room on their second bed for a while. Finally the door opens and in comes Rex wearing a nice suit, like a butler.

    Rex, bowing: hello my dear goddess, how may I be of service?

    Quetz was enamored. She actually thought Rex looked real good in suits.

    Quetz: I want you in bed with me mi amor

    Rex, now flustered: w-w-wait! Don't you want anything else first?

    Quetz was sitting at the edge of the bed, now with legs wide open.

    Quetz: I want mi esposo to take off that suit and join me in bed.

    Rex, even more flustered: of course! Anything for you my beloved!

    A/N: got this idea while listening to some music earlier. I really would like to spoil the hell outta Quetz.

    Tags that are not gonna work but whatever.

    @hasereshdoneanythingwrong @haspaulbunyandoneanythingwrong @hasishtardoneanythingwrong @hasspartacusdoneanythingwrong @hasabbydoneanythingwrong @hasastolfodoneanythingwrong @hassanofthefrostedmuffins @peachyfaeby @castlecsejtespeakertechnician @panyum @grievouslyxorvia @valiantstrawberrymilk

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  • firelord-frowny
    19.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    @itsmerandi, for some reason tumblr isn’t letting me actually comment on your post lmao (i think its xkit’s fault, really) so imma just answer you here!!

    So, as the Resident Goth, I can say that I’ve also never been too ~aware~ of like... which aspects of the fashion are derived from kink cultre lmfaoooo. 

    But I THINK as far as chokers go, and avoiding ~inappropriate~ stuff, lil lace ones are probably an okay gift for a lil teen? My understanding is that the whole bdsm thing associated with chokers mostly has to do with like... dog collars?? So anything that doesn’t have, like, a lil ~ring~ on it where anything could be connected to it is probably okay?? And also avoid like, spikes and studs and chains and other stuff that are obviously associated with collars omg.

    But if you wanna play it safe and avoid that altogether, i have a few other ideas she might like!

    An alt kid can never have too much black nail polish, tbh, and there’s a loooot of super beautiful nail polishes out there that are dark and gothy but with a Special lil flair. Starrily has a lot. And magnetic top coats can turn any shade of nail polish into something magical, ESPECIALLY black polish. 

    Fingerless gloves are also popular, with the bonus of being Actually Functional lmao. And they can range from being simple and plain, to elegant and lacy, you can get them in fun colors, they can be fandom related, blah blah. 

    And depending on her personality and whatnot, there’s lots of different ~gothy~ imagery she might like?? Roses and other flowers (especially if it’s dead or wilted lmfao), spooky animals like bats or owls or wolves or cats or snakes. Celestial stuff like moons and stars and planets. Sinister shit like graveyard-related stuff. And like. If she happens to be a christian, there’s honestly a LOT of really dark, christianity related shit that gothy folks are into lmao. Like. I don’t think I’ve ever met a christian goth who didn’t sport a dramatic cross necklace draped around their neck. 

    Band T shirts are always fun, also! Fan merch in general can be a good option for folks that are just really Into whatever media they like. 

    Or if she’s more into the ~elegant~ side of stuff, she might like blouses or jackets or whatever that are sorta victorian-themed, laces and ruffles and whatnot. Stuff in this sorta category.

    If she’s artsy, there are a lot of journals and sketchpads that cater to a dark aesthetic. 

    And messenger bags!! There’s a messenger bag for everyone lmao. 

    And now that I’m really thinking about it, I know I’ve mentioned that my brother is a really great gift giver and he nails it with my birthday/christmas gifts every year, and I think it’s because he knows what’s weird about me, and then leans into that? Hence, my mug that’s shaped like an alien head, my tea cup with a statue of a tiny raven inside it, my pillow with a bigass spider embroidered on it... So like. If you know what’s weird about her, maybe see if you can find anything that aligns with her weirdness? 

    Lmao I know your question was about chokers lmfao but since I didn’t feel like I had a particularly helpful answer that was choker-specific, I figured I’d just throw a bunch of other stuff at you, also, and hope any of it was useful lololol.

