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  • Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

    While trying to escape from Dongsik, Daegil and Mina are involved in a car collision that ultimately results in the death of their unborn child.

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  • Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

    Find yourself a boyfriend who will let the bad guy beat him up so you can escape.

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  • Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

    If he wants to rescue her, Daegil has to cut off Mina’s hand but because he’s a gentleman, he does the gentlemanly thing and stabs himself instead.

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  • Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

    Daegil wakes up to find that he’s been chained to the wall by the same person who harvested and sold his organs to pay off his debt.

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  • Choi Seunghyun for Tower of Saviours

    BIGBANG Tower of Saviours CM Making Film

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    Quarantine Day 102982919193838291

    I drew Seunghyun instead of doing my homework 😬

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  • This week is Boyfriend Material Week 2.0 - Quarantine Edition! Each day I’ll put out a one-shot with one of my favorite idols - each day picking someone different. Who will be boyfriend material tomorrow?

    Pairing: TOP (BigBang) x YN

    Type: LazyDaysAU 


    Originally posted by tabis-eyebrows

    You were a really lucky and grateful person.

    Right now you were in a quarantine, but you were able to keep working from home so you still had income. And your partner Seunghyun was the same, so apart from the fact you didn’t leave for work or go outside much, everything was the same.

    You had transformed the guest bedroom of your apartment into your office and Seunghyun had moved his stuff to the dining room table.

    The living room was pretty much the only place you guys could go just to relax (except for when you would commandeer the bathroom and some candles for a bubble bath, but Seunghyun liked to pleasantly intrude on those moments too…)

    Keep reading

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    Originally posted by hiddles-thomas


    Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3

    The weeks continued to go by my senior year of Seunghyun continuously trying to be inconspicuous when he would see me in the hallway, or if we would bump into each other. I purposefully would flirt with the guys in my grade as much as I could. I didn’t need people assuming that there was actually anything going on between Seunghyun and I. Luckily, Camden and I didn’t always have the same class, so she was constantly spreading rumors about Seunghyun to draw people’s attention to other issues than the truth. 

    “Do you understand how much work it is for me to create random shit on the spot about your boy so people don’t suspect a thing?” Camden crashed her head into my lap at her place, letting out a heavy sigh. 

    “About as much effort as it takes for you to sleep with a new guy at a party every weekend?” Not as low of a shot as you all think. Camden was notorious for getting any fling that she could get without even trying. Who said she had to? She had gorgeous blonde hair with blue eyes. Of course, she had the hour glass figure to go along with it. Camden just stared back at me. “I would be offended if it weren’t true. But yes, honestly no effort at all.”

    She was like a cat as she stretched and turned onto her side. “Play with my hair.” I ran my fingers through her hair while I contemplated my life. “You know that we have a pep rally tomorrow right? The main game for the pep rally is a three legged race where we’re pairing some of the teachers with the students.” 

    I stopped running my fingers through her hair long enough for her to look up at me. “Camden, why are you telling me this?” She sat up. “The reason I’m telling you this is because there are six teachers and six students who are playing. We drew the names at random. You and Choi have been picked.” I threw my head back in annoyance.

    “Camden! You’re supposed to be helping me avoid my boyfriend, not pushing me into his arms!” Camden pushed off of the couch, and kneeled in front of me, pointing her finger at me. “Now don’t you blame this on me. I’m not captain of the cheerleaders, I’m just on the team! What was I supposed to do, say ‘no don’t pick either one of them?’ Like that wouldn’t have blown back up in my face. And besides, we haven’t picked the partners yet! We were going to do that in the morning. We’re using an app to make the teams so no one can manipulate it.” She stood up and grabbed her things. “Get the fuck over your problem. You overreacting like this is what’s going to be your downfall. If Choi continues to be himself around you, don’t act like anything is happening okay? Get the fuck over it.” 

    She slammed the door as she left my house. She left me in the silence of my house in shock. Maybe I was overreacting. Every fiber in my being was so tense the rest of the night, replaying what Camden had said to me on repeat. Get the fuck over it. There was a small part of me that knew she was just talking out of anger. The rest of me knew she was more than likely done with my situation. My parents didn’t care to acknowledge that I was upset. They just assumed it was school shit. Which, they weren’t wrong per se. Although, it was nice knowing they would just let me be with my emotions for the night. 