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  • dhoya
    11.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    resonance hotel & casino | masterlist

    Ah, yes. What better place to take it easy for a little while than the Resonance Hotel & Casino! A luxurious facility atop the moon, where the entire galaxy can be viewed through our lovely top-floor taqueria! 


    uno. this whole series is a vignette-type compilation based on the various shenanigans all 23 nct members happen to do in the hotel. i haven’t began writing all entries, but i have a detailed idea of what i want to accomplish. some of these don’t involve the reader at all, so be mindful of that. also, you don’t have to read each entry in chronological order. they’re one-off shorts that a. share the same universe and b. can stand on their own.

    update: in accordance with my announcement, all entries following good afternoon will be exclusively in third person. this means that the reader’s placeholder will be a female protagonist rather than the pronoun “you.”

    dos. i love the arctic monkeys, and their most recent album “tranquility base hotel & casino” is the backbone of this megaseries, so please please please give that whole album a listen!

    tres. a glimpse of every single entry in this bigass universe is written below the taglist. i just wanna make sure the world-building is perfect before i get into actually writing them, so i’m taking my time. i also have other fics i want to continue writing, like the hendery one and a few oneshots, so yeah. 

    copyright disclaimer: © dhoya 2021. please do not repost, copy, or translate any of my works.

    taglist: @en-see-tee​ // @doievoir​ // @idlevinyl​ // @floraljae​ // @ki6hyun​ // if you wanna be added just reach out!

    “Let’s all do a swig and do a hot lap!”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “Star Treatment”

    cast: celebrity!johnjae, bartender!reader

    read here.

    summary: Being a famous actor in deep space came with its perks—money, luxuries, and women. Jaehyun was well aware of that in the beginning of his career. Later on, however, he began to experience thE dark side of the moon—scandals, tabloid frenzies, and the constant topsy turvies of who he can call friends. Enter Johnny, his longtime friend who began modeling. He too was a big name in deep space, raking in millions with every brand deal. For old time’s sake, Jaehyun decides to get together with his mate for a drink as Jung Yoonoh, the wide-eyed boy who washed spaceships to earn a quick buck. Maybe if he could be someone he used to be for a night, he’d find himself an even footing again. 

    genre: extremely platonic three-way friendship between the two hotshots and you, the bartender. 

    “Bear with me man, I lost my train of thought.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “One Point Perspective”

    cast: university student!hencas

    read here.

    summary: “I’m gonna run for government man, and I’ll call myself President Hendery of the Free Galaxy.” Lucas would understand if the person saying this was a political science student buried deep in the pages of revolutionary literature. However, this was his best friend, stuffing an abomination of “burittacos” in his mouth. Of course, he can’t say much for himself either, for he too had a list of shenanigans that would make him unfit for parliament—such as the time he danced in nothing but his underpants at the lobby of the very hotel that served their go-to lunchtime tacos. 

    genre: comedy, platonic friendship 

    warning: some profanity, but what can you expect they’re uni students 

    “Breaking news: they take the truth and make it fluid.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “American Sports”

    cast: space racer!jaemin, boxer!jeno, lightsaber fencer!jisung, journalist!reader

    read here.

    summary: The news industry in space is a tough market—hell, you’re surprised it still exists even after the vast technological revolution humanity went through. What shocked you even more was how sports still persisted—more dramatic than ever—even when entertainment was dictated through an all-knowing algorithm. So naturally, an equally tough market demanded equally entertaining stories—but fear not, for you had the perfect set of people to interview. 

    Take Na Jaemin, the speed racer who brought back nothing but gold medals across galaxies. Rumored to drift so fast that he ignited. If that’s not entertaining enough, don’t fret, for Lee Jeno a.k.a “The Mad Puppy” and all-time champion in the ring will surely keep your toes twinkling. This human uppercutted an alien twice his size and build, with eight limbs instead of two! Still not enough? Okay, hear me out. Meet Park Jisung, the young fencer who almost severed his opponent’s head in half. Pretty crazy, right? What’s even crazier to you was how coincidentally, all three stayed at the same hotel. 

    genre: comedy, sci-fi, some romance with jaemin/reader

    “And do you celebrate your dark side?”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”

    cast: ceo!kun, heir apparent!chenle

    read here. 

    summary: The resonance hotel and casino is not like any other—for instance, it’s on top of the moon. serving comfort and luxury services to whoever can pay for it since the gentrification of earth, it’s only natural that you’ll find a built-in day spa with someone who looked like Jesus Christ occupying a jacuzzi in the place. 

    “But why have the taqueria on top of the roof?” Chenle asked. Of course, being the future owner of the place required him to ask such questions. What mattered the most to him rather than maintenance, mortgages, and advice on business tactics was that pesky taqueria. It did serve the most delicious plate of nachos and quesadillas, but his main qualm was the fact that it was on the roof more than anything else. The current CEO, Mr. Qian Kun, just laughed, continuing his tour of the lovely hotel. 

    genre: tour-styled narrative of describing what the hotel looks like

    “Sometimes I fantasize about you too.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “Golden Trunks”

    cast: bounty hunter!doyoung, socialite!mc

    read here. 

    summary: Keeping an image was hard enough, but it’s definitely harder when she’s the daughter of a renowned asteroid tycoon. The lavish parties and fleeting strangers can be fun at first, but not anymore when her arranged engagement was announced to the public. 

    Enter a man who was everything she’s ever wanted — cigarette between his lip, laser gun holstered on his belt, and a sexy leather jacket to match. Her mother told her to stay away from those types, but a little bit of fun can’t hurt, right? 

    genre: bonnie & clyde type of romance

    warning: suggestive content but no smut cuz i don’t write it, profanity, mentions of alcohol and smoking, fem!mc

    “Take it easy for a little while!”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “Four Out of Five”

    cast: part time workers!yangyang and haechan

    read here. 

    summary: “Dude, why can’t we get a full five star review?” 

    “Because this is a goddamn taco place, not some fancy exotic alien-food serving restaurant.”

    Working part-time at a taqueria on top of a luxurious hotel’s roof can sometimes be demanding, but at least they get to use their phones and blast out some music. Also, free tacos! Who could say no to that?

    genre: bromance comedy

    warning: profanity

    “You push the button and we’ll do the rest.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip”

    cast: data collector!markwoo

    read here. 

    summary: Humanity has evolved to the point where everything was automated. At the push of a button, all your tastes and preferences can be delivered to you in an instant. In the information age, one’s privacy is said to be top priority—but not when two young boys have an entire access to the hotel’s database. Mark is usually hesitant when it comes to snooping into guest files, but the same cannot be said for his colleague. 

    “Check this out, this guest watches one-eyed alien porn on the hotel tv!” Jungwoo said, while taking a bite out of his burrito. The guest file was levitating on thin air, and Mark couldn’t look away. He wonders how long they both have before eventually getting fired. 

    genre: office comedy, platonic

    warning: profanity

    “Got the world on a wire in my little mirror.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “Science Fiction”

    cast: writer!xiaojun, artist!ten, assistant!renjun

    read here.

    summary: You’d be surprised to know that creativity is still dictated by humans in a world where everything was automatic. Art still had a place among the rich and cultured, but it was even harder when the algorithm existed. With machines essentially choosing which body of work was worthy for exposure and vice versa, Xiaojun found it increasingly difficult to write a sequel to his novella—which gained instantaneous success. The impatience of his cover artist is also not helping him, so what better way to relieve stress than to book a night or two at the famous Resonance Hotel & Casino! 

    genre: platonic, drama, some comedy

    warning: profanity

    “There’s no limit to the length of the dickheads we can be.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “She Looks Like Fun”

    cast: instagram model!winwin, tiktoker!shotaro, vlogger!yuta

    read here

    summary: Even back on earth, everyone had an avatar. Sometimes, that avatar takes over your life, erasing who you truly are. When you had an internet platform with millions of followers, it can instantly get to your head. What was hard take in, however, was when that sudden burst of fame dropped quicker than an economic recession. Sprinkle in some online hate, and you get a recipe for disaster. 