    I awoke the next morning to a string of texts from Seunghyun. All of which were just questioning if I was okay, if I was free for the night, and how much he loved me. While I loved when he was this way, it did annoy me from time to time. I wanted him to realize there were nights that I just wanted to be left alone. 

    Good morning sweetheart, yeah I’m okay. I had a ton of things on my mind that I needed to work out so I shut my phone off. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you last night. I love you and can’t wait to see you today!

    I threw on Seunghyun’s ripped jeans, my vans, paired with one of seunghyun’s black t-shirts and flannels that always swallowed me when I wore them. It was always one of my favorite outfits. No matter how many times they’ve been washed, his scent has yet to leave these clothes. I left the house, reminding myself that I would no longer live in fear of something actually happening. The kids at my school aren’t the smartest anyways. 

    As always, everyone was excited for the pep rally as soon as I pulled up to the school. Banners were draped across the front of the school and each football player’s cars were tagged by their “Bleacher babes”. Our school had this weird tradition of each football player asking one girl to watch them from the bleachers and cheer for them. The girls would also take it upon themselves to bring gifts and goodie bags to “their guy” as a sign of good luck. In my opinion, these traditions were horrible because they made every other girl that wasn’t chosen to feel like shit. 

    I walked into the school to hear every varsity player yelling and gearing up to be in the pep rally. The bleachers in the gym were split up by grade. Freshman started on the first set of bleachers closest to the left side gym door and each grade wrapped around. Of course being a senior, meant that our grade was “supposed” to have the most spirit during these things because ‘this would be our most cherished moments of our senior year’. The thing is, I hated school spirit. I hated dressing up for a school that always called me into the principal’s office nearly every week due to some ridiculous accusation. I hated cheering on a football team that most of them wouldn’t even talk to me in class. But, because my love for Camden, my group of friends and I always made sure we at least cheered her on since the cheerleaders were only in season with the football team. 

    As soon as a clearing made through for me to find my seat on the bleachers, I noticed Seunghyun in black skinny jeans, red converse, and a black button up with the sleeves rolled. A little unconventional for a school teacher, but had me dripping when he even smirked in my direction. “Hey (Y/N), pick up your damn jaw. People are gonna notice if you stare at Mr. Choi. And besides, I look twice as better than him today alone.” 

    A heavy set of arms were wrapped around my waist. I looked over my shoulder to see Bobby’s dark brown eyes staring into my soul. “It you want someone to make you wet, all you gotta do is ask (Y/N).” The two of us were always flirtatious with each other and I didn’t mind people thinking we were in a relationship. I especially didn’t mind if it got people off my back about Seunghyun. 

    I leaned my body into his. “I’m not really in an asking mood, and it seems like you’re not either.” I felt his bulge pressed against my lower back getting harder. “If you continue that, I might just fuck you in Mr. Choi’s room since you’re so hung up on him.”

    With Bobby mentioning his name again, it felt like someone threw water onto my face. I looked up and saw Seunghyun scowling in our direction. I knew this was the worst thing to do, but it would save our relationship in the long run. Seunghyun turned away from us and went to talk to the new freshman English teacher, Ms. Lee. I had to admit, she had an amazing figure that I always craved. She was the type of person who could wear sweats with heels and look absolutely sexy in them. I could see Seunghyun lean into her as she had a smile on her face. She placed a hand on his arm while he made her laugh. Obviously I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but I could blatantly see her flirting with him. She seemed to crave his attention as well. 

    Reality brought me back to attention when Bobby moved into my line of sight. “Babe, we gonna go find a seat or just let the dipshits take our spots?” I rolled my eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me babe hon?”