    genre: basically “how to deal with online hate”, can get quite sad, wholesome bonding between the three boys

    warning: mentions of depression, anxiety, and various mental health problems 

    “I want an interesting synonym to describe this thing.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “Batphone”

    cast: boss!taeil, letter writer!sungchan 

    read here. 

    summary: The evolution of technology unfortunately led to the devolution of emotions. Why write something when you can pay for it? This was what the “Sun & Moon Writing Company” was for; while Moon Taeil, founder of the company, took pride in his ever-growing empire of automated writers, the same can’t be said for his young, bored, and freshly employed junior. 

    “I’ll treat you some tacos if you can get into writing this letter about some guy’s heated loins.”

    Sungchan only signed up for the job since it paid a good amount, but the amount of sappy, quasi-romantic sentences he had to write out definitely made him regret taking it up. But hey, free tacos and a funny boss was probably enough to keep him from being unemployed. 

    genre: drama, office comedy, can get emotional, think “violet evergarden” and “her”, where people pay for others to write letters in their stead

    “I suppose we aren’t really friends anymore.”

    — Arctic Monkeys, “The Ultracheese”

    cast: retired musician!taeyong

    read here. 

    summary: Peaking in your early twenties in the music industry can do wonders to you—lavish parties, playing for celebrities that were thought to only exist on the screen, and well-earned praise from every corner of the galaxy. Taeyong sure did enjoy his younger years of freedom, but now, he was not too sure anymore. As he looked at the pictures of former friends stuck on his wall by the grand piano, he began to wonder if his fame was truly worth it for all that he’s lost in the process.  

    genre: drama, angst, tragic hero

    warning: implications of depression

    #nct#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct 127 #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 scenarios #nct u #nct u imagines #nct u scenarios #wayv#wayv imagines#wayv scenarios#nct dream #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct 2020 #resonance hotel & casino
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  • b0rista
    27.02.2021 - 3 monts ago