    “Oh so you can call me hon but I can’t call you babe?” He bit his lip as he pulled me closer to him. I have to be honest with myself. If I wasn’t with Seunghyun, I would let Bobby take me any way he wants whenever he wants. He’s too attractive to say no to. “Oh but see, here’s the difference. When I call you hon, I’m being purely platonic. When you call me babe, there’s other meanings behind it. Don’t ruin the innocent flirtation thing we have going on. I promise, the moment I breakup with my boyfriend, I’ll just show up to your place unannounced for some rebound sex. Sound good sweetheart?” I kiss his cheek and walk away before he could come up with a retort of his own.

    The pep band led off the school’s fight song to bring in the cheerleaders and football players. They all came in like a pack of hyenas looking for their next prey. They didn’t even hesitate to stampede into their respective bleachers and scream like banshees towards the others. It was always a sight to see boys act like that. “Do you think they realize that no matter how much they act like that, they’re still going to lose the game?” Bobby whispered into my ear.

    “They don’t, but don’t spoil the fun. That’s the only reason I go to football games.” I look back to the center of the gym floor to see that the cheerleaders have already lined up the teachers on one side of the gym. “We decided to do a three legged race this week! In the spirit of the game, everyone has been chosen at random! Teachers, your job is to help your student get to the other end of the gym, help them get the jersey on and make it back before the other teams. Last one back had to wear one of the jerseys of the opposing team that we’re playing for the remainder of the day!” 

    The crowd erupts in a series of cheers, boos, and laughter. I’m too preoccupied staring at Seunghyun to realize that they’ve already placed the students with their teachers to realize that my name has been called too. “(Y/N), go! Be apart of the chaos for once!” Bobby nudges me out of the bleacher. I briskly walk over to Camden who’s waiting to lead me over to my teacher.

    “Not gonna lie, I wasn’t quite paying attention. Which teacher am I paired with?” Camden doesn’t look back in my direction. “Sorry hon, you’re with Seunghyun. Just remember to get the fuck over it yeah?” I look up like a deer caught in headlights to see the same expression over Seunghyun’s face. 

    “Fuck.” That’s all I could muster during that time frame. Whether it was because of the situation, or the amount of heat that was pooling in my mid section due to what Seunghyun was wearing was something I never quite figured out. “Well, it’s nice to see you too sweetheart. Nice to see that I have your attention again.” Seunghyun leaned over to get my leg into the strap that was already around his leg. Even though his fingers were just grazing my skin, it set every part of my body ablaze. 

    “How dare you wear my clothes while letting the great value brand version of myself hold you in such a way. If you keep that up, I’m going to have to remind you who you are dating.” Seunghyun said all of this so casually that I didn’t realize he was actually talking to me at first, until he stood up and his eyes were dark with lust and rage. “I don’t think this enlarged rubber band would do anything, how about my silk ties? I think those would hold you in place in my classroom, yes?” 

    My jaw dropped slightly. Seunghyun was never the person to be this open in public, let alone at his workplace. While I was turned on over how nonchalant this conversation was, I was still frightened to see what would actually happen in that moment. “You’re being pretty brazen yourself Mr. Choi. To speak to your student in such a way with our peers so close to us? Scandalous.” I turned my head towards the front. “If you let that teacher place her hands on you again, I won’t even give you a chance to explain yourself. Also, don’t try to one up me in sex talk babe. The only reason I’m not going to delve into this is because we’re at school. If I say anything else, I’m going to need you to take me right here right now.”

    “Oh, is this a promise? Don’t tempt me with a good time. I’ll gladly lose my job with the way you’re looking today. I already knew you were sexy, I just didn’t realize how appetizing you would look in my jeans.” 

    “Children, I’m still right fucking here.” Camden spoke up, standing in front of both of us. “First off, the two of y’all are absolutely fucking disgusting in general. Second of, y’all better be happy y’all are out of earshot of the other contestants. Otherwise, you’d be headed to jail right now Seunghyun. Control y’all selves.” Both Seunghyun and I laughed at the tomato red Camden as she re-explained the rules to us and how to win. We both nodded in understanding as Camden left us. 

    I looked around at the other student teacher duos to see that they were all duos of the opposite sex. They all had their inner arms wrapped around each other, preparing for the buzzer to go off for the start of the race. Hesitantly, I wrapped my arm around his waist. He was too tall for me to try and wrap my arm around his shoulders. 