    ♡︎ : the atmosphere i'm going for is frustratingly difficult to describe djjfjg the word "somber" doesn't really do it for me, but it's pretty much these emojis 🌑🌨🎞💸🚬⛓🔭
    lowkey just wanted to put this trio & y/n (aka the loml) in a really dark, gloomy, modern metropolis type of place full of cold weather, inner monologues, and cigarettes JFKGK
    ALSO my insp was the reiner + annie fanart in the center of the divider i made!! i really wish i knew the artist, but i couldn't find them :(( definitely NOT taking credit, it isn't my art whatsoever. but LOOK AT THEM UGH THE AESTHETIC
    to balance things out, i wrote the reader as female! && characters are aged up to their early twenties.
    the bunch of you met through your college courses— of course, the three of them had known one another since childhood, but you managed to weasel your way into their close-knit friend group. ever since then, you all share the melancholy city life.
    during your guys' campus days, reiner worked for his master's in kinesiology. it isn't that big of a shocker that he aimed for something that pertained to his bulkier build,, mans grows up to be an absolute unit, lmao. wanting to maintain an above average salary, he used his education to earn himself a place in the certified training department. currently, he's a personal trainer of many clients, all of which he does his best to maintain.
    bertholdt majored in philosophy, and worked toward his master's degree. with his intelligence, he got it. while all three of you (reiner especially), urged him to pursue non-profit professionalism, praising his skill and all around ability to do so, he lacked the confidence to push for it, and ended up going down another path. currently, he's sticking to the safe road, aiming to become a professor in the very course he excelled in. he's yet to get there, though— right now, he's a professor's assistant. it's less tiring, at least. still, he was capable of becoming something better.
    as for annie, she majored in political science. unlike the other two, she worked to obtain a bachelor's degree. with that being said, she attended college for a little longer. eventually, she got her degree, and while she was a little lost after graduation, she made her way into the policy analyst game. she had the writing skills, sOmewhat of the drive, and while she's the youngest worker in her office, she's also the brightest. they're all also terrified of her, she speaks .6 words a day.
    of course, what you did is entirely up to you! if you took two or three years to get your degree, you likely graduated alongside the boys. if it took longer, no worries, annie's degree took quite a bit.
    now, the four of you are living in the same city, and you're all experiencing that said city's constant mournful, dingy atmosphere. the aesthetic is calming, actually; the weather is never nice, it's a rarity that you ever get an actual glimpse of the sun. no matter the season, so long as it isn't summertime, layers are a must. rainfall is a weekly occurrence, as well as the occasional thunderstorm. the merged stench of coffee grounds and burnt oil linger within the streets of the city, simply adding to the melancholy. basically, the general scenery is dark, cold, wet, and quiet. it's a gloomy place,, definitely comparable to forks, washington, but more of a metropolis than a town.
    even with all of that being said, you and your friends have a good time. honestly, if you didn't all have eachother, you'd all probably go mental.
    while reiner and bertholdt have their own seperate apartments, you and annie share a place. the rent was cheap, especially once split between two homeowners. two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a single kitchen & living area. it was too good of a deal to pass up. fortunately, you and her are compatible roomates.
    with that being said, of course, it's often that the four lounge around at your guys' apartment. bertholdt always makes sure to check in before visiting, while reiner has the sour habit of showing up unannounced. you've both had to deny him a key, despite his pleading. you love him, but not that much.
    sometimes, the two of them crash in your living room. typically, it's reiner on the couch while bertholdt takes up the floor, waking up the next morning in whatever flamboyant position he'd folded himself into during the night. every now and then, you and annie forget to head back to your rooms, and you crash right there with them. before you all fall asleep, you're typically all huddled up near the glass doored balcony, allowing the rainfall to serenade the four of you into a deep slumber whilst sitting within the crisp remnants of cigarette smoke and freshly opened liquor.
    in a way, it's funny, because you all have a tendency to do that on a work night. just the four of you, sitting in your living room, drinking your alcohol, coating your furniture in the brisk stench of pure, solicited nicotine, watching your very own city drown within the darkening sky's tears as little to zero words are even spoken. when it comes to you and your friends, that's something that can never be contradicted; the quiet. these were how you spent your evenings together, especially after a rough day— silence, smoking, and the most peaceful sorrow imaginable.
    of course, when you aren't wallowing in your own self pity, you're known to get drinks together. there's this certain booth in a local pub, it had burnt burgundy seats made out of leather. it's your guys' booth, and whenever you go out for a drink or two, that's where you sit. it's way back in the corner, where none of you can be bothered. one time, a couple of rascals had stolen it, and they refused to move. without a second thought, annie slammed one of those motherfucker's faces into the table. in suite, reiner took care of the other one, yanking him from the collar and kicking him to the floor. you and bertholdt only watched,, you were laughing, poor bert simply dragGed his palm down his face.
    hey, at least you got your seats back! absentmindedly, you etched your initials into the bottom of the table with your pen. without a thought, the other three did the same, marking the corner as their own. don't fuck with that table, you'll be slaughtered.
    when winter hits, it hits mercilessly. it's insanely aesthetic, seeing your group standing on the side of the busy street, all absolutely layered up in buttoned up winter coats and thickly knitted scarves. because they're both unnecessarily large, you depend on them for warmth every now and then. the amount of times you've buried your face within reiner's side while sitting on the subway during the midst of wintertime is stupid. as for bertholdt, he occasionally takes off his very own coat, draping it over you or annie's shoulders whenever either of you are seen shivering. he doesn't mind getting a cold, so long as you're warm.
    speaking of the subway, your city has one. it's a pretty average way to travel, and due to none of you actually owning your own vehicles, it's where you go whenever walking or taking the bus isn't an option. the only one who isn't allowed to ride the subway alone is you. there was instance where on your way home from work, you had a run-in with an unpleasant bystander with the means to hurt you. ever since then, a code has been set where if you want to travel underground, you do it with one of them.
    ^ one time, you didn't listen, and you went by yourself anyway— unfortunately for you, reiner was boarding the exact same stop as you, and gave you quite the scolding. however, it's only because you're special to him. to all of them.
    you and annie are actually closer than you'd imagine. being one of the only female friends she's ever been able to keep, you've grown to be an important figure in her life. of course, she'd never admit that to you, but you know. some nights, the two of you lean against one another on the sofa while black & white reruns play on the television, ultimately sending you both to sleep.
    once a week, you have lunch with bertholdt at the university he assists at. you know just how glum the work makes him, and fortunately, you showing up every single sunday with coffee and sandwiches never fails to brighten his day. sometimes, you're the only one that can get him through the week.
    bert's crush on annie is still very much a thing, even in this universe. of course, he's older, and for the most part, he's grown out of it. still, he stares. not as much as he once did, but he does. you and reiner only watch from afar, quietly sullen that he'd never quite gotten the guts to act on it.
    bertholdt is also the group's umbrella holder. it's constantly raining, and due to his height, he's the one holding the bigass umbrella over the four of your guys' heads. when there isn't an umbrella, you just sort of seek refuse underneath his arms, which he gladly gives you. reiner and annie don't really mind, they get wet. it is a thing where you're all rushing to get out of the rain, the two men shielding the women's hair from the storm with their jackets as they run for shelter.
    you all smoke. well, actually, whether or not you smoke cigarettes in this scenario is entirely up to you. if you'd like, ignore this part. anyway, cigarette sharing is a given. while reiner's preferred brand of darts is far more lucrative and more likely to kill him (he's dead inside, it fits), he won't hesitate to snatch a cigarette from in between the tips of your lips, bringing them to his own. it's something all of you do, even bertholdt. sharing is caring, you all say. you tend to do the same thing with wine glasses, or beer bottles.
    it's practically gotham city, you're all dead inside grownups, god isn't real.
    #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk#aot headcanons#aot au#aot scenarios#reiner braun#bertholdt hoover#annie leonhart #aot x reader #attack on titan x reader #modern aot
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  • quirkofthewild
    22.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    This took 5 and a half hours of my life and I don't regret a single minute