    “Let’s win this race jagiya.” Seunghyun winks at me before wrapping his arm over my shoulders. The buzzer went off and Seunghyun was practically holding me while running towards the other end of the gym. I could hear the crowds of students cheering for their favorite duo. Looking beside me, I could see some of the duos falling trying to keep up with us. Seunghyun threw the jersey on me as we rounded the last corner with the finish line in sight. Obviously we won that, it was hard for the other older teachers to keep up with Seunghyun.

    The senior section erupted into an endless stream of cheers of victory against the underclassmen. I stepped out of the band just in time for Bobby and the rest of my friends to tackle me for a victory hug, pushing Seunghyun out of the way. “Great job babe! Way to actually try at something for once!” Bobby placed a kiss on my cheek, and I instinctively looked back towards Seunghyun. The hooded, pure black eyes that looked at Bobby scared me. I wasn’t in fear of my relationship at that moment, I was in fear for what Seunghyun would do to Bobby.

    I tried to return the hug, but a set of hands came in between the two of us. “Public displays of affection aren’t tolerated you two.” Seunghyun stepped in between Bobby and I, facing in his direction. “Mr. Jiwon, please do your best to remember this when hugging your female classmates while trying to hide a boner okay?” 

    “The name is Bobby Mr. Choi. And please do your best to not come in between my girlfriend and myself again yes?” Bobby reached over grabbing my arm and pulling me close to him. “There’s no rule in the handbook saying I couldn’t kiss her on the cheek, just rules saying I can’t fuck her in front of everyone.” I finally looked back at Seunghyun, who was fuming by this point. “Mr. Choi, I apologize for Bobby’s behavior, we’re going back to our seats to enjoy the rest of the pep rally.” I held his gaze, hoping that my pleading eyes for him to stop would get through to him. He was able to eventually calm down enough to let us go, but not before giving us a verbal warning. 

    Bobby wrapped his arm around me as we walked back to our seats. “It sure seems like Mr. Choi may have a thing for you (Y/N). I’m not going to let him take you away from me. You’re mine.” I pushed Bobby off of me, and looked up at him in anger. “I don’t know why you constantly like to push things too far Bobby. First, you know I have a boyfriend, so you saying that I’m your girlfriend was completely uncalled for. Which also means I’m not yours. Second quit trying to push the boundaries with the teachers, they’re just trying to do their job. Third, let Mr. Choi have a thing for me. It doesn’t mean I’m ever going to go for him, he’s not my type.” Saying those words pulled at my heart, forcing it further into my stomach. I know that I didn’t mean them, I just hated keeping up with this lie.

    The rest of the day went with a blur. Getting empty congratulations from classmates that didn’t give two shits about me, and pushing Bobby away for taking things too far this time. When the time for lunch came, Camden grabbed my arm and shoved me into her car. 

    “Dude, what the fuck are you doing?” She punched my arm. “I’m saving your fucking relationship after that shit show presentation at the pep rally. She throws her car into drive and drove across town. When we finally came to a stop, I looked up to see Seunghyun standing in front of her car. “Camden, why did you drive me to his place?”

    “Because the two of you have way too much sexual frustration pent up because of Bobby, so enjoy your weekend and I see you later.” She threw open my door and kicked me out of the car, into Seunghyun’s arms. I didn’t dare look up at him out of fear of the pool that was already soaking my underwear. 

    “Ah jagiya.” He lifts me into his arms and places a hand under my chin to look up at him. “It’s time to remind you exactly whose you are after that show you put on today.”

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    Originally posted by hiddles-thomas

    Teacher! AU

    Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.4


    After the first interaction with Seunghyun, I began to yearn for my small talks with him in science.  When we would talk about literature, it always seemed like he was actually interested in anything that I was saying. His eyes would always watch me with intent, making sure he watched every word that fell from my lips. The next time I saw him in the class, he was sitting in the desk behind mine, patiently waiting for me to show up. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I was catching feelings for a man ten years older than me. 