    Bigass thank you to @finnamin for telling me the pose app

    [ID: A scene depicting Zuko and Sokka from Avatar: the Last Airbender in a modern setting. The room has a grey floor and two walls visible (one white and one black accent wall), one bed with red sheets and a blue pillow with water tribe symbols on the side, a wall hanging with 'Family' written in Japanese on the white wall and a small bamboo plant in the far right corner.

    On the bed is a small turtleduck stuffie and an orange tabby cat (Druk) looking up at both men. Zuko kneels on the edge of the bed with the lower half of his legs covered by a light red blanket. He is crying and his face is pressed against Sokka's chest, who stands at the end of the bed holding Zuko in a tight embrace and playing with his hair.

    Zuko has short hair—just slightly longer than his canon book 3 appearance—and is wearing a grey hoodie and light pink pajama pants while Sokka wears a dark blue jean jacket with a grey t-shirt underneath, dark blue jeans and socks striped in the colours of the bisexual flag. His hair is pulled up in its usual wolftail and he has a slit eyebrow and two piercings in his ear.

    The entire scene is shaded slightly and the artist's signature sits in the bottom right, just below the bamboo and reads 'spacedao'. END ID]

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  • beansareprettygoodsometimes
    20.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I had a really vivid dream about @tyleroakley last night, like he was in a boy band as part of a tour joke thing or something. Anyway, I hope it's readable because I don't feel like typing it out just now (even though I'm typing this shit right now)

    Anyway if I can be bothered (or even remember later) I'll attempt to draw the "cool" outfit. I feel like he had like a massive jacket collar, like Elvis, but also a bigass hood. Not sure if it was dark in colour or not very well lit up but Tyler definitely had dark eye makeup ok..

    Hmm #isthiswhereihashtagnow #imprettysureitwasaseperatesection

    #youtubersindreams #TylerOakley




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