    “So, I’ve been instructed to help you with the science project.” Seunghyun whispered into my ear, as to not distract the rest of the class. “Were you instructed to help me or the entire class?” I said to him while still facing the front of the class. Something about the way he was acting today seemed different from before.

    “Technically? The entire class. Although, they’re nowhere near as interesting to talk to as you are. I’m not stupid. This class is mostly females and they’ve been trying to get my attention since day one. Whereas with you, you just treat me as another person. It’s refreshing.” I turned back to him to notice a smirk on his face,

    “Are you always this conceited? Remember that this is a high school class and you’re a college student that’s finishing his observations. Of course the other girls in this class are attracted to you because you’re a completely different specimen in this realm.”

    “Oh? A different specimen? That’s an interesting way to put that. To answer your original question, no I am not always this conceited. Like I said when I first met you. I find you interesting. With that being said, I feel this need to continue to talk to you and get your attention.” His eyes widened as he heard what he said to me. “In the most appropriate of ways of course. Seeing as though you are considerably younger than me.” Seunghyun had got up and walked over to a different group of students after that. It was smart for him to put some distance between us, especially if we were both catching feelings for each other. 

    I glanced over at the group of girls that were beaming at being in the presence of Seunghyun. There was a small part of me that felt jealousy over that. I had to remind myself that I had no reason to be acting that way. He was a college student and more than likely had a girlfriend on the outside. He probably didn’t even think about me when he left this place everyday. 

    Seunghyun and I grew closer over the following weeks. We fell into the same routine of him waiting in either the desk behind me or the stool next to me, having a five to ten minute conversation trying to get to know the other more and more, and then he would depart to give the attention back to the other girls. All the while, I was left there with my heart in my hands each time. While it seemed that we were both interested in getting to know each other, we both knew that nothing would ever happen between us. 

    After a month of knowing Seunghyun, he quit showing up to the science class altogether. The only person that brought me joy and excitement to an incredibly boring science class was nowhere to be seen. Everyday I patiently waited for him to walk into class late,or to just show up the following day. He never did. I gave up hope in ever seeing him again. That is, until we walked in late to class three weeks later. He sported a black button up, tan slacks, with black matching loafers. 

    I could feel my heart leap out of my chest the moment he walked through the door. Of course, I wasn’t the only one. Sarah, one of the more popular girls in our grade, did everything that she could to get his attention. I did my best not to glance up at him. It was unbearable though. My face felt hot, knowing he was sitting back on the stool just staring straight at me. By this point, I wasn’t stupid. I knew this man had some type of feelings for me, but I knew better. I was jailbait, and we could never be together if he was to be a teacher. That and the age difference was huge. 

    “I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and I don’t even get a hi (Y/N)? That hurts.” I know that he was trying to make me smile, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing the effect he had on me. I continued to ignore him and not look in his direction.  It wasn’t long until he’d get what he wanted. The professor had him handout the graded homework. Seunghyun still didn’t know everyones name after all this time, and called the students names for them to come grab the homework. When it got to my name, he didn’t even hesitate. “I know who this is.” He didn’t say my name, yet I looked up at him and started walking in his direction. He met me halfway and whispered to me as he handed me my homework. 

    “You know you’re the only reason I came back right?” I looked back at him, wide eyed. I knew exactly what he meant. I took a second to realize our surroundings and hoping that no one else in the class heard him say that. Those were words that he should never have said to me. He should’ve saved those words for a person his own age. Someone he’d actually be able to take out on dates.  All I could do was turn back around and hide my face in my desk. These feelings I had for him, the feelings he had for me, they were all wrong. There wasn’t supposed to be feelings between us.

    After that day, I only ran into Seunghyun one other time at the school. Of course, that one time I did, he picked me up into a hug in front of the science professor and students walking by. Aside from Camden, the only other person that had paid attention to that was my science professor. He looked at what just happened in disgust as he pulled me aside. 

    “(Y/N), what exactly is your relationship with Mr. Choi? The two of you aren’t in a relationship are you?” 


    There it was, the first question that sets up the rest of this story.

    (Sorry for taking so long for posting part three but here you go!)

